Maze (2017) Script

Inside these blocks, three hundred and fifty convicted terrorists are demanding political rather than criminal status.

They back this demand by what's called "The Dirty Protest."

The men are not wearing clothes.

They call them the "blanket men", all they wear are blankets.

The IRA is trying to force the British government to grant the prisoners five demands using the weapon of last resort, the hunger strike.

There is no such thing as political murder, political bombing or political violence.

There is only criminal murder, criminal bombing and criminal violence.

Attitudes have hardened on both sides after the deaths of ten hunger-strikers.

The decision to end the hunger strike was taken last night.

After visits from Republican leaders who told them there was no point in going on.

For him.

And you can stay over there Gordon, they're short a body.

Since when do we let them wear civvies?

New rule.

Which idiot decided that?

Dunno, don't care.

See ya, Gordon.

What are you doing Larry?

You're a traitor Larry Marley, a fucking traitor!

H7 first and then H2.

Prisoner for transfer. Marley.


What do we have here?

Look at the state of him.

The blanket men are all mad they say, but you don't look so scary. Does he?

Like a mouse.

Buried any of your IRA mates lately?

What's that rumble I feel?

Oh, I'm starving.

You made the right choice.


I don't see any of you going on fucking hunger strike.

Fucking "hard men"...

Get back to your fucking cells.

Stay up your own end, Loyalist bastards.

What time do visits start?

"What time do visits start, Sir."





I didn't know whether to believe it when they said you were coming off.

I'm glad you remember me.

I almost didn't.

You look terrible. Yeah.

You think this is bad, you should have seen me before.

I wanted to...

All this time...

I know... but the protest was important.

How are the boys?


Growing up fast without you.

If things were different, Kate, you know what I'd choose.

Sorry about your friends on the hunger strike.

It must have been bad in here.


Sometimes I feel like a cheat,

being alive when they're not.

You know what I mean?

Since the hunger strike ended, everybody thinks we're finished.

The bigger problem is that we do too.

I mean, take a look at the men.

We need to prove, not just to the world, but ourselves too, that we've still got a pulse.

What's on your mind?

You don't mean an escape, surely?

From here? You're joking, right?

We don't even know where we are.

I've been in here four years and I couldn't tell you what's on the other side of that wall.

Well it's time we found out, eh?

Is it worth the risk?

If they catch you making plans, it'll be a few more years on your time.

Why don't you ask the ten hunger strikers if it's worth it.

I owe it to them to at least try.

You can do what you want for now.

But believe me, you're wasting your time.

Too many new faces round here, lads.

You shoulda stayed on the blanket, ya Fenian bastard.

Youse better watch your backs. All of you.

Is that right, Kenny boy?

Take a look around.

There's more of us than you now.

Where the fuck's he going?

Going for an afternoon stroll, Larry?

Yep. Big date, your sister.

Gordon about?

Wait here.

What is it? I wanna volunteer for work...

Orderly duty.

You! The last of the blanket men!

Couldn't stick being treated like a criminal now all of a sudden you want to skivvy?

My wife always said I was a dab hand with a mop.

No way. Forget it.

Get many volunteers from our side, do you?

I bet someone higher up would see it different, wouldn't they?

Maybe I should ask them.

Bring him in here.

I dunno about this. I really don't think it's a good idea.

What's the worst can happen? The place might get a bit cleaner?

All right. Let him in.

I'm giving you one chance, Marley.

Any funny business, and you're back in there.

Drop of tea, Gordon?

Fuck off!

What are you playing at, Larry?

I'm talking to you. We do not do scab labour.

He's a Judas, that's what he is, betraying the hunger strikers.

You do not know me...


Are you just going to let him sell us out like that?

You're his O.C., do something!

If he wants to keep himself busy, I'm not gonna stop him.

But he's working for them!

Our friends died so we wouldn't have to do shit like that.

We are political prisoners.

How can you just sit there? And I am your O.C. too, Joe and I'm asking you to stow it, okay?

The thing is, I agree with him.

No, I don't know what time...

Just some of the other fellas.

We went out last month.

All right, we'll go out Saturday just the three of us.

