Mayabazar 2016 (2020) Script

(crowd noise)

You, come here Sir, The chicken is not cooked properly Get me a fresh one. Yes sir,

Dude, give me a cigarette

This dish is not good itseems.

What's the problem? He has almost finished it It's not cooked properly Ok, Serve him a fresh one.


One more peg for table number 9 This is his 13th peg Is he in control?

Yes, I think he is not that high.

Already the bill is Rs 16,000 We will be responsible if he dozes off!

What do we do now?

Tell him to clear the bill.

Later give him the peg he asked for Collecting the bill amount is your job.

Don't involve me in this You guys collect the tips When I struggle to get their bill amount I'll talk to you when you come to me to settle the account

God! who is this tanker!

Sir, your bill Sir

What did I ask for One large Black label come again One large Black label What did you give me?

Sir, the bill amount is big How much is it?

It's sixteen thousand Sixteen thousand!

Yes sir.

Do you know my range?

No sir.

You don't?

You Take it aside Sir!

Keep this Settle everyone's bill Yes sir See you Hmm Sir Sir The ring looks too expensive Your watch looks good.

Please give me the watch I will adjust the rest of the amount You know how much this watch worth?

No sir Eighty five lakhs You think its a duplicate road side watch No Sir .

This is my range Yes sir Understood? -Yes sir

Thank you sir Sir, please keep coming


Take it off Take off your chain bracelet everything I'll shoot you. Take it off.

Make it fast


(struggling) Give it to me.


Give me the ring Leave me



What did you do?

I don't know what I did.

Just wanted to save you


Come here

Get up What is this?

I am new to this city What do I do Where do I go I don't know So you did this?

I did it just to save you from him I'll get you your chain and bracelet -Aye no.

You know what my range is?

I don't give a damn about that chain Say it again You don't give a damn What will I do keeping this watch with me?

You will understand it's worth one day This watch will change your time for ever.

You are new to this city Never ever do these things here after.

Leave now. Wait, I'll only leave.


Dandhe Dandhe Get up Dude, get up

Do you know the price of this watch?

Its eighty five lakhs

Dandhe Hurry up and get your car.


Brother Life is settled

I will be filthy rich from tomorrow And good days ahead.

Mom, come this side Whats wrong with him You had promised to come by car to the Parent- teacher meeting If he ranks first in this class.

What do I do?

Driver is on leave today I know you are following your principle of not using Your government vehicle for your personal work Nothing like that.

Mom, Not only this, my friends always tease me Asking if my father is a police or a watchman Hello You know how well off other police children's are Who taught you to compare yourself with others?

Hello Hello What are you doing with your phone?

Sir, it's my wife. Please Carry on Hello, Sorry dear I have come a little far Take a cab instead of auto.


Ok, alright.

Ok -Stop the auto What are you doing? Stop the auto We already arrived

Why do talk over the phone while driving? -Sorry sir.

Is that a dairy milk?

No, it's SILK You told you would come by car?

My dad's driver is on leave today.

Oh! your dad has a driver too?

Come let's go.

Dad, this is my friend.

Where are your parents?

Sir, greetings Greetings Why are you saluting him?

-Shut up, he is my higher officer.

What are you doing here?

Who is he?

Sathish, my driver who was supposed To be in his native.

Dad, are you a driver?

Just shut up.


Madam, greetings Where were you?

I thought of coming after finishing the meeting.

Uncle he is lying -Please shut you mouth.

I guess you are too happy to get sleep today.

Ofcourse, I was worried about him Finally he understood me.

Even I have been understanding you from past 12 years.

I am not valued this much The major support and reason for my loyality is you I love you How come suddenly He is showering so much love on me Pooja, I really love you

We cannot trust these boys Only girls will take care of us in our old days.

Switch off the lights Pooja please. -Shut your mouth and sleep


You made me wait so long!

I have no other way I have to wait for everyone to sleep in my house.

Are you that scared of them?

Look at me, sleeping in my dad's room Near him and talking to you You are a guy Even if you get caught, how can they Find a girl for you who is beautiful than me You mean I am dummy to that range You think that need to be explained in detail If I am dummy, then your fatty You Idiot Untill I agreed your proposal You used to run around me like a dog But now!

You should be lucky that I agreed.

Sorry Yes I am so lucky to find a girl like you.

But still I stand fourth considering few things Fourth? -Yes Who are those first three?

Third one is your lipstick Lipstick!

Yes Because it is always on your lips ok.

Second one is your dress.

Because it keeps hugging you round the clock.

Ok. Please dont mention the first one Please That is the main thing First one is..

Hmm I know.

Are you talking from the bathroom I can hear the echo of your voice.

Take off your bed sheet you bastard


Who is your dad!

I am talking to you from my dad's room Sleeping right beside him You know that


Why? Are you upset because your dad grumbled at you Not that He broke my phone Its ok, You can buy a new one.

I have to wait for 2-3 months to arrange the cash Who will listen to me!

Why should you wait for 2 months?

Your phone broke because of me Sell this ring and buy a new phone.

Are you kidding me!

I'll tell my parents that I lost it.

Now wear it back So you don't want?

As you say

How much it would weigh?

I have lost 63 grams Including this. See you

Good morning sir -Good morning

What are you doing here? why didn't you go to school They sent me back from the school Take this. -Yes sir What did you do this time?

I haven't paid the fees

Stay here

Sir,being like this won't fetch you anything We, constables are living a happy life You deserve to be more happy Please change yourself.

