Mi-sseu-baek (2018) Script

C] ENM presents a BAE PICTURES production

BASED ON A TRUE STORY BUT DETAILS ARE MODIFIED Wind Chill Advisories are in effect for midland and southern inland areas Today will be our third day in a row According to the National Weather Service, Seoul started off the morning at -14.5 degrees...

Hey, Jang-SUP!

Chief MA's here! I told you to hurry just in case he came!

And this time, it's the real deal...

What's this? Hey!

This one is sure. So pay up first Shit, money first!


That social worker discovered the body, And JEONG Myung-sook has no family or friends Hey, hurry and wrap things up!

Hey, Chief, how's it going?

Hey, This is my jurisdiction What a die-hard. He's scouring every JEONG Myung-sook Jeez

Here It seems she's been dead for almost a month BASIC LIVING SECURITY RECIPIENT : JEONG MYUNG-SOOK No sign of trespassing, suicide pills or food The only one that keep in touch with her was the social worker, She stated JEONG never interacted with neighbors...

Seems like the old lady lived and died lonely

I guess it's her this time That JEONG Myung-sook

Hey, Miss BAEK!

Miss BAEK!

Finish this up, will you?

You wanna mess your hands up?

Just for a few more bucks?

Give it to me. You should have gloves on Hey, I got it!

Shit, I can almost see your panties

Here, put it on What for?

With those rags, you'll freeze to death I always wanted to shred that shit-colored jacket I've been waiting for the right moment, but I won't It doesn't look cool Fuck cool for crying out loud...

It's badly paid, and it's frigid winter Stop that car wash job before you freeze to death

Considering all those jobs you have, I can't believe you won't get yourself anything decent Whatcha gonna do with all that cash? Use it as fucking wallpaper?

Hey, Mr. smartass

What the fuck?


Your eyes tell me something's cooking

Your mother was found dead this morning The exact cause of death was not known yet We need to do an autopsy, but for now it looks like she died of lung cancer

She's been dead for a while

Should we cremate her?

Well you're her guardian, right?


I... just wanted to see how she died That's why I'm here Do as you please



You need to get a new car to catch the bad guys...

Mum, you refused me a college education I desperately wanted Then made me stay home and wash his stupid diapers I hope you're satisfied from up there!

That I'm a single old maid dealing with this kinda shit

She was married once Hey, it didn't last long Shut up, twerP---

Goddamn it!

What's up with your hand?

Did you arrest a criminal again?

My brother is detective Shut up...

Great detective of violent crimes section

Hey, Jang-SUP Are you still looking after that girl?

You just never listen to me I may be sick of washing your filthy undies, but how dare she!

You're the only family I've got, you know?!

A girl with no class or foundation... Who says I'm marrying her?

She has no intention of marrying me How come?

She doesn't want you?

Forget it She must be kidding, for god's sake...

Doesn't she know you're a detective?

Not everyone can be one, with a sexy face like yours, and 6 feet tall She doesn't deserve you Shit She doesn't have a clue How dare she...

It tastes like shit I can't believe this sells Are you coming? Spit it out if you think it's shit!

This round, I bring something big!

JEONG Myung-sook had a criminal record?

The old lady was suspicious, anyway...

So, I looked into her information She spent 6 years in a prison, and released in 2007 Is it him? Seochang Construction's boy Yeah, the asshole...

He was your first suspect, right?

JEONG Myung-sook hit that asshole by car, to avenge BAEK Sang-ah's case

You fucking bitch!

Awe, goddamn you Chief, she's still in high school!

She's clearly a rape victim, why can't be self-defense?

She's just a punk who lived at an orphanage, while his dad is a Seochang Construction major stockholder, and his brother-in-law's a District court judge You think it'll be possible to indict him?

Let's go

There she is!

Protect her

Let's get married

I said, let's get married

Goddamn you I told you it's not in my fate to be anyone's wife or mom?

Say it twice more and it'll be the 470th time

Hey, what's that?


Are you really leaving for Jeju Island?

Without discussing it with me?

I'm asking you!

What am I to you?

Don't I mean anything to you?

Jang-SLIP The more you get involved, the worse your life will get I don't deserve married life So just go find a girl good for you

What am I supposed to do?

What should I do more?

Why don't you stop?!

I feel suffocated by the look you give me That pathetic, apologetic face you send at me For the rest of my life?

