May (2002) Script

What's wrong with my eye, Mama?

The doctor says it's lazy.

But... we're going to make you look perfect.

It itches.

Do you want make friends?

Then keep it covered.

Are you a pirate?

# Happy Birthday to you. #

I've always said, "If you can't find a friend, make one."

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Now it's ruined.

Her name is Suzie.

Suzie was the first doll I ever made.

She was my best friend.

And now she'll be yours.

No, no, no, you can't take her out.

She's special.

What do you think of my pirate patch?

I bet you're wondering what I'm making.

Okay, I'll tell you.

I saw someone today.

A boy.

You know how when you meet someone...

and you think you like them, but then the more you talk to them you see parts you don't like.

Like that guy on the bench.

And sometimes... you don't end up liking any parts at all.

But... the boy I saw today is different.

I like every part of him.

Especially his hands.

They're beautiful.

Don't be mad.

You've been my friend my whole life.

And you see me, you always have, but...

I need a real friend.

Someone I can hold.

I'm going to give you some cardboard shades you can wear over your regular glasses until the dilation wears off.

Will my contacts be ready by Friday?

Should be.

You look awfully excited.

I have a date.

You're sure my eye won't cross with the contacts?


The contacts will pull your good eye forward just like your regular glasses.

Your lazy eye just needs a little help.

I need all the help I can get.

This boy is perfect.

Oh, slick shades.

What the hell is a scupel?

Scalpel? Oh!

Your dog's going to be fine, ma'am.


Thanks for the heads up, doll.


Wait! Hold 'em up!

Moy, I need a big scupel for German Shepard surgery tomorrow.

No forget it. Prep it up for me.

Hey, May, hold up.

I want to ask you something.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I've just been wracking my brains, you know, trying to come up with something original.

Do you got any ideas?

You have a beautiful neck.

Thank you.

You should call me one of these nights.

You know, we'll hang out and... eat some melons or something.


When I left for vacation, my dog had four legs.


Then I came back... now she only has three.

You know, I looked everywhere.

I can't find her leg.

What do I do?


May, would you help this gentleman?

You got to help me here, May.

I got a serious situation here, okay?

I got a dog, it's missing a leg, okay?

I'm throwing it a stick and nothing.

Nothing happens.


Jesus, what are you doing?


Doesn't it hurt?



You crazy bitch!

Why did you do that?!


I kind of liked it.

Do me again.

It was in the rose bushes.

You can't just... sew it back on... can you?

I could.


You can use me...

I mean, mine.

Thank you.

What's your name? May.

Nice to meet you. I'm Adam.

You want to smoke a smoke with me?

You got to puff.

So, do you make your own clothes?


That's cool.

Thank you, Adam.

You're welcome, May.

I love your hands.

I think they're beautiful.

I used to be a hand model.

I could see you doing that. I'm kidding, May.




Race cars.

What's that?

Oh, yeah.

My, uh... girlfriend bought me these.


You know, I meant, my ex-girlfriend... bought them for me.


I'll see you around, May.

"Hey, see you around, right?"

I'm so sorry that...

I tripped in front of you at the coffee shop.

Maybe we could...

we could do something.

"See you around."

"See you around, right?"

Hello, happy!

Dr. Zarkizein needs you to do a fecosam on the miscitta.

Does that make any sense to you?

Fecal exam on Miss Kitty. No problem.

Oh, excuse me.


What's up, May?

I was just about to... about to have lunch. Wow, you look great!

You hungry?

I will cut.

And you pick.

Good choice.

So what do you do, May?

I work at the animal hospital.

And I sew.

Okay. Animal hospital.

Some people think it's kind of gross.

I love gross.

Really? Mm-hmm.

Disgust me, please.


A couple of weeks ago, this old man comes in and says his dog is dying.

And he begs us to save it.

A 90-pound black Lab named Seymour.

We take him in and run some tests and we find that he has a twisted bowel.

And he needs to be operated on immediately.

So, we shave Seymour's tummy, we cut him open and we take out a piece of intestine about, about the size of a hot-dog.

Everything went smooth, but... when we went to sew Seymour back up, we realized we were out of the heavy sutures that you're supposed to use for large dogs.

So the doctor decided if we tripled up on cat sutures that should do the trick.

Well, a few days go by and the old man calls up hysterical.

The cat sutures had burst when he was at work.

And by the time he got home, Seymour was sprawled out on the back porch with his guts spread all over the concrete.

