Max Steel (2016) Script

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What are you doing up there?

You're the one who wanted to take a break.

Break as in rest, not break your neck falling off the roof.

Your dad used to sit up there. Drove me nuts.

Did you run out here in the middle of the night, or something?

You were eight weeks old. I had my hands kind of full.

We're gonna clean it up. It'll be great.

The cable guy comes tomorrow. We should have Internet eventually.

We're home, Max.

If you say so.

Hey, no more moving around. Okay? We're gonna stay.

Right. For the ninth time.


I mean it this time. I promise.

Hold, please. You're a little warm.

Really? Really?

Sorry. I forgot. Habit.

Fresh start.

Right. Fresh start number nine.

Hey, I can still cancel the Internet.

Let's go, bud. Boxes, boxes, boxes.

Your dad may have gone a bit overboard with the stars.

I was actually thinking he didn't put enough.

You okay?

Is that where it happened?

Um, yeah.

Now I'm gonna have to call an electrician, too.

Babe, try not to stay up too late.

First day of school and everything. All right?

This bacon's not gonna eat itself!

Hey, are you hungry? I made you...

I'm good.

I'll see you tonight.


In order to amplify linking energy, they developed a strategy known as "mental fusion."

A practice that required not only intense concentration, but...



They knew that one warrior alone could not produce sufficient energy...

Ow! Ah!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Don't be dead. Don't be dead.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Are you sure?


You okay?

Yeah, I... I do this every year.


You're upside down.

Sofia! Hurry up. You're gonna be late.

Meet me here after school, okay?

I'll take a look at that bike.

"If you wanna find the secrets to the universe, "think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla.

Okay, start the water, and begin the sound waves.


And we have a new student.

Mr. McGrath. Max McGrath.


You're not Jim McGrath's son, are you?

Um, yeah. Uh, kind of. Yes.

Oh, my gosh.

He was a remarkable man.

Where do I sit?

Now, this semester, we are going to be diving into the power of harmonics.


You all right?

Yeah, I...

Hey, thanks.

Throw your bike in the back.

Uh, this is a cool truck.


My dad and I restored her. Really?

Don't look so surprised.

I might get offended.

Well, what do I know. I drive a bike.

You named her, didn't you?

All right.

Good as new.

Thank you.

No problem.

Oh, that's weird. And totally not my station.


Well, I will try to stay out of your way next time.

Oh, I'm sorry.

See you around, Max McGrath.

Charlie Quinn. He was our intern.

Brilliant kid.

He was very good at bringing us coffee at 2:00 in the morning.

Yes, he was.

Which happened just about every single night.


And I'm sure you...

Hi, hon. Hey.

Wow, God, look at you.

You remember Miles, don't you?

Yeah. Yeah.

No. No, you don't.

No, he doesn't. He doesn't remember.

I am the guy who used to send you all the random Christmas presents.

Right. Right, yeah, yeah, that Miles. Of course.

Of course he remembers that.

You worked with my dad.

That's right.

Miles is gonna join us for dinner, so, why don't you go get washed up?


All right, here we go. Come on.

I'm up three, man.

It's 4-0. All right. Here we go. You ready?

Come on.

I got you now.

What the hell was that?

I mean, we blacked out about a 25-mile radius.

Fifteen. No way.

How much? It wasn't that much.

25-mile radius.

That's awesome.

The police didn't think so.

But your father of course, as always a smooth operator, he calmed them down.

He was a very special man, your father.

It's glowing.

It hasn't glowed in 16 years.

We have to...

So, you guys have just stayed in touch all this time, then?

This is the first time we've met.

Actually, Miles is the one who convinced me to come back home.

Really? Okay, wow, so, I have you to blame then.

Mmm. It's all my fault.

It's amazing.

No, no, no, Smith, don't!


What is it?

Lee, call security!

Lee to security, we have a breach.

Repeat, breach in containment lab!

Subject is conscious. Repeat, the subject is no longer in stasis.

Today was Max's first day of school.

Really? How'd it go? Mmm-hmm.


It was okay. A few more bruises than usual.

Go! Go! Go!

Shielding systems, engaged.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Stay down!

