Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (2014) Script


Is firm , captain.

You better .

It's a pain in the ass having to look it just because I'm sleepy.

And while our sorrow falls close and hollow sea ??that contains the blood of billions , I go through serious ruptores surrounded shoals by creatures Constipation rotting and white paws .

It Bukowski , idiot .

Shut up and take it .


Is breaking .

Bring heavy weapons .

We need to stick more strings on this thing .

Right. Fast !

The Atlantic Ocean was closed today after the reappearance another shark Megalodon the coast of Egypt .

Sources say a tugboat was thrown

over of the Sahara Desert .

Markets around the world closed today ,

while the UN adopted global ban on fishing .

until the Megalodon can be stopped.

Any trades Mediterranean were closed

after attack the port of Alexandria in Egypt . Megalodon sightings were reported Malta the Strait of Gibraltar , as the world acua after this Greek tragedy ... The water temperature has risen firmly worldwide

and climatologists believe that deforestation

and industrialization the emerging nations

are the main causes the problem . while ships the whole world stops , the economic impact is not only being felt worldwide

but also at the local level .

Fear spread the world , since cruises intercontinental ceased

after brutal attack in the Mediterranean . Meanwhile Rumour

the United Nations are coordinating efforts

to develop a gun able to kill the creature

How's it going down there , dear ?

We have some leaks , but nothing serious . PACIFIC OCEAN 32 KM FROM HAWAII

Okay , keep an eye in pressure indicators .

'll be fine , all is well so far.

Our submersible moves well ?

looks like a shark but does not move as one.

Submersible down to 1003 meters. Understood , Nero.

Show in my dashboard and stabilize , friend .

's beautiful down here . It's a real comment automatically generated or something ?

I appreciate the symmetry , Rosie . Fine by me . Hear that , Jack ?

Yes , Nero loves shapes.

And according with topographical readings ,

are exactly where we were yesterday. Not smoking again, Jack ?

Negative, dear .

You know I stopped .

Let's try few turns, right? Tilt the . Right. Deviation of 60 , Nero, How about that?

tight belts , Rosie . Understood .

Okay , stabilize.

We can scratch this to-do list .

When we meet face to face with the Megalodon is much worse .

I'll be ready if you are , Rosie .

Speaking Megalodon . The Coast Guard reported that some vessels were sunk by Megalodon on the Atlantic.

Listen to this ...

The engine were carrying is now destroyed.

I think this is enough, no ?

My God. I know.

It is the seventh attack in a week .

If Engleberg not run, Our help does not mean anything .

Rosie I'm picking up something . Careful , honey , you have company .

are giant squids . Two of them , Rosie . Looks like they want a ride .

but I'm not liking this ride session.

Rosie ? Rosie , check the pressure .

hull undo if they continue crushing . Rosie , fast, activate the eel skin .

Nero start eel skin .

Sure, Rosie . I will transfer the energy to withdraw them quickly.

Beware the battery , Rosie . Has yet to climb. Do not need much to scare them .

I hope .

is with you , Nero. Enable eel skin .

now we know it works.

The power went to 30 % , Rosie . Store this information for later Nero.

We will need the information . Sure, Rosie .

Not bad , dear . Not bad at all .

We're getting good at it , is not it?

I am not convinced .

That's when things begin to worsen .

My father always said ...


Rosie , go back up .

Need us the docks .

Ready . Already ? Okay, I'm going up .

Roger .

reached the surface .

right, arrived .

Vehicle Search Megamark 1814 board . All - safe stations. Doctors .

Admiral Engleberg .

Is ready .


Loved it .

I know you did .

Dr. Turner , Dr. Gray ...

Time to work .

So , Admiral , all in conformity ?

The majority .

Made some changes due to the weather .

Let me introduce them .


Teeth . Steel intermediate league.

This is an improvement compared to the original design . could increase the compression strength of 40 MPa.

40 ? We were expecting 27 . will have a bite tremendous .

The pectoral now support UGN 133 ballistic torpedoes .

Really? Nuclear ?

No, the UN has not approved nuclear warheads .

The British did not approve but we're trying .

Great .

It's great , he can defend ourselves without ruining the ocean . shit , here we go again .

How so ?

I just want to say that ...

I am worrying ... It's like being a vegetarian ...

