Mela (2000) Script

Goddess Durga is my Mother... Goddess Ambe is my Mother...

Sing with me, Gopal and Rupa.

Your brother has arrived, Rupa! Really?!

Are you speaking the truth? I swear it on our love!

God bless my soul! Let's go!

Rupa! You mustn't walk out on the Goddess's prayers!

The Goddess is my friend... my Mother!

She'll understand. My brother has arrived!

Villagers! I can never forget the love and affection you have... bestowed on orphans like me and my sister Rupa.

So I seek your forgiveness... for I have taken a decision for my sister, without your consent.

Skip the riddles. What have you decided?

I have fixed my sister, Rupa's marriage.

Who is the bridegroom?

What does he do? Where does he live?

He's my colleague's cousin. Surinder Pratap Singh.

He lives in Belapur which is in district Ramgarh.

He's a police officer and Rupa will...


Open the door, Rupa! Or else, I'll go away... and won't return for the next fair! Look at him!

What's up, little one? Are you angry with me?

Why must you get me married and cut me off from yourself?

Silly girl! Can you ever be cut off from me?

But every girl has to marry someday, my little doll.

Or her life remains incomplete. That's a bloody cliche!

Vidhyavanti has not yet got married. And Bulbul...

Come here! Tell my brother... do you want to get married?

No, right? There! She doesn't want to leave the village either!

But you want to drive me out of the village!

Bulbul is responsible for her old parents.

But you have your brother's blessings.

Do you want me to get a bad name for not getting you married?

Is marriage so necessary, brother? Yes.

Why is it so? Every girl needs a life mate.

A man who will protect his wife You will protect me, brother! I don't need anyone else!

And what if I die on the Front? Brother!

Death be to your enemies, brother! Nothing will happen to you!

So don't snatch my rights from me.

Okay. As soon as this fair's over, we'll leave for Belapur.

I've met him just once, actually. I don't know him well.

All right. We'll decide on the wedding only if you like him.

Is that all right? Agree with your brother, brother!

She has always been a stubborn girl!

Let her take her decision, guys!

She's a modern girl. Like me!

See what Vidyavanti says? So... what have you decided?

My brother!

Let me go, mother... What happened?

Let me go, mother... No, Gopal...

Let me go, I say...

You aren't going to marry anyone! You will marry only me!

You're not going anywhere!

Don't we have such a happy village!

No... may no evil eye ever be cast on our happiness!

Welcome, Minister! This way, sir...

We have organised a fair specially for you, sir! Welcome, sir!

Give the Minister a big hand! Welcome, sir...

We've organised a fair for you, sir... welcome!

Dance, folks! Give him a big hand!

Our good-fortune, sir...

Welcome, sir... This fair is for you!

Welcome... The stage is this way.

Give him a big hand!

Please sit down!


The terrorists are here!

Out of my way...

C'mon, Rupa!

Watch out, son!

Gujjar Singh is no ordinary thief!

There's a reward of millions on his head!

So watch your step!

Let go of my sister! Let her go!


Go on in, Rupa! No...

Go on inside, I say!

Put all the guns together!

Villagers! Chief! Come on out! Don't be scared!

Come on... Don't be scared!

Pick up those guns... Don't be scared!

Look at that, Gujjar!

Once people are rid of this fear, this terror... no animal like you nor a terrorist will ever rule again!

If only... people were to be rid of my terror!

What say, lame duck? Long live, Gujjar!


Kali! Give me the belt!

Get up! On your feet!

You dare raise your hand at Gujjar!

No... leave my brother alone!

Know what, soldier? Your sis will set whoredom aflame!

She'll be a great whore!

Gujjar! I'll have your blood!

Brother... My brother!


That's enough... now come along!

I will destroy you!

You will destroy Gujjar, eh? Your only support... your brother, has been destroyed, in trying to take me on!

Which man will you now look up to?

Rupa! I will help you!

Let my Rupa go! Leave her alone!

Fantastic! Looks like he's the only real man around!

No... Let Rupa go, or else...

You're a kid! I'm no kid!


You will destroy Gujjar, huh?

There's a lot of fire in you.

You have yet to see the fire!

For the treatment you have meted out to my brother...

I will give you a 100 times more horrifying death!

Or I won't ever claim to be my brother's little sister!

Sister? You will not be able to call yourself sister again!

Know what I'm going to make out of you?

You're going to be my whore!

You won't be able to call yourself anyone's sister again!

You'll never be a wife ever! No! Never!

Wait there, Rupa!

There's death ahead! I will embrace death, Gujjar!

But I will never live the life of shame you want me to lead!

Should I be born again, I will return... and I will annihilate you, Gujjar!

Silly girl! She was out to annihilate Gujjar!

The man who will annihilate Gujjar is yet to be born!

Who's that?! Where am I? You're on the ground.

C'mon... this isn't a show or the world of your dreams.

This is a godown. Get to work!

Shankar Shahne! Damn you! Bloody truck driver!

Who do you think you are?! You don't dream and don't let me too!

And what a beautiful dream I had! There was beauty all around... and I was the centre of attraction! Kishan Pyare... the performer!

I was the star! Get down!

We live off this truck. Not your bloody plays!

Wrestler boy! The day I'm a star, you'll forget your measly meal!

You'll feast on Chicken tandoori! Absolutely right!

How right you are... and how sweetly you speak!

Why're you always messing with your friend, Shankar?

Your friend is a really hero! Thanks, Patil Rao!