Atleast to keep your family well and happy.

What are we doing other than saluting the corrupt?

Can we live happily if we take bribe from The one who is struggling with himself Happiness is in our loyalty Rest is taken care by the God.

Take these for the school fees

No, you have already done too much I will arrange something in two days.

You mean you will start taking bribe?


You want me to?

Do you want me to divorce you?

This is why I like you.

I will get this back as soon as possible.


Hey Are you sad?

Not at all.

Shall I tell you one thing What is that?

These are not gold

What -Actually I mean Yes, these are gold What I wanted to say is your heart is of pure gold.

I dont have anything to give you after this Stop delivering dialogues and pay the school fee.

Thank you

Nobody is here?

He has gone to the bath room. He'll be back.

How may I help you sir?

I am waiting for my friend. Let him carry on.

Thank you. Yes sir please tell me I wanted money keeping this as mortgage Will do it sir. Please come.

Reconfirm the weight once.


I think you have come here before Yes

Please sign here.

(phone rings)

Show the recipt and collect The cash from that counter Sir, careful How may I help you sir?

How much will I get if I sell this?

(phone rings)

Ten to twelve thousand.

Thank you.

My girlfriend gifted me this.

I dont want to sell this.

Keep it in mortgage.

As you wish sir.

Sir can I ? It's bit urgent.


Sir have a look at this watch Yeah its good sir.

I want to sell this What can I give you?

It's a diamond studded ROLEX Sir.

Sir where is the camera ?

Sir where is the camera this time?

Are you kidding me I have seen many such programs.

You can't fool me this time.

Sir I have struggled a lot for this watch Please give me the money of its worth.

Ok, now I will act as if I have believed that this is a ROLEX.

Shoot this from the begining Look at it properly its a ROLEX Do you think I am an illeterate?

You will get it for fifty bucks under the flyover.

Look at the spelling.

D.O.L.E.X Where do you come from telling its a ROLEX.

Other than this How may I help you sir?

Put on your pant zip Hello, Dandhe Brother where were you? I have been trying to call you Chuck it. What about the bracelet and the chain?

Regarding that I was trying to call you.

I saw him infront of an apartment in Sadashiva Nagar.

Is it? When?

Madam I am infront of your apartment Which floor should I come?

Hello -Ok madam.

ROLEX watch for Thousand bucks.

I am giving you 50% discount today.

Want to buy it?

Atleast hundred bucks?

Do I need all these!

Do you know my range?

This watch will change your time for ever.

Come, I was waiting for you There is an extra biriyani for you, take it Sir, no sir i don't want biriyani sir You should have it when it is fresh, take your plate

[Movie playing in tv]

Come soon Coming sir

Enough of your drama!

Sir Who is that?

Sunny Leone sir Do have any CD of her?

I have sir How dare you eat biriyani in front of me!

You idiot You where supposed to be sitting in jail And you want biriyani Can't you pick my call?

Take out your phone


You saved my name as bug!

Have got bitten by a bug?

Try it..try it

How dare you laugh Not 2 lakhs, now it's 3 lakhs I want the money within a week Or else All you robbery case will turn into rape case Life long you will be in the jail.


Are you staying here or coming with me?

Coming sir

How dare you save his name as bug!

When are you giving me the CD?

His name is Lakshmikanth.B In short it should be L.K B Bastard

People get fooled about police By watching such movies Forget about getting fooloed. I have married one Hello, sir Yes tell me.

Promotion list is announced.

You are promoted as 3 star Are you kidding?

Sir,come to the station and witness yourself All are very happy

Sir, come to the station.

Ok. I am coming Sir, get sweets while coming I will tell my wife to prepare. For all of you Yes sir.


What happened?

Get up. What happened?

Usha Usha Tell me what happened.

You are the carpenter of this house Do you think you are the owner here Wait have some patience Aye!

Tell me why did you bring me here?

What do you think?



Baby -Hmm Today is the first birthday for our love Birthday!

Its called anniversary What ever it is Cut the cake

Stop here.

I will call Anish

Sir -Yes Doctor is calling you

Your wife has thyroid cancer

Its already in the advance stage It can spread to other organs,if we delay There is a specialist in Sakra Hospital I'll talk to him Get it operated as soon as possible.

It might cost you around 4-5 lakhs

Hey Hey -Ya

Why are you getting wet in the rain?

Come in

Please change yourself.

Atleast to keep your family well and happy.

Joseph here Yes, Tell me Sorry for disturbing you this time No problem. Tell me My name was in the promotion list Yes It would be a great help If I am posted in some good place.

I already passed the orders with The confidence that you dont accept bribe Where have you posted me?

May I come in sir Come

Are you transfered under any punishment?

Why are you asking that?

You can't make even a rupee here The one who is not intrested to work, come here Or the one who is very intrested and loyal comes here.

Our`s is a 9 to 5 job like a any software company There atleast you face find beautiful girl`s around But here it's the same boring faces The ruling party uses us like their ears to tap the opposition party`s telephone Audio bomb that were circulating in the media were done by us

(market noise)

Sorry madam Its ok

Mam Yes Can you remove the chain?


It shouldn't hurt


You are stealing food from The one who is struggling for food Who are you?

Kubera Who named you Kubera?

Hunger Eat

Hello Hello We are from the IT department Ok We were following up a case from past few days We wanted someone to tap their phone As supporting evidence I have mailed you the details Ok Sir. I will look into it.


