Memoirs of a Murderer (2017) Script

...columns of smoke are everywhere.

Due to fires, residents evacuated to parks.

The Kobe freeway overpass collapsed. A bus is hanging over the edge.

...There are many fires in the city. I can see flames...

I'm in Kobe's District 7.

A dozen houses have collapsed in the area.

Rescuers are yet to arrive.

Kobe is in ruins!

1995 Kobe is in ruins!


1995 Buildings collapsed.

A huge earthquake...

Tokyo...gas attack...

The coroner says it was strangulation.



A repeat murderer is at large.

He broke into Yukio Kishi's home last night and bound his victim.

The method?

Possibly a rope.

Marks on the neck suggest strangulation.

This is the 4th repeat murder.

The police have been criticized for hiding this fact.

All officers, respond to a crime scene in Adachi.

“The Murder Count is Now 5"

“Strangler at Large“

The New Millennium begins.

“Task Force is Cut Back“

“Unsolved for 10 Years”

The criminal law was revised today, on April 27, 2010.

“The Statute Expires“

“The Statute Expires“ No statute of limitations for capital crimes.

No statute of limitations for capital crimes.

“Investigation Ends“

“Investigation Ends“ We lost.

We lost.

“Families Upset“

“Families Upset“ Our time's up.

“Families Upset“ It can't be true!


Damn it, stop!

You hear me? Stop now!



Makimura! Go, go!

Keep going, Kasukabe.

You with the piercing!




Screw you, cops!

You tight with Tachibana yakuza?


You're in with them!

I don't know. Cool it.

Why did you run then?

No mom wants her kid in the mafia.

Go straight for her.

What would you know?

Sir, it's the Chief.

We'll bring you the Tokyo Strangler.

You're missing something huge on TV! We'll bring you the Tokyo Strangler.

Get back now. It's his press conference.

It's his press conference.

What about him?

Let him go.


Do you remember the strangler 22 years ago?

The statute of limitations expired on the Tokyo Strangler case in 1995.

Now the offender's outed himself.

He did!

He wrote an exposé about it...

Excuse me.

Our reporter's at the press conference.

Murakami here.

It's time.

We're about to meet the offender of the cold case.

The atmosphere is tense as we wait to see him.

I'll outline the case.

The murder case...

Just in time!

...the statute of limitations expired 7 years ago today on April 27.

Won't he be arrested though?

Good point. I'll explain.

The statute of limitations was 15 years.

Then in 2010 the law concerning the statute of limitations was revised.

Now there's no statute of limitations for capital offenses.

The revision applies to felonies committed after midnight on April 28, 1995.

Now, back to the Tokyo Strangler case.

The last killing committed was on April 27, 1995, just a night before the 28th.

The statute of limitations expired

15 years later at midnight on April 27, 2010.

A day before the new law was effective!


If the murder had happened a day later it would've been triable!

That's the history and we have the perpetrator.

He's here?

The press conference will begin.

The man you failed to arrest 22 years ago.

Members of the press.

Back to your seats so we can begin.

Back to your seats please.

Members of the press, be seated as we'll soon begin.

It was 1995.

I'd completed my 5 memorable murders but I was frustrated.

The incompetent police had no clue of where to find me.

As for the media their theories about me were infantile.

They misled the public.

The case is forgotten and the truth's warped.

Someone must tell the truth before it's too late.

The police and the media are misinformed.

I decided to write about it myself.

I'll reveal everything about the case now.

Adachi, Tokyo January 4, 1995


Yes, sir!

This is your first murder case.

Keep your cool.

When I killed I made a relative of the victim or a close person watch me do it.

That's my first rule.

He's bad!

Preferably a member of the immediate family.

I only permitted one witness to watch.

Mommy, Daddy! Open the door!

Mommy, Daddy, let me in!

Setagaya, Tokyo February 14, 1995

I had a signature.

I strangled my victims with a rope from behind.