And the fence was soaked in blood all the way around the yard.

It was a mess.

I had to sew that one back up.

So, I guess your job takes lots of guts.


Why are those kids touching everything like that?

They're blind kids.

They're from the day care center around the block.

Dang, I got to go.

There's an Argenta playing at the Beverly in 15 minutes.

I took the afternoon off. They're showing "Trauma."

Is that a movie? You've never seen "Trauma"?

Don't go.



I should probably get back to work, anyway.

Thank you for the sandwich... and the cigarette.

I got to see this movie, but maybe I can see you again sometime.

How about tonight?

I got this thing tonight, but...

maybe after. Great!

All right. I look forward to it, May.

You want to take it with you?

Thanks for the advice, doll.

So... what were you doing to me that day at the coffee shop?

I'm so embarrassed.


I've never had a boyfriend before.

Do you like me, Adam?

Sure, I do.

You don't think I'm weird?

I do think you're weird.

I knew that. I like weird.

I like weird a lot.

You are perfect, aren't you?

Nobody's perfect.

You're perfect.

You want to see my room?

Does this stuff freak you out?

Nothing freaks me out.

That's right, it wouldn't, would it?

You're on to me.

I'm a psycho.

Got you.

It's pretty cool, huh?

Whoa! Jesus Christ!

Who taught you how to kiss?


Who taught you how to kiss?!


What's the haps, doll?

What happened to your hand?


You're funny.

You want to watch me file?


We got the whole place to ourselves.

Let's dance.

Listen, they're serenading us.

We have to dance now.


Please, please, please.


So, are you going to dance with me or what?

Do you like pussy? What?!


Do you like pussycats?

Jeez, you're a nasty little thing, aren't you?

Do you like Lupe?

My landlady's a real bitch.

I have to get rid of her.

Your landlady?

No, dummy, the cat.

You're her only hope.

Oh, come on.

Lupe will keep you company when you're all alone.

Besides, she'll remind you of me.

Okay. Wonderful!

Oh, look at the time.

I have to go.

It's girls' night out tonight.

You want to come?

I know.

You need your beauty rest.

Not much of it, though.

Please leave a message after the scream.

Hello, Adam, this is May.

I was just wondering if you would like to be together again...

Get together again sometime.

I had such a good time last night.

742-5663. That's my number.

Call me.


I look forward to seeing you again.

Whoa! Jesus Christ!

May, you scared the hell out of me!

What are you doing out here?


How long have you been standing out here?

Since about 2:00.

You haven't really been standing out here for two hours, have you?

What do you think?

Look, I got your message.

I'm sorry I haven't called you back.

I've been really busy with this movie.

You made a movie?

In college before I dropped out. I just finished putting it together.

Can I see it?

I'll make you macaroni and cheese.

Go to a movie, huh?

Sounds like a date.

I dig your place.

It's really... neat.

Is this Gatorade?


You'll never believe what I had to do at work today.

You ready?

Roll 'em.

Roll 'em.


What did you think?

It was sweet.

It was sweet?

I don't think she could have gotten his whole finger in one bite, though.

That part was kind of far-fetched.

Okay, okay, breathe

Oh, God damn it!

What the fuck is that?

Oh, fuck, I'm bleeding. I know.

May, what are you doing?

Please. I need a towel.

I think... I think I'm gonna go.


I'll see you around.

But it's just like your movie.

May, this is weird.

You like weird.

Not that weird.

I told you to face the goddamn wall!

Oops! It fall down.

Moy, you help me.

Doctor, this delivery guy is insisting that you sign for this.

I'm in surgery, Polly, please!

Yeah, yeah, that's good. Kitty live now.

What are you doing? What?

Take it outside, man.

So, what's up, bro'? What do you think?

Fuck, she's pretty.

I don't think she's playing with a full deck.

That's not what you wanted. True.

At least you know she's not out of her mind.

You know what, we're not talking about May anymore.

I've successfully escaped that lunatic.

Who's May?

Some weird chick Adam just dumped.

How's your lip?

Stow it, all right? Would you, please?

I see. May I?

So what if she likes your hands?

Just keep them away from her face.

You're a prick, you know that?

Yeah, do some more pushups. Fuck you.

What's up, doll?

This is Polly.

I'm just sitting here in my nightie.

I wanted to know how my little puss-puss was.

Come on over if you get this, okay?

What's giving you the sads, doll?


No frumpy faces allowed in this place.

I wanted to kiss you since I first saw you.

