Mei ren yu (2016) Script

Four billion years ago, the first marine life forms.

First came the fish...then slowly other life forms evolved.

Therefore, our ancestors...

...came from fish.

Everyone, come and see this.

Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus.


Red, Pong!

Isn't this a gecko?

How else can I get a 15 ton T-Rex in here?

With our advanced technology, I shrank it down.

There's also the Panthera tigris.

That's a dog!

Lucky is a genuine Panthera tigris balica.

You call it Lucky?

Lucky's a dog's name!


When did I say Lucky?


Hurry, your turn!

So what if it's called Lucky...'s still Panthera tigris balica!

Hey're expecting a lot for only ten bucks.

Nature is truly wonderful.

To adapt to different environments...

...creatures from land, sea and sky crossbreed and humans are no exception.

Take for example...the scientific name of a man that can fly is called "Batman".

In Chinese, it's Batman. In English, it's still Batman.

Miss, why are you eating Batman's ear?

I thought they're chicken wings.

Even if you don't respect Batman, you should respect yourself!

Put the chicken wing back!

Not chicken wing...l mean Batman's ear.

Anything else to see?

Yes, of course, silly.

How did you guess that?

I've got a mermaid back here.

Wow, you're really switched on!

Isn't this salted fish?

Such a fool!

Of course, specimens are always preserved with salt!

The exhibition's over. Goodbye!

I don't believe you! You're lying!


Right, refund!

Refund! Refund! Refund!

Enough! I've worked damn hard to run this place!

You idiots want to ruin me. It ain't happening!

Open the door! Let them see it!

Are you sure?

Open it!

I am a mermaid...

My heart...Help!

Okay, is that really necessary?

Hey...I'm just trying to make a living, okay?

Don't happy!

Let's take a picture.

Damn you

1O billion

10.05 billion

2O billion

20 billion once...

2O billion twice...

20.01 billion

20.02 billion

20.03 billion

20.04 billion

20.05 billion, 20.06 billion calm.

20.07 billion

20.08 billion

20.08 billion once...

20.08 billion twice...Come on...

20.08 billion. Deal!

Mr. Liu, why would you pay 300% for this land?

About this land in Green Gulf...

...our group wants to develop it into the most environmental and ecological project.

So it cannot be measured by money, right? Thank you!

Uncle Rich Liu... Ruo4an“.

Cheng, you're on time today!

I heard you bought Green Gulf and opened a bottle of '90 Romanée Conti.

I have to be on time for once!

I'm...I'm really sorry.

When it's this good, I have to act fast!

Look at this land in Green Gulf. beautiful!

Let's celebrate!

Are you sure about Green Gulf?

You really don't know anything about real estate!

Have you worked out the numbers?


...but Uncle Rich and Ruo-lan did.

No matter how much they bid, I just outbid them...

...and always just by one more.

The cost of one bid is nothing! Not even enough to build my own toilet!

What did the legendary Bruce Lee teach us?

Be like water, my friend!

Just go with the flow.

"Being invincible is lonely,"

"so lonely."

"Being invincible is empty,"

"so empty."

Stop that awful song!

If Rue-Ian had got Green Gulf, it would have been a failure.

She would have just raised the land prices in the area...

...and boost the sales of their own properties.

You're an idiot!

You just bought a piece of crap!

There's nothing there!

You've got some nerve...talking about Bruce Lee!

What were you thinking, you idiot!

Mr. Liu is offering us his Romanée Conti.

Be nice or he'll change his mind.


You're adding insult to injury!

Liu's project...l estimate he would lose about 20 billion...

...but it would also raise our market value.

Without even trying, we'll be earning 3O billion...

...and now we're drinking his million dollar wine.

Aren't we greedy savages?

You're igniting yourself to illuminate us!


...are a great man!

You're my idol!

You're far too generous! I could never repay you in my lifetime, or even in the next one.


If Green Gulf could be reclaimed, the profits would be huge!


Green Gulf is a conservation area with plenty of dolphins there.

Otherwise, why would I sell you that piece of crap land right next to it?

You really think I would do this for you?

I heard that the dolphins are moving away.

What are you talking about?

What's this?

Reclamation permit.

Is this for real?

Of course!

That's it...I'm leaving!


I thought we're okay. What are doing with the pesticides?

Pesticides? You idiot!

This is our newly acquired high-tech Jetpack.

Take it haven't even had a drink yet!

