Mazinger Z: Infinity (2017) Script

"Texas plant, United States" enemies approaching from 6 o'clock.

Also, 10 o'clock.

Unidentified enemy troops entering the Texas plant!

They are... kikaiju?

Backup arriving at 20:00.

Defend the central reactor until then!

Scramble dash!

Where did they all come from?

Great mazinger and tetsuya tsurugi here!

"Authorized" thunder break!

My turn now!

"Authorized" breast burn!

Take this! Great typhoon!

See that?

Kikaiju have broken the barrier!

Launching great booster!

"Unauthorized" cic to Alpha 1.

Weapons that may damage the plant are not permitted.


Hang in there!

Reactor down in 60 sec!

All retreat!

Great boomerang!

Scramble off!

Knee impulse kick!

Mazinger blade!

Drill pressure punch!

"Authorized" back spin kick!


What a disappointment.



Nice to meet you, tetsuya tsurugi. I am ashura.

Genius scientist Dr. hell's loyal subject!

Baron ashura!

They're not holdovers of kikaiju.

They're phantoms from hell.

Rapid rocket gun!

Double mazinger blade!

"Soaring high a black iron castle"

"super robot mazinger z"

"with his mighty power he fights for us"

"with a heart of justice pilder on"

"after you"

"strike an iron fist! Rocket punch"

"blast it now breast fire"

"mazin go! Mazin go!"

"Mazinger z"

"six months earlier new photon power laboratory"

"fuji plant construction site"

phase 3 construction, detonation confirmed.

Copy that. We will proceed.


You alright?


What's this?

Look like something?

A face... maybe?

Hey, over there.

Could that be koji kabuto?

First time seeing him in person.

He finished a 3-month underwater archaeological prospection in a month.

Tetsuya tsurugi on great stayed in the army, but kabuto became a scientist?

Glad you came, koji.

Security clearance s from here.

Barrier, partial release.

Photon power laboratory staff only from here.

Sayaka, no I mean, the new director's order.

I see, a mazin the size mazinger can get on.

What's that light?

Bioactivity inside!


From here.


Get the medical team!


Elevate the security clearance to sss.

Thank you for taking the new fuji research town loop expressway today.

Absolutely pollution-free yet astounding power, the "final energy source of humankind", photon power.

The integrated photon power infrastructure and network that support our lives, from electricity to telecoms.

From photon power production to network maintenance, all handled at fuji plant, the large hub in front of you.

Its maximum output in test operation

22 million gwh when converted into electric power.

"Stop plant construction" it'll be the world's

"stop plant construction" largest photon power reactor, providing photon power not only to Japan

"we welcome photon power plant!" But to all of Asia.

In the war, many of our...

Work in north America got extended a week.

Too bad, thought I'd see him.

He misses you too, shiro.



Photon power laboratory in Japan has been leading

"speech at the new un general assembly" the global peaceful use of photon power.

"Speech at the new un general assembly" the global peaceful use of photon power.

"Gennosuke yumi, prime minister of Japan" the immense photon power energy the immense photon power energy managed by the new un has resolved many diplomatic issues.

The world couldn't have recovered this fast with conventional energy.

It's fair to say that we live in the most peaceful era in human history.

New photon power laboratory center building station in 5 min.

Please do not leave anything behind.

The former photon power laboratory will be torn down soon?

"Do not enter" will be torn down soon?

"To be demolished" isn't that a waste?

It's better that way.

Better not leave any memory of the war.

At least call it the "symbol of peace".

Besides, mazinger is exhibited at a museum.

"Welcome to new photon power laboratory”

"humankind's final energy source supports your life" shiro, jun, over here.


Long time.

The bump is showing now. Can I?


It moved!

It's been 3 years? Since your wedding?

Thanks for your help.

Not at all.

So how's tetsuya?

Found a gray hair and was devastated.

Check complete.

Compare to the target mode tree.

99.9996% match.

Copy the difference.

Roger that.

Koji, the director's here with shiro and jun.

I see.

Lisa, let's go down.


So huge!

So this is the excavated mazin!

Wow, what's it like inside?