This friend of yours will someday give you the throne, Shankar!

Really? He's more likely to topple the bloody throne!

No... don't say that. That's enough, smart ass!

I'll present a show in Khanpur...

...that will leave the audience gaping!

Nobody will watch it!

Nobody will watch it! And I bloody well say that!

Seth Chaturdas Popatlal... Welcome!

Return the advance!

Your Khanpur show is cancelled! Why, sir?

I was slippered at the last show!

You always promise me a girl and dress up a male for the act!

I want a real heroine this time! A real bloody heroine!

We have the heroine ready! Where is she?

She lives on the way to Khanpur; just two hours away!

What a heroine, sir! She's explosive!

Young and tender... with a slender waist!

She's young and tender? Really? I swear it on your paunch!

You have sworn on my paunch. I'll give you another opportunity.

That's something! But remember... if they hurl rotten tomatoes and slippers at me again... you're going to be shot! Don't you worry, sir!

Go and sell the tickets and rake in the dough. I'll follow you!

Remember... a real heroine. Sure. The real heroine!

No make-believe! No, sir! Not at all!

The fraud! You've conned him again, haven't you?

Why did you lie to him? And Why not?

He'd have cancelled the show and put an end to my dreams!

Where are you going to find the heroine now? Where?

On the way to Khanpur, of course!

God often listens to what people say, as He has heard you today.

What does that mean? Champakali! She lives on the way!

My niece! What a dancer she is and what a fabulous singer too!

Looks like she was born to perform in your shows.

All she needs is an opportunity. Just the one you have!

Give me the address and I'll give her the opportunity!

Thank you, God! You'll certainly make it someday!

Let's go, smart-ass! Load the stuff and hit the roads!

Looks like destiny is going to smile on me at last!


What have you stopped here for? For a bath.

I'll have a bath, freshen up and go after the girl!

Bathe here now? But you bathed last week, didn't you?

Smart-ass! You wouldn't know about the girls!

A guy's got to look good to woo the girl!

Look! My red trousers and the yellow shirt to meet Champakali!

Shankar! Take a dip! The water's just great!

You're alive, Rupa...

But what for?

"You have nothing left... you are finished!"

Your brother has been killed

"You have nothing to live for, Rupa. No one at all"

"You're all alone, Rupa... you're on your own"

"No, Rupa! This is no time to despair"

"This new lease of life is a boon to destroy the enemy"

"He has ruined you... he has snatched your brother from you"

"You must avenge your humiliation, Rupa"

How will you accomplish it?

Who will help you?"

There is someone! Your fiancée.

The man your brother chose for you

"He will accept you... he will protect you"

"And he will make sure that you are given justice"

Hey frog! Are you coming out or must I leave?

Here I come...

He won't even let me bathe in peace!

"These clothes I choose for you, Champakali..."

"A few short ones; a few fat ones..."

Kishankali! Don't you look gorgeous!

Blame the waters! It turns a man into a woman!

Where are my clothes, smart-ass? I don't know. I was asleep.

And my clothes vanished, eh? An animal could've taken them.

Why would an animal steal my clothes?

They go around in the nude. And this is...

Wait a minute! This is a ghagra-choli!

It was no animal! It was a girl!

The bloody thief has made away with my new trousers and shirt!

She left these tatters for me... What the hell were you up to?

Shut up! My wallet was lying in my trousers! She stole that too!

Hey thief!

You have a lot of money, lady... what will you eat?

Pancakes? Beans? What will you have?

Get me anything. In a jiffy.

Excuse me... Anything else?

How do I get to Belapur? It's an 18-hour journey.

There's a bus for Khanpur. From there you take another bus to Belapur.

But today's bus has left. You will get a bus tomorrow.

Look there, boss!

What stuff! She's delicious!

Like liver-fry! She's a whore.

A whore? Of course.

Look at her counting the money. How'd she get so much of money?

That girl stole my clothes and you didn't even notice!

You notice girls. I don't.

Just shut up now and let's eat. C'mon.

Can you think of anything but food? Can You Of Anything But girls?

C'mon! How can you compare food with girls! That's a sin!

Girls are...

Damn her! Shankar! Look there!

A girl again? Look at her clothes!

She's the one who stole my clothes and she's wearing them, too!

The same red trousers and yellow shirt.

I'll go and get her. Relax.

Why score with every girl you see? Damn it! You suspect me?!

There! She has my wallet too!

I can't take this anymore... I'll push the whore into business.

The bloody thief! I'll get her right now!

Gotcha! You sit here counting my money!

What did you think? That I wouldn't catch up with you?

Shankar! The wallet!

You don't know who I am! Kishan Bindas, the school drop-out!

Step out of those clothes... Go on! Strip!

What the hell are you doing? Get lost!

This yellow and red is mine! Where have You sprung from?

The red and yellow is mine! I saw her first!

So does it belong to you? I bought it in Bhopal!

I've paid 300 bucks for it!

I'll pay 600.

No... it's not up for sale.

Shut up, jerk! C'mon...

Don't you touch her! You'll spoil the crease!

The crease? Sure. It costs money!

And it looks great. What crease, punk?

Narinder! Isn't he crazy? Forget him. Go For The babe.

The babe, eh?

You have torn my yellow shirt!

Godamn you!

One, two... six of them! That's one too many!

It's time for my lunch!

What are you talking about? I'll get killed!

You hit me when I'm talking to someone!

I'm getting a beating and you're enjoying a yogurt-drink!

