Max (2015) Script

Okay, Max. Go search.

Careful, Max.

Coast clear?

Good to go.

Sir, just move to the circle. All right, let's go.

Come on. Come on. Outside the door. Outside the door.

All right. Back up. Back up.

Why is it just a bunch of old people? Where are the young studs?

We have surveillance of this village.

We know you're selling weapons to the Taliban. Where is your supply?

Calm down. Ma'am, calm down.

Well, look what we have here.

We hit the jackpot.

Attaboy, Max. Attaboy.

Mom, I know it's been too long since we last talked.

They doubled our patrols, but it's paying off.

Our battalion's never had a find like this. We owe it all to Max.

We're so proud of you both.

Oh, you hear that, Max? Say "hi."

Hi. Can he see me? Yeah, of course he can, Mom.

Come on. We're just an ocean of pixels in a dog's eyes, Pam.

Hey, Dad. How you doing? I'm good, Kyle.

You shouldn't mess with your mother like that. Yes, sir. Sorry.

What'd y'all dig up over there? The usual. Just a lot more of it.

You know, RPGs, AKs. A lot of Russian junk left over from the '80s.

I'd trade that M-4 for one of those Russian AKs any day of the week.

I'll run that up the flagpole, sir. Well...

Anyway, I think both of you deserve a medal or something.

Yeah. Kyle's so awesome, even his fricking dog's a hero.

Feet off the table. No cussing in this house.

I didn't cuss. You can't hide the words in your mind... from God by switching letters in your mouth.

You think he cares what I got in my mind? Hey. Cut it out.

They ask me how I sleep so good in a war zone.

You can sleep because I got your back, K-dog.

Well, hi. Hey, Tyler.

You still wrestling with that kitchen sink?

Yeah, but I think it's about to tap out.

You boys keeping out of trouble? Still making trouble, Ms. W.

Now I'm just bringing it down on the bad guys. Hoorah.

Waste them all. Let God sort them out. Hey.

Hoorah. Boys, we need you to report to command.

Hey, Mom, I gotta go. Okay? I love you. Oh, all right.

Well, okay. Bye. We love you. Love you. Be safe.

Justin, come say goodbye to your brother.

Justin. Hey, Mom. Just leave him be, okay?

I'm just dealing with a minor insurgency.

He's trying to save the whole universe.

This is the weapons cache your unit uncovered. Is that correct?

Yes, sir. And this is the field report.

And there are several more weapons in the photos than are listed in the report.

Not enough to set off alarm bells. This is not the first time... we've noted discrepancies in your unit's field reports.

After a while, a trickle turns into a stream.

Anything you want to tell us, Marine?

I just handle the dog, sir.

Sergeant Harne, step inside, front and center.

Sergeant Harne reporting, sir.

Can you believe those office pogues coming at us like that?

We're putting our lives on the line for them. Ty, this ain't fifth grade.

I can't cover for you like that here.

Until yesterday, I had no idea what you were doing.

You crossed the line. Put the brakes on it or I will.

Kyle, it's me you're talking to. When are you gon...

What's he got?

Wants us to stay put. No. We have our orders. Move him out.


Everybody down! Take cover! Take cover!




Smith, Rodrigues, with me! Henderson, March, go, go, go!

I can't see it! I can't see it! I'm blind!

All right, everybody, move up! Move up!

Where's Wincott?

Sarge! I got him, I got him.

Easy, Max.

Easy. I got you, Max.

All right. There's no security codes or encryptions or anything like that on it.

Yeah, I get it. You're proud of your work, B. Whoa, whoa.

I want an extra 200 for this one. Okay? Tell Emilio that.

You said what? I heard he's selling... that "Assassin's Creed" I ripped all the way in Austin.

You don't want beef with my cousin. You know what I'm saying?

Look, man, 200 more or this is gonna be the last one.

Oh, hey, Mr. Wincott. Gotta go. Be seeing you later, Justin. Peace out.


Come here.

What are you doing? Hanging out.

I thought I was gonna see you at work this morning, 8 a.m.

And waste my summer? Sweeping floors for 8 bucks an hour?

You'd rather sit in your room on your butt, playing video games? That suit you better?

It's better than renting storage for junk... people should've thrown out in the first place.

That junk puts food in your mouth, smart guy.

And I don't just run it, I own it.

A lot of people around here, they gotta punch a time clock. I'm my own boss.

Yeah, well, you ain't mine. What's that?

Stay here, Justin.


Stay here. Dad, what are they doing here?


Nearer, my God, to thee Nearer to thee E'en though it be a cross That raiseth me Still all my song shall be...

Nearer, my God, to thee

Ma'am. Sir.

Sorry I'm so late. I trained your son and his dog at Maitland.

They sent Max back for an eval. Figured since we were only a short drive away...

Thank you. Thank you.

Though like the wanderer The sun gone down

We gotta go, Max. Come on.

I'm sorry. He was trained better than this.

Come on, Max.

I know how he feels.


Excuse me, son. Who might you be?

