Meet Me There (2014) Script


Vodka tonic.

So, you think LA is going all the way this year?

Doesn't really matter.

New York got knocked out in the first fucking round by Jersey, so...

Yeah, I know... Didn't even win a game.


You from out east?

Cheering for New York, you gotta be from out east.

Staten Island.

Ah, yeah.


Well... Thanks...

Anaheim. Close enough.

Texas, though. Jesus Christ.

Sick of this place already.

Been waiting 2 hours for this OKC flight.

It's like 4 hours for a 20 minute flight.

You know, when I sat down...

I was afraid you'd be rooting for San Antonio...

Oklahoma City?!

Yeah, that's the one.

Hmmmm, you, too?

Yeah, well...

Guess I'll see you on the flight.

Guess so.

Come on.

Running it again isn't going to help. It's saying it's declined.

That's... That's impossible. I have over $2,000 in that account.

No, I have. I don't have anything“ I, um...

You're gonna have to run it again. There's no-- Yeah, I don't have any options.


Oh, you don't have to do that.

I was gonna rent a car anyway, and we're going to the same place.

Don't worry about it.

Okay, well, thank you.

Oh... "Morris".


Alright, here's your card.

Here's your broken card.

Have a safe trip or whatever.

I will.

Yeah, I was at Rent OK...

And they declined my card...

I had them run it through again.

I've had problems with the stripe before.

But she said it was an actual "decline."

I should have at least $2,000 in there.

Yeah, I can hold.

No, I know for a fact there's at least $2000...

Did you try what I told you. last time?

Sort of.

We keep trying stuff...

Or, not trying stuff.

I just want to help...

And, I don't understand.

What do you not understand?


We've been together 3 years.

And it's not... It's not always this bad.

Sometimes whenever I touch her.

It feels like she...

She things I'm trying... I'm going to hurt her.

And I don't understand.

Hurting her is the last thing that I want to do.


What's it like for you.

Hearing Calvin say that?

That he...

He doesn't want to hurt you.


Just good?


I000 I don't know.

Can you be more specific?

Does it...

Make you sad... when he touches you?


Does it make you mad?


Or scared?

What does it do?

I just wish he could read my mind...

Saying it makes it worse.

I just wish you could get it.

It's like this cloud of bad stuff.

It's around you all the time.

And it has nothing to do with you...

Or the person.

It's just there.

And it's following you...

Sometimes it creates a storm.

Some psychologists believe that...

Things that happen to you as a child...

Or, even in the womb...

Stick with you, and...

Play out later in your life.

I was reading the other day about this little girl that had been molested.

By the time she got home...

She couldn't remember what had happened to her.

I couldn't believe it.

But there's... There's something about the human mind.

Some memories are just to painful to keep.


Within reach.

Does any of this mean anything for you?

Do you think you...

Might be trying to not remember something?


I don't remember a lot of things, though.

It's just never been in my head, so I would answer TI TI HO.

You don't remember a lot of things?

About being a kid? No.

I remember...

Every second of childhood.


I remember when I was in third grade there was this...

Popular kid who had lost his bird.

And I wanted to be cool...

Or whatever. So I told him I had found it.

He got really excited. And... and, he liked me.

When I went home, his parents had called my parents and they were so happy.

But I didn't have it, so... whenever...

I had to get driven over to this trailer and apologize to this crying kid.

That I had just crushed.

Jeremy... was his name.

Shuhhhh... Childhood was fucking agony.

I don't remember any of it.

Do you have any videos you could watch... Or photo albums that you could look through?

Maybe those would, you know... spark some memories?

I have pictures from when I was a kid, yeah.

Why don't you...

Call your mom.

Ask her about it.

Or talk to your brother since you trust him.

And, maybe they would remember if something bad happened to you.

Hey, I found a picture of me and Jay in a Power Wheels.

He's wearing over-alls.

I think I found the “horrible thing."


Did you call him yet?


I'm not gonna talk to my brother about.

Being molested or whatever.

Why not?

I don't... I don't know.

Did you call your mom yet?


I don't want to get in trouble.

I don't want...

I don't want her to get upset.

I never figured out a way to talk to her about stuff like that.