And didn't I tell you not to look for that woman?

What were you expecting?

Shit, I'm sorry that I did, goddamn it!

I'm fucking sorry!

You might be a fucking bitch, but I thought you would forgive her seeing your mom died that miserably Fuck you! What the fuck do you know?!

That woman would drink herself sick and beat me like crazy And even that wasn't enough so she abandoned me That goddamn memory!

That held me back and messed up my life. You were there to see it!

What, forgive her?

This is it Stop butting into my life I beg you

Damn it...


She should have been starving...

Don't look at them

I'm sorry...


Don't call me that



Stop being an ass-kisser and finish your meal


That's what you call me

For fuck's sake, what am I doing?


KIM Ji-eun

Nine...years old

By the way, how come you're barely covered every time I see you?

What about your mom and dad...?

My dad... he's the only one at home

Did your dad do that to you?

Whatever What do I care? Shit...

Jbeun Why are you here at this hour?


Hi there I was passing by and I was sure it was her She's yours?

Well, not quite

She's got weak and should watch what she eats But now she comes out and acts like she's starving Sorry for this, sis I'll pay for it KIM Ji-eun? Give her back her clothes KIM Ji-eun?

Let us pray. In hopes of being filled with the Holy Spirit

Oh Lord..Let us pray Oh Lord..


Her dad's an alcoholic going through rehab If you just cut off child support, then how are we to raise the kid?

No, you don't need to know who I am

Hey, get it there Men are scared off if women jump at them first Then what should we do?

A good push and pull will do the job Hey, J00! What brings you here at this hour?


She's not my kid It's none of my business

It's nothing like that I just don't want you to get the wrong idea Actually, My boyfriend had her with his ex when he was 2O I just took her under my wing

I didn't even know he had a kid I thought he would wake up and get a job, right?

But when this kept on for years I couldn't take it anymore and thought of leaving, but... we just physically grew on each other Sometimes you feel like leaving your own kid So how do you think it feels raising someone else's kid,




Did you eat, huh?

How've you been?

This is why a dog's better than a human being

KIM II-gon The state cut off your kid's child support

I can't believe I'm still in this shithole

Whatcha lookin at?

I said, whatcha lookin at?!


You think I'm easy?

HEY Tell me, you think I'm easy!

Your face disgusts me

How do you do?

Come in, please...

You must be shaken up after being questioned at the Nambu Precinct.

Sorry to bother you again on the phone...

It's okay But to be the first to find her It's tough It was hard that her last image lingered on for days And I keep remembering the things she used to tell me When Mrs Jeong lose her husband and suffered from severe depression, she would beat her daughter whenever she got drunk So... she blamed herself for ruined her daughter's life She suffered a lot

DEATH CERTIFICATE You're her guardian...

She beats you?

Tell me. J00 Mi-gyeong did this things to you?!


That chicken, there! This, that and that


What the hell am I doing?

Just finish it

Where were you planning to go?

I was just hungry

They don't seem to feed you, but give you money?

After they beat me, they give me money

Does anyone know about this?



They, the police...

They send me back home...

Ma'am, you need to slow down on the disciplining Make sure this doesn't happen again I'm sorry

Hey, KIM II-gon Don't you know I am going through all kinds of troubles to feed the fucking girl?


Damn it...

Miss BAEK, is it done?

Look, it's still dirty Here and there... Stains are not erased


Oh, Okay Sorry, my dear. It's my fault

By the way, is there anywhere else you can go?

What was I thinking, goddamn it...

Goddamn it Hey!

I wasn't cursing at you

I was cursing myself Miss BAEK Do you hate yourself?

If you don't have a place to go...

Is there anywhere you want to go?



Thank you

About your mom, do you know where she is?

Heaven Heaven...

Anywhere there's no daddy and me, she said is heaven

Miss BAEK, where's your mom?

She's in hell, my mom Hell...

Run from me as far as you can

Get up. Let's go home

Didn't I tell you not to wander around?

Come on in!

What the fuck are you doing?

What are you doing?

That's a good boy!


What the fuck are you doing?


If you lay a finger on her... What do you mean?

Who me?

Is that what you told her?

Don't Get off me Who are you to interfere with my life?

You're nothing but a measly masseuse!

If you're not up to the responsibility, stop meddling in my business

I'm sure you've never even raised a dog If you really want to have her, how about $100 grand?