That's the second rule of my modus operandi.

The third rule was to keep the witness alive.

My method was unique and unprecedented.

I needed the witness to live so they'd tell the police and media about my art.

Chuo, Tokyo March 15, 1995

A victim, dying of strangulation and a witness who couldn't stop the murder.

I had two pleasures from one murder.

The thrill was indescribable.

The police finally took notice.

The 4th victim was Dr. Yamagata's wife.

The police kept the murder out of the news in the hope of luring me out.

Nerima, Tokyo March 31, 1995

The 4th murder and its conspicuous absence from the news was obviously a trap but Nerima, Tokyo April 6, 1995 was obviously a trap but Nerima, Tokyo April 6, 1995 Nerima, Tokyo April 6, 1995 out of irritation I decided to play their game.

Out of irritation I decided to play their game.

Will the killer come back here?

He'll be nervous that it wasn't on the news.

I'll kill him when he shows up.

Don't be silly.

We'll arrest him and let the law deal with him.


He's here!

Subject headed north.

Stay on him!



I knew who the 5th victim would be.

The investigator who shot my shoulder.

Detective Makimura.

Detective...Maki...mura Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 shot my shoulder.

Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 Detective. . . Maki . . .mura Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 Task Force HQ, Tokyo April 27, 1995 What's this? - A recorded call.

Cunning cops.

A new body.

I hid it.

The next body.

Detective Makimura.

In his apartment.

Makimura, wait!

Ota, Tokyo April 27, 1995

Makimura, stop!

Calm down!


I'll go first.


Damn it!

Makimura? Are you OK?



Makimura get him.



My modus operandi failed. The victim and witness were reversed.

Reluctantly I decided to put a stop to my serial murders.

22 years have passed.

I waited but the police and the media failed to find me.

No one understood what was behind the murders.

So I have to reveal it myself.

I can't be tried.

My chance at legal redemption has passed.

Telling the truth is my last duty.

The victims.

Their families.

The frustrated and tired investigators.

All of you.

My confessional book is my humble gesture of retribution.

Pleasure to meet you.

I am the murderer.

“L am the Murderer“

Memoirs of a Murderer Monster! Stop it!

He killed people! Let's get him.

He's not triable.

How's that possible? Calm down.

It's an outrage!

What about the surviving families?

How's it legal in this country?

What about freedom of speech?

People can write and publish what they want.

This man's a felon!

What a smart criminal. It's a good read.

I bought it.

He can cash in on it. Sure.

He's my type. He's cool.

He's evil but...

I'm intrigued. It's all true.

You didn't buy the book? Buy it!

OK, ready?

Sone's cool!

What does he do?

Who is he?

“Mystery Man, Masato Sonezaki“

“Teidansha Publishers“

“Teidansha Publishers“ Bring us your editor!

“Teidansha Publishers“ Give us Sonezaki!

Where's the editor?

You damned publishers!

I heard that one of the victim's relatives works here.

There it is.


Is Miharu in? She's with the manager.

I'll find her.

If this continues I'll have to fire you.


What's wrong?

He says I'm obstructing sales.

Idiot! Forget it!

So this is him.

This creep...

He killed my father twice.

22 years ago and then now.

He calls it an exposé!

3 Pages.

He only wrote 3 pages about my father.

It's unbelievable!

How's it possible?

Tell me!

Come on, die!

Why is he alive?

You're the police. Arrest him!

He killed 5!

He killed my father!

Even now I hear Dad groaning behind the door.

How can they publish this hideous book?

Why are people interested in it?


Answer me!

It sounds immoral but I envy Sonezaki.

It's wrong to get rich off his crimes but...

Sorry to bother you.

The police want you to come in for a voluntary interview.

They have no legal power. Ignore them.

How are sales?

It's going to 2nd print. It'll be top in first-half sales.

That's not enough.

Did you line up the TV interview?

The TV stations are reluctant to do it live.

