Max Schmeling (2010) Script

Here they come. Let me go.

Max Schmeling is his duty met across the country.

We can be proud of him. I'm sorry, Ms. Ondra.

Away you go.

Come, I'll help you.

Here's another one. Help me out.


Hurry up, we break up.

Do you have water? -Give him water.

We break up. Leave it all behind what can stop us.

What's wrong with him? His name? That's Max Schmeling.

Schmeling? I heard that you had died.

It was close.

Stop. You still need a message send to Berlin.

Everything is already packed. -Then go about it again.

Führer Headquarters. Schmeling lives. Wait for orders.

And wait for answer.

So he's not dead.

My god, how many lives he?

It certainly is. His company has been eradicated.

Two survivors, including Schmeling.

He's in the hospital in Crete.

Now he is also a fucking hero.

Then we send him yet again to the front.

No, it's over.

Schmeling is very discreet discharged from the Wehrmacht.

The Führer wants the name Schmeling never hear.

Take the prisoner away for questioning. Within two days you are there.

So I need direction enemy.

To the river. Here, the road runs along it.

You're a fighter?

I just have to confirm the message?

Orders are orders, so are you.

Speak a word with him. Do not answer when he says something.

If he tries to flee, shoot him. Understood?

One word and you're dead.

Stop. You walk too fast.


They're all dead. It just happened.


I can help you.

Thank you, Max Schmeling. -You know my name?

You are more famous than Hitler.

We must go. We can not stay here.

Max, you hear in the ring, not in the war.

How did you get here? That's a long story.

The day is long and we still have a long way.

Ten years ago I never believed it would all happen.

1930, that was my breakthrough.

You match against Jack Sharkey in New York?

Sharkey was known as a fast beginner, a mad dog in the ring.

This is the third round ... in the struggle between world Jack Sharkey from America ... and our Max Schmeling, the challenger from Germany.

Great, Max.

Sharkey does everything in this third round.

He is a fighter who still raging attacks again ... and the fight will settle.

But Schmeling endures. He always comes back.

Sharkey is impressed, but Schmeling is not got round.

Deep breath. It's going well. Have you seen it?

He is increasingly in a clinch. He has no condition. Who did you do.

Deep breathing, very quiet.

And no longer keep their distance.

Enter the press. Give him no rest.

Sharkey is a wild bull. More than three laps he can not.

But he's a fighter.

It goes by. Go on, Max, that we would like to call him.

It's about the world.

Max Schmeling is the challenger. Can he win today?

His chances are not bad, here at Yankee Stadium in New York ... on this June day in 1930. This round is ending ...

Schmeling and try again good for the day to come.

A direct hit on Sharkey, known as a hothead.

He has ... But that is below the belt.

Max Schmeling collapses. That was below the belt.

Hopefully the referee saw that. It was below the belt.

He lies on the ground, he can not.

Referee Barnes, what happens now?

He must have seen. That was not a fair fight.

The referee must decide take.

Victory by disqualification. The new champion: Max Schmeling.

It is for each other. Max Schmeling is declared the winner.

Our German Max Schmeling succeeded.

The referee says it emits was below the belt.

And Max Schmeling, is me if I do not mistaken, the first world ... who champion by such a decision. It's never happened ... a boxer by disqualification champion.

Max Schmeling wins.

Get out.

They block the prize. Damn.

There's $ 200,000 in fixed.

I've threatened to sue, the press and so on.

We have to wait a few days. -No, I want to go home.

Of course, but ... -Provide the passage, Joe.

I give the title back. -That you do not. No, no.

I do not want him present.

You hold the title. Do you have a blow had too much on your mind?

You're world champion, Max. You've earned the title.

You fought better than that impostor.

Consider that just disqualification as a faster way.

Would you say something.

If you want proof, then defend the title.

Prove the next time that you are entitled to.

Good. But now I want to go home. -Yes, I know you again.

I take a shower.

How were you received at home? Not like you imagined, huh?

That's right, I had expected something completely different.

Are you now not ready?

Come now. -I do not want, Joe.

Since we are in Berlin, you keep saying again: No way.

The people want to see you, Max. You can not hide forever.

I have a table reserved. Come on, Max.

But we do not stay long. -Come.

We still have to get cleaned up.

It begins well.

Great yet, as they love you?

And without you not. were those beautiful women here Enjoy it, Max. The people want you as a hero.

You need to respect.

Joe, those are not the people on the street.

Did you read the papers? That is the voice of the people, my audience.

I could beat Sharkey. -He wanted it so.

