Melancholia (2008) Script

Hello ... Manang... where is Hannah?

She's not answering my calls.

What time did she leave?


Please text me when she comes home.

Or tell her to text me Or call me. That girl!

What's your food?

Go to the rmarket.


Okay. Bye.

Carity of the poor? No.

God bless you.

Charity for the poor.

Lady, charity for the poor. Even coins?

It's okey. God bless you.

Charity for the poor.

For the poor.

Sir... for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Can we ask for little money?

Sorry, the owner is not here. Thank you, Ma'am. God bless you.

Sir acarity of the poor? To help the needy.

Ma'am, maybe you have coins for the poor?

Sorry, I hdon't have coins. It's okay, Ma'am.

Help those in need.

Excuse me, Ma'am.

Maybe you have coins. For the poor.

Give her. Give her.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

For the poor, Sir. Even coins.

Thank you Sir. God bless you.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Some photo, Sister?

Save me from this hell. Sister.

You're not going to pray for me, Sister?

Please, help me, Sister.

This country is hell, Sister!

This world is hell, Sister!

This country is hell, Sister!

This world is hell, Sister!

Hello, Manang. Hello.

Where's Hannah?

She's not home yet?

No text from her?

That Girl.

Please call her friends, Espie and Cristy.

Charity for the poor.

For the poor.

Charity for the poor.

Just a small change, please.

For the poor.

Small change, please for the poor.

For the poor.

Sir, small change for the poor.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. God bless you.

Charity for the poor.

Charity for the poor.


Let me introduce myself. I'm Danny.

You're new here in Sagada, right?

How long have you been here?

Three days.

If I'm not mistaken, with what I'm thinking of...

Why? What's in your mind?

Well... I mean...

We have the same work.

The difference is that...

I am the one who I haggles for... for your kind.

I don't like pimps.

All pimps cheat.

They get more money.

Not all cheat.

If you want, I'll do the haggling for you.

My deals are with foreigners.

You can make money easily with them.

I can earn on my own.

You'll earn more with me.

How do you want it shared?

I'm really sorry. I don't like pimps.

I can fix problems with the police if they ever happen.

I can take care of herself, man.




But if... you change your mind.

Danny Boy is just around the corner.

Like what my Australian client said:

Stick with Danny Boy, baby. And you'll go places.


Two Santol fruit, please.

Please choose.

Thank you.

Ma'am... What?

May a buy a pack of Marlboro Lights.

You're new here, young lady? Yes Ma'am.

Where are you from? Cabanatuan, Ma'am.

Nueva Ecija province.

I'am renting a room on the 2nd floor of Alapos Inn.

You're really sexi , young lady.

Many men would go crazy for you.

If I'll wear those clothes, my husband would lose his mind.

He's a tripper, you know. Oh, my God!

Bye, Ma'am.

Be safe, youg lady. It's going to rain.

Do we have a deal?

I have the network now.

Hey, It's good money.

With me, you'll be working full time.


It's a good deal!


You're Alberta, right? You're my friend.

My name is not Alberta, Sir.

I'm sorry, but I have a friend who really looks just like you.

Everything. Exactly the same.

Except for what you're wearing.

Many women look like me.

My face is scattered all over the Philippines.

Let's eat? Go ahead.

I've just eaten.

You know what...

You really look like Alberta Munoz.

What's your name?


Jenine Salvador.


Where are you from?


I'm just visiting here, Sir.

You really look like Alberta Munoz.

If you need me...


Jenine? Yes.

Listen. I'm not a fucking animal... you're crying and I couldn't.

I'm sorry.

In principle, I should not even pay you, because... we didn't anyhing, but...

I mean ... you understand me?

I mean the tears. What is that about? What does that mean?

Are you ashamed of your work? Are you unhappy?

I mean... This is what you do right?

I'm not an animal. I couldn't.

I'm sorry...

I'm very upset. I'm really fuckink pissed off.

I couldn't do it, with you crying.