It's Justin. Kyle's brother.

I guess Max already figured that out.

You wanna help us get him back to the van?

Might go a lot easier if you did.

Thank you.

Here comes the hard part.

A lot to learn from there.

About what? About becoming a man.

Enlisting? Getting killed like Kyle?

Getting my leg shot up like you? What would that prove?

You speak of Kyle, you speak respectfully. Do you understand me?

He didn't have to prove anything to anybody.

You think Kyle wasn't trying to prove himself to you?

All Kyle ever did was try to prove himself to you. And if he didn't... bet he would have never joined. What would you know?

You never sacrificed anything, much less your life.

Guys. You'd like me to do that?


They're gonna kill Max.

Animals can come down with post traumatic stress same as people can.

Max bonded so closely with Kyle, it's proven impossible to get him to follow orders... from anyone else.

He can't handle sharp noises anymore, gunshots, explosions send him into a panic.

These dogs were bred to work.

Take away that sense of purpose and they're lost.

Max can't serve here and he's a danger everywhere else.

Well, this family takes care of its own.

How we doing, Max?

Go on.


Remember me?

You sure you wanna do this?


Okay. Slowly.

No sudden moves.

That's a cool toy. Right?

How do I get him to sit?

Better focus on giving him that kong while keeping your hand attached to your wrist.

I mean, like what... What do I do with my hand to get him to...



Good. Psycho hound.

Good boy.

Just enjoy that in peace.

Okay, sergeant. We'll be taking him home.

Do we have to tie him up? I feel bad for him.

He's too unstable to stay in the house... and I can't have him running around loose.

Why don't we just build a fence? That's a great idea.

Easy, Max. Easy, easy. Easy. Who's gonna pay for it? You?


If you do, I'll trick the neighborhood kids into whitewashing it.

Ha, ha. You sure this one's ours? I got the stretch marks to prove it.

Here. Careful, honey.

Okay. Well... let's you and me go get this dog some dinner.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I did not sign on to babysit Kyle's crazy dog.


Kyle's gone. So this dog is officially your dog.

Do you understand?

Your brother loved you so much, more than you'll ever know.

If he did, he wouldn't have left me here to deal with Dad all by myself.

Your father loves you too.

Just none of you Wincott boys are very good at showing it.

If you wanna buck that trend, I sure could use a hug right about now.

He'll tire himself out.

That's what you said about Justin and he hasn't quit barking yet.

Justin! Get that dog to shut up!

Hey. Hey. Dude, seriously, this is how it's gonna be?

Yeah. Okay. Sit.

Easy, boy. Easy.

Okay. Good boy.


Well, see you in the morning, I guess.

What is wrong with you?

Justin! Oh, my God. Look, I'm trying!

Shut that dog up before I come out there with my .45!

Man, come on over. You'll be doing me a favor!

What do you want, Max?

What? What, do you want me to stay? I can't stay out here all night.

Sit. Sit.

All right. Fine.

Just till you fall asleep.

Good morning.

Sweetheart, good morning.

I was looking all over for you. You been out here all night?

I don't wanna talk about it. Your friend called. What's his name? Chuy.

He says it's urgent. You gotta call him back.

Oh. If you want me to start going to the bathroom out here, I can do that too.

Sounds good to me, as long as you pick up after yourself.

Yo, Justin! What's up? Hey, Justin!

Hey, what's up, dude?

Yo, half the bikes here are mountain. All right. Do a trick.

I just do trails. Heh. What trails, man?

I don't see you doing trails. Hey. Hey.

Hey, what's up, man? Yo, Justin, how you ride?

Like this? Yo, shut up, man.

Yo, sorry to call your house, but... Emilio was breathing down your neck?

Because you never gave him... Is this the new one?

That's for Emilio.

You took off like your pants were on fire when my dad came out.

I don't mess with no war heroes, B. War heroes?

I heard your pops got his leg shot up in a crazy firefight in 'Nam.

It was Iraq. But whatever.

Yo, he was like:

Cool under fire, huh?

No, we... It's like a, um... And that's my cousin, Carmen.

Why you looking at me like that? Think I should look like the maid?

Should I be wearing an apron? Or no, maybe overalls would be better, huh?


You got a lot of cousins. Tell me about it.

She's staying with us, man. I can't even sit on my own couch, B.

My uncle chased her out with a machete.

Why you always making up stories all the time?

Wait, what happened?

Oh, yo, check it out. That's cool.

We were at dinner. Pop told me to have it removed or he'd do it for me.

So I slid over my knife, said, "Go ahead."

He got up, called my aunt, told her he didn't wanna see me anymore.

So she said for me to come over.

End of story.

Trust me, machetes were involved.

Come on, B. Ride with us. No. I gotta go take care of that dog, so...

Yo, your brother's war dog, right? I heard he's loco, homes.

My cousin Felix works up at the church, said he tore up like 10 Marines.

Put them in the hospital. He didn't put anybody in the hospital.

You got an MWD? What kind?

What kind? Your dog. What breed is he?