It was a mistake. And I suffer more under than he.

Mr. Schmeling, still a non-smoker?

Of course.

That you pay yourself.

Thank you, Max.

Max, which you can see in the cinema. I'm still there.


Good evening.

Why we meet here? -Because we always do.

And why tonight?

You do that on purpose, did not you? Always critical, always whining.

Here, read this.

And this is my rule of thumb: If you do not behave ...

I'll hit you below the belt, so you will be world champion.

Ladies, would you excuse me?

Let him, Joe. -Why he's already gone?

He does what he does every night since we got here.

That is water. Ober ...

I do not know. She has many worshipers who send flowers.

That's why I bring them myself. I'm serious. -No, you're ridiculous.

Mr. Schmeling, what are you doing here?

Do you understand? Excuse me. -Thank you.

See? How you do it.

Ms. Ondra? -Thank you.

You have everything under control.

What do you want? -It does not say to whom she sends.

I listen.

Who are the flowers? Max-Schmeling ...

Thank you, Mr. Schmeling then. -But ...

Do not you know Max Schmeling -No.

I have. He'll kill me when I come back with nothing.

You come back with a bruise.

Do you have plans for Sunday in two weeks?

Martha, do you know a Mr. Schmeling?

The world? -The boxer?

Yes, Ms. Ondra. -O heaven.

I hate violence and rough people.

She hates violence, that feel right.

She does not like rough men. Am I rude?

I have a soft keyboard and a sensitive right.

Take it easy, it's just a show fight.

He wants to try the world to beat.

This beginner's chance.

He looks different. See that they're all different.

They want to see Schmeling go down.

Bothers you, Joe.

It will be a great fight. It is a cinch.

Ondra who is there. She's been in the ring.

Is not she beautiful? -Come on now.

Do you? -Not now, I'm sorry.

Tschammer-von Osten. -You choose the worst time.

You made the German boxing to shame.

Give your title back. -That my manager encourages me.

Listen to the Jew? Precisely when it comes to honor?

Shut up.

Fight fair.

No punches below the belt. No headers. In your corner.


One, two, three, four ...

You call that easy to do?

Seven, eight, nine, out.

The winner: Max Schmeling.

The people wanted to see a match, no summary.

We're going.

Be glad she's already gone. She does not like rough men.

So you won. Do you quite beat him?

Ms. Ondra, what a surprise.

You know, that I would ever want. -What?

Angry and fall on him. -But the people love you.

You're a star. You have your audience, I have my audience.

Know how I felt tonight.

And yet you went away? -That's what I did for you.

You could also go down. Had you wanted me here was kilned?

No, certainly not. -Do you see it now?

Shall we go for a walk?

Anny. -Charles?

I thought we had agreed. -I completely forgot. I'm sorry.

I go. -No, please.

This is Karel Lamac, my partner in our production.

Charles, this is Max Schmeling. You probably know that.

Nice to meet you. -Likewise.

Do you drink a cup of coffee with? -No, I'll see you tomorrow at the office.

Sit down. Is there anything?

We are not authorized to film.

The forms were not complete.

Anny, without authorization, we can no further.

Try again. -Who else?

It was a pleasure.

See? At such a time I would like to have. your fists

Want some coffee? -I can use right now.

You can see her more often. Almost every day.

You've probably already ... Well, I do not need to know everything.

Thus, it is.

But if your coach does. Because of your condition.

You must manager occasionally perform. The public loves stories.

Anny's right, the public is sensitive.

No romance in the tabloids. We keep it secret.

It is your decision. Anny go to New York?

No, she has business problems.

But it is the title fight. -Hopefully not my last.

Do not exaggerate too much. That takes a lot of strength.

And the bets are 7 to 5 against us.

Max Schmeling defends his title against William 'Young' Stribling.

A boy of neat origin ... but an unpleasant opponent for our world.

Stribling is not unknown in Europe.

Last year he toured through the ancient world ... and defeated the reigning champion.

That should be a warning for our Max.

Very good.

Deep breathing, Max. It's going well, I'm fine.

He strikes with his thumb in my eye. I can not see.

Do the same. This is not kindergarten.

He must do something. -Fuck you, Joe.

Good set up, you right. Two times in a row.

This is the first party across America on the radio broadcast.

And so live across the country with it.

Stribling strikes repeatedly hit. Another.

The game seems over the full distance to continue.

Both are increasingly grim.

But neither Max Schmeling Young Stribling ... the decisive hit can Deal.

Time is short, and certainly for our Max Schmeling.

