Measure of a Man (2018) Script

I hated summer vacation.

For me, it wasn't about anticipation, it was about preparation.

While everyone else prepared to bare all, I had to look for ways to hide.

There you go, Champ.

My dad told us he lived the full year for our vacation at Rumson Lake.

A summer of "rest and relaxation."

# The mountain is high

# The valley is low

# And you're confused On which way to go

# So I've come here To give you a hand

# And lead you Into the promised land

# Come on and take A free ride free ride Don't do that. It's my turn.

# Come on Let's take a free ride Do we have any snacks in the car?

No! You want to be adults, then act like adults, but you act like...

I'm acting like an adult.

Firstly, you don't even act like teenagers.

Excuse me... Oh, my God, shut up!

Like I said: I hated summer.

# All over the country

# I've seen it the same

# Nobody's winning At this kind of game Everybody grab something.

Oh, my gosh... that took forever!

Oh man, they should put wheels on these.

Bobby Marks to Joanie Williams.

Come in, Joanie Williams.

Joanie, you there?

Damn it.

Bobby Marks?

You're there.

We had dinner at the Campbells.

It was so dull.

And this is the spoon Napoleon used to feed caviar to his cat.


I wanted to grab her poetry and throw it on the fire.

Oh, God, not the poetry.

- Yeah. Well, don't worry.

Your summer's about to get a lot better.


See you tomorrow night.

In this scenario, you're the mother.

I'll arrange my classes around Bobby's schedule.

It's gonna be fine. And what if you can't?

What if Bobby gets sick? Are you just gonna skip class?

What's your plan, Lenore? If Bobby gets sick, I will stay home and nurse him...

My parents didn't used to argue much.

Until my mom got involved with the Women's Movement and decided to go to law school.

Because they're just visiting.

Why do we have to... Oh, hi, baby.

Good morning. Good morning.

Are you hungry? Oh, yeah.

Is that mine?

The shirt... Oh, I bought him that.

Are you sure? It's too big for him.

Yes, I am sure. Yeah?

It just kinda makes him look bigger.

Well, he'll grow into it.

That's what I'm afraid of, right.

It's comfortable.

I'm sure it is comfortable, but you know... it's like a tent.

You look lost in it. Morning.

Morning, beautiful. Hi, honey.

How you doing? I'm good.

Happy first day of summer!

Do you want some breakfast?

I made everything I can think of.

I'm so excited for this morning.

I have to go to orientation and they'll probably have food there or something.

Really? Yeah.

Oh, honey... Yeah, I have to go.

I'm saying good morning and goodbye.

Love you guys. Bye.

You need to eat more. Love you too.

I'll eat.

Just make sure you get something.

What's your plan? Are you gonna go to Mohawk and join your sister or are you gonna go to one of the others?

What are you thinking?

These are your favorite.

Actually, I wasn't planning on going to any camps this year.

Excuse me?

Didn't I mention it? I thought I did.

Uh, no, you didn't mention it.

You didn't mention it because... it's actually not up to you to make those decisions, chief.

I mean, you can't hang out here all summer bothering your mother.

She's got more important things to do than look after you.

Marty... You're going to camp, mister.

And if you don't choose one, I will.


I'm going to go eat on the porch.

Let's have a good summer.

Eat some fruit. Huge test.

Fresh air! It's why we're here.

Hey, we'll talk about it later, okay.


Let's just enjoy our breakfast, you and me.

Like a date.

Kind of. It's weird. Uh, no.

Okay, sorry. That's weird, yeah.


Been here long, Joanie Williams?

Heh. Since they opened, Bobby Marks.

Oh. Here. Help me finish my lemonade.

Let me make one thing clear:

Joanie Williams was not my girlfriend.



Yeah. Right.

Well, I know you better than you know yourself and something's up with you.

But we talked about everything together.

Come on. Let's go have some fun.

I think the only thing we didn't talk about was the size of her nose and the size of my waist.

So, what do you want to do first?

Um, why don't we try that one?

Really? Mr. Conceited is running it.

Bobby Marks, are you jealous? Heh.

We got some last-minute gamblers?

Yeah. Step on up.

There's plenty of room at the wheel of fortune.

Feeling lucky tonight?

Yeah. Yeah.

Go ahead and make your bets.

Everyone loved Pete Marino.

Especially Pete Marino.

That's a very good bet.


Round and round the wheel goes.

Where it stops, nobody knows.

Fourteen... Oh, my God!

We have a winner! Oh, my God. Okay.

You're the first big winner of the night.

Really? Okay. Yeah.

Uh, take your pick.

Heh. Um... that one.

That one it is.

Here you go, lucky lady.

Thank you. It's beautiful.

Are we going to have to lug that around all night?

Well, I don't mind watching him back here, but, um, it might be better for business if you carried him around for a bit.