“As an editor I'll sell my soul for your book.“ They're your words.

Your book harmed our company.

Many authors moved to other publishers.

Of course they did.

You and your publisher knew the nature of my book!

Do anything to sell it.

I put 22 years into it.

...some tragedies go unnoticed.

We should shine a light into the hidden horrors.

That's the purpose of journalism.

See you tomorrow.

OK, that's a wrap.

Good job.

Thank you.

Nu . Sends .

They're the crew.

We'll be following you around. Nice to meet you.

When's the show? In November.

You wrote this as a war correspondent.

It moved me. It's my bible. Thank you.

Let's do a good show.

I'll take that.

Let's have Sonezaki on.

Sorry! Can you stop the camera for a moment?

Keep taping!

It's a good documentary moment.

Nu . Sends .

The ratings would certainly be good but...

It's irresponsible to have a felon on TV.

You're missing the point.

22 years ago I returned to Japan and covered the case.

I went over every detail.

That reportage got me this job.

If I ignored him I'd be denying my origins.

I must meet him.

If the law cannot touch him we will try him.

I see...

Poor Miharu.

Have you heard of phantom pain?


Say, you lost an arm in the war.

But... you feel pain where the missing arm was.

A missing limb can't be treated.

Same goes for the pain of a surviving family.

I want to kill the killer.

I still want to...


This is a hospital!

Keep out!

What's on your mind, sir?

That's Dr. Yamagata, one of the surviving family members.

What's Sonezaki here for?

What will he say?


22 years ago You saw your wife being killed by me.


I sincerely apologize.

What the hell...?

You're sorry?

How arrogant!


Dr. Yamagata!


Detective Makimura!

What kind of tip is that?

Look! That is Detective Makimura!

He was on the case.

Is it a coincidence?

I'm sorry for the inconvenience I caused.

How have you been?

Why you...!

Step back!

“Awesome!“ “Cop vs. Strangler!“ Calm down!


Makimura, cool it!

Let me go!

Calm down, Makimura!

Put the camera away!

Keep that up and we can't guarantee your safety.

I have to. It's not enough.

The TV show?

You had an offer.

Sendo, the host on News Eyes wants a live interview.

You're easy to provoke!

Shut up.

Hey, remember the thug we chased?

Tachibana gang?

I had a tip on him.

He might whack someone.

Sonezaki has a book signing...

Line up.

Apologize to the victims' families!

Have your belongings checked and move on.

Only selected shoppers will meet the author today.

Please have your belongings checked.

Only the press can take photos.



Do we have to protect Sonezaki?

Shut up and drive.


Go ahead.


I heard a rumor, Boss Tachibana.


Rumors are baseless.

Even if you want revenge, don't kill him.

He killed your partner.

Sonezaki is not human.

He has no compassion.

So you sent a thug to kill him?

That's just a rumor.

Damn! Step on it.

Thank you.

Thank you! Can I shake your hand?

The police! Clear the area!


Get out of my way!

Police! Move it!

Backup? On the way.

Keep the cell on.

Damn, there are too many people!

Talk to me, Kasukabe.


Get down!

What do you want?


Stay here!


Watch him.

You'd be thrown in jail!


I want to kill him for Dad.

As payback.

Dad could go to heaven.


For destroying my family!

Damn him...

Why did you protect him?





Go, Miharu.



Sorry, I...

You're hurt!

Why bother?

Nobody would blame you if he died!

22 years ago I was this close to him and he escaped.

If I'd caught him...


Hello, guys-

Excuse me, Mr. Sendo.

How do you feel?

This will be monumental.

Is that the pen you wrote about?

A good friend gave me this.

My lucky charm.

It's mightier than a sword.

I'm nervous.

We 'm W seconds.

8, 7, 6...

5, 4, 3...

“I am the Murderer.“ The national best seller.

10 days ago someone tried to kill him.

Here's our special guest.

