Miami Vice (2006) Script

Hey, darling. Two Bacardi mojitos and a gin and tonic.

Lemon or lime?


Where you from?

Lisboa. That's in Portugal.

But you got your tan in Miami?

What's your name?

Rita. Rita. Sonny.

See you later, Rita.

Hey, Michael.

Neptune. Here are your dates.

Hey, baby.

Here you go.

Let me hit you now. No, no, no. Please, put it away.

Be cool. Come on.

Hit me later.

What's with number three?

She's sick, man.

That's cool. I'll go with two.

Let's go, sweetheart.

Do you know how much I'm losing tonight?


Where you going?

Easy. Easy.

Neptune should ease up on the merchandise.

Flip the girls upstairs and we got him.

His day will come.




Sonny? Yeah. Who's this?



Alonzo, I can't talk. We're in the middle of a deal right now.

Take care of Leonetta for me.

Ask Ricardo to do that.

I gave up nothing on you.

They're on their own. It's all their deal, anyway. Fuck them.

Alonzo, what are you talking about?

I'm falling by the house, and then I'm gone.

So whatever you can do for her, okay, Sonny?



What is it? Alonzo Stevens.

Something's wrong.

He told you to look after Leonetta for him.

FBI Miami.

This is Detective Crockett, Miami-Dade PD. Patch me through to your SAC.

Leonetta, it's Rico.

Give me a call back as soon as you get a chance.

This is ASAC John Fujima.

Detective Crockett.

What's your Miami-Dade badge number and date of birth?


447-Charlie-1292. 07-02-70.

Miami-Dade PD Tech.

Bobby G., it's Rico.

Hey, that transponder we had on Alonzo Stevens' Bentley, it still running?

When's the last time we used it?

I don't know. We ain't worked him in six months.

Okay. So?

One of your deals may be going bad.

Confidential informant we cut loose to you guys.

CI's name is Alonzo Stevens. He called us.

We haven't spoken to him in six months.

How do I discuss this over an open phone line?

How the hell do I know?

We got the phone call from Alonzo on an open line.

That is the hand we have been dealt at 11:47 on Saturday night.

Now, I do not know what case you have him on, but whatever it is, it is going bad, and it sounds like it is going bad right now.

It's a preliminary meet and greet.

Meet and greet?

You flash me yours, I'll flash you mine?

Who are you?

Ricardo Tubbs. My partner.

Yeah, deal goes down another time, another place.

So, what? No HRT weapons team out there? That's right.

Colombians? Russians?

White supremacists.

And that tape is not gonna look good in court.

Aryan Brotherhood? Mongols? Nazi Low Riders? What?

We think Aryan Brotherhood, but we don't know for sure.

What's up? Get Michael out of there.

What about Neptune? It's Neptune's lucky night.

What else did Stevens tell you?

He said that it went bad, that he didn't give us up. Told us goodbye.

Rico, we got the Bentley.

Hey, he just got on the 95 southbound from the 195 causeway.

We got meth, ice, glass, Es, Ks, ex, Mitsus, Ames, Colombian H.


Party down with the coke.

You're looking at 92% pure.

Not like that jumped-on powder they sell up in Nuyorico.

Never seen green?

You got the green. We got the goods.

We party.

Larry'll call you in the a.m. about quantity and money, time and place.

Hey, Ivan!

My brother.

How long have you been working with the FBI?

Alonzo, pull over!

Pull over!

Stay back!

What'd you do?

I fronted their undercover team to these guys like usual, you know?

They're Feds, Russian speakers.

I was the middleman.

What, 15%? Yeah, yeah, yeah, to set up the meet.

They grabbed Leonetta.

They took Leonetta.

I gave them up, man.

Gave up the Feds. Everything.

Everything I knew. Rico, I got to go home.

Got people there now.

How did they get onto you, Alonzo? How the hell do I know?

They knew one Russian was FBI from the get-go, so...

They knew I knew.

Rico, I gotta go. Alonzo. Alonzo.

Rico, I got to go. I got to go. Alonzo. Alonzo!

I gotta fucking go! Hello?

You don't...

You don't...

You don't need to go home.

They said they wouldn't hurt her, man.

They lied.

Alonzo! No!

Prints on the fridge.

Hold on.


Where are you? What's your QTH?

Just a couple blocks away. We can see the lights.

Turn around.

Turn around? Look, we know these people.

Meet me in 15 minutes, Standard Park.

What the hell just happened? What was that?