Check high! Check low!

Up top on the vent! Up top!

Initiate Protocol Charlie.

Can you please stop doing that with your chair? You're gonna break it.

Thank you.

All clear! Watch the door!

Keep us sealed! Keep us closed!

We got it.

It's breached the containment chamber.

So, what did you do at N-Tek, then?

Mostly paperwork. Your father was the true visionary, not me.

Miles rebuilt N-Tek. He runs it now.

Well, our facility is nothing like it was when Jim was there.

Behind you! Behind you! Down!


It's breached the level.

But everything we're doing today is based on your father's vision.

Your father wanted to save the world.

And we're just following his lead.

Don't let it get out!

He was right on the edge of a breakthrough.

What happened?

Let's not go there right now. It's such a long story.

No, it's fine. We can talk about it.


Miles was there the night of the accident.

He tried to save your father.

Make sure you're not standing in water.

No, I don't have to tell him. This isn't the time.

But he's not a kid anymore.

Yes. Yes, he is a kid.

Well, you'll be relieved to know that we have plenty of SPAM.

Oh, thank goodness. We love SPAM.

It never expires.

So, what did I miss?


Can I get you guys anything from the kitchen?

If you ever want to come by the office and see what your father created, the door's always open.


I must say, you do remind me of your dad.

Although a lot taller. A lot.

But you have his spirit. And that's what counts.

Good night. Bye.

You okay?

I'm going to bed.

Yeah, Bob, and tonight the big question is, was it a tornado that came through this area or was it not a tornado?

Security camera footage seems to show a funnel cloud in the sky.


Come on!

Come... What?

What the...



Max, did you plug something in?

All right. All right.

Okay. Okay. All right, you ready?


This is freaking awesome! Ooh!

Off! Off, off, off!

You like Thai food?


You like Thai food?

I can't hear what you're saying.

Tomorrow at 4:00, the Thai place on Main Street.


She said the Thai place on Main Street.

Do you know where that is?

I'll find it.


Tomorrow at 4:00, the Thai place...




They're out in force tonight.

Did you find anything good?

Well, I didn't find anything bad.

Hey, I unpacked the cutest baby pictures of you today.

I'm gonna frame the most embarrassing ones and stick them all over the house.

Wow, thank you. What an honor that is.

What can I say?

Although they'd probably be safer in the bomb shelter in the basement.

Your dad was nothing if not prepared.

For what? The zombie apocalypse?

I heard you talking to Miles.

Why does everybody in this town know more about Dad than I do?

What do you mean? I talk about your dad all the time.

No, you don't.

I don't know anything about his past

'cause you never talk about it.

I don't know about his work, or his family...

Or how he died.

Listen, bud...

I want you to know your father.

I see so much of him in you.

He was such an amazing man.

But his story is so complicated.

I just don't know if you're...

If I'm what?


Hello? Mom?

Uh, sorry.

Hey. You found it.

Yeah, sorry I'm late. My phone kind of broke.

That's okay.

What is this? Boba.

A what? Just try it.

Fair warning, the texture's a little weird.

You get used to it. Mmm. Mmm-hmm. Um-mmm.


It's so good. Thank you.

It's such a treat.

No problem.



I named my truck Frita.


Frita. Wow, that is...

Yes, and that's privileged information by the way, so.

Oh, of course. You don't have to worry. Your secret's safe with me.

Good. Because, you know, I know a secret about you, too.

I know what you're trying to hide.



You haven't hooked up with any of the cliques.

But you're friendly with everyone.

You don't attract a lot of attention, but you talk just enough.

So that people don't think you're weird.

You're pretty good at being alone.

Without being a loner.

Here, um, put your number in my phone.

You should let me show you around sometime, give you the tour.

Yeah. Maybe.

You'd better.


I... I think your phone died.

I just charged it.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Actually, you know what? No, I, uh...

I got to go to the bathroom really quick.


Off! Off!

Oh, my God.

Watch it.


I got to go. I'm sorry.



Max, time to wake up!



No, stay back! Stop! Stay away from me.

I'm warning you, stay back! No, no, stop! I said stay away!

Okay, okay.

Max. Max. What?