Hello Do you hear me?

Yes, tell me What are you doing?

Its 8 PM. My wife is watching Agnisakshi serial And I have no other choice Please watch the news immediately Are you kidding My wife will go crazy If I change the channel Everything is going crazy out there. Just watch it Give me the remote

What is this going on !

What's happening in the TV

[We have decided]

[That the 500 rupee]

[And the 1000 rupee currency notes]

[Presently in use]

[Will no longer be]

[legal tender from midnight tonight]

Super sir Everyone were enjoying Let them struggle now

What happened Severe cough since morning

Hello Sir, you knew this news before?

What news?

If I knew, I would have done something about it Only 2-3 people knew about this in the central Who is this?

But nobody expected this shock.

Whom are you talking about What happened?

Somebody is calling me And talking something irrelevant.

Might be a cross connection.

I have an urgent work I have to go to the station.

[The thread which weaves the world]

[Praise the lord.]

I thought there is nothing in this place But now I got to know this place is full of wealth Old 500 and 1000 rupee currencies are banned New 500 and 2000 rupee currencies will be introduced There is a nano-technology GPS chip In the new 2000 rupee currency I haven’t come here to apologise for my mistakes.

I have come here to inform that I will be making mistakes from now onwards Tell Jesus to forgive me, if I am right If not, I have no other way than this

[Praise the lord.]

The situation is very critical Here, we can only treat the symptoms Please get the surgery done In some good hospital Its the only permanent solution for this

I feel so tired Don't know why am I feeling so.

What did the doctor say?

Nothing serious.

A small tumor in your stomach You will be fine once it is operated

Where is Anish He is with the neighbour

The plan is perfect How will I do it alone.

Hey you!

Stop there.

Sir please Bike How dare you touch a police bike I wasn't aware of that I am badly in need of money. So I had to do this.

Sir please don't arrest me

Whose idea was this?

It was mine. I'll not repeat this here after.

Please sir take back your bike.

That was a good idea Thank you sir Are you really in need of money?

Yes sir

So, you understood the plan?

O god Now I understood how you catch the thieves You plan smarter than us.

But there is a problem This cannot be done just by two of us We need 2-3 more people But they shouldn't know what we are doing Yes sir

We need thieves, not artists Sir listen to me They are just perfect for our work Artist's never ask questions. They just ask character They ask for payment, not partnership.

Me being a thief, You should believe what I say

Tell me what has to be done. I will handle the rest.

(chanting mantra)

Who is it?

Nice bell madam Madam I am from I.T We purchase everything online. Thank you.

Sir, Who are you looking for?

You think I am a salesmen who has come to your doorstep Sir, that's your adhar card -Is it?

I guess this one.

Income Tax

Search warrant

Without my permission nobody is allowed to Do any work and touch anything in the house Follow my orders -Yes sir Saroja, where is my inner wear?

Sir, please Let me live. Sir please I beg you. Please don’t do this.

Sir I have a family No charge in my phone. It's useless. Spare me please Sir please Corrupt people are outside Sir Officers, what are you doing?

Even we have no idea You must be tired. So take rest If you need something, you can use her.

Sir, lift your leg

Please sir

Sir, careful you might slip Officers first seize the cloth in her hand.

Ok sir.

How many rooms you have upstairs?

Sir there is nothing upstairs Madam stand aside.

Sir Listen to me Dad I am not wearing anything inside. Leave me Sir, there is nothing here Sir

What breakfast have you prepared today?

Bisibele-bath, Sir

What punishment can be given If brfeakfast in not served to us?

According to section 227 They can be arrested Oh..Is it?

I'll get you.

After all I am a peon.

You will not find anything here.

Sir, Its a store room Open the door.

Please listen to me.

Will you open it or shall I break it?

Bisibele-bath without Boondhi What is the punishment now?

Its same as before. Arrest, under section 227 Yes right.

Is this a store room?

Sir I told you before I have nothing. I am a poor man One minute, I'll be back

Sir there is nothing here.

I think you have given the wrong address.

Its a right address.

Don't think like an I.T officer.

Think like a thief

He is planning something!

A.C Cooler Yes sir Why you need a cooler when you have an AC already Its a old one I didn't find it in any other rooms I had purchased only one -Switch it on

You mean the AC No, the cooler Sir, it dosen't work Just switch on the cooler

This old cooler is very precious Sir, I have two children Let us make a deal

My boss is calling He is very strict.Keep quiet

Hello officer How is the work going?

Going good.

Sir, how was your's?

He was caught I didn't even leave a rupee I am done here.

You want me to come there?

Sir, please say no Hello Shall I come there?

I can't hear you properly I think there is a network problem.

Sir I will be finished Let us make a deal Please Sir, I will tell you one thing I know how important money is I have three sisters I am struggling for their marriage Sir please take some amount if you want.

Ask him half of the money Sir this is 20 lakhs Keep 10 lakhs for yourself I'll take the remaining 10 lakhs

50:50 I will treat you like my god But one thing I will not disclose that I have come here Even you don't tell anyone about the raid Bye What!

What raid are you talking about?


Is it ready?

Yes , here it is Take this 8 lakhs.

But I had given you 10 lakhs My commission is 20%

20% is too much It`s 30% outside. It`s ok if you don't want.

No, It`s ok.

Ok, leave now See you sir Ok Sir I will be coming here Next time its 30%

Got it? -Yes Who is this guy asking for 20%

(Famous kannada song playing)

What happened?

