Mei Gong he xing dong (2016) Script

Drug abuse is a plague.

It spreads across our nation, harming our citizens.

Drugs are synonymous with the Golden Triangle.

Situated at the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, this "No Man's Land" has long been safe heaven for criminals and drug dealers.

The emergence of new drugs has lowered the threshold of production and solidified the reputation of the Golden Triangle as a drug empire.

At 4,180 km, the Mekong River is an important link between our nation and Southeast Asia.

It's also the ideal route for drugs to enter our nation from the Golden Triangle.

It is known as the "Hell's Gate of the South."

Dad, this is the "Hell's Gate"?

Why is it called "Hell's Gate"?

Pirates have plagued this strip of the river for years.

Let's hope luck is on our side this time.

Turn around! Notify Huangping!

Huangping, Huangping, do you read me?

Listen up, there are two hostages in the vehicle.

Thunder, Black Cat, lock on the hijackers.

This is Thunder, I've locked on to the target in blue.

This is Black Cat, I've locked on to the target in gray.

Teams two and three, prepare for attack!

Our next demonstration is tactical shooting.

First, the eastern regional team will demonstrate the dual shot.

Here, two snipers will aim for the same mark at the same time...

Minister, we have a situation on the Mekong River.

Thanks to our newly appointed

7th Army Region Deputy Commander General Bita, this large-scale multi-national drug trade was taken down in time.

Upon receiving reliable information, we intercepted two Chinese cargo ships on the Mekong River.

In the process, we exchanged fire with over ten Chinese fishermen.

The fishermen fled the scene, but we were able to uncover 900,000 meth pills on board.

Minister, we are in contact with the Thai police, but the Thai military is holding all the evidence.

The Thai police can't interfere.

They can't even begin their investigation until the military completes theirs.

We don't know how long we'll have to wait.

Who do you have in mind for the task force?

I'm thinking Gao Gang.

The captain of the Yunnan Narcotics Team?

That's right.

I hear he's a stubborn one.

Minister, we need his stubbornness to break this case.

So you've already been in touch with him?


Minister Hao, has given his approval.

When I told him that you'd lead the investigation, he glared hard at me.

I really thought that he would turn me down.

Pass me a cigarette.

Come on.

Your doctor ordered you to quit. Take this.

Quitting is tough.

Gao, I only have one condition.

Play this by the book.

You got it!

One more thing.

Don't ever smoke in front of me.

Dead body!

This is just too cruel!

It's clearly murder!

They've been blindfolded with their hands tied!

Hello, viewers.

We return to the pier now for the latest developments.

The Thai military confirms that the 13 victims were indeed crew members...


I'm sorry, Boss.

I didn't do a good job.

I'll take care of it.

The Thai reports say that the military exchanged fire with the fishermen.

But judging by Mekong River's flow of stream that day, if there really was a shootout, and if the two cargo ships really were smuggling drugs, they should've been firing and speeding away at the same time.

But at the crime scene, the bullet hole distribution and trajectories clustered around the same spot.

We can confirm that the bullets were fired in a stationary position.

This conclusion overturns the Thai reports.

There's something even more evident.

We've found a number of possible bullet scratches on a metal panel on one of the ships.

Judging by their degree and concentration, the shots could not have come from the shore.

They were fired on the ship instead.

Combine that with the bullet angle analysis on the victims, we can confirm it was a 45-degree point blank execution.

Any updates from your intel networks?

Our Golden Triangle intelligence officer Qifu just got a lead.

Two weeks before the shooting, a drug deal was ambushed.

The amount of meth pills stolen also happened to be 900,000.

Did we find anyone involved in the theft?

We did.

One of Qifu's informants is tracking him.



Get in!

They're armed!

Don't move!

I'm asking you one last time.

Who hired you to steal those 900,000 meth pills?

What the fuck are you doing?

You're about to die.

It's Yan Taung Pha!

Yan Taung Pha hired me!