Yeah. We're happy to help you in any way we can, so...


Isn't he just adorable? Heh.

Did he have something caught in his eye or something?

Maybe we should send over a doctor.

Also, wasn't there some sort of dress code or something?

I mean, if not, there should be.

Do you think he owns any clothes that actually fit him?

Hey, let's go this way.

Bobby Marks?

Joanie Williams?

We're going back to the city tomorrow.


We just got here. Why?

I, I don't know.

For how long? A few weeks.

Maybe a month.

Maybe. A month?

Maybe. We don't know yet.


Look, wait. You don't have to go.

You can stay with us.

You can have my room and I'll sleep on the couch.

No, I have to go too.

Why? Just because.

That's not an answer. Just tell me why.

Don't be so pushy. Jeez.

You're going to miss the fireworks.

They're gonna be huge this year.

Are you trying to make it worse?


Sorry, it's... Well, you know...

I know. But you know what, you're gonna find something to do.

And it's gonna be fine.

Like what? Like, why don't you get a job?


There's always postings on the bulletin board.

Yeah. For baby-sitting.

Or gardening.

You could do something like that.

Uh, okay. C'mon.

I don't know.

I mean, it's pretty hard work.

And besides, who would hire me when there's, you know, older kids around?

You look older. Hold this.


You're not gonna find anything.

"Boy needed for maintaining large estate on Rumson Lake.

Two dollars per hour."

You could totally do that.

I. No.

Heh. Yeah. We're gonna call.

Come on.

Uh, hold on, wait, no. No, we're not calling.

Call. No, I don't want to call.


'Cause I don't want to do the job, okay?

Watch your fingers.

He probably thinks it's food.

There was a time when Willie Rumson's family owned the whole lake.

for nearly killing some guy in a fight.

That's a very nice bear you got there, little girl.

Let's go. Call.

No. Come on.

The wicked witch gave you an order, little dough boy.

You'd better obey or she'll get you... and your little dog too.

Don't you point that nose at me.

Thing might be fricking loaded!

Hey, Rummy.

Time to get going.

It's a free country, Wop.

Yeah, well, the club is members only.

No townie trash, so, uh...

That's not nice. Heh.

This place sucks anyway, Willie.

Your shirt's really small, man.

Put the cigarettes out.

I'm pretty sure they sell men's sizes in town...

Listen, man, don't worry about those losers, all right?

Promise me you'll call.

Okay. Fine. I'll call.

Thank you.

I wish you lots of luck, Bobby Marks.

And I'll be back in a few weeks, so...

I promise.

Muah. Heh.


You are the boy who telephoned about the job?

Uh, yes, sir.

Robert Marks.

You walked here.

I like a boy with enterprise.

How old are you?


Speak up, boy.

Seventeen. Seventeen?

Have you done this sort of work before?

Uh... no, sir.

Not yet.

Well then, I don't think you're right for the job.

It's not easy work and this is not a small property.

Oh. Uh, okay...

That is it?


You're not going to fight for it, for the job?

Uh... I don't understand.

You want the job, yes?

Then you should not acquiesce and accept my no as the final no.

You should try to convince me otherwise.

Convince you?


Uh. Well, I'm sure I can do this job, sir, if you just give me a chance...

I don't have time to train a boy with no skills.

Oh. Um...

Well, uh, I learn really quick.

Quickly. And all my teachers say I'm bright and a good worker.

No. "Quickly" is the adverb modifying the verb "to learn".

"I learn quickly." Begin again.

Uh, all my teachers say that I'm bright and a good worker.

You won't regret for a moment hiring me.


Much better.

A local?

Uh, no, we summer here.

My experience with the locals has been less than satisfactory.

Very well.

You will work Monday to Friday, nine to three, with half an hour for lunch, which you will provide for yourself.

Under no conditions are you to go into the house.

The job pays two dollars per hour.

I pay well and expect you to earn every penny of it.

Seventeen, you say?


Nine o'clock.


Robert, is it?

Here we go.



Let me check my inventory.

I'm not sure I have enough.

Why? Did you eat it all yourself?

Just give me a cone, will ya? Dipped.

So, is your brother putting on another show?

When isn't he?

Yeah, yeah, Pete. You've got muscles.

How original.

You wouldn't catch me strutting around with my shirt off like that. Heh.

Heh, I hope not.

Oh. No... I mean, if I were like him.

If I had muscles.

Well, that's obviously nothing you need to worry about.

Hey, Bobby.

That was the best part.


Hey, jeez. I didn't do it on purpose.

I'll just buy you another one.

You don't have to be a baby about it.

I'm not being a baby. You are being a baby.

Oh, no. Can I have a lemonade, please?

Hey, big guy.

How's that bear working out for you?

Uh, it's not mine. It's Joanie's.

Joanie your girlfriend?


I was hoping you weren't his girlfriend.