Sir First time in my life feel I have stolen with ethics And you taught me this I'll pay back you debt by completing another big deal Aye We both wer in a problem. Thats it Forget what we did Sir we just started, How can you tell me to forget Please sir

It`s done If I see you doing this here after I will arrest you and put you in jail.

You can believe us

All the payments are cleared When is the operation scheduled?

Joseph, Just to be sure we did a PET scan Cancer had been spread through the lungs So we can't do the surgery what we planned There is going to be a slight change In the way we are going to approach We'll go for chemotherapy, I mean we are going to address the cancer And then we'll proceed to surgery It may cost you around 20-25 lakhs

Hello Baby, what are you doing?

Completing an assignment for tomorrow.

Why are you trying to complete it now You can finish it any how Why?


One minute


What are you doing here?

Open the door I'll tell you Make it fast

How much time do you take Shhh


Come this side Where is your dad?

Is he sleeping?


I'll go have a look at him and come

Why are you in a hurry Dad will kill me if he gets to know Don't you have any time sense Have you gone mad Baby

It`s not my head which went wrong

Lets finish the assignment soon

Who is it! During this time

Income Tax O God! Raid!

Sir, We dont have anything Sir,

Who is it?

Income tax raid!

We will be caught!

How dare you.

Aye There are police downstairs Sir, How many rooms upstairs?

Sir, two rooms Come with me Here?

No you'll get caught Where else do I go now?

Something bad is going to happen!

Whose room is this?

Its my daughter's She is sleeping Open the door Sir she is sleeping You just come with me -Sir, please Switch on the lights

Dad who is this?

Come this side Come fast

God! please save me

Look I am not going anywhere untill I get the money

Any other rooms?

Yes, there is one more I'll take you there.

Sir, what is this?


This time I have just ceased the money

Sir, come lets talk.

Sir -come with me I had kept it for my daughter's wedding Sir, please


2 crores

You had 10 years of service You could have become the Chief Engineer Why did you create this problem?

We'll sit and fix a deal As usual take half of the amount

I feel pitty on you Yes sir Why un-necessary problems because of this money I'll take it with me Aye! Kubera What are you doing!

What do we do now?

Hello! Aye! Kubera

What do you say?

Sir If you are taking all the money I can even proceed legally


Yes You mean In that case first I should seize the money And then arrest you. Ok Officers Sir Sir please dont call the police Please finish this here itself I had given you a good offer He didn't agree No thats it The offer is closed You please sit and talk -Officers Sir, listen You please keep quiet. I am talking to him No madam, I can't listen to you.

Sir, please listen to me I am a sincere officer Sir listen to me No, not possible Officers Listen to me Sir, come lets talk What a timing Sir Madam Will you tell him or shall I ?

Dad You are more important than the money Money comes and goes Please agree to what he says Ok, I agree

Officers Yes, Sir Let's go

Sir, There were no dialogues today It was miming scene today Tomorrow it is talkie portions for you Ok

Officers, one second I'll be back Sir If you dont mind I have a suggestion for you Fix you daughter's marriage as soon as possible Madam Urgency leads to accidents


Why did you switch off the bluetooth Why did you switch it off What did I say and what did you do!

Tell me why Sir, stop it You just took 4lakhs from the last deal There is 2 crores in the bag.

Take how much ever you want Or else I'll take it What will you take!

Idiot, those are just papers.

God is watching everything When we start desiring too much

8 members are arrested.

Our man is one among them Why do blame God for this!

We will find some other guy It will take extra 4 days. Thats it Aye! What do you know about money?

It has the power to break the wall And attract everyone towards it Have you lost your mind?

(Famous Hindi song playing)

Pass me a tissue paper It's all finished there

Sorry, I am wearing white shirt

Atleast open your mouth before you die Sir, We have done the settlement.

Why are you still doing this You mean why?

Where are you from?

I'm from Udupi Mr Achar did you listen?

Just now I finished the famous udupi dosa Now I have have to finish him All credits to Udupi Sri Krishna

They say people from Udupi prepared dosa for the first time.Is that true?

Oh, you didn't know that?

I thought it was only famous for Fish You don't eat fish, Still how do you know?

You know me..


Smart fellow Mr Achar wants the best fish.

Where do you get it in your place?

In Malpe Bandar (Place in Udupi)

I have seen that place They call for auction Will do the same thing with you.

Sir, we have already given you 10 lakhs The other party has given me 20 lakhs Sir, dont do this please According to the rules I go with the one who pays me the larger amount Twenty lakhs called once Twenty lakhs called twice Twenty lakhs called thrice Sir, I'll give you 30 lakhs Thirty lakhs!

Sold for thirty lakhs

Release him after he transfers the amount Already we are facing currency problems Sir, Would you have killed him if he had refused to pay you?

My gun was empty -What do you mean Go ahead with your work


You lost even mine?

Mine and your's each We lost two crore But the news is not yet published in any news channel.

They told us the raid will not be disclosed They were good people

Hello, Raman How are you?

Fine sir.

Collecting lot of money these days I feel Nothing like that Work is so hectic. 24 hours is less these days More over its very strict here That's why We were targeted this time Your team had come to our house What! When?

How much amount it was Not much Two crores We haven't touched this small amount After the currency ban We don’t have time to cease 30-40 crores Can you please check what happened.

I am sure I assign every raid Nobody has come from our side If someone else had come, they are not from our side Be careful Sure

Can we get it back?