But if I was ... Takes place and time .

Do you know what material radioactive was banned by the Convention London in 1972 ?

And then 73 and 78 .

The Alm . understand his fascination the obvious but now is not the time .

If you can continue the vessel is coated with eel skin .

But the slots and tips are reinforced titanium.

And the rest of the exoskeleton ?

The rest is stainless steel, a pressure -resistant 1024 kPa.

It's the best we can do these circumstances.

But it is strong enough to overcome the current submarines .

It's incredible . Is .

And is ready for action.

You what?

I have not installed Nero .

That had not even water testing.

For Mach 1 now we have 2 ?

We have no time to waste the docks .

We have to run with it . We have already lost many lives .

Including my brother .

And I do not like to lose.

I'm ready .

Excellent . Prepare to leave immediately .

Alright .

Wait . Rosie .

Rosie !

Can we talk about this?

Get things , guys . We're coming back . The harbor master have a heart attack when you see we went to the sea.

Unhook the Goths . We're going home .


What a joke ! Where is everybody ?

Let's talk with that guy .

Excuse me, sir .

Would you mind if we interview on the prohibition of fishing and how will it affect your life ?

Yes, of course . Sorry.

Here in the cove with a local fisherman.

Now that the ban on fishing UN is in place

as expected it affect your life ?

There is plenty to talk about,

the ban is already in force , no what to do .

Most anglers are ignoring , entering anyway . Do not be afraid of the Megalodon ?

At first , no.

We had more fear of not can put food in the house .

And losing our homes .

Our greatest fear is to have the boat seized by the Coast Guard . Are more concerned with your family than the actual security?

course we are . Or were .

But after today ... Knew someone boat which was destroyed today?

Yes My son was on that boat destroyed by that shark .

This is horrible .

We the station sorry ... We have a huge technology. The UN, U.S. or Navy itself

can not do something ? Something to stop this creature ?

I'm sorry , I can no longer continue .

Sir ... I'm so sorry .

okay . this tragedy is being felt around the world

and I'm sure the military are doing what they can

to resolve the situation . Here is Anny Cook . News from Australia . You will win a prize reporting , sure .

Shut up , asshole .

Rosie , can not be serious.

Not going down without Nero in a submersible without testing.

I can do this , Jack .

I know you can . You are amazing .

Could fly anything, but no matter .

If something goes wrong downstairs , wrong shot torpedo ...

I'll be without a wife . But I have to say ...

And I'm kind of attached to it .

We are running out of time .

The Megalodon is back .

This is not an attempt to redeem himself , is it?

A feeling of guilt is feel responsible for what happened .

That's what I do .

I'm good at it . I can fly this thing .

Not alone , Rosie . Not alone , I need you there.

You are my engineer.

This is the work of a lifetime.

I'll do, they need me there.

Three times in a lifetime .

Three times .

Now I have time.

This is the third time that the Megalodon back .

Sir, you better answer .

Here is the Alm . Engleberg .

Admiral Here is Dr. Emma MacNeil .

Hello , Dr. MacNeil .

How can I help her ?

I'm calling to help you , actually.

Analyzed based information the migratory and feeding patterns and it seems that our friend will be a little longer .

Understood . It's an instinctive thing .

I do not think go anywhere without a mate .

You have an animal very aggressive in hand .

Contact Megalodon . 50 Meters. We will attack , sir ?

Shark ? Contact - positive .

Hanson .

Get a line with Admiral Engleberg . Now .


This reminds me of that week in the Maldives .

Remember? oysters and the cool breeze of nature .

Is towing a shark giant metallic and it reminds you the Maldives ?

Not the shark , silly .


The wind blowing her hair .

The sun , shining on your skin .

Doubted when they said I was ...

U.S.S. Virginia ... just identified our fish .

We are going towards it right now.

But Nero is not ready . I do not need a pilot with Nero.

He controls his death , Dr.

Do not thank me yet.

Admiral . We are now in the target area .


Show me now .

Nothing on the radar yet.

How are you, darling ?

Not bad . Clumsy , but nothing bad.

Understood .

I see nothing in transponder or crawler.

Think you missed it ?

Maybe not .

Damn , this thing is great as true . we're screwed if that does not work .

Lord , is the Megalodon .

Arm torpedoes .

armed submarines .