Uh. Ew.

She's my sister.

Michelle. Hi.

Pete. Pete Marino.

And I didn't mean that in the "Bond, James Bond" sort of way.

Well you would have had to say, "Marino, Pete Marino" to do that, but.

Wait, as in the Marinos that run this place?

The same.

Oh. You knew that.

So, am I going to be seeing you around the club this summer?

Yeah. Weekends. I'm working at Mohawk Hill.

I'm a camp counselor.

Very nice.

Heh. Oh, come on.

Don't you have someplace to be?

Um... no, I don't.

Why don't you go play with Joanie?

Play? I don't play anymore.

And besides, she left.

Those two are literally joined at the hip.

I think growing up they even shared the same diapers.

Yeah, well, at least I wasn't still wearing them when I was six.

She was a bed wetter.

Hey! Get out of here, Booby.

Gladly, Mush-Hell.

Ignore him. I'm pretty sure he was dropped on his head at birth.

Ha-ha. Very funny, Michelle.

Anyway, um, I have much better muscle control now.

# Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Why is it special? This is 200th birthday.

And I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Everybody's together.

We got to thinking about someplace for the bicentennial and this seemed like the only place to come.

We came out here to see all the different exhibits.

And I've been trying all the different food.

Getting a little nauseous.

And everybody's so friendly.

Feet off the couch, please. Ahem.

Lenore, should I go ahead and get the BBQ started?

Sure. Yeah.

So I need the lighter fluid, matches and the charcoal.

Fantastic fireworks. Bobby, here, take this outside and help your dad.

We're eating outside? Yeah.

I thought we would. It's such a pretty night.

Now, have you picked a camp yet?

I. I actually got a job.

Really? A job?

Doing what?

Just cutting some grass and stuff.

You know, nothing special.


Dr. Kahn's, up at the north end of the lake.

Sure. Go ahead.

Can't seem to get you to cut the grass around here.

But go ahead, cut somebody else's.

Marty. Right?



I thought Dad would be happy that I got a job.

Me too.

Well, I want to meet this doctor.

I want to see where my little boy is spending his days.

Mom, believe me, I'm not your little boy anymore.

Honey, it's just a phase.

You'll grow out of it.

I, uh... Don't set a place for me.

I gotta get back to the city.

I've got a work emergency. What?!

We just got here. I know.

Believe... I'm very sorry.

If I leave right now I can just catch the last train.

Bobby, I'll see you when I get back, okay, chief?

Be a good boy. Do you want to come with us?

I'm... I'm good.

Okay. Well, there's, uh, potato salad in the fridge if you want to tide me over. Okay?

What about the meat?

Put it in the fridge, honey.


# This is for All the lonely people

# Thinking that life Has passed them by

# Don't give up until You drink from the silver cup The car's gone. Where are the folks?


Mom took Dad to the train station.

Um, something about something at work.


You did not see me.

I called from camp and I said that I was having dinner with all the other counselors.


You know I don't lie, Michelle.

This whole "I'm not gonna lie anymore" thing, it's getting a little old.

It's about time you grew up.

Hey, I'm grown up.

Mm-hmm. Bye!


# Well, I'm on my way Back home

# This is for all The lonely people

# Thinking that life Has passed them by

# Don't give up until You drink from the silver cup

# And never take you down Or never give you up It is 9:02.

You are late, Robert.

You will work until 3:02. Understood?

Before you begin, you must check the gas and the oil.

There's more supplies in there.

And confirm that the blades are in satisfactory condition.

Now, if you hit a stone and chip them, then they need to be re-sharpened.

And the cost of that will come out of your pay.


Words, Robert.


Yes, sir.

Very well. Begin.

No, no, no! Stop, stop.

I've found that, with this machine, it works better if you counterbalance the pull.

There you go.

Uh, Dr. Kahn?

Dr. Kahn?

How... How should I cut it?

I beg your pardon?

Side to side or up and down?

That is entirely up to you.


# Sunshine go away today

# I don't feel much Like dancin'

# Some man's gone and He's tried to run my life

# I don't know what He's askin'

# Well he tells me I'd better get in line

# I can't hear what

# He's sayin'

# When I grow up I'm gonna make it mine

# These ain't dues I've been payin'

# Well how much does it cost?

# I'll buy it

# The time is all we've lost

# I'll try it

# He can't even run His own life

# I'll damned If he'll run mine

# Sunshine

# Sunshine go away today

# I don't feel much Like dancin'

# Some man's gone and He's tried to run my life Everything under control, Robert?

# I don't know what He's askin'

Just getting gas.

# Well how much does it cost?

# I'll buy it

# The time is all we've lost

# I'll try it

# And he can't even run His own life

# I'll damned If he'll run mine

What do you call this?

I call it unacceptable.

You will re-do this tomorrow.

Nine o'clock.