Can't you recognise the difference in fake raid and the real one.

Stupid I will unfold everything Show me the place

Hello -Hello, what are you doing?

I'll call you back I am busy Listen to me What?

The ones who came yesterday, Were not from the IT department They were thieves Baby I think your dad is not yet out from the shock My uncle told this, Not my dad Uncle!

Yes ACP Ashok

They will find the thieves You dont worry.

I'll call you back later

What are you doing here when two officers are in a discussion Get out , Who is this?

He is the one who gave me life I followed him to thank him.

After coming here I got to know about this officer Anyway, thank you sir I'll take a leave Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Hello This money is from my house I mean my father-in -law's However it belongs to me after our wedding Keep the bag I won't Keep it there I won't Keep it there Get lost Look I'm the one who saved you Give me the bag You thief You yourself don't have a life You are talking about mine Leave the bag Aye

What do you want?

Sir With lot of struggle I got this girl My girl dosen't care about my money.

Even if girls are fine with it Their parents see how rich we are What do you want now?

Ok since you are asking,I'll tell you From this bag 60% is mine, rest is yours What? How much?

If you agree you will get it Or else I'll keep all the amount Shut up Or else I'll kill you Sir We'll do one this We are partners untill We get this exchanged with the new currency What say?

Everything is going wrong Neither CCTV is working nor there is any clue To find out the culprits We will get caught What!

No way Sir Nobody can catch us.

May it be CCB or CBI I think they were professionals All the ways to reach us is shut

(phone ringing)

Hello Thank God Finally you answered the call Who is this?

That phone belongs to me.

Sir,Tell me your location Actually I am coming that way.

I'll come and give it to you Tell me your address So kind of you Sir We have a Drama show today at K H Kalasaudha Sir, you come here Ask for Muhammad Azaruddin in the entrance.

You will get a free ticket for the show

Finally I found my phone.


Dharmaraya, You lost You lost everything you had Now you even lost your wife Draupathi


Hello sir, are you here?

Sir, I'm dressed as Lord Krishna Come near the side wing Ok Sir, Come fast You can even click a selfie with me.

You are struggling to speak in Kannada How did they give you Lord Krishna's character Be there on time during the scene Dhushyasana Brother Bring draupathi here -Yes


Draupathi I'll take care of everything Don't worry Dhuryodhana is dominating me I'll show him what I am Come Cool Shut up and come Come..

(shouting) Lord Krishna Come on time Save me

(shouting) Save me


Krishna Why can't you hear my cry


Other than you, who else will save me?

Lord Krishna, Save me


(shouting) Krishna, save me Krishna.. Krishna

(shouting) Krishna

(breathing heavily)

Mr Achar Human can live only for 10 hours when hanged upside down No sir Even I didn't know. I googled it Ok I have a full day But you have only 10 hours How much time do you need to tell the truth I'll tell you everything But make it fast Tell me about the IT Raid you did Why and how many of you did it?

It was just a Movie shoot, Not a real raid Movie Shoot!

'Gold down there' was the title I played the character of a strict officer Very simple character, First ring the bell Sit comfortablly on the sofa Eat what they give, Say bye while leaving Payment was less, but food was amazing What was the director's name?

I don't know his name My friend linked me to him What is your friend's name?

His name is Nagendra Note it down

The amount will be finished in next two days Go ahead with the surgery ASAP

I'll arrange for it

Why is she wasting time sitting inside the bathroom Baby

I am coming

I begged you the other day

Shall we abort it?

I'll talk to the doctor You stay here

Madam, the girl who was sitting here where did she go?

She left long back

Where did she go without informing

What happened to you?

Why are you sitting here?

I have been searching for you?

Hello I'm asking you With all difficulty I made them agree for abortion.

I want this baby What!

Please hold the child, I'll be back

Today I was holding someone else's Baby for 5 minutes

The baby can't speak or can understand anything

But still Once it goes back to its mother The baby stops crying and starts smiling

That small baby knows, who her mother is

Even the baby in my stomach Will know who I am Raji I want to be a mother But is it possible to face Our parents in this situation We will tell them We will confess our mistake They will thrash us but they will accept us

Look, this is not that easy This is not a joke at all We are not yet married How can we tell them that We have a baby now Even if we tell Our parents will not accept us No way If they don't I have you, You have me Thats it You were with me all these days

But from now You are here aswell

We both met as strangers You came as light to make my life bright We both are part of each other Without judging each other Like how the pleasant air Becomes a part of our breath Words dosen't matter when Two souls are connected With you everything became just perfect Together lets start over Our journey of unknown We both met as strangers You came as light to make my life bright We both are part of each other Without judging each other Like how the pleasant air Becomes a part of our breath

My stomach is empty since morning I'm hungry

If you are the flower I'll be your sun If you are the waves I'll be your ocean I had to hold your hand and walk a little To witness the newness in my life When I was roaming towards no point in my life You came to me as a teacher who guides Who taught me this beautiful lesson of love Together lets start over Our journey of unknown We both met as strangers You came as light to make my life bright We both are part of each other Without judging each other Like how the pleasant air Becomes a part of our breath


Hmm Baby

Give me a week's time I'll make everything work

(struggling) Sir Please sir why did you bring me here?

Hey keep quite Mr Achaar Sir How would he be inside this bag!

Shall I open the bag? -No, don't do that I dont want to see.