I'm not taking it off!

Why don't you make me?

You son of a bitch!

God damn you!

Wow...the granite wall!

I feel so bad for...

The granite...

Cheng can be such a jackass.

Can't people just talk reasonably?

Why throw a tantrum?

You're're a great man!

Open the door and let him fly out!

Green Gulf is a profitable project.

How about doing it together?

It's my honor, Uncle Rich!

That's great! Now that I'm retired... can work together with Ruo-Lan.


We have a big party today...let's have fun!

Whoever gets this's yours.

You're so weird.

Who are you? Are you trying to humiliate us?

How much can her watch be worth?

Not much...just 8 million!

Miss Ruo-lan, you just threw 8 million into the water?

Spending 8 million to open your eyes is well worth it.

Now you can see their true colors.

Very clearly!

They're young people... working hard for their money.

I highly respect that!

Aren't we all the same?

You came from nothing. It takes great ability to achieve what you have now.

You even manage to get the reclamation permit.

Those second generation rich brats can't even compare.

Cut the crap...let's work together.

How do you wanna do it?

You've got such a promising project...

...and I've got the biggest brand name realty. What do you think we should do?

Join forces...raise the stock price...

...and make a killing on the stock market.

Of course!

3O billion should buy me 50%.


Aren't you worried I'd be upset?


Happy now?

At least 45%.


Mr. Liu...

Mr. Liu, I...

What the hell are you guys doing? How did she get in here?

Stop! What are you doing?

Don't go over there! People like that have diseases!

It's fine. I'll just take a look, okay?

Then go ahead. I'm leaving!

Boss, this person is not on our list of dancers.

Who are you?

Mr. Liu, my name is Shan.

Sorry, I sneaked in.

You're so handsome!

Of course! Take her away.

Let's go... Wait!

This is my number. Please call me okay?

I'm begging you.


You will call me. Right?

You promised! You call me anytime.

Thank you! I'm so grateful!

You're so handsome!

It's pathetic!

Smells good!

Come, try it.

Thank you.

A bucket of fish food, a bottle of anti-inflammatory solution.

Okay, thank you!


How is our plan going?

I gave my number to Liu Xuan.

He promised to call me.

That's great!

That bastard Liu Xuan destroyed Green Gulf!

He destroyed our home and killed so many of us!

Finally...we can take revenge!

Together with Haichang Holdings, we have opened an aquarium in Dalian Tiger Beach.

The polar theme park in Shanghai Dishui Lake...

...will also be completed in 2017.

Its scale is comparable with Disney.

The PR department is currently promoting the conservation of marine animals.


Haichang is the leading pioneer in this industry.

Let's leave it to them to protect the Earth.

I'm shallow...I'm only interested in money.

Let's talk about the Green Gulf project.

We've placed sonar transmitters in Green Gulf.

It's been producing effective results.

No dolphins have been found within a radius of 5O nautical miles from Green Gulf.

So, no problems with the reclamation work.

What guarantees are there that the dolphins won't be back?

The sonars, this time are different from the earlier ones.

They're more powerful and destructive.

We can also adjust the frequencies to target different species.

This is a simulation of what the dolphins will experience from the sonars.

Here's a cute goldfish.

Switch on.

Oh my God!

That's too cruel! Game over!

I'm dizzy.

Take a photo for me. That's so scary!

The dolphins won't be back for sure.

Anyone dare to try it?

In fact, the sonar can also help us to explore the ocean.

The research shows that... of the frequencies is not from dolphins.

In ancient times, both humans and our ancestors were apes.

With the land changing...

...some apes were forced to live in the sea.

Their legs were of no use...

...and evolved into fishtails.

Mermaids and humans should have coexisted side by side.

But ever since ancient times...

...whenever humans spotted us, they hunted us down.

Since then, we stayed away from humans.

However, the more advanced they've gotten, the more violent they've become.

So humans are evil.


But what?

Shitai fell asleep again...

...but she's right. All humans are evil!

Chemical wastes...bombs...everything.

It's already very hard for us to avoid these...

...but now with the sonars all over the ocean, there's no way to escape!

Now we're stuck in Green Gulf.

There's no way out, not by land or sea!

We have to kill Liu Xuan...he's responsible!

Thats's our only hope to return to the ocean.

Everyone knows Liu Xuan is a pervert.

Look at the'll know.

So we sent our beauty, Shan with a modified tail.

