Memories (1995) Script

Hell of an old satellite.

Gravity well caught it before it could get into deep space.

- So it's going nowhere fast. Heintz, how's it look?

I think the recorder's the only thing worth grabbing.

Or do you want the whole sat?

No room in the hold. I'm gonna ice it.

Roger. Pulling out.

This is the Corona. This is the Corona.

Station 103, come in.

Station 103 here. Go ahead, Corona.

Final assignment completed.

Obstacle drifting on course. PZ-302 has been destroyed.

Now returning to Station 103.

Station 103, roger.

Oh, can you swing through Course N on your way back here?

Course N? That's not our area.

Some mining asteroids have drifted loose over there.

But the salvage ship covering that area's had some trouble.

You guys are the closest ones to them.

Come on, Ivanov. Just this once?

That's a no-can-do.

We're tired. Hell, the Corona's tired too.

Not even for overtime, Ivanov?

Sorry, you'll have to find someone else.

Oh, well, then. Have a safe return.

I'll give you the rendezvous point in a bit.


Goddamn execs!

Like we're a bunch of errand boys or something.

All we ever get are the crap jobs!

What else should you expect when you're a garbage collector?

You dumbass!

They used to say that "A pile of garbage is a pile of treasure!"

Like if we got just one wrecked spaceship...

... we could build big houses in California, right?

Sure, if you can find a wrecked ship nowadays.

Good work!

Heintz, tell Aoshima about wrecks.


If you want to see a wreck, there's one right there.

Sweet memories.

I'll be back soon, Cecile.

Be good and wait a little longer, okay?

Cecile. Wait, there's Katherine to think of too.

What should I do? Guess I'll have to choose one.

That sound! And out he slides!

That stuff comes with the job and where we're stuck.

But it'll be over soon.

Well, I feel sorry for any girls who get hooked by that jerk.

Damn right.

Hey, Heintz, you have a daughter, don't you?

But she's still only about 10, right?

Give me a break! I don't like 'em that young!

All set.

Emergency signal?

Aoshima, can you trace it?

The hell?

Hold it, Aoshima. Is this some kind of joke?

Madame Butterfly? Is this really an S.O.S.?

Well, it is on the emergency channel.

Oh, man, why do we have to volunteer to help people...

... after we bust our humps all day?

Let the rescue guys handle it!

Idiot! Don't you know international maritime regs?

If we don't, we'll never be allowed on another ship.

Aoshima, do you have the position?

Hold on.

Area RZ30... 05?

See? I knew it!

We're shit out of luck. It's in Sargasso.

The graveyard of space.

I thought only old guys get called out there.

The magnetic field in that area's pretty nasty.

And this piece-of-shit computer isn't anti-mag-coated!

It's like going in naked.

You can't break what's already broken.

Well, I don't wanna see a double wreck. Right, boss?

Changing course!


We could have 100 houses in California!

That's if we could bring them back.

Boss, the mag field's kicking up.

There it goes!

Switch over to the backup computer.

I don't like where this is headed. How about you, Heintz?

Aoshima, do you have an exact fix on the signal?

Boss! Look at this!

What the hell?

It's huge! Practically an asteroid!

Looks like it's made out of debris.

Aoshima, can you track the signal?

Yeah, but I'm getting some static bursts now and then.

Is anyone really alive in this thing?

We're gonna try to dock. Guide us in.

Wait! They're generating centrifugal gravity, so...

Somebody must be living in there.

Just pray they're not pirates.

Aoshima! There! Right!

Is this the entrance?

I hope they don't suddenly blow us away.

Okay, try knocking on the door.

All right, Heintz, record the entrance proof now.

Show me your ID.

Okay, start.

I, Heintz Beckner, and my partner Miguel Costrela...

... acting on a mayday signal from this vessel in area RZ-3005...

... are about to enter to provide rescue assistance.

October 12, 2092.

October 12, 2092.

Okay, you're clear.

All set over here.

Damn, this equipment's ancient.