Give me the scissor I'll just cut here, so that I can see only his eyes

Aye Sir Look I am not fond of keeping you here.

And I don't have that much of time.

Nobody knows that you are here and Even if you shout, nobody can hear you.

If you want to be alive, answer my questions.

Yes sir, please ask.

Who all were involved in the raid And why did you plan it?

Sir,It was not a raid.

Ok.. It was a movie shoot Your work was to ring the bell Sit inside Eat what they give And say bye without fail. Am I right?

Yes sir.

But It was a serial shoot. Not a movie.


Yes Sir. On a live location.

The camera was hidden So that our performance comes out naturally It was a wonderful experience.

What's the directors name?

I want to produce a mega serial He was so focus on his work That he didn't even reveal his name.

Such a great man.

Throw this bag on the highway.

I'll myself drive a truck on it.

Sir please wait.

He had called me two days back looking for artist's Give me the number.

Sir, have a look at this Its ADIDAS Very good quality Which makes you feel like P.T Usha while running.

How much is it? -Eight thousand only I am not running for olympics.

Show me the cheaper ones.

Shall I show you which costs around two thousand?

No, Cheaper than that.



Hello, sir.

Is this 9.8.4 0.6.6 Who are you?

Then why the hell did you call me without knowing the number?

Hang up the call.

Sir, its our company rules to confirm the number while telling something important Which stupid company is that?

It's 'Think Thank' company.

Think thank ?

Ok. What about it ?

Sir, Congratulations.

From now onwards you are a millionare Kubera!

Did anyone come to know about us!

Hello, sir Hello Be clear about what you want to say Among 12000 phone numbers Your's is selected in a lucky draw.

You are the winner of fifty lakh prize money, Two day trip to Bangkok And a brand new car.


Are you fooling me around!

Sir, We are a very reputed company.

If you are not intrested we will Select the next number as the winner Sir hold on. -It's ok sir we are not forcing you How can I believe you?

I swear on my mother.

Sir this cost's Rs 500. we don't have shoes cheaper than this.

Hello Give me P.T Usha's brand.

Hello Hello Sir, I am on line.

We are giving the prize money in cash All are two thousand rupee notes So that it will be easy for you to carry That's awesome If you give me your address Sir, tell me the place I'll come and collect them.

Sir, you don't have to come.

You are the winner We have to come there and honor you. Then you the prize.

I am near Ganganagar circle Please come soon.

We are on the way.

Thank you.

Why is he calling me now Did he come to know about my prize money!

What if he asks for partnership in this

Go straight.

Sir Might be regarding the money. Pick up the call sir.

Sir, you are my first customer.

It's ok you pay through card.

Cash was supposed to come by now.

I will come back, let this be here.

Sir Is he avoiding my call

Take left It's a bad day again He is searching for something. Now what is he upto!

Who`s this new number Hello -It's me Joseph Its ACP Ashok who is calling you.


Escape from where you are

I have left nothing tell the truth Sir I have to go back home. Please release me.

Even I need to go home tell the truth.

I have to go home.

Tell me the truth.

He is very stubborn I think he is well trained.

Tell me the truth Sir, release me please. I have to go home.

Where do you think we go.

Look into it.

Oh Call from your boss.

Sir please don't pick the call Please listen to me.

Shut your mouth.

Sir, no Sir please, don't pick Don't utter a word Please listen to me. Dont do this.

Bastard, I sent you to get some vegetables Where the hell are you roaming?

You bloody


Beep My foot


What the hell?

Now you understood Why I was so stubborn.

Your treatment was nothing compared to my wife.

I don't want to go home.

Please put me in some jail.

He is a victim of domestic violence.

He is innocent.

Sir, can you put me in jail By the way If this is his phone That phone belongs to whom?

Madam, bus to Boopasandra stop's here?

No it doesn't Whose phone is this?

He made me run like a dog.

I will not spare him.

Did he have any doubt on you?

No sir They would have covered the whole area if I had switched my phone off.

So I escaped , By dropping the phone in someone's bag Now where is the phone.

Its here . I have switched it off.

ACP is calling me.

Hello Hello, Joseph Yes ACP Ashok here Yes sir I need a help and its personal. Keep this confidential.

Yes sir I will forward you a phone number.

Track it, send me the call records and location details.

Sure sir. Tell me the number




0.6.6 Ok Sir I will update you by tomorrow evening.

Thank you sir Whose number is that?

It's his phone.

My number!

What is it about?

ACP wants to tap his number

He is intelligent and dangerous

Sir we'll do one thing Let's stop our work for few days No, I need money in two days.

Or else I'll have to kill myself.

Even I am in need of money. I am stuck in a problem.

As early as possible I have to marry my girl.

Look at him sir. He is dreaming way too much.

Old notes cannot be exchanged!

Outside, the situation is too bad.

We shall loot new currency note's People ask for change. Isn't it?

I don't know any place of that kind.

I know.

Under which cot it is?

Not under any cot But inside a house.

Whose house is it?


Pataki Pandu.


Who informed police about me?


He is ready to tell Whats your problem.

Don't utter a sound Are you scared of him?

Finish him.

Useless fellows.

Hey kid.

Your fear and his life, both will end today.


Tell me

You can't speak!

He is dumb So what he was trying to say was He is dumb, I will tell you.

Keep quiet

I will kill you


This comedian dosen't need an introduction of this kind.

He has three murder case on him So is he in jail?

If all the murderers were in jail Our country wouldn't have been like this.