The author.

The strangler who can't be tried.

This is his first live interview.

In 1995, 5 innocent people were murdered.

There was no arrest and the statute of limitations expired.

Then a book appeared, apparently written by the killer.

Where's Makimura?

Daring even for a serial killer Sonezaki taunts the public.

Who is he?

22 years ago, your host, Toshio Sendo probed the case and will give you answers!

Thanks for coming, Mr. Sonezaki.

You met the press, the victims' families and had a book signing.

You're very busy.

Why come out now after hiding for 22 years?

I was not hiding.

The police didn't find me.


I read, “I am the Murderer.“ Why did you decide to write a book?

To reveal the truth and to get retribution.

You could've turned yourself in.

Instead of going to the police, you wrote a book.

You can't be tried now and your crimes can't be redeemed.

Sometimes a chance is only obvious after it passed.

I lost my chance to redeem my crimes.

I realized it in hindsight.

The victims' families must have wanted answers badly.

Is that why you wrote the memoir?

The media should have written it.

But you didn't.

I should say, you couldn't.

So I had to write it myself.

I see.

22 years ago, I covered the case as a freelance journalist.

I visited the 5 murder scenes and learned what I could about the victims' families.

And one thing puzzles me.

There he goes.

Some facts are omitted in your book.

For example one murder was missed out.

Detective Makimura was on your case.

Did you know about his sister?

Her name's Rika.

She lived in Kobe back then.

After the earthquake she moved in with her brother in Tokyo.

The serial strangler was active at that time.

...columns of smoke are everywhere...

...the freeway overpass collapsed...

...a huge earthquake in Kobe.


Hey, Ko!

Good, you're OK.

I'm not! My apartment was flattened.

It's still a mess...

My boyfriend.

Hello, I'm Takumi Onodera.

We were living together.

Sorry to tag along.

You protected Rika.

I did nothing...

Let's go eat. You must be hungry.

Thanks for having us.

I'm sorry to...

Come on in!

Don't worry. He's never home anyway.

I did the chores at our old place.

What a mess!

Use that room.

Why's your underwear here?

You knew that we were coming!

She stood in for Mom after our parents died.

We'll move soon...

Forget it! It's been hard on you.

Rika nursed earthquake victims and it was traumatic.


It's going to be OK.

Look at me.

It's OK, we're in Tokyo.

It's safe here.

I'm off to work. I'll be back late.

Okay. Stay with her.

Why not, Rika?

It's time to move on!

People in Kobe are suffering...

This was always our plan.

I'll make you happy.


Will you marry me?

During the quake...

I hid under a desk.

If I'd come out...

Like nurses are trained to do...

I could've saved the old patients...

I don't deserve to be happy!

Give it time.

You'll help people one day.

You'll live... with me.


Rika Makimura was engaged and was beginning her new life.

But there was an incident and she disappeared.

You said you left an explosive at Makimura's apartment.

Rika must have been there but that's not in your book.

5 murders completed my artwork.

Artwork? Yes.

Let's move on.

About 3 hours ago a video was uploaded on a video sharing site.

The title is...

I am the killer.

Also a comment was left.

“That Sonezaki is a fraud.“

“It was me and I'll prove it.“ Let's see what proof the video offers.

That's it.

It appears to be a record of the 5th murder taped from a nearby rooftop.

It shows Detective Makimura's place where the explosion was.

A woman is seen very briefly.

Doesn't she look like Rika Makimura?

Well, Mr. Sonezaki?

I know nothing about the sister.

“My first rule when I kill is to have a close person“

“as a witness.” In this case wasn't Rika supposed to watch her brother die?

Or maybe... you don't know anything about it.

The video is probably fake.

Maybe someone is after attention.

Have you even bothered to verify it?

I guess not.

I question your ethical standards.

I gave details that the police didn't disclose.

Things only I knew.

But something important is missing.

Why did the offender do it?