I have something on the radar .

Understood . We're it , seeing Rosie .

At two o'clock.

It is huge .

Diverting .

Rotating 20 degrees , dear .

I see nothing .

Mega plunged 25 meters.

Mecha - 2 , here is Captain Zane the U.S.S. Virginia

Ready to fire . Give me a moment , Captain .

Let me first mark the Mega should he escape .

Armando projectile tracking .

Tracking system active.

Mega - was marked . Understood .

GPS signal is being transmitted .

Maybe we have something , Rosie . We accompany him .

Captain Zane , who says to Me to make a hole this big boy ?

Yes, ma'am .

Hit him .

Shoot 1 .

Torpedo in the water , sir .

Just in time .

Stand back, Rosie . Shot him .

Away . Coming out of the firing line .

Lord , we were hit .

Captain Zane , can you hear me ?

Captain Zane , can you hear me ?

multiple explosions underwater.

Virginia is no communication .

He ended the submarine .

Damn .

What happened out there staff? Jack , U.S.S. Virginia is not Responding? Did something happen ?

He ended up with Virginia Rosie .

I'm catching the shot.

Shooting .

Jack .

Jack , he fled . Not on my radar .

GPS is still transmitting . my controls are not responding .

I'm emerging, but will not be pretty .

I'll meet you up there .

I could have shot at the same time .

It's not your fault. Right. Stop it, please . had friends that sub .

436 lives.

-I'm sorry . I do not want excuses .

Need results positive .

Do you want results ?

So give me a break to restore Nero.

How much time do you need ? Not much .

All I need is get him Mecha - 1 ... and enter it in the system encoded tail .

Maybe lose one day.

Look, we're tracking it GPS .

So we will not miss he sight .

Okay , do .

Hi .. Dr. .. mutilated ...

continuing ... yesterday ...


Jack . Jack ? Nero, how are you feeling , Comrade ?

I'm operating . Good to hear your voice , partner.

will not light it?

is not it, Jack ?

Jack ? Of course I will not light.

Listen , buddy .

Run the system diagnostics for me, right ?

Running diagnosis.

Where is Rosie ? Rosie is the vessel monitoring the GPS signal .

I am also picking a GPS signal .

Moving fast. Okay , keep it.

Means that their radars are fully functional .

All Operating Systems and inspected. Perfect .

complete diagnosis . I'm at the control. Okay, great . Listen, I have good news and bad news For You , Nero.

The good news is that you and Rose have much more to play with.

The bad news is ... this time it's for real .

can count on me , Jack .

I'll take care of Rose . It's good , really.

E. .. Nero?

Try not to miss Rose already has an owner .

So? Your boyfriend agreed .

My boyfriend ?

's coming through the lower levels .

need water ! Hurry ! Get out now !

need to get out of here !

Fifteen workers still missing Platform " Event on the Horizon " after the attack the Megalodon , today.

Rescuers are in place and the retrieval team is on the way .

If they can not contain the spill This ancestral environment runs the risk of an ecological disaster as we see from the leak Oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 .

How we doing , baby?

Keeping afloat .

On my screen , everything normal. And you , how are you?

All systems 100 % operational . Good to have you back , buddy .

How about we take this shark there to the back once ?

Certainly , Rose .

Good vital signs .

If my heart race be my fault ?

All ready to submerge .

And good luck .

Submerging Rosie and fasten your seatbelts .

notice . Warning . Rosie , are you listening ?

Nero, what is happening ?

Rosie again .

Nero, can you hear me ?

Rose , are you listening?

water pressure is affecting my systems . Come on honey . Come on, come on .

System restarted . I hate technology sometimes.

Rosie back . I'm here , you hear?

I see you now . What happened ? I do not know . systems are good to download now .

not do that again . Will give me a heart attack .

Blame it on Nero. Lowering to 1000 feet, slowly . Chad , is picking up something on sonar ?

Nothing yet , sir .

According to GPS you're right on it .

Use camouflage. Rates .

Triggering camouflage.

Cloud camouflage in 100 % .

My father always said ...

1100 meters ...

Nothing in sonar .

Understood . Nothing here yet .

Nero , expand the reach of sonar 25 meters.

right, Jack . Extended reach . TARGET LOCATED

Knew it was there .