He told me to put the meth pills on the two ships!

Yan Taung Pha from Naw Khan's group?

That's all I know, I swear...

Save me, Save me...

Who the hell is this drug lord Naw Khar?

Naw Khar has a rather complicated history.

He's originally from Myanmar, but he's also a citizen of Thailand and Laos.

In the 80s, he worked for Khun Sa, the drug kingpin of the Golden Triangle.

When Khun Sa surrendered to the Burmese government, Naw Khar absorbed most of Khun Sa's men and built a new force with them and the local militia.

Khun Sa and Naw Khar have completely different styles.

Naw Khar is a reckless and arrogant drug addict.

Most of his men use drugs as well.

He oppresses the small tribes.

He turns the kids into child soldiers and controls them with drugs.

Many local tribes are forced to work with his group.

We've always wanted to work with Laos, Burma and Thailand to improve security along the Mekong River, but an agreement was never reached.

This case involves so much bloodshed and brutality.

This is the perfect time for us to call for joint patrols again.

We have to clear our fishermen's names.

We owe the nation an explanation!

The purpose of this joint meeting is to break past geographical boundaries.

Let Chinese officers investigate in the three nations for the capture of our common target.

Gentlemen, we have secured a witness from Thailand named Wala.

He has already confessed that this frameup was orchestrated by Golden Triangle drug lord Naw Khar.

To get to the truth, we must apprehend Naw Khar.


We must send a strong message to the criminals in the Golden Triangle.

When our citizens are under threat, We will not stand idly by.

We fight aggression with aggression. Our elite narcotics officers will make Mekong River a safe passage for everyone!

The four nations jointly announce the establishment of the joint operation task force.

Together, we will solve the "October 5" case with great urgency.

We will capture the culprit who murdered 13 Chinese fishermen!

This is our first joint operation.

Our goal is to subdue Naw Khar's group.

With the help of reliable sources, we managed to locate Naw Khar's various drug factories and trafficking spots.

We must hit them on the blind side, and we have to make our move at once!

The joint task force commander has given us authorization to use force under special circumstances.

If there's an urgent situation, we must provide full support!


China is making the other three nations take action.

You should all lay low until the dust settles.

This is our turf!

Laos, Burma and Thailand never got us, so why the fuck should we fear China?

Boss is furious.

He demands you to explain how things got this far.

I've done everything he's asked for.

How I did it is none of his business.

If he really wants an explanation...

There's your explanation, P'Som!

I'm Naw Khar, I'm not afraid of anything!

Gao, Naw Khar is wanted for many crimes in the other three nations.

We can't let him fall into the hands of the other nations, so we have to be the first to get him.

Qifu has already obtained intel on Naw Khar's group.

Gao Gang.

Fang Xinwu.

We finally meet in person after getting your intel for so many years.

Nice to finally meet you too.

Quite a huge farm you've got here.

The hills that you see in front of you were all opium farms.

Looks like alternative development changed everything.

That's good.

The problem is... it hasn't changed the nature of the Golden Triangle.

These are residents of villages nearby.

Drug dealers forced them to plant opium.

When they refused, their limbs were chopped off.


Good morning, Mr. Qifu.

Don't forget our movie screening tonight.

7 o'clock. See you there, Mr. Qifu.

Our intel tell us that Naw Khar and his backbone members have left their strongholds.

Ongsa, operations commander.

A bodyguard who also handles kidnapping and looting.

Ya Ta, business and trading.

San Kyi, logistics and money laundering.

These three men are the backbone members of Naw Khar's group.

Naw Khar arranges their duties himself.

Who is Nah Htuu?

Naw Khar's eldest son.

Why is Naw Khar's picture so blurry?

That photo was taken ten years ago by the Interpol.

It also happens to be the one and only.

How could that be?

He's been active for the past decade.

Why isn't there more on him?

Naw Khar always acts under the radar.

He's hiding out in the mountains of the Golden Triangle Special Region.