A trolling spinner, isn't it?

I used to do a bit myself.

Prisoner Marley returning to the wing.

You're sure it's the one you want, not the blue one?

No, it's perfect, thanks Dad.

Just checking.

So where do you want to eat?

We're going to a restaurant too?

Of course, it's called going out.

I wouldn't know.


Don't you move!

You all right?

Are you hurt?

Message from your son.

Come on.

Get in.

Gordon not in today? Get in the fucking van!

Ya Fenian scum!


Listen, my son's talking about joining the family business.

You want me to get someone to talk to him?


He's mule-headed like me.

If we tell him he can't, he'll just find some other way.

I need to be out there dealing with this.

You do realise if you escape, you won't be able to go home.


They'll hunt you in every bush and ditch in the country.

Larry this is Bobby, Bobby, Larry.

So, what have you got?


Well, what do you need?

Detail. Lots of it.

Eyes and ears. Anyone moving around, getting an x-ray, peeling spuds, whatever, they need to remember what they see.

We'll get on it. What else?

I need to find what they missed, there has to be a flaw.

Why? Because you want one?

Meet my rain cloud, it follows me around all day.

You know they used to burn unbelievers at the stake, Oscar.

I'd love you to prove me wrong fellas.

Our block is over here, and there's another one right behind.

How do you know that?

I hear them out there in their yard.

See? He's using his head.

Now some smart bastard put sweat and overtime into keeping us in here.

We have to put a hell of a lot more into getting out.

There was a hit on your warder last night.

He's alive.

Jesus. Who the hell called that?

It was an outside op.

His wife and kid were there.

Well that's just great!

How am I supposed to get him to trust me if we're trying to blow his brains out.

You're wasting your time with that one.

What do you need him for anyway?

That's them finishing up now, Gordon.

I told you this would happen, didn't I?

I told you to quit.

We can't let the bastards intimidate us, that's exactly what they want.


Jesus, Gordon, we're lucky to be alive.

Don't even think about going back there, do you hear me?

I am... I have to.

No, you don't!

Your brother was the hero, not you, and look what happened to him.

Come here.

Santa Claus.

Be quick.

In, Marley.

Where's my camera?

Finally seeing the light, Brendan.

Nice shooting, Gordon. Good man, Gordon.

Which one of you fuckers sent my name out?

Come on, who was it?

Anyone man enough to admit it?


I didn't think so. Too chicken shit the lot of you.

You want us to sort them out for you, Gordon? Just say the word.

I don't want anything from you.

I'm done.

Prisoner Marley, returning to the wing.

What happened to you on the outside won't happen again.

Why did you say that?

You know something, you were in on it?

No! You asked if it was one of us in here. It wasn't.

Who then? Give me names!

I don't know who but it's finished.

Warders won't be a target any more, now the protest's over.

Why did they go after me?

Maybe you pissed off the wrong people.

But it's true, you and your family are safe. You can take my word for it.

Your word. What's that worth?

Why are you back here anyway, Gordon?

Anyone with any sense would have quit.

Because I don't scare so easy.

Or maybe you're a prisoner like the rest of us.

I am not like you.

I get to go home every night.

Aye, that's right, so you do.


What's happening in there?

You all right, son?

Lovers' tiff?

I'm beginning to have nightmares about you, Marley.


We saving electricity?

Anyone home?

The most important thing is that Janet is safe.

She'd be safe with me here too. You both would!

That thing that happened, it was just a once off.

How can you say that, Gordon? You don't know.

I do. One of them told me.

One of the prisoners told you?

Is this a joke? Because it isn't funny.

You. Give me a hand.

What did you hope to achieve by bumping me off anyway?

Stupid bastards.

My brother I can understand.

He was one tough nut.

At least he died for something...

Doing his duty, not like those ten friends of yours.

Suicide by starvation, spare me.

And for what?

So they wouldn't have to do prison work?

You're doing it, aren't you?

Big deal!

Worth dying for, was it?

Eh, was it?

No, you're right. They were fools.


Big fucking T.V. show.

They shoulda been like you, smart.

We're doing this.

I don't know how yet, but it's happening.