Max can not resist coming a score.

It is on the cutting edge and is getting tighter.

Less than twenty seconds.

And Max Schmeling hit stores. He finds Stribling. He falls.

But what happens now? He gets up again.

What decides referee Blake?

Eight, nine, out.

A technical K. O. A win for Max Schmeling.

He has defended his title.

What did I tell you? He has no power.

The boy with the extra edition.

Here you go, boy.

The SA fight back on the street with the Reds.

When will there be well once peace?

Anny, what is it?

That could not be.

Telegrams from around the world.

We have the last doubters convinced.


Yes, connect on.

It's all over, over. -What happened?

It's in the extra edition.

Joe, let's go for a drink.

Now I'm losing you. You'll leave me.

I know it was my idea. And now you leave me.

I'll lose by something so stupid.

Will you be my wife? -What? Are not you going to leave me?

Anny, will you be my wife?

Yes, Max.

Give me that, boy. -Please.

10 pfennig please. Thank you, Mr. Schmeling.

The Americans will not display the title to steal. by a foreigner Do you mean that it is not fair match is?

You might have better against Mickey Walker or Primo Carnera to boxing.

Can I have your autograph? -With pleasure.

You did not answer my question.

You have many friends in America but also many critics.

It is not easy this time. -It never is.

You must Sharkey mildew, otherwise it will be heavy.

Let's get some food. I'm buying. -Are you sure?

American challenger late little show ... on this June day in 1932 ... almost two years after the first match between these two.

It is too little. Max Schmeling is one who controlled the match.

He retains the prevalence and shows once again how it's done.

Yes, those are battles that you impresses.

Schmeling attacks and also seems better to be in the form ... because Jack Sharkey is tired.

Sharkey's chance.

But now you have to attack.

Then Sharkey furious and he comes back.

He is exhausted and you have him.

This is the 15th round here in New York.

And what a great achievement of our German hero Max Schmeling ... at Madison Square Garden.

He has the ferocious fighter Jack Sharkey in his grip.

If we are honest, can only win this party ... because Max Schmeling surrenders in the 15th round at all.

Notice to all editors: The winner is called Schmeling.

He forces a scuffle and loads the tired Sharkey with blows.

Still nothing happens. This is the last round.

That is not the wild Jack Sharkey ... who for years has shaped his on the sport of boxing.


That was it.

A K. O. would have been better, but winning on points is also good.

The race is run.

And this is a clear victory our Max Schmeling.

We can just add tension ... but it needs a victory are points for Max Schmeling.

One can blame him for most before the match had to finish.

Winner on points and the new world champion Jack Sharkey.

Incredibly, the winner is Jack Sharkey. This is without guile.

They have cheated us.

That can not be true?

This is very bad for the sport.

Are they blind? -Schmeling has clearly won.

They make the sport broken. -Fraud. Deception.

That you can not do it.

Hitler is, as of today, January 30 1933, appointed chancellor.

Hail to the German people.

Max, do you know how many are left. Even Charles has left Germany.

And Martha also wants away. She is afraid, just like everyone else.

I can not blame them.

But we have the ring leave without a fight?

That would be an unequal struggle, and without rules.

So only a small party? -Exactly, a small fine party.

You will see that Nazis hold it would not last long.

Nobody believes it.

Heil Hitler.

Wedding couple, I need you on behalf of the Führer handing a gift.

The best congratulations.

Thanks to the Führer. -I will.

The Führer loves miniatures. -Apparently.

And here is also a gift from our house.


And let's celebrate.

Since when you read that shit?

There are no other success stories about me.

Do not be fooled, Joe. -Do you want to keep your arm?

Anny is always right, you know. -What?

With the newspapers.

There are worse things then permanently in the newspaper.

What do you want? People love you.

Want them to see me? The photogenic husband?

We get requests only from weaklings, beginners.

They want to hitch a ride on your back.

There is someone.

No, Max. You can not be so stupid.

Joseph Louis Barrow.

Joe Louis?

Thank you. -Your suit is ready in two weeks.

Joe Louis, and no one else. -No, Max.

Only fools dare. 17 wins by K. O.

And in America we Germans already not welcome.

Let Max also say what yet.

I got a telegram. The prize is high.

The risk also. They do not want you win, they want a massacre.

Max is in top form. He has been world champion.

Been, yes.

Louis is invincible, everyone knows that.

He hits one after another in a coma. -So what do we do?

I've seen him fight. You have no chance.

There is always a chance.

Where can I find the Ministry of Sport find?

Second floor, Mr. Schmeling.