Dinner's going to be late tonight, but you can fix yourself a snack to tide you over if you want.



I think that was the first time I'd ever missed a meal.

I was late the next morning.

But this time I went prepared.


I'm sorry I'm late, Dr. Kahn.

There was a slight technical malfunction with my alarm.

Uh, I know that's not an excuse...

Not a good one.

But I'm willing to make it up to you and I promise it won't happen again.

Well, it's too late. The job is mine.

I did not say that.

You can't let him do it.

It's my job, Doc.

I mean, look at this kid.

I-I'll fix it. On my dime.

I-I'll do better. I promise.

Oh, listen to him beg, Doc.

What I'm hearing is someone who is willing to take responsibility.

Your lack of which is why I had to hire your replacement here in the first place.

At least I know what I'm doing.

Good day, William.

This is your second chance, Robert.

Unlike baseball batters, you do not get a third.

That afternoon I cut the grass like it was every thin person I'd ever met.

What am I going to do with you? Oh, jeez.


How can I justify paying you top dollar when you work so slowly?

You do want this job, don't you?

Words, Robert.

Yes, sir, I do.

Given your limited abilities, I can allow you to continue... strictly on a trial basis, of course... but I can only pay you one dollar per hour.

I think that's very reasonable, don't you?

Yes, sir.

Tomorrow morning.

9:00 a. m.


By the end of the week, Dr. Kahn had rehired some extra help.

I didn't know if it was some sort of test, but this time I didn't feel like running away from a challenge.

This time I had something to prove.

Looks like you're still doing my job.

And I want it back.

I got you.

The waste goes in the compost.

See ya.

You're still here?


Just finishing up.

Uh, what would you like me to do next?

Sweep the porch, wash the trash cans, clean the gutters.

Look around you.

A man who's worth what he's paid uses some initiative.

Yes, sir.


Hey, what are you doing?! I'm up here!

Come on...


What are you doing in here?

I, uh...

Did I not instruct you to never come into this house?

Uh, the ladder fell out.

I was stuck on the roof and I couldn't get down.

Ladders don't fall of their own accord.

What have you got there?

Uh, I cleaned out the gutters and I...

I didn't want to drop 'em on your flowers.

Well, you're definitely slow, but you are conscientious and that is something I can appreciate.

It's the end of your week. Come.

There you are.

Thirteen dollars and fifty cents for the week.

Go ahead. Count it.

It's all there.


Oh, the accounting?

Uh, well, Monday, you worked five and a half hours at two dollars per hour.

That's $11.

But you chipped the blades and the re-sharpening cost $14.

So that means at the end of Monday you owed me three dollars.

Tuesday, according to our agreement, you did not get paid because you had to re-do Monday's work.

I'm pretty sure that some minimum wage or child labor laws are being broken here. the new rate of one dollar per hour.

But it was the first money I'd ever made.

Ah, did you quit my job yet?

Look at me.

You and your kind come up here for two months a year and you act like it's yours, but it ain't.

It's got your name on it, Willie.

That's right, Dougie.

My great-grandpa... he owned all this.

So, I get to decide what's what around here.

What you got there?


Heh. Well, it doesn't look like nothing.

Come on, hey. No...

That's it?

That old kike is ripping you off, boy.

Hey. Didn't I say it was my job?

Well, that would make it my money. Right?

Well, do you have a problem with that?

Hold up, hold up.

Uncle Hank.

What you got here, Willie?

This delinquent was trying to throw a rock through my windshield. No! No, I wasn't!

Didn't your folks ever tell you not to throw stones?

What's your name?

Robert Marks.

Summer people?

Seems like all my problems are caused by summer people.

Well, that's exactly what I was saying to the guys.

Yeah. Coming up here with your big city attitudes and bothering all the locals who don't cause me any problems all year.

No, I... That's right.

It's all about I, I, I, me, me, me with you people, isn't it? Well, the next time I catch you harassing the locals, I'm going to have to call your folks so they can come bail you out of jail.

You understand?

All I hear is your brains rattling around in that fat head of yours.

I asked you if you understand.

Yes, sir. Good.

Now get out of here.

Hey, sleepyhead.

You slept through another dinner.

I'm starting to really worry about you.

I got up and ate something last night.

Besides, you don't have to worry about me.

I'm not a kid anymore.

I'm always gonna worry about you.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

When I close my eyes and I think about you, I still see you as this tiny, pink, pudgy baby who's struggling to get his fat little fingers to work the way he wants 'em to.

And then I open my eyes and I see this big kid where my little pink baby was.

And I think... what have I done wrong?

Can I put him back?

No. That's not how it works, Mom.

You sure everything's okay with you?

Yeah, I'm sure.

You'd tell me if it wasn't, wouldn't you?

What about Dad?


I'm kidding.

He's staying in the city.

He has a big project at work.


What about you, Mom?