All right, lads.

Jesus, where did you get this?

Would you believe, the T.V News.

Shit, look at it...

They really want to keep us in here.

That's me and Brendan there, in H7.

And that's you and Oscar, top left, in H2.

We should be flattered, fellas.

They made all this specially for us.

You know, maybe we're wasting our time looking for the weakest point.

What if there isn't any?

Look, here's a block.

They're all the same, us prisoners in each of the four wings, but in the middle, pulling the strings, are the warders in the circle.

That there is the strongest point.

And this is good because? Because...

Whoever controls the circle, controls the whole block.

You mean take it? How?

It wouldn't be easy, but the warders are starting to ease up a wee bit, if we can build on that... make them feel secure...

Then maybe that's the flaw.

And then what? Have a block party? Invitation only.

Well, who knows what then?

But it's a start, isn't it, or we can just sit here with our heads up our arses and do nothing. No.

It's good. Genius Bobby.

You're forgetting one tiny detail.

If we try and take the warders on the wings, the Loyalists will join them against us...

And then the party's over.

He's right.

Damn it!

Janet, love, is your mother there?

Yeah, she's here.

Can you put her on?

She, she doesn't want to, Dad.


Don't worry. I'll catch her again.

How's London, your Auntie showing you the sights?

We've been looking at schools.

You're going to school over there?

Wow, that'll be an adventure.

I don't know anyone here.

You'll make friends in no time, you'll see.

I miss you, Dad.

I miss you too.

Your murdering scum friends were busy last night.

Make you proud, does it?

Those people weren't the target, the police station...

Oh, that squares it then, does it?

It's their own fault for walking past.

I didn't say that.

No one wants to see civilians killed, it was an accident.

No. You plant a bomb on a street then nothing's an accident!

You know, I've met all sorts in my time.

Pick-pockets, muggers, rapists...

And there's a difference between them and you lot.

Do you know what it is?

Most of them regret what they did.

You keep that. Stick it on your wall.

Larry Marley?

Yes? You wrote to me.

Your wife rang and told me I should come today.

Oh, yeah... Right.

You were expecting somebody else?

No. I thought you might be my son, that's all.

I was your husband's cellmate when he went on the strike.

Then when he got weaker and they were moving him up to the hospital, he asked if I'd give you a message.

Yeah? What was that?

"Keep up the struggle, love. Don't give in.

"I'm starving myself to death for Ireland."

He asked me to tell you that...

Long before you two met, he saw you.

You were working at a fair, behind a stall.

He said you didn't notice him and he was too chicken to go and talk to you.

So he just watched you for a while...

He said you were joking and smiling and that he fell in love with you there and then...

From that one look.

That's it.

That's all he wanted me to tell you.

He can still make me cry even from the grave.

He always was a romantic eejit.

I'm sorry.

He was a good friend of mine.

If you were really his friend you should have stopped him.

He won't be forgotten.

I'm gonna do something for him.

For all ten of them.

You can't bring him back though, can you?

You can never do that.

Stand aside, Taigs.

It's the 12th of July and today we march where we please in our own country.

Not here you don't, kid.

From here on it's a Republican area.

That makes it a bastard free zone.

Did we move to Dublin when I was kipping, fellas?

No, I didn't think so.

All roads here are British, every last one.

I think you already know that, don't you?

We need to use this.

What's the matter, Kenny?

Police aren't here to hold your hand?

Let's discuss it, negotiate a fair solution?

Nah. There's nothing more to talk about, is there?

The future's already settled.

Help us! We can't let scum like this get away with it. Not today.

You've got to be fucking kidding me!

Fucking traitors!

Fuck off, bastards!

Game over, lads.

You have until tomorrow to get out.

Or one of you won't be seeing your next birthday.

Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio...

Who runs this place, you or them?

Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio...

First we let them have civilian clothes, and now we're handing them their own private wings on a plate.

Have we done some deal that I don't know about?

We've just relaxed a few policies, for a calmer atmosphere, that's all.

Eighteen prison officers were murdered enforcing those policies.

I was almost one of them.