She's gone through intense training...

...always sneaking into the human world and getting our daily supplies.

She's very experienced.

See how devoted she is to her dancing!

She's fearless.

I think she dances better than MacDonald.

It's Madonna, okay?

I say what?

Here's our plan...a honey trap.

First, we send our beauty... seduce the target.

Then we send our assassins to kill him.

Simple as that!

There's foam coming out of your mouth!

Because of this poisonous arrow.

Alcohol can remove this poison, but not my hatred.

Kill Liu Xuan!

But the one I hate the most is not Liu Xuan.

It's you bitch!

Why did you shoot me?

Liu Xuan is the target, not me!

It was an accident.

What? That definitely was no accident!

Hey, I had to test it, right?

To make sure it worked.


You're fired! Dismiss!

Sham, come here.

You always bring back roast chicken.

You're the only one who likes it. What about the others?

I'm sorry.

Liu Xuan is a typical pervert.

He may kiss you when you seduce him.

Do you have any experience?


I think it's my duty to practice with you.


Did you feel anything?



Nothing at all.

You must have felt something. Don't be shy.

Don't hold back your feelings.

Release your emotions and feel it. Okay?

There's nothing, you fool!

That's a relief.

What's next?

Wait for the call!

The frequency is very strange...

...possibly from an unknown species on Earth.

Are there aliens?

What aliens? ET?

Just give me the report in 3 days.

Why do you always suppress me?

Not suppress, just pressing.

Mr Chairman has something urgent to take care of.

Please leave immediately!

You're bad!


Still no call yet. ls there something wrong with our plan?

The honey trap depends on the honey.

Shan is pretty...shouldn't be any problems.

No, no...I'm just an ordinary girl.

Not ordinary at all! Her eyes are especially small...

...and her nose is huge...

...with very sharp teeth like a hound.

Very flat chested...seems like they were run over by a tank.

Thank you.

Good...yes, very good.

You're crazy.

Aren't you? We're two of a kind.

No, we're not the same.

We have different traits.

How different?

The difference between nobleman and lowlife.

Just like a beggar...

...dress up as a prince...

...but inside he's still a beggar!

The prostitute from the party last night just cost two hundred bucks...

...yet you still want her.

All your actions show your lowlife traits.


This is Liu Xuan...where are you?


Where's that?

Guillotine Cliff...Grindstone Mountain... Green Gulf.

I'll pick you up in 10 minutes.


What is it?

Liu Xuan said he'll pick me up in 10 minutes.

My lowlife traits are like cancer in my bones.

The doctor said it's terminal.

It can't be cured.

What do you mean?

Kill Liu Xuan!

Kill Liu Xuan!

Miss, Mr. Liu sent us to pick you up.


Who are you?

I'm her uncle.

Yes, he's my uncle.

You forgot your bag.

Don't waste this chance...have fun.

We'll wait for you at home.

What's this?

Mister, it's an octopus I caught.

It escaped earlier.

Don't touch it! It's ferocious!

I'll kill it now!

Let me help you.


There's bacteria on your knife.

Put it down. Be a good boy. Listen to me, it's alright.

Well done...Uncle loves you.

What are you doing? Stop pulling...

Stop pulling! I can't sell it if you mess it up.

I need it as a whole big piece for BBQ.

Let me help you.

What's up with you again?

Where do all these weapons come from?

Mostly from the internet, also...

Okay, fine!

Let me think again.

No BBQ...

...sashimi would be better.

Mister, let go...let go.


Damn you!

Son of a...

Knock it off!

I'm sorry. I've never seen such a big octopus.

I'm just too excited!

Excitement is good for young people, But personally, I think you should focus your energy on girls... instead of wasting it on an innocent octopus.

You sick bastard Yes.

Sorry Uncle.

Boss will be here soon.

Miss, we have to do a security check.

Stand up.

What's inside your shoes?


Please take them off.

No, it's very difficult to take them off!

Don't worry...just put your feet on the table...

...and we'll take them off for you.


Hold on!

That's's fine now. I'm sorry.

What's this?

Sea urchin.

And this?

Sea urchins opener What for?

To eat it!

You always carry around sea urchins to eat?

Is it illegal?

Not illegal!

You scared me to death.

You're being very sneaky with these glasses of water.

Did you put in poison?

I was just kidding!

You really scared me to death this time.

That's what I was trying to do.

You scared the crap out of me!

Let's have a drink.