It's a stupid question. Who doesn't resent being...

a whore.

Maybe we should talk.

I speak your language... or bad English.

I know some words.

I love you. Kumusta.

What prompted you to take this step? Thing?


Where will you go?

Give it to her!

He's ashamed.

Just gbring it to her.

Eat, girls.

You want to order more? We're okey.


How's everything?

Two Japanese women tonight, Sir.

Where safe with that, right? Yes, Sir.


Oh, come in, come in.

Sit down, sit down.

What do you want? Rice wine, vodka, beer, lemon vodka.

Rice wine? Rice wine! Coming!


Here's the best wine in town! From Sagata!

You want to eat? We can order anything.

You want to eat?

You can order anyhing?

No, no...

We're fine, we're not hungry. They are not hungry, of course!

Are you ready, ready.

The money?

All right people, just relax.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Small world, right?

We always bump into each others.

Sagada is a small town.

One hour of roaming, you've seen the whole place.

That's not true.

Sagada is vast.

There's the forests.

There are caves Ricefields... plains...

There's a lake.

A great hiking area... the people...

This place is vast, baby.

I'm talking about the town center.

I understand.

You're interest is just the center.

The business center.

Look at my shoes.

You think I can get out of the center with this?

Hard to walk even in town. I can see that

And you?

Can you still see with those glasses?

It's dark. But I like the dark.

All gold come from the dark.

All diamonds come from the darkness.

Human beings come from the dark.

From the darkness of a woman's womb.

All saints come from the darkness of the world.

I love my glasses.

It protects me from the light... the glare...

But... I'm afraid of the light.

And why are you afraid of the light?

You cannot hide in the light.

In the dark, everyone is equal.

In the darkness everything is easier.

In the dark, you could be seated beside the President of the Philippines... you could grope each other... you could fuck each other...

you wouldn't know that she's the president.

And you wouldn't barf.

And she wouldn't know that a pimp is fucking her.

Me? I'm afraid of the dark.

The dark is scary. Wow.

That's a statement come from someone who's hiding in the dark.

I'm working in the dark, not hiding.

I go to the dark because my needed in my work.

And because of the people judgment as well.

They look at me as if I'm not a human being.

I'm also a human being, fuck them!

And that's where I come from in.

I treat your kind as human beings.

I'm one with you.

Because we are your business.

It's true.

The women is the biggest business in the world.

Yes, it's true. I know that.

You are the biggest business in the world... not just your body... pantiy, bra, make-up, perfume... fashion... and it doesn't end. Every day ... there are new products for you.

And the greatest businessmen on earth... are always focused on you.


Well, if that's ok with you...

why are you like that?

Why did you enter that kind of life?

Long story.

Starting from Basilan to Sagada ...

Long story, dramatic, painful, hard.

What's dramatic? What's painful? What's hard?

I grew up... without having a mother and a father.

Trasfering from one relative to another.

In Basilan... Zamboanga...

it's only now that I get to eat good food.

I was also molested by my uncle when I was a kid.

He socks me in the stomach before he molests me.

Up to now, there's a constant pain in my stomach.

It never went away.

I only have a simple dream in life... that the pain in my stomach vanishes.

The hunger...

my uncle's bestiality.


Now, I've told my life story.

And you, Mr. Pimp... what's your story?

I'm not a fictionist...

but I have just one life story.

I'm looking for someone.

I'm searching for someone that...

I couldn't find.

When I was small... my mother and I used to beg for alms... in Cubao.

We'd spend all afternoon in Aurora...

Farmers, Ali Mall.

At Fiesta Carnival.

In front of the cinema houses.

Coronet, Remar, Sampaguita...

Quezon, Nation, Cinema 21...

That's were I got to wathc Fernando Poe... Lito Lapid...

Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos...

Merle Fernandez ... do you know her?

Chiquito... Dolphy...

Up to now, I kstill return to the corner of Coronet.

That's where my mother left me.

I was lying beside the tin can for alms.