How do you spell it again?





Wouldn't that be she-ole?

I don't know.

People say things a lot of different ways.

Like, we say "guad a loop“ for“Guadalupe."

Whatever you say.

Sheol, Oklahoma...

You're not going to find anything Googling it.

I already tried.

The only things that come up are...

A picture of a church...

And... a...

The arrest record of my uncle for selling pot and trying to stab someone.


I think he's actually the one who got stabbed.

Ohhh kay...

It's like a population of 60 or something.



Yeah, there's not a lot on here.

Hey, here's me dressed as a cowgirl.


It's only like 6 hours from Austin.

Like... 6 and change.

We should go up there.

See if it helps. See if...

You remember anything.

I don't want to go to Oklahoma.

If I'm going to drive 6 hours to some place, I want it to be some place I like.

Well, we gotta do something, don't we?


I mean...

If you don't want to talk to anybody...

And, you don't want to go anywhere--

No, I know...


We'll... Make a big road trip out of it.

We'll... Pack stuff for a picnic.

Just go.

We'll make it a thing.

Do you really want to go to Oklahoma?

I love you.

I just want to help.

Worst case scenario: We go to some shitty place...

And we'll find out that the worst things that happened to you...

Were church, and... and a knife fight.

And, then... We'll look for answers somewhere else, right?

I guess.

Where will we stay?

No idea. No plans, whatsoever. Just fun.

And you promise we'll have fun?

We will have the most fun!

And you won't let anyone stab me?

They would have to stab me first.

Did you really tell a sad boy that you had his lost pet?


I did.


I guess I was kind of a total asshole to him.

I learned a valuable lesson about lying and decency that day.

Probably the second biggest regret in my entire life.

What's number 1?

Uh, not dancing with the Smurfs.

I'm sorry... what?

Whenever I was a kid... Uh... my family took me to this amusement park in Cincinnati.

And, uh... They had this big Smurfs stage show where guys in Smurfs mascot costumes danced around and, uh, did songs and shit on stage.



And, at the end, whenever the Smurfs were done kicking Gargamel's ass or whatever...

They invited everybody up on stage to dance with them.


And, so they were all like "hey kids do you want to come up and dance with us and have fun and not be sad and shit."

And you didn't dance?

No. I... I didn't.

I didn't dance.

Uh, I'm... I'm probably remembering it as worse than it was.

But, in my head...

An entire auditorium of a whole bunch of kids...

Like a thousand kids and their fucking happy families...

Rush the stage and they all go up and they dance with the Smurfs.

And, they dance and hug and do the fucking Charleston.

Meanwhile, me and my dad are just sitting.

We are the last people left in the stadium seats.

And my dad... my dad turns to me and says...

“Cal, do you want to go dance?"

And, I was just... I was 6.

And I was learning what being embarrassed was...

So, I say "no."

But, immediately, I knew I meant "yes."

Because of course I do. Of course I want to fucking dance with the Smurfs.

And, so I just sat there.

With my dad, being bummed...

Watching a whole bunch of kids who weren't me be... be happy.

And enjoy their fucking lives.

That's horrible!

It was!

It was... It was horrible.



I don't know, that's...

Why I do shit like this.

Impromptu road trips to Oklahoma.

I don't ever want to not dance with the Smurfs again.

I'm sorry, Cal.

I'm sorry, too.

If it makes you feel any better...

My parents never took me to an amusement park.

They mostlyjust did drugs.

That doesn't make me feel better at all, Ada.

At all... Like not even remotely.

I mean, I'm trying to remember all of these things...

And the one thing I do know...

I remember that both my parents did like a lot of drugs.

I think my dad was a drug dealer.

Pretty sure.

We had one of those wicker chairs...

You know, those round wicker chairs.

Pa pasa n, yeah.

Like, the only people that have those chairs...

Are into a lot of drugs.

They're into a lot of drugs!

My aunt had one of those chairs.

I guess... I guess I learned something about my aunt today.

No, like the worst furniture we had was this glass that was on top of these things that hold coffins up at funerals.

Ok, so what kind of Munsters shit is that?

I know!


Well, that's good, right?