Possible identification Megalodon . Yes , but where is he ?

Rosie , it's going fast.

You're right there Wait . I saw , I saw .

Time to work , Dr. Gray .

Yes , sir . Nero?

I'm at the command.

Armando torpedoes .

Enabling the target system .

Firing .

This does not . Saw what I saw ?

This is bad .

Too bad .

Someone bring me a phone to TV.

Now !

I'm standing here , but I see because oil . What we have Nero?

I'll get us the oil slick .

Understood . Get out of there .

Try a direct hit , but does not reach the pipe .

I repeat : not reach the pipe .

I can see . Is to my left.

Jack is turning . I can follow him .

What about casting ? Yes , yes . So send someone up there!

We have to shut down that pipe .

They can not . They can not ?

What do you mean can not ? As in " can not " .

Personal , tubing is breaking more .

Ignore any damage Dr. side Gray, its mission is to kill the shark .

Go to mend it?

Then now you have to follow the Megalodon .

Rosie they can not turn off .

What? They need to do manually .

Has no off button ?

Are sending engineers .

Listen , we need to do something .

Not ! Negative.

Your orders are below the target.

Lord , if it does nothing , will be 42,000 gallons of oil refined not leaking in the ocean causing irreparable damage .

It turns out that we have no time calling Greenpeace .

Nero? What I mean with irreparable harm ?

Are you referring toxic contamination ,

embryonic inviability hydrocarbons ,

biochemical damage in the marine ecosystem , coastal erosion . Not to mention ... Okay . Okay . Enough.

Can we make this quick ?

You need to seal tubing, Rosie .

And have to hurry .

Right. Got something .

Okay , we have to go over . Are you with me ?

Right. Understand , Rosie .

Based on your reading , main leak was contained .

Great job , honey .

You also , Nero. Let's return to action , Rosie . You have a big fish to fish .

Jack , you only see the right direction and we are ready , is not Nero?

Okay , Rosie . Here we go .

Here is Decode 1007 declaring a state of emergency. I repeat : Decode 1007 declaring an emergency.

Keep trying . already in restricted airspace .

Decode 1007 here is the control of Guam, you're in restricted airspace . Alter course immediately.

Guam, 're low fuel and we need to go straight to ...

RER . Airport - RER .

In the Cook Islands .

I repeat : we are with low fuel and we have to continue.

Negative Decode 1007 .

Change your course immediately.

Are well on the last incident Megalodon .

I know .

Decode 1007 can change the course to 2-8-0 and follow to the IUE Yune Island ?

Negative, Guam.

Lord , a commercial 727 entered into restricted space .

Megalodon is in the zone.

Rosie , you can do something ?

Leave it to me .

What are these two points that appeared near 1007 ?

Decode 1007, check two points in its flight level .

What the hell ? My God.

Decode 1007, repeat: can check two objects not identified in its route ?

The dots are gone .

Decode 1007 ? Altering course to 2-8-0 . en route to SUI.

Damn the lack of fuel .

Satellite data are confused .

He's moving fast.

Position northeast. I'm right here . Catching target.

Nero, what happened ?

You see that? The GPS deleted .

The hull is 100 % intact , Rosie . Hopefully it stays that way .

Grab it now , Rosie . Aim for the 2nd dorsal fin . Catching target.

Be sure to have it in sight. Remember that we're here .

Invoking the two.

Firing .

Staff deviated from the torpedo.

-I can not hit him . Impossible .

Lord , have a point approaching.

No, no ! APB . The whole crew . Now !

Yes, sir . Is someone getting?

Attention all posts ... Jack . Jack ? We receive , and we are trying prevent deaths . Hang in there.

My God.

What did I do ?

All that boat , Jack ...

Stop , Rosie .

It was not your fault.

My God.

That does not help at all . Forget it .

Let's kick the butt this shark.

Get it?

Okay , I'm fine . Good girl .

No eye contact .

Where is he, Nero?

Rank 11 hours. 20 degrees up . You can leave . Changing the auxiliary propellant.

I want to jump on him .

Going down to the narrow .

Rosie is wide enough ?

If he could get , I can too.

We got Rosie . Assumed command . Leave it to me . It will not escape so easily .

Wait for confirmation before shooting , Rosie .

He's hurt , but it will not slow you down .

