Mia and the White Lion (2018) Script

Did you see Rooney's goal? Great.

I'll see him on Saturday. It is a lie.

Is that what I think?

Mac-pizza-pepperoni-burger. A special breakfast.

Will you taste? Skid, your boat neck.

Rachel's father is on business, so she has a ticket.

Come on, Mia! I am coming!

Are you going to follow Rachel? You're jealous.

You do not mean that. She's ugly.

Now! I am coming!

I'm sending a selfie from the game, geek.

No, Mia! Do not. As a mother, daughter.

Bye mom! Bye honey.

It's dangerous.

Do not strike or respond again and did not come late for the test.

The sandwiches are!


Don't I get a kiss?

Good luck with the test.

Tell the vet that he doesn't needs its bottle at one o'clock.

I do. Thanks.


I love you!

It's not my problem.

The restaurant must be finished on time. I mean, Piet.

Hey. What about this color?

To the bar. Is not it beautiful? This?

What is it? They are never finished on time.

The rooms are far from finished, but I'm not worried.

Maybe you should be. They have called the school again.

What's with her? You're fine here.

But you didn't enjoy London.

You hated it. Maybe she's here.

Only one month has passed. She gets used to it.

She has no friends in school. That's how I was at that age.

She is cool.

Is there anybody, who can manage, then it is Mia.

Mr Kruger has called again. He said you have been fighting.

Again. Why do you always believe in him?

All mine schoolmates are idiots.

Let your brother be like you.

See all the amazing animals. It's all ours.

Do you understand how lucky you are?

No, because I don't want to stay here. It's not my home.

That's it now.

London is my home. There are my friends and my school.


Tell the adventure.

There was once a dark night without a moon.

A natural disaster shook Mother Nature -

-and there was such a storm -

-that everyone thought the end was near.

The people saw all the devastation - with fright and powerlessness.

But one man ...

A certain medicine man. The shaman of the Shangaan people.

People of the Earth.

He smiled.

He smiled.

People asked him:

"Don't everything scare you scared?"

And he replied:

"Man has provoked Mother Nature -

-and exhausted her day after day. "

"Now she takes her revenge."

"But a wonderful day ..."

... a Christmas day -

"- a white lion cub will be born."

Merry Christmas!

Oh God.

It is a miracle.

It really is a miracle. The chance is one in a million.

This means incredible much for the farm and for us.

There you can see. A white lion is been born this morning on our farm.

Here. You have to keep him.

I will then blow on such a stupid lion cub.

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Where is he small.

The tourists will be eleven.

It couldn't be more convenient.

Sorry. I'm busy. Do you have time?

Not now, I'll call you later.

Will you give him a bottle? No, of course not!

Do you just glore at me all day?

Find Mick. He loves animals.

Then let my ball be. It is my.

Release it.

Mick ...

I'm tired of having the flap bag in the heels.

It's not his fault.

He likes you. You are lucky.

Eat breakfast. Jodie makes pancakes. Well, so she does?

Jodie actually made pancakes half an hour ago. Mr. Owen.

And now Jodie wants to wash up.

If you want pancakes, You can make them yourself.

I saw that well.

Go away!

Take mine. I don't want your stupid pancakes.

Stop it. What's wrong with you? It's my family it's crazy about.

Leave me alone!

Stop it. Stop!

You howl and pipe all day. You disturb me.

Stop it. You actually smell.

You drink liters. You were probably hungry.

Crazy animals.

We need protein powder. I know, Kev.

Deworming. And disinfectant.

As I have already said, We have no money.

Come and help me, Kevin.

You might be right.

It doesn't happen every day. We should find the champagne.



You're such a big boy, Charlie.

Wanna play?

Good boy.

Champagne, children and lions. Well.

And you. And you.

CHARLIE IS FOUR MONTHS You can. Come on. Come on.

Proficient. You are so clever. Come on. Came.

Good boy! Good, Charlie.

You must follow me. Then we can do everything.


"There is still no one who knows from which the white lion from. "

"But for the Shangaan people it is holy. "

"One day they will help us to give Mother Nature peace. "

Mia ...

It's not just a legend.

You have to believe it.

There is even a nature reserve - in the Shangaan country on the Timbavati River.

They are waiting, that the white lion returns.


Mother. Do not. What? What?

Can't I touch you?

Soon he must not be inside longer.

He will always be a wild animal. You know that.

Is the story true? For Mick it is.

It doesn't have to be true to contain truth.

You have to decide each what the truth is.

Can I read a little? No, now you're going to sleep.

You have to go to school. Now.

Charlie! Stop! In gods.

