Men in War (1957) Script

Red Dog 2, calling Sunrise 6. Come in, Sunrise 6.

This is Red Dog 2, calling Sunrise 6. Come in, Sunrise 6.

Come in, Sunrise 6.

Red Dog 2, calling Sunrise 6. Come in, Sunrise 6.

Come in, Sunrise 6. Come in!

Is it still there?

The hill? Yeah, it's still there.

Sure wish we were there.

Man, don't you ever sleep lieutenant?

What do you want?

You told me to wake you at 0500.

Yeah, get battalion Headquarters.

I've been trying to get battalion all morning, I can't get nothing out of that air but Korean.

We can't lose contact.

We're surrounded.

You gotta make contact. Try it again.

Maybe we lost the Hill... maybe there ain't no battalion... maybe they're all dead.

No, they gotta answer.

Otherwise, we're all dead too.

Try it again.

Yes sir.

Red Dog 2, calling Sunrise 6.

Red Dog 2, calling Sunrise 6. Come in, Sunrise 6.

Why don't you get some sleep?

Come in! Come in!

Hmm, must be going bats.

I swear I heard somebody out there near the vine. You didn't hear nothing, did you?

Hey, come on, come on, wake up boy.

It's your turn, Hannon. You low bez! I've been out there 4 hours.

I gotta get some sleep!

Come on boy! Here!

Here you are Irish, breakfast in bed!

Hey, come on, come on.



Stay down! Keep quiet!


Aah, the poor son of a...!

It's not a bullet hole, that's a knife or bayonet. What were you doin' Lewis, sleepin'?

No, I was up on a bank. They must of come around me. I didn't hear a thing.

Get his poncho and cover him up.

Hey, where's his poncho?

Where's his rifle? He wouldn't lose his rifle!

That's why they jumped him. We're short of men, we're short of guns.

They walked right through us. You can't hear a thing. They're like cats.

He died just the same, though.

They must be all around us and listening right now.

Cut it out Lewis! Cut it out!

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

You'll lose your head Lewis, I need you!

Since our medic was killed,... you and Riordan are the only veterans I've got on this platoon.

I'm sorry.

Come on, get something to eat.

You think his... folks might wanna have his glasses?

Lieutenant, we're gonna get out of this.

Aren't we lieutenant?

How you doin', Killian?

I'm not!

It's hopeless!

You can't fail me now, sergeant!

They told me you're the best mechanic this side of the Hudson.

I told you that sir?

No kiddin' lieutenant. The drive shaft's gone. Busted!

Aah, then we are really cooked.

The battalion said to get the hill 465...

on the double.

What's the hurry? It's a long war.

It seems we took a beating yesterday the other side of the Naktong river... they murdered us with their regiment of tanks.

The whole division retreated before we got here on the flanks.

We're surrounded!

We got to get to that hill before we're cut off for good.

You mean, division's back there? Division is where?

Hill 465.

The only place we are gonna hold the peninsula... and we are gonna hold it.

This a... this can't be fixed, ha?

No chance sir.

All right Davis, unload the truck. Be sure you get all the ammo. Parcel it up.

Each man carries his share.

It's too much lieutenant. How far can we march with a load like that?

All the way to Hill 465.

Sir, that stuff'll break our backs!

You can fix a broken back, but you gotta be alive to do it.

For God sake work fast and quietly. This place is crawling with the enemy.

Yes sir.

Killian, when Davis is through, you run the gas out and set fire to it.

Burn everything we can't carry.

Get Zwickley to help you.

Zwickley? He's sick sir.


This war you're either healthy, or dead.

Zwickley. Aye, Killian.

How do you feel kid?

I feel fine.

You sure, no fever?

You better take some APC's. I don't want 'em.

Take them anyway. Take two. It can't do you any harm.

You think I'm sick?

You'll feel better soon as you start marchin'.

I...I don't think I can march.

What? What do you mean you can't march?

Sure you gotta march. You can't seat here and wait till they come down and kill you?

I'm gonna ride in the truck. You can't ride in the truck kid.

Well, you're gonna fix it, I know you gonna fix it. You're gonna fix it.

I can't fix it. I tell you honest.

It's no good. You've gotta march kid.

Tell me, what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?

Come on, I'll help you carry your stuff. I don't want you to help me!

Why do you have to help me? Some people need help, that's all!

But why do I need help? Because, you just do.

Now, c'mon.

Let's get out of here.

They didn't taste like...


Open it up! Move on up there.

Keep your heads down! Look to the left.

Look to the right.

Don't look down, if you hear a sound, shoot.