I will try again .

Alert ! Alert ! Structural Damage: 10 % . This was very close .

I'll get that son of a bitch .

Rosie I'm not in the locked target. I am .

Rosie , hold up . Imminent collision . I can avoid.

Rosie , you listening?

Rosie ?

Rosie answer , Rosie .

Rosie answer .

Rosie ?

What is the situation , sir ? We lost two boats .

Multiple low - ... Come on, Rosie . Chord.

What happened ? It seems that there was a slip .

We lost contact. Rosie Exchange .

Rosie , are you listening ? Talk to me , Jack .

There I catch anything.

Appears to be full , but I can not sign.

She is stuck there and can only sit here .

Screaming her name .

Junk .

And Nero?

Not Responding .

System Restore in progress.

Rosie ? Rosie ?

Rosie ?

Rosie , are you listening ?

Hello, Jack . Nero, as is Rosie ?

She's fine . reading Vital Signs booting . Nero, can return to the surface ?

negative . It seems that we are stuck , Jack .

She is on the edge of the canyon .

Nero , try the thrusters .

Fuel - scarce. Sir ...

I can not strongly enough to escape .

Message of James Stuart .

Is 74 km away and answered our request for help.

Tell them to come quick .

And without attracting attention . Yes, sir .

Overall sound alert !

Someone show this who decided to fight us.

Trace - Captain , is the mega - shark. What do you have ?

Well, he ...

To combat stations ! Now !

We can not launch all fighters but we will try put as much in the air .

This aircraft carrier is rocking too .

We can not launch as well .

We need fighters in the air , then try .

It's suicide. You're kidding , right?

We're just being careful . turn man and do your job , sailor .

Any of you have a problem to launch now?

No, sir. Are you sure?

Because if not, I swear I put you on a boat with a water bottle , a can to shit and send you to your mother .

No, sir .

No, sir. Great .

Come on by these fighters in the air . Yes, sir .

Jack , I have the solution . Okay , Nero, What 's on your mind ?

What will he do?

Obviously something pretty stupid . Nero, what are you doing ?

Calculation in progress. Trust me , Jack . He blocked me .

Can he do this ? Yes, it can .

Nero , you're lucky this worked .

My calculations were right . Climbing now .

hurry. I want to kiss my wife .

Lord , is the captain Trace .

Captain ?

Admiral we are under attack !

is the Megalodon ! Wait , you're saying it is an attack of the Megalodon ?

That makes no sense .

There must be another reason Megalodon to attack him .

Something must have attracted Shark.

Of course he is hungry but is randomly attacking an aircraft carrier ?

Captain Trace , which his ship was doing before the attack ?

We were testing our emitting high frequency . testing emitters High frequency .

Are still testing ?

Tell them to stop , it is what is irritating the creature .

Captain Trace , are the issuers. Stop the test immediately .

Yes , sir Shut off all transmissions now !

Yes , sir . Canceling battle test.

I think it worked , Captain .

Captain Trace ?

Captain ?

The connection was interrupted , sir.

The lives of over 5000 families of members the U.S.S. James Stuart turned upside down today when the huge Megalodon sank carrier violently.

Monetary funds were sent by various organizations and you can see the number in the footer or on our website .

Rosie !

Is she okay ? No .

We have to get her out .

Speak! CVN89 was shot , sir .


The U.S.S. James Stuart just been slaughtered .

All staff was lost .

That leaves us in a bad doctor .

Because this ship who was shot took the only two riders we trained for this mission .

If you are Rosie ... Rosie is unconditionally Alm .

We may lose a few hours , but who cares ?

Jack ? What was Nero?

Can I drive alone . That's what I was raised . Someday . Still can not fly alone.

Jack , I can do this .

Admiral is correct , We can not waste time .

Megalodon reach populated areas .

Low can be enormous . Nero can fight alone ?

Theoretically .

We have a self-destruct ? Theoretically .

Nero, the Mecha is yours. but accept my orders .

Certainly , Admiral . Thank you . Come on, honey . I'll get her out .

Mom .

Look at the camera , Olivia .

Mom , I do not feel well .

Okay dear , Daddy is here.

I love you . I'm so sorry , but her daughter is very sick .

I love you so much . It is always difficult losing someone so young .