So big...

What's wrong?

It's just that...

Had a fight with koji?


You two just tie the knot.


A breakup?!

Keep it down!

But why? What happened?

Oh... you mean nothing, huh?

That's it.

True that koji is pathetic when it comes to things like that.

I see how you feel, but...

My father told me to move on if koji isn't interested.

Well... I've no doubt you have many suitors, but...

Thanks for coming all this way.

Bro! Huh?

Hi, I heard you're good friends of my man.

Your man?!


Huh? Did I say it wrong?

Isn't that how to refer to your "master"?

Just cut it out!

Can you just not call him "master"?

I told you, it sounds wrong.

In mycenaean it's "mistol" and in English it's "master".

It has a different connotation in Japanese.

Just relax, Sayaka.

Why do you look so pleased?

Um... who is she?

Let me introduce you the new mazin's control unit, Lisa.

Large intelligence system agents.

I go by Lisa. Nice to meet you.

What? A control unit?

Maybe a humanoid computer is easier to understand?

Ichinana also has an auxiliary al.

Right, that nagging one.

Simply put, she's its evolved version.

A high computing interface connecting humans to machinery.

Way beyond our current technology.

Overtechnology of ancient mycenae.


Dunno why in that form, though...

So you're not human?

But not machine either.

91% of my body are biological parts.

When I found her, her system was initialized, so registered me as her administrator.

Truth is, without her help, we even lack the technology to access such a giant mazin.


The basic structural analysis alone would advance our tech by 100 years.


It sure is an immeasurable presence.

That's why we call it

"mazinger infinity".

Mazin of infinite possibilities.

But there's a lot of diastrophism around here.

Why was an ancient mycenaean ruin under mt. Fuji?

I wonder why.

Come on.

Was it here this whole time?

Or maybe it wasn't?

What do you mean?

I have a theory.

Heard of a neighboring dimension?

Neighboring dimension?

While it exists next to the world we live in, it's a space in a dimension we cannot register.

An unknown world where our norms don't apply.

When strong energy like photon power accumulates, the boundary between our two dimensions becomes unstable a bit.

That can be used to convert energy into substance.

Theoretically, warping would be possible.

So it came from mycenae because of the photon power here at fuji plant?


It's just a theory.

It's too absurd to take seriously.

Right. I was totally lost.



Koji, you're looking more like a scientist.

Am I?

Just be as serious about Sayaka.

I recommended "imazinger" as in "mazin of imagination"...

No play on words.

No, it's not...

I may be out of line, but you're not getting any younger.

You can't plan everything.

I know.


Naming it "mazinger" when it's mycenaean...

Come on, why look like a teenager in love?

You're the savior of this world.


What? Okay.

No way...!


The Texas plant was attacked an hour ago!

Attacked? By whom?



They prevented the photon power reactor from being destroyed, but...

Tetsuya who went on great is missing...

Tetsuya is?!

What's going on?


Iron crossed army?!


We're in luck. Koji kabuto is here.

Good thing I didn't go with baron ashura.

Count brocken?!

Shouldn't you be dead?

I should be dead? I am, missy.

I see, you've never been dead before.

Of course not!

That's a shame. But rest assured, I'll send you all to hell now. Do it!

Cease fire!


What are you?

You're no human! A copy of gamia q or something?

Don't be rude, I'm the original.

Was that enough time?

Plenty! Good!

Look, over there.














Goragon on this land!

To this land!

Photon power network output down another 7 pts.

Further broadband restrictions on public providers.

Secure the lifeline first.

Tomakomai, sekigahara and sadogashima output at 102%.

That's above limit.

I pretty much designed all their reactors.

They have the capacity.

Prime minister's office calling!

Sayaka, glad you're safe.

Thank you for your concern.

But prime minister! Your info comes too late.

We're providing info to local governments.

No... well... thank you for your cooperation.

We had an emergency security council meeting.

The attacks have been deemed as terrorist acts by Dr. hell's remnants.



A terrorist attempt to bring chaos to humanity again.

Hold on! That's impossible!

You know how extensively we searched for them after the war?