You messed with them. So you handle them.

You aren't a friend! You're an enemy!

Rather than... Okay. Let me eat.

Don't watch! Kill him!

You've joined me, Shankar!

Man in the beard! Wait!

Why bash me up? The girl's vanished!

She has vanished!

To hell with you, you thief!

She has fled with my trousers and my shirt!

But we've saved the wallet. Give it to me.

Who's going to pay for the losses you've caused at the eatery, son?

Why must I? The chap in the beard...

Where are you?! They've both fled!

But you're here... give me the money.

But... He has suffered losses... and you must compensate for it. He's right.

Do drop in everyday!

I'll knock her teeth out if I get my hands on her!

I've told you not to mess with girls.

They don't have brakes... the accident is inevitable.

Girls are trouble. They're a total loss...

Shut up, smart-ass! And hurry. The girl's waiting for us.

A girl again? The heroine! Champakali!

Hurry! We've got to reach Khanpur with her.

"They're going to Khanpur from where you'll get a bus to Belapur"

"Don't waste time. Go with them"

Stop the truck, Shankar. What for?

I want to pee. My bladder's full. No. The truck won't stop.

What nonsense? Stop it! It's an emergency!

No, I say! I will stop only at Khanpur now.

Khanpur?! That's four hours away! My bladder will burst!

Stop the truck, please! No.

You're at the wheels. So you act smart! Bloody...

Watch it! It's worse on those pot-holes!

What are you doing?! We drink from that!

We won't anymore. When are You going to change?

Hand me the other bottle! Quick!

Hurry! You're a bloody animal!

Didn't I say it'd burst? What an idea!

We no longer have to stop the truck.

You're the eternal beast! Why have You stopped now?

Look ahead. My word! The police?

Hello, Constable! I'm not a Constable!

I'm Inspector Pakkad Singh! Fantastic! Great name!

Inspector Pakoda Singh. No! The name is Pakkad Singh!

I know all about the smuggling in explosives.

What are you carrying? Why must You check our truck, sir?

We're decent guys. Decent guys indeed...

Decent? You drive after drinking! What's that?

This isn't liquor, sir! It's something else.

I'm a cop! I can tell from the colour!

Give it to me.

Strange! Foreign liquor in an Indian bottle!

I must taste it... No, sir. Please don't...

Shut up!

I'm going to get beaten up!

Fantastic stuff! What liquor is this?

Absolutely fresh, sir. Straight from the source.

Are you carrying some in the truck? No, sir. Only oranges.

I see! The local stuff in the truck, eh?

I will check!

What are you carrying? Liquor and girls?!

What's the girl doing there? Which girl?

The one you've hidden! Get down!

Now what's this?

Where's the girl? She was here! Where's she now?

You are drunk, Inspector.

Go on, guys... get on with your work!

There was a girl here... where has she gone?

Am I really drunk? This is great stuff.

Where's the other bottle? Well, sir...

Give me the other bottle! Go ahead. You Can make more.

Here you are, sir. Have a nice time!

Good bye, Mr Pakoda Singh. The name is Pakkad Singh!

Go on... get lost!

What stuff is this that I imagine girls after drinking it?

See the power? He was drunk and imagined a girl in the truck!

Wouldn't life be made if we had one? There is a girl In The truck.

Are you drunk too? Didn't you see the orange peels?

Must've been the work of rats. There was no girl there.

She's up there. Where?

There. Take a look!

Damn you! It's the thief!

Get down, you bloody thief! Give me my clothes! C'mon!

What will she wear if she gives you the clothes?

What were you doing in the truck? Tell us!

I want to go to Khanpur... So you know we're headed there!

What will you do in Khanpur? Have you committed a theft?

I am not a thief. I have other compulsions.

What compulsions? Oh mother...

Mother? I have a mother In The village.

So does everybody. What's new?

I have a step-mother. A step-Mother?

She's forcing me to marry an old man, a drunkard.

An old tyre for a new car?! A wicked step-mother, all right!

Don't worry. We'll take you to Khanpur. Come...

My foot! She's lying! I've heard those tales!

Get the hell out of here, lady. Go on!

What are you saying, Shankar? I'm not going to mess with girls!

Go on... get lost!

You come with me!

Where will the poor girl go in the forests?

There... she's crying! She's like the unseasonal rains.

She cries today... she'll make you cry some day.

Go ahead and call her! The bloody jester!

What did you say? Jester?!

Wait there, you thief!

I've found her! Oh yes, I have!

Want to go to Khanpur? Yes...

We'll take you there! But I have a condition!

You'll have to perform with me in a show!

Perform in a show? Yes! Can You sing?

And dance? Like this... sway your hips? Can you do it?

We'll take you to Khanpur if you perform with us in the show.

I can do it! I will perform with you!

Will you? Yes, I will!

We've found our heroine, Shankar!

Count this, Shankar. It's 5000 Rupees.

Here you are. What's this for?

One of the crates has less of oranges and apples.

You're an honest man. I charge Only For What I do.

Is there anything else? A delivery Of oranges And apples.

To Haripur. Want to go? It's pretty far away.

It'll cost you a lot of money. Don't worry about the money.

But you must leave today. My friend has a show tonight.

All right. I'll leave immediately after the show.

Okay? Okay.

Kali! It's ages since I've seen you. What's up?

The men in uniform seem to be everywhere.

You're right. Is My stuff ready?

Absolutely. Come with me.

Here you are... take a look. But these are apples.

If that's an apple... what's this?