I want it on my desk tomorrow morning.

Sit down, Schmeling.

You have summoned me? -No, invited.

I want you with your career plans. -You plan my career?

You are an example for the people and the youth.

That may be, but ... And that creates obligations.

Like what?

Your wife is Czech, is not it? -Where to go?

Your manager is American and Jew. And my friend. What do you want?

You need to know your duty as a German.

My wife left and my friend betrayed?

A German manager will in Germany leave boxing.

So you know I'm going to New York?

We are at a match with that nigga.

We? You do not have the ring, so do not worry.

I must explain that the game against Joe Louis is no ordinary?

Politics is your site. -It's America against Germany.

The Aryan against the underdeveloped nigger.

Where are you in then?

All human instincts negro who are underdeveloped.

I could lose, that's obvious. You are afraid of embarrassment.

You say the fight. That's an order.

An order? To me?

You have obligations to the German people.

Heil Hitler.

Mr. Schmeling, hello.

The Führer asks whether you think that you can win. those Negro I step into the ring to win. Yes, I think so.

Remarkable. -No one is invincible.

Set the Fuehrer did not disappoint.

So we want a fight against Joe Louis. I see that?

Heil Hitler.

If the Führer sends his aide, changes that matter.

Heil Hitler.

Sorry I'm late. I've had a hard day.

Have you been waiting long?

The Fuehrer says yes. -Great. Then everything for each other.

Apparently he is interested in boxing.

He only is interested in his victory.

He has the reputation of Germany ruined.

Do you think other countries do not know what is happening here?

He wants good relations with America to get. Olympics, So it is. -Should I therefore cancel?

You are Max Schmeling, the champion. You're not a politician.

You'll fight, my boy. -Send them but a telegram.

No, I take the Zeppelin tomorrow to New York ...

Sunday and go to the battle Louis.

And then I get some spying. -All the better.

Will you stay here tonight or go to Anny? -No, I'll stay here.

Good evening.

Same room as always, please.

I'm sorry. -What are you sorry? Is someone dead?

We reserve the right to our guests to choose from.

So you do have rooms available, but not for me?

Excuse me. Do you know who I am? Of course, Mr. Schmeling.

But you do not know who represents you?

We have guidelines, in the interests of our other guests.

Do you want me to leave? -It does not make sense.

He gets a room for the night, and forthwith.

I wish you a pleasant stay.

It's getting worse. -Do not worry.

As long as you keep winning, not. Do I Do That

You see that?

Yes, I see a fighting machine. I see danger.

I see a defeat, Max.

Louis is too strong for us. We had to cancel.

Perfect succeed. -That I can do.

Perfect coverage.

I've seen it myself, I was there. How much you save, it is nothing.

We can get out of it. We say that the Minister ...

Do not you see?

His angle is deadly. -Take a second look.

What do you do?

You're right. -Wait a minute, Joe.

Is that good or bad?

I get it. You should then right hard arrive.

Immediately on his chin. -Have you seen his punch?

His name is not for nothing 'The Brown Bomber'.

Yes, it is an opportunity.

The only.

Extra edition. Schmeling against Louis. The fight of the century.

The Brown Bomber against our black Ulaan.

Experts give Max a chance.

Louis invincible. Seventeen victory, not defeat.

K. O. Bomber wants quick decision. Radio broadcast from the ring.

Max, I've been thinking. I have my company liquidate.

Are you sure?

You know, many of my partners ... were Jews.

They're all gone.

Most without saying goodbye. Maybe arrested or fled.

I worry about those people.

And Martha? -Martha ...

She has family in England. There they want as fast as you can.

We will help her. -Thank you, Max.

You will not be harmed. I'll make sure.


You can not wipe your shoes? If everyone did that ...

Your name?

Excuse me. -Get out of here.

What happened?

Minister Dr. Goebbels invites you for a visit.

Now? -Tonight.

In connection with Max's match? -Yes.

At his home? -There's a car waiting downstairs.

Telegraph it to New York. Schmeling should not talk to the press.

And make him these instructions also get.

Anny Ondra are visiting your Goebbels. -What?

At the request of the Minister, for his wife and children to do a favor.

Ondra said yes.

What carries the Czech whore up to?

And what animates the minister?


Mr. Schmeling, the Aryan prove that the white race is superior?

Make sure you win, the German boxing and the homeland.

Sports Minister, Hans von Tschammer.

The Nazis want to be anywhere to be there.

It's a boxing match, nothing more. -Only a boxing match?

Then you're wrong.