Who's this?

He needs to talk to you.

I'm Fujima. We talked on the phone.

So, this was your operation? Yes, at command level.

We trusted our informant, Alonzo, to you, and you got his whole family killed?

What, did you jump some amateurs into a game they ain't ready for?

What the fuck happened, man? Three men got killed!

And so did our... Cool down.

They discovered my guys were undercover, and we don't know how.

This was an interagency task force, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs.

The leak could have come from any one unit.

I gotta assume my operational security is compromised.

Compromised? Your whole op sec is blown. You're stone cold dead in the water.

Meanwhile, it does not track.

White supremacist gang?

White prison gangs is tweakers and meth labs and trailer parks.

Bouncing the old lady around until they get busted back.

And how did they get all high tech with sophisticated counterintel?

And what we here talking to you for, anyway?

Miami-Dade wasn't part of the task force.


They don't know you.

So, you want to recruit us?

Identify them. Who are they?

How did they cut into us? How do we cut into them?

How do we get all close and personal with them?

Make a buy. That worked well.

Sell to them? We supply them?

No, they got a steady stream of supply.

Colombian named José Yero, midlevel trafficker.

Okay. So what about Yero? Can we get to them through Yero?

Possible. What does he need?

Money laundering? Transpo? Transpo.

He outsources his transportation.


Do we run an undercover on José Yero?

So we transport a load for Yero into this group?

So can we run a load for Yero into this group? It's a question.

He transships out of Haiti.

Flies his product in from Colombia, hires someone to run it from Haiti into here.

This is a FLIR image of someone's go-fast boats running in a Yero load.

AWAC shot it.

That's all we got.

All right. If they do this, I'd like them deputized as federal under OCDETF for the purposes of this case.

Fine by me.

Because your op sec is blown, your agency can't know anything about how they do whatever it is they do.

That's why I came alone. Thank you.

Sorry about your men.

What'd you spot?

Go-fast boats running that close? On radar they look like one, not two.

Total darkness?

Man, those are skill sets.

Plus, who runs four 250 Mercs off a deep-V hull?

Sal Maguda.

He that good? Oh, yeah.

Bleaching it down.

Must have just unloaded.

Who are we? How's your Creole?

Do you know whose load this is?

What are you doing? What are you doing?


Hey, Nicholas, my ace. What's up?

Everything's good. You?

We good. We all good.

As a matter of fact, we're looking to charge up your cash flow. Hold on.

Nicholas, how you doing? Sonny. What's up?

Somebody's something's got to go somewhere, some when.

Not too distant in the future.

Except he had transpo problems.

Call Colombia.

Man, that's José Yero. Really?

He is AUC, you know. Colombian right-wing paramilitaries.

You know who they are? They are vertically integrated. They are...

You mean, they walk around with constant erections?

No. They farm, process, produce, export...

I know what it means.

No, see, it gives them attitude.

A player negotiates too hard and you never hear from him again, 'cause these guys kill everything!

I gotta know what's the skinny.

It's none of your fucking business. It can come back on me, baby.

It can't come back on you, baby.

Am I assured of that? Hey, sunshine.

When has Rico or Sonny ever lied to you, huh?

I mean, when has anything Rico told you not happened exactly like he said?

You saying I lie to you? No, I'm not saying that...

Yes, you are.

It's just there's variables, you know?

Randomness, see? That's why.

"That's why," what? Well, why, like, if you can't deliver, this group goes from zero to high-order violence like that.

You made a 15% commission off three money-laundering prosecutions I put you into, you know, which is why you live in your $4 million condo.

And you question Rico and Sonny?

Fuck that. I will cap your skanky ass and throw it off that goddamn balcony.

Yeah, then we can kick back and watch Marlins highlights on this 65" plasma.

After we clean this place up. Don't you ever put anything away?

Plus he's gonna commission José Yero for putting you to José Yero.

Anybody looking at his ill-gotten gains? IRS looking into his shit?

Any reason this does not go down?

That's the sound of air rapidly filling the vacuum created by your departed body.

On account of how fast I remanded your ass back into custody.

Why is this happening to me?

Because you lead a life of crime.

Can't do time, don't mess with crime.

He's cool. He'll make the call.

Hey, you.

Wake up.

What happened to you? Aren't you excited to see me?

I can't talk about it.

Mmm-hmm. This is all right.

I'm just joking.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep right here. That's it.

Any word? Nothing.

"Hey, Trudy." Hey, Sonny.