It's good that you're like...

Remembering things.

Yeah, I remember things about Sheol.

I don't remember things about me.

Like, my mom was a crime scene cleaning lady.

In a town with 73 people?


That's something that they need?

Yeah, um...

No firefighters. But more than one person cleaning up crime scenes.


This one day, we woke up and...

This one guy poisoned all of the dogs in town and then lined up the dead dogs all along the main road.

Just dead dogs lined up.

Holy shit.


My mom cleaned this one murdered dude's house...

And, she found this drain in the bottom of his floor for like collecting all the blood, and...

Sacrifice juices.

From whatever.

I guess he didn't want to get it moldy or whatever.

And, so we - right now - we are driving there?

Yeah, he had like deer legs glued to the wall...

Like some kind of House of a Thousand Deer Legs bullshit.

And we are driving...


Hey! You wanted to make it a thing!

My fault.

Are you paying together?

I'm not sure. I may have to go check.

If you're interested.

Did you find everything you were looking for?

Yeah, thanks.

Where you headed?

Uh... Oklahoma.

Road trip.

Hmmm... sucks.

You look familiar.

Do you go to RHS?


I'm from Cleveland.

And, I'm like... 30.

Oh... okay.


Jay says "hi" by the way.

He's good.


Mmmm hmmmnm.

Tell Eddie I said "hi."

No, nothing, we're just on our way back home.

Mmmm hmmmnm.

Hey, Cal's back so I got to go.



Love you.

Love you!

Say “I love you“ one more time.

It's fine. We'll meet up some time.

Okay, Mom...

I love you.



Mom confirms, the Sacrifice Guy had a sacrificing slab in his house.

I don't believe it.

Did you tell her we were going to Sheol?

Hell no, I told her we were going to visit Jay!


A slab!


So, now that we're getting close...

Where do you want to start?

What do you want to see?

I mean the town is really small.

It's seriously like a post office and a church.

We could go by my old house. It looks like a barn.

Is it a barn, Ada? Did you grow up in a barn?

Thanks, Calvin.

For what?

For doing this.


Going with me. For driving. For...

Being so sweet.

That's something I have to do.

I've got to be sweet.

No, you really don't.

Sit down.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

No, no...

Kiss me.

I'm sorry.

You're okay.


It's okay.

Hi... uh...

You wouldn't happen to know what's in this, would you?

I cam in looking for Teddy Grahams, but I didn't see any.

My girlfriend doesn't eat animal products so I have to check everything.

What's that on your hat, boy?

My hat? Oh!


Yeah, I know, they're fucking terrible.

But, I lived there for like 14 years so...

I don't know. Some stuff kind ofjust stays with you.

So, you're from Cleveland?

Um... Bedford.

But, the Tribe is from Cleveland proper.

So, yeah, in that area...


What, are you a damn Yankee?

Um... No, that's New York.

You know, what... I don't like your language.

You from goddamned Ohio, and you come into my store?

Listen, I did not intend on offending anybody whatsoever.

I just came into pee, and grab something to eat, so...

I tell you what, boy... You stand there one more minute, and you're gonna see what I think about what you mean to do!

Fuck out of our town!

They didn't have Teddy Grahams?

Um, no... They didn't have anything.

Um, no... They didn't have anything.

Acquiring satellites...

I can tell you how to get to my house.

It's easy.

Is your phone getting any signal?

Can you like look it up?

The whole town is like S streets.

Well, I can't... How can you even see where you're going out here?

There's no street lights. Is that not a thing?

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm fine.

I said I was fine. I meant I was fine.

Let's just get to where we're going, okay?


Go up the road and take your first right.

Acquiring fucking satellites.

Ada, I don't think this is it.

There's nothing here.

No, this is it. That's the dilapidated house. So my house should be...

There. There's my tree!

There's not a house here.

No, this is it.

That's the tree my--

My aunt told me that they used to hang people from it.

We used to play on it all the time.

You should probably stop calling it "your" tree at that point.

Jay fell out of it one night.

And I didn't know what to do.

So, I just poured Sprite in his mouth.

He bit his tongue.

Bleeding all over the place.

It just burned.