It's not funny, Mia.

What? No, it's not fun.

Now you're going to bed. In bed.

Good night.

You may think she has Too much attached to it?

Yes, but now she is happy.

For the first time. I don't want to ruin it.

What about you, my little French princess? Are you happy?


Stop, Charlie!


Do you put me to the test?

I understand, Charlie. You just test me.

He does amazing things.

Can we do that when you are full grown?

It was something my father did. We no longer do that.

Talk to Dirk du Plessis.


So what? Have you fed the males yet?

Not yet.

Come on, Kev. Mia takes along and she has to drive.

How can it be? Change.

Not true?

Are you ready?

How do we make money?

Good question.

We will help the lion population. Do we get money for it?

We did. Jump down.

We will benefit from it, when the guest house is ready.

Tourists, filmmakers, research.

We'll probably make it run around. And the lions we sell?

We sell lions to zoos and to other breeders.

Why? Don't sell Charlie.

He's not a pet.

But he is not like the others either. He's different.

He is not so different. Now he is small and wants to play -

But soon he will Just kill yourself.

Beyond this fence you will be demolished immediately.

Whether you've been feeding and washed them or cuddled with them - and if you are called Mia, Kevin or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Wild animals are always wild. Nothing can change that.

Don't promise to sell Charlie.

Charlie becomes ours biggest drawstring.

Don't sit down too well. Let's go for a walk.

This is your home. You belong here.

We belong to this place, and the place belongs to us.

You are now realizing that.

It's the father, and it's the mother. Do you know how to see it?

For he is the one who behaves crazy. Come on, let's run.

Your grandfather took me here, when I was at your age.

On this old grinder.

Fat, right?

The hippopotamus stands on the mother's back.

I have to leave now.

We'll be seen in two weeks. You must into the enclosure with your friends.

Are you crazy? Give me a leash, Mike.

It's just a scratch. It is fine.

Stop. Into the car.

Put him in with the other kids.


Out, thank you.

When did he last eat? Yesterday morning.

And he doesn't wash himself either. He just bangs on the door.

Can't we feed him? He doesn't let anyone get around.

Where did he get the wounds? He doesn't defend himself.

Maybe he misses Mia. Do not be silly.

Take control of the animal.

The prison closed in 1983.

Hello? Yes.



Ask Jodie to look for Mick. Mia's gone.

Mia is here. It's incredible.

I promise. I'll never leave you.

Where have you been?

What does it mean?

What is wrong with him?

What happened? I'm sorry.

I know everyone says you are dangerous.

But would you kill someone, if you loved them?

I have to know.

I can't live without Charlie.

Would you like to kill me in three years - when you're big and strong and full grown?

Do you forget who you are so you do not sometime can recognize my voice?


I love you.


Do you love me, Charlie?

You do that.

CHARLIE IS A YEAR You're such a good boy.

She's crazy.

No she is not. She enchants him.

She can magic. Like a little fairy. A niece.

You're also crazy. She is being eaten.

I must have sold several lions. We must get hold of circuses.

No. Out!

Help! Let me out!

What are you doing in there? Mia!

Nothing is happening. He's eaten the television.

And the dinner. And he wants to take Trevor.

He has become too big. He must be outside.

Get the wild animal out of here. It's not a pet!

How many times to go I say that?

Stop. He can't do it. You know that.

Well, if he tries. Not true?

And here we have Charlie, our white lion.

According to the Shangaan people are they sent by God - to protect man in tough times.

For others, white lions are acting just about making money.

Be calm. No sudden movements.

What happened? She was playing with Charlie ...

And then he attacked.

Come here.

Who closed the animal? Let him be.

There are too many people. This is not charity.

That's the only thing you go into. Money!

Don't worry, it was just a scratch.

Kevin, take them on the trail.

Go now!

You have to go inside now.

They are living beings. It's not just a factory.

How not to behave in front of the guests!

We can only help the lions, if the place makes a profit -

And you must and the lion helps.

Up in the room now!

Treasure? Yes.

I have some bills, to be paid.

I bought twenty new sofas to the living rooms. From Paris.

The guests must feel at home here.

They didn't do that yesterday.

It could have gone completely wrong.

I've always been with lions. One cannot be their friend.

Dirk doesn't have to to be your friend, well?

She will be more beautiful For every time I see her.

You gotta get me a French woman. I want my own.



Dirk. It's my wife you're looking at.

It's a compliment.

Thank you for recommending me.

I have not heard from you. I'm not doing that anymore.

Fool. You're indebted. I promised Alice that.

What's wrong with you?