Which one is mine?

Don't one touched them yet.


Any problem?

No problem.

This lemon is so sour!

I thought you were poisoned...


I thought you were poisoned...

Mr. Liao!

Stop it!

What are you doing?

He'll be fine if he drinks some alcohol.

Mr. Liao, are you okay?

What happened?

You fainted.

Have some water, Mr. Liao.

Mr. Liao, are you okay?

Just get lost!

I'm going to kill you!

You worthless pice of...

I could have kill you!


Go to hell!

Damn you!

Can't even handle one simple task!

Stop standing here like dogs!


Get it done now!

Hey you!

Nothing...don't worry about it.

What's up?


Mr. Liu, the door is fixed.

"Being invincible is lonely, so lonely."

"Being invincible is empty, so empty."

"Standing alone on a high mountain top,"

"the cold wind blows."

"No one understand my loneliness..."

"Being invincible is lonely, so lonely."

"Being invincible is empty, so empty."

"Will she hear my voice from far away?"

What? What is it?

Mr. Liu, you asked me to come...

...because you like me, right?


I was not serious about meeting you.

I was just saying it.

I thought you were serious. Okay, okay.

Give her $100,000.

Just leave!

I don't want your money!

You deserved that hit!

You think it's not enough?

Here's another $100,000.

Come, let me hit you again!

I really don't want your money!

You don't want money? You want even more!!!

You haven't even undressed! What do I get?

Any tricks for me?

Sure, with a chicken.

Of course with a chicken!

Are you kidding me?

You don't think I can do it?

Do what?

First you have to pluck it.

Pluck it? What for?

Of course, you have to pluck it!


Let me show you.

Okay, I can't let you do this!

Then you can have a mouthful of it when you eat it.

What? I have to eat it too?

If no plucking and no eating... then I can't do business with you!

I can't take this anymore! Take her away!

What are you doing? Let go of me!

In this whole wide world, you're the most beautiful...

...most pure and innocent girl I've ever met.

Let's go have some fun.

You changed your mind pretty quick So what? I just like you!

Let's go.

Ruo-lan, you're looking for me?

Nothing important. Just go on with your business.

Then I'll go now. If you need me, call me anytime.

Take care of Miss Li. I'm leaving.


So I'm worse than that bitch!

Sorry Miss Li.

Miss Li, would you like anything else?

To hell with you!

I can arrange that!

To hell with your mother!

Not a problem!

Move out of my way!


Do you want to get out or shall I throw you out?

Hey...why the sudden change?

What do you want from me?

Just take the money and get lost.

My work place is right ahead.

Come and try!


Trust me! I guarantee you'll like it.

Okay! Stop here.

Come on...over there.

Should I wait for you, boss?

You idiot! Can't you see she's crazy?


This smells good.

So, this is the chicken you were talking about?

Of course...what were you thinking?

Come and sit.

I thought you meant poached chicken.

Here, try!

Why would I eat in such a place like this?'s very tasty.

Are you kidding me?

Trust me!

It's so makes you want to cry.

The first time I ate this, I cried too.

This reminds me of my dad.

When I was little... family was so poor.

We had to search for food on the streets.

One day... dad brought back half a chicken leg.

It tasted just the same as this.

So I was determined that...

Your lips are greasy.

So I was determined that when I grew up...

...I would make a lot of money.

Why make so much money?

What's more important than money in this world?

What if there's not even a drop of clean water...

...and not a breath of fresh air on this planet?

Wouldn't it be meaningless... even with so much money?


Do you understand what you're talking about?

It's you who doesn't understand.

That's why I'm here...right in front of you.


Thank you for buying me the chicken. Here's 1 million.

Who are you? What do you want?

I'm just an ordinary girl. I admire you!

What do you really want?

How about I sing you a song?

There's nothing I haven't seen.

Stock market crash in 1987...the financial crisis in 1997...SARS in 2002.

I survived.

I'm tough!

How dare you challenge me?

"Being invincible is lonely, so lonely."

"Being invincible is empty, so empty."

"Standing alone on a high mountain top, the cold wind blows."

"No one understands my loneliness."

"Is this the highest mountain in the world?"

"Or are there places higher than the sky?"

"Are there places in the world higher than this mountain?"

"But I cannot find one person more loving than you are."

-"No one can compare to you." -"There are always higher mountains."

-"True love is like the sky." -"Love is higher."

"it's incredible"

Okay, win!