The motive!

Why didn't you disclose that? Perhaps... you have a good reason.

Please read the book more carefully.

It's all in there.

22 years ago I pursued this case avidly and saw a dark abyss.

Why repeat a senseless crime?

Why does a man turn into a monster?


It's time.


We lost.

Our time's up.

Our time's up...?

It can't be true!

Sorry, Taki...

Damn it!



So it's over?

The police will stop looking for the offender?

I never stopped looking for her.

The ring I gave Rika...

I found it here.



Rika's not here.

No Rika...


I won't... Why did she deserve this?

She's done nothing...

She helped people in the quake!

Coming to Tokyo was my idea...

Why wasn't I there to protect her?

The video's uploader contacted the station.

He wants a chance to prove himself.

He says he'll present more proof on live TV.

On one condition.

He wants Mr. Sonezaki and Detective Makimura, the officer on the case in the studio too.

To make this happen we'll invite the two men to the studio.


You didn't tell us.


Taki, your partner 22 years ago...

He was my mentor when I was a rookie.

Do what you must.

I'll hold onto this.

I didn't know your sister is missing.

You want him alive to find out what happened to her.

I understand how you feel.


hatred can spread over generations.

22 years ago Shoko was killed before my eyes.

She was a single mom.

She was raising a 4-year-old kid when we met.

The punk who tried to kill Sonezaki...

He's her son.

No mom wants her kid in the mafia.

What would you know?

I want to know who he is. And his motives.

We want the truth.

The law can't get him but the media can.

I'd like to see them expose the killer's secrets.

Sendo will make that troublemaker accountable.

“Special Bulletin“

The statute of limitations ran out on the Tokyo Strangler murders.

Finding the killer won't get back lives or lost time.

But it's our duty to cast light into the darkness.

I hope we'll get to the truth tonight.

Let's welcome our guests.

Masato Sonezaki and Detective Makimura.

Go on, sit down.


Chief, it's the Deputy.


Let's begin.

Let's cut to the chase. Did you see the video?


The video appears to be a record of the 5th crime.

An'! Opinions?

I'd rather not answer.

Is it classified?

So you won't talk about your sister?

What a joke.

What's to protect besides your small salary and pride?


It didn't lead to an arrest.

We know that.

5 people died because you failed.

Including your old partner.

And now gentlemen, we have one more guest.

The uploader of the video.

That's it!

The guest's arrived!

The car's here!

The underground parking lot.

Call the elevator!

The guest has arrived.

Get ready to play this.

This way.


Mic test, please.

Get the DVD player up!


Hurry. We're on it.

Mic ready.

Go ahead.

The guest is here.

Now we're all here. Please sit down.

The guest's voice will be modulated for the interview.

And the mask?


I want to live a quiet, normal life.

I mean...

Who'd show their face?

Take it off.

You're as suspect as an anonymous net user.

Don't pan the net! You live-streamed on the net!


Why did you want to go on live TV?

Because of him.

This fraud claims to be the killer for financial gain.

I'll expose him.

Did you record the video you uploaded?

I wanted to document it.

It could easily be faked.

It's not proof.

There's more video.

Watch it and you'll learn I'm the killer.


Play the disk please.

Hold on, we're checking the contents.

Sir, this isn't...

No way in hell!

We can't put this on air.

We can't show this!

We checked the contents and decided not to broadcast it.

Why? What are we going to do?

I have an idea.

We'll play it in the studio for us to see.

We apologize for not showing it to the viewers but it's in the pursuit of truth.

Is he serious?

Capture their reactions.


No! No sound.

OK, let's play it.

So far it's the same. You said there's more?


And it's more exciting.

I'm speechless.

What I saw in the video is just... too savage.



I said it's a document.

So I can enjoy it over and over.




Only the killer could tape this.

I'm the one. You got that?


Let me go!

That was on the air!

Stop him!


Calm down!

Watch out!