I guess that's how we can get in so easily.


Air seems fresh. Radiation's in the green.

How's the magnetic field looking? Stable now, but you can never tell.

Get back here in three hours. Roger!

It's easy to command from a place like that.

Miguel, are you all right?

An escort to the depths of hell, huh?

Here comes the gravity!

My blood's settling! You should take more calcium!

Miguel, move it!

Can't get up! Just pop it off!

So do we get the lady or the tiger? We'll find out when we get inside.

What the hell?


Hey, wait!

Can you see this, Pops? - Yeah, it's like a dream.

More like a nightmare!

Hello? Anybody here?

Let's go!

It's too quiet.

Aoshima, you still getting that S.O.S.?

Yeah, but it seems weaker than before.

The magnetic field? - I don't think so.

Miguel, look!

What a babe!

The owner? I hope so.

The brave Sir Miguel comes to save Sleeping Beauty.

Not bad at all.

What's wrong?

Someone... Hey, Miguel!

A person! I saw a woman! What?

What the hell's your problem? Never seen a hologram before?

So you really saw a woman?

Yeah, well...

She sort of blew away with the wind.

That's what you get for chasing that kind of girl.

Shut up!

Save the playtime for when we get back.

Heintz, behind you!

Madam, luncheon is now served.

Madam, luncheon is now served.


What did it say?


This looks great!

Aoshima, can you see this?

Hey, Miguel! Are you nuts?

It's our privilege. Right, Heintz?

Who'd have thought we'd find real wine way the hell out here?

But why is it just set for one person?

Madam lives by herself, apparently. Guess so.

Want some too, Heintz? You'll get sick.

Nice vintage.

Excellent bouquet.

Hey, Miguel! Get real! You wanna die?

Give it a rest.

Here's to you, madam.

Serves you right. You should be glad you're still alive.

This one! And this one too! Everything's fake!

Hey, Pops, don't say I have to knock on every one.

Relax. Just walk forward.

The S.O.S. signal's about 70 meters ahead.


I hope that isn't another fake too!

What's wrong, Heintz?

Man, you broke it.

It might be worth something too.

Smells nice! This must be madam's dressing room.

Damn, it fell apart.

Aoshima, you see this?

Yeah, it's the same woman as in the portrait.

That jerk doesn't deserve her.

Maybe she's an actress. What do you think, Heintz?

A hologram? Is that her?

Yeah. She's the owner of all these trophies.

Or should I say the owner of this place, if she's still alive.

"Eva Friedel, who sings evermore. July 3, 2031."

Aoshima, can you pull up some data on her?

"Best Soloist, Italian Dance Festival."

"Grand Prize, Vienna Music Awards."

"Tokyo Opera Festival Golden Prize."

So our madam is an opera singer, huh?

Living alone with all her past glories.

No wonder she has so many dresses.

Even if they are all fake.

So the S.O.S. was... She was probably lonely!

Talk about your annoying women!

Your Tosca today was excellent, Eva!

Especially that duet.

I can't think of anyone else for that role.

Who's there?

Of course, because my partner was Carlo.



Did you see it, Aoshima? - See what?

Hey, cut the crap! She was just here.


It's not a hologram!

What's going on here?

Flowers... I mean, the woman!

I saw madam. Well, Aoshima?

I didn't see anything. Maybe it was a ghost.

Goddamn it, is everyone trying to screw with me?

"To my dearest Eva. From your Carlo. June 15, 2005."

Eva? Hey, Miguel, you just met someone from the last century?

She may have used cold sleep. Search the other rooms.

She was here! I'm sure. Ghosts wouldn't send an S.O.S.

Don't mock me!

Okay, Miguel, we're running out of time. Let's split up.

You're not scared of ghosts, are you?

No way!

Bastard! Think you can make a monkey out of me?

Aoshima, how's that S.O.S.?

Wait a sec.

It looks like it's moving.

Moving? Then it must be a survivor.


Great! At least our visit won't be wasted.

What the...?

Don't scare me!