Apples are good for health. Oh yes. They're excellent!

Have the stuff loaded. I'll go and have some apple-juice.

Go ahead...

Load the white crate in Kali's truck... and the black crate in Shankar's truck. Okay?

The white one in Kali's truck and the black one in Shankar's!

Bloody drunkard! You'll get a thrashing if you mess up!

"Kali's truck gets Shankar's crates..."

"and Shankar's truck gets all the rest"

Get a hold on your hearts, folks!

I will present to you a girl... whom the Lord has taken His own time to make!

Give her a big hand!

Hurry up, madam... it's time for the show!

Why's she taking so much of time? Maybe because she's the heroine!

Step aside, mister...

Ye lovers of beauty...

How do I describe her cheeks... her flowing hair, her gait... they're all so wonderful!

Her looks could kill!

Her wrists are so soft... by God!

Stop it... you're in for a thrashing.

Her body is like the roses blooming in the gardens!

Her eyes are golden! Give her a big hand!

See the applause? Wait For The brickbats.

Nobody can stop me today! The artist in me has awakened!

And your heroine has bolted. What nonsense?!

Take another look! She must be in the loo!

We looked everywhere... she has fled.

Has she? I've had it!

This is a terrible crowd! They'll treat me like an egg!

And that chap will make mincemeat out of you.

If I go bust today... you won't live anymore!

So what am I going to do?

Friends! Before starting the show...

I want to say something to you.

A man must never lose sight of humanity!

No matter what happens, man must not behave like a beast!

Cut the crap and start the show! Take that!

I'm overcome with emotions at your show of affection.

What else can an actor ever want... if he has a sympathetic audience like you on his side?

All we want is the girl! Get the girl here, punk!

Where am I going to get the girl from?

Where's the bus-terminus? I don't know.

Mister... where's the bus terminus?

Do something, smart-ass! Save me!

Why do you mess with girls? She has fled!

She has arrived!

Step aside... my heroine has arrived!

Our heroine is here, friends! Give her a big hand!

Where the hell were you? I...

Stop bleating like a goat and dance!

I don't know any dance! You said you knew it!

So what's wrong now? I had lied to you!

Let me go... please! You can't run away like this!

You lie to us at every step! Go ahead and start the show, Kishan.

Let me see how she refuses to dance!

Welcome, Inspector! I'm glad you have arrived!

There's darkness everywhere, sir! Only you can shed some light!

Who was she?

You?! What are you doing here?

You have recognised me... The name is Pakkad Singh!

I don't recognise anyone when I'm on duty!

So who was she?

Well... she was the one you saw in the truck!

Was she? But you said there was no girl in the truck!

It's like this; she was there when you saw her.

We thought she wasn't there because we didn't find her there.

But we realised that we thought she wasn't there, while she was!

I can't understand this... She was there when I saw her?

Yes, we thought she wasn't there. Didn't you see her?

But she was there! Cut this crap of there and not!

Are you trying to fool me? I'll have you thrown in the cell!

What's his crime?

Does he have the weapon? No.

Have you found the body? No.

So how will you arrest us? A smart-ass, isn't he?

That he is, Inspector. I'm Pakkad Singh!

The day I get the evidence, you go straight to the cell!

The name's Pakkad Singh... she was there and wasn't! Damn it!

Come here. What is it, Inspector?

Do you have some more? More Of what?

That heady stuff you gave me? Inspector!

You're 5 minutes late. I'd have given you half a dozen bottles!

Will another brand do? That stuff You gave me... there's nothing that stands up to it!

I'll come back with the evidence, smart-ass!

The next show I perform for you...

Shut up! Have you had enough?

Didn't I tell you girls are trouble?

I'll knock your teeth out if you even talk about a girl again!

You're right! I'll never even look at a girl again.

Girls are trouble, all right! But she was beautiful trouble!

"My swaying hips... watch out, mister"

There you go again! Let's go. We're getting late!

God's angry! I wonder who's going to take the lightning!

This is Belapur!

Who is it? I'm Rupa.

I'm Ram Singh's sister What're you doing here all alone? And where's Ram Singh?

He's dead... he has been murdered!

Don't cry, girl... come on inside.

And thus, everything was destroyed.

I have nothing left now!

My brother was mercilessly killed.

My little friend was murdered!

They have inflicted many atrocities on us!

All right... that's enough. Everything will be all right.

I've come to you with great hopes. I expect you to help me!

You are the one my brother had chosen for me, aren't you?

The one who will protect me and be my companion for life?

You will protect me and help me take revenge, won't you?

You sure are a hot one! You're devastatingly beautiful.

It's okay if you're a bit crazy.

Listen... forget the past.

Forget your brother and Gujjar.

Always look ahead in life!

Life is supposed to be enjoyed.

We'll have a lot of fun... No...

We'll get married, too. No...

Feeling cold? Have a sip... Go on.

No... Have some!

Snooty bitch! I was the one your brother had chosen for you!

Let me go... No!


Wait there, you bitch!

Where will you go?!

I've been defeated... I have lost, Mother!

But if I am weak today... You shall be weak too!

Every woman in the world will weaken!

Do You want that to be true, Mother?


Do not inflict any more atrocities on me!

Help me! Show me the way, mother...

Show me the way!

Help me, Mother!

C'mon! Mother!

C'mon, I say! Let me go! Leave me alone!

Stop the truck, smart ass! A girl's calling out to me!

Shut up! Where would a girl spring from at this hour?