I go to the toilet.

Max, I like you for the contest yet even see.

I'm going to spread. -In which round?

The first round.

I'll see you in the ring, Joe. -Okay, Max.

Max, are you okay? -Yes.

Joe Louis and Max Schmeling are in the ring and get their instructions.

I want to see a fair fight. Go to your corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fight of the century can begin.

Joe Louis, the unbeaten favorite.

Seventeen victories by K. O. A K.O. machine.

Max, waiting on his left.

And again Joe Louis. He starts as was expected here.

The Brown Bomber going forward. It is a home game for him.

Max must be careful.

A home game at Yankee Stadium in New York in June 1936.

June, the month in which Schmeling always seems to boxing in the U.S..

You come right shortage. His left is too often.

He can hit hard. Not?-You Consider your right. More you right. You come far short.

Here, water.

Max Schmeling is again under pressure.

Our Ulaan collects a left of the Negro.

Max Schmeling know to disengage off the ropes.

But again Louis. Max, you have to be on your guard.

Louis, who always left.

And what comes of Max Schmeling? Not much.

He must do more. He can not win if he remains so defensive.

Louis, always with the left.

Max Schmeling collects left the blows of his opponent.

And again a double left Joe Louis.

Max got to do something.

We are in America. We can not win on points.


You do not turn back. What is it? -I am waiting on his left.

That is clear. Louis will be grateful.

Keep your coverage high.

This is a sensation. Max Schmeling now packs a punch ... and the Negro Joe Louis is surprised.

Yes, Max Schmeling going forward.

What's he doing now? Yes, he strikes. That was right. Bravo.

Yes, that is right. Joe Louis is on the ground.

Max Schmeling has the Brown Bomber felled.

There must a thrill to.

But Joe Louis is back. Joe Louis is back in the fight.

Very good.

But do not let Max Schmeling. He attacks relentlessly.

Everyone thought the Brown Bomber this fight would settle.

This may be a sensation.

If Max Schmeling continues, may succeed him.

Very good.

Concentrate now. That left is increasingly common.

Use your right, only your right.

Make it stop now.

Joe Louis tries course to come back. in this round

Our black Ulaan of the Rhine has the helm.

Yes, another right. Yes, go ahead.

Schmeling beats touch with the right and strikes again.


It's over. The sensation is complete.

This is a sports sensation. The black Ulaan is the winner.

Victory by K. O. A great success for Germany.

The triumph is perfect.

Max Schmeling, Max our German, the Brown Bomber felled.

Max Schmeling walk his opponent.

Joe Louis could not move. Joe Louis is defeated.

The German Empire is proud of your husband. You can be proud of.

I let our congratulations send to New York.

That's kind of you. -The driver will be waiting for you.

Ms. Ondra, thanks for your company.

Thank you.

I'm very tired. Good evening.

I have more than a thousand telegrams. There is no end to.

Heinz Rühmann. Hans Albers.

Adolf Hitler.

Very Germany can be proud today.

Very Germany was yesterday in the ring.

Goering promises you a huge deer.

The thick Goering wants you to hunt. Marlene Dietrich.

Ernst Lubitsch.

Gary Cooper.

Clark Gable.

How is Louis? -With him is fine.

He can not believe you K.O. him hit.

He thinks Hitler his food has poisoned.

Louis had never lost. As you get used to it.

Do not worry about it. -Oh, everyone loses once.

Goebbels: I know you for Germany have fought.

It was a German victory.

Anny has the radio broadcast heard at the Goebbels family.

When we go home, Joe?

Joe, what is it?

Say something.

Joe does not go back to Germany.

You're my friend.

And that's the Nazis an eyesore.

Max, I am a Jew. I can not go to Germany.

Where is Anny? -Home. She does not like the fuss.

Mr. Schmeling, congratulations. The Fuehrer gives you his car.

There is also a car, Mr. Machon.

Reinhard, what are you doing here? Day, Mr. Schmeling.

What is it, boy?

I'm hungry. -Come with me.

Did your mother cooked anything?

I had to quickly hide, so no one would find me.

And I had to be very quiet. Your mother said that?

And I had to make me worry. -She was right.

Mama said she'll be back soon.

Did they take her? -Were they in uniform?

I need to make me worry.

What can we do?

Central. -Chancellery.

What I said? Do you think I the Führer bothering with such nonsense?

Then, it's all right. -Oh, yeah?

Schmeling would ask the Fuehrer himself. -What?

And who will wonder or you do not have it under control.

I'll talk to him.