Hey, Trudy. How you doing, darling?

Who are we here?

It's the same fabricated fundamentals as before.


3-to-5 on assault, Folsom B-wing, Pelican Bay.

Sonny, Marine Corps, Chicago, and 10 plus weapons.

Five out of eight, and jumped parole. Pelican Bay, where you guys hooked up.

And then it goes cold, 'cause presumably you're both too smart and too fast to get jacked again.

What about this place?

It'll show up leased under these aliases.

How'd they test?

And who tested them? Helene in NYPD.

And she worked through your false identities, and then she found your deeper, hidden, more criminal selves.

Yeah. He's in.

You're on. The meet's in Haiti.

He'll negotiate the price in person.

Call me after you've landed in Port-au-Prince, 'cause only when you're on the ground will he tell me where you are to go.

Be careful. Be cool.

Approaching. Turning to heading 340 down to 6,000 feet.

Clear to the ILS runway 1-0 for the approach to Port-au-Prince.

Why do I get the feeling everybody knows we're here 15 blocks out?

'Cause everybody knows we're here 15 blocks out.



Sonny Burnett. That's my partner, Ricardo.

Thank you for coming down.

So, let's lay it out.

Nicholas say you run a tight group.

That's nice, 'cause we got product that's got to move.

Real tight. We move as fast as FedEx. Move to where?

To New York, through South Florida.

Move when? Right now.

That's kind of all of an instant.

That means only one thing, real fast.

So, the price, is it right?

Price is right.

But how I know if you any good at this shit?

What's that?

Yeah, your business. How much volume you do?

Whose product you move? Who you work with?

Other than Nicholas, who the fuck knows you?

Well, my mommy and daddy know me.

And we don't talk about who we work with.

And we didn't come down here to audition for business.

Business auditions for us.

And knows all about us, before they call Nicholas.

That way we don't waste avgas or our motherfucking time.

You want us to be telling you about our shit?

You can't find out on your own?

Why do I not buy that?

You with DEA? The Feeb? What's up?

They targeting our transpo line? You with the Man?

You wearing a wire?

I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen.

People gonna come in here, and you know what they gonna say?

They're gonna look around and they're gonna go...

"That's some crazy motherfucking wallpaper. What is that?

"Jackson Pollock?"

"No, viejo. That was José Yero, who got splattered all over his own wall."

So, we can close each other's eyes right now, real fast.

But then ain't nobody gonna make no money.


So let's talk equipment.

Adam A500s, carbon composite, real stealthy.

1,400 nautical-mile range, low and slow.

We like Caravelles and 727s to move the product from source countries to transshipment places like here.

Big loads, we like containers.

Smaller loads into South Florida, we do go-fast boats.

So, what's the weight?

First, let's talk logistics. Okay.

You pick up a load, you fly it in the hole, we tell you the drop point, and our people then move it on up the road.

Now, not so fast. People at the drop point are our people, not yours.

You know, so there's no tweakers, dopers, first-timers, people we don't know.

They didn't do time with us, they ain't doing crime with us.

Once we pick up the load, the next time you hear from us it'll be a date, time, and a place.

Like, "There's a 18-wheeler in a parking lot in north Miami with the keys in the ignition."

You pick it up, you drive away. Smooth, that's how we do it.

So, when you looking to move it?


'Cause how you drop loads, I don't like, so maybe this don't work.

Then it don't work.

Red light, green light, José.

They also call me Cochi Loco.

That means "crazy pig."

'Cause I run security and counterintel.

I get people to tell me what they don't ever want to say.

And I have eyes everywhere.

That part of what I do, you never want to find out about.

Other people negotiate money, and go and no go.

Yes, no, maybe so.

Not me.

So, what the hell are we talking to you for?

I had to lay my eyes on you. Why is that?

To see if you go meet the Man.


You seem okay.

But him, I don't like how he looks.

Do you want to fuck my partner, or do you want to do business with us?

'Cause I don't give a shit how you think he looks.

Wait by the phone in the hotel.

You get a call, or maybe you don't.

And then you can piss off back to where you come from.

Yero said New York through South Florida.

Then this load does not go to the Miami group.

That may take load number two.

That was fast.

Four hours. They're dicking us around. Call it.

That's it.

Let's go.

Put your guns on the table.

We didn't bring you here to kill you.

If we want you dead, you'd have been no longer drawing breath in Miami.

$3,000 a kilo on small loads.