Wait, no, no, no. You said my name. What did you just say?

Max, Max, Max. Everything okay up there?

Max, Max. What? What do you want?

Put down the weapon, Max. Remain calm.

Oh, my God, you speak English. What are you, some kind of a robot?

I am a parasitic, silicon-based life form.

My name is, uh...

Hold on. It's one... It's something that rhymes with...

I got this. Hold on. Uh... Ak'stel.

Steel! He called me Steel.

Who did?

I don't remember, but the important thing is...

I found you and now that...

Wait. Where are you from?

Ah. Good question. I am from...

You're from space?

Yeah. I think so.

You're an alien? Yes!

And you are Max McGrath. Yeah.

I'm here to protect you from everything that's trying to kill us.

Oh, my God. This is insane.

You had an insane amount of energy. Wait!

Chronometer. Clock. Timepiece.


Whoo! Cartography. Map. Wait, wait, Steel.

What is this? Oh, what is that?

What do you know about my energy?

No, stop. No, stop.

What is this?

Stop! Stop! Steel! Steel!

Yes, Max?

Max, what are you doing up there?

Oh, God, my mom is coming. You have to hide.

Is "my mom" dangerous?

What? No, no, no! Come on!

Cold hands!

Foul odor. You got to clean... You got to clean in here, bud.


What's up?

Are you okay? What's with all the yelling?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I just... I had a bad dream. Fell out of bed.

You were out cold last night.

You were already asleep when I got home. Do you feel okay?

I'm fine. I... Growth spurt.

What is that noise?

Uh, nothing. It's just my video games are going.

I need to get your laundry. No!

I can do my own laundry from now on. Okay?

You are so weird sometimes.

And you're gonna be late. All right.

I had a dream, too, Max. There was explosions and screaming.

Oh! Oh! I got it. I got it.

What are you doing? Get off me! Why did you do that?

There was another buildup of energy within you. I absorbed it.

Max! You're welcome.

Okay, look, I'll just take you back to where you found me, and you can phone home, or whatever.

No, no, no, Max. Listen, you are gonna be generating that tachyon energy for the rest of your life. And that is all that I eat.

Without it, I would actually starve to death.

After you, well...

After I what?

Explode. So, yeah, we are together forever.

All right, I want to know everything that you know right now.


Okay. Well, how about the energy? The tachyon stuff.

Let's start with that. Sounds good. Let's do it.

Where did it come from?

Uh, pass.

Did you do this to me?

No, I think you did this to me.

You woke me up. I was sleeping.

Is it gonna kill me?

Yes! If I'm not around.

Apparently, you don't realize how lucky you were that I was there yesterday to relieve you of your excesses in energy

'cause you were about to explode.

Explode. Right. I got it. Jinx.

So, what? You're like some kind of a space vampire then?

More like your space buddy. Whoa. Heads up.

Excuse me, Max, why are we hiding?

Because you're an alien.

They're gonna, like, dissect you, or something.

Dissect. To cut open a deceased organism for study.

But, Max, that doesn't make sense 'cause I'm not deceased.

Good job, Max. Now, watch this.

If we link together, Max...

No, don't, no.

It's okay. They didn't see us.

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Come on, move it!

Spread out! Find it!

Who were those guys? They shot, like, real bullets at us!

They did seem angry.

Who wants to kill you?

Us, Max. Who wants to kill us?

Oh, come on. You have to remember something.

I don't know. I told you everything I remember.

Wait, wait, wait, I remember something else.

The Ultralinks are closing in!

What was that? What was that?

I don't know. I... I saw it, too.

I was in like a building.

It was like I was remembering, but I saw you.

I saw a reflection of you.

I was you.

It was your memory. Why would I see one of your memories?

See? I told you. We are linked.

I feel like you're not listening to me.

I heard a voice that said something about...

I keep repeating myself. It's getting old.

Ultralinks? Is that what you are?

Ultralinks? No! Max, those are very dangerous.

They destroy worlds. They destroy everything. They don't...

They're coming. Okay, we have to get out of here.

I can't go home.

Uh-huh. Because you fear "my mom."

No, because guys with guns are chasing us.