Let's get over it , dear .

Rosie !

Come back to me , darling .

can not.

Jack , what happened ?

Nothing, just one of the moments most terrifying of my life .

I have to go back there .

It's too late , baby. He was .

How so ' gone ' ?

Nero is in control .

Are you kidding ? He has not been debugged .

Was the order of the admiral .

He did not think you back in time .

It was nothing. I was only half conscious .

It was more than that, dear .

You will be fine . I'm worried that 's it.

Attention all stations , Mecha approaching the wreckage.

I have several large targets moving .

Can not say if any of them is the Megalodon . There are no records Megalodon , Lord .

Just a moment .

Enable eel skin .

damage on the rear fin.

Problems engine ...

submerged Fluctuations detected . Nero? What 's going on ?

I do not know , the computer does not respond .

Admiral Megalodon is gone .

I am not getting read .

Lord , is Dr. MacNeil .

Dr. MacNeil ...

found something you really need to see . The sooner the better as , Admiral .

Can make all the difference .

What are you looking at? I threw it away .

I'm looking at you , dear .

Yes , yes .

This fit to travel?

Maybe , why?

Emma MacNeil wants to see you .

I'm free . Good .

I'll prepare the helicopter.

SITE EMMA MACNEIL , NEW ZEALAND Dr. Grey , thank you for coming .

Dr. MacNeil , is a pleasure .

Engleberg said he has something to show me .

In fact , I have .

To be simple , I managed to track down the Mega ... and I think I know exactly where he is going.

Thought TGE was out of the question.

Geospatial technology was out of the question , yes it is true . because of the depth the Mega nothing could not scan the ground without seeing the floor .

But I noticed something corresponding exactly with the trace Megalodon .


The dots indicate Megalodon sightings .

Now has something unique in its pattern. sharks generally like ... rotating an area and stay for a while .

This path shows us our Megalodon is moving fast .

A downward curve .

This pattern is unique so ...

I was a little curious ... and the temperature sobrepus water with the ocean currents ... and found that ...

Our shark is moving in a warm ocean current originated in the Mediterranean ... which appeared first.

The trail hits with sightings .

Now, I believe the shark will this stream of hot water because he is going forth .

Sydney ?

There are two million years this territory was Reproduction of Megalodon .

How do you know ?

A researcher from fossil confirmed .

We found literally million teeth of puppies Megalodon scattered in a radius of 16km .

Furthermore, the Megalodon probably born here , making this an essential point for him to return .

So it is 1.5 km from Sydney ?


It's the closest who came from the coast since the attack the Port of Alexandria.

If I were you ... concentrate all I have waters of Sydney because if the Megalodon get there and not find a partner ...

He is not happy .


Given the scale of evacuation how prepared you is to deal with so many people ?

We are prepared and trained for all types of situations.

Are you saying that the preparation for this evacuation is similar to the preparation for a evacuation after a major earthquake ?

Exact. But in this case , if people remain calm, we can evacuate all to a safe location , before the disaster occurs.

Thank you, Sergeant Brooks .

Back in the studio .

And we're off .

Thank God !

But that piece of shit .

If you are evacuating the entire city , should know who is coming here .

It is to keep everything under control .

It could get ugly very fast .

So tell me doctor ... have a killer fish worth billions of dollars dead ?


is not dead .

only need to recharge energy. But is not making what he should do .


What did he do ?

Jack ? Jack ? Nero, what happened , buddy ? We lost .

I'm in control now . All right , but what happened?

Not sure . I'm not used with the system or circuit . Nero ... Write a diagnosis .

Overall sequence .


Say the magic word , Jack . Please . Certainly , Jack . Lord ...

Is Dr. Grey .

Dr. Grey , that was quick . What?

Admiral , Dr. MacNeil said he's going to Australia .

Australia ? Confirm this 100% ?

Yes sir, I'm going there now .

Sure , someone will you find there .

He can help us .

The meeting point will be there.

Can by Jack on the phone ?

Hi , dear .

I heard right?

You are going straight to the port of Sydney .

Look, I know you is busy ... just make sure that ... I'll be fine , Jack .

Will . Love you .

I love you too .

Lord .

This just came .

To realign these coordinates.

Full - speed . Yes, sir .


His wife succeeded .