It sits at the intersecting point of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

It's under the three countries' jurisdiction, but its location makes law enforcement almost impossible.

Adding corruption into the equation, the region is a "No Man's Land", a paradise for criminals.

This is where Puja is holding Naw Khar's man Yan Taung Pha.

If we can extract Yan Taung Pha, it should get us some leads.

Who is this Puja?

One of the five kingpins in the Special Region, He's the most powerful one after Naw Khar.

What's your plan?

I've already planted a mole.

But remember, whatever happens, you have only 15 minutes to complete the mission.

This is a complicated case.

There's a larger power working behind the scenes.

We must be careful and stay out of the local police's sights.

If anything happens, keep your identities secret.

There's only one entry way for the entire district.

A metal detector has been installed there.

That means no one can carry guns inside.

It's how they keep trouble away.

The chance of a gunfight is minimal, but these guys are brutal with their axes.

Every day at noon, a beer truck arrives for delivery.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes.

The plan is to use the beer truck to extract Yan Tuang Pha.

Panoptes, monitor the surroundings with your drone.

If anything happens, I'll ask you to activate the signal jammer.

Aphrodite, take Bingo with you.

The others will follow the Bulls as backup.

All guns will be loaded with low-speed rubber bullets.

Our mission is to extract Yan Taung Pha without causing any casualty.

Everyone is in position, Chief.

Captain, the truck is here.

We have a situation, target is missing.

Gongchai, the target is missing. Where else he can be?

He was right there earlier...

The informant didn't see anyone move Yan Taung Pha.

Aphrodite, let Bingo in.


Bingo is in.

Poseidon, let's stick to the plan.

Copy that.


Bingo, sniff.


Remember, our target is Puja.

What about '(an Taung Pha'?

Just fucking kill him.

He's embarrassed our boss.

Listen up. The target's life is in danger.

I'm gonna snatch him!

Panoptes, jam their signal now!


Can you hear me? Do you copy?


Let's go back Captain up!

We're exposed.

Panotpes, any other way out?

Take the rooftop. There's a cable there, it's connected to another rooftop.

Bingo, retreat!

There's trouble in there!

Lock the gate!

Get over here!

GO! Go!

Aphrodite, pick up Captain. Turn left in 200m!


You guys stay right here.

Go help Captain!


See if we can use that net!

Captain, you go ahead!

We're out of time! Go!

Captain, there's a hut at your 12 o'clock.

Jump down to the alleyway. Turn left at the end for the exit.

At 300 meters, take a left after the blue metal gates.

Then take the small path at the 2 o'clock direction.

Hurry up!

Bulls, we're on our way out. Request for assistance!

Chief, we have an urgent situation.

Permission for the Bulls to strike!


Blow it!


Captain! Hurry!



Move it!

(Burmese) Who are you people?

Why did you save me?



We have enemies in pursuit!

We're right behind you, Captain!

Aphrodite, are you okay?

I'm fine!


Fucking hell!

This is the Golden Triangle, Captain!

So what if this is the Golden Triangle?!

My informant is exposed!

Didn't we have an agreement?

15 minutes means 15 minutes!

You were to fucking retreat, no matter what!

Out here, you have to do things my way!

Are you finished?

We had one chance to save '(an Taung Pha.

I had to take it!

If we had failed, we could've found other leads!

You're fucking responsible for intel.

I make the fucking calls!

If we're going to keep working together, you have to follow my lead!

Forget it. Take my car.

Make a left at the corner ahead.

Which one?

You just passed it.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

What's wrong?

Puja is hot on my trail. I need to leave now.

Don't panic...

Get to the train station. I'll bring some cash. Okay?

Gongchai's on the run.

Wait for me in the car.

Call me if anything happens.

Call me if you need anything.

What's the matter?

I'm sorry, (Mu...

I didn't want it to be like this!

They got to me first... you have to help me!

Where did they go?