Who'd make a woman cry?

Sheesh! This place too!

A real cut-rate job. Maybe they ran out of money?

I don't think so.

Find out something?

Our Ms. Eva was born to nobility.

A little princess, huh?

Well, that explains the hideous decor.

She was famous as a genius soprano since she was little.

They called her "the diva of the century."

She fell in love with a star tenor, Carlo Rambaldi.

I'm so happy to be with Carlo all the time.

So why's our princess staying in a place like this...

... with all those fakes?

Their relationship didn't last long. She apparently lost her voice.

Even so, she still played for Carlo on the stage.

No one would understand her feelings.

Anyhow, they started criticizing her pretty badly.

No one may judge me but myself.

The world no longer revolved around her.

And Carlo? - Right before the wedding, he...

Died, right? - Bingo!

- Murdered, to be precise. Murdered? By who?

They think it was some crazy fan of Eva's.

But the culprit was never found.

After that, she disappeared from public.

And came here to live with her memories.

It's a real tragedy.

Sounds like my type of woman!

What's wrong? The magnetic field's kicking up.

Hey, did you hear that? Better get out of there.

I'm pulling the plug on this rescue. - Roger.

Miguel! Didn't you hear me? Get back here!

I think I'm lost. All I see is scrap metal.

Are you really living here, madam?

What happened, Miguel?

- Is it the signal source? How should I know?

Where am I?

That song! - Miguel, what's that sound?

Can you hear this? It's the song! The S.O.S.!

What the...?

I love you, Carlo!

Miguel! What's happened?


Hey, Miguel! What's going on there?

I heard a woman's voice. Hey, do you read me?

Hey, Miguel!

Who are you?

Hey, you're...

You've gotten bigger, Emily.

Papa, you always say the same thing.

Can I open it here?

What's inside?

Wow! A space suit!

I wanted one!

Now can I go into space with you too?

Sure you can. Really?

Thank you, Papa!

Whoa, there.

I love you so much, Papa!

Oh, yeah, Papa. The rocket's broken.

Well, your papa's a rocket specialist.

Mama, did you hear?

Papa said he can take me up into space!

Emily, we can talk after we eat.


That's important to you, isn't it? You'll get it dirty.

But he can take me to space. Right, Papa?

Emily, don't bother your father.

But I wanna be with Papa all the time!

That's true, Emily.

We'd like him to be home all the time. Right, dear?

Mama, can I have the jam?

Emily, you didn't eat your cucumbers again.

But I don't like them.

If you don't eat it all, you can't go to space.

That's not true!

I meant it...

... when I said we never want you to leave...

... my darling.

Heintz, do you read me? Come in!

Hey! What's wrong?

What is it? What's going on?


Heintz, do you read me?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What do you mean, you're fine?

We've been trying to raise you for 30 minutes!

What's going on over there?

What's with those dolls?

I don't know either.

Just get ready to move out!


Is Miguel okay?

You tell me! This mag field's a bitch!

Drop everything and get out of there.

My thoughts exactly!

The mag level's going through the roof!

What did you do over there?

Boss, this looks bad!

What's wrong, Eva?

I'm scared that you're leaving me.

Ugh! What the hell is he talkin' about?

He's been acting like that for a while.

Do you see Eva, Heintz?

No, but I see angels.

- I'll always be with you, Eva. Really?

Yes! Forever, with you alone!

That goddamn wreck of a guy! Dammit!

I'm so happy, Carlo.

Eva, my life is yours alone.

I love you. I'm overjoyed, Carlo.

I don't know who needs to send an S.O.S. here!


Where are you, Miguel?


Come to me, Eva.

As long as these roses bloom, we...

Shit, he's fallen for it!

Miguel, come back! Miguel!

Miguel! - What's happening?

Heintz, come in! Heintz, do you read me?

Boss, look!

Christ, it's eating the pod.

The thing's a regular gourmet. Shit!

What is it? What's wrong? The debris...

And the Corona's being dragged into that thing too!