We need realistic countermeasures now.

Military action in 10 days to retrieve fuji plant.

We request koji to join the operation.

W-what are you saying?

He's a researcher now! What'll you do with a veteran?

I know.

But with tetsuya missing, koji fighting will motivate them...

You'll just use koji's fame as propaganda to shut out opposition, right?

No, that's...


Photon power laboratory researches peaceful use of photon power.

I can't have our staff join a military op as a soldier.

It's true we recovered thanks to the photon power.

But people's emotional scars have not fully healed.

We need a clear symbol of hope.

How long will the world depend on him?

It's not an order, but a strong request from the Japanese government.

I expect a realistic response.

He fought enough already.

He saved the world and humanity from doom.

Sorry, please understand.

Release ports 1 to 8. Auxiliary al. Turing start.

Photon power engine, from standby to a mode.

You've been away for a while. How confident are you?

I'd say I'd try my best to live up to your expectations, but I'll at least try not to drag down the young troops.

Okay, start rolling cameras. Please come in.

Come, come, courage!

Guardians of the fighters!

Joint force idol unit, mazin girls!


Look to the right.

Next, to the left.

As you all know, our hero koji kabuto has specially joined this operation.

We were all able to survive the last war thanks to you.

I'm truly honored that we can fight for humankind alongside you.

On behalf of the soldiers, thank you!

Activate barrier!


Course clear.


Ichinana squad 3, ready for launch.

Ready for launch.

Squad 3, let's do this!



Squads 3, 4 and 5.

Load. Loaded!

Launch! Launch!

Enemy craft incoming!

Firel wingman entering enemy zone.

Ichinana entering capsule detachment area.

All units, capsule purge.


It has begun.

It doesn't seem rational how we'd gain an upper hand from the master fighting.

You oppose?

No, I just think it's pointless.

He'll just be standing in the back.

The team on the ground wouldn't want a veteran to be calling the shots.


It can't be helped. People resent us.

This lab must disclose all our research results on photon power.

In exchange for our immense budget.

But as photon power research advances around the world, more people are starting to question the need for this lab.

We must be at the forefront, or there'll be no means to stop its misuse.

That's why you sent the master to battle?

You're okay with that?

Maintaining freedom is quite inconvenient.

You're okay with that?

You're only a machine. Don't give me that look.

All is well if this operation ends well.

Don't. Stop calling me a machine.

Squad 3 at fuji plant's first layer.

Starting to break the barrier.

Enemy kikaiju eliminated.

Explosives ready.

All units retreat to safety zone.

"Detonate” all clear.



Barrier penetrated.

Squad 3 entering infinity research zone.



Shiro, what is it?

Infinity is gone!

No way! It's so big!

A rapid depression above mt. Fuji.

80% of local standard air pressure.

75... 70... still dropping.


All sensors on the eye of the typhoon!

Roger that!

Cherenkov emission?!

Send me the gravity variation!


It can't be!

Time is frozen?

No way! The theory of neighboring dimensions was correct?


If the one to possess the power deems this world unworthy of existence, the entire world can be replaced with an alternative world of their choosing from the parallel worlds.

That's this mazin's ultimate power.

It can be a god or a demon.


Cic to all units. All units, report your status.

Cic to all units. Report...

What is that?

Noise increasing. Disrupting communication.

Koji! You mustn't! No launch approval!

We're doomed. I'll go support the retreat.

Don't be ridiculous!

Hold on!


Retreat! All retreat!


You alright?


It can't be! Tetsuya!

High energy reaction!


Photon power barrier at Max! Hurry!

Massive cracking on the photon power network!

"Unauthorized access detected" massive cracking on the photon power network!

"Al barrier launched" massive cracking on the photon power network!

"Al barrier launched" al barrier, too slow!

Al barrier, too slow!

Long time, humans.

Dr. hell...

We only have one goal.

That is... coexistence and co-prosperity with humanity.

What the...!

We'll extract some photon power energy from this point.

As long as you don't intervene, we will not attack you humans.

We shall overcome the unfortunate past and not shed any more unnecessary blood.