I'm sorry about what happened to you, Gordon but we all want an easier life, the prisoners too.

When the hunger strikes were on, coming in here was like walking through the gates of hell.

Now when I go home, I can have an actual conversation with my wife.

Take some time off, Gordon? Eh?

Bunch of animals. We should be feeding yiz peanuts.

Jesus, you look like shit.

Thanks to Ken and his marching band, everything's changed.

We can do this now. Not so fast.

I'm stalling everything until our friends on the outside get up to speed on this.

What! Hold on a minute.

It's way too early.

This is only one piece of a big jigsaw.

Sorry, can't do it, Larry.

We've gotten this far by ourselves but we're not alone.

So you're to down tools and wait until they have their say.

That's an order. You write it up.

Just leave it there.



Stay together!

Go on, fuck off!

Get back!

Message from your Da.

He's expecting you. Now fuck off home.

I made it first instead of asking. You want it?

Go on.

Are you proud of yourself for that stunt the other day?

Some things are worth fighting for.

Cop yourself on, Larry. You like prison, do you?

Not a hell of a lot...

But you get used to it after ten years.

Your family? The girl looks smart.

She is, bright as a button.

Your wife's a bit of a looker too, Gordon! How did you manage that?

We're not together right now.

She moved over to London.

I'm sorry to hear that.

You might not understand this, but...

I spent half my life trying to protect them from you bastards.

And after all that she ups and leaves.

Well I'd be home with my family if it wasn't for you bastards.

It's your own fault that you're in here, Larry. No one else's.

I don't see it that way. I know you probably wouldn't agree.

No. You're right, I don't.

Now piss off back to work, this isn't a daycare centre.

You wait there a minute.

They knocked it back.

I told you it wasn't ready, didn't I, but no, you had to go and send the damn thing out.

You don't get to make these decisions, Larry.

They didn't buy into it and they don't want a botched escape hurting morale on the outside.

Fuck their morale!

What about ours? We're on the floor in here.

Look, we don't have to stop, but trying to take a whole block, it's too risky.

We need to set our sights lower.

I've a couple of guys I want you to meet later.

That's your new strategy? Think small?

It has to be big. That's the whole bloody point.

It's finished, okay. Move on.

No! I need to do this. I have to.

You need to do this?

We're in this together.

Don't forget that.

All right, come on.

Let me back in!

I want you to meet those two guys later.

Their plan is less complicated.

You talk to them. I'm done.

I'm not asking, Larry.

We want to go this way from the garden, using ropes and ladders to get this far.

The warder can't see us from the tower.

He comes around every ten minutes.

Where are they off to?

The garden.

Say they want to grow stuff. Governor gave the O.K.

See ya lads, I won't be here when you get back. I won my appeal.

You jammy sod.

Same old car? Aye.

Hey, I know them...

That's the food lorry.

Cheers for doing this.

No problem.

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

He drives it around the prison all day long...

Meals on wheels.

Do they search it?

O'Brien followed your friend last night...

Looks like your plan is back on the table.

Need a hand there?

I could do with one.

Just there.

Right, just lift it.

How many?

Packed in like sardines.

Thirty-eight. Jesus...

That big enough for you? No, actually, but it'll do.

Brendan and Bobby, we're gonna take your block, H7.

Then we're all gonna get in the food lorry and drive out the gate.

I've to go out for a minute.

Guard the fort, with your life.

You're trusting me with it?

What are you going to swipe?

It needs to be injury free, no blood spilled, otherwise they'll write about that and not what we did.

And to do that some of us are gonna need to be carrying.

Fuck... How many will we need?

Six'll do it.

Look, if we have them, there's less chance of anyone getting hurt.

Can they find a way to get them in?

Seen your wife lately, Fenian lover?

What did you say?

You heard. Forgotten which side you're on, Gordon?

Well, I'm not on your side, arsehole.

Fuck you, Gordon!

Is there something I should know about? Huh?

Fuck's sake! I don't want to see anything like that again. Do you fucking hear me?

What have you got there?

Nothing. It's personal.

Show me... Now.

It looks just like her.

You know, there's one thing I don't get about you.

What's that?