Ada, but there's not a house here.

Did you have...

Did you have a basement?

We had a crawl space.

This is a bad idea.

Why is it a bad idea?

We're showing up in the middle of the night.

I don't even know if she will recognize me.

And I'm knocking on a stranger's door.

She's not a stranger. She's your aunt.

Davis Langston, this is the last time you're gonna do this--

Aunt Lindsay!

It's me, Ada. I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

Oh, Ada!

Oh, baby... I haven't seen you in ages!

What are you doing here?

We were---

We were here so we just thought...

We'd stop by.

Your friend, is he okay?

Yes ma'am. Just startled me is all.

It's been a bad night.

That's terrible.

Oh, that's terrible.

Come in.

You come in.

Come in now.

Come in. Come in.

Just, let's go.

Come on in.


Oh, my god...

Are you alright?

Just wrap it up...

Make it all clean and nice...

Just get it inside...

Okay. Right there.

That's gonna be good.


Sorry about the door...

And the lights...

Gave you such a fright.

I'm Ada's aunt, Lindsay.

And, you are?

My boyfriend.

What's going on with Davis?



All hours.

I was just waiting for him there when you knocked, so...

Sorry to scare you like that.

Oh... You didn't give me a scare.

Nothing gives me a scare anymore.

I live in Sheol.

That's actually what--

Aunt Lindsay...

Would you mind if we stayed?


No, not at all.

How long you thinking on staying?

We're just passing through.

Calving, could you get the bags?

Thank you.

I think I need to go to bed.

Well, I'll put you two in Daddy's room.

I think I'm gonna stay out here for a while.

Come with me.

You sure?


Be careful.

Careful of what?

Don't mind Daddy.

Oh, you should be awfully comfortable here... uh...


Is that French?

I have no idea.


I don't know what you two do when...

You're in Texas...

But, while you're here in Daddy's house...

I expect that you're gonna respect Daddy's bed.


Of course.


You should be very comfortable right here.

Nice to have you, Calvin.

Does anyone have WiFi around here?

Does your mother know you're here?


How's she doing?

Never sends me a Christmas card...

Or talks to me...

Get nothing for Easter from her...

What happened to our house?

Nothing, I suppose.

We went there earlier to day and it's not there anymore.

I haven't been over to that house in years.

Aunt Lindsay, it's two streets over.

Where is your mother settling these days?

Hauls you and Jay off into Texas...

Leaves me here...

Well, that's like Del.

Never cares about nobody but Del.

You know, I thought maybe it had been tom down or burned down...

But, the tree is still there.

I mostly stay here.

By myself.

With Davis.

When he's home.

Not injail.


Daddy's things.

What is that?

Oh, my Fox?


I just got it. It makes me feel stronger.

When did you stop believing in God?

L\\ \\ \\\

You're so stupid.

Putting cuttings in your flesh is for the dead.

God said you're not supposed to put cuttings in your flesh.

It says in The Bible!

Aunt Lindsay, I never said I didn't believe in God.

If you were my daughter I would throw you out!

Aunt Lindsay, it's a Fox.

No, don't go...

If you leave me, you'll never come back.

What should I do?

She'll never get better.

I know.

What should I do?

Send her to Hell.

Or leave her there.

When she finds it.

Oh, good morning.

It's so nice to have you here.

How'd you sleep?

Davis is still asleep.

We have to keep it quiet.

Would you like some breakfast?

I can make you some breakfast.

I can make you some, um...

I got some oatmeal...

We're probably just gonna...

Get out.

Take in the sights.

We'll be back later.

It wouldn't take a minute...

Hey, why don't we just walk?

Are you sure?

The whole town is like five streets.


She wasn't always like that.

Like what?

Well, like that.

She was always on drugs...

But she wasn't always... like that.

Like, a weirdo?

Yeah, like a weirdo.

I think, I'm pretty sure...

If you're always on drugs and raising a kid...

That makes you always a weirdo.

I'm pretty sure everyone in this town is on drugs and raising kids.

You would have to be!

I mean, there's nothing here.


Everything feels like a weird dream...

But, not real, you know? I feel like I've seen it in a dream...

But, you know how sometimes you have those dreams...