I sincerely desire coexistence and co-prosperity.

Not a tyrant like you!

Goragon is starting...

Keep calm and evacuate!

I like old towns like this.

But a little cramped?

I'm not the lavish officer residence type.

Good old mom-and-pop stores.

Getting to know your neighbors.

I want a peaceful family life in a town like this.

Can we?


This area will not be an immediate battle zone.

All residents, please remain calm.

Civic life is severely impacted from unstable supply of photon power.

The safety of citizens comes first.

We mustn't give in to terrorist threats!

The international community must pressure them.

No, establish a negotiation channel and resolve...

So a military op!

"Fujimoto Chinese noodles boss ramen"

"notice from the manager:" We conducted a survey

"ramen only due to limited supply” we conducted a survey

"ramen only due to limited supply” we conducted a survey asking what people think we should do about Dr. hell.

"Full-on fight" at 25%.

"Negotiate" at 23%.

"Don't know" at 52%.

"Don't know" the majority, and the rest split evenly.

"Fight" or "negotiate" unresolved at today's security council.

And the Japanese government?

Their stance was "don't know" just like the public.

Prime minister yumi must make a very tough decision.

Nothing good on TV!

Only news!

Shh... don't say that.

But it's boring!

Here you are.

Boring, isn't it? I think so, too.

Specially for you.

Say "thank you"?

Thank you!


Sorry, boss.

Don't worry, misato.

We support each other in times of difficulty.

That goes for you, too.

You got me there.

Blackout in this area due to power transmission damage.

Hey boss.

How're you managing?

Generating and collecting power using boss robot's engine.

Through the underground tunnel.

That's tough.

It's an emergency. So I want to keep my shop open.

Here you are.

Thanks. You've been here for long.

Yeah, a lot happened, but I've managed so far.

Amazing! What is this?! This food here!

It's called "ramen".

Flavorful, savory... perfect! Great nutritional balance too!

The pinnacle of human wisdom!

Thanks, young lady. Here, on the house for you, too.

Thank you!

At times like these, those who can move better do what they can.

Gel form protein heated at low temperature.


Is it true that tetsuya's alive?

Yeah, I saw him myself.

But all news programs say he's missing and details unknown.

"Texas plant attacked" he's missing and details unknown.

Which means some people want to keep it quiet.

Here you are! Two bowls of ramen.

What's with koji kabuto?

He was in the battle, but was totally useless.

Yeah, I heard.

Has he lost it?

Who knows...

Would you like some water?

Here, for two.

Okay, thanks.


Whatever may happen, I have faith in you and what you do.

Photon power energy transferred to the neighboring dimension by mazin at 42 million gwh.

Approximately 120 hours to activation of goragon.

But... the android that is the activation key of mazin...

Still missing?

It seems to be avoiding access to the photon power network.

And koji kabuto?

Probably with the android.

He wouldn't have gone too far.

How do you know?

The mazin taken, his friend taken...

He must be seething with anger now.

That's who koji kabuto is.

Master hell... lt's as if...


Well, with all due respect, you seem to be looking forward to facing koji kabuto.

Terminate upon locating.

He's a mere human now although he has been chosen by mazin.

At least give him a quick death.

Yes, sir.

Thunder... break...

Great typhoon...

Navel missile...

No use.

Great is under the control of the Baton of bados.


You're kept alive as a mere dummy activation key, yet sustaining yourself?

I heard you.

Coexistence and co-prosperity rubbish.

What about your world domination?

Don't you think that's what I'm doing now?


Humans are watching my every move, unable to ignore me and act.

What's that other than domination?

You know what the biggest weakness of humanity is?

I'll tell you. It's "diversity".


It means there is more than one justice.

But humanity lacks the intelligence to control such complexity of values.

Their response to "coexistence and co-prosperity" is proof.

Because they can't manage diversity, they'll fight among themselves.

We'll now take a vote.

"Against" humanity cannot decide...

The human race has not changed.

How many years since we left?

You were claiming how you can reach an ideal society by eliminating us, but look at you.

This world is not worthwhile.