Didn't I tell you not to even talk about girls?

There! She knows you too! She's calling out to you!

Kishan? Shankar? I hope it's not a ghost!

Look there! On the steps of the temple!

Damn those rotten... That's our heroine!

And it's the cave-man she had stabbed at the show!

I think this is serious! Stop the truck and...

No! Why must we mess with a girl?

Don't stop the truck... take a left, let's go.

Help! Kishen!

I think those beasts will rape her. They might even kill her.

What do you think? ...but why must we bother?

We won't mess with girls! Let's go! Don't stop the truck!

It's okay if you've stopped... but let's not drive back.

It's okay if you've driven back, but just don't step down!

We mustn't mess with girls... Shut up!

He's gone! It's my turn now!

Let me go!

Hey, lady... leave her alone!

"What are you scared of, when we're with you?"

"What are you thinking about, silly girl?"


Cave-man! You want to play around with guns, eh?

You're a dangerous man!

Look, Rupa!

"Your saviours were with you and you couldn't recognise them!"

"They are the duo who will avenge your humiliation!"

"This is the way the Goddess Mother has shown you"

But why will they help you?

"Nobody helps anybody without a good reason"

"They will help you only when you forge relations with them"

"Your beauty has always been a curse for you"

"But now, it will be your greatest weapon"

"Look at Kishen; the eternal romantic"

"Cast the trap of love... and he'll fall into it"

And look at Shankar...

"The real friend, companion and comrade"

"The combined strength of these men..."

"will take you to your goal."

What did you say? The girl's alive?

Yes, Gujjar. She's alive!

You're stupid and blind!

Don't you remember? She fell off the cliff.

But she has survived. Ask them, if you don't believe me.

That's right, Gujjar.

And you guys return empty-handed? Without her?!

I had caught her, Gujjar. But she stabbed me and escaped!

She gave me a wound!

It's me she has given a wound to. A wound that hasn't yet healed.

She's a hot one!

My wound will heal only when I quench her fires!

The butterfly!

She will return to me!

There are no explosives! There are apples in the crate!

Look again! D'you want Blind bat! The explosives are under the apples and oranges!

They're only fruits. Look again.

So you've bought fruits I had bought arms!

Whom must I ask now? Forgive me, Gujjar! Please!

I think it's the girl's doing!

She wasn't alone. She had the two boys with her!

So the boys have found the girl, eh?

If you love your life, Kali... you must find the explosives and the girl for me.

I want both... both!

Please trust me!

He was the one my step-mother wanted me to marry.

It was the monster I've been running away from!

That's the truth! Believe me! That is really my story...

Stop crying... everything's going to be all right.

What's going to be all right? I'm all alone...

I have no one of my own! Don't say that.

We're with you...

What say, Shankar?

I found real happiness the day I performed with you at the show!

I was so thrilled! Really? Are you fond of acting?

Very much. This is the way that Really? Will you be forever Your heroine? I?! Of course!

Won't it be fun when two jesters get together?!

Sucker! You're letting her con you!

Don't believe her stories! She changes colour like the chameleon.

What's wrong with you, stone-hearted man?

Your heart is black after all that driving!

Didn't the poor girl's sad story, move your heart?

Poor girl, eh? She's going to sell us both!

She's no wax-doll... she's plain trouble!

Let's go. Leave her alone.

No! My heroine will accompany me, everywhere I go. Okay?


She won't sit in that truck! Why not?

Because I say so!

I own the truck! I see!

You've really stooped to And you call me your friend! Your best friend!

I don't want to argue with you, Kishan.

But there's no place for this cobra in my truck!

Whom did you call a cobra? Watch your tongue! Or else...

What are you going to do about it?

What, huh? I'll show you!

See? How's that? Idiot! What've you done?!

You hit me so hard, eh?

That hurt, didn't it?

Threatening me, are you?

I've had it!

Shankar! My back is broken! Give me a hand...

Wasn't that great acting? Hit me, eh?

What are you doing?!

You'll break my head!

Now take this!

Don't you dare, Shankar!

Wait! Why are you fighting over me?

Shut up! This is between us! Keep the dramatics out, okay?

Talk to me, smart-ass!

I've taken enough! Will you let I said 'no'! Good bye! Our friendship is over!

You go there and I'll go there!

Who does he think he is?

You've been the best of... Don't worry. Just keep walking.

He's a buddy! I know him well!

He can't spend a moment without me!

Take a look at him... He must be scowling at me!

Yes, he's scowling.

Yes, he has kicked it!

How did you know that? He has the dirty habit!

He'll now start the truck,

Yes, he's coming to us! So let him.

He's gone!

Sure! He has stopped!

He'll now say, "Skip the act That's enough, jester!

How about my heroine?

All right. I'll get in since you say so...

The bloody idiot!

Shall we go? Let's go.

God bless my soul!

What a great joke! I have never laughed so much!

I've never made someone laugh so much either.

You have to weep after you have laughed.

I was stunned to see you handle You were great! Where did you learn such marksmanship?

My uncle was a soldier!

He gave me a gun when I was a kid. And I became an "export".

Where did you learn it, Shankar? His uncle was my father.

All right. Stop spinning a yarn!

He's jealous of me! You have a unique friendship.

Don't be formal with me.

All right. I won't be formal with you anymore, Pyare.

What did you call me? Pyare (loved one).

Say that again!

Gawd! No one has ever called me that before!

But I will call you that. Pyare...

Will that do? Of course. It'll do!