Is this what was bugging you?

I wasn't bugged.

Just angry at someone.

Not me, I hope.

No, not you.

Do you feel weird doing this?

I am weird.

I love weird.

Are you serious?


About me?


Can you help us with something?

I saw some kids playing in the park and I was wondering if I could volunteer to help watch them.

What kind of kids were they? Retarded, deaf, crippled, dumb?

They were blind.

So you want to work at the day care center?

Would it be the same kids?

What's the difference? You only like a certain type of blind kids?

May Kennedy? Lucille.

Let's introduce you to the kids.

Do you think I could meet her first?

Who, Petey? We can try.

She usually likes being left alone.

Nobody likes to be alone.

Hey, Petey, I got someone here who wants to meet you.

Go away, sniggel-head.

You are so mean to me, Petey.

Good luck.

What are you making, Petey?


You smoke?


Then who are you making the ash tray for, Petey?

You smoke.

Yes, I do.

Then you can have it when I'm done.

How you doing, May?

Great, actually.

Making new friends.

Right and left.


Lupe, this is Adam.

It's cute.

How are you doing?

Aw, man, this thing is broke.

I'm gonna have to go down to the Fluff and Fold.

Call me sometime?

Yeah, sure. I'll see you around, May.


What's up?

Who is it, Polly?

Who is that?

An opportunity I just couldn't pass up.


You want to join us?

Well, then can we do something tomorrow, May?

I got to hit this.

I don't understand.

You're jealous!

What's going on out there? Shut up, hooker!

Oh, May, look.

I can kick her out if you really want me to.

You know you're my main mama.

Come here, Lup. Come here.

Come on.

Come on, girl, it's been a really rough couple of days.

Shut up!

Thank you.


Is Adam there? Hey, what's up?

Not much.

How did you know it was me?


Who is this?

May, silly.

What are you doing tonight?



I was just thinking we could get together and do something.

I have plans.



Hello? Who are you talking to?

What about tomorrow night?



Okay, what time? I'll wait.

Don't do that.

No, no, no. It's okay. I'll wait.

I got to go, May.

Okay. Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow then.

Goodbye, May.

I hate you.

Who can tell me what this is?

We don't know, May, what is it?

Petey, come here and see if you can figure it out.

I don't know.

Come on, Petey, you can try harder than that.

I don't know.

All right, I'll tell you what it is.

What, what is it?

This is my best friend.

My best friend.

And I didn't even realize it until just last night.

It's just a box.

Her friend must be inside. That's very good, Deirdre.

Take it out.

I can't.

Why not? I just can't.

Come on, May, let it out. We want to meet your friend.

No, I...

I can't. She's special. She doesn't come out.

She always stays in. She's very fragile.


Stop it!

She's out! No!

The floor! Glass!


Glass! Ow!

This is May Kennedy.

Please leave your numbers.

Hello. Where are you, doll?

I think Dr. Zarkizein is upset.

Either that or he has a kidney infection.

I'm not sure.

Either way, you need to get your cute butt in here.

You've missed two days in a row.

Are you all right?

I miss you. Kisses.

Call me, okay?


Oh, Lupe.

I'll miss petting your pretty fur.

Are you okay?

So many pretty parts and no pretty holes.

No shit. What's your name?

It doesn't matter.

Hey, you want to go get some Jujubes with me?

What's the point?

I'm just trying to be friendly.



Shit, man, I can live off of these.

It's getting hella hot.

You mind if I take off my shirt?

Do what you want. All right.

I love your tattoo.



Fuck! I'm still burning up.

Do you have any ice cubes I can rub on my nipples?


That's the idea.


What the fuck is that?

A friend. Whoa.

This is some sick shit.

So... are we best friends now that you've seen what's inside my freezer?

You fucking freak.

I'm not going to be your friend.

I need more parts.

Hey, May.

Hey, dude, what's up?

Not much.

What are you reading about?


Is that for work? Nope.

It's just for fun.

Listen, May, I'm sorry things didn't work out between us.

L... you know. It just didn't feel right.

It doesn't feel right, you know?

I understand now...


I understand.


Okay. All right.

I really have to go.

Later hands.

Right. All right. See you around.

How's Lupe?

In pieces. Is she sad about something?

She does get depressed.

She doesn't seem happy. Oh.

Can I ask what you're doing?

I want to make a blouse for you.

Kind of an apology present for the other night and my behavior.

Oh, May, that is so sweet.

Polly, are you back there, sweetie?