Where, like, I'm talking to Calvin...

But, really, you're a blue dog?

Wait, I'm a blue dog in your dreams?

Well, like, I don't know. It was an example, but probably.

Is this a sexy thing?

No. No...

Wait, why am I a blue dog in your dreams?

I don't know. It just happens. It's how dreams work.

Is it some weird Picasso thing?

Being with me is a Blue Period for you?


It's probably the Blue Period.

Okay, great.


I'm probably gonna become a genius anytime now.

I hope so, and it's my fault.

Probably his most prolific period anyway.

The only thing I remember about this place is the ghost stories.

There used to be train tracks over there...

Supposedly, some guy got off...

With a lantern.

And now you can just see it floating around...

At night.

That's colorful.

Yeah, I think the trick is...

No one comes here at night.

So, who knows?


Your house is gone...

Maybe you're supposed to wander?

That would explain my life.


You wanna go check it out?

It's Saturday.

I promised you church.

We had Saturday service all the time.

And, it's Oklahoma... I guarantee you they're open.


Guess I was wrong.

I feel really weird right now.

Why, what's wrong?

Excuse me.

Can I help y'all?


Yeah, uh...

We were just trying to figure some stuff out.

And, uh...

We ended up here.


And church...

Is where you figure stuff out, right?


I'm Preacher Woodward.

How y'all doing today? You okay?

You look a little pink, dear.

Y'all come on inside.

Sorry, if we're interrupting...

No, no no.

It's why I'm here.

Y'all come on in.

Nice and warm in here.


So, how can I help y'all?

What's the matter?

Oh, that's just Marlow, my daughter.


She helps me with some of the busy work.

We serve as the town's church...

And mortuary.

Telling people where to go...

And showing them how to get there.

Marlow, hunny...

Say "hello." Be polite.

It's okay.

Come on in.

I, um, God...

Do you have a bathroom I can use?

Is there a bathroom?

We have a bathroom in the fellowship hall...

There's a door in there, but it's locked.

There's another toilet downstairs, right through them doors--

Okay, that's fine.

Have a seat, bud.

So, tell me...

You said you were looking for answers.

Yeah, um...

I'm actually not sure how much you'll be able to help us.

My girlfriend, Ada, grew up here...

We're trying to find out if anything weird or bad happened to her when she was a kid.

So, we drove up from Austin...

I don't know, to...

Visit, or whatever.

And... I don't really know.

She lived here.

She left.

And she came back?

Yeah, is that...

Is that weird?



Please... Give us a moment, okay?

I'm sorwngo on.


Things have actually been pretty weird since we got here.

The house that she grew up in is gone.

And, I got threatened at a gas station.

And, and...

Found this outside of the post office.

Some kind of ancient coin.

That's not a normal thing to find outside of a post office, right?

That's not a normal thing to find outside of a post office, right?

You know...

People come here to die.

I don't know why.

Whether they've been here before or not...

They show up on my door step...

Or, they...

Wander into the woods.


It's my job...

To see them through.


How are you gonna do it?


I'm sorry...

Do what?

Kill yourself.

It's alright.

It's okay.

It's nothing to be afraid of.

Something much bigger than you brought you here, boy.


How about you go ahead and keep that?

Calvin, we need to go.

This place is so fucking crazy.

He just asked me how I was gonna kill myself.


Are y'all coming to service later?

Probably not.

Great! See you there!

This is the part where we say "fuck the plans“ and bail, right?


I'm sorry. I am very sorry.

I don't know why we came here.

Let's just go by, say "goodbye" to your Aunt and go back to Austin and forget any of this ever fucking happened to us, okay?

This fina.

That's awesome.

What the fuck?

I'm sorry.

Aunt Lindsay, what the fuck?!

You shouldn't talk to me like that!

Who cares how I fucking talk to you.

You just tried to stab my boyfriend... and my car?

I thought he was you Uncle Davis.

Why is the car on fire?!

What did Davis do to you?


He just... He was just...

A little bit upset.

Doesn't like Calvin staying here. He saw Calvin...

Is he here now?

No, I don't know... He...

He left. He's out.