Lt'll more than do! Shut up!

Don't take him seriously...

You haven't told us your name! What's your name?

My name? Think It over.

Decide on a nice name. Shut up! What's your name?

Your name is Kishan.

My God!

You're flat and so's the tyre!

We have a puncture. So come down to earth!

Take the tyre and the standby. Go and get the puncture fixed.

Why must I? You go on!

It's your turn now. Did you? All right.

He's always scolding me...

What's wrong with you?

My stomach! It has a headache! Your stomach has a headache?!

Yes... I know your excuses well!

I'm speaking the truth! All right. I'll go on.

But you will take I might return at dusk. Come in the night, no problem!

Take your own time... we are in no hurry!

I'll take care... what a buddy!

I conned him, all right!

Go on, Pyare...

You were scared, Pyare! Obviously! What joke is this?

What if you had drowned? So what?

Drowning has its own fun...

Damn it! You're very fond of drowning, aren't you?

Is there anything wrong in drowning? No... a bit of a danger, however.

You're afraid of dangers. I'm scared of nothing!

Really? Aren't you scared of anything?

So hold my hand, Pyare. Think it over, lady!

I won't leave the hand, once I've held it.

How about holding it first?

Damn it...

C'mon, Pyare... C'mon!

See? It isn't so easy to get hold of my hand!

Really? Wait till I show you!

Yes... but please let go.

It hurts! Please let me go!

Gawd! She's dangerous!

I could die for you!

But why are you staring at me?

They've taken the goods and gone towards Haripur!

What's the truck's licence number?

What are their names?

Kishan... and Shankar.

Shankar! How are you, my friend?

What's up? You've remembered How can you say that, chum? I'm always worried about you.

So I've taken a decision today.

5,000? You've become a spendthrift You want money for clothes Must you treat me like a bank? I treat you as my own, buddy.

What's wrong with your body? You've lost weight!

You used to look like a wrestler!

All because we eat in the hotels... sleep at unearthly hours!

This isn't any life, is it? We have no system at all!

I want you to get a glass of lassi You must get pancakes for breakfast. As for lunch... you deserve the best of delicacies!

Are you turning a cook? Stop kidding!

I want you to settle down.

Yes. It's simple. With the money, I'll summon a priest... buy a mangalsutra and take the vows with a band playing for us.

The moment I'm married, you'll be settled.

I get it. You plan on getting Radha! You nut! Are you crazy?

It's 4 days since you've met That fraud of a girl... Don't start that again!

She respects you so very much.

I won't spend a penny for Really? Is that decision final? Absolutely final!

Friends! Look at this man!

Shankar Shahne! He calls himself my best friend!

But he won't spend a penny on my welfare!

Actually, it's more his welfare than mine!

Who's going to drink the lassi? Him!

Who's going to have the pancakes? Him!

But he won't spend a penny!

"I know my friends now... they've all drifted"

Listen, clown! Put a silencer on your mouth!

Take that!

He's a real friend, you know! Bravo!

The wedding's at the Shiv temple Go and hang if you wish to! I won't come to watch the farce!

You will, of course. No, I won't.

I won't come, you jester!

C'mon! Where Are We going?

What are the new clothes and everything else for?

You'll know in a moment.

Is there a wedding? Yes.

Whose is it? A bride and a bridegroom's.

Who are they?

C'mon! I'm tired!

Shankar! My friend!

I knew you'd come! You couldn't keep away! C'mon!

Shankar's here, Radha!

How would I ever marry without Shankar around?

Your marriage? Whom are you marrying?

Shocked, aren't you?

I'm marrying you, you silly girl! Who else?

Come here and take a look!

That band, the rose petals

We're going to be one forever. What joke is this, Kishan?!

This is no joke... I will marry you, Radha. Really!

Come... get started, priest.

Wait... look at what I've got for you.

Gawd! Aren't you beautiful?!

What say, buddy?

Sit down, darling... Sit down, Shankar.

Start the ceremony, priest.

She is an orphan like me.

If there's anyone we have, it's my friend, Shankar.

You will give Radha away, Shankar.


What happened, Radha?!

I can't get into this marriage. I can't marry!

But... how can you We love each other! I don't love anyone!

I'm only capable of hating!

But you're in love with me, Radha! I had lied to you!

That was a game I was playing! It was just a pretence!

Let go of my hand!

What did you say? You have You only toyed with him!

I've never seen Kishan shed tears.

I always found him laughing But you've made him cry today! Why? Why did you do it?!

Tell me, or I'll wring your neck!

Sure! Go ahead! But you can't kill the dead!

You will only bury a corpse!

Do you have the courage to know why I did that? So listen!

My name is Rupa... not Radha.

I'm from Chandanpur.

I used to have a world of my own; I had my dear ones, too.

Do you know what was

This is my true story.

I got a new lease of life only to destroy Gujjar Singh.

The two of you are the You are the only ones who can lend strength... to a woman's frail arms.

That's nature for you. And the Goddess's boon, too.

You will help me... won't you?

Lies! You are lying!

You are lying! She's lying!

She fabricates a new lie She gives us those sob-stories! She's a cobra!

A cobra who stings hearts

And she sets out to look Everything about her is a betrayal!

You were right, Shankar! Women are unfaithful!

She was toying with me...

You've always wanted me to

So take me away from her... Faraway... C'mon!

No, Kishan! She isn't lying now.

What? You're saying that?

Yes! She's speaking the She spoke from the depths of her heart today.