Yeah, um. He's like a German shepherd. Like black in his face.

Belgian Malinois. Mallen-what?

Cool dog.

He's crazy, actually. I'm the only one he'll let near him. Won't even let me touch him.

Just gotta be patient with him. He'll come around.

She's like the chick version of Cesar Millan. Got the mustache and everything.

Don't touch me.

Hey. If you want, I can come over and show you a few tricks.


Yeah, sure. Why not?

How about later, so I can cook up some treats? Say, 3:00?

Cool. Cool.

What just happened? You're stupid. That's what just happened.

Hey. Easy.

Yo. That dog reminds me of your pops.

Maybe this was a bad idea.

Pink Floyd. You're one of those deep ones, huh?

Hey, there, Max. Like some home cooking? Smells nice, doesn't it?

Hey, I wouldn't get too close to him.

This is close enough for now. Let him think about it for a minute.

Yo, I'm out. Carmen, you get bit, it ain't my fault, right?

Hey, no, Chuy. You can stay if you want.

Not if your mean old man is around. He's at work, dude.

That man ain't got no love for his light brown brothers. Know what I'm saying?

That's messed up. The way you let Chuy hate on your dad like that.

That's cold. Are you serious?

I can say whatever I want about my old man.

Someone else disrespects him, go upside their head.

It's called being loyal. It's called being psycho... so you and Max should get along pretty well.

I'm not the one he has to get along with.

Don't give this to him until he lets you touch him.

So how'd you get to be such an expert in all this? Do you have credentials or...

You gonna eat that carnita or are you gonna give it to your dog?

Don't do it, man! Chuy.

Ow. Are you trying to get my boy killed? Shut up, Chuy!

Maybe I should just give it to him first. No, it's a reward.

You can't get a reward if you didn't do anything to deserve it.


It's a start. You got a leash?

Heel. You don't let your dog walk you, you walk your dog.

Dogs run in packs so if he's leading you, he's leading the pack.

My brother said Max was like a specialized search dog.

He could go out in front of his handler for like 300 yards.

Locate weapons and explosives and stuff.

Yo, we got the Air Jordan of dogs here, man. You got him shooting layups?

Sorry, Chuy. Did you wanna try walking him? Heck, no. Are you crazy?

Make sure to keep him to your left a little bit.

All right, Max, you're such a superstar, let's see you work off-leash.

I don't think it's a good idea. If something happens, my dad will kill me, so...

No guts, no glory. Now walk with him like you were just doing.

Heel, Max.

Well, I do not believe what I'm seeing.

How'd you get him to do that? He already knew.

We were just refreshing his memory.

Mom, this is Carmen. She's Chuy's cousin.

She's, uh, real good with dogs. Well, I can see that.

Nice to meet you, Carmen. Hi, Chuy. Ma'am.

I was thinking that, you know, we could just give Max to her.

No such luck, Chuck. That's your dog.

But I'm fixing to start supper. If y'all are hungry, you're welcome to stay.

Oh, thanks, ma'am. I'd be glad to.

Thanks. I gotta go home, make sure the border patrol hasn't invaded my house.

I'll tell my moms gringos have kidnapped my cousin. Y'all have fun.

Everything's outstanding, Pam. Thank you.

Yeah, it's really good.

Now, you guys know this is overcooked.

I don't know what happened. I've made it a hundred times.

I put it in and Mary called. You know how she can get. And, um...

And I just forgot to take it out.

You having fun yet?

I'm so sorry.

Carmen, we lost our oldest son recently and, um...

Well... I'm really sorry.

Thank you.

Why don't you tell us something about you?

How'd you get to be so good working with dogs?

Oh, um...

Well, my old ma...

My father used to raise pit bulls. And my brother trains them, so...

Pit bulls? Does he train them for dog fighting?

My brother rescues strays.

Well, you should see Carmen with Max.

And she's showing Justin how to work with him too. He's really coming along.

I got it.

My goodness. Wow. Look at you, kid.

All grown up. How you doing? Good.

Can I come in?

Well... I hope it's okay I came by like this.

I've been home for a couple of days. Good to see you.

Good to see you. Well...

I just, uh... I wanted to tell you how sorry I am.

Glad to see you. Me too.

You're back sooner than we expected. Yeah. Medical discharge.

Got shrapnel all up and down my back. Got a few pieces lodged in my spine.

Man, makes us a couple of beat-up old Marines, I guess.

I'm proud to be one alongside you.

You're back just in time for the 4th.

And I'd really like to have you alongside me marching in the parade.

Doesn't it hurt? All that metal in your back?

Yeah. Uh, well, they got me on so many meds, I hardly notice it. I'm sorry, you are?

This is Carmen, Justin's friend.

She's... Oh, you know what?

I know somebody else who'll be glad to see you. Come on.

I'll put these in water in just a minute.

Here he is.


Max, stay! Max!

Stay! Stay! Stay. Easy, Max! Max!

Max! Easy. Easy, Max.

I can't believe Max did that, you know?