Then take her at the price of $100 grand You fucking bitch!

KIM Ji-eun Didn't I tell you to stop biting your nails?

She has a habit of biting her nails

And how did this wound happen?

I fell down By myself...

Stay here

The next door lady said she never heard a child crying...

Since it's winter vacation, we can't ask her school But I told you I'm a witness!

It'll be a headache if anything goes wrong We have no concrete proof for now I know the law, but it's hard to pass any judgements right now Come on, even the kid is denying everything Don't make this a big deal What about her taking our kid without our consent?

Also causing disturbance at our home?

Shouldn't you include housebreaking and assault as well as personal attack?

By the way, what's your relationship to the child?

Can you show me any identification?

If you don't have any on you, write your ID number here


Chief Look...

Uh, BAEK Sang-ah Miss

You have a criminal record in '99 What is it?

Are you okay?

I'm with the Joongbu Precinct What is it?

How could they beat such a small child?

The Children's Crisis Center told me they'll visit her soon, so let's see how things go

I found the kid!

Where is the kid? Over there, sir It's been 4 days, since he is buried The Kid's father and father's girlfriend confessed to the murder

Hundreds of thousands of children are abused in this small country, while a number of centers are this small, it fuckin' makes sense?

Excuse me?

They don't have a slot for her at the center and they promised to visit her regularly...

Right For someone's who's never owned a dog...

I must've been possessed I shouldn't have interfered

The kid's fine

Day after tomorrow?

Okay, please come

KIM II-gon The center people are visiting, so keep an eye on her

Until they leave, don't touch her, okay?

It'll be a headache if they find a new bruise Are you feeling sick? Let's get you into warm clothes

Ooh, it's cold


Miss BAEK...


I can't believe you're spacing out in front of cash?


I threw in your severance pay as well It'll be hard to find another employee like you, Baeky But you've got Jang-mi Who, me?

What about me? What?

I knew something smelled fishy Are you moving in together with Jang-sup? Huh?

If not, then are you pregnant?

I'm late Joy's here. You had to get away from daddy I thought he became calm, but I guess not KIM U-gon goes batshit crazy when he's drunk and it drives me crazy I'll be back in a jiffy. Thanks for looking after him See ya Okay What happened?

Something happen between you two?

Don't drink it

It'll only keep you alive

Stop it.


Forgive me...

It irritates me... That sniveling...

I said, stop, Goddamn it!

HEY What's the use of living like this?


Just fucking die...

That'll be better, right?

For us both, right?

Awe, shit...

I told her no! Why the fuck were you born?!

I wish you were dead...

I'm sorry for being born...

JOO MI-GYEONG Hey, are you with another bitch?

KIM Ji-eun!


KIM Ji-eun!



Miss BAEK... Miss BAEK...

Today I placed your mother in the charnel house She's in a good place, so don't worry You know...

Your mom... Later

Not now, but later


We'll talk later


Wait What?

Stop the car Why!

Something's wrong, isn't there?

Is it the kid?


Stop the car!

Hey, Hey!!

Hey, BAEK Sang-ah!

Hey, you better watch out!

The number you have dialed is not available at the moment


Now, let me see It stings, right? This'll be quick You poor thing Jeez, what happened?

You're her guardian, right?

Follow me and fill out a form



I'm sorry


Open up! I'm a cop

Open up! I know you're in there

Awe, shit!


Someone's inside, right?

How should I know? Huh?

A woman was calling the girl, pressing the doorbell like crazy!

When was that?

Did you see the woman?


Open the goddamn door!

Open it!


Why didn't you open the door! You stupid fuck!

You know who I am, don't you?

Hey, what the fuck?


Where's the kid?

KIM II-gon Didn't you understand what I said?

If we're caught again, we're both fucked So I told you to keep an eye on her, you fucking moron!

Excuse me, boss

You know who lives in JOHYUN villa?

Did you see someone visited at #204?

Hey, stop, stop, stop!


Awe, for crying out loud...

Rewind it again

Look We are same

I'm... not educated enough to teach you anything

And I've got nothing... to give you But I'll stay by your side

I'll protect you

I'll protect you too

Excuse me, but in the ER tonight, was there a kid this big and...




What is it that you want?

Do you want to raise her?