I will recreate the world.

You at least serve its foundation.

We'll activate goragon sooner.

Increase photon power extraction by 8%.

Yes, sir.

A new world... it will be worthy of us.

So fun.

"Fujisan hongu sengentaisha" as you know, the universe started with the big bang.

It continues to expand to date, while it's said to have branched out to a universe of possibilities.

Multiverse of quantum theory.


Forcing quantum superposition to replace an entire universe with one of a desirable condition.

With the ultimate weapon goragon.

Activated when infinity is fully charged with photon power.

And its living key is you.

Yes, but hell succeeded in activating infinity using great and tetsuya as the key.

I never thought that was possible.

Had I been able to activate infinity first, this wouldn't have...

That can't be helped. No one knew hell's whereabouts.

I confirmed an increase in photon power supply to infinity.

Hell is determined to activate goragon.

That'll end this world.

If so...

It's best to pursue your happiness in the little time left.


Sayaka tends to prioritize her social responsibilities over her personal happiness.

She doesn't want you to fight anymore.

And share her life with you, stay close to you.

I know that.

Then please!

I heard humans enter into the institution of marriage with their significant other.

And form a social entity called "family".

So before humanity is lost, at least form that with Sayaka.

You make it sound so verbose.

You're only a machine.

Sorry, Sayaka said the same to me.

Jeez, I'm sorry.

This is what you call "cry"?

Why do I have such a function when I'm a machine?

I hate it.

I don't want emotions.

Penitence, penitence...

Purification of the six roots of perception...

Penitence, penitence...

Purification of the six roots of perception...

"It can be a god or a demon."


Before I got on mazinger, my grandpa who made mazinger told me.

Asked me which I will choose.

But I couldn't choose.

I got on thinking I cannot become a demon.

After the war, I became a researcher.

I wasn't going to fight ever again.


Being back in the field...

Truth is, it was a rush.

If you call this sensation a demon, I can't deny that.


Right now I can see why your creator didn't make you a simple machine.


Humans are not a god or a demon. We have both in us.

The keeper of such immense power needs emotions like you.

Probably that's why.

In that sense, you and I are alike.

Had I not become a researcher and stayed on mazinger, I may have been there, not tetsuya.

I can't walk away knowing that.

But there's no chance for humanity!

Take over infinity with another mazin.

What? But the mazin have been...

There is one more.

"Boss ramen" hello.

Hey, in the back.

Thank you, guys.

You renovating?

Something like that.


Let me get it for you.

Come on, stack them up! We're leaving soon!

All valuable materials we worked hard to gather.

Don't you dare drop them!

Watch it!

Qur load!

Retrieve it.

Here's your delivery!

What's this?!

Chogokin optical laminate molding machine.

Dr. nossori! Dr. sewashi!


So what's all this?

Well basically... long story short...

So slow as usual...

It's something like a giant 3D printer using photon power.

With this, you can create any equipment or weapon.


I'm sick of ordinary research.

Now we get to go all out.

We'll soon be up and running.




Stop staring.

Um... you look great.

Don't say it if you don't mean it.

So this is part of the lab?

A secret bar for clients. A drink?

No, thanks. Have a look.

This is?


Data extracted from Lisa's memory.

The space around infinity is contracting.

An ultimate weapon to recreate the whole universe.

If this is activated, our world will...

Why do you think Dr. hell pursued world domination?

Have control of the world and...

What for? World domination is just too much work.

Wealth, power, fame... He's not interested in any.

It's been on my mind since the war.

And came to a conclusion.

Which is?



What is humanity? The world? The universe?

He wants to know all that.

And assessing whether this world is worthwhile.

So you mean if he loses interest in humanity...

If everything is within his expectation, he'd activate goragon without hesitation.

And just target another world to observe.

We got intel a few hours ago.

Small riots have started around the world.

People are once again fighting one another.

That's what he's most sick of. The most boring development.

It sounds cliché, but I want to do what I can.


Rescue tetsuya and destroy infinity.

Can you win?

The outcome won't change either way.

Then... Lisa told me, "the next best thing is to pursue your happiness even for a short while."