Here is the light. Thank you .

Finally the light is here.

Aunty are you happy now. -Yes sir, thank you so much Cheers to to Pandu Sir for lighting up a widow's life Its bedroom, not her life.

That will sound vulgar So what next?

Lets go Hello everyone.

There are rumours that you are the mastermind behind MLA SatyaPraksh's death and receiving the party ticket.

What do you want to say about this Me!

What are you talking?

From past one year I am getting complaints Regarding mosquitos in our ward I haven't taken any action on this Because I am so kind hearted that I don't even want to kill mosquitos How can you say these things about me?

20 members expired because of dengue, chikun gunya What!

Burn the crackers.

He is not just a moron But a corporator Sir we should raid his house Or else he will become the C.M in next five years No, we can't do that.

Police, Politicians are always behind him.

This will become an issue.

We will loot All the carpentry work for his new house was handled by me.

There is a secret locker in his house I am sure all the election fund will be in it.

Sir Sir you dont worry. I will handle this.

Why are you taking away my job I am a professional in that job.

What's the plan?

What is this?


Our world is round and endless Crazy, is the one who goes in search of its end.

If the creator gets down to this world People here will make him a pauper Life is like a ola ride booked by the creator Nothing is permanent. There are up's and down's Time has been so bad that Nobody is worth trusting Here, all are monkey's without a tail Who is that pee'ing there?

No doubt, life is a gift Finish this journey enjoying every moment Believe me and kindly vote for me Your work will be done at any cost Our world is round and endless Crazy, is the one who goes in search of its end.

If the creator gets down to this world People here will make him a pauper

Swear on god, I am here to serve you people Never ever I'll use your Hard earned money for myself.

Remember our party symbol it is CRACKERS The future is so bright here after Its time to ink your finger And press the button beside our party symbol A payment is fixed for every vote of yours Once we win all your needs and deeds are taken care Forget all your worries enjoy the fireworks Whatever it is, don't forget to vote for me Forget all your worries enjoy the fireworks Whatever it is, don't forget to vote for me

Bloody drunkard How dare you?

Do you know who am I ?

Blackie silent.

Silent Blackie

Shut up Blackie Stop it Irritating

I was so scared I thought I was finished Atleast now you understood our problems.

Shut up You left me alone in that situation and now you start talking You dont just blabber Keep quiet Raji, Calm down Calm down! How?

If Pataki Pandu had seen me , He would have cut me into pieces Listen to me.

Sir, I know everything You are a police and you will be safe.

He is a thief by profession He is ready to be in jail.

I am stuck between you two.

I told you in the begining we don't need cowards like him Yes I am a coward. So what?

Just get lost.

Why am I even talking to you

Yesterday in that situation, the only thing that came Infront of my eyes was my girl's face. Not the money The only reason I agreed to this deal Was to marry my girl and live a happy life Why is this needed when we will Not be alive when the money comes

There is a life waiting for me.

If she has to live happily First I should be alive.

I dont want anything. I am done with you guys.

Hey Raji

Sir, think about it.

Let him go nothing went right When he was there with us.

We'll Raid in our old style.

I made a mistake to save a life Because of that mistake, a life would have been lost yesterday Sir

To which level have I come down This is not right

Sir, He ran away closing the partnership You are closing the deal itself.

You are cutting off our relation You can't ask for partnership, If I become successful in this deal

He went away.

He could have atleast said bye.

What happened?

Sir, I enquired about that Joseph has changed the system password Only if, he comes we can get the required call details.

His assistant told me Why is the password changed?

He is off the duty from past one week, Not even picking the calls What is he upto!

Girish Yes tell me sir I'll send you a number, can you trace The location and call details please.

Sir I am not at office Once I reach will check and send the details to your home Ok

You mean church?

No, I didn't go

This is the first time I am missing my routine

One sunday my father took me to the church

I think I was 6 year old

Everybody were lighting candles and praying In front of a statue

Is he God? I asked my father He said He was just a human being like you

But he became God because of his good work

Jesus is my God from that day

I always followed his do's and dont's

My driver bought a new car But I travelled peacefully in auto My constable owned a duplex house I always had a peaceful sleep in my rented house

I thought I'd never make a mistake how much ever broke I am

But now I got to know

You were the one who used to guide me.

He gave me two options Either the path in which I am walking

Or the one who is helping you to walk in your path

I made a mistake

He was a good person thats why He was nailed to the cross

Just to keep me the way I am You are struggling every day

How are you baring all these

If money can save you I was ready to rob the whole world I can't take this any more


You can save my life

From the money you have in your bag But not me

Jesus, whom you believe

Never did any mistake

You, whom I believe

Shouldn't make any mistake

Who are you? I'm a theater artist You?

Junior artist And you?

Mimicry artist

Ask me who am I You are our director Atleast ask me before you tell Sir, who are you?

Income tax officer Oh This the difference between Theater artist, junior artist, mimicry artist And a natural artist Do you want to be like me? -Yes Sir But its not that easy For that you should get into the character, Live the character and then act Got it?

Yes sir Now tell me Wait a second Now tell me who you are?

Income tax officer Say it louder Income tax officers Why are we here?

For the raid Come again For the raid Are you ready?

Ready sir.

Let's Go

Hello Hello Who is this?

Greetings I had recieved a call from this number So, who is this?

Sir, this is coin phone box.

Where is it located?

Infront of intelligence office If this phone belongs to him What about the other one!