We are going to Australia . How is Nero ?

I'm operating , Admiral . Yes , all systems are fine.

Has a flaw somewhere, but no time to tinker on the motherboard and find out what it is.

You are right . Nero, going to Australia .

Are sending the coordinates .

Understood , Admiral . The game is tied , Jack .

You what?

Come on. Come on.

Dr. Grey. How are you ?

I was assigned to find him . I am General Hogan .

How is the procedure evacuation ?

It's been three hours , is difficult. But do our best .

We know when the Megalodon be here ?

We're not sure . But we know it is near .

To be cautious , we have to keep moving quickly .

I agree , I have a car waiting for you to take it up there.

Thank you. Right this way .

Friend, where are we going ?

For the interior , sir . Why? What's going on ?

We're not sure , just asked to evacuate all coastal .

Keep moving .

Lord , Megalodon is emerging .

Nero ... take care of it .

Please . Yes , Jack .

Miss , I need help. I can not find my daughter .

How is she ? It has 1.40 - m . blonde , like me.

You're in jeans and a pink blouse. How old are you ?

Has six years Right.

Can not have gone far , we seek help .

What if ... Let's find her .

Seen a little girl ? That time , 6 years ...

His name is Stacey . Sorry , did not see her .

Take care , I'll try here .

Have you seen a little girl? We're evacuating !

We leave in 5 minutes! All right , look .

I will not go without it ! But , lady ...

Stacey ?

Stacey ?

Her mother is looking for you .

You'll be fine .

Jack , something's wrong. I see flaws everywhere , you are ...

Stacey !

You can not stay here . I know, I know .

I'm looking for someone . I have strict orders .

I'm in the Navy , look for a little girl ...

Have you seen her ?

I just saw you , lady .

I'm fine , go ahead. I can not let her ...

I've got orders to ... Look, I know what your orders are .

I do not have time to talk .

Let her go .

So there is no chance him back to the sea ?

No afraid he would go to the end .

Listen , he knows the area and ... do not think it will go away without a partner .

It is a feature of Mega I'm just saying that .

So you're saying we a shark 60m needed in our hands ?

Yes , basically.

Well, on the one hand is a good thing .

If we take to a closed area ... we can finish the job .

No, listen .

Do not have much time , right? What I'm trying to say is that if you do not find a girlfriend this guy soon ... have a very aggressive beast in his hands .

Thank you, Dr.


Come on , buddy . What now ?

There was a lot of damage , I lost all communications .

I'll try to fix it.

ROBOT MODE ACTIVATED No, it's too late.

You do not know , it's worth trying . It's too late.

Mecha is entering in robot mode.

What do you mean ?

What is the robot mode ?

What does this mean ?

The program has a security against failure .

The program allows survival operating alone as a Robot .

As a self-guided torpedo.

Unfortunately , the program is active .

Will do what you gotta do without safety protocols .

I can not turn it off .

My goodness!

This is not good.

Come on, something to work !

Come on!

I'm going outside .

Come on.

Let's stop it .

Move it , move it!

U.S. Navy !

Sorry sir, this area is prohibited .

Not for me . I'm authorized to use force.

Truth ? Go ahead .

Use the force .

Are you the U.S. Navy ?

I am .

Have identification ?

I got a giant robot shark. I guess you did not see .

I left my wallet at home this morning .

If not let me pass , have a long , long day , friend .

Very well .

Thank you.

Move it , move it!

Let's continue !

Keep !

Jack ! I'm sorry , buddy .

What happened ? It's okay .

Nero is not responding .

So off?

No, you're thinking.

Thinking ?


It was the Shutdown button . Why not work?

Contact President .

What the hell is this?

Had time to deploy an amphibious mode.

is she

Stacey !


Stacey !

Nero, you hear?

Nero , disarm yourself !

He can see that they are human ? The protocol was already .

There is nothing we can do.

The President will my resignation the morning ... but now , we have a job to do .

Excuse me . Excuse me .

What Nero is doing ? Nero Nero is no more .

Jack !

Rosie ! Rosie !

I'll be back !

It will be okay .

Get in!

That's my girl.

Okay , go .

Go, go, go .

Put the belt .

Pisa background, dear .

Where are we going ? For the city .


Have you ever seen anything like this before ? No, never .

Do not move.