And because you would freak her out.

Max, harsh.

We have to go somewhere where they wouldn't attack us.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Hey. Hey.


Don't, you can't do that. Just being friendly.

Look, nobody can see you. Do you remember the whole dissect thing?

That I do remember.

You have to be cool. You understand?

I understand. But I cannot control my temperature.

Ow! I'm going to jail.

As long as I'm with you.

The integral measures the area of the curve from point 'A' to point 'B'.

Copy these equations down, this is all going to be on the final.

The equations are lies, Max!

This creature has no idea what they're talking about.

Don't trust it.

I left my iPod on.

No, you didn't. Don't lie.

Are you crazy?

We've been attacked! Let go.

What'd you say to me?

I, uh, said my backpack is heavy.

Stupid books. Am I right?


See, Max? I protected you. Whoa! Incoming.



What happened to you yesterday? You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm so sorry that I ran out on you like that.

My head just, um... It felt like it was going to explode.

It was the boba, wasn't it?

No, I just...

I didn't want to leave you with the impression that I was too cool.

But, uh, maybe I could make it up to you?

Yeah? And just how do you intend to do that?

Uh... Okay, this is boring.

Are you sure you're okay? It's cramped in here.

Yeah, I just... Come on, buddy.

Maybe we can talk about this later. I have to run.

I'm really late for my Zumba class.

The girl creature appears to cause increases in heart rate and respiration.

Perhaps you should avoid contact with her.

Perhaps you should shut up.

See? She has made you angry.

Okay, we should be good here.

I don't know, Max. It seems like that girl creature must have put out some kind of mind control virus on you.

We should probably kill her.

What? No.

And her name is Sofia, by the way. She's...

She's a cyborg.

She's, uh...

She's a war machine. A snail. An alien! No, no, I'm an alien.

She's not dangerous.

Okay, okay. Agree to disagree.

What are we gonna do, Steel? We can't stay here all day.

Well, yeah, but perhaps "my mom" can help us.

You claim she's an ally.

No, I can't dump this on her.

All my life, she's been like insane about my health.

Taking me to all these doctors.

If she knew what was happening, she'd...

Oh! Excuse me one second.

Will you cut that out!

No, it's okay.

No, I will not cut it out.

When you get worked up, you generate energy.

Clearly, "my mom" makes you upset.

No, she's just...

It just sucks. What?

Everything that happened with my dad, she just kept moving us from place to place.

Yeah. I know. Yeah, no, I get it, right.

What's up? Why am I telling you this?

Because I'm here for you, Max. I'm here to protect you.

Which means you can tell me anything.


You know, sometimes I just wish my dad was still here.

That I could, I don't know, talk to him,

or even know what his laugh sounded like.

I don't even know him, but I miss him.

I understand.

I don't even know where my home is, but I miss it, too.


I'm sorry.

Nah, it's coolio. I was just kind of going off your vibe anyway.

Although it could help if you could remember who was trying to kill you.

Hey, us. You.

All right, look, if you can just remember something, I don't know.

Maybe more from the memory that we saw, it might help us.

Um... Here. Max, look.

What, this? You remember N-Tek?

They attacked it. They will come for us.

Wait, what? The guys in the black vans?

No, the Ultralinks.

They always come for us.

Come on.

Uh, just... No trespassing.


All caps, Max. Looks pretty serious to me.

Max, wait. Okay.

Okay, so, if you don't remember any details, how do we trigger that memory thing that we had?

Does anything around here remind you of anything?



No, you go and then I'll go. I thought you had something.

Steel, come on.

Oh! Don't move. I got you.

No, Steel, wait, no!

Will you stop!

Nah, I'm probably gonna keep doing it.

How did you do that?

I didn't. We did.

I've been telling you, if we work together, we can harmonize tachyon energy so that it becomes far-cart-tar... Turbo energy!

Turbo? Really?

Yes. Yes. It's very powerful.

The energy can enhance your physical attributes.

Like how?

Try moving.

Yes, that's very funny, but fast.


Whoa, did you see that? That was incredible!

Not bad. Try something else.

That's impressive.

But, Max, do you know what's even more impressive?