Son of a...

Heintz, come in! Do you read me?


Miguel! Don't go!

Son of a bitch!

Miguel, this isn't real!

Don't you see, Miguel? This is all just her memories!



Why are you interfering?

Carlo shall live forever.

With me, in my memories.


You of all people should know what I mean.

The hell with this! Why can't you accept reality?

Carlo's dead!

I've made my Carlo eternal.

You what?

In my memories, he will never change his mind.

You killed him, didn't you?

But what appeal does that really hold?

Don't you understand?

Allow me to show you something.

This is...

Papa! Look!

Now I can go into space with you.

No, Emily! Papa?

Stay back!


Papa, welcome back!

Did you bring me a present? Did you?

I've been a good girl, waiting so long!


Thank God.

You're alive!

Papa, you're squishing me.

I'm sorry, Emily.

Welcome home, my darling.

Papa, come on. Hey...

Come on, let's go inside.

Come on! Come on!

Hey, calm down.

I can be with you forever!






Emily's right here.






Memories aren't an escape!

Aoshima, can we fire the analyzer cannon?

Sure, anytime.

What? Wait! They're still inside!

If we don't, we'll all be dead!

Aoshima! Aim at the central air lock!

Give me the location on-screen.

The computer...

It's gone mad!

Welcome home, my darling.

Damn it! We're even gonna die surrounded by junk!

Isn't that what we wanted? Just hold on.

Heintz, forgive me!

Crap! More of her victims!

Good morning, Eva. Good morning, Carlo.

So beautiful today.

You mean the roses? Of course not, Eva. You.

They've bloomed so nicely again this year.

This is the season when they bloom their fullest.

Every rose I see reminds me of you.

Really? You don't think about me all the time?

I always think about you.

Yamanashi Good morning, Yamanashi Yamanashi Good morning, Yamanashi Good morning.

There's a seat over here, Fukuda.

Oh, so you're here again today?

This year's cold is a real bugger to shake.

Be careful you don't develop any complications.

This shot should do the trick...

... but I'll give you a week's prescription just in case.

Yes, sir.

Next, please. Mr. Kawasaki?

Thank you very much, doctor. You're welcome. Take care.

Hello. So, what's wrong with you?

Well, I have a cold.

Take care.

I wonder if the shot will really help?

Oh, Mr. Tanaka. All better now?

Well, I still have a fever, but I don't feel like staying home alone.

Besides, I don't have a girl to take care of me.

Take care.

You're gonna set off the BioCon alarm, Nobuo.

I got a shot at the clinic.

Why don't you test out all the over-the-counter cold medicines?

Get better and it'll kill two birds with one stone.

I have been trying them.

Why don't you try that new fever medicine we're putting out?

I saw a sample on the chief's desk.

I bet it works great, since it hasn't been diluted for sale yet.

Oh, yeah. The blue capsules in the red case.

Two of those should work right away.

Attention, Mr. Okamura in the infirmary.

You have a call on line three.

Excuse me, chief. About these papers...


Oh, he's out.

Red capsules in a blue case.

Are these them?

Red capsules...

... in a blue case.

Maybe just one?

No way! You look so cool, Miki!

Oh, I can do anything if I just set my mind to it.

Yeah. This looks great!

Sakiko, you should've come with us! We had the best time!

What's that smell?

Dunno, maybe somebody's eating something.

No, it's not like that. It smells good.

Like perfume.

Who was it?

Who? Who touched my red capsules?

Who came into my office?

Nobuo Tanaka went in there a little while ago...

... and took a sample of the new medicine.

He what?

Where is he now?

He was just here. Where'd he go?!

Maybe he went home?

He went home?

Why did you let him go, you idiot?

It's your fault! What're we going to do?

Chief! He said he didn't feel well and went to the guest room to take a nap.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Is something wrong with that new fever medicine?

Fever medicine? Who told you it was that?

Then what...?

What's that smell?

It's morning?

It is!

People should be coming in to work now.