Are you sure everything's okay with you?

You'd tell me if it wasn't, wouldn't you?

Well then, I don't have anything else to say...


What's up?

What's going on with Mom and Dad?

What do you mean?

Are they getting a divorce or something?

They've been arguing a lot more.

Parents argue. Don't worry about it.

Why do people think saying, "Don't worry" is going to keep anyone from worrying?

What do you want me to say?

That it's gonna to be okay.

It's gonna to be okay.

Now, why don't I believe you?

Do you think Dad's having an affair?

Don't say that.

It's possible.

Where do you get this stuff, huh?

Mark Taylor's dad started getting "busy" at work and it turned out he was, you know, getting "busy" with a secretary.

Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Dad's not like that.

Well, something's up or else Mom wouldn't have left for the city.


Wait, for how long?


Do you have any plans tonight?

Some TV, I guess.

Probably just sacking out early.


Listen, if Mom calls and I'm not back yet, just tell her I'm asleep, okay?

We're here again?

You did it before.

# Get it down get it down Down boy Soul Train, the hippest trip in America.

Sixty non-stop minutes across the tracks of your mind, into the exciting world of soul!

With guest stars:

The Emotions...

Maze, featuring Frankie Beverly...

And the "Soul Train" dancers.

# You're too hot to trot Now baby

# Now you're Too hot to stop

# Whoo baby

# Now you're too hot to trot Now baby

# Now you're too hot To stop

# Whoo baby

# The things that you do

# The things that you say

# That you love me baby

# Sweet pretty woman

# I just want you to know

# That I love you

# Oh I love you love you baby

# My head is spinnin'

# With what You're doin' to me

# Girl I want you Girl I love you

# Ooh I love what you're Doin' to me s...

Is it okay if we don't?

I-I-I'm sorry, but it matters.

Come on, you want this.


Ah, jeez. What are you doing here?

Oh, uh. Me?!

Let me help you. No. Don't touch me.

No. Don't touch me.

Whoa. Come on... Don't touch my sister!

Bobby! Bobby!

Everything is just so easy for you, huh?

You don't know what it's like for the rest of us.

You, and your... your "this"...

And your great abs.

You got great muscles, huh.

No one cares, okay.

And your stupid, "Oh, spin the wheel" blah.


Um... Hey, let's go home. No.

We should go home. No, I got it.

I wanna tell you some more crap...

All right, all right. No. No.

Don't touch me. Bobby, stop. Bobby.

We're gonna go home, okay.

What's wrong with you? Let's go, come on.

We can hang out at home. Oh yeah, and your bears!

You and your goddamn bears! Let's go home.

And for the record, the hip thing is mandatory, okay!

Shut up! We can... We can...

I hate that bear! What bear?

Fricking bear he gave to Joanie.

I can't believe you embarrassed me like that.

Heh. Embarrassed you? I saved you.

You saved me? Yeah. You were struggling.

Oh, what do you know about it?

I know he's all David Cassidy and stuff, but there's something about that guy I don't like.

Oh, okay.

Oh God, I'm sorry.

It's fine.

It's cool.

Uh, that's, that's...

That's really gross. That's really gross.

It's the rum and Coke. Mm-hmm.

# In the chilly hours And minutes

# Of uncertainty

# I want to be

# In the warm hold Of your loving mind Jeez.

# To feel you all around me

# And to take your hand Along the sand

# Ah, but I may as well try And catch the wind

# When sundown pales the sky

# I want to hide a while Behind your smile

# And everywhere I'd look Your eyes I'd find

# For me to love you now We are gathered here today to honor the life of... this bird.

Yay, tho it flew through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, it feared no evil.

It feared no window either, which proved to be its undoing.

If anyone knows of anything of why this bird cannot lawfully be buried at sea... I mean lake... speak now or forever hold your peace.

By the power vested in me by the State of New York, I now pronounce you deceased.



Joanie Williams?

Bobby Marks?

You, you sound different.

I fell asleep reading and just woke up.

Why are you calling? Are you okay?

Uh, right. Uh, yeah there was just this cool thing with this bird.

A dove, I think. And...

Well, it died, but I guess it didn't really die.

Because, well...

Bobby? Is that you?

Mrs. Williams?

I thought I heard the phone ring.

I got it, Mom.

Does your mother know you're calling long distance, Bobby?

Uh, no. I didn't really think...

Don't be long, dear, okay.

I need to make a call.


What were you saying?



I just... I wanted to say that I, um...

I mean, I mean, have you...

What I'm trying to say is, um...

She's back.


My mom.

She's signaling me off the phone.

But, um, I'll be back soon.


Um, okay.


Hey, well, look who it is.

Take a hike, Rummy.

What'd you say to me?

Willie, don't. Leave it, man.

He's a kid. Come on.

No. He can't talk to me like that.