My knowledge of battle strategy.

I have memorized volumes upon volumes of extensive...

No way.

Uh, okay. We will get to the strategy part later.



We can come back to this one if you want.



That was practice. Just do it again and watch the landing.

Yes! Very, very nice.


I blew stuff up before, but I could never control it.

I mean, not like this.

See, Max. We're a team. It works.

And you're sure I'm not gonna die?

Mostly, but next, we could...

I haven't even shown you the best part yet.

Pretty cool, huh?

This is...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Hold on! I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha!

Oh, yeah, that feels good.

Um, Steel, what is this?

When we harmonize energy, we create armor.

Steel, help!

Hold on. Just relax. Relax?

Steel, hold off the Ultralinks while I power the core.

You got it.

When they're all in range, fire!

How did they get through so fast?


That was my dad.

You knew my dad.

I guess I did.

How did you know my dad?

I don't... I don't know.

And that tornado, that must have been the night he died?

That was no ordinary tornado, Max. That was an Ultralink.

Steel! Steel!

Oh, everything looks different. Yeah, wow.

Steel! Yes!

Just seeing if anything reminded me of anything.

Uh, coming. We're good.

No Ultralinks in there. Hey, look, I'm in the kitchen.

You've reached Molly McGrath. Please leave a message.

What do we do?


He was there that night. Let's go talk to Miles.

Okay, so, apparently, my dad, who I thought was a scientist, knew you, an alien, which is nuts.

And the two of you were attacked for some reason by a wind-monster thing.

Actually, Max, it's super, super scary.

See, Ultralinks can manipulate the elements.

Air and wind and fire... So, that night wasn't an accident at all.

They can control air itself to create storms or tornados, which is a kind of storm, but also like...

So, my dad, he must have... hurricanes or tsunami or typhoon...

What, I don't know...



Max, we can still kill her.

Okay, I need you to be quiet for a second, please.

It's like you actually want me to run you over.

No, we want you to go away. Shh.

Did you just shush me? Danger.


Max, behind us!

Okay, uh, I got to go. Sorry!

This is not happening.

Max, we have two vans in pursuit.

Okay. We need some kind of, like, a plan.

Okay. Time to suit up.

No! No, no, no! We have to...

What? You don't like the suit?

We have to like split up.

Okay, if you can send them on like a wild goose chase, or something, then I can head to N-Tek and talk to Miles.

I must protect you, Max.

Just buy me some time!

But, Max, what about my knowledge of battle strategy?

For example, in such a situation...

You don't care. You don't care.

All units, we're completely disabled.

Fuck! Hey!

Sofia! I'm not done yelling at you yet.

Uh, look, now's not really a great time.

I'm being really nice to you and you keep flaking out on me.

Look, things are just really complicated for me right now, so I just...

You should come with me. What?

Uh, I'm super lost and I don't really know where I'm going, but...

Where? This place called N-Tek.

It's like right down the road.

N-Tek? That's 20 miles away from here.

You gonna bike there? Uh, good point. Let's drive.



Get in.

Are you sure you're all right?

Never better.

It's a long story.

What's going on?

Um, my dad died here when I was really young.

I didn't think moving back would be a big deal, but...

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

So, I need a new name for my bike.

Any suggestions?

Well, you want to name it something child-friendly.

Child-friendly? Really?

Because it's a toy, that's what you're saying.

You said it, not me.


But, yeah.


Well, you know what? Next time we go out, we'll take the bike.

It's a classy ride. You'll see.

Next time we go out, huh?




I wasn't sure you would take me up on my offer.

How you doing? Hey, this is Sofia.

She goes to school with me. I want to introduce you to her.

Hi, Sofia. How are you? Miles Edwards. Good, thank you.

Official tour guide. Come on.

This is incredible.

Oh, thank you.

We're just trying to build upon Max's father's work.

You know, when I first met Jim 20 years ago, he had such a contagious energy.

It was inspiring.

I feel, uh...

I feel lucky to have had him for a partner even if it was for too short a time.

Hey, can I talk to you? Can we go somewhere?

Of course.

Go ahead. Have a seat.

Um, listen, I don't... I just need to ask you one quick question.