Why didn't somebody wake me?



Somebody... Somebody...

Somebody, help!

Ambulance! Gotta call an ambulance!

Some kind of accident?

But the alarm should have gone off!

They didn't clock out...

Hello? An ambulance!

I need an ambulance out here, please!




The BioCon alarm's turned off?

Why? Did the chief turn it off?

An accident has occurred.

Please remain calm and follow instructions.

An accident? I knew it! Oh, man!

Give this line priority! Yeah! First priority!

What's happened, Ohmaeda?

Who are you? Well...

Where's Ohmaeda? The guy in charge!

Well, the chief's here...

What the hell? What happened?

What's he doing on the floor? I don't know.

It's not just the chief, either. Everyone's like this.

What? Patch in the other monitors.

I think we had an accident or something.

And you're... Tanaka.

Nobuo Tanaka, Development Room 3.

When? When did it happen? The exact hour and minute!

Well, it was like this when I woke up. What?

But the alarm just went off!

Well, the chief turned off the alarm... That's impossible!

I don't understand. Wake him up!

He's unconscious, just like everyone else.

I don't believe this.

I called an ambulance, but they aren't here yet.

What? You called an ambulance?

Yes, and the police too. You idiot!

Hold on.

What? My God.

Yeah, I see.

You said your name was Tanaka? Yes, sir.

Now listen to me very carefully.

I want you to find a certain medicine and some papers...

... and then bring them to me at headquarters here in Tokyo.

I'm Kyoichi Nirasaki, the head of New Medicine Development.

Don't give the medicine or the papers to anyone but me.

What? Right now?

Yes! And if anyone asks, don't say you work for the company!

What do you mean? This accident...

No, we don't know for sure it was an accident.

It's possible that this is related to the medicine...

... that we were secretly developing on orders from the government.

Orders from the government?

Exactly. That's why we can't reveal just yet...

... that this accident has occurred.

You don't have much time, Tanaka.

Get out of there before the police come.

Here's the code number for the files and a list of the project head staff.

And here's the medicine sample.


This isn't fever medicine?

But I took some.

What's going on here?

Cherry blossoms and sunflowers in bloom at the same time?

Hey! Hey! What's wrong?

Just like the others...

East sector troops! Are you ready for rescue and evac ops?

Atsugi Base is full.

Go to the American base at Yokota. I've got clearance.

Do you read me, Niigata? Niigata Base!

Mr. Kamata, president of Nishibashi Pharmaceuticals...

... and Mr. Nirasaki, head of Development.

You gentlemen mind telling me what the hell's going on?

I'm coming to you from the Sasago Tunnel on the Chuoh Freeway.

The westbound highway into Kofu Valley is completely shut off.

The eastbound highway is jammed and traffic...

... is frozen due to road clearing from the accidents.

While increasing numbers of refugees are moving out from Katsunuma...

... communication with the central valley remains out.

As you can see, I'm wearing a gas mask...

... but it isn't keeping the smell out.

The question remains: What's happening in the valley?

And what is this smell?


Can you see this, ladies and gentlemen?

Flowers! All of Kofu Valley is full of blooming flowers!

It looks like all the plants in the valley are in bloom!

However, I can't see anything moving down there.

What a sight, ladies and gentlemen!

It's like hell in full bloom!

I can't even estimate the number of victims.

There's someone down there! What?

A survivor, ladies and gentlemen!

Go and rescue him!

The cops are warning against flying below 300 meters.

Human life comes first! This report'll win all the awards!


Ladies and gentlemen, a death-defying report!

A live televised rescue!


Hey! Speak to me. Hey!

Somebody, help me!

I've never heard about any such medical research!

Well, the order came from the Minister...

... to develop a bioweapon countermeasure...

... for peacekeeping operation soldiers.

So we formed a secret research team of our employees.

You're saying you were ordered to develop a weapon?

No, it's for protection from a weapon.

However, Mr. Ohmaeda, the head of the team...

... accidentally discovered a powerful effect from one of their mixtures.