Thought we had to meet the Man.

You do.

When is that? Right now.

Full signal, no service. They're jamming the phones.

This is the type of stuff the CIA does. In Baghdad.

Yeah. What's it doing on a dope deal?

Out of the car.

See the three trucks? Move there now.

Where'd all the people go?

Ready, boss?

Excuse me, because I am very busy.

I have many things to do, so this will be brief. Yes?

I will try you out on one load to build trust.

1,000 ki's out of Colombia. Your end is $3 million.

In all matters, when you work for me, you must do exactly what you say you will do.

In this business with me, I do not buy a service. I buy a result.

If you say you will do a thing, you must do exactly that thing.

Then you will prosper beyond your dreams and live in Miami millionaire-style.

You will contact and work through José Yero on logistics, communications, security.

To do with money and terms, you will work through my Isabella.

I look forward to our doing more work together.

Whether we do or do not, it is unlikely that we will meet again.

I extend my best wishes to your families.

Thank you for making this trip to see me.

Flight 000 is airborne.

This is November 1206 Sierra. Roger that.

Good afternoon. Radar contact. Climb and maintain 7,000.

November 636 is coming your way from the northwest.


Opa-locka Departure, good afternoon.

Radar contact. Climb and maintain 7,000.

King Air 1206 Sierra, you see anything off your right side?

This is November 1206 Sierra. Negative, Opa-locka.

I got a double hit. I think there's another plane there.

Let me see.

Go down to 220.

Ghost. One blip, one plane.


Oye, Burnett. Our client got delivery. Product's on the road. Good work.

Yeah, but we had a problem before your client showed up.

Somebody tried to rip off the load.

You know a detail shop on Second and Overtown?

I do.

Across the street we found a stash house. 10:00 a.m. Be there.

Here we go.

Only two.

They tried to jack your load. We brought him home and discovered this.

Haitians stole this two weeks ago.

That's my load. This is my product.

How'd they know where the drop was?

How'd they know? I find out.

See you later.

I see you, I see a load we lost two weeks ago all in the same place.

Well, you don't like us finding your load, we can go ahead and lose it all over again.

What other suspicions did you mastermind today?

We want our product back.


How much?

How much...

For what? For recovering that.



Consider it an investment in the future of a fine business relationship.

That is because it's yours. What's yours is yours.

So is this a one-time deal?

Or is something else coming up?

Give them the shipment on the 17th.

Conveyance? By ocean. Out of Barranquilla.

José has details.

Lay it out.

You're gonna get the longs and lats for a transshipment point.


Do me one favor. Yeah?

In return for the risks we took in recovering your load, allow me to buy you a drink.

How fast does that go?

Goes very fast.

Show me.

Where would you like to go?

What do you like to drink?

I'm a fiend for mojitos.

I know a place.


I know what I'm doing.

All right. The secured satellite comms, longs and lats for the transshipment points, that's all cool.

But I need a vector, not a location.

Ships move, that's why they call them ships.

Ship stops, it's trying to impersonate an apartment building.

At sea, that is very suspicious. Brings about attention.

AWACS, Coast Guard, U.S. Customs, that's all bad.

I take you to the best place for mojitos.

Where is that?

Bodeguita del Medio.

Oh, the Keys?



Cubans don't like my business.

And they don't like my passport. It's okay, the harbormaster is my cousin.

Grab the wheel.

You do business in Cuba with your husband?

I never do business in Cuba.

And Jesús is not my husband.

I'm a businesswoman.

I do not need a husband to have a house to live in.

You like the mojito? Mojito's great.

Do you dance?

I dance.

You will like it.

Allman Brothers. You know Allman Brothers?


Lynyrd Skynyrd? Free Bird?

No Skynyrd. Well, that was the music back then.

And he played all those Atlanta bars.

But his luck was...

Well, my dad never got lucky, so he started trucking.

Yeah, I didn't see a whole lot of him. But we were close.

You look like your mother? Why?

She died in Angola when I was 16.

She was a translator.

I show you photograph. It's from wedding.

This is a bad idea.

This is past a bad idea.

And it has no future.

That's right.

So, then there's nothing to worry about.

Come here.


Lucinda somebody's wedding.

Everybody is with couples.

Husbands and wives, they all pose.

But she is the most special.

Let's talk a different kind of deal.

You pay us zero.

Is it December?


Did Christmas come early this year?


We become partners on the loads we run.

What we want is 25% of that load in product.