Yeah. Have a seat. No, no, I just...

Listen, I need to ask you about my dad.

What exactly happened the night that he died?


It's really not my place.

Miles, please.

I need to know.

Well, by the time I got there, everything was gone.

And your father, he...

How should I say this?

Let me show you something.

You see this?

What is it?

It's a miniature prototype of a power core.

It's a device that's capable of harnessing energy beyond anything that mankind has ever attempted.

This was your father's dream.

So, then what happened?

Listen, your father was a dear friend and a true genius, but sometimes he tended to... To leap before he looked.

And the energy that he was playing with...

Wait. Wait.

I don't understand, what are you saying?

That the accident was his fault?

No, what I'm saying is that sometimes we all have a tendency to reach a little bit too far for what we want.

Hey. You all right?

Breathe. It's okay. Come on.

Max? Get him some water.

What's wrong?

Get some water for him right now!

I have to go! Max!


He has a habit of doing that.

You should look after him.


Hey! Hey!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Hey! Get out of here!

Please, come on. Come on!


The car won't start!

You're welcome!

Coming in hot, Max!


See, I told you we should have stayed together.

I can't see!

Oh, uh, that's not right. Hold on.

Let's see, let's get a little something going here.

Will you just pick one!

Oh, I like this one.

Wait, where did it go? That was that thing from the memory.

An Ultralink. What do we do?

Well, Max, in the face of an unknown enemy, hesitation is lethal.

What are you talking about?

You see, Max, it's battle strategy, for we don't have much...


Never mind!

Time to go. Time to go now!

Run faster, run faster, run faster! Max, so much faster!

What happened to the armor?

The impact de-harmonized us!


We have to work together, Max!

Get down!

You missed.

Thank you for pointing that out!


No! No, no, no!

Max, hold on! Hold on!

Steel, help! Steel!

I got you!

Max, look up. There! That's the Ultralink.

It's exposed. Shoot it. Go turbo!

What? STEEL: Hurry, before it reconstitutes the wind.

Concentrate. And fire!

We need a cooler catchphrase.

Oh. Really? I kind of like it.

What is that?

Uh, not sure.

Wait, that's you. Why is that you?

I... I don't...

Steel, hold off the Ultralinks while I power the core.

You got it.

What are you doing? You've altered the power core!

Steel, please!

I trusted you! No!

You're one of them. You're an Ultralink.

No. I mean, I guess that I am, but I am not like them.

I can't trust you.

Max, the Ultralinks are here to destroy the Earth and your energy is the only thing that can stop them.

Yeah, my dad had energy, too, and you killed him for it.

No, Max, I remember. I fought alongside your father.

We used his energy to fend off the Ultralinks and now you and I must do the same.

No, I can't do this.

I can't fight giant wind monsters and talk to aliens!

Yes, you can! Your father would...

No, my dad's dead! Do you get that?

I don't have anybody. I'm all alone!

No. Max, you are not. Max.

Stay away from me. Max.

No, I said stay away from me!


He's here.

McGrath, stop! Move!


Cut him off! Come on, come on!

Over there! Come on!


Come on. Sofia!

Have you lost your mind? Keep your voice down...

Oh, my God. What happened? Were you in an accident?

Yes. I mean, no. Technically, I was, but...

Let me take you to the hospital, or I don't know, come inside, so I can...

I don't really have time to talk about it.

I just really need your help. Sofia...

What? Stop. No, no, no. You're acting all crazy.

I will tell you everything. I promise.

But right now, the people I love are in trouble because of me.

What can I do?

I need a phone, your truck, and a pair of rubber gloves.

Miles, it's Max. Listen, I need your help.

They've got my mom and I don't know where they're taking her!

Wait, Max, slow down. Who has your mom?

I don't know. These guys with guns! They were chasing me and...

It's happening again.

Wait, what's happening?

The storm tonight. You saw it. It was an Ultralink, wasn't it?

Wait, you know about that?

Max, listen to me very carefully.

The people that took your mom, they don't want her. They want you.

This is a trap.

I don't understand. Where is she?

The only place they could have taken her is your dad's old lab.

The old N-Tek grounds.