Alice doesn't have to know ... Goodbye.

As you want.

If you regret, you just call.

You're so big.


Mia ... Is that Charlie?

He hasn't learned to manage his claws yet.

He has become too big. Don't play with him.

As father and Kevin say: "Get up, arms out."

Mom, that's fine. I've got it under control.

No. If you are at eye level with him, you become his prey.


Father and Kevin don't mind. All the rules.

Don't you think I can them?

No eye contact. Don't turn your back on. Don't let them jump up on you.

It's lions you don't know.

My relationship with Charlie is based on love and trust.


Are you unharmed? Of course.

You're driving me mad. It is fine enough.

Mother! Be careful!

There you are.

Look, a brand new father!

Go in and get ready. We are going out to eat.

Why? You get to see that.


Came! You look different. Stop.

Do you have makeup on?

You look horrible. Just leave me alone!

Let's drive.

Do you remember that place? Of course.

We ate here on ours first night in South Africa.

We're here tonight to celebrate - that more money finally comes in, than watering out.

Where is it great to hear. Now it's the right way.

It wasn't easy for you to come back. Thanks.

Why did we move to London?

Your grandfather wasn't a good man to drive the farm.

The important thing is that your mother would give Africa another chance.

Who is the world's best mother? Mother!

The world's most amazing woman? Mother!

You, my beloved.

I didn't hear it completely. Mother!

Oh God. John. He's been released.

Go in with the kids and call Kevin.

I can help. You've done enough.

It's not a pet! He is a worth the money. We need him!

Taylor and Theresa come with me. In others go to the gate.

Make sure it is locked. Share it. He has not reached far.



I can help you. It is dangerous. You get shock.

They have put a new lock on. You can't help me.


Mick ...

Come on! What are you doing?

You are so pretty.

Would you just like to open for us?


Thanks, Henri!

Come on. What are you waiting for?


Mother and father must not see us.


Where have you been?

Has he caught anything?

No, he's saved something.

Mia ... Mia!

What are you doing here?

Charlie ... A swamp. He's hurt.

Go back before your father sees you. And we don't play with the lions.

I've found him! He is here!

Came. I'll take care of him.

Good boy!


Father has asked you to stay away from him. He would be furious.

Good boy!

And then it's me who goes into therapy. Do you want to hear music?

Do you like it?

He has better taste than you.

Should we hear anything else?

No, oh, damn it. Much better taste.


Mick ...

Come in if you want.

You can trust him. He has known you all his life.

It is only dangerous, if you get scared.

Are you sure? Of course.

Just go to him. You are neither a threat nor a prey.

You're part of the pack.

What's happening here? Out there John, get the gun!

Mom, nothing happens. John!

Nothing is happening. Get out of there!



It has to stop now.

I can't bear to be scared all the time.

I forbid you getting near the lion.

It wasn't his fault. It was yours.

Pardon? What are you talking about? Mia, look at me.

Mia! What's the matter?

He could be dead.

I've let it go too far. We must get rid of the lion.

No, I want to do anything. No, now it's over.

It is disastrous for the farm.

Thank you, Doctor. I'll see you tomorrow.

She never agrees to it.

She gets completely crushed. You know that.

I know.

From now on, there will always be be a fence between you.

That's the last chance.

Don't you do as we say I'm selling Charlie.

No one has to go back to him.

Never ever.

I love you.

You must try to trust me.

Now, listen. It gets better over time.

You meant nothing bad. It was my fault.

A beautiful day I will take you to the Timbavati Reserve.

I do not know how, but it should succeed.

I promise, and then you will be free.

Mick. Look over here.

Mick ... and Dad.

How did it go?

Has something happened? No, there was just a new doctor.

What did he say? Not now, Mia.

Then when? Stop it.

That's my brother, but I must never know anything.

Should I feed the animals? Go away.

Things change.

You don't always want it like this.

When you were little you were happy and carefree.

And look at me now.

Panic fear, nightmare.

I'm two years older and dark-haired. It's not your fault.

What difference does it make? Just look at all your animals.

They had been dead without you.

I am 15 and do not have other friends. It's miserable.

You said that yourself. It was stupidly said.

Come on, I'll show you something.

Come on.

I really want to show you something. Fine.


Come on.


You would know my secret. Here it is.

Come on.

You were right when you believed in the legend.

It is true. Charlie is something special.

Father doesn't know anything. Charlie is my best friend.

I've come in here every day.

A wonderful day when Charlie Being free, you might be.

He must save us all.

Good boy.

No, Jodie!

Mick, I borrow your mobile.

Smile, you fools.