No, you are going to find that neighbor. And soon.

Clear? -Yes.

On the side.

On the side.

Elisabeth Gormann?

Elisabeth Gormann, come forward.

You can go.

Anny, you can not sleep? -No.

What keeps us here, Max?

Want to get away from Germany? -Why not?

I'm afraid. And I have every reason to be afraid.

Schmeling leave Germany. I would be a traitor.

That's not true. -So they make it seem.

What do you care what they say or think?

Not for me, but it would be like an earthquake.

Then our friends pay for what we leave behind.

They were accused of they knew it.

But if we stay, I can help. -Yes, as long as you they're useful.

Max, the Nazis are all important positions in the film business.

I will make no more film.

Boxers also have a short flowering time.

But for you and me not? Indicates that We have each other.

Let's get out. We remain in Germany, but not in Berlin.

Where are you going? -The countryside. Not far from here.

Pomeranian maybe.


It's beautiful.

Something we need to find. It is not far from the city ... and when you get up early and you look forward to the garden and ...

I'm glad you like it.

It's ours.

Did you tell that nothing changes for them?

Yes, there is enough work for everyone. Of course.

Mr. Schmeling, where should this go?

Bring it to the living room.

Max, you know how happy I am with you?

Do not miss the city finally?

Not really. Anny is happy there. And if she is, I am too.

So it was a good investment? -With that inflation now.

I have my whole capital put into it. It's safer.

And we have our own world.

Nice to see you again here. -Thank you.

Earlier this tent was your world.

Joe is gone. Many people have left, and more disappeared.

Yes, it is time that Hitler disappears.

Joe has sent a telegram.

How's he doing? What does he say?

Louis trains again. He has seen him fight.

He says he is better than ever.

Braddock eluded me to keep. his title On the defeat against Louis has he deserved.

And he announced in his next Louis prize.

He was interested in the money. These Louis to boxing.

I should like to fight him.

Then we are better than ever. -When and where?

Louis has learned from his mistakes. -So what?

He is now even more dangerous.

Should I squeeze him, like Braddock?

I got him K. O. beaten. That had never happened to him.

He is entitled to a rematch. -Is not that simple. 'T Yes. -That damn honor of you.

I will fight.

Within an hour on my desk.

Mr. Schmeling, peasant does you no good.

For months I just get refusals of you ... for the games that I as Minister for you rule.

In a sports hall or other the benefit of your propaganda?

My manager arranges my fights.

A Jew who is in abroad. I-boxing abroad.

You would need more boxing in Germany. German victories in Germany.

Remember that your time soon been.

But you is not about me.

You'll thank me trainer if you can get somewhere.

I do not think so. -Where do you want from life than later?

Of my savings. The prize.

Another reason to abroad to fight.

How can that be?

My next fight will bring a million Reichsmark on, Minister.

I wish you a good day.

The mood has changed. -The Americans know me now.

The whole world is watching Germany.

The Jewish persecution, war plans. There are concerns.

I'm not a Nazi. -You are German, that's enough.

You have your orders. Telegram Government: win at all costs.

Hitler expected that the white race wins. Goebbels and Himmler play along.

It's just sport.

The audience sees only person who abused your talent.

Thank you for coming. -Good to see you, Joe.

In a fair contest. -I see you in the ring.

I'll see you in the ring, boys.

This is it, Max.

The year is 1938. This is the Yankee Stadium in New York.

The rematch to the heavyweight championship ... between our Max Schmeling, the black Ulaan of the Rhine ... and Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber from America.

It is about to begin. The audience was thrilled.

Will Joe Louis again so wait boxing as in the previous batch ... or will he improve himself?

There is already the first left. Schmeling is pressed into the defense.

He tries to move, but has a hard time.

This is another Joe Louis Joe Louis than in the first fight ... and Max Schmeling must collect a lot.

Away from the ropes.


The blows keep coming. A left jab, straight right.

Louis shows what he can.

Max Schmeling in the ropes.

The Negro overwhelms him with blows. A blow to the kidneys.

Max Schmeling is defenseless. And another hard hit Louis.

And there he goes for the first time down. A hard combination.

Take your time, Max.

And there is Max.

We have it rough. Max Schmeling is on the canvas.

The referee starts counting.

Is he a second time?

No, this is probably the end after only 124 seconds.

If I understand it correctly, this fight after two minutes past.

A disgrace to Germany. Max Schmeling lost.

Joe Louis's world.

The name must Schmeling from the press disappear.

And receipt at the Chancellery? -Something like that must be earned.