It's the enemy. All right, spread-out.

I saw something, it's coming towards us.

Hit the deck. Take cover!

C'mon Lewis, let's go!

What's up lieutenant? Indians?

You tell me!?

Gooks or Americanos?

What's the difference... as long as we get that jeep.

Going right to the open field like that! Who ever they are, they must be nuts.

Nice drivin' like he is. Can you make him out?

Wait, he's turnin'. He's gonna come right by us!

Not by us sergeant. To us!

Maybe our luck is changing.

He's not gonna stop lieutenant! Oh yes he is!

Where do you think you are? Times Square?

Lieutenant Benson, sir! 2nd platoon, Dog Company, 34th.

Sorry to force you to stop like this sir, but I got a situation here.


Can't you take a hint man? Don't you see, the colonel can't be bothered with you.

Gotta get back to Hill 465, about 15 miles.

Our truck is wreck and with the load we get, we can't make it.

If we had this jeep, we could get where we're needed.

You got a cigarette?

For the colonel.

What's the matter with him? Nothing.

Was he hurt? He doesn't wanna talk to you, that's all.

It's nothing in regulations says that the colonel has to talk to four-bit lieutenant!

All right, sergeant. Get out of there.

I take my orders from the colonel, sir.

Turn off that motor.

I guess I can't do two things at once, ha?

Now get out of that jeep.

State your name and rank!

Name's Montana, rank is sergeant First class.

Where is your outfit? Who knows?

Why'd you get lost?

Lost? Who's lost? I'm not lost! They're lost, not me!

What happened? We got clobered the other side of Naktong.

400 wiped out. I said, I gotta get myself out of here, they are trying to kill me.

The Naktong river is 40 miles from here. Where do you think you're going?

We licked the war's over, the colonel and me are going home.

My wife and three kids might agree with you.

But not yet sergeant, not quite yet.

What the hell is this?

He get spells, I didn't want him to fall out.

He's sick, ha?

He's alright, leave him alone!

We're gonna take the jeep.

You can't! I got to get him to Pusan.

Can't you see he's shaking up? A mine blew up next to him.

Don't you see the way he is? He's hurt inside his skull.

But he'll be alright as soon as I get him to a hospital.

Montana, lower that gun.

I know how you feel about your colonel.

He's one man, we're 17.

It's a colonel's jeep.

We tag him along.

Better get that cigarette.

I don't see that knife Montana, because if I did, I'd have to shoot you.

You still don't understand! If I don't get the colonel to the hospital, he'll die.

You want me to shoot you, is that what you want?

Go ahead, shoot!

It's this way Montana, you're expendable.

You and colonel here took yourself out of the war, but my men aren't expendable.

Now, put that knife away.

Help me get the colonel out of the jeep.

He can't walk. How Am I suppose to get him to the hospital?

Carry him.

Here, you'll need this.

Hey, aboard on it!

All right men, don't bunch up.

Davis, prep him up.

Riordan, you stick with me.

How do you feel now?

I feel better.

That's good.

Ask the lieutenant to fetch you a ride in the jeep.

How would you like that?

I'd like that.

But there is not enough room, there's only room for the guns and the ammo.

You're more important than the guns and the ammo.


How many times did I tell you to keep your pot on?

Red Dog 2 calling Sunrise 6.

Come in Sunrise 6.

Come in!

I got him sir, I got him.

Who? Captain Humphrey.

Humphrey? You son of a...

Who knocked him off?

Who fired?

Somebody shot him. Who was it?

It was me.

If I were you lieutenant, I'd sit down.

Somebody out there heard you. He's givin' you the finger.

What are you talking about, Montana?

You haven't been around much lately, have you lieutenant?

He's not gonna hurt me.

These snipers... they specialized at officers.

Alright, stand there. It's your funeral, not mine.

I wish I'd get that snipers buddy.

He's sitting out there now, watching us.

It's not healthy.

But how to find him, that's the question.

Give me that phone.

What for, she won't work!

Right, stand up.

Me? Right here? Right here.

What are you doing? I'm perfectly safe.

40 yards, that sniper could of shot me twice already.

He didn't want me, he wanted to kill communications.

I wanna give him the second chance.

Now ain't you something.

Watch the grass.

Watch the bushes.

If you see any movement,... fire, but fire high.

Don't kill him.

Scare him. I don't want the corpse.

I want live informations.

I wanna prisoner, you understand?

Hold your fire there! Hold it!

Don't shout him!

What's the matter with you? What did I do? What did I do?

I told you I wanted a prisoner, not garbage. Why did you fire?