Father doesn't know anything. Charlie is my best friend.

I've come in here every day.

He is sold to the first buyer.

Do not. You don't decide what to do.

Kevin! Yes, John.

Move Charlie and get the papers.

Now it is enough. Stop! It is enough. Stop.

He gets well in a zoo. I'm not there.

Excuse me, Charlie. I've destroyed everything.

I find out where Dad sends you.

I'll come and pick you up.

I promise.

I shot completely by.

Frank got the anesthetic arrow in his thigh.

Well, he survived. We laughed and laughed.

Well shot.

Thanks for the help. Frank is back on his feet soon.

To shoot with crossbow one must have a firm grip.

What was the name? Chuck.

Now your lioness is here. Good luck!

Are you going to watch? I don't want anything to do with it.

But now you are here. Welcome back, my friend.

Your white lion makes us smelly rich.

I have nothing for you. I drive the lion to the farm.

Tell it to yourself, so you can sleep at night.

How do you think your lions was approved? My profit.

Observe the agreement. Otherwise, you will lose everything.

Say when. In two days.

The white lion? In 48 hours?

I hit!

Is she alive? Not in the head, your idiot. Then you destroy the trophy.

Nice shot.

Where do lions come from?

Most are tame from captivity.

I've been calling you for twenty minutes. Come on.

It works because you have put so much love into it.

We open a restaurant with carrots on the menu.

The children can help. Only carrots. What do you think, Mia?

Are not you hungry?

What is it? Mia!

I'm talking to her.

What is it, Mia?

Father doesn't sell lions to zoos.

He sells them to hunters. No ...

All the lions that come from here, being shot in fencing.

That's what we do.

We don't save anything. Does not protect something. We destroy it for money.

Dad wouldn't do that. I saw him. That's why I know.

And that's legal. I saw it online.

He is lying to the tourists. They just cover it.

Everyone knows about it, but no one tells.

The employees are teasing or being fired. Stop.

You must hear this.

You're the only one I can talk to.

I don't trust father and I do not know what mother knows or believes.

If I say anything and she takes his party, it's too late to save Charlie.

Save him?

He's the next one.

I gotta get him to Timbavati. How?

Exactly. You have to help me.

Two days by car. One on the road and one off the road.

But you have no car. If I take a father, he hears me.

Then it will be five to six days on foot.

Do you think I can do it? I think...

You're crazy. But if anyone can, it's you.

What about food? I have...

Bread and cheese. Ham to Charlie.

Take them here.

No, you have saved them for years.

Take them.

You need them more.

Looking for the keys for the enclosures?

You must never give up your dreams. Save him.

My beloved little fairy.

Thanks, Jodie.

Come on!

Out with you. Come on.

Come on.


We can. Let's go.



We need help. Mia's gone with the lion and we can't get out.

There are cats everywhere. Hurry up. And take many with.

And Mia? I take care of her.

I do not get it. It's about Charlie.

Waterhole. There I would go down.

I'll find her.

Now we got a car, Charlie.

See you soon.

Now. Sheep.



What are you doing? You're leaving Charlie.

Lower the gun! Get out of the car.

I won't say it again!

This is madness. What are you doing?

I was there yesterday, Dad. How could you?

You sell lions for slaughter and lying.

Everything about you and what you do is a lie.

Now, Mia.

You don't understand. I understand everything.

No. Buyers have permits. I can't control them.

But you make money on it! They do.

Not the farm. Not since your grandfather died.

Our lions are killed! That's the way it is in South Africa.

It has always been like that.

You can't change the world. Yes, you can!

Now I don't want to argue anymore. Give me the gun.

Sorry, Dad.

Come on.

Good boy.

Mick. It is me.

You have to get daddy fast. He is at the Mafoue water hole.

It will be OK. We can do it here.

I know.


I'm fine.

Stay down.

Should it be filled up? Yes.

Good car.

I go in and pay.

It will be 554.

The search continues after 14-year-old Mia Owen - and a three-year-old white lion in the Dinokeng Reserve.

The authorities appeals to the public ...

Mick, how's your dad? He's on his way home.

Where are you? At M31, I think.

What exit? 19. Why?

There are roadblocks in Newlands. You need to get off the highway.

I can not.

Stop it.

Don't look at me like that!

How stupid can you be? How should a teenager save you?

It is impossible! We'll never manage it!

You might as well kill me! Get rid of me!

Kill me, you stupid lion!

Do we see a star fall, so we can do it.

Just a shooting star.

Where the hell have you been? What about the delivery tomorrow?

It does not happen.

The lion is not for sale anymore. You gave me your word.