So, what... He just beats the shit out of you?

Is that how this works?

It was my fault.

She brought evil into our house.

This is bullshit. I'm calling someone and getting out of here.


Mom, hello?

It's me. I'm in Sheol.

I'm at Aunt Lindsay's, and...


Mom, can you hear me?

Aunt Lindsay, I need to use your phone.

I don't have a phone.


Why don't you have a phone?!

Everybody that I need to talk to...

Everyone that I'm supposed to talk to...

Is already here.

Ada, we have got to go.

The car?

Seriously, we have to go now!

Davis... and Daddy...

I'm gonna find you two.

You can run, but you damn sure can't hide.

I know y'all are around here somewhere.

I heard you.


You know it's not safe to be out in these woods.

I know I told your mama to tell you about that when you were a little girl.

You know this is not the place to be.

Y'all come on out.

Come on now.

I just wanna talk!

What about your phone?

My phone's been dead since last night. I didn't even think about it.

Ada, wait!

They probably have a phone!

They don't have a phone.

No on here has a phone.


We are in fucking Hell.


They have to place orders and things.

If anyone has a phone, they have a phone.

They pulled a gun on me last time I was in there for no reason.

Just for showing up.

What, seriously?!

Yes, I...

I didn't want to tell you last night because you were already upset...

About the sex thing.


Why wouldn't you tell me that?!

Look, I'm just going to...

Go buy us some waters, make a phone call...

And come right back. You can stay here.



The only way I'm letting you go in that gas station...

Is if you take this with you.

Excuse me...

Can I help you with something?

Oh, I was just going to get a water--

I know what you're doing!

I know what you're doing in here!

You want to bring this evil into my store!


Get the fuck off of her!

Are you okay?

Fuck, shit!

Get the fuck out of the way!

Are you okay?

This is so fucked. I just stabbed somebody!

Yeah, well...

You're gonna have to stab somebody else...

If these assholes don't stop fucking following us!



Ada, we have to go back to the church.

If I just close my eyes...

And open them again, I will be home and all of this will be gone.

It's the only place in this town where somebody hasn't tried to kill us, okay?

Just far away.

Or, maybe he did try to kill us?

I don't know... But I know those people...

Will not kill us inside the church.


It didn't work.

If we stay out here, we are going to die.

If we stay in these woods, we are going to die.

It didn't work.

It didn't work.

It never does.

Do you remember which way the church is?

If the gas station is over there...

Then, the church should be...


Meet me there.

Meet me there.

Where the Tree of Life is blooming, meet me there.

When the storms of life are over.

On the happy golden shore.

Where the faithful part no more, meet me there.

Here are fondest hopes are vain.

Dearest links are rent and twain.

But, in Heaven no throb of pain, meet me there.

By the river sparkling bright.

In the city of delight.

Where our faith is lost in sight, meet me there.






Fellowship hall?


Ada, I don't think this is the...

I don't think this is the fellowship hall!

What's going on in here?

Y'all okay?

Y'all can't stay here.

You're not gonna be any safer. You're only putting me in danger.

Where are we supposed to go?

No one has a phone. We're a hundred miles from anywhere.

Preacher Woodard...

Earlier, we saw your daughter in the graveyard...

Is she okay?

Everybody here makes sacrifices for their safety.

What are we supposed to do?

I'll tell you what you're supposed to do, you're here to die!

The only way to live is to escape.

Or, to stay here... and leave.

I don't know what you do here...

But it has nothing to do with us.


I can show you a way out.

But, it's a long walk through them woods.

But, you...

Can never come back here, ever!

Not to this world.

Thank you.

Where are we going?

Well, Calvin, see that creek up there?

We're gonna come to this creek...

You gotta be quiet.

This is as far as I can take you.

Once we get to this creek...

Listen to me.

Very important.

You keep walking through them woods...

About a mile or two.

You're gonna come to a road.

And, whatever you do...

Make sure you look for somebody headed west.

Not east.

And hope they stop, and that they're kind.

How do you know this path?

Well, Ada, we baptize folks down here in the creek.

Most times they come back with.

Other times...

The Lord just... takes them away.

Takes them away?


In one way or another.