How the hell do you keep your marriage together from in here?

Maybe because we don't have to live together.

We've known each other since we were kids. Kinda joined at the hip.

Well, a man should look after a woman like that.

Don't you worry. Once I get out that gate...

I'm not coming back.

They'd never expect men on all four wings to work together at the same time.

Imagine a ripple in water moving out from the centre each warder taken, one after the other, like dominoes falling.

One shot. That's all we've got.







How's it going, son?

All right. All right.

The choices you made...

What if you had them to do over?

I'd do the same. I've no regrets about what I did.

So, why was it right for you and not for me?

Someday men like us will be a thing of the past.

The future's yours, Danny, if you don't mess it up.

What about your studies, how's all that?

You could follow your big brother and go on to college, couldn't you?

You don't think college is a cop out?

It's not about that.

Danny, we're talking about your life.

Look, when I'm out, things are gonna be different. You'll see.

And you'll be there to see me graduate?

I'll make a deal with you, all right.

You do it...

And I'll be sitting in the front row, with a big grin on my face.

That's a promise.

I've been meaning to ask you something...

If the hunger strike hadn't ended, would you have gone on it?

I dunno. I guess, probably.

So you would have been willing to leave us all behind?

But it did end, Danny.


We need to talk about my transfer...

That's it.

We're looking at a week today if you give us the nod.

Sorry lads, we can't.

You're joking. Why?

Ropes and ladders was never going to work here.

They've second guessed all of that.

They'd spot you as soon as you stuck your head over a wall.

If you thought that all along, why didn't you say so before?

They've something else on.

Yiz do, don't you? We're done here.

Come on, you can't do that! Mick.

We're all on the same team, lads.

And no means no, by the way.

So no solo runs, okay?

There's a shift change at four o'clock.

Too many warders coming on then.

Which means the food lorry has to leave the block by 3:40 at the latest.

So what, they just open up the main gate for you and blow you a kiss goodbye?

No. There'll be a system.

Something special.

And we're not going anywhere until we find out what it is.

Any news on your transfer? That's all in hand.

Enjoy the weekend, Gordon.

Oh, I intend to.

Must be a mad scramble to get out of here on a Friday.

A stampede, more like.

You'd swear the pubs closed at eight.

I suppose the main gate would be the worst, right?


Well having to sign out at admin every time is a pain.

They open the gate, but then it doesn't take long.

They give you a pass on the way in and you just hand it back on the way out.

Oh, something high-tech I bet?

You'd laugh if I told you.

Secret passes, makes it sound like a kid's tree house, doesn't it?

Anyway, have a good one.

Aye. See you, Larry.

What are you at?

Fuck's sake, Larry!

What the fuck you playing at, man?


What are you doing, Larry?

We have to take the admin lodge, and someone's gonna have to stay behind in there.

That's the main gate pass...

Here's Larry now.

Prisoner for transfer.

I need the bumper.


Andy, come here a minute.



You look like you saw a ghost.

Why are you here?

I thought you were off for the weekend?

Aye, I was. George had an emergency.

Lucky me was on standby. Right...

Stick the kettle on, will ya? Yeah. Sure.

All right. All right.

Don't move.

Come with me!

Don't move, don't touch anything. Get on the floor now.

Just do what you're told and you'll be okay.

Open the gate.


There we go. Same again.

There you go. Good man.

Nobody move!

Don't make a sound.

You're under arrest. Very funny.

It's no joke, mate. Get your fucking hands up now!

Open the gate! Quickly!

Settle. Easy.

Back off.


All of you, on the floor. Now!

Don't move!

John, open the door or I'll shoot.

What did you do that for?

I don't know...

I don't know... Doctor!


Doctor, you're needed. Come on.

The rest of you, uniforms off.

You heard me. Off!

John... can you hear me, John?

You're gonna be okay, John. You're gonna be okay.


No lunch today, Gordon? The grub shoulda been here already.

Speak of the devil, and it shall appear.

I thought you'd forgotten us. Here, I'll give you a hand.

Don't panic. You'll all be fed.

Jesus, Larry. Did you have to?

It's okay, I'll fix it. We'll get the rest first, okay.