Listen to me very carefully, it's essential that we keep you safe.

No, no, no! Come on!



Max, where are you?

Hi, uh, Mrs. McGrath?

Uh, yes.

It's Sofia. I'm a friend of Max's. Is he home?

Uh, no. No, he's not. Sofia, do you know where he is?

He came by to see me and he borrowed my phone and my car, but he was acting really weird when we went to see Dr. Edwards and he just ran out.

Mrs. McGrath, is everything okay?

Yeah, uh, yeah.

Everything's just fine, Sofia.

I'll call you back.

Miles Edwards ordered you to kill Steel?

Yes, ma'am.

That doesn't make sense.


I am still the majority shareholder at N-Tek.

So, the only person you take orders from now is me.

Do you understand?

Yes, ma'am.


Now, go find my son!



Access granted.

Steel and I have seen this before. It's a scouting party.

How many?

Half dozen maybe, if we're lucky.

Hurry, Mk'Rah. We don't have much time.

They're forming storm cells already.

These Ultralinks, are they just like him?

No. They're nothing like Steel.

He's risking his life to save the Earth, just like us.

Winds are picking up.

You're not ready for this, Jim.

Yes, we are.

How long have we been preparing for this day?

The machine will work.

We can stop them together.

I've got strong winds at the outer perimeter.

Steel will hold off the Ultralinks while I power the core.

You got it, Mk'Rah.

I'm clocking winds at 90 miles per hour.

When they're all in range, Miles, fire.

Here we go again, Steel. Here we go.

We should be ready to fire within 20 seconds.

Two tornadoes have touched down. These are big ones.

Energy source engaged.

Are you ready, Ak'stel?

With you? Always.

Weapon initiating.

The Ultralinks are closing in!

They're through the outer walls, but the chamber's holding.

We don't have much time. Hurry, Mk'Rah.

How did they get through so fast?

Something's wrong. The outer defenses have been sabotaged.


Miles, look out!

Behind you!

You're working with them.

Miles, what are you doing?


Miles, please!

They call you rebel. Did you know that? Did you know that?

Miles, listen to me.

Go for a walk.


I chose the wrong partner, Jim.

Miles. Miles, why are you doing this?

You don't know what they are. They'll consume everything.

I made a deal.

I eliminate you and the Ultralinks let me have your energy.

I trusted you.

No! You trusted him!

You've lowered the defenses. You've altered the power core!

And now I'm going to drain you.

I am going to drain you of every ounce of energy that you have.

No! No!



I can get you out. Mk'Rah, listen. I can...

Steel, listen to me.

I'm going to overload the core.


Yeah. If you go into stasis, you'll survive the blast.

Once you wake up, get to Max.

Find him.


Protect him.

He's the only thing that matters.




You're making this so easy for me.

You know, at first, I wasn't even sure that you had begun to generate the energy.

Till that little monster woke up.

It was your father who convinced Steel to rebel against the Ultralinks.

His own kind!

Thank you. Just what I've been waiting for.

The entire time I worked with your father and his machine, I was exposed to that energy and it was exhilarating.

So, piece by piece I built a suit that could absorb the energy like the Ultralinks do.

The Ultralink. You wanted it to kill me.

To kill you? I need you alive. Alive!

You're my very own source of tachyon energy.

Now, step inside that core like a good little battery.

And pick up where your father left off.

You were supposed to be his friend!

Your father was an alien, Max! An alien!

You killed him.

Don't be so dramatic, half-breed!

You think you're a warrior like your father was?

You're nothing like him!

And you're all alone and you cannot win. You are alone!

Now step inside that core!

Step inside the core!

Okay, okay!

I'm sorry, Steel.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

Your father, his name was Mk'Rah.

He was my friend.

We chose Earth to protect together.

What are you doing?

That's too much energy!

That's too much energy!

Hey, you were wrong. I'm not alone.

It's not possible.

Steel, now!

He trusted you. We trusted you.

And you all made a mistake.

You want the power? Then come and get it.

It's over, Max.

Come on, Max. Let's get up.

Maxy, you can't deny how good it feels.

Max, we must avoid the claw. It takes your energy and weakens our armor.

