Metallica Through the Never (2013) Script

With Mercury transiting in the sixth...

I would start heading over to the downtown sports arena and get Metallica's one-night only...


Son of a bitch!


First in, last out, motherfuckers!

Fucking right!


Yeah, Metallica!

See your pass?

He's cool. It's all right.

Lars isn't here yet. If he calls...

Hey, kid, my man. Well done.

Hey, listen, stick around, don't be scarce. I may need you.

Stick around over here, okay?


Sing it!

Die! Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die! Die!

Keep it up, my friends!

I need your help.

Yes, that's why we pay you. Now, look, we got a truck that's out of gas in the city.

You gotta find it, and we got something that the band needs tonight, okay?

So you don't pass "Go," you don't collect 200 bucks.

Get 'em back here. You know what to do. Good boy.

I want you singing it.

Sing it!

That's right!

Sing it!


Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

In full riot gear have been dispatched into the downtown area with full authority to regain...



Sing it!

Mr Hammett.

Sing it.

Give it to me!

Are you alive?

Are you alive?

How does it feel to be alive?

Sing it!

Whoa, whoa! What's going on? Stop!

Test, one, two.

I can hear it. Can you hear it?

Is everyone okay?

Two people got hurt up here. They will be okay.

Right on. But make sure you're all right.

Can we get some lights up here to assess the damage, please?

Should we keep playing?

That's what I want to do.

We're gonna try and keep playing. Let's get some amps up here, man.

We don't need all this fancy stuff anyway, right?

Come on!

All right.

This is what it's like in our garage.


This actually reminds me of Kill 'Em All.

What is it?

That's right.

Hit those lights!

What is it?


All right, that feels all right.