Instinct. I saw him, he had his hands on his head.

Alright, alright. These Gooks, I don't trust them.

They carry pistols in their hats, it's been known.

I changed my mind Montana. We can use you.

You're not expendable. You're not expendable at all.

Just don't forget I'm fighting for the colonel.

Montana, go back and relieve sergeant Killian, for about 5 minutes. He's rear security.

Tell him to hustle up here and report to me.

Look, I'd just well stick close to the colonel if you don't mind.

I do mind. Now get with it.

You don't trust me around the jeep? You think me and colonel are gonna take off?

Address me as sir and keep your mouth shut.

Emotional, are we?

Get down! Get down! Where is Killian?

Snatch party.

Cover me.

Don't do it! It's murder out there. They're waiting for you.

Do as I say.


Where are you Killian?

What are you doing here?

I can't leave him. He was my friend! He took care of me. I got to find him.

Stop it!

This is all you're gonna find.

You can't waste of time Zwickley.

Go back to the jeep.

Who's gonna take Killian's place, is if I have to ask?


Alright sir. Any further instructions sir?

Stay 30 yards back. Don't sit. Don't stop.

If you got to take relief, take it moving.

Keep your safety off and your finger on the trigger, so if they jump you,... your gun will fire.

It's gonna be a real live party, isn't it?

Look Montana, I'm in command here.

I don't want any more of your decisions. Good or bad.

From now on, you don't talk, you don't fire, you don't spit... without my permission.

Alright sir.

Got a cigarette Davis? Yeah.

Montana gets under your skin, don't it? He's another gun.

Maybe. With his gun around I feel safer. He's smart.

He's reckless and irresponsible.

That kind's gonna win us this war lieutenant. Not you and me.

No, he fights alone, he'll die alone.

I heard the noise.

If you don't recognize the noise fire at you, you don't have to see him to kill him.

Go ahead sarge, they're all yours.

Go ahead man, they are dead pigeons.

Any money you find, you can keep.

Any cigarettes or candy, they're mine.

Can I drive the jeep now?


I know your trouble. You figured it wrong, didn't you?

You pulled me back to get knocked off, only I didn't get knocked off.


Talk to me lieutenant, sir. Say something.

These Gooks are trouble, real trouble!

You gotta kill him twice.

What he'd say? Any important? You savvy with this Korean, do you?

Up to now, you're late Montana. He was reporting our position.

Come on! Come on!


Stay low there! Stay low!

Should we run for it lieutenant? Get that head down. Don't get paniquee!

We are going right through this. All you gotta fight is your own legs.

Make them carry you beyond the range of fire.

Don't forget, we're heading for chance for safety, diggin' n' rest.

That hill is only 6 miles from here.

We get through this shelling, we are all right.

Don't you think we ought to wait for dark? Not in the dark, now. They can't stop us.

Let's get it over with! Don't panic!

Now listen and listen carefully.

They are firing in patterns of three.

So count three shells and run. Two at the time.

I'll call of the names alphabetically.

Ackerman... Christianson.

Wait! Wait for three shells, then you go.


Come on!

Come on Ackerman! Let's go!

Look, I feel the same way!

I wanna stay here. Leave me alone.

Ackerman, all I'm trying to do is keep one man alive... just one.

To get through and report how the rest of us got it. Maybe you're the one.

Ackerman, maybe you're the one.

Are you coming Ackerman?

Look, I don't wanna go through alone.

Davis... Hannon!

Hannon! He's dead sir.




Lewis, come back here!

Come back here!



Name's not Montana. It's Williamette, Joseph R.


Don't walk, run. Count three shells and take off.

Maybe they quit? Maybe they're through.

We will see.


How are you colonel?

How you feelin' sir?


C'mon, fire.

Let's see... 3 shells.

3 times 3 is 9.

9, that's my lucky number.

Oh yeah? How about mine?

Your number rides up to 9 too. We're safe as a church.

Do you see Villa over there... over there, man, his number runs up to 5.

He doesn't have a chance. But don't you tell him.

Don't worry, I won't.

This was a breeze.

Meredith, Maslow, take a run for it!

Come on lieutenant, it's your turn!

Come on! Come on over!

Riordan, Penelli, Peters.

Take off!

Taylor, Villa, take off.

They've got him!

They've got him!

Lieutenant they got him, they got him lieutenant!

Get in.

Get that jeep going!

Hold on colonel. It's gonna be a rocky road.

Get this going!

Stop it! Stop it! Back it up! Come on! Back it up!

I can't lieutenant! Push pumping the gas, you gotta flood it!

