Mayakkam Enna (2011) Script

My name is Karthik Swaminaathan..My friends call me "Genius"

I am little bit mentally off..So I thought thats why my friends me like that..

I am a photographer...I always dream to become a famous photographer But.... "Mommy :( :( Be quiet puppy..Only can become a heroine..

Brother: Just make sure that her lap is visible in the photo wait one minute.. brother quick...Take the photo before the water gets dried up..

Quick brother... Clothes are drying.. what happened?

May be I will give more money..Wait Where are you leaving!!

My life's ambition is to become a wildlife photographer like this..

This persons name's is Madhesh Krishnaswamy...He is a very famous Wildlife photographer He is my inspiration Sir..Hello sir..

Sir...Sir....Sir...My Album !!

These are my friends..

Sundar, Shankar, padmini, Vindhya This is my sister, Ramya My mom passed 5 years back After that, our friends took of care of both of us..

We usually stay at Sundar's home.. Ramesh Uncle.. sundar's dad... If there is a Youngster's dream father, it should be him

this is my life.. This is gonna be my Story..