I mean, after everything that you did with him. After everything we did.

He's your dog. Whatever.

You know, dogs are usually pretty good judges of character.

Then I guess Max likes me pretty well.

Yeah, well, even dogs can make mistakes.

Hey, are you gonna be at the, uh, bike park tomorrow?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Min! No, no, no.

Come on, girl. No!

Yo, Justin!

Justin, got more chores for you when you're done.

Yeah, come mow my lawn! After that, take my trash out!



Okay, sit. Max, sit.

Max, you mess up now, you're grounded for life. You understand?

My God. Come on, Max.

That's it? No tricks? Flips?

Well, how about you do it?

Hey, Max.

What are you doing off-leash?

You in a better mood today or something?

Yo, Justin, I was gonna call you, but I didn't want to be calling your house.

Get a cell, join the 21 st century.

Ooh. Look at you, girl, making googly-eyes at that white boy.

Being a traitor to your race. Mexican isn't a race, stupid.

Whoa. You shouldn't be bringing him out like this.

Heard he tore up your brother's homie. Had his teeth up at his throat like:

Chuy, sometimes I wish I could be you... so the world would seem so awesome all the time.

It is awesome, B. Y'all just got a bad attitude.

Crazy awesome things are happening all the time.

Oh, yeah? Yo, Justin!

We're hitting Cutter's Run. Yeah.

Come on, man. I'll catch up in a second.

You're gonna catch up to those guys? Yeah. Why not?

What about Max? Try and keep up.

It looks like homegirl don't know my boy Justin too good yet.

I know your boy has problems.

Chores are over, y'all!

Whoa. Aah!

Yo, Justin, that's Cutter's Doom! What's Cutter's Doom?



Crazy white boy! What?

Even your dog has more sense than you.

I can't hear you. Come down here and tell me.

Crazy, B! Justin...

Ow! Girl, that hurts.


Hey, Mom.

What, uh... What's that?

Your father put it there while you were gone. He does not want to argue with you about it.

Who's arguing?

Didn't want Max here in the first place, remember?

Go on. Max. Max, you heard me. Go on.

Oh, heh.


Max, it's okay. It's okay. Easy. Easy, boy. Easy. Shh.

It's okay. Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. It's okay. Easy. It's okay.

Hey. Come on. Come on. Come inside.


Hey. Hey. Come on. Come on. Come on, Max. Hey, let's go inside. Let's go inside.

Come on. Let's go inside. Hey, shh, it's okay.

Max, hey. Hey, hey, Max.

Hey, Max. It's okay. I'm coming in, Max. Okay?

I'm coming in. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. Easy, easy.

It's all right. It's all right. It's okay.

It's okay.

So we got 25 8-by-10 units over here... and we got 20 6-by-12 units over on the other side of the lot.

Running at about half capacity right now. Hard times.

It's not much compared to the uniform you're used to.

I'll be proud to wear it. Yeah.

Tyler, the truth is there's not much to this job.

I mean, especially for a young man with your skill set.

You're gonna be bored out of your mind.

Thank you, sir, but it doesn't mix with my meds.

Excitement's about the last thing I need. Little boredom suits me just fine.

That's why I came to you about the job in the first place.

No offense intended. None taken.

So I heard your old man's over there in Tucson these days.

Yeah, he just finished a stint at state. Sorry about that.

Three squares a day, the way he likes it.

You know, if you need a place to stay, we can fix up that old spare room.

Oh, no. I'm crashing with some buddies. You've already given me more than I deserve.

I just wish there was something I could do for you in return.

Well, you know, maybe there is.

I need to know. Know what, sir?

How my son died.

Sir, Kyle was the best friend that I ever had, okay?

He was the bravest Marine that I ever knew. Tyler.

We were out on that last patrol, looking for a hajji cache of arms...

and that's when it hit the fan.

RPGs going off, bullets flying, you name it. It was like hell on earth.

And, well, sir, the dog lost it. The dog?

Yes, sir. You know how Kyle was, he was trying to keep him calm... when he should have been taking cover.

Then it went for him, made him lose control of his weapon.

The next thing I knew Kyle was hit.

The dog come at me next, some of the guys came in and stopped me from doing... what I should have did.

I'm so sorry.


You did the best you could. Thank you, sir.

I appreciate it.

Well, I'd just as soon be alone now.

Come on, Max. Let's you and me get in the truck.

Come on. Come on!

Don't make me do this here, Max.

Dad. Go back in the house, Justin.

What are you doing with that gun?

This dog turned on your brother and got him killed.

Says who? Tyler. He was there.

Dad, Max wouldn't do that.

Justin, you don't know anything about this animal.

I knew Kyle.

Kyle would not have put his buddies' lives on the line... by taking point with a dog he couldn't trust.

Ray. What is going on out here?


He screws up one time, just one time... he's gonna get put down.

Do you understand me?

That's the last word on it.


Justin. Hey. Hey.

Good to see you. You too.

How are your folks doing? Good. Good.

How is Max?