Powerful? How powerful?

We're analyzing computer data from the research center now.

We'll be informed as soon as it's found.

What about our Special Forces teams? How long since they got here?

I've got a report in.

They were collecting data from the research center...

... up until a little while ago, but... But what?

According to data from sensors we've placed in the area...

... the center of the disaster is moving.


I think the gas generated by the accident is being carried by the wind.

I'm hungry.

We must find the cause and develop a countermeasure quickly.

One of the research center staff is on his way to Tokyo to bring a sample.

He should be here soon.

You have a sample?

Yes, the young man who reported this accident should have it.

What do you mean?

Well, we tried to keep the secret papers and the sample from outsiders.

You're telling me there's a survivor down there?

The smell's getting strong. The biochem gear isn't enough!

The evac is complete! Begin withdrawal!

Seal the road when everyone is back! Yes, sir.

Captain, look!

What the...?

All right, he'll be the last evacuee.

Rescue him! Yes, sir!

Move out! Get that stuff packed up ASAP!

Hey! Are you okay? Hey!


He's the one. He's making this smell!

Withdraw! Everybody, withdraw!

What's this mist?

Hey, wait a minute!




What's this?

Wait for me!

Grandpa, hurry! Nobuo's in big trouble!

What's happened to Nobuo?

Grandma! I brought Grandpa!

What's wrong?

Oh, dear. Nobuo... Nobuo's in trouble!

Nobuo! What have you done now?

Polluted area has expanded beyond Sasago tunnel!

I think we can conclude this guy is the cause of all this.

The reports we're getting from the evac troops support that conclusion.

Well, the computer's analysis is quite different...

... from the data we collected from the area.

I can only theorize that the sample has been mixed with other substances...

... and has resulted in some sort of chemical reaction within his body.

Assuming that Nobuo Tanaka actually took the sample.

Can you explain it more clearly? Well, yes.

There's no doubt that Nobuo's body is producing the stench.

The smell's strength is proportionate to his movement, emotional state, and metabolism.

When he perspires, it becomes the stench.

So, what should we do?

Well, we have to keep him emotionally stable...

... with his metabolism controlled at the same time...

In other words...

... we have to kill him!

I can't approve that.

My country invested in this research as well.

The sample has to be caught alive.

What're you talking about? Your country initiated this research!

Who's going to take responsibility for this?

Protecting our citizens and their property!

That must be our primary duty!

Can you see this long trail of gas, ladies and gentlemen?

The stench is incredible.

Even at this altitude and wearing a gas mask...

... I can hardly keep my eyes open for more than a minute!

The mist is moving toward Tokyo.

There is concern that it too may suffer the damages we've seen.


Nobuo! Can you hear me, Nobuo?


Don't go to Tokyo! Go back to the mountains!

I don't understand why, but people will be in danger!

Do you hear me, Nobuo? Don't go to Tokyo!

Why's Grandma...?

Hurry! Shoot him before he's hidden in the gas!

What was that? - Hey, what're you doing?

Are you trying to kill my grandson? Hey! Let me go!

What're you doing? Shoot him!

Damn! The gas. Eyes are watering! We can't stay at this altitude!

I'm taking us up! Shit!




What the...?

Message in from attack troops: Commencing attack!

Sci Ops contact imminent. Reading radio interference.

Target is at the rear left, approaching the bridge!

We'll hit him and then bug out as fast as we can!

- He came out! I see the target! All right! Get set to attack!

I lost the target in the mist! Forget it! Just blast the area!


- Idiot! What're you shooting at? The precision sight isn't working!


What's wrong? The engine!

Idiot! Why're we stopping? I don't know!

Where are our tanks? The target is still moving.

Why can't they stop him?

He's passed Uenohara area just now.

No response from attack squad! No contact with Atsugi Base!

It's useless!

The stink gas is scrambling the integrated circuits in our weapons!

Call the commander of the north-side troops!

Call the prime minister! Hurry!

Send the evacuation orders to Tokyo!