You went to Vietnam over a bar fight.

You hit a kid, you're going to prison.

No, I went to Vietnam because I bit that asshole's ear off.

No, this one is too fatty.


Look at him when he's talking to you.

Hey, hey, hey...


Fuck's sake, man.

Come on, boy!

Put him in the boat! Put him in the boat!

Put him in the boat!

Come on, now.

Throw you in that boat!

Get him in the boat! This is gonna be fun.

Come on! Get him in there, Dougie!

Come on!

We're almost there. No, no, no, come on.

Get in the boat! Get in!

Come on, you guys.

Let's go!

Come on. Come on.

Bring him out here, Jim.

Come on, give me him.

There he is.



You heard what I said.


Uh-uh. No way.

Ah, you heard him!

Come on! Come on, boy!

No, no! Get his shirt.

No... Whoo!

Oh, stop. Stay still!

Get your shoes off.

Stop fightin'!

Ehh, come on!

Whoo! Look at that!

Take it all off.

No... Ever see titties like that?!

Come on, boy!

Come on. Come on! Stop!

Okay, last part!


Holy shit! They're Granny's panties!

Where you going, boy? Huh?

I wanna hear you oink like a pig.


I want you to oink like a pig!

No... I can't hear you!

Oink like a pig!

That's it!

Now I want to hear it again. Oink like a pig, boy!

I love it!

Grab his clothes.

Stay down!

You have a good night, okay.

Get it all?

Leave him.

Cover yourself up, lard ass! Whoo!

You good?

Look at that ass right there!

I'll see you later, fatty.


Get away from me.

You okay?

Look, I'm gonna take you back, you have to promise not to tell anybody about what happened last night.

Look at you.

You won't make it back.

And I can't have that on my conscience.

And Willie, he's just, you know...

He doesn't have a conscience.

He hasn't had it so easy.

Ah, jeez!


Mom, what are you doing back already?


What happened to your face?

What did you do? Oh. Oh...

Um, a branch. At work. I walked into it.

It's fine.

Did you put some ice on it?

No. Hold on.

How was the city?

Uh, you know, it's... hot.

Empty, which is nice.

So, Dad's okay?

He's fine.

What's he doing?

Some project at work.

I didn't get the details.

Where's Michelle?

Still sleeping, I guess.

Really? She's not in her bed.

Oh, right. Um, ahem.

Well, I... Uh, she...

Oh yeah, I forgot, she had to go to some early counselor thing today.

Speak of the devil. Hey, you're back... from that early counselors meeting.

That was quick.

Yeah. Yeah, it was. Heh.

Michelle... Mm-hmm...

How was your meeting? It was great!

What time did it start? -7:30.


That's such a lie, and you know it.

No, it's not, Mom. Yes. Michelle...

If it isn't Ali himself.

Yeah, sorry about that.

That from your wrestling match with the chair?

Uh. No.


Yeah, look, you might want to get out of here.


Too bad.


Say, can I...

Can I bum a ride?

I'll be late for work otherwise.

That Willie Rumson ever give you any more trouble?

Willie? Rumson?

Yeah, that skid from the carnival who was picking on you and your girlfriend.

Joanie's not my girlfriend.

Anyway, that guy.

No. Why?

He used to beat me up when I was your age.

I was still pretty new around here.

And this place doesn't like new.

His gang jumped me one night and laid into me pretty good.

But you're not afraid of him now.

My older brother Vinnie... you meet him?

He brought some friends home from college and we cleaned out the Rummies but good.

They haven't messed with a Marino since.

Can I ask you a question, sir?

Have you ever been bullied?

Why do you ask?

There's this guy who doesn't seem to like me very much.

I don't know why. I haven't done anything.

Not really anyway.

But, but then there's Pete... you know, from the beach club... and he said that that guy bullied him too.

So, he got his brother to beat up the guy and now the guy leaves him alone, so...

I got to wondering, what if Pete's right?

What if the only way to deal with a bully is to get someone bigger and stronger to deal with them for you.

But, then I wondered, if that's right, what if there isn't someone bigger and stronger?

What if...

What if the bully is the biggest and the strongest?

Does he always get to win?

That is quite a lot to wonder.

The advice one proffers in these situations invariably says more about the person giving the advice than what is actually the right thing to do.

Turn the other cheek.


Get allies.

Fight back.

The difficulty lies in knowing what is the best strategy in any given situation.

So, how do you know?

You don't.



I'm sorry?

Yes, I have been bullied.

By some of the best.

Some of the worst.

The only thing I can tell you with any certainty, Robert, is that you will spend the rest of your life wondering what the right approach would have been, if you now suspect that you've chose the wrong one.

One second.


Wow. Heh.

Okay, who do you think is going to get the drunkest... and don't say me.

Hi! Oh, thank you for bringing this.

Listen, I'm having a mini crisis in the kitchen.