Yeah, I figured that out. Now, what do we do?

Stealth mode.

We have stealth mode?

You think merging with that monster will transform you into some kind of hero?

You're no hero.

Get away from the boy!


Everybody get out!

He's too strong. What do we do?

Max, I remember.

Hello, Max. He's handsome.

Just like his dad.

But, uh, what will he be?

He'll be whatever he wants to be.

We're not running.

We're going back. Yes!

But we need a plan.

Battle strategy. A thirsty man is prone to drowning.

Come out, Max.

Or... Wait, is that it?

That's it. What's it?

We just have to give him what he wants.

Wait, what? Oh, actually, that's really smart.

There's no one here to save you. Come out.

Steel, will we survive it?

I don't know, Max.

Ah! There's my boy.

Now, you can be smart, or you can be dead.

I chose smart, your father chose differently.

What about you, Max?

Well, I guess I have more in common with my dad than I thought.

You're just as arrogant as your father.

You want the power, then take it.

Steel, now! Go turbo!

You got it, Max!

You idiot. You're giving me everything I need.

You sure?

Because when I have too much energy, I kind of explode.

This is for my father.




Steel, come on, please. Hey.


You have to be okay. I can't lose you, come on.


See, Max, we have fun together.

I still think the armor feels weird.

I think it's all right. We're like nesting dolls.

Clear. There! Right here!

Now what?

Can you get up?

No. You?


D-06. Secure the perimeter.

What do we do?

Let's hope they're friendly.



Mom? Max, are you okay?

Careful steps, careful steps.


Hey, I wanna introduce you to somebody.

Steel, you're alive.

Hi, Molly.

We have a lot to talk about.

You totally married an alien.

Hey, what's wrong with that?

The night your father died, I didn't know what to do.

The whole town thought it was an accident, a freak storm.

But I knew the Ultralinks had come for them and I was afraid they would come for you, too.

So, I did the only thing I could think of to protect you.

I ran. To different towns, different doctors.

'Cause I didn't know if you would blow up, or something.

I should have told you.

But I thought you were too young to understand.

And believe me, I never suspected Miles.

Yeah, just 16 years in a tank, Molly. No big deal.

I said I'm sorry, Steel.

If I had known you were still alive, you know I would have never let that happen.

I would have kicked anyone's butt who tried to hurt you.


So, it was Miles who suggested we come back to Copper Canyon in case the energy manifested in you.

I was trying to help you.

And instead, I almost got you killed.

I spent so many years trying to hide this from you.

'Cause I was afraid you'd end up like your dad.

But now I couldn't be prouder that you did.

What's your name?

So, are there more Ultralinks out there?


Why do you think I watch the stars so much?

Why haven't they come for me?

I don't know.

Maybe because you didn't have the power yet.

But you're a threat now and they'll come for you.

I thought I could protect you, but I can't.

You know you're not exactly making me feel any better.

But I do know one thing, okay?

You will not have to do this alone.

I love you, bud.

I love you, too, Mom.


I've held on to this for too long.

Now it belongs to you.

I don't understand.

You will.


Show me.

He'll need to know where he came from to know who he is.

Thanks, Dad.


You're okay.


Where have you been?

Uh, it's kind of a crazy story.

Try me.

Listen, um...

I just came by to let you know that you were right about me.

I'm used to being alone and I'm actually pretty good at it.

Um, when I moved here, I thought that this was just gonna be like every other town I've lived in.

And then you showed up.

Uh, thank you for noticing me.

What's this?

Open it.

Uh, there.

We have a lot to talk about.


Yeah. Uh, maybe we could, I don't know, go on that tour that you were talking about in the car.

How's tonight?

Yeah, only if you don't bail on me.

Never. Right.

Right. Uh-huh.

I'll see you later, Max McGrath.


Oh, wow.

Okay, maybe it was good we didn't kill her.

Yeah, you think?

Flight mode?

Flight mode.

I like flight mode.

Steel, this suit seems tighter than usual.

Really? We're flying and you're complaining about the suit?

Go right. Let's go left.

No. Let's go right.

How about your other right?

You know what? Let's just go straight then.