What's your location? I'm coming over.

Don't! I'm exposed.

I'm behind the snack shop at the far end of the platform.

Gongchai will be where I dash out.

Help me protect him.

I'll handle the rest.

Search again!

Over there!

Piss off!

Let me go!

I have to say...

I'm not used to seeing that look.

You should keep your disguise on!

Well, you don't look too bad yourself.

Icarus, pass me a plate.


Watch out, don't burn yourself.

I think...

You really remind me of somebody.


Who is that?

Many people said so!

But I can't tell who...


Aaron Kwok!

Aaron Kwok...

Aaron Kwok.

I'm starting to doubt your intel.

Time to eat!

Let's introduce ourselves!

My name is Guo Xu!

Just call him Poseidon. He's always moody.

I'm his sister, Guo Bing!

Never call her by her code name. She'll be really pissed.

Fill it up!


People make fun of her all the time.

Don't say it!

The reason is...

Her code name is Aphrodite, but she looks nothing like a Greek Goddess!

No more beer for you tonight.

How do you do?

Glad to meet you. I'm the translator.

Call me Hermes!

You're up.

I'm Jiang Xing...

I specialize in ex... ex... explosives.

That's why he doesn't like to talk.

He's sharp like a spear. That's why we gave him the name Ares.

When he's in action, his commands are always dead-on.

Not even food can shut your mouth, brother.

Xie Wenfeng. They call me Icarus.

He's always acting against his father's wishes.

Fu Baowei.

Call me Panoptes!

One hundred eyes?

I specialize in drones!

He's Bingo.

A team of Greek deities.

I'm impressed.

What about his code name?

Come on. Let's do a toast!

The one and only...



Come on!

Bottoms up!

During our background check on Yan Taung Pha, we picked up a new lead.

We found out that he has been producing meth with raw ingredients bought via a middleman.


It's medicinal ephedra.

Do we have the supplier?

His name is Zhang Da-An.

He's a Chinese medicine merchant from China.

We already have him under our custody in Sichuan.

Did he say who the middleman is?

Naw Khar only has two middlemen in Golden Triangle.

We don't know who the first person is, but the other is Mr. Zar.

At the moment, our only lead is the guy who takes care of Mr. Zar's business, named Pierre.

I have an idea.

We're going to put on a show.

I'll come up with a role for you.

Sure, as long as I don't play a ladyboy.

He doesn't look the part anyway.


Hello Pierre, this is Da-An.

Listen, I just ran into some kind of trouble.

The police here are keeping a close eye on me.

What about my stuff?

Don't worry about it.

I have already arranged a new partner to deliver your stuff.

A new partner?

This is supposed to be our business. How am I gonna trust him?

Why not?

I trust my partner just like I trust you.

Treat him really well. You're gonna like him.

Alright. Just don't screw up.

Da-An should've introduced us earlier!

We're gonna get on well.

What do you want to do? Sell crap to China?

We'll be rich!

You want to sell crap to China!

That's what I am doing already!

I'm already selling them, man.

Give me the bill!

No! Come on, bring it over! I got it!

You wanna pay the bills?

You be the boss.

L hate paying bills anyway!

Now I be the boss?

You know what we got?

We got that thing...

Too bad we didn't meet earlier.

It's "Xiang Feng Hen Wan."


You're not going anywhere.

You stay with me, we'll get you some girls, we'll clean you up, we're gonna have some fun tonight, boy.

Don't fucking lie to me...


What the fuck! What the fuck...

Fancy running into you here!

Long time no see, Guo Kun!

What a coincidence!

You're doing pretty well, eh?

What are you doing here?

I was in Myanmar with Mr. Qian about setting up a casino over there, so I thought I'd stop by!

Mr. Qian is here too?

Yeah, he's upstairs.

Full house!

What the hell...

Mr. Qian!

Hold on, Xiaoqi. I'll be with you in a minute.

Pass? You pass?

Put it out!