The food lorry?

No, it was late getting here.

He's just gone. You should be seeing him any second.

H8. Everybody's hungry today.

Don't even breathe.

Holy shit...

Close it!

There's a bomb under your seat. I have the button.

Now, go.

Listen, it's none of my business but...

Maybe one weekend you might try going over to London, talk things over with your wife.

You ever thought about that?


But she doesn't want to talk to me.

Like a brick wall.

When things need saying, you gotta be looking eye to eye.

Believe me, I'm an expert on long distance disasters.

And you'd see your daughter too.

When was the last time you saw her?

Turning into a marriage counsellor now, Larry?

Me? No.

But they're the most important thing, aren't they, our kids?

Doesn't matter about us, we're just...

Caretakers for their future.

We're not doing much of a job then, are we?

No, we're not.

False alarm. Baby's not due for another three weeks.

Thanks a lot for covering, but I want to save the days.

Yes! Well done baby, getting my weekend after all.

You're leaving?

I was intending to, yes. Have you got a problem with that?

No, no. So, you have any plans?

Football, T.V., beer.

Oh, yeah, who's playing?

The usual, Larry.

Look, if you don't mind I'd really like to get out of here.

Yeah, sure, no bother.

Safe home.

How much you get paid for this?

Not fucking enough.

Hand that to the gate guard and don't try anything.

Pull up here.

Read that paper.

Don't move a muscle.


Open the gate.


They made me O.C. on this wing, Larry.

So, is there something you want to tell me?

C'mon lads!

Shift change...

Bloody shift change...

Hey, you, you bastard, what the fuck are you doing here?

Help! We need some help here.

The warders are fighting.

They're thumping the lard out of each other.

What do I do?

Gerry, get them out!

Game over, lads. Run for it!

They are prisoners!

We have to break it!

You told them you weren't going!

You're shitting me?

I had a promise to keep.

Two more years and I can go home to my family.

They didn't need me, anyway.

The plan was tight, best I've ever seen.

They could've just found out they're gone.

Gordon, let him go!

Fuck you!

Pull! Pull!

Yiz are in trouble now, boys.

Do a head count and untie them.

Come on! Come on! Get moving!

Hey, we have ya!

Don't even think about running!

Keep your fucking hands up!

Thirty-eight missing, sir.

Sir? What is it?

I think Larry Marley had something to do with this.


Isn't he in H2, what are you talking about?

The organisers of this escape are out there somewhere on the run.

I don't have time for this.

We got out, Larry!

We showed them all!


What are you doing here?

Why aren't you with them?

I'd have given anything to be...


I was on the run once, did you know that?

Managed to break out of a courthouse cell.

Saw my family three times that year.

It's like you said, they deserve better.

You're one clever bastard.

I suppose you think you've won something today.

Scored a few points for your side.

Well nothing's changed you know.

You, me, all those guys out there legging it across the fields, we're all still stuck in the same place, going nowhere.

He was a good man, the warder your friends killed.

Oh. You didn't know?

See, that's what happens when you unleash the monster...

People get hurt.

Why me?

Out of all the warders you picked me, didn't you?

Ten of my friends died in this prison on hunger strike.

They thought they'd broken us but now the world knows they haven't.

A debt's been repaid to those men.

I don't expect you to understand that, Gordon.

Prisoner Marley, in future you will address me only as Warder or Sir.

Is that clear?

You know, I used to think my job was important, that I was doing some vital role for society...

I warned them that they were making too many concessions but nobody cared.

The warders didn't make the policies in this prison, we just did our duty to the best of our abilities.

Most of us.

But you were deceived by the prisoners?

You let your guard down.

You can twist it any way you like.

It was supposed to be the most secure prison in Europe.

It wasn't supposed to have a flaw.

Which flaw are you referring to?

The circle, all the power in one place.

But it was prison staff who let them into the circle.

Lifers, men with murder convictions.

They seemed worn out.

But it was a trick.

You all allowed yourselves to be tricked.

We did. I did.

You can have my resignation too.

That won't be necessary.

I don't need your permission.

I'm granting myself parole.