Mengejar Setan (2013) Script

Sep, remember what I told you.

Alia, dear.

Let’s get out, okay? We’ve arrived already.

That’s Mr. Lukman.

Morning, Mr. Lukman. Good morning.

How are you? Fine, fine, fine.

How is your trip from Jakarta?

Thank God, no traffic jam.

This is my wife, Tarina.



May I take a look inside?

Oh, sure. Sure.

I’ll go inside, honey. Okay.

Finally, I’m occupying this place.

Mr. Andika.

Down here, there are three rooms.

The main room that you’ll be using …

… has a bathroom.


Besides that …

… there’s other room there …

… here …

… and over there.

If it’s not really urgent …

… please don’t come upstairs.

It’s dirty and I haven’t taken a lot of my things yet.


Why do you want to live here?

Actually …

… we have had an accident recently.

That’s why I decided to find a more peaceful place.

I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Andika.

Thank you.

Do you live around here?

I live in Dago area.

About fifteen minutes from here.

So it’s not too far, is it?


You have things that need to be put inside?

A lot.

O, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yes, Sir?

Please get Mr. Andika’s things in his car …

… bring them inside, okay?

Yes, Sir.

Come on, let's take a look again.

Let's go.

Mom, I'll go playing at the back, okay?

Don't go too far, okay, honey?

Okay, mom.

I think I've gotten satisfactory information about this house.

Very well then.

I'll leave you all now.

By the way … I think I need somebody to be a helper in this house …

… preferably familiar with this house.

If you agree …

… I can get Asep to help you and Mrs. Tarina.


Thank you very much, Mr. Lukman.

You're welcome.

I'm looking forward for that. Okay.

Bye now.

You take care.

Honey … What do you think?

You like the house?

Hopefully you'll feel at home here.

And can forget all that's happened.

As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy wherever I am.

I'm going to the backyard now.

Why you're going upstairs?

It's still dirty there.

Not cleaned up yet.

No, I just want to take a look.

No need.

Let's clean up over here. Okay?



Why are you screaming?

Honey, it's …

… the cupboard door was … Why? What's wrong with the cupboard?

Calm down now.

What's going on?

It was …

… the cupboard door was opened.

Okay, you just calm down now.

Let me check.

There's nothing there.

Asep. Yes, Sir?

Have you been to feel something …

… strange with this house?

What do you mean, Sir?

Perhaps you've heard …

… strange voices?

Or perhaps you've seen shadows or something?

Up to now, I've never met with those kind of things, Sir.

Probably just the wind, Sir.

Okay then.

I'll go clean up the backyard now, Sir.

Excuse me.






What are you doing?

Honey, let's have breakfast.

You're going out today?

Yes. I have an appointment with Mr. Lukman.

To find a location for the new office.

I'll be waiting at the table, okay?



Are you hiding?


Let's eat, baby.

You're going to the office today, honey?

Of course, honey.

I have to check on the new office.

And also look how will the business prospect be like.

… my father used to work here.

You're welcome, honey.

I'm leaving now.

Be careful.

Remember, you must take a rest.

Don't get too tired.



What is you up to, Sep?


I'm patching the holes.

Have you been Mr. Lukman's helper a long time?

Yes, ma'am.

Been three years.

But before Mr. Lukman bought this house …

I'll continue the work now, ma'am.

Excuse me. Sure.

So the delivery of the things can be done fast, right?

Yes, Sir.

How is Bandung? You like it?

Well … it seems that me and my wife …

… like it here, hopefully.

That's good to hear.

We all hope that our business can run smoothly here, right, Sir?

Amen to that. We must be sure.

You have to excuse us now, Sir, because we have an appointment with a client in Dago area.



Thank you, Sir.

Honey, do you feel at home here?

Yes, mom. I'm happy here.

I'll look for a new school for you, okay?

And I'll take you to school everyday.

Yes, mom.

You sleep now, okay?

Help. Help!



My God! What's wrong with you?

I've seen something downstairs!

Then … then the door is locked by itself, I can't go out! Then … It's okay, it's okay. You calm down now, okay?

Maybe it's just the wind.

That's why the door was shut.

Okay now.

Now you calm down, hold this, will you?

Let me check.

I've checked it.

There's nothing there.

I told you …

… you have to take much rest. Don't get too tired.

So? You like the rabbit?

I like it. It's so cute.

I dropped by at a pet shop.

I bought it, to accompany you.

Thanks, honey.


What do you bring?

Here, take a look.

Your father bought the rabbit for us.