No way!




Mr. Qian is really something...


Mr. Qian!

How the fuck did you end up in here?

I followed the smell of your money, of course!

I love puppies that are good at sniffing money.

Come, Xiaoqi, take this.

Just take it! Thanks Mr.Qian.

I won all this today.

I won it all from this rich brat. Just take it!

Thanks, Mr. Qian!


Fucking ecstatic! Thanks!

Take a spin.

Wag your tail for me.

Come on!

Of course, Mr. Qian.

Who's this fella?

Pierre, come over here!

This is my good friend Pierre.

He is Mr. Qian.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Qian.

If you wanna do business with the Chinese, you'll have to learn some Mandarin, won't you?

Mr. Qian, what does he do exactly?

Gambling, man! What do you think?

This guy owns 200 underground casinos in China, plus God knows how many private banks.

Brother! You, me, and him, we're gonna work together.

I tell you now. We're gonna work this out.

You don't say!

Listen, he's already asked me to do some...

You know?

Mr. Pierre.

Xiaoqi, Qian and two bodyguards have gone to the Princess Club.

Then they'll board a yacht owned by Macau's Wanhao Casino.

I hear that Qian is the banker for four high roller lounges at Wanhao.

Mr. Pierre.

They've brought over 2O girls to the yacht.

I'll have people keep a close eye from the shore.

Trust me! These guys are real deal.

Pierre, do you know what makes a good steak?

Good quality of meat, the right temperature, the right cooking time.

How many times have I taught you to look beneath the surface?

It's all about how carefully the chef treats the steak.

Of course, Mr. Zar.

Mr. Zar, your friend has arrived.

Hello, Mr. Zar.

Thank you, Mr. Zar.

Thank you.

I've been gone for five years, and I have nothing to show for it.

That's why I've come back to the Golden Triangle.

America isn't the easiest place to make a living in.

There's this Chinese guy that Pierre came across not long ago.

And he wanted to talk business.

As I'm sure, you're more familiar with China than me.

Why don't you go and check him out for me?

Doing business with the Chinese is my specialty!

I'll make sure you get a good deal!

Mr. Qian, this is the golden age for the gambling business.

Everyone in China is so rich nowadays!

Mr. Jitpong, how much product are you able to supply annually?

Two tons!

We can definitely deal with two tons.

You just said that we're in the golden age!

Two tons?

Two tons were barely enough a few years ago.

We do much bigger deals now.

I'm talking about a minimum of six tons per year!

Hey, who's that Jitpong guy?

I thought you're the only guy who's dealing with Mr. Zar's business?

Jitpong is from America.

And Mr. Zar likes him a lot.

Mr. Qian, we can always talk about commission later.

I'm telling you, you're not the only middleman in this business.

There are plenty of people I can talk to.

I'm only talking to you because Xiaoqi can vouch for you, but you've really disappointed me today.

Yes I am rich, but I'm not a fucking imbecile!

Got it?

Mr. Qian!

Mr. Qian!

Mr. Qian, we can always negotiate.

Mr. Qian, we can negotiate for the right price.

We can always talk again.

We're talking about a 1.5 billion-per-year business here!

Look, the market is in my hands.

If you want to keep talking, get your supplier and we'll talk together.

I'm leaving in two days. I want an answer by then!

Don't get mad. Let's drink.

We can drink on our own.


I didn't think that we'd run into him in this case.

I think that you should step away from this case for now.

You're afraid that I'll kill him.

Xinwu, I was worried when you chose to come here to be an intelligence officer.

But I decided to send you here anyway because I trust you to be narcotics officer.

When this is all over, we'll catch him together.

What exactly went down between him and Jitpong?

The Jitpong today used to be called Xing Deng.

He was a drug dealer in China five years ago.

Fang Xinwu's girlfriend of ten years died because of him.

Xing Deng fled to the Golden Triangle, and we've lost track of him since.

Steal all the data from your boyfriend's computer for me.