Your moustache is fake!

Hey, give it back to me!

You are so cute. I'm warning you.

So stupid.

So silly...Let's go play!

You're crazy! Why would I want to play on a spaceship?

Let's fly!

You farted!

It was you!

Mine smells like this.

That stinks!

My place is right ahead.

This bay is mine!

This ocean is mine!


Of course!

So everything belongs to you?


So I'm yours too?


I'm home, thanks.

I'll go now.

I'll walk you there.

Good night.

Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?


If there's only one minute left in your life...

...what would you do?

I would do nothing. Just look at you like now.

Can you see me clearly?

Okay, let's not rush it.

Let's turn on all the lights inside.

Then I can have a good look at you.

I love you.

It's late now. You should go!

Why did you let him go?

I couldn't do it!

I'm tired. I'm drying out.

I really couldn't do it.

We were so close!

Liu Xuan is a lucky son of a bitch!


Was that Liu Xuan?


He wants to take me out tomorrow.

We can't mess up this time!

Kill Liu Xuan!


Hello... Hello.

You know each other?

He's my uncle.

Uncle, it's you!

Yes, it's you again!

Oh, you've got another octopus?

I knew you'd be here for teppanyaki... I brought you some fresh ingredients.

Please let us.


Please go ahead. Let's try Uncle's cooking.

No way.


I'll do it.

Your uncle is interesting.

He's very proud of his cooking.

So full of himself.

He loves to perform.

What happened?

He flew out.

He also performs magic tricks.

Go clean up.


Everyone out!

You're not human.

Your hand.

Marry me!

Didn't you say you adored me?

I want to marry you.

You got it all wrong.

It's alright.

You wear outdated fashion... look funny when you eat. Also you got a strange walk...

...and you talk funny.

So what?

I like it!

Stop joking around with me!

There are so many beautiful women around you.

They just want my money, but you don't.

I have everything now...

...but I'm lonely.

No one understands me in this world...

...but you.

But we just met last night!

This is my style...efficient, accurate and fierce.

I make business decisions within seconds, worth tens of billions...

...but I thought about this for the whole night.

Enough! Don't say anymore!


It's wrong! It's all wrong!

Why are you so foolish?

You're the foolish one!

Do you know how amazing you are?

You're not're an angel!

Knowing you is the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Have you ever thought that I was fooling you?

Fine, go ahead and fool me... fool me as long as I live.

Stop! I don't want to hear this!

Don't say anything or I'll change my mind.

I'm suppose to kill you!

Out of my sight for one day and you're reckless again.


I'm losing my patience!

I should be the one!

Stop stalking me!

Why can't I be here? Why would I stalk you?

Not only do you stalk me...

---You bug me too!

Having so much fun?

Our business is worth tens of billions of dollars.

So what if I bug you?

Getting so close to this strange girl.

I think you're crazy!

I want out of this deal!

You want out?

I beg of you.

Do it quick!


Have you ever thought about cutting off another tentacle to wear pants?

You think you're so funny?

Yes, I'm funny...

...but I'm even more romantic.

If I want to wear pants...

...I can still do it with three tentacles.




That's okay!

Right now...l only care about killing Liu Xuan.

We're always failing! Why is it?

You like him, don't you?

I never liked him!

I dare you to look into my eyes and say it again!

Of course I can!

How can I look at you when are you spinning?

Who the hell switched on the fan?

I did! Don't you feel hot?

No! Switch it off!


I'm not an actor or a killer!

I can't do it!

Who is it?

Switch off the fan! Help!

Help! Hurry!

You placed sonars in our ocean!

You're responsible for all the deaths!

Because of you...

...many of us died and we got separated from our families.

Do you know how much damage you've done!

Who gave you the right to destroy our homes?


...we, the mermaids...

...sentence you... the eighteenth level of hell.



If you kill me, the sonars will still be there!

He's right.

Of course I'm right!

I didn't mean to cause you so much pain!

Let me go and I'll turn off the sonars!

Let me help you this time, okay?

Don't believe him!

Kill him!

I think he has a point.

Now you get it!


Don't tell me you're in love with him.

Mr. Liu.

Nice to meet you!

What can we do for you?

What I'm about to tell you...

...don't be scared.

Hey, we're the police... we're not scared of anything.

Please begin.

I was just...

...kidnapped by a mermaid.

A mermaid?

Yes...a mermaid!