He's still alive and moving east at 60 km per hour!

What? What's wrong?

It's broken?

The airport is now over crowd capacity.

Please follow orders.

In two hours, the prime minister will give a speech asking the world for assistance.

The U.N. is then going to send in a peacekeeping operation.

Tokyo is going to turn into a sea of flames.

It's useless to argue about who's responsible for this disaster.

You'd better get out of here. Think of your families.

But, commander, Your Excellency, what about you?

You called me "Your Excellency."


What is it? What are you up to?

NASA's latest space suit?

Yes. While still a prototype, it's shielded from all types of electromagnetic radiation.

And its armor is impenetrable.

Even a hit from a trench mortar couldn't stop it.

You're trying to capture him alive, aren't you?

The prime minister has given up.

Surely you won't complain if we try?


Dispatch this to our forces!

Stop him at Mt. Takao at all costs! Yes, sir!

Probably looking for me.


This whole thing's turned into a real pain.

And why do I feel hungry all the time?

Good, we did it! Switch on full power!

All right! Spin, spin!

Freeze him like a Sapporo Snow Festival sculpture!

What's that?


Nobody mentioned this!

Who're you? What're you doing here?

You can't just come in here and... Orders, sir.


Captain! The gas is getting stronger. It's dangerous!


Damn! Why's it taking so long to get that liquid nitrogen?

Don't go!

We can't stimulate him any more! He's scared!

We're even starting to get electrical discharges inside the gas cloud!

Wait for the nitrogen tanks to arrive!


Fine, go ahead! I'll be here to clean up after you're gone!

All right! This side isn't sealed off yet!

I can get out!

Withdraw, everybody! Withdraw!

It's been 30 minutes since our last contact.

Have you heard anything yet?

Th-The level...

The level's decreasing.

What? Nirasaki, are you sure?

Yes, sir. This point is the highest. See? Now it's gone down to...

We've got communications back!

We're getting video from the helicopter too. Putting it on-screen.

Great! The Yanks are okay!

Now let's bury that damn skunk! Yes, sir!

Yes, we did it. We've saved Japan.

I see. The emperor didn't get on the plane.

I'm glad we could defeat that man...

... without making the emperor's bravery all for nothing.


I see the space suit!

The American soldier's back!

Th-This is the...

Thank you.

Hello, Mr. Nirasaki.


I'm glad I could finally meet you.

I was worried about where they were taking me.

I really thought I wasn't going to make it.

Hold on. Let me get out of this thing.

What a stink!

Wake up! You'll be late for school!


What? Is he still asleep?

Yes! He never listens to me!

I've told him he should get up at least 30 minutes before breakfast.


Hurry up!


Hut-two! Hut-two! Hut-two! Good morning.

Why can't you get up any earlier?

Everybody else is at morning training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I know it's not required, but it affects your grades!

You'll really have to earn that scholarship for next semester.

Your tuition goes up every year, and your dad's salary isn't keeping up.

Hey, Mom! Mom!

Can I have a music helmet? I want a music helmet!

Those things were banned at the last parents' meeting.

They're too dangerous.

But everybody has one! Even the kid next to me in school.

You never listen to me. Your grades stay the same.

You don't go to training. You're too far behind to get a scholarship!

You can't expect us to buy you what you want!

Right, dear?


Today's wind is from the west at force level five.

Okay, they're ready. For you.

And you.

Hurry up or we'll miss the number 7, Dad!

Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

I'm off to shoot.

Ready to fire!

Train to the 17th Cannon now arriving on Platform 1.

This is East 17th Station. This is East 17th Station.

17th Cannon Station. 17th Cannon Station.

Shoot and blast with all your strength for our nation.

Why was the 8th Cannon's Life Quality Committee hauled up on charges?

I heard they were in bed with the higher-ups.

Five minutes to roll call! I heard they were in bed with the higher-ups.

Five minutes to roll call!

Everybody come to the hall right now.

No discipline, no victory!

Every day we have to give it all we've got!