One time.

Just this once.

I can't...

I can't do that to him...

Your boyfriend is an narcotics officer.

If everyone knows that his girlfriend is a junkie, how do you think he'd react?

Win! Win! Win!

Hurry up!

So what?

You are aware of the current situation, right?

I'm positive that this Mr. Qian is a reliable source.

My guy Jitpong checked him out.

Do a deal with them, and then we'll see if he deserves a meeting.

We need to find out whether he's really got deep pockets.

Let's start with five million US dollars.

I'll keep you posted on the drop-off time and place.

Hey, what's happening?

The deal's on, brother.

I'll let you know the time and place.

Oh yeah...

Alright, I'll tell Mr. Qian right away.

They've taken the bait.

When you first moved here, did you have a hard time adjusting?

L got by.

From the moment I found out my girlfriend was an addict,

I knew what I had to do.

Nothing excites me more than taking down drug dealers every day.

Daddy, do you like cats?

Daddy's little lover.

What a lovely family.

I'm divorced.

My daughter lives with her mother now.

You must miss her, being all the way out here.

Of course I do.

Listen up, Naw Khar has taken our bait.

Their request is to do the exchange and verify the money before showing up at the mall.

Panoptes and Ares are in charge of the exchange.

After that, Ares will back up Icarus' surveillance mission.

Panoptes will join us at the mall immediately.

Let us know as soon as the deal is completed.

Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hermes, you'll come with me to the mall.

The mall has a total of four exits.

The Bulls will be stand by outside to track down any target.

Remember, we're meeting in a crowded area.

We don't know how many of their guys are in the crowd.

Be vigilant at all times.

Throw the money to the road below.

Where's my stuff?

Inside the fifth and sixth barrel to your right.

"Distance with target"

Target number four San Kyi spotted!

Icarus, are you sure?


When we met last time, I thought that you looked familiar.

Have you spent time in China?


The money is good.


Target number three Ya Ta has arrived. East Gate.

They're here.



Allow me to introduce...

Mr. Ya Ta.

Mr. Qian.

Nice to meet you.


Have a seat!


What's going on?


Here is five million US dollars.

Naw Khar said one million is for what you did at the Mekong River.

As for the rest, please make it clean and deposit it to his account at the Golden Triangle Casino.

I thought the deal was 1.5 million?

Naw Khar felt that Boss was against him because you are not doing a good job.

San Kw, Boss has been unhappy with Naw Khar for some time now.

Just so you know, under the current circumstances, the Naw Khar era could end anytime if Boss so chooses to.

As for you, my friend, I always thought you have great potential.

I even mentioned your name to Boss.

They can definitely supply 1.5 billion worth of goods per year, but they have some ideas about the business terms.

One, we'll be Mr. Qian's exclusive supplier.

Two, we will be your investing partners in the Chinese market.

He takes a beat just before he speaks every time.

I think that someone is giving him directions.

Aphrodite, go take a look.

I'm okay with you being our exclusive supplier.

As for investing in our business,

can you really handle that?

As long as the goods keep coming and the price is right, you can be our exclusive supplier.

But do you have the muscle to invest in our business?

We drug dealers print cash like banks.

Money is not a problem.

Mr. Qian, we sell drugs.

Money is never a problem.

We print cash like banks.

Okay, then tell me, how do you want to do it?

Tell them, I only want the southern region...

I can hear piano in the background.

It's on the second floor!

Naw Khar's son Nah Htuu spotted, second floor.

Attention, Bulls.

We have two targets in sight.

Make Nah Htuu our top target!


Targets are on the way out, three of them!

Icarus, we must follow that target!

What's going on?

Didn't I tell you to be extra careful?

I'm coming back now.

"Someone is following you"

(Burmese) Backup! We've got a problem!

Icarus, do you copy?

Area, did you see the target walk out?

Most of the drugs in the south, come from the Golden Crescent these days.