Joseph has changed the system password Password changed The subscriber is currently switched off

I need a personal favour and It should be between us



I'll answer all you questions How are you election promotions going on?

I think its very risky with these guys

Hello Some network issues What do we do now We are natural artists Let us be in our character

Our life is decided from our choices Right and wrong Want's and don't want's Good and bad Most of the time we are not fortunate To make these decisions Sir I'm not in your life because of choices But without any choice

Sir, please sit down

I thought of correcting everything With one mistake But the one for whom I commited All these mistakes told me No What I understood was Dad

Where is mom

The road we choose for our goal Is equally important as the goal This bag is infront of you But I'm not Not because I am scared Because for my responsibilities Mistake carries so much weight We will be supressed by it I'll come infront of you One day for all this Punishing me Forgiving me Is upto you.

Madam Usha They have taken her for some tests Excuse me Any problem!

Nothing like that Its a general check up before the surgery But I haven't paid the amount yet.

I think you are not informed No -Please sit

There is a cancer foundation called Un-Cancer They sponser needy cancer patients I had refered your wife's case They agreed to sponser With your consent We will prepare for the surgery

Thank you madam Joseph, there is nothing to worry.

She will be ok Ok madam, Thank you

Sir Work is done Yes, I'm coming

Sir is busy, come back after 10 minutes Do you think I'm a swiggy delivery boy You idiot Income tax Everybody get out Sir, what's happening inside?

They are man handling us Man handling! O' god

Even I am from income tax

Sir there's one breaking news

I did what you said

Sir you should have arrested him Arrest!

It was black money Good that he himself gave it back He did this for his need Not greed Keep this in mind God gives everyone a chance And during that time we should be awake

Sir, 5 crores in each bag Which is 15 crores in total You know How difficult election is All are of new 2000 currency notes You will be behind the bars If any one gets to know outside Why not settle this between us?

Belief you have on people The respect I have for you Thinking of all these I'll keep an offer infront of you I'll take two bags among the three Keep one bag for yourself For your election expenses What about me!

Sir, were you informed about this raid in advance This was a fake raid Do you suspect anyone Investigation is going on Sir, one more question Sir, Actually what happened I'll tell only to my people

Are you an IT officer!

Bring them upstairs You mean those officers!

Bring them here

Take him with you and do what ever you want Give me this fellow for half an hour

What shoot did he say?

Film or serial?

Web series Oh

You people can leave

What is the total amount?

15 crores I'll take the money He was better than you He offered me one bag If he does its theft If I do, its duty I have to do my duty properly Or you want to go to the jail Are you ready to get on the roads!

Or you want to quit your MLA seat?

If you are ready for all this then go ahead

Take it with you Smart guy This is all planned by the opposition party If they think this can destroy my name They are foolish Whatever happens to me I'm always there for you Untill my last breath I will serve you

I feel so sad for this Even if God leaves me Please be there for me I am sure you will vote for me In the coming election I will win and I will be you next MLA Serving you is my work My work is to serve you This is my promise

Sir, Please

MLA seat is for you Money is for me What about me?

What do you want?

Sir, you are police You think how to catch a thief I'm a thief by birth I'll find a way to get out of all this Other day, two beautiful girls were selling A product worth Rs 5000 just for Rs 999 I bought it I'll show you Such an amazing product Whatever you spoke is recorded in 4K quality And my friend is watching it in the car

What's up Looks like you are ready to leave the country You just left from there Seeing you, even Joseph changed his mind and took the bag To ACP Ashok He would have confessed everything He would have told about us aswell Ashok would have forgiven Joseph and sent him back Think about us now Forget me I'll go to jail for 6 months , gain weight and then come back But think about yourself Forget yourself Think about your girl Your girl, My sister Her life will go no where What to do now?

Shall we plan a last deal

Sir, this is Raji Which Raji !

The one who knows about your brother in law Regarding those 2 crores What do you want?

I had an information to give you What's that?

Hello where are the diapers?

Its there only Inside the cupboard I can't find it anywhere here Please understand, I haven't slept last night I want you to look for it Ok I'm coming

I was free before Life is hell after marriage and children Everything should happen accordingly Or else it happens like this What do you mean?

Everybody come to honeymoon to plan a baby You have come to honeymoon along with your baby Now you don't start irritating me

She's calling me again Pick up the phone My sister-in-law she is I am the only guy in the world who has come to Bangkok to buy diapers.

Thank you Shopping, Baby diaper No,Please I am leaving

He told you are looking good Sir camera!

We are caught

What do you want?

Switch off the camera

Smart boy you are

Now don't think too much of yourself Take the money and Leave the town Never ever come infront of my eyes Sir What is your name?


Don't think that cheap With this much money I will not leave the town Instead, I'll leave the country

World is full of illusions Everything is so fake here, Truth is always covered by bunch of lie's Let's call God here and make him understand things.

Or Its better we take charge of his work from now Whatever it is, let's just focus on making money

Not everything we wish, will happen Nobody is ready to accept and live happily the way we are.

Everybody striving to achieve something in life Everybody striving to achieve something in life If they don't , the blame is on the world.

Money is a never ending disease for the fools.

At the end earth is where we all belong to But still Let us book a beautiful site here now.

We all know the world is completly shattered World runs on lucky offers and discounts Everything is so fake here, Truth is always covered by bunch of lie's God seems to be dumb, what do we do.

It's better we take charge of his work from now Whatever it is, let's just focus on making money