I thought I'd be more rational as an adult, but I see I'm not at all.

Instead of the next best, I want the best.


Let's talk after the battle.

Don't say such a thing before...


No, I mean...





Lt. Jun hono?

You're under arrest for personal occupancy of a special weapon.

I won't dare say it used to be better.

What're you doing? You know your condition?

Leave it to me.


Going to rescue tetsuya alone?

But I couldn't.

I never thought I'd get stuck and not reach the pedal.

You fool.

Your baby stopped you.

I've been fighting to make a better world.

I think it's slightly better.

I expected the worst as a servicewoman.

But I can't let go...I feel so worthless.

It's fine.

You're not the only one who cares for tetsuya.

Couldn't come here, but...

We'll rescue him.

He and all of us will.

Mzwareos ver 1.55, hardware check in progress.

Battery and sub battery both fully charged.

External temp...

Communication stable. Receiving band signal.

Main imager ok. Heat sink ok.

Final check of the plan.

Two objectives: Rescue tetsuya tsurugi and destroy infinity.

Enter the closed off tunnel under fuji plant.

Lisa will come as copilot and mission specialist.

Boss robot and the docs start diversion op after takeoff.

Use all firepower and run around.

Yeah! Leave it to us!

We'll put on a show!

To avoid extra combat, once we reach the plant, we'll take the tunnel elevator to under infinity.

Infinity can't use breast fire from that angle.

Then we climb infinity's armor from there.

The enemy may weaken their attack to avoid friendly fire.

Then we install a program in infinity to forcefully purge great.

Once we confirm goragon is stopped, we'll escape with tetsuya.

Thanks for making it in such a short time.

I couldn't have been on mazinger again without you all.

This is the last mission of mazinger.

All sequences complete. Permission for launch.

Mazin go!

Pilder on!

Jet scrander!

Scrander cross!

Welcome, Mr. gennosuke.

I have read all your combat logs.

I'm honored.

We can't do much, but the joint force top officials being here will pressure hell.

A high-speed flying object.

Visually confirmed. Showing image.

This is...

Mazinger z!

Hey! That's!

Huh? Why?!

Right? Mazinger melted down in the museum...

Didn't you know? That was a replica.


Guys, that's a bad example so don't follow suit.

Where to?

I'll go apologize as a responsible adult.

Better to come forward before being told to.

Oh well... it's all for love.

"Gynecology" okay, inhale slowly...

Baby's heart rate declining.

Prepare emergency transport. Yes, doctor.

Have a nicu doctor ready. Right away.

Inhale, inhale, exhale...


Here they come.

Boss, they're swarming in!

Do it, docs!


Photon power 3D printer, switch on!

Here you go!


Now, here we go!

Boss robot ultra shoot!


Take it seriously!

Sorry dudes.

Take 2. There!



Here goes!

Smack! Boss robot number one spike!




Round and round!


Butt attack!



Keep going!

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Boss, no time for that.

Oopsie Daisy...

They're too big a league to beat.

Boss! Nuke! Mucha!

Don't forget we're a diversion!

We know that!

Run with style! That's it!

Catch me if you can! Spank, spank!

You fool! Boo! Come on!

More incoming!

Okay, run!


Great! A full house!

What's that?


Just as planned!

But still!

Breast missile!

You are...

Come, come, courage!

Guardian of the fighters!

Joint force idol unit,

mazin girls!

12km to the entrance. Not many kikaiju detected.

Boss has done well. Let's end this!

We've no time for you! We're in a hurry!

The entrance!

Scrander cut!

Mazinger z!

What is going on?

Well, uh...

Pilot identified!

Koji kabuto! It's koji kabuto!


Excuse me.

Sayaka yumi, director of new photon power laboratory.

Sayaka... yumi?

I'm here to explain.

No enemy in the shaft.

Do it.



What did you talk about with Sayaka?

About goragon, this plan...


Other stuff. That's all.


It's not because of you.


Kikaiju detected!

Here they come!

I'll show you your place!

Now, jump!

Rocket punch!


Damn it!

Mazin kick!