And why, you're thinking, would I be crazy enough to cut in these gringos like that?

It's because Sonny and Ricardo can deliver to me what no one else can.

We guarantee loads.

Comes up short, we make good.

Your operation will run from now on out risk-free.

And you are the 25% partner?


What if I tell you your ideas are too big for your skin?

And merely to propose this is a dangerous thing.

Then I would say to you, this has been fun.

Okay. So?

Think of the cash you don't have to front.

Cash is not difficult.


I would say you're five percentage points away from a deal.

Maybe I'm only one.

You've convinced me.

What's up? Where are you? I'm on my way back.

The meeting with Castillo is in 45 minutes.

What's up, Sonny. You okay? Fine, darling.

So, where you been?

Hit a couple of jazz clubs, fell back to her place.

Where? Vedado.

Where's Vedado? Suburbs outside Havana.

You went to Havana, Cuba? No, Havana, Louisiana.

Don't we have a meet?

You making moves on Montoya's woman?

No. You're not making moves on her?

We're making moves on each other. Oh, so that's supposed to make it all right?

Something like that.

So what happened to the first load? Went to Dominicans in New York.

We think load number two's going to our guys. South Florida. Their big buyer.

Okay, that's great. Yeah.

But we wanna go beyond load number two.

Why are we going exploring? Who's the "we"?

Only thing you've contributed so far to this is bad intel.

How's that? José Yero, cocaine producer?

Yero's middle management, part of a bigger transnational operation run by Arcángel de Jesús Montoya.

Montoya's the new news. Globalized.


Colombian coke and H, arms from the Ukraine, E from Holland, pirated software from China into Brazil.

What's this got to do with the price of tea in China?

We're seeing their ops.

Transpo. You know, money-laundering networks.

It would take years to put together a deal like this.

We want to stay under, run in load number two and keep going, and hold off busting the ABs or Yero.

We illuminate Montoya's operations from the inside.

No one has ever tread before where we are now.

Well, the answer's no.

We take the Aryan Brothers, the shooters, pressure them for the leak.

It's a bird in the hand.

I'm not changing my op plan for speculation masquerading as intel.

Look, I know undercover requires aggression, some outlaw attitude. You know, how else do you lie down with dogs?

Okay, but that... Go fuck yourself.

Chill. Sonny, chill.

You know what this prick's game is?

He'll get his picture in the Miami Herald off a quick bust, save his punk-ass career at the slug farm in DC.

We are not backing off this. That's it.

Where you on this?

100% with Sonny.

Change the mission statement.

I have to run it past my ADO in DC.

Hey, slick. Don't try and shine me on.

You don't have the time or the skill.

If I close this down, I will close it down right now.

And you can sink in Washington.

All right, do it.

You fucking better be right.

So, what's going on? As in?

As in, there's undercover and then there is, "Which way is up?"

Oh, you think I'm in so deep, I forgot?

I will never doubt you.

Did you find it? Yeah.

Dominion or Blackstone hedge funds?

Through Hong Kong bank? Yes.

Ukrainian shipment?

Eight tons, small arms and RPGs on the 27th.

Tell me about the deal in South Florida.

They want 18% of the product to bring in loads. They guarantee them.

Our risk goes to zero.

And Burnett?

What does your intuition tell you?

My intuition about Burnett?

I slept with him in Havana.


A serious man.

Ambitious, but he has to be watched.

After a few good runs, he will renegotiate the deal upwards.

That's my girl.

But José Yero thinks you are wrong.

On the next load, he wants to front them silver, but pay them in lead.

What do you wanna do?

I like the diminished risk.

I like businessmen who are competent because you can predict their behavior.

On the other hand, if what you wish is el plomo, the lead, then do that.

After the load is received, we will close their eyes forever.

We will try a few runs with these partners.

I will tell José.

Hola, chica.

Hola, chico.

Hey, what's up? This is Trudy, my girl.

It's a pleasure. Hey, nice club.

I redid it.

And I got places in Medellín, Foz do Iguaçu, and Rio.

You like clubs? Oh, yeah. I'm a disco guy.

In the back.

In Colón, in Panama, a Malaysian freighter will transfer eight tons.

Crates with Russian marking.

Do not open them.

The 4,000 ki's you move into Miami, you keep and release when we say.

So long as delivery goes down our way.


But the crates, they come back to Barranquilla.

You want us to break down the load for different buyers?

No. It's one, my main South Florida guy.

José, my ace.

Skies are