Their price can go 30 percent below the market rate.

It'll give us a monopoly over the southern region.

If what you say is true, then let's give it a try, shall we?

But I only accept a 60-40 split...

In addition to investing, we also want to set up branches along the Chinese coastline.

We'll move the goods to Japan and Korea, and you'll be our agent.

"Distance with target"

The signal's up ahead About two, three hundred meters.

The brown car on the opposite lane.

The guy at the hotel... he's right behind us.

How did he find us?

Turn left at the corner ahead.

Got it.

It's me, Ongsa.

Something's wrong with the deal!

Heads up.

Nah Htuu may be leaving the mall.


Ya Ta, they're cops. Leave now!

Captain, they found out about the money!

I'm sending over backup now.


Go after him! I'll cover you!

Get down! Get down!

Get down! Get down!




Poseidon! Where are you now?

I'm at the North Gate!


Hang in there...

Hang in there, Xu...

Poseidon is down!

We're at the North Gate.

We need backup right now!

Get down! Get down!

Don't move!

Don't move!

Get your brother out of the way!

Bingo, go!

Freeze! Police!

The local police are here. Go, Captain!

We're out of time!

Don't move! Hands up!

Captain, I'm sorry.

I was careless.

And I got Guo Xu...

Save that for later.

Chief, how's he doing?

The child is in stable condition.

But Guo Xu's leg can't be saved.

They have to amputate immediately.

The shopping mall incident was way out of line.

Boss wants you to leave the Golden Triangle at once.

Who the fuck is he anyway?

He's nothing but a pawn out here.

I'm the master here.

He should be the one leaving!

Those guys made a move on us, and now he wants me to leave?

Have you all forgotten who I am?

Calm down, boss!

I will find out his location as soon as possible.

And make sure we locate the gold before we take him out.


I didn't lie to you!

That's all I know! Let me go!

Okay! I will talk! Please stop it!

Won't it seem odd for Chinese boats to ship drugs, into the Golden Triangle?

And killing Chinese nationals?

I'm worried this is too big for us.

What's the big fucking deal with killing a few people?

It's not the first time Chinese people have died on the Mekong anyway.

Kill them all!

Those fucking chinks, they've been looking to use joint patrols to get us.

I'll teach them a lesson!

I don't care if the whole world suspects us.

No one can touch us!

I am the master of Mekong River!

The hiding spots that Ya Ta gave us have all been emptied out.

The only lead that we have left is Nah Htuu.

Nah Htuu can easily escape under local police custody.

So we must grab him while he's still in the hopsital.

Let's do it.

If we're really doing this, I'll grab a hostage as a diversion.

Get him out first.


Let's tail them.

Nah Htuu and Jitpong have left the hospital.

They're on their way back.

(Burmese) If those chinks dare to challenge our power, we'll show them exactly how powerful we are!

You're my great warrior!


Come come come! This way!

My leg!

Give me your hand!

My leg!

It hurts! Slow down!

Wait, I'll go to the other side!



Where have you gone?


Help me out...

Help me out!

Help me...

Shut up!

Throw me the gun!

Throw me the gun!

Throw me the damn gun!

Fang, you can't kill me!

Killing me won't bring your girlfriend back!

Please just let me go!

Let me go!


Yu Ping, what's the status on Nah Htuu?

Excuse me, where's the soccer pitch?

Walk down that way, turn left, then turn right.

Then go straight.

Could you repeat that?

Walk down that way...

The more time we take, the more evidence we lose.

I'll sort that out.

Once we have Naw Khar's position, take action right away.

You're in command.

You can't come...


Stop him! He's carrying something!


Nah Htuu...

Nah Htuu got away...

Don't worry, chief.

We've got Nah Htuu.

He's already given us Naw Khar's location.

Gao, go get him right away...

It's gonna get tough for you, Bingo.

Eat up.

Daddy's little lover again?


Mind if I take a look?

I'll come after you tonight, daddy...