Photon power beam!

Eat that!

Breast fire!



They've been reinforced for sure.

I won't hold back!

Take this!

Iron cutter!

Drill missile!

Fire frozen beam!

Missile punch!

Southern cross knife!

Iron cutter!

Go down already!

Scrander off!


You all die! Drill missile!

Damn, I won't lose!

Rocket punch!


A wheel for a wheel! Giant swing rocket punch!

Here! Scrander cutter!




All fire!

Scrander cut!


Glad you came, mazinger z!

This will be your grave!

Ashura and brocken! You monsters!

I've no time for you!

Southern cross knife!

Stay alert, ashura!

I know! Don't lag behind!

Ashura p1 bust teedle!

Crap! Rocket punch!

No good!

Iron crossed gas!

You flying head!

After him! Brocken t9!

Eat this!


Got you!

Baron ashura, not so fast!


Not yet!

Got you!

My killer move, ashura press! I'll squash you, koji kabuto!

Get off me!

Okay, I'll end him!

Do it, brocken!

Hold him down. Iron crossed drill!


Pilder off!

Eat this!

You moron!


Pilder on!

Where's my body?

Scrander cut!

Scrander remote control recovered.

Alright! I'll end this!

Mazin power!

Rocket punch!

Scrander cross!

Ugh! So gross!

Get off, you slowpoke!

I'll skewer youl!

Be gone together! Rust hurricane!

Damn you, koji kabuto!

Here I come!

If the one to possess the power deems this world unworthy of existence, the whole world can be replaced.

It can be a god or a demon.

External input slot confirmed! Entering range!

3..2..1...1 launch multi-pull anchor!


Great unlock program install, complete.

Start access. Ready for purge.

Purge! Purging!


I've been waiting, koji kabuto!

Great marshal of hell! No... Dr. hell!

Your outrageous plan ends here!

Shut it!

How was the temporary peace? Wasn't it boring?

Not at all!

Always looking for a reason to fight?

You think as an adult, you need a reason to fight.

But by nature, you're on our side.

Wasn't fighting itself fun? Fighting for peace?

Peace is attractive when you don't have it.

Remember your old self.

You were more imprudent, simple, straightforward and strong.

Give up on humanity already!

You're not looking for slight happiness, are you?

Shut up!

Bring it, Dr. hell!

Come, koji kabuto!

I see, you're the original key.

Iron cutter!

Photon power beam! Hell beam!

Hell hurricane!

Hell thunder!

Iron... cutter!

Iron claw!

Beam boomerang!

Drill missile!

Dissolving bullet!

Damn! Southern cross knife!

What the...! Chogokin new z...


Go to hell!

It's over.

Die in vain together with this world!

What the...?


We cut all connection to great!

Thanks, shiro!

You've grown strong.

The joint force will give its full support to mazinger z!

How impudent!




Let's go!


Ready, shiro?


Breast fire!

Breast burn!

Thunder break!

Goragon count stopped!

We did it!

If you surrender, we'll take you as prisoner!

You think you won?

Too late!

Goragon count resumed!


Great's key code is backed up on the Baton of bados.

That means...

I can now completely control this.

Let goragon begin!

Is this a neighboring dimension?

Yes, visually enhanced for you to process.

It's almost like heaven... or is it hell...

Are we dead?

No, it's not like that.

A world where all exists and nothing exists.

All verbose again.

That big light is infinity's mazin kernel, so its soul.

That's Dr. hell's...

Yes, infinity is now under the complete control of hell.

Next to it are the mazin kernel of z and great.

This is?

They are each a potential universe.

Potential universe?

Not the universe we live in, but an egg of a universe that may have become one.

Mostly under infinity's control due to goragon activation.

Hands off!

I'm here at fuji plant city. Opening tomorrow...

This is?

Don't stand around and sit down.

The baby's not yours.

Uh, right...

Will it look more like jun or tetsuya?

I remember when you were born.

Catching a nurse every minute asking how it's going.

I was so embarrassed when I heard.

Dad was? No way!


What? What's wrong?

Is that the baby? It's here? Right, mom?