C'mon Zwickley, let me have it! Get out of there!

Man get down, they're coming in three!

Not without colonel, I won't.

Head still flat and you really fix us Zwickley!

Shut up, Montana.

Come on, help me push it. Get in there endorsing her thirst.

Come on! No, you can't risk it!

We can't risk loosing that jeep. Come on!

On the double. Let's go.

Spread-out up there!

Next time lieutenant, I think I'll take the train.

Hold it!

Hold it!

What's wrong?

It's mine.


Take it easy. Can't panic the men.

We can't go on lieutenant. We got to go back.

Less then an hour, we'll be inside our own lines. Hang on to yourself.

But it's mine lieutenant... it's mine...



It's mines! It's mines! You got to...

Lewis! Stop!

You got to step back behind your backs...

All right men, listen to me. Don't panic. Stay loose. Don't run.

We're gonna move slow, we're gonna get out of here.

Bury him.

Don't look at me, I won't do it.

Do what? I haven't said anything yet.

You wanna give me Lewis's bed, don't you? Well, I don't want the job.

I don't want my job either, but...!

Right now, I've got only 17 men.

14. Count 'em.

I'm one man.

Can't take care all of them. Getting into the fight,...

I can only reach 4 or 5.

I need your help Montana.

I can't do it.

Just for an hour.

We'll get through these woods and get to the hill.

If I go to work for you, who's gonna take care of the colonel? Zwickley?

The colonel! For the last four hours you've been talking about the colonel!

The colonel does this and the colonel does that!

And when the colonel washes, who's gonna wipe the colonel's...

I'm not in your army and you are not in mine.

It's all right sir. It's all right!

Don't worry sir.

His heart's beating like puppies!

Take it easy now sir.

I'll go to work for this character.

Just I can't help it.

We take the left flank, stay about 50 feet ahead.

Human mind sweeper. Real great!

I'll take the same job on the right.

Left flank, follow Montana. Right flank, follow me.

Somebody's got the eye on me.


I don't know. I can't see him.

Forget it.

Shoot him! Shoot him!

Don't shoot, you'll hit 'em both I want to see you bastard!

Don't shoot him Montana.

Don't shoot him!

It's the UN leaflet, he wants to surrender.

Give him cigarette Montana.


What are you tryin' to prove?

That you're human.

Ask him why he surrendered?

He says he's sick. Doesn't wanna fight anymore.

He's lying lieutenant.

Well, there is one way to find out if he's lying.

Now walk 50 feet ahead of us through the minefield. His beat'll tell us the truth.

Put the men into the single column. Tell them to follow in the prisoners footsteps.

This is home. Yap.

That's Hill 465, isn't it? Yeah.

You see any of our men up there?

Do you see anything up there?

But how can we be sure?

We have to find out who's up there.

They're sending the prisoner up the hill, sir.

Scratch one prisoner.

They killed him. Must be our men up there.

Looks like we made it.



Hey, what regiment are you guys from?

We made it!

Come down! We made it!

Hey guys, what are...

They're fake! They're fake! What?


How about that? Ain't that a killer?

You're right Montana.

You're always right.

How did you know?

I knew.

You couldn't see their faces.

I can smell 'em.

But you couldn't see their faces.

The sun was behind their back, I couldn't see their faces.

So what! I was right! Wasn't I? They might of been three Americans.

You not sure, shoot first or die first!

Get out of here Montana.

Go back to your colonel and get him out of here!

Unload the jeep and take it with you. Fast!


God help us! It takes your kind to win this war.

Well, don't think it hasn't been fun. Cause it hasn't.

Throw it away.

I just thought maybe I could fix it sir. Might run into a hot line someplace... or I could hook up to battalion.


The battalion doesn't exist. Regiment doesn't exist.

Command HQ doesn't exist. USA doesn't exist.

They don't exist Riordan, we'll never see 'em again.

Don't say that sir.

That's true.

I know what is. But it scares me when you say it.

We are the only ones left to fight this war.

We're still alive, and we can fight if we have to.

We got a jeep full of ammunition and weapons.

Before you fight you gotta think.

And I can't think anymore.

I'm sure if there's any way to do it you'll find it.

Well how do I do it Riordan? How do I do it?

How do I take a hill with 12 men?

I don't know. But if there is a way I'm convinced you'll find it sir.

Now we got no choice. We got no place to go.

Tell Ackerman and Maslow... go out and spot what they can.

Tell them not to get in the fight. Yes sir.

Be back in 30 minutes. Right.

And unload the jeep.

You know you'll never take that hill with 12 men... lieutenant.