My mother told me ... wait for a while, I'm just going to buy food for us.

And she never came Back.

That's the story of my life.

I'm searching for my mother.

I'm still waiting for her... at Coronet theatre, up to now.

Fuck Cubao!

Charity for the poor.

For the poor.

Thank you.

Sister, do you think that Charity helps the Filipinos?

Sister? Does charity help?

You know... charity is an act of God.

An Act of God!

That's heavy, Sister?

For me, your charity is only a temporary.

It does not really help alleviate poverty.

You're wrong, it's a sacrifice.

It is not God will answer it.

Man will answer it.

It is just a way of getting to Him.

It go more confusing, Sister...


Do you think that we don't sacrifices?

In your opinion... we don't sacrifices in our lives?

Before God they are all equal...

Why? What do we have to repent for? What's our sin?

Sister tell me! What is our sin?


What is our sin?


Do you have another cstick? Yes, of course.

This is a donation.

Oh, my God!

In your opinion...

is it an act of God?

Oh, my God!


One pack of Marlboro Lights again. Wait for a bit.

Seems like you're eating something good. Yes.

This is really delicious.

A sardine sandwich!

Suddenly, I feel hungry.

You want some? Come eat! No, that's ok.

There's still a lot, eat. No, nevermind, thank you anyway ...

Child, don't be shy. come on in! There's still a lot.

Come on in! There's still a lot.

Have a seat.

There's still a lot of food. Here.

I'll prepare one for you, ok?

Just add more sauce if you want. Delicious.

Do you want softdrink? Oh, no, nevermind...

This is too much already...


May I buy three packs of Datu Puti soy sauce.

Here. Wait for your change.

Eat a lot, young lady.

Thank you!

I'll just pay for this, Ma'am.

Not, don't bother. Just eat.

Sardine sandwich is really delicious ... this is my husband's favorite.

Really? Yes.

Where is he?

In Benguet, working in a vegetable farm.

So... you always have a lot of vegetables?

He doesn't go home that much... he likes to work... because he wants to save money.

Here... have another one.

Sorry. That's alright

Don't you want some more? That's ok, I'm already full.

Ma'am, I must get going! Thanks again. Ok. take care!

Take care!

Just bring the bottle! You could return it next time.

Or put it in the curb, or anything! Tke care!


Oh, it' you, Sir.

How are you? I'm ok, Sir.

Don't call me Sir...

I think we're the same age.

By the way, my name's Lauro.


How's business?

It's ok.

A bit show the last two days.

Aren't you a bit cold?

It's cold here in Sagada.

I'm used to it.


Do you do massages?

Of course, that's part of my services.

Why, do you want a massage?


Just a massage.

My neck's hurting.

Are you an expert?

How much? Three hundred, one hour.

Strictly massage.

With blow job or masturbation, five hundred.

All at way, one thousand.

But I choose my clients. Of course Just a massage.

Can it be on your lodging house?

No, they do not want me bringing clients there.


Ok, just go to Terrence Inn.

Room 36.

What do you prefer? Oil or powder?

Oil is better. But you're fat, so it's hotter.

It's that ok with you?

I won't have a massage.


You're not having a massage? What are we gonna do?

Stand in front of me.

I'll stand in front of you?

And then?

Take off your clothes.

I'll take off my clothes?


Am I gonna dance?

Just take off your clothes.


No music?

All right. That's enough.

Really? Just shut up.

Turn your back.

Face me again.

This is unbelievable.

You really look like Alberta ...

I can actually say you're Alberta... without your clothes.

But because you're ready to strip willingly in front of me...

You are not Alberta.

Can't believe this.

Put your clothes on.

Now what? You're gonna have the massage?

Take off your clothes. And lie face downward.

It's ok. I wan't have a massage.

What are we gonna do?

I've wasted my time here.

I'll pay. Double.

I just wanted to know if you're Alberta.

Did you know?

I've been talling you for days.

Who is this Alberta?

Please, tell me her story. I'm intrigued now.