Yes, and tetsuya barely made it in time.

Is this a dream?

No, this is the world of possibility...

Sensors, all out!

Check with your eyes!

Engine, emergency stop!

Multiples cracks in the vessel!


End of the universe?


I'm sorry.

It's fine.


It's fine.


Don't worry. I'm still in the neighboring dimension.

What're you doing?!

I'll serve as the key to hack into infinity.

Into infinity?

I'm analyzing infinity's kernel now.

If this space is unstable due to goragon, maybe the same power can be bestowed on z.


We can't free infinity from hell's control, but may counter...

You mean... no way!

Tell me one thing!


Is this world worthwhile?


Hell asked me earlier.

"Is this world worthwhile?"

Although there are a lot of crappy things, but still...

I still...

I Cherish this world as is.


I feel the same.

Copy that, master!

I'll support to maintain the current operation.

This is our last chance! Go all out!

No way... that's...

Look at that!

Mazinger z has enlarged!

What's happening?

No way! What just happened?

Sensors restored. Space mutation around mazinger z!

Is that an illusion?

No, that's all real.

Z's photon power energy has materialized and taken form!

Degenerate matter surface temperature at 107 k.

Sending such unstable yet immense energy pin-point to...

Who would do that?

Could it be?!

When strong energy like photon power accumulates, the boundary between our two dimensions becomes unstable.

That can be used to convert energy into substance.

It's just a theory.

It's too absurd to take seriously.


Take this!

Shut up!

That's it, mazinger z?

Giant mazinger z is overpowered by infinity!

Not enough photon power...

Not enough to beat infinity.



Tetsuya! Shiro!

I'll send your photon power to z! Over here!


Release photon power energy!


Release photon power energy!

All lights out!

Well done.

Turning the light off helps him?

Yeah, he's risking his life.

We should at least do what we can.

Photon power offered from multiple countries!

Offers from the private sector, too. Sending energy in photon power.


The people around the world are sending photon power...

The support of everyone on this planet...

I truly appreciate it.

Mazin go!

Photon power transfer complete! Fist output 5.67 billion %! Ready!

I received all the photon power on this planet!

Eat this, iron fist!

Rocket punch!

That is...

The true power of mazin.



Sorry, I thought I could do better.

What's this?!

Did I look good in the uniform?

Lisa, that means...

That's a potential world you chose, master.

But I may have selected the same.

"Entrance ceremony"

I get the idea of what having a family is like.


I strongly feel this world is worth living in.

Same here.

Let's meet again.



Thank you...

So goragon wasn't Dr. hell's new weapon, but a natural phenomenon?


We suspect it was an overlap of parallel multiverses.

Some claim the concentrated use of photon power created a portal which allowed for Dr. hell's return.

Isn't it safer to use thermal, hydro and nuclear powers?

That's right!

Photon power is dangerous...


Humanity does not have the power to overcome all adversities.

We're such small beings.

I learned that this time.

Not just humanity.

This planet, this universe are vulnerable.

That's why we make mistakes and yet...

Need to move on learning from those mistakes.

In short...

We'll do better next time.

Don't be ridiculous!

"Jun koji aw..."

"Koji awake! Call everyone after the press conference. Sorry!"

How much longer?

Approx. 6 min. To destination.

Switch off auto drive mode?

Not yet.



I'm glad.

Sorry I had you worried.

It's fine.

And... um...

Will you hear me out?


You know... I had something to tell you after the battle...



let's have a baby.

What're you saying in front of everyone?!

No, I mean...


"The sky I saw with you"

"so far, so blue"

"I'm still looking for it"

"that same sky"

"it was rain"

"I learned that with you"

"it was a rainbow"

"I learned that with you"

"so beautiful the world that day"

"tell me your love tell me your heart"

"one more time, oh"

"tell me your love tell me tomorrow"

"the sky I saw with you"


"If it's possible..."

"In my arms again"

"tell me your love tell me your heart"

"i will never let you go again, oh"

"tell me your love tell me tomorrow"

"in my heart"


"The sky I saw with you"

"so far, so blue"