Thanks for telling me.

All right now, listen:

To take that hill we got to knock out those two gun emplacements.

Go on straight ahead, the one on the left.

We split into the two groups. Riordan will take one.



Meredith and Zwickley.

Penelli you and Zwickley, you handle the bazooka.

Wait a minute.

Zwickley, you better stay back and run the ammo.

Meredith you help Penelli with the gun.

Lieutenant, I wanna do it. I've got to do it.

All right. We'll attack in...

5 minutes.

Take off.

We gonna make it sir.

You and me. Back to the States.

We've had our share of action.

Maybe we could get transferred to the nice quiet base in the pine trees of Virginia.

I'd like that sir.

They think we are running out on them sir... but we've but we've had our share of action.

They don't know what we've been through sir.

I sure get lonely talking to myself sir.

I sure wish you could talk.

I miss hearing you call me son.

Yeah, I miss that sir.

You're the only man ever call me that.

From you sir it sounds real.

As if... as if you are my father.

Get the bandage out of there. Wrap it around me.

4-5 times.

Davis, take your B.A.R. but half way up the hill.

Get the plenty of ammo. Keep firing, don't stop.

Fire about 10 yards ahead of me.

You want have any trouble seeing me.

No. I won't having any trouble seeing you. Neither will the Gooks.

I can't be helped.

We still got 4 minutes.

Let's go.


Lieutenant's been hit! Let's get him! Cover!

Let's get out of here!

Hey, you're coming to colonel?

Try the other arm sir.

That's great sir. You're gonna be all right sir.

You're gonna be all right.

Wanna say something sir? Go ahead sir. Try sir.

We have...

Come on sir.

I'll get you a drink of water.

That's right, I'll get you a drink of water.

My son...

Come on out and fight!

Come on out I can see you!

It's you!

It would be you.

The colonel's dead.

So are all my boys.

I kept telling the colonel I'll get him through and I didn't.

I haven't even got a cigarette!

These are yours.

He's still out there. I gotta go bury him.

He just wanna get yourself killed.

I just can't let him lay there.

He's dead. He doesn't need burying.

I'm not gonna let him die like a dog.

Somebody's gonna pay for killing him.

You wanna kill somebody? Why don't you kill me?

Kill you? Yeah.

You said you wanted to get one man alive out of your platoon.

Well you got your wish, only double.

'Cause you and me. Ain't that something?

Forget it! We'll never see the morning.

Yes we will. They can't hurt us anymore now.

They threw everything at us: rifle fire, grenades, four two's, artillery.

I'm telling you, they can't scratch us.

If we wanted to take that hill, we could take it easy. The two of us.

With what? We're lucky, we're lucky.

With guts we'll take 'em. We still got the flamethrower.

Let's go get it. Wait.

You go with me? Yeah yeah, but wait.

Wait for what?

I wanna live as long as I can.

Where'd you get those?

The colonel never got a chance to decorate his men.

Fell down like rain.

You gotta help me. We gotta get even.

You know, I feel sorry for you Montana. You got nobody now but me.

I wish I had a bottler... even a stiff drink.

What good would that do?

If you have to be a hero, and get decorated... you gonna need a witness.

If we gonna do anything, now is the time to do it.

Changed your mind, ha? No.

If you have to go out there, I'll go with you.

Let's go... colonel.

Lieutenant no! Lieutenant.

Who are you?

Don't you know me sir?

It's Riordan! Yeah, it's me.

You forgot to shave today. How come, ha?

Yeah. Guess I forgot. I was busy.

Where is the rest of your squad?

No dice.

Hey, I'm crapping out.

Don't wake me.

Have some breakfast.

Thank you sergeant.

You are welcome lieutenant.

I was wrong.

This war is gonna last a long time.

They are coming through! All of our big stuff is coming in, listen!

Still got those Silver Stars colonel gave you?

Yeah, you want 'em?

I think we ought to give them out.

For conspicuous bravery above and beyond the call of duty:

Ackerman, Baldwin, Bancroft.

Casey, Christianson, Cummings.

Samuel Davis, Dickens, Dunn.

Flemington, Greenberg, Haines, Hannon.

Heinlein, Kelly.

Killian, Kingsley, Nate Lewis.

Lubin, Lynch, Maslow.

McCarthy, Meredith, Parker, Penelli.

Sanders, Taylor, Vetter.

Villa, Wilson, James Zwickley.

Aren't you gonna say anything for the colonel?

I don't think we have to say anything for him.

Riordan. Yes sir?

Make a note of these awards in the morning report.