Like half human and half fish.

Not left and right. It's top and bottom.

Human top and fish bottom.

What about the head?

Not with that thing!

It's a girl!

Damn it...mermaids!

Are you making fun of me?

With long hair and a nice figure.

Swims with a fish it?

Got it. Please continue.

She came to me.

She said she liked me and wanted to date me.

Then she kidnapped me...somewhere in Green Gulf.

There were mermaids everywhere...

...and an octopus too.

An octopus! Scared?

You heard me?

He tried to strangle me with his tentacle.

Shan picked up a knife...

...and chopped off his tentacle.

I ran and ran...

Then I jumped into the sea.

What are you laughing at?

I was just having some happy thoughts.

What happy thoughts?

My wife just had a baby.

And you? What are you laughing at?

My wife also just had a baby.

Your wives are the same person?


No...they both gave birth on the same day.

Let me make myself clear.

I'm not lying!


Let's get back to the case.

That...that creature you just mentioned.


Was she pretty?

It doesn't matter whether she's pretty or not!

She's one of a kind...

...that's rarely seen.

Her eyes are like peas...

...with a garlic shaped nose...

...and sharp teeth.

She's very cute.

Too bad it was dark that night... take a good look at her breasts.

What is it with you? I'm losing my patience!

My wife had a baby.

Do you think I'm that stupid? I know you're laughing at me!

Mr. Liu, we're professionals.

We won't matter how crazy it is...

...unless we can't take it.

Mr. Liu, how about... go back home and rest first.

We'll let you know once we find out anything.

Alright, please do something!

Bring more enforcements!

We need to corner them!

Mr. Liu, anything else?

Mr. Liu?

I believe you.

You're a tycoon with trillions.

Why would you make up such a crazy story to fool me?

Only lunatics wouldn't believe you.

By the way, I know a great psychiatrist.

I'll ask him to come over!

Why are you calling a psychiatrist?

To have some fun together.

Okay, you think I'm crazy too!

Damn it! You don't believe me!

You don't believe me! You don't believe me!

Here you are!

Where have you been? I've been so worried!

I meant well...earlier on.

What I said, I didn't really mean it.

Look at you. You're like a child.

You have such beautiful legs.

Not only are my legs beautiful...

...there's much more to be discovered.

Let me see.

Octopus, what should we do now?

Wait for death to come.

I didn't expect to be betrayed like this.

To save the one you love...'re willing to sacrifice everything.

This is your nature.

You shouldn't blame yourself.

A mermaid falling in love with an evil human.

Is there no justice?

Love has no law.

It is beyond any rules or boundaries.

In the Ming Dynasty over 600 years ago...

...we barely escaped from the seven attacks of the human navies.

Thanks to the generous help of Mr. Zheng.

Otherwise, we would have been extinct.

Human beings can be evil...

...but there are good ones too.

Love is all around.

Love is patience.

It can stand the test of time...never ending.

You've been watching this for two hours already.

Still want to watch the kiddie shows?

Are we destroying the environment?

Don't you want to see something more interesting? Come over here.

You've seen all these already?

Why do you care so much about these mermaids?

There are many things you don't know about me.

Come over here and I'll show you.

I have to go. It's urgent!

Don't you dare!

Do you realise how lucky you are?

Don't miss this chance.

I'm sorry!

I really have to go. It's urgent.

I'm deeply touched.

Thanks for your offer.

Come back here!

I'll call you soon, real soon!

Come back!

Let me try the sonar.

We will now activate the sonar.

I have to warn you first...

Just cut the crap!


Go ahead!


Mr.Liu, are you okay? head!

Damn it! I crapped my pants!

That's a normal reaction.

I tried to warn you but you didn't let me.

In fact, we reduced it to one tenth of its power.

That's impossible!

Mr. Liu, why do you want to turn off the sonars?

The sonar... too powerful!

You're really funny.

Look...your work has already started! You designed the sonar!

I tried it and I crapped my pants!

Human waste is not our expertise.

I want it turned off! Authorize it now!

We can't do that! -It's not possible.

What's the matter?


Mr. Liu wants to turn off the sonars...

...and talking about faeces.

That's disgusting! I'm sorry.

We don't understand what he's thinking.

No surprise. We'll never know what he's thinking.

I agree. Turn off the sonars.

All sonars have been switched off.


Thank you, Ruo-Lan.

You're welcome.

You know that I'm always on your side.