My biggest customer comes tomorrow. Don't do it to your family.

Let's drive.

I'm trying to understand it. Me too.

John! Not now.

Everything is black or white for her.

Excuse me for interrupting. It's Dirk.

What happens here?

Your daughter is obvious got rid of my lion.

It's not your lion. And it doesn't matter to you.

As long as you owe me money, It certainly makes me.

Scrub away from my yard.

Your farm?

Fine. But now I do this in my way.

Stay away from them.

Stay away from my daughter!


I find Mia. Kevin ...

Mick, Mick!

My daughter is alone with a lion, and I just have to sit and wait?

I am calling. The police do that too.

We go with you.

That's how it is.

There must be a shot at any time.

Now they have permission to shoot.

What does that mean? That you have to shoot Charlie now.

Now there can't be long again.




No no no.

Is everything OK? I'm just waiting for my father.

Stop it.

Do you want help? No, mother and father are on their way.

You have one new message. They say you have to shoot Charlie.

Cut off further down too.

Stop, or they'll see you!

I must be crazy, But that is the only way.

Mother who is a lion.

You always say such crazy things.

There is a lion in here!

Are they still together? I hope not.

A hungry lion attacks sooner or later.

I've talked to my brother. They have been seen in China Mall.

We did it!

My lion? Your lion.

Your lion!



We'll find her. I promise. There's something you don't tell.

I know.

We have to get some sleep.

Where have you been?

Charlie, wait for me.

Get off. They will kill you!

Where is he?

Where is it! Where's my white lion!

Kill him! Shoot the lion!

Shoot him! Shoot the lion!

Come on!

Before hell!

Well, Charlie. Now we go.

Let's go.

Stay with Mick.

You should stay away!

Your white lion attacked me. Where's my daughter?

I do not know. If anything happened, I will kill you!

Get lost!

I don't want to see you again. You can just try to take the farm.

Mia, where are you?



What the hell happened there?


Then tell her. It's not about you!

You've done everything right, I know. It's Dirk's fault. South Africa.

Say it now! What?


Mia watched a hunt.

I didn't know anything. He had a permission. I didn't ask.

You promised! I've done everything.


After that, it cost us the last time.

And now we can lose Mia! Mom, Dad! It's alright!

Charlie protects Mia, until they reach the Timbavati reserve.

Timbavati? Yes!

Mia delivers Charlie to the Shangaan people.

Wait, Charlie.

Timbavati reserve. Between Kudu and Mount Sheba.

Did everyone hear that? We drive to Timbavati.

Mick. We go with you.

Alice ... Forget it.

Wait, Charlie!

It was supposed to stick together. Give me a chance!

I was very in love, very naive -

-and waited for Mia.

And you were ...

... a happy little boy.

We made lunch for the guests.

One day Dad had forgotten something on the kitchen table -

So we drove after him.

When we got to the enclosure ...

... the hunt had started.

And they killed the beautiful lion ...

Without reason. With crossbow.

And you saw it all.

It was so terrible.

We got into the car again. Deeply shocked.

Your whole little body shook, as if you froze.

And I said nothing. I could not.


That was why, we moved to London.

Then Dad came back to us, and I forgave him.

Then followed ...

... ten happy years.


It doesn't matter, Mom.

It does not matter.

Mia takes Charlie to Timbavati, and then everything is up to date.

The legend comes true. We are rescued and everything is going well.

She's alive. She is at the entrance to Timbavati.


Let's drive.

We did it, Charlie.

I have no strength left.

But you're going over that river. Then you are free.

The lion.

It has come back.

It will be OK.

It is joyful tears.

Hurry, Charlie!

Hurry up! Hurry to the bridge!

To the bridge!

Wait! Stop!

Don't touch Charlie! He doesn't hurt her.

Do I have to shoot? Aim!

You were right!

You can change the world! Sheep...

Please save him!

Do not shoot!

Please save him! Protect him, Dad!

What is he doing?!

Do not shoot.

Don't worry, Charlie. You should do it.


Do not shoot!

I must not shoot now. He's in the reserve.

A hundred years ago there 250,000 wild lions in Africa.

The number has decreased by 90% and last year there were under 20,000.

Lions are not considered to be an endangered species - but with this speed they risk to disappear from nature in 20 years.

For ten years, 10,000 lions are in South Africa was hunted legally in fenced areas.

They are raised on farms that are fooling volunteers and lie to tourists.


I can see him! Can you?

He's got a family! He's become huge.

He has wife and children.

Where are you going?

He is so beautiful!

Kevin Richardson Foundation wants ban on lion hunting in enclosures.

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