Turn on the camera .

Dave ...

Dave , lower the camera.

Come on, quick !

Holy shit !

We need to return and try to fix.

Hello? - Dr. Grey, who find it good .

you okay ? I'm fine, thanks.

I got an urgent call for you. Okay, thank you . Hello?

Rosie , there you are . What is happening ? I saw the news , is a zone .

Let's just say that the Mecha is no longer on our side .

You know, I think if you could ... take it back to the ocean and ... My God , I do not know ...

Alright .

The Mega is there to play , right?

Then he will see any male as a threat .

Right ...

Well, listen ... I think if you can lead to water mecha and find a way to annoy the Mega throwing him against Mecha maybe you can use the Mega to kill the Mecha .

If you can fool the Mega to work for you have a chance .

You know , use the instincts Reproduction in his favor .

I have an idea .

Okay , good luck .

Will need .

Rosie , Rosie !

Right ...

Next time ... I drive .

Mom ! Honey, where you been?

Okay , guys .

Thank you. Thank you .

civil Attention need to evacuate .

Squadron , maintain their positions .

should clear the area . The Mecha still have torpedoes left , Jack ?

Had a left pane , it was destroyed.

Why? I have an idea .

What is ?

Take this.

What's this for ?

I'll get it.

'You 'll what ? High - frequency transmitters what were angered Mega one time, right ?

Right. Can I get ...

Enable the pulse generator inside, it will be easy .

Rosie , this is crazy !

We have to put this shark back in the water , Jack .

What ...


Rosie , do not !

Rosie ?

Rosie , are you listening ?

Rosie , come on, baby !

'm here . I'll work on the circuits and bring it back to the cove .

Okay , listen , honey . If there is too messy Can you crawl through the duct . That's the plan . I'm in the maintenance area . I'm writing .

Right! I love you . I love you too .

Lord , is going to the harbor.

Lieutenant ... prepare the deadly payloads .

Shark! Shark! deadly payloads armed and ready . put all we have in the bridge.

Get this motherfucker of water.

What are you doing , Jack ?

What are you doing ?

Be male , Jack ! Be macho!

Come and get me , big boy .

Pilot, gotta go !

See it myself . Okay , sir .

Come up here !

Not done yet with you.

Did not win . I'm still here .

Rosie , close the circuit ?

Got .

The circuit is working.

I'm out of here .

Rosie what exactly is your plan ?

The signals coming from the next Left Mecha .

Well where was the torpedo , good job !

Exactly !

Honey, are arriving on the docks , you better leave now .

'm leaving.

Rachel 1 target in the crosshairs .

Rosie , are you okay ? Yes , but I was thrown in the tank . Fast !

Come on!

Rachel 1 , Fox 2 , Do not shoot ! Do not shoot !

Do not shoot !

Honey , you gotta get out.

I'm trapped in the tank .

The doors will not open .

Prepare yourself darling , will be achieved.

Rachel 3 , Fox 2 .

Here we go , dear .

Here we go .

I'm going .

Almost there .

Almost there .

Jack ? Nero ! I'm not suing well .

Something is wrong . It's because you are not you , friend .

There is a flaw in the system .

'm not recording a system crash , Jack . This is because your system was kidnapped by a Robot mode which declared that installed in you .

So I 'm not in control , Jack ? No, Nero. Listen , you can be .

Have to try to recover control , the robot can deceive .

I understand . Listen , the system will try to restart it ... but will not be able , because you are the source.

All you need to do is find out where centralized and you can get rid of it . - Locating ... Fast, please.

I'm in control , Jack . Great .

Listen , Nero. Rosie is in danger .

I'll need to empty the tank. All of them.

I will, Jack . Thank you !

Good job , buddy .

You did not win .

I'm still here ...

Gotcha !

Why did it take so long?

Was walking .

God ...

Goodbye , Nero.

And thank you .

Engleberg and fleet ?

Do not think it survived .

What about you ?

How are you? I've had better days .

I bet you do .

Not sure if this will make best things , but ...

I have it ...

What's this ?

This is Nero !

I thought I had been destroyed.

All we have to do is plug and he will be back.

But ... be concerned with it later .

Because now , Rosie ... we have some explanations to give .

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Jack ?

Jack But not spoken she was worth , kkkkkk