The Führer is not interested in excuses. He wants victories.

I will take the necessary measures. Heil Hitler.

Three weeks later

And now?

I go to the hotel.

The best.

Drive down this street.

It is time we learn that Jews mores.

Leave my children alone.

Mr. Levin, are you hurt? Come on, step.

These are Jews. -Get out.

Jews that I do not take it. -Driving, or I will.


Unpack the suitcase.

Come the street.

But row away.

Mr. Schmeling, thank you. As long as you hide in the studio.

Are you going back? That's too dangerous?

I need to find my wife. I have no choice.

Let the boys with me at the hotel and go find your wife.

Thank you.

Björn Werner. Everything will be fine, do not fret.

Later I'll take you to your father. For now, we will wait.

You have probably hungry.

I Königsberger meatballs made for you. Enjoy your meal.

In Berlin, hell broke loose.

Yes, on the radio they were about popular anger.

They prey on people like it's animals. Fires everywhere and smashed windows.

And there was Levin with his kids. I could just save.

Fortunately, we are here.

Anny, I'm glad we have each other. I missed you.

Max, was it necessary? It does not do again?

They mocked me, scolded and pelted with garbage.

I lost. I can not stop. I will rise again.

I know it. And you will too. Enjoy your meal.

Say, is there anyone of Hitler's people been with you?

No, why would they?

It was not a German victory. Only my defeat.

Schmeling prepares the next embarrassment for the German people for.

Is the information verified?

Yes, he wants back boxing abroad. And he has overestimated previously.

The Führer does not tolerate German defeats. -That's how I see it.

Schmeling say that he does not abroad can fight.

I do not have it under control.

We can not use it as a sportsman. What do you suggest?

As a hero and example he still flawed.

Look at that.

They drive to the east. It's war.

They are good.

I have a letter for you. Would you sign a receipt?

Is that an invitation?


Max, athletes like you do not employed.

The paratroopers, that was the deal.

Max, we gotta go.

Quietly, I've never run away. And there are not easy in the beginning.

That you have to do.

I have no experience as a paratrooper. I will have to test the recruits.

Max, they want to lose you.

Probably I have the boys cheer. Maybe train.

You will see that it is harmless.

You have pain. -Yes.

It is different from boxing. In the war is hurting your friend.

An injury is a way home.

That could be. -Trust me.

That was it for us.

Go home.

There you get trouble with it. -That's all right.



On the go.

Where to go? -I'm going home. Ponnickel.

That is madness. The Russians are coming. You can join us.

No, I must go home. My wife is waiting for me.

I promised that I would come back. We have promised each other.

Max, just help with the suitcase. -Allow me.

Joe was a kind person. -He unfortunately died prematurely.

We must hurry. The Russians will destroy everything.

Come, Anny.

The war is over

Name? Max-Schmeling.

What do you want? -A work permit.

Are you clean? -Gedenazificeerd, you mean?

Do you have papers? -No, I have no witnesses.

So there are no witnesses to prove you're not a Nazi, Max Schmeling?

Logical. Everyone knows the photos. The Fuehrer and you. A lovely time, huh?

We lost everything. I need work. -You do not understand me? Go away.

I want a work permit. -Throw him in jail.

Give me a work permit.

Good morning.

Alan? -So, back in the headlines?

I am in your debt.

You can go, World Schmeling.

Come, I'll get you tea.

Next. -Good day.

High rise or groundwork? -I have strong hands.

You have strong hands. Have you ever worked in the construction industry?


What can you do? Do you have a job?

The following.

What kind of work did you do? -Earthworks.

Grab that shovel. Next.

It is not for me. I can not. -Of course.

What then? Boxing?

Max, if nothing else perch, then so be it. Boxing.

One, two, three, four, five, six ... seven, eight, nine, out.

One, two, three, four, five, six ... seven, eight, nine, out.

The winner is Max Schmeling.

Glad you came. -What are you doing here?

Every weekend a fight. It is enough to live on.

But I also see it as training. -Training?

We must train, Machon. -An old man can not ...

You're not old, Machon. -You're old.

Those soldiers are half as old. Your time has been.

Yet I train. -You have no chance.

You know there is always a chance. And you must help me.

It's the only chance I have. I need for money as I can not.

Well, as you wish.

That does not matter. Come.

Tomorrow morning half 7. 25 kilometers.

And three. And four, Max. Come on.


More than three years after the war, in October 1948 ...

Max Schmeling is be old, but apparently not too old.

Here in Kiel he fights by Hans-Joachim Drägestein.