Alberta's husband, Renato, was my college buddy.

We had a solid group.

We're more than brothers.

We were inseparable.

Rumbles... drinking sprees...

Until... the bourgeois Alberta become Renato's girlfriend.

Oh, Alberta is from a rich family.

Yes Then...

The two become activists.

You know what's an activist?


Not all activists are communists.

But Alberta and Renato are socialists.

What's a socialist?

In a simple explanation...

It's a belief that everybody's equal.

That a society is really free if there are no rich and poor.

Sounds good.

Continue your Alberta story.

Renato and Alberta became active in the protest actions, rallies...

Especially Renato.

Then, Renato went underground.

In a encounter in an island in Mindoro, Renato was killed.

His body has never been found.

His comrades. too.

When did this happen?

Ten years ago.

Or, eleven years ago.

All of Alberta's life has been focused on finding Renato's missing body.

She's searching for it until now?

It's been a long time.

Many people are like Alberta.

They forever live their lives in purgatory ...

until they find the bodies of their missing loved ones.


Where are you going?

Your money. No, it's ok.

My stomach aches. Bye.


Can't take it anymore.

I can't take we're doing.

I can't do it anymore.

I'm going home tomorrow.


What are you doing?

You're violating our rule!

Because of you, I've violated the rule as well. I came here for you.

If Julian with know about this...

What's the problem?

I cannot pretend anymore, Alberta.

Fuck! You're not pretending! You're a real nun.

Do you believe that I'm a real nun?

Yes So, you're a real prostitute?

Yes, I'm a prostitute. I've had sex with two men already.

Fuck! You really had sex with them?

What? Do you think what you're doing is right?

It's a process, right?

I don't have to rationalized it! We've talked about it so many times!

How many times...

Julian has explained this process so many times?

You're not stupid, Rina. You're very intelligent.

We need to go through this process.

So that we could regain our feelings. So that we could survive.

So that one day, we could live again.

Tell me...

You know, we're been doing this for five years. We're still the same.

That's not changed anything ..

You know, Julian is just fooling us.

We're not really going to be healed. It's just this theory After this, then what? When we go back to Manila?

We are still loneliest people. The most wrecked The living dead.

It's no true that we'll be cured by this. This had not cure!

Don't give up, Rina.

We'll all toghether in this process.

Well make it work. This is our struggle.

That isn't true. This is just Julian's theory. We're his lab rats.

What we're doing is too extreme. Yu're a prostitute and I'm a nun.

We might get more wrecked rather than cured.

Let's put it this way.

Do you still believe?

You know what? I don't know. It's been five years.

I have assumed five personas.


sales girl... hairdresser...

Last year, I was a loon. Now I'am a nun.

Next year, what?

A massuer?



Until when is this process?

Let's go back to the start of five years.

Five years ago...

you were a goner.

We saved you from committing suicide.

Julian saved you from committing suicide.

You were a goner then, right? Admit it.

As with me five years ago, my life had no purpose.

I was iat a dead-end.

I was ready to go.

And Julian, because of his great love of us... he formulated this coping device.

This coping exercise, so that we'll be saved.

It's been five years...

and we're still here ...

those five years is the prof that this exwrcise helps us.

Julian is committed to this process. look at how he immerses... himeself in the personasthat he assumers; hardcore!

One more thing, Alberta.

What if the others in our group discover what we're doing?

Then we'll tell them the truth.

So... you'll let Hannah go through this process as well?

I haven't resolved that issue yet. She's still young.

If she's already in the right age, then what?

She will decide.

I'll tell her about the process.

Alberta, I don't know right from wrong anymore.

I'm so tired.

I'm caught in a frenzy.

And who isn't?

Hannah needs me...

and I need answers about Renato.

Alberta, last night, I dream about Fidel.

I was walking somewhere with so many people.

I saw him. In a corner.

What was he doing?

I couldn't understand him.

I couldn't understand him, Alberta.

He was begging for mercy.

He was begging for mercy.