Um, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Max was as good a dog as ever passed through this facility. Why?

You think he could have, like, hurt Kyle in any way?

Dogs can bite their handlers, but I don't think that's what you're asking me.

I don't know. I mean, could he have, like, turned on him?

In the middle of a battle or a firefight or something?

What would make you think something like that?

My brother's friend Tyler. He was with him when he died.

And he came home recently. I don't know, I guess he told my dad some stuff about Max.

Tyler Harne? Yeah.

Did he tell your dad why he was home five months early?

I don't know, I mean, I guess he got hurt or something.

That's what he said. Or something.

Administrative separation. It doesn't say anything about an injury.


Are you saying he lied?

Well, that's all I could get here. Yeah.

I'll look into it. In the meantime...

This is classified.

So don't get me in trouble, okay? Okay.

For your eyes only.

So, what is it? It's top secret, okay?

Hey, no one else can see this.

All right, give it already.

Yo, check out these Mexican dogs, man.

Be thinking 10 small dudes can take down one big one.

It's probably some kind of military dog... training instructions so...

That's top secret?

I'll tell al Qaeda the Army feeds our dogs Kibbles 'n Bits.

Be the end of America.

You haven't watched it yet?

No. I figured I should watch it with someone... who could make head or tail of it.

Justin, there's no big secret to this.

Max just has to know that you want him, and there's no faking it.

Or are you one of those guys who uses his dog to pick up girls?

That's the sound of the third wheel squeaking, yo. This is my house, remember?

I'm sorry to interrupt your important activities... like hiding in your room and stalking girls on Instagram.

Y'all two are making me throw up in my own mouth.

I'm gonna be out back.

Let's check it out.

Sit. Sit.

Welcome to training school, Max. There we go.

Yeah, he's definitely got some potential.

Come on. Yeah, good boy. Good boy. Come on.

Lead him on, lead him on. All right. Here it is.

Ready, go. Up!

Oh, man, bad hop. You got to get over that.

Here we go, here we go! Let him go!

Good boy. Why don't you give it a shot? Yes, sir.

Sit. Good. Good boy.

Good job. Down. Down. Good boy, Max.

Is that your brother? Yeah.

Come. Sit. Good boy. Down.

If you want, I can go out back. It's okay.

Come. Hold. You can stay.

Too quick. Sit.

Looks like you earned his trust.

Congratulations, Wincott.

Max is your responsibility now. Thank you, sir.

Come on, come on. Jump! Good boy!

Good job. There we go.

All right. Yeah.

Go search, come on. Search.

Good boy. Search. Search.

Max. Search. Search.

Good boy. Come on. Dig it out of there!

Max, come on. Good boy. Dig. Good boy.

Too fast for me, buddy.

And up! Up! Up! Up! Up!

Good boy. Yeah.

You got to film my break?

You're supposed to film us working hard. Right, Max?

Good work today, bud. Good work.

I should have picked a shady spot, buddy.

Get out of that sun.

He's a liar. Who's a liar?

Yo, Justin. Better come outside.

No, no, no. Listen, I don't wanna hear any excuses. Just get my money.

Yeah, whatever. Just get my money.


Well, well, well.

Just making the rounds and look who turns up. Heh.

You know, would have never found your brother around these parts.

I'm sorry to hear about Kyle, though. Semper fi.

He was the only dude on the wrestling squad that was able to take me down.

Tried to get him to do business with me.

He turned me down cold. I have a feeling we would have beefed if he came back... so I guess it's for the best, right? Right?

If you say so. I do say so.

You got some big cojones asking for that... extra 200 bills for that game you ripped. If it ain't worth it, just don't buy it.

You hear that, Chuy?

You could pick up some attitude from this kid.

Who's this Morticia-looking mamita?

That's my cousin Carmen.

Your cousin? Yeah, on my mom's side.

Hey, how about you go, like... fix your makeup or go put on a dress or something?

Hey, what's up, Tyler?

Yeah, don't trip.

My people are gonna be there, yeah.

I'm on my way. Bye.

"Total Combat 4" comes out next Thursday.

You rip that for me at regular rate and we're good.

Otherwise, we're gonna have a problem.

I heard about you.

You tore up that squad of Navy SEALs over at First Baptist.


Get me that game.

Hey, up... Up front.

By Friday.

Ow! What's that for?

Why'd you let him disrespect me?

I didn't hear Justin say anything. He happened to be making the rounds?

You told him I was coming. He's been on me about that game, yo.

Thanks for everything. I'll call you tomorrow.

You would if you had a phone, fool.

All right, Max. Let's see what you can do. Go search.

What happened, boy? Did you lose him?

Hey, hey. Shh. Shh.

He likes it. Just wants to make sure you have more than this one RPK-74.

Tell him this is strictly show and tell.

Where are the rest? It's stored in a safe place.

We'll deliver it when half the agreed-on sum... is deposited into my account.

You can tear up a chopper with this. But if you really wanna take down a bird...

Go get the RPG.


Hey, hey. Shh.