Don't miss him!

Let go!

Calm down!

Go to a break. Hold it!

Get Mr. Sendo! Follow him!

You abused my pen!

Explain, Mr. Sonezaki.

Tell us the truth!


You have to!

Right here, right now!

Come on!


I'm not the killer.

I didn't write the book.

Who wrote it then?

I did.

This book...

I wrote it.

From the police reports.

And he...

He was Rika's boyfriend.

Takumi Onodera.



7 years ago, on the night the statute of limitations expired...

Takumi tried to kill himself by jumping off the roof.

He survived the fall

but he made other attempts.

But I didn't let him.

Weeks later he told me...


'I'll--- change my identity.

To catch the killer I'll reinvent myself completely.

Fortunately... a surgeon helped us.

Takumi changed his face and identity.

The killer's signature was strangulation and witnesses to the murder.

He never deviated.

The killer's profile suggested he was meticulous.

He loved attention.

A new body.

In his apartment.

He tried to kill me for shooting him.

He's vengeful.

A perfectionist.

So we planned the memoir.

It would rouse the public.

It'd be a hit and provoke the killer.

What does he do?

Who is he?

When will he come?

3 o'clock. When the show starts.


To get the killer's attention we did all kind of stunts to get media exposure.

OK, hit me.


Why you...!

The case is untriable

but we didn't give up.

We'd do anything to find Rika and catch the killer!

At any cost!

That was our vow 7 years ago.

Where's Rika?

Wait! OK, I'll tell you the truth!

So slow down!

I'm not the killer!

I'm not him!

I did this for money.

Someone hired me to do this.

I was paid to upload the video.

I was told my safety was guaranteed, damn it...

You're a decoy!

Yes. And I know nothing!

We wrote emails. I bet he used a SIM-free phone.

He sent money to a PO Box I set up.

He has no gun wound.

Get a close-up!


Get the cameras away!

No! Don't!


On Sendo.

Catch him!

We have an unexpected outcome.

2 men claiming to be the strangler are both frauds.

One of them is the fiancé of the strangler's possible 6th victim.

The case is once again a dark mystery.

Can the light of journalism shine a little light on the truth?

We'll continue to try to solve the mystery.

Have a nice weekend.


OK, I'll be right there.

And cut.

You got it?

Yes, I did.

I'm interviewing Mr. Sendo in 2 days. Boy, I'm nervous...

Did you give me the map for the interview location?

Yes, this morning.

I lost it? Oh, please.

You always do that!

Make your own map.

The video...

That's the first lead we've had in 22 years.

Let's not give up.

Give up? Are you joking?

7 years ago I jumped from here and died.

I'd die again for Rika.

I'll find him and kill him.


I'm the one. You got that?


Tell me...

Do traumatized people ever re-enact the trauma that affected them?

Where are you going?

I have one last favor.

Ask no questions.

Come back in one piece.

Takumi ...

Makimura, you better sleep.

So you'll be functional.

The statute's run out anyway.


What did you say?

Your phone.

Your phone's buzzing!



So he didn't tell you his plan...

Where is he headed?

The GPS says he's... on Kan-etsu expressway.


Don't be reckless!

I owe you one.



Thanks for today.

Sorry about the wait.

This is an impressive second house!

I hardly come here.

With the show and all...

Thank you, sir.

Mr. Sendo, you took all these photos?


Get a pan.

The trophies! And these photos?

From my war correspondence days.

I traveled the world, hoping to be a hotshot journalist.

Go wider.

Sir, in your book you wrote about life-threatening experiences.

I felt death up close.

And you almost died?



I met a young German journalist in the Middle East.

We became close.

We covered stories together.

At one point armed insurgents captured us.

They detained us in a pitch dark bunker for days.

And my German friend... got killed before my eyes.

I knew I'd be next so I gave up.

I waited...

but I was released.

Why me?

How did you become an anchor?