The rabbit is cute.

Let it accompany me to sleep, okay, mom?





What is it?

I feel something is following me all along.

I'm scared.

Hush now, hush now.


You feel better now?

I'm all right now.

Maybe I'm just too tired.

I'm curious.

Looks like …

… Mr. Lukman is hiding something.


Whom are you talking to?

I'm not talking to anybody.

I'm here alone.

Are you sick?

No, baby.



Yes, Sir?

Yes, Sir?

Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.

I was at the backyard, Sir.

What is this?

Oh, this … it's to be burned, Sir.

To drive mosquitos out.

Look, Sep …

… before me …

… who lived in the house actually?

Mr. Raka with his second wife, Sir.


I'm going out now.

But my wife isn't feeling well.

Please take care of her, will you?

Okay, Sir.

I'm leaving now. Very well, Sir.



Yes, Ma'am?

You called for me?

Sep, aren't you just … at the back?

I was from the toilet, defecating.

Since you called me, I get here quick.


Sep, what's wrong with this? Why there's no water?

Let me check the water pump at the back.

Excuse me, Ma'am.



What is it, mom?


What are you doing here?

I've been playing here all along, mom.

Okay then, mom. I'll go over there now, okay?

Don't go too far, okay?


Why are you moving here so sudden?

Ask Dika.

But I like it here.

The place is nice.

Peaceful. The air is good too.

I agree. I think so, too. It seems …

… the air is so fresh here, right?

So how's your show room business in Jakarta?

Since the accident …

… I decided to sell everything.

I just get to think of making a new business now.

What business in this hill?

Enough talking.

Let's eat.

I cooked all this by myself.

Oh, really?

You must be good at cooking, just like Tarina.

Drink, drink, drink.

You okay?

I'm okay.


Why don't you eat it?



Angie, wake up! Angie!

Angie! What's wrong?

Quick, quick!

Angie, calm down.


Angie, here, drink the medicine.

Thanks. / You're welcome.

For dropping by.

But I think there's something strange with this house.

But you're all right now, aren't you?

I'm all right.

It's Mr. Broto's name card.

He happens to be my close relative.

You better contact him.

I think he can help you.

I'm sorry, I have to go home tonight.


Why do you wake up?

Let's sleep again.

Come on, baby.








My God! Honey. Honey!

What are you doing?

Hey, wake up. Wake up! Wake up!


What the hell are you doing?


What's wrong with you?


Are feeling better?


I must see Mr. Lukman for a while.

I'm leaving now, okay?

Don't go too long, honey.

I promise …

… as soon as I'm done, I'll go home right away.

And …

… if there's something wrong, call me right away, okay?

I'm leaving now.

Hello, Mr. Broto?

Mr. Broto?

Yes. This is Mr. Broto.

Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Lukman.

Actually …

… there's something I'd like to ask about the house you sold to me.

What is it, Mr. Andika?

Look …

… me and my wife …

… for the past few days …

… have experienced strange things.

Actually …

… what happened to that house?

As far as I know it …

… there's no problem with the house.

I've sold the house …

… because I need some money for my business.

Okay then.

Excuse me.


I saw this woman in this painting at the stairs.

I feel a very strong energy in this room.

And it comes from the painting.

What do you mean?

This painting has a dark past.

I'll find out what is it about.

A little kid's voice.

It's my daughter, Alia.

Have you been to have an accident?

How do you know?

I'm just given a little gift from the Almighty.

Can we see other rooms?


Mr. Andika?

You don't look very well, Sir.

I cannot concentrate.

I'm gonna leave first, okay?

Don't forget, there will be a fax from Semarang about a design.

Please study it.

Okay. I'll surely call you about it.

I've never been to experience that strange thing all my life.

The negative energy in this house is big enough.

Have you ever told …

… what you've experienced all this time to Mr. Andika?

Why don't you want to tell him?

I don't want to add more burden on his mind.

He really cares about me.

And I don't want to disturb his concentration on his work.

Well … I understand.

I will try to help.

I'll come again here tomorrow.

I'll have to talk with Mr. Andika.

I'll tell my husband.

Thank you, Mr. Broto.

Just got home, honey?

You look so tired.

I've just checked the new office.

It seems promising.

By the way …

… whom were you talking to?

That's Mr. Broto.

Friend of Angie's.

Mr. Broto?

Who is he?

What is he doing here?

I asked him to come here.

To check out the house.

Angie said he's a psychic.

A psychic?

What the hell is this about?

I don't believe in such things.