You must have your reasons.

Can you tell me why you're doing this?

The sonars are deadly. I crapped my pants.

Well done, you figured it out.

Mermaids really do exist.

That girl, one of them...

...and there's more of them!

An octopus too!

And so?

Our sonars are harming the environment...

...and destroying all marine life.

Where are they now?

Green Gulf.

Inside the wreck on Guillotine Cliff.

That's why I didn't want to tell you! I really regret it!

I believe you!

Living mermaids located! that wreck in Green Gulf.

Oh my God!

What is this place? What are you doing, George?

Sorry, he's working for me now.

George is not only a world famous marine biologist...

...he's also a nutcase like you.

He's been looking for mermaids for a long time.

I'm backing his research.

Why didn't you tell me?

We've actually found two mermaids...

...but they were dead unfortunatly...

We've located that wreck...

...and there're signs of mermaid activity.

Let's go get them!

Turning off the sonars is good enough. Why still go after them?

Are you crazy? species.

If we could extract their DNA...

...then we would have the most advanced biotechnology.

It's a huge opportunity. You should know that!

But... Money! Making money!

Don't you want money?

Yes, I want money!

But there has to be a limit.

We can't go against our moral conscience!


Earth's welfare and world peace could rely on you then, Mr. Conscience!

I survived that sonar!

To hell with the sonar!

You only care about that woman!

I'm rich and gorgeous.

There's lots of men who find me desirable.

I spent 3O billion on you, but you treat me like dirt...

...and go chasing some tail!


Now I'm going to hunt her down and make fish soup out of her!


...are highly intelligent unknown species.

They're fierce...

...and capable of making weapons.

They're extremely dangerous... as soon as you see them...

...use full force!

Take pre-emptive action.

Attack them until they cannot fight back.

I'd rather have them all dead, than let one escape.


We've got 300 security enforcements.

They're ready to set off any time.

We'll shutting down Rue-Ian's secret laboratory.

No one can get in anymore.

Now, do you believe me?

Now I do.

I still can't get in touch with Shan.

Keep calling her.

Make sure the enforcements get there quickly!

Boss, please be careful with my car.

I only have three in this model.

Let me get this straight.

Going against Ruo-lan is like going against money.

But we're business men. If we go against money...

...then those jets, yachts, and Romanée Conti...

...are all meaningless, right?


Great! Force them out of the water!

Target under water!



Is anyone in charge?

Where are the police?


The sonars are off! It's safe now!

Quick, jump! Go all the way down!

It's safe now...let's go!

He wasn't lying.

They're over there!

Right there!

Out of the way!


Give it to me!

Damn it!


You're stuck too? What about the helicopter?

The pilot is what? Stuck in traffic too?

Go to hell!


Take my cash and car for the bike.

No way!

I'm rushing to my client for her manicure.

It's a Lamborghini, for godsake! Forget about your stupid job!

Here's a building for you...

...worth several billion dollars, okay?

That's all I have. My final offer!

'IO billion!

Mr. Liu...

Trying to pick up a manicure chick on the street...

...for 10 billion!


Kill her!


Whoever wants to harm her...

...First get thru me!

Never mind him! Go on!

Damn you bitch!

You actually pulled the trigger!

I'll send you home!

Damn bitch!

Forget me.

Don't worry...I'll protect you.

Just leave me.


My name is Long Jianfei.

Thank you very much for seeing me.

I was the first winner of the scholarship you set up three years ago.

My schoolmates and I want to express our deepest gratitude.

We all think that you're a great man.


You used to be such a successful entrepreneur.

Why did you donate all your money to protect the environment?

If there's not even a drop of clean water...

...and not a breath of fresh air on this planet...

...then it would be meaningless no matter how much money you make.

Yes, that's so true.

So the mermaids...

There are no mermaids.

People say you deny the existence of mermaids to protect them.

After you survived that fateful day... stayed alone...

...waiting for the mermaid to come back.

This sounds like a movie.

Mr. Liu, please take a look at this photo.

Actually, I don't mean to offend you with these questions.

As a marine biology student...

...these new findings are very important.

Scientists should be more objective... don't believe in fairy tales.


...I'm not alone either.


I'm cooking!

Come here.


Lucy Hello.


We live an ordinary life.

Sometimes we cook together.

Have tea together.

What else?

We also travel.

I understand.

Go and explore new places.

The sceneries are beautiful!

Very beautiful.