Shoot and blast with all your strength for our nation!

And thus, we can calculate the theoretical location...

... of the target by using the trigonometric functions...

... of sine, cosine and tangent.

However, to achieve even greater accuracy...

... we must account for the external factors which create aberrations.

Weather factors such as wind speed and direction...

... which may affect the trajectory of the shot...

... as well as the temperature and humidity...

... which determine the condition of the gunpowder's combustion.

This will be covered in your chemistry class.

Dispatch from HQ, as of 9:20 today.

Target data follows.

Direction: 2 o'clock and 15 minutes. Launching angle: 42°.

Everybody in line. Roll call completed!

Begin loading cannon!

Bring in shells number one and two!

Lower the crane! Lower the crane!

Lowering crane!

Hook attached! Okay, everybody stand clear!

Raise the crane! Raising crane!

Back up crane! Backing up crane!

Lower the shell! Lowering shell!

Detach hook!

Hook detached!

Load car, forward! Load car, forward!

Load shell! Loading shell!

Powder charge in loading position!

Back up loading car!

Lower powder charge! Lowering powder charge!

Release hook! Hook released!

Load powder charge! Loading!

Powder charge loaded!

Seal the breech! Sealing the breech!

Fire control, loading complete.

Roger. Commencing cannon alignment.

Increase steam pressure to 90%!

Increasing pressure to 90%!

- Close valves 5 and 6! Valves 5 and 6 closed!

Fire control, steam pressure is now at 70%.

30 seconds to activation level.

All right, take us down to the cannon floor.

Descending to cannon floor, sir.

Turret operator, confirm direction of the target.

Direction: 2 o'clock, 15 minutes.

Weather adjustment: Minus 0.2°.

Direction: 2 o'clock, 15 minutes. Adjustment: Minus 0.2°.

Confirmed. Ready to rotate.

How's the pressure? You ready?

Yes, sir!

Okay! Begin rotation!

Launching angle: 42°!

42°, confirmed!

Weather adjustment: Plus 0.1°.

Adjustment: Plus 0.1°.

Ready to fire. Evacuate cannon floor!

All personnel, evacuate! All personnel, evacuate!

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Ready for cannon ascension. Is the pressure all right?

Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Hurry up!

Open valve number seven!

We're at pressure!

Thirty seconds to firing!

All personnel, take positions for shock wave!


Cease work! Lunchtime!

Eat as quickly as possible and get back to work!

There's no lunch break in the enemy's attack.

We demand they use nontoxic gunpowder!

We deserve the right to work under safe and healthy conditions.

However, the gunpowder we now use contains harmful substances.

Here, take one.

The chief really did that? That's why he was transferred.

I heard it was because his wife's getting ready to have her baby.

It might end up with a mustache!

That's okay. His other kids don't look like them anyway!

I've never seen brothers as unlike each other as that.

And besides that, his wife is unbelievable!


Barrel cleaning completed!

Get ready to load the third shell!

Lower crane! Lowering crane!

Bring down the shell tip!

You idiot! What the hell are you doing?

You must have forgotten to check something!

One little mistake will end in death!

Yes, Load Commander!

Your team is confined to the cannon floor!

Cannon now loaded. All personnel, evacuate!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Ten seconds to firing.

All personnel, brace for shock wave!


And now, today's war report from headquarters.

Number of rounds fired: Cannon 3: Three, Cannon 7: Three.

Cannons 8 and 10: One each.

Cannons 15 and 17: Four each.

Damage inflicted to the enemy's moving city:

Five major hits, seven medium, one light, one unconfirmed.

We have inflicted tremendous damage on them!

Our victory will soon come.

Shoot and blast with all your strength for our nation.

The Cannon Family again?

Bang! Bang!

It's stupid.

You should go to bed. It'll be lights out soon.

Dad, can I ask you something? Who're we fighting?

You'll understand when you're older.

Now go to bed.






When I grow up, I want to be the one who fires the gun.

Not just a cannon loader like my dad.