He's a stranger, isn't he?

What if he's a criminal? A conman?

And something happens to this house?

Who'll be responsible?

But, honey, he's Angie's relative.

And what happened last night was …

… really not natural!

I went upstairs today.

At first the door can't be opened.

Suddenly the door opened by itself.

I saw …

… the 'kebaya' woman in that painting ...


How many times I told you?

You're too tired! You need to rest!

But honey … Enough, I don't want to argue!


Abort it?


I don't want to abort the fetus!

My God, why are you like this?


We're legally married although it's just 'siri' marriage!

That's not the problem.

You must abort your fetus!

I don't want to! This is my child!



Wake up, Jamilah!

My God!

Honey. Honey!


My God! Honey!


This is Mr. Broto.

Mr. Broto?

I'm a friend of Mrs. Tari's.

How can you know my number?

How can I know it is not important.


You must be honest with me.

About what, Sir?

About the spirit which haunts Mrs. Tarina.

I'm sure you've kept a secret.

I'm afraid, Sir.

Tomorrow night …

… I will come.

You must tell me everything.


Hello, Sir?

What? My cellphone.



Here, Sir, sign here.

Honey! Open it, honey!

Honey! Open it!


My God!

That will be all, Ma'am.

Thank you. You're welcome.

I can't stand being terrorized all the time like this, honey.

We have to get out of the house.

I miss Alia.

Don't think about it, okay?

I promise …

… after getting out of this hospital …

… we well pack our things up right away.

And go away from that house.


Sep. Check out what is it.

Yes. Yes, Sir.


Come on. Honey.

Honey! Wake up, honey!

Come on.

Let go of me!


Let go of me!

Wake up, honey.

Let go of me!

What's wrong, Sir?

Let go of me!

I also have no idea.

Why is this happening?

Honey. My God!

Honey. My God. Honey.

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Honey. Honey.

My God! Tari!


Get out from Tarina!

Honey. My God.

Honey, wake up, honey!

Are you all right?

What's wrong with me?

Come on. Asep, untie her!

Are you okay?

Come on, let's go.


Alia is still inside, honey. We must find Alia first.

What are you talking about, honey?

Alia is inside. We have to get Alia first!


Alia is dead!

What are you talking about?

Are you out of your mind?

Honey, wake up, honey!

Let me go!


Sep, put it in one place.






Come on, sweatie. We have to get out of this house.

We must leave immediately.


My place is not here.

What are you talking about?

You have to let me go?


I'm already gone, mom.

Alia! Alia!



Don't leave me.

I don't want you to leave me.

I love daddy and you.

Don't you leave me, darling.

Don't you leave me.

You may not.

I can't live without you.

Mommy, don't cry. Please don't cry, okay?

Don't leave me, sweatie.

I'm leaving now, mom.

Take good care of yourself.


Don't leave me, darling.

Don't leave me, don't leave me.


Are you all right?

Come on, let's go.


What's going on here?

Why the bones are burned?

Right here …

… is the source of all disturbances which happen in your house.


This is a grave …

… where somebody being buried in an unnatural way.

I'm sorry, Sir.

I keep all this in secret.

Mr. Lukman …

… forbade me to reveal this secret.


What secret?

Actually …

… the ghost which haunts this house …

… is …

… madame Jamilah's ghost.


Who is she?

According to my father's story …

… madame Jamilah …

… was Mr. Raka's mistress.

And Mr. Raka knew that madame Jamilah was pregnant.

And Mr. Raka asked her to abort her fetus.

Abort it?

No. I don't want to abort my fetus.


Our marriage is legal.

Although it's just 'siri' marriage.

That's not the problem.

It's for my career and the future of my household with Karlina!

So you think I'm not important?

Jamilah, please understand me!

You're the one who should understand me!

What am I lacking of all this time?

I understand you!

I don't give a damn!

You must abort your fetus!

I don't want to! This is my baby!

I don't want to!


Afraid of being accused as a murderer …

… my father and Mr. Lukman …

… buried her here, Sir.

Hey, dig it fast!



I'm sorry, Sir.

Mr. Andika, Mrs. Rina …

… you better go back home.

Let me take over it here.

Thank you.

For all your help.

I'm in fear For losing you My heart stops When you go away I'm in fear Letting you go My breath wheezes Calling out your name I'm in fear A thousand lives reply Although separated by death I love you forever I'm in fear Don't let go of my hand My heart is for you I love you forever I'm in fear Thousand promises I made With you I'm happy I love you forever I'm in fear