Can you give me a hand? Sure.

Six weeks away, and I throw a party on our first day back?

I don't know what I was thinking.

Well, I'm glad you did.

It's a lovely tradition.

Hello, Bobby Marks.

Hey, Joanie Williams?

So, what do you think? Heh.

You, you don't like it.

No. No, no, no, I...

It's just different, is all, I mean...

It's... fine.

I mean, my mom told me that some people would be like this.

But, um, you don't have to like it, because I do and that's all that matters.

Oh, no, I do like it.

It looks good.


Cross my heart, bra.

So, um, when did you decide to do it?

My mother looked into it actually, but didn't tell me until recently.

But apparently you can't get your nose done until it stops growing, and I don't think mine could have gotten any bigger, so...

You never told me.

What was there to say?

I mean, it's a pretty big thing.

It was a big thing. But now it's not.

Okay, look, I wanted to surprise you.

Surprise. Heh.

So, why did you do it?

You mean surprise you?

No, get the nose job.

Heh. Because I was ugly.


Joanie, come here. Yeah...

I have to show you my beautiful daughter.

I love it. You do?

Joanie and I had grown up being the ones on the edge of everything.

It never mattered so much being Pluto and Neptune in the universe of popularity, because we were out there together.

Suddenly, she was shining from the center, and it looked pretty far from where I sat.

She did great.

She was a real trooper through it all.

# The changing of sunlight

# To moonlight

# Reflections of my life

# Oh, how they fill my eyes

# The greetings Of people

# In trouble

# Reflections of my life

# Oh, how they fill my eyes

# Oh, my sorrows

# Sad tomorrows

# Take me back

# To my own home Joanie Williams to Bobby Marks.

You forgot to say goodbye before you left.

Probably because I was so busy.

It was like a coming out party, or a sweet sixteen.

I couldn't get a moment to myself.

Or with you.

Are you there, Bobby?

Good night, Bobby Marks.

Good night, Joanie Williams.

# I'm changing, arranging

# I'm changing I'm changing everything

# Oh everything around me

# Oh, my sorrows

# Sad tomorrows

# Take me back

# To my own home Robert.

Would you like some iced tea?

Yes, please. It's mint.

From the garden.


So, are you having a party?

Yes. Tomorrow.

Twelve. Sharp.

It has consistently marked the end of summer.

And then it's back to the city Sunday at 11, sharp.

Well, maybe you should go a little later this year.

Or earlier, you know, just to see what happens.

No. In these matters, Robert, consistency is the foundation of tradition.

Sit down for a minute.

So, tell me, have you had any more problems this summer with that bully of whom you spoke?


Not, not really.

Those are two different answers.

Uh, I survived.

Surviving in spite of a bully's efforts is indeed one form of reward.

I just wish there was a way I could get back at him somehow, you know.

So, you seek revenge over justice.

Well, what's the difference?

Well, there's quite a gulf between the two.

The measure of a man is his ability to navigate to a "proper" shore during the worst of the storm.

Heh. Hey, that's pretty good.

I should write that one down. Heh.

Thank you.

For your assistance this summer.

I must attend to the preparations.

Get up. Get up. Get up. get up.


Get your clothes on!

Fuck! Shit!

My dad finally came up on that last Friday of the season, but it still didn't seem like Rumson Lake was relaxing him.

Knock, knock.

Ask who's there.

Who's there?

King Tut.

King Tut who?

King Tut-key fried chicken.

Uh, tough crowd. Ahem.

Last weekend.

I don't want you guys to leave your tidying up for the last minute, okay.

I already started.

Well, there are benefits to being grounded, aren't there?

What? Aren't I always ready in time?


I, uh...

I want you to know that I did everything I could to make this right.

I tried. I really tried. I don't understand.

You remember Estelle Brown in accounting?

Kind of bubbly redhead?

You met her at the Christmas party, you said you talked to her for a long time...

This is not her fault, but...

I'm just gonna tell you what happened.

She had this brother.

Real dynamic kind of guy.

And he had this company that makes robotics, real cutting edge stuff.

And he told me all the investors... you know, they just make a fortune once they listed it on the stock market.

I'm sorry. I'm not following.

Well, you know, we had all of these big expenses coming up...

Michelle going to college; Bobby not far behind; and you maybe going to law school.

And I...

You know, I took some of our savings...

How much?

Most of it.

It might as well have been all of it.

How could you do this without talking to me?

I didn't feel like... How could you do this!

This was our future! I thought I was doing right.

Our savings! I was doing it for the family.

And you just gambled it away without even talking to me about it?!

I was doing it for the family, Lenore!

Are you kidding me right now?! You don't know how hard...

You don't know how hard it is, Lenore.

I'm all on my own... I do know how hard it is!

How could you take our money without even talking to me?!

I didn't know what it felt like to hear your parents were getting divorced...