You have been subjected to But let me tell you something. God, who created this world... opens many doors for man, Even in the darkness of despair, We will tread the path God has shown you.

We will help you. We will What're you talking about?! You're falling for her yarn?!

She is a cheat! She's lying!

It becomes our duty We must go with her, Kishan.

I won't give her any help!

I will go with her,

This is what women are!

They trap another, even as they stand exposed before one!

What nonsense are you It's not only a husband or a lover who protects a woman.

There's another facet to man... that of a brother!

I'm your brother now, Rupa.

You're not in your senses!

Listen to me! Come along!

Only Rupa will

Very well. I'll go my way then.

Never to meet you again!

Think it over! You're breaking your relationship with me!

No, friend. I'm not breaking any ties.

He's leaving... stop him! Please stop him!

Let him go. He won't stop now.

I'm alive, Bulbul... Look, I'm alive!

I know it. The whole village knows that you're alive.

But... why have you returned? Are you saying that, Bulbul?!

Yes. Do you know what I mean?

His men come here every day He has terrorised the village. If we don't hand you over to him...

They'll set us afire!

You don't know.

We've been in mourning because Gujjar has been terrifying us.

Why've you returned, dear?

Go away, or else that You shouldn't have returned... Go away from this hell! Go on!

No, teacher.

Not to run away.

How will you face him? I'm here to destroy him!

What are you blabbering about?

You? You will take on the mighty Gujjar, will you?!

Don't you know what Gujjar has said?

He will kill us all We have nothing to do with your revenge, girl!

This obsession of yours will spell doom for us!

Not a word from you! Chief... throw her out!

Please, Roopa... Go away.

You're back, Rupa! You're back!

Where is Gopal? ...where is he?

The two of you have Stop it now... and tell me. Where've you hidden Gopal?

Father! Gujjar's men They've come for you, Rupa!

No! Be sensible, Rupa.

They must be carrying weapons.

Go and hide, Rupa...

Hey, chief!

No, sir... we have no news!

Tell us the truth, merchant! Or we'll set your shop on fire!

No, sir... we have no news!

I'll tell you!

I know it!

Where is she? She's mad, sir...

I'll tell you! Where is Rupa?

First tell me where my son is. Where is Gopal?

Do you want to know?

Gujjar made a sieve out of... his little body! He's dead!

Bitch! No...

Don't hit her, please! She's mentally ill!

Those who inflict atrocities on And beasts that get out of control, ought to be shot!

You're not hurt, are you?

What have you done? What the hell have you done?!

You have killed Gujjar's men!

Rupa! What harbinger of death have you brought with you?

Who's this man you've brought? Haven't you recognised him?

It's my brother, Ram! My brother, Ram!

See? A stranger is willing to protect us!

And you, our fathers and brothers, are squirming like cowards!

I might not have the strength, brother. But I have the spirit.

I'm with you! You're not alone, Bulbul!

I'm with you too! Women of this country are no less than men!

Praise the women!

Hear, hear! An army of eunuchs and women will now fight Gujjar!

Shut up! Whom have you called an eunuch?

Don't you think I'm a man? And what man are you!

You can't save your own women and children... you'd rather wear those anklets and dance like eunuchs!

What fools are you talking to?

I swear it! They'll die the death of dogs!

Let's get rid of the bodies, Chief. There're going to be many more.

Do not lose hope, Rupa. When we arrived, there were just two of us.

But we have found friends now.

We had no guns... but we have some now.

Our goal is not far away now.

Yes. The goal is not very far.

We're inching towards it.

We're all here together... except him.

"What have you done, Rupa? You've played with his feelings!"

"Don't you know it's a sin to break someone's heart?"

You have committed the sin

"You have caused that carefree man a lot of anguish"

"lmagine what he must be going through"

"What sufferings must he be facing... all because of you"

"But why must I think of all that? Why get carried away in emotions?"

"Have I fallen in love... have I?"

"Be it a heart or glass... it eventually break"

"There's always a slip between the cup and the lip"

Repeat! I want another bottle!

Another bottle? Looks like you've been badly jilted!

"It was with great humiliation that I left her place"

I was always in love with her... and yet, she was unfaithful

"Like the one whom the breeze ardently guards..."

"how can anyone extinguish a lamp that the Lord protects?"

Shake the Kutab Minar... if you can, O host

If not, sit here with me...

"have a couple of drinks and watch Kutab Minar sway"

Fantastic! Excellent!

Kishan Kumar, the actor!

Not Pakoda Singh, my boy! It's Pakkad Singh!

That's it, actually.

What are you doing here? Where's your partner?

"My friend is no longer a friend; my love is no longer my love"

"I have nothing to do anymore except drink"

And what are you doing here at the liquor-den, Pakoda Singh?

It's Pakkad Singh! Yes. That's right.

I'm no longer an inspector.

The Commissioner took my uniform away! He has suspended me!

Suspended? What for?

I locked up a guy thinking he was a terrorist.

He turned out to be the Commissioner's brother-in-law!

Really? You locked up his brother-in-law?!

What'll you do now, Pakoda Singh? Damn it! It's Pakkad Singh!

I won't give up easily! I'll prove it to the Commissioner... that I can nab a real terrorist someday!

Or I'm not Pakoda Singh! Damn it! It's Pakkad Singh!

Did I say Pakoda? Yes.

I'm going crazy!

Should I get my hands on a terrorist like Gujjar Singh someday...

I'll be a Commissioner directly!