Back here.

Did you bring my lunch?


May, I would like you to meet a new friend of mine.

Her name's Ambrosia.

Nice gams.

Aren't they?

Can I get a few more measurements?

Have you ever thought about having this removed?

My grandma said it's imperfections that make you special.

What do you think?


Hello, Polly, this is May. Happy Halloween.

I was thinking about popping by later to bring you your new blouse.

Show you my costume.

Give me a call if that's cool. Miss you.


Call me, okay?

If you can't find a friend, make one.

Hello, May.

Hello, Polly.

Slick duds.

Thank you.

I was going to call you tonight, but...

I've been so busy.

What are you doing right now?


I'm starting to understand what the doctor's saying

20% of the time now.

It's funny because I always thought it was the doctor's writing that was supposed to be incomprehensible.

Maybe it's different with animal doctors.

Ah, that's better.

Are you expecting someone?

Did you forget my blouse?


You're not sore about me and Ambrosia, are you?

I'm not sore.

You understand it's not serious, right?

It's just a piece of ass.



Oh, please don't hurt me, May.


I trust you.

I know you would never hurt me, May.

What are you doing here?

Where's Polly?

In the head.

Polly, hurry up in there!

I've been drinking vodka all night and I have to piss like a racehorse!

You have really beautiful legs.

I thought they were gams?

Gams, stems, wheels, whatever.

Give us a little spin, doll.


Turn around for me.

You are so fucking weird.

I don't know what Polly sees in you.

Polly doesn't see anything.

Turn around, Miss Grable.

Okay, doll.

How was that?


Sweet costume.

You got any cold ones in there?

Yes, I do.

What are you doing here?

Hello. Anyone home?

I need them, Adam.

Listen, sister, Adam's taken for the evening.

I like your earrings.


Nice costume.

Thank you. I made it myself.

Just like one of your movies, Adam.

May... what are you doing here?

This is May?

Do you want to come in for a drink or something?

Thank you.

You should have called.

Would you have answered?

If I was home, yes.

Doesn't matter. I didn't come here to see you.

Vodka okay?

Sounds great.

Did something happen?

Touch me.

Touch my face.

Go on, Adam, touch my face.

Stop that! These hands are mine now, honey.

No, they are mine, quagledoo.

Fuck you. What is that, Russian or something?

Touch my face.

Yeah, fucking go on, asshole.

Fucking touch away, I don't give a shit.


Okay, I'm pretty drunk and I'm feeling queasy and I just wish you would leave.

Fine, you know what, I'm out of here.

Not you, dumbshit.


I guess that would be me.

You're not going to touch my face?

Fine, I'll touch your face.

You're going to look perfect.

You have all of the parts.

Words can't describe.

But I don't have to talk to you, do I?

I can just... feel.

And you'll feel it right here, too.


You can't see me.

Can't see me.

See me!

All I want...

is see me.


# Bring us all the children #

# Because they are sweet #

# Toss them up into the air #

# They come down and swing their feet #

# Twirling all the while #

# Tumbling in a pile #

# They are good #

# What a treat #

# Bring us all the children #

# Just when they are sweet #

# Wanderlust and packed with pride #

# When they laugh and go inside #

# Echoing all the while #

# Tumbling in a pile #

# They are good #

# Good to eat #

# Bring us all the children #

# Even when they're not so sweet #

# Toss them up into the air #

# They come down and get a treat #

# Bringing tea #

# A good night's sleep #

# It goes away. #

#... Love you #

# You were perfect, and you were made to be #

# That's all, that's all we had to do #

# That's all, that's all we had to see #

# That's all, that's all you faked, you weaved #

# Walls and walls and walls and walls and walls #

# Things that I see #

# Don't know what they mean #

# But this I threw in #

# Good to be all caught up #

# With no place to go #

# You were carried away with the words #

# And I couldn't follow #

# They were made up, yet used so cautiously #

# You were perfect in every way #

# You were made to love me #

# Well, that's all, that's all we had to do #

# That's all, that's all we had to see #

# I saw, I saw you straight through these #

# Walls and walls and walls and walls and walls #

# Things that I see #

# Don't know what they mean #

# But this I threw in #

# Good to be all caught up #

# With no place to go #

# And the only thing that I know #

# I was made to love you #

# The things that I see #

# Don't know what they mean #

# But this I threw in #

# Good to be all dolled up #

# The things that we see #

# You never come clean #

# But you know what we mean #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be broken #

# Good to be. #