Schmelings strong is right directly down ... on Drägestein that with this hand large problems.

The feeble counterattacks Drägestein get nothing.

Max Schmeling mastered the ring.

In the eighth round takes Schmeling again the helm ... and goes on the attack.

Max Schmeling wants a decision in this round.

And there is a hard right.

Drägesteins jaw may sometimes broken ... much power is still in the hands Max Schmeling.

One, two, three, four, five, six ... seven, eight, nine. Past.

The winner is Max Schmeling.

Three years after the war, he let see what he can.

And with more than 40 years. A truly great German sportsman, Max Schmeling.

I saw something, Machon.

Failing reaction, slow reflexes.

Yes, you got it K. O. beaten.

You know I'm not talking about him.

Do not do it.

Have we met? -Jim Folley. New York Boxing Commission.

I mean it sincerely, Max. Stop boxing.

You destroyed yourself and your reputation. -Reputation?

You spoil your value with this fight. -I need to make money.

There are so many opportunities to make money earn.

The best. And success.

Is there anything?

No, Anny. Everything is in order.

Max Schmeling against Richard Vogt.

Two well-known names in the Sports Palace in Berlin.

I want a fair fight.

Not hold, no headers, No punches below the belt.

We send him into retirement. You're still young and not worn.

Think only of your right.

The battle begins on the latter October day in 1948.

Ex-champion against challenger.

Both search directly the weaknesses the opponent.

How will Max Schmeling adhere ... against the much younger Richard Vogt from Hamburg ... that is agile and slept and his eyes well used.

Vogt grants Max Schmeling a second to catch their breath.

Schmeling repels itself. His famous pops right to the head of Vogt.

But then this round is over.

You should keep high coverage for if it is right.

We have to win here and not lose.

And here we go again in the Sportpaleis.

Richard Vogt has big plans. Where he fires a volley.

One blow after another upheld ... and Max Schmeling is fully forced onto the defensive.

He defends himself desperately, but Vogt fight like a machine.

The blows raining on Max Schmeling down.

Left, right, an angle. It comes from all sides ... but in this heavy weather in which Max Schmeling stands now ... helps his experience after so many battles course ... to keep going.

Everyone else had long since gone down and had the sails need ironing.

And take a hard right Vogt of his goal.

Schmeling is down and the referee counts down.

But Max Schmeling shakes it off.

As soon as he does not give up, the black Ulaan of the Rhine.

Richard Vogt smells his chance. He is close to his opponent.

Schmeling clings, but does not give up.

He takes this round?

Yes, the gong saves him.


Those three rounds get you.

Take your time, you can relax. Understood?

Start the next three minutes. Schmeling had this much needed break.

But Vogt insists.

He seems to rise above themselves. Schmeling can only respond.

He seems finally to the end of his powers.

Up that coverage.

A hit. Another one.

Richard Vogt dominated the fight Schmeling and drives into the ropes.

And again saves the gong Max Schmeling.

But what is that?

Instead of to recover in his corner remains Schmeling in the ring.

His trainer Max Machon is with him. An unusual situation.

The referee gives Schmeling the microphone.

But what does Max Schmeling now?

Thank you all.

This was my last game.

I give myself won, but leaves the ring with his head.

Thank you.

My respect, Max. You are a true champion.

Congratulations. -Thank you.

Max Schmeling and Anny Ondra remained always together.

Max acquired the Coca-Cola franchise for Northern Germany ... and became a wealthy man.

He helped many people, including boxer Joe Louis.

Max died at the age of 99 and left his property to charity after.

Anny Ondra and Max Schmeling remained for most Germans a dream couple.

Their greatest wish, a child, never happened.

After her last role in 1951 ...

Anny Ondra was his mainstay and the great love of his life.

After the war, President Machon the Boxing Commission of Berlin.

He trained many young boxers ... but knew the success that he Max Schmeling never to repeat.

He died on August 30, 1971 to a heart attack at age 76.

Joe Jacobs died at the age of 41 of a heart attack.

Many know his death to his cigars and the alcohol.

With only three defeats in 68 bouts ...

Joe Louis is one of the best boxers of all time.

In 1951 he finished his career off.

Max Schmeling helped his impoverished friend and rival until his death.

At the request of Ronals Reagan was Joe Louis a hero's funeral ... at the military cemetery Arlington.

Until he died of pneumonia ...

He was the absolute top official of German sport.

His attempts to German representatives ... the International Olympic Committee get ... were offset by World War II Please rate this subtitle at %url% Help other users to choose the best subtitles