8 years ago,

in my mailbox I found an envelope with a savings account book

I felt so embarrassed My house entrance she passed through was narrow and filthy The mailbox she stuck

the envelope in was covered in rust

Its miserable state was so embarrassing


Your mother let you go to save you

She said that day, was a day she never forgot I guess it haunted her until the day she died

Doctor! Doctor!


Help, please help Please help

Arrest me Ma'am, what's the matter?

Arrest me Excuse me? Madam...

Arrest me Don't let me near my kid, please Arrest me, please What happened?

Let go, let me go!

Let go! Arrest me! Ma'am, snap out of it!

Don't let me near my kid!


Run from me As far as you can I'll take your picture!


Can a person like me...

Is it okay for me to be a mom?


Damn you...

Hey, KIM II-gon...

Did you know?

I thought she'd be better off dead...

The cover up would be a drag, but I thought it would make you come around

A kid, I could always give birth to one...

Anyway, listen carefully If you don't want us to rot away in prison, we have to move first before center people come

Why's he acting weird?


Didn't you say that woman had a criminal record?


I mean my girlfriend went on a business trip to countryside, I never told her cause she will worry about it My child goes missing

Why you have been bothering me since last night?!

I can't work for crying out loud!

You said a cop dropped by to check the CCTV footage, right?

The cop took it with him!

What was on it?

For heaven's sake, The masseuse girl slipped into the alley holding the kid and disappeared that way The kid seemed hurt bad since she wasn't moving You know, she had a criminal record

Once it's found that she took the kid, file a report

That she's been kidnapped

This happened here before with a lady going crazy over finding the kid Yeah? Yes...

But it doesn't look like a place where a kid's been living How does your daughter spend her time playing?

Well, she's always home, so...


How tall is she?

Her height...

About this tall?

What was she wearing when she disappeared?


I'm not sure

Did you do a background check on her?


Attempted murder?

The woman who came to ER...

Is this her?

I found her! The time's around 22:36.

Hey, BAEK Sang-ah! Pick up the phone You'll be arrested, if you run away with her I going there right now, so sit and wait BOARDING TICKET I going there right now, so sit and wait

What's going on?

Sorry, but breakfast's not ready yet Oh my, there's a child I'm so sorry Yes, see you again

Now it's all fine

I'll go to your place to look for evidence, so promise to explain well to the cops, okay?

Fine What should I do... Get her some food And stop making a fuss I guess she needs to eat Have you ever tried eel stew before?

Should I fry eel? Jang-sup!

Yeah, you need to find a way to be happy together

Her father's filed charges for kidnapping So we need a proof that she's been beaten I'll take care of it So don't go anywhere, just stay right here, okay?

Where's your cell phone?

Turn yours off

and have mine

So let's see what we can do

Since she's recognized as an abused child once she enters the Children's Crisis Center, they won't easily hand her over to an ex-convict Yes, that's the situation...

What's this about?

Nothing I see Okay, thank you Okay

Hey, heY!

You son of a bitch What, kidnapped?

Jang-sup! What's going on? Where the hell is she?

You son of a bitch Drop the charges, now!

Or else you and that bitch will regret you're alive Huh?!

What's all the commotion? Is there a fight?

The child on the 2nd floor has disappeared The 2nd floor?

You mean the kid hanging from the window yesterday?

I drank too much and called a chauffeur service yesterday And...

I saw a kid dangling from the 2nd floor I thought I was hallucinating...

What do you mean a kid was hanging...

Here, here, rewind!

Rewind! Keep quiet Rewind, hurry! I'm watching it!

What's this?

She wasn't kidnapped, goddamn it!

That fucking asshole! - Police?

We are doomed. Cut it!

Hey, get him!



Anything wrong?

Shut up!

Just shut the fuck up!

I just knew she'd drag me down one day From the day I laid eyes on her, she was bad luck Without her, KIM Il-gon wouldn't have become so fucked up Without her, my life wouldn't have been so desperate

If we get rid of her, no need to worry about evidence, right?

...35-year-old Park was sentenced 7 years for child abuse resulting in death The court found PARK guilty of all charges, he was a first time offender and expressing deep remorse for his crimes Goddamn it, he should've received the death penalty That it was outrageous to apply death by abuse Fuck the court

Fucking unbelievable...

As horrible as it is, nothing can cut family ties except death

I guess you really like her

It's not your fault If there is one, it's just that you two aren't related Hello

Hello Welcome

Hey, what brings you here? Ah, okay!