What's going on?

Probably some critter. Coyote or something.

Your boy's good, Emilio?

He'll wire the money in the morning. Don't set him up.

Ain't nobody setting nobody up.

Send them out.

That's no coyote.

You all right, boy?

What's the matter?

Loki, you gone nuts?!

That's definitely no coyote.

Hey, Max.

You scared me, boy.

Come on. Come on, Max. Come on.

Sit. Sit.

Are y'all okay? No, my dog's hurt and we need a ride.

Get him in the back. We'll take him to the vet. Thank you.

Come on, let's go.

Ma'am, can I, uh... Can I borrow your phone?

Four hundred and fifty dollars?

Max is okay and that's what matters.

Four hundred and fifty dollars? And 47 cents.

For shots for a dog?

Man, what you guys charge for a person, yo? A million dollars?

How much money did your mom give you?

Give me? She didn't give me jack. This $100 is my life savings.

Your life savings is $100?

You don't want it?

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

Sorry. We can't release Max without full payment.

I'm gonna have to call your parents.

Please, ma'am, I'm good for the rest.

Just give me time to think about what I'm gonna tell my dad.

Thank you.

What am I gonna tell my dad?

If this has anything to do with Emilio, nothing.

I can't do that. Dude.

Bro, this man's loco. Family don't mean dirt to him.

If you care about me and Carmen, then leave us out of it.

Come on, Max.

Hey, come on. Let's go. Let's get in the cage, come on.

Max, hey, come on. Hey.

Get some rest, Max.

There he is. Mom?

Hi. Justin, come on in. Come on in, now.

Look at you.

Justin, what have you done?


Tell the truth, Justin. Don't you dare lie.

Ma'am, if I may...

Now, I was just having a few off-duty beers... with my buddy Tyler here when...


My dog didn't know what hit him.

Got me pretty good too.

Now, that's assault.

I mean, I'm willing to drop all charges... if you go ahead and put him down yourselves.

Truth is, he'll be put down regardless.

Max wasn't anywhere near you or your dog. Mom, I mean...

Found this out near my place.

It's your bike, ain't it? Hmm?


Ms. Wincott.

How about me and you have a few words in private, hmm? Man to man?

You know what this is?

It's a Beretta M9. Built-in laser sight, the works.

Do you know how much it's worth? About $600 here at the mall.

Now guess what it's worth over the border. A shade over three grand.

You see, Kyle wouldn't give Emilio the time of day... but I do business with him and so do you.

That's right. We found out about your deal on our last leave.

Kyle was gonna tell your dad too, but I talked him out of it.

Hey, that's word of honor.

We're more alike than you and your brother were.

Why don't you just leave Max out of it?

If it were up to me, believe me, I would. But Stack's steaming mad.

I ain't getting downwind of it.

And, hey, you shouldn't either.

That's a bad man down there.

And them cartel dudes we're in business with are even worse.

Do you want a front row seat at a couple more family funerals?

That's right. Stack knows where you live.

Things go wrong, you think he'll be shy about telling those guys who's responsible?

Your mom and dad are family to me, Justin.

So do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut.

Did Kyle know about your business?

My business.

I'm just a small fish in a big pond.

Okay? The big fish sell weapons all over the world... and then send wide-eyed hicks like me... and your brother over there so we can get shot and killed by them... so they can cry their crocodile tears, salute the flag... and then sell some more.

Kyle always wanted to be a hero.

Look where it got him.

Now, you see, me, I'm a realist.

I know the way the world turns.

Which one are you gonna be?

Come on. Come on.

Max, hey. You don't deserve this, okay?

I know. I just...

I don't have a choice.

Thanks, Ray, I'll see you later.

Sorry I'm late.

It's all right. Pam called.

I just thought I'd hang out a little bit longer, kind of cool down.

Can't say as you didn't warn me. Yeah.

Hey, did you rent out 17-B?


Yeah, there's a lock on the door and I don't have an invoice.

That's mine. I mean, it's a friend of mine's.

I'm letting him keep his stuff there for a couple days.

I should have asked. That's all right. We're all friends here.

He can keep his stuff in there.

Just come in, fill out the paperwork and pay what's due.

Hey, Mr. Wincott. Ray.

Every kid gets in a spot of trouble now and again.

Hello, you've reached the Wincotts. Please leave a message.

We'll call you back as soon as we can. Thank you.

Mr. Wincott, Mrs. Wincott, this is Sergeant Reyes.

Please call me at your earliest...

Harne's service record is protected by privacy laws, but I talked to some people.

I wanna tell your folks about... No.

I'm talking about some bad business.

No one could prove Harne's involvement, but he got busted...

If you talk to my dad, I'm gonna tell your higher-ups about that training disc.

Justin, are you all right?

I'll say you gave me more classified stuff I threw away... because I was afraid of getting in trouble.

Okay? I'll swear it. Don't ever call here again.

Come on, boy.

Easy, easy!

Come on, come on!

Get him in there!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa. Watch out!