What was that? What was the name?

Gujjar Singh! He killed a minister at Chandanpur some days ago.

That's the one! Gujjar Singh!

Which means she spoke the truth! Who spoke what?

Where exactly is Chandanpur? It's 500 kms. Away.

Is Gujjar Singh a bandit?

The Government has announced a reward of 10 million on his head.

Now tell me something.

Why did you sober down, the moment you heard of Gujjar?

You don't know where he is, do you?

Where is Rupa? Tell me! Speak up!

Where is she?

Let him go!

Are you human, Godzilla?! To hell with you!

Hey, actor! Save me from this monster!

The bloody dino from Jurassic Park!

Who the hell is he? He's Gujjar's man.

So I'm going to be promoted Where can I find Gujjar? In Chandanpur village.

So you have the address!

Shut up! No one can stop me But I'm terribly hungry. Eat the apples in the truck.

Are you carrying apples? Excellent!

This looks like a custard-apple! Great...

Rupa! So you're back, eh?

You have returned to destroy Gujjar!

But where is your army? Let me see your army too!

Sing glories of the Lord!



Brother? You have yet another brother, do you?!

Brother indeed! Give me the belt!

Brother, are you?

Won't you perform the duties of a brother then?

Won't you get beaten up for your sister?!

No... Don't!

Brother, eh? No! Don't hit him!

Hang the bastard! Break his neck!

Damn you, you bastards!

Are you okay, Kishen? Show me your wound!

What you did was worse than this wound! You walked out on me!

What would've happened of you had I not come on time today?

Nothing! Can anyone do harm to Shankar till Kishan is alive?

I knew you would come! Sure! You know everything!

You're a smart-ass, aren't you? Bloody ass!

You look beautiful, wrestler! What's your name?

Bulbul. Bulbul? Let's embrace!

Come here...

Nothing happens to me when I embrace you.

Why do the bells ring when I embrace him?

Inspector! What do you expect when you embrace a girl?

Is she a girl? Really? What else?

Of course! Bulbul! Entangle Pakkad!

Sit here and take off your jacket. Show me the wound.

It's okay. It's not serious. But you've been shot!

Let me see the wound... Don't touch me!

Try the false sympathy on someone else... it won't work on me anymore!

You pretended to be in So you'd reach your goal and have your enemy at your feet?

Okay. I'm crazy. And I will fulfill my duty as a lover.

I will actually take you to your goal.

But I will never look back at you again!

And don't be under the illusion that I came here for you... no!

I've come here for my friend... my best friend!

He's lying! He has come here only for you, Rupa.

I know him well!

Know something? He possesses a heart of gold.

You'll never find anyone like him again.

I know, you're burning in the fires of hatred.

But somewhere in your heart... you must give love a chance.

Okay? ...Pyare! Listen!

You pretended to love me so you'd find your goal!

I'm crazy. As a lover I will fulfill my duty!

I will take you to your goal. But I'll never look back at you again!

Tell us! Where will we find Gujjar?

Terrorists like us never stay at one place.

Gujjar has no fixed place either.

He keeps changing his place and disguises.

He spends the night somewhere, and is elsewhere in the morning.

You can't find Gujjar!

He's a tiger you will find only when he's out hunting for prey.

He's no tiger. He's a jackal in a tiger's garb.

He attacks only when there is a crowd... not when someone's alone.

He'll attack when there's a fair. A fair?

Should you want to hunt Gujjar down... you must again organise a fair in this village.

A fair?! Yes. Are you folks willing?

They have rebelled, Gujjar!

They have ignited the fire but their fires still aren't out!

They're out to use our arms and ammunition against us!

They built a higher effigy for you than that of Ravana... and made a sieve in it with bullets!

Do you know what trap the fox has laid to trap the tiger?

The fair! They will organise a fair in Chandanpur!

There's going to be another fair in Chandanpur! A fair!

The bastard is here!

Gujjar has been hit! Let's go!

Let's go!

Don't let him escape!

Get him! Don't let him escape!


Don't, Gujjar!

You are my enemy! Don't hit them! Don't!

So whom will I thrash? Whom? You?!

Gujjar, you coward! You raise your hand on a woman!

Right! I mustn't hit a woman.


Remember what I had told you, Rupa?

You will never be anyone's sister again... nor anyone's wife!

You'll only be a whore! My whore!


No, Shankar...

Brother! No! Don't!

Let me go!

No... Well?

A brother and a lover, eh?

Your lover, isn't he?

Hang the bastard!

The lover boy! And the love!

You value your chastity, lady, isn't it?

And you even staked your life for that!

I want to see now... if your honour is more precious than your love!

Your love it is! Gujjar! No!

I'll have your blood, you swine! Leave her alone!

That's love!




Praise the Lord!

See, Gujjar? You are at my feet.

I have won, Gujjar... and you have lost!

Because it's always God who triumphs... not the devil!

You said I'd never find a brother!

Here's my brother! He has returned for good!

You also said I could never be anyone's wife!

You are wrong, Gujjar! You have been proved wrong!

Here's my man!

Yes, Kishan! I say this today in front of my enemy... and my village! You're the only one I have loved!

But you hate me now... don't you?

What I did with you was very bad!

No human being has the right... to toy with another's emotions to reach his goal and destination!

Because one has borne atrocities... must one inflict injustice on another?

You had said you'd lay my enemy at my feet!

But you'd never look back at me again.

I won't stop you either.

But once... just once...

...tell me that you have forgiven me!