Hey, no! I need to be in there! I know!

Uh, hey!

What a stubborn fuck What's with that fucker? It's not his case Forget about it

Hey, where is J00 Mi-gyeong?


Do you even know what your crime is?

Do you?

You and that bitch made it a habit of beating her with coat hangers, broom sticks In winter, get her wet and freeze in the laundry room!

Uh? Hey, look at me!

This is what you did to your own kid! Look hard!

Hey, Jang-SUP!

Let him talk Go! Just fuckin go!

Hey, let me ask you this Isn't she your own kid?

Even if it just happened, isn't she your own kid?!

Did you really mean to kill her?

Did you?

She didn't die, did she?

Awe, come on...!

Let go, get out!

I was beaten as a kid, but did I end up dead?

Where were you all when I needed help?

So lay off you sons-of-bitches!

Get out Get out, out!

Get up

You know...

After growing up around this shit,

her life's gonna turn out great?

YOO JANG-MI Just hang up if I'm not answering, jeez...

Who is it?


Hello? Isn't this Jang-sup's number?

Who's this?

Miss BAEK...

Miss BAEK!

She's coming, just wait!


Hello He told me you run a diner I'd like to visit your place Where's it located?


Something for a cold, please The kind for kids What're the symptoms?

Stuffy nose?

Sore throat?

Fever and coughing...

Next news

2pm, today, Joongbu Precinct arrested KIM for imprisonment, starvation and battery of his daughter, while putting out an immediate APB on KIM's girlfriend, J00

They are okay. How many times do you have to check?

But isn't this harboring a suspect?

Just go and check!

I want to be paid four times the regular Check her out!



Welcome Have a seat over here Hello


Uh, sis, how've you been?

What brings you here, officer BAE?

Jang-sup wanted me to check something?

Jang-sup? But he already stopped by There's something else Uh, but no one's here What? That's not right No one's here Huh?


Goodness gracious, where is she?

Goddamn it! Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on her?!

Awe, shit!

Jang-sup, where you going?

Hey, didn't locate JOO Mi-gyeong or not?

Her location?

Joo Mi-gyeong!

Why are you... Goddamn it...

Where are you?

The kid's disappeared!


After hanging around with her, you've gotten bad

Get out of my life!!!

Miss BAEK!

KIM Ji-eun

If you take another step further

I vow I'll never see you again

Calm down and speak slowly You think I can calm down?

- You're running away... What now?

Give me the address you're at now Address? Yes Do I look like I have the time? Get my location yourselves!

We need your address... Hey! Do your work right!

Hey, get UP Goddamn it!

Fucking shit...

HEY Bring it on I said, bring it on!

HEY What were you gonna do with the kid?

Were you really thinking of killing her?

You want to take her under your wing, right?

Yeah, at first I wished her dead. But not anymore She physically grew on me as I beat her

If you're thinking of taking her in, I'm sorry I'm not letting her go I'll keep her for good

You'll see

You fucking bitch!

Hey, fuck you!

Let go, you fucking bitch!

Let go!

Let go!

You fucking bitch!


You think you're better than me?!


Why are you here?


Get in the car. It's freezing Get in the car Huh? What is it?

Hey, BAEK Sang-ah!

Let go!

Let go of me! Stop it!

" Stop! '

Let go!

Let me go!

BAEK Sang-ah! Let go!

Just stop, will you?!

Are you hurt?

The car's over there And the kid I'll take care of things here


You want her to see you handcuffed?

I'm sorry...

Just go and be her mom Even if it's just for a few days Go, now!

Hurry and go!

Even if I'm like this

will you come with me?

Let's go... together...


...abused for 3 years, J00 was sentenced 15 years for child abuse and murder attempt, KIM's father, 30-year-old, was sentenced 10 years by the court...

Good morning, Breakfast is ready The court found J00 and KIM are guilty of all charges...

Turn it off Come here

It's your Breakfast

And migratory birds travel long long distances, but they find thier own place without losing direction BIRDS FLY IN THE SKY...

Rock-Pa per-Scissors

Rock-Pa per-Scissors

Ma'am, don't you see that 'No smoking' sign?


Don't call her like that

written & directed by LEE Ji-won HAN Ji-min KIM Si-a LEE Hee-jun