What's on your mind, Ray?

Something just isn't sitting right.

That deputy's place is way out there in the middle of nowhere.

What would Justin and Max be doing out there, Pam?

I don't know, Ray. I told you, he wouldn't talk to me.

If you wanna know what's going on with Justin...

I think it's time you ask him yourself.

I've been keeping the peace between you two since the day Kyle left this house.

We already lost one son, Ray.

If it's all right with you, I'd like to hold on to the other.


Is there anything you wanna tell me about what happened today?

I'm sorry. That's not what I meant.

I've seen you start trouble before... but I've never seen you do anything other than own up to it.

I don't know, Dad, I guess I'm just not a hero... like you and Kyle.

Just the way the world turns.

In '91, my unit got deployed to Saudi Arabia.

I'd just made sergeant. It was my first command.

I was excited.

That first night, we went into Kuwait.

We were about an hour in and we started taking fire from our right flank.

The guy next to me got hit and he went down.

I went to help him and I got hit. Twice.

One through the muscle and one shattered the bone.

Turned out it was our own guys. Friendly fire.

I got medevac'd to Germany and the war was over so fast... most of the guys got home before I did.

I got back, there were some crazy stories.

At first, I tried to straighten people out... but they just looked so disappointed.

They didn't want to hear the truth.

They wanted a hero.

And so I stopped correcting them sooner than I'd like to admit.

I wanted to tell Kyle.

I wanted him to know the truth.

The way that he looked at me.

The way that he looked up to me.

I just couldn't do it.

A hero always tells the truth... no matter what people think about him or what the consequences are.

And you've always been that way.

So if there's anything different that happened today... from what Tyler and that deputy are saying...

I need you to tell me about it, son.


I think I'm gonna go to sleep now.


Now, you said this was a safe place for us to store the merch.

It was, okay, but Wincott started getting nosy.

Look, the ridge is an isolated enough spot... to keep us under the radar till the pickup tomorrow night.

Tyler, I wanna talk to you.

What's going on here?

We're just moving my friend's stuff out, like you said.


You two seem to be spending a lot of time together lately.

Is this the beast that Max supposedly chewed up today?

That was his brother.

He got bit so bad, I had to put him down.

You put him down? That's right.

Not Max.

What do you got in those crates?

You know, just odds and ends. Nothing to concern yourself with.

Now, this is my property so it is my concern. Which means...

Which means you should have stayed home.

You know, Ray, I'd like to know what's going on. Yeah.

Justin! Justin! Hurry, please.

What did you and your father talk about?

Nothing. After you talked about nothing, he left... without a word and he just called to say he was spending the night... at our hunting cabin and not to worry.

We have a hunting cabin?

No, we do not have a hunting cabin.



Hey. Hey.

How'd you get home, buddy?

I'll be damned.

Come on, boy, let's go.

Oh, honey, I feel like I should go in with you.

If you come, they won't tell me anything. I'll be right back.

Yo, I told you she was hairy, B.

What are you doing here waking my family up? Chuy, keep it down... or I'm gonna come out there and shut you up.

Come on, let's talk outside.

Okay, what's up?

Hey, guys, what's going on?

So my dad's MIA right now.

He left a really weird message and disappeared.

You call the cops? My mom did.

They won't do jack until he's gone a lot longer than two hours.

I told her you knew something about it. So you lied on us.

No, it's on me, Carmen, okay?

I just came because I need a bike and a five minute head start.

All right. So then let's do this.

Carmen, this doesn't involve you, okay?

Are you gonna waste time on an argument you'll lose or are you gonna get on that bike?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold there. You can't have my bike, B.

Because I'm gonna be riding it.

Yo, Third Wheel, you expecting Justin to walk?

This is my big brother's prize ride, man.

You mess this sucker up, I'm toast.

Thanks, man.

All right, let's take the back way. Just try and keep up.

All right. We ditch his ride here.

From here on out, we go off-road. What about him?


I had it handled, Emilio.

Now he's a hostage until we make the exchange.

Once we do, you're gonna take him over the border... and see that he's never heard from again.

Do you got it? Got it.

No, I don't think so. You ride in the doghouse.

What's in there? I don't know.

Did you find something, boy?

Hey, I found this on the floor.

What is that?

It's my dad's holster. Max.

Go search.

Man, that dog is fast, yo.

Then pedal faster, Third Wheel.

Oh, my God.

What's going on here?

Ms. Wincott? Yes.

Your dog escaped from the pound. Any chance he came back here?

My dog?

I reported my husband missing... and I was told he's not officially missing for 48 hours.

We are aware of that call.

But my dog's gone and you're gonna tear up the town trying to find him?

That's the law.

I must have been crazy to let you take Max from our house.

Max is with my son and his friends, God knows where.

Why don't you go try to find them and bring them home safely?

Max is part of our family now... and if you so much as harm one hair on his head...

I will see to it that you and your entire department regret it.

That's my law.

Oh, man.

Hey, Dad?

Hey, Dad?

You having second thoughts?