It was after I wrote the Tokyo Strangler story.

That show was amazing!

I visited the murder scenes every day.

I ate with the victims' families...

I got up so close.

I'd just returned to Japan so I was desperate.

I can't do that again.

Did you tell anyone where we are?


I'm sorry...

Come to think of it you were the first to react to the memoir.

I described the case as if it was my artwork and that irritated you.

Were you angered that I took credit for your murders?

You said on your show...

Rika Makimura was engaged and was beginning her new life.

Remember that?

That struck me as odd.

Only Makimura knew we were engaged.

So who else knew about it?

Only the man who took this off Rika's finger.

23 years ago you were detained by terrorists.

Your friend was strangled to death.

It scarred you psychologically.

You returned to Japan but I guess the trauma haunted you.

It was just a hunch but...

this confirmed it.

You recorded all your murders.

Where's Rika?

What did you do to her?

On the show, you slipped the pen in my hand so I'd kill him on camera.

You tried to make me the real killer.

But I should have stabbed you.

Why are you smiling?

Is something funny?

It's curious...

It really is!

I got to see your unique face 22 years later!

You're my reflection in the mirror!

We're the same!

Your life made no sense after you lost someone important.

Am I right?

When it makes no sense we'd do anything to fill the void.

Anything at all!

Detective Makimura, the hospital director and the yakuza boss.

And the little girl, too.

They worked so hard!

But none of them beats you.

You changed your face and identity!

You did well!

A masterpiece.

What about Rika?

You saw the video.

I killed her and buried her.

You want to kill me?

I bet you do.

Go on.


But don't stab me.

It's ugly.

By the way'!

Your fiancée was

the worst.

Before she died, she told me something.

“With all the casualties of the earthquake“

“I should've died.“ She didn't feel entitled to be happy.

She actually said that she wanted to die.

What a turnoff!

She really turned me off.

Killing a person with no will to live won't redeem me.

Then again killing her made you who you are today.

So it was worth it.

That's it.

Go on, strangle me.

Pull it!

Tape it!

Get these moments!

Act like a pro!

Where's Sonezaki?

The basement!

Takumi ...


He killed Rika. He is the strangler.

Makimura, let's kill him.

He should die.

He's right.

I should have died...

in the bunker.


He can be legally punished.


He's still triable.


When I saw the video

I noticed it.

You can see Tokyo Tower from the rooftop.

See that?

Makimura, you better sleep.

The statute's run out anyway.


Tokyo Tower's lights go off at midnight.

The lights went off here...

When he killed her it was past midnight.

The day the statute of limitations was made obsolete in Japan.

So what?

Law... Capital punishment...

They don't bother me.

I was supposed to have died that day.

I've been waiting to die.

Shut up!

Just like her.

Your fiancée with no will to live.



I'll have to punish you...!

Good, choke me harder!

Like I strangled your girl!

If you didn't exist Rika would've...

Takumi! Killing him won't bring Rika back!

Harder! Harder!


Kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Please kill me.

Come on...

Breaking news on the Tokyo Strangler case.

A search conducted at the suspect's second house has turned up what might be Rika Makimura's remains.

DNA tests are underway.

It's possible that Rika Makimura's murder has no statute of limitations.

Investigations have resumed.

The suspect's attorney claims that he has diminished capacity.

Article 39 of the criminal law will be the focus of his trial.


Ever since my friend died in the war zone...

Inside me there was something dark and deep.

It spread through me.

My work was praised.

But it didn't make the darkness go away.

I felt so lonely.

There was just a small light.

I saw it in people who were in my circumstances.


I'll have a lot of time by myself now.

Plenty of time to reflect.

I think I'll write a memoir.

You're off then...


So long.

Go on.

I'm sorry.


No, I'm sorry.

Take care, Takumi.

You too, Doctor.


I'll be back for Rika's memorial.

“Into the Abyss by Toshio Sendo, Coming out soon“