Let's take a photo and send it to her.


Nah Htuu has given us Naw Khar's location, but the terrain of the area is complicated.

Also, we can't ascertain what kind of weapons the enemies are packing.

So we have to strike hard and fast.

We'll split into four teams and penetrate from south and north.

Lock down the targets' location ASAP and nab them at once.

We're using live ammos this time, but remember, our mission is to capture Naw Khar and his accomplices alive.

If they are killed, then our mission is a failure.

So please do your best to keep them alive.

Helicopters will be standing by.

Each team gets an extra-strength transmitter.

Whoever gets the targets, retreat to the meeting point immediately.

Use your transmitter to call the helicopters for extraction.

The stove is ready.

North 1 in position.

South 2 in position.

North 2 in position.

South 1 in position.

P'Som, we don't really know how many of them are out there.

Why don't we strike first?

Just let them fight it out.

Mr. Zar found Jitpong's body, but Sai Nah Htuu is still nowhere to be found.

Rest assured, boss.

We will find Sai Nah Htuu as soon as possible.

What a terrible hand...

Anyone want to swap?

Ante up! Quickly!

Captain Gao, what should we do?

Don't let them get hurt.

Ongsa spotted by North 1.

Captain, North 2 will take Ongsa.

This is South 1.

We've located Jarwan.

This is South 2. We've located Boha.

Keep a close eye on all targets.



(Burmese) Where's my breakfast?!

Naw Khar's location confirmed.

Do you want to die?!

Get ready for action.

Take him out.

Go see what's going on!

Stop! Down! Get down!

Don't move!

Stay put!

Watch out! Don't hit him!

We need him alive!

Be careful.

Captain, I'm on your nine o'clock.

Cover me! We're going in!

(Burmese) Fuck you, you chinks!


Enemies approaching!


We've got injured men here.

Get them out of here first. Quick!


Wait for me at the exit.

Got it, boss.

Meng, where are you?

I'm here!

Go go go!

Qifu, the helicopters are about to leave, get your asses over here!

What's the status of North 1?

Naw Khar escaped.

Captain Gao and Bingo are after him.

He's by himself?


Send me his location.

This is Captain Gao speaking.

Naw Khar is inside the cave behind the campsite.

I'm about to go in.

Respond if you copy.

Naw Khar, where is he?

Go see if there's another exit!

P'Som, Naw Khar's right here!

P'Som, can you spare me?!

Don't let Naw Khar get taken by the Chinese!

Come on, go now!

Bingo, it's your turn to strike.

I'm counting on you.


GO, Bingo!

Bingo! Bingo!

Captain, do you copy?

Captain, I'm right behind you. Get ready to run!

Cover the boss, go!

Captain, do you copy?

I got Naw Khar by the river.

He's hurt badly!

I have attackers on my tail!

Hang tight! I'm on my way!

I'm at your seven o'clock, captain!

If Naw Khar dies, you better put a bullet in me.

You're on your own after that!

Get closer!

Get closer!

We're almost there, captain!

Captain, I'm at your twelve o'clock.

Prepare for extraction!

Cover Fang Xinwu!

Pull Naw Khar up first!

Then we'll come back down and save Xinwu!

Pull him up! Hurry!

We've come to back you up, P'Som!

Don't let them leave! Take them down!

Captain! We can't wait any longer!

(On November 6, 2012, The Intermediate People's Court of Kunming convicted)

(Naw Kham, Hsang Kham, Yi Lai, Zha Xiha and Zha Bo)

(of intentional murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and hijacking of a vessel.)

(They were sentenced to death.)

Fang Xinwu spent too much time in that world.

People change.

He was very conflicted at the time.

After he killed Xing Deng, I could sense that he was in pain.

He didn't change one bit.

Take comfort in that.

When the mission is complete, will you go back to China?

15 years ago, Khun Sa was taken out.

Then Naw Khar took his place.

I wonder who the next one will be.