My second thoughts are having second thoughts.

What about the kid?

Sooner or later, he's gonna put two and two together.

How far we planning on taking this?

When a Marine hits the beach, he never stops and he never looks back.

You're not a Marine.

Oh, man, he's not gonna do what I think he's gonna do.

Why you looking at me? I'm with the dog.

Whoa. This water's cold, B.

Hope you guys know how to swim if it gets deep.

I can swim.

When'd you ever swim?

It's just something you know, man.

Careful, yo, it's getting deep here.

If Max can do it, then we can...


Your brother's bike. Don't worry about it, I got it.

I got it.

I'm okay, Max, I'm okay.

Thank you.

Yeah. Just don't expect me to lick your face and we're good.

Looks like you found the sweet spot.

We are not going back for Chuy's bike.

This was a bad idea.

You think?

Let's go see what's at the top of that rise.

Emilio. Hey.

What's going on? Yeah, hold on a second. Yeah, what's up?

Hey, hey, hey. Shh, shh, shh. Be quiet.

That sounds good. Sounds good.

We're good to go.

Hey. My dad's in the truck with a couple of bad guys.

There's a highway over there and Emilio's down there too.

We need to get to that highway, get someone to call a cop or something.

How about a bunch of Navy SEALs?

I'm not gonna leave here without my dad, okay?

I'm gonna stay here with Chuy, you go get help, okay?

I am not seeing this.

Yo, we're cool, but we don't talk about this. Never.


Hello? Yeah, Mom, what?

Looks like Emilio's compadres came out early to set an ambush.

This guy.

My compadres are coming from Mexico, which is in that direction.

And they ain't planning on jacking no one.

Only one way to find out.

Draco! Get them!

Whoa, whoa, man, what's that?

You gotta be kidding me. Come on, let's finish this. On me.

I ain't leaving this guy to watch the merch.

Fine, you stay here. I'll go.

Come on, Stack, it's just a kid and his dog out there. Let's go.

Justin. Justin!

Ready for Round 2?

Fight smart, Max!

He's got something. Come on.

Hey, did you hear that? That's Max.

Come on, hurry up.

The dogs, through the trees, look. There they are. Come on, come on, come on.


I'm gonna go get a clear shot.


Emilio! He's coming your way!


What are you doing here?

Who are you here with, huh? Who are you here with?

No one, primo. Got lost here by myself, B.

Don't lie to me. I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Who are you here with? Whoa.

Ugh! Aah!


Justin! Justin!

Emilio! Get down.

Emilio! I broke my leg!







Oh, son. You okay?

Thank God.


Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Did you bring anybody with you? Besides Max, Carmen and Chuy.

Are they okay? Yeah, yeah, they're fine.

Tyler's right behind me. He's coming up fast. We need to go.

We gotta get to the highway. Let's take this truck.

No, Tyler took the keys. But we can slow him down.

Let's go.

Where's Ray? Get in the truck.

What happened?

Give me the keys and get in the truck!

Justin. Wait.

Justin, I'm just slowing you and Max down.

So much for taking that truck out.

You and Max just go on to the highway... and I'll keep these guys off you as long as I can.

Every time I've been in trouble...

Max has taken the fight away to keep me safe.

Wouldn't be right if I didn't do the same for my dad.

Justin! Justin!

Come on, come on, come on. There he is!

Stop the truck. Stop the truck!

You go after Ray.

Come on, Max!








Don't you hurt my boy!

This never had to happen.

None of it!

What am I supposed to do with you now, huh?

What am I supposed to do with you now?!

Justin. You can't go down there, I'm sorry.

That's my friend, though.

Hey, Kyle.

I know that we didn't...

We didn't really get along too well.

We fought a lot.

But I guess a lot of brothers do that at the start.

I'm sorry that we won't...

Won't get a chance to really grow old together... become friends.


I just wanted to thank you for Max.

And tell you...

I love you.

As long as I live, I'm never gonna forget you.


Come on.

Yeah, Max.

Looks like we got some carnitas cooking in the house tonight.

Gonna do this every time I come in?

When you're an hour late, you bet I will. Where have you been?

Out cleaning up Gotham, taking out villains, yo.

He's gotta be a superhero if he's gonna be my boyfriend.

Yeah. Gotta be a blind superhero like Daredevil, right?

Dude, shut up! And stay. Whoa.

Chuy, I'm glad you came. I know your family must be upset about...

Emilio should be in jail, bro. It's the right thing.

He was bad news for my family too. That's between us.

Hey, Max. How you doing, buddy? Good to see you.

Hey, Mr. Wincott.

I've got all my guys at home.

Hey, honey. Hey, sweetheart.

Dad, where's Max's cage?

I hauled it off to the scrapyard.

I thought it was time for Max to be inside with us from now on.

What do you say to your father?

It's about time.

Yo, that's cold, B. Man, that's nastier than Carmen's cooking, man.

What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, dog.

She hit me, two times. Why are you always taking her side?

Take it easy on him, Max. He's a friendly.