What are we gonna do?!

...but I was pretty sure it felt something like hearing that they were broke.

You're not listening to me.

Please keep your voice down.

I'm gonna find a way to get through it.

I need to be alone right now.

I can't look at you.

Lenore, let...

Bobby Marks to Joanie Williams.

Come in, Joanie Williams.

Joanie, are you there?

Bobby Marks?

You're there.

I was just outside watching the stars when I heard you in my room.

Have you seen them tonight?

You should. They're beautiful.

Look at all that.

It's so huge.

You know, sometimes I just feel so insignificant.

Don't you?

I think that there's a star up there for everyone down here.

So, whenever I feel lost, I just look up and find yours.

That makes me feel better. Heh.

Hey, Joanie Williams?

Yeah, Bobby Marks?

Can I see you tomorrow?

I think I knew then that would be our last summer up at the lake.

I can't believe I had to spend most of the summer holed up in my apartment.

Yeah. It wasn't really the summer I expected either.


Last ones.

Oh, I guess we should probably go soon too.

Yeah. Probably.

Ew, what is that?

Oh. Oh, it's a snakeskin.

Whoa... Oh, my God, gross!

What do you mean "gross"? Come on, this is so cool.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Look, it's a full snakeskin.

No, no. That's so cool.

I mean, you can see the head right there.

Oh, man. And I think that's the tail.

Ew. Okay. Okay.

I mean, it's not like it has a choice.

I mean, it has to shed it to grow.

Mmm, yeah, but...

Can you imagine leaving behind a whole part of yourself?

I like it.

You do?

You've got working man's hands.

At least, that's what my dad calls them.

Oh, great.

Do you want to go?


It's as much our lake as his.

Grab this, will ya?

No sense of humor, of you city types.

I didn't think you were supposed to be here.

I live here.

So do we.

For the summer, anyway.

The curse of the summer people.

Mmm. They buy up everything so it's too expensive for the locals, and then they dangle their money around to make us do whatever they want.

And they know they can too, oh, because now we need it so much more.

Isn't that the same everywhere?

It didn't used to be like that around here.

You come up here thinking how great this place is for the summer, and we just wait it out and think about how great the rest of the year will be when you locusts head south for the winter.

Actually, locusts aren't migratory.


Yeah, that was my point, brainiac.

Okay. Maybe we should go.

Hey. Look at you.

I didn't even recognize you without that giant beak you used to wave around here.

Heh. No, no, show it off.

No, be proud of what Daddy bought his little princess.

Okay, leave her alone.

I'm serious.

You look good.

Not too good for this one, am I right?

I tell ya, he's lucky you're leaving, or he'd have some competition.

Heh. As if.

You think you know me?

What do you think you know about me?

Leave me alone.

Or what?

Now, what, fat boy?

What's a fat kid like you gonna do?

Bobby, let's just get out of here.

Tell me.


I want you to oink like a pig!

I can't hear you!

Oink like a pig!

Jeez. I'm okay.



Come on...

What the hell, are you crazy?

Dr. Kahn? Ahem.


Dr. Kahn, I wanted to talk to you about my work.

You did a fine job...

No, no, no. I mean about the pay.

I don't think a dollar an hour is fair.

It is what we agreed.

Only because I wasn't so good at it in the beginning.

Okay, I was really bad. I know.

But I improved. A lot.

And this place looks great, doesn't it?

Are you reneging on our deal?

It's what you advertised.

You know, you should pay me for this summer.

I watched you mature from a miserable fat boy into a presentable young man.

On my time.

On my lawn.

No, Dr. Kahn.

You didn't do it.

I did it.

With my time. With my work.

You knew I'd come?

I hoped.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

I hated summer vacation.

Until that one fat summer at Rumson Lake.

Because while I spent my days hiding, I wasn't only hiding from other people.

Hello, Joanie Williams.

Hello, Bobby Marks.

Hey, guys.

# You've done it all

# You've broken every code

# And pulled the rebel To the floor

# Bap bap bap bap bap Bap bap bap bap bap

# You spoilt the game Actually, Pete, do you mind if I have a turn?

Thank you.

# For only metal What a bore!

# Resist resist

# It's from yourself Hi, honey! - You have to hide

# Oh come up and see me Whoo! - Make me smile Whoo! Bobby, yeah!

# Or do what you want Running wild

Well, that's not... He's gotta jump. Walk.

# Come up and see me Make me smile

# Or do what you want Running wild

# There ain't no more

# You've taken everything

# From my belief In Mother Earth

# Can you ignore my faith In everything?

# 'Cause I know what faith is And what it's worth

# Away, away

# And don't say maybe You'll try

# To come up and see me To make me smile

# Come up and see me Make me smile

# Or do what you want Running wild

# Come up and see me

# Make me smile

# Or do what you want Running wild