I don't remember being baptized.


If you were...

It was here.

I don't think I was.

I've had enough of this shit!


Stay, Calvin!


Get off of her!

In the name of The Father...

The Son...

And the Holy Spirit...

Stop now!

Get the fuck off of her!

How far did he say the road is gonna be?

Like a mile or two?


Why should we believe anything he said?


Where the fuck have we been walking?


The town is that way.

So, if we go this way...

To our left, we will be out of here.

Does that make sense to you?

Ada, does that make sense?

I don't know where the fuck I am!


Fuck it, come on!

Come on!

Ada, I don't know what we're doing.

I don't either.

Are you tired?

I am so tired.

What if we just...

Spend the night out here?


Sleep if we can.

Not in these fucking woods with these fucking crazy people, Ada.

We aren't... in the woods.

You still got the knife, right?

Mmmm hmmmnm.

And, I've got this.



Sit here for as long as we can.

And if anything...

Comes out of the woods...

We'll just...

We'll just do what we're supposed to do, right?

Cal, I'm really sorry.

You don't have to be sorry.

I am. I'm sorry about...


I love you.

And I want you. I really want you.

It's just something just happens...

It goes wrong.

And I don't know...

What to say...

How to explain it...

I'm sorry.

I want you, too.

Every d3)'-

Every hour.

Every second of every day since I met you.

I have never wanted anybody else.

Even I know.

I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry for.

I do.

I'm so terrified of you all of the time.

Terrified that you'll get hurt.

Terrified that you'll leave me.

I'm terrified that one day you'll wake up...

And roll over and look at me...

And just think "what the fuck was I doing?!“ And then you'll just leave.

I wouldn't.

I would never leave you.

You saved me.

I can't believe I did that.

Notjust then.

You never gave up on me.

And, that's why...

I'm sitting here holding a knife...

In the middle of fucking Oklahoma...

And I'm gonna stab the shit out of anything that moves!

That's all I've ever wanted in a girlfriend.

Everything is going to be okay.

Everything is going to be okay.

Ada, come here.

Go ahead and pick out something.

This is what it's like to be baptized.

Let me show you again.

That's a good girl.

Now, let's get you clean.

Oh, yeah, well all you do is drink!

Well, that's the only thing I gotta do because I gotta put up with you!

Always excuses!

Why don't you look in the mirror once in a while?

Get the fuck out!

You're always leaving!

Don't need you now, you piece of shit!

Ada, come here. Come here.

I want you to go upstairs and get your toys.

We're gonna stay with some friends for a little while in Mansfield.

Maybe a long while.

Go one. Go get it.


Come back here!

You misunderstood me!

I would never hurt her.

Whatever she said...


On the happy golden shore...

Where the faithful part no more...

When the storms of life are over...

Meet me there.

When the night dissolves away...

Into pure and perfect day...

I am coming home to stay...

Meet me there.

Meet me there.

Meet me there.

Where the Tree of Life is blooming...

Meet me there.

Where the faithful part no more...

On the happy golden shore...

Where the storms of life are over...

Meet me there.

My dad got it for us...

He had been gone for a while.

And, he got it for us for Christmas.

I think he was trying to outdo my mother.

So, he got us this expensive thing.


It was gigantic.

He got it for both of us because he didn't know either of us.

We were so happy.

But then the longer I looked at it...

The more the happy went away.

And the more I just...

The bitterness...

I would have rather had my dad.

There's another one of me talking on a toy phone.

My grandfather had gotten it for me for no particular reason from K-Mart.

And, I used to pretend to call my dad...


I'm like four or five and I'm just smiling my ass off...

It's the stupidest toy.

The more I look at it...

The more the smile faded...

I remembered...

My grandfather calling my mom a "bitch."

And her...

Driving me out of there and moving me to Texas.

The only thing I can do to...

Remember to be happy...

Is to not think about it.

Never go back.

How do you feel now?


I think.


I'm not better. I'm still sad.

And scared.

I don't know where I've been or where I'm going...

But I know it's going to be okay.

Everything is going to be okay.

Excuse me for a second...

I'm gonna go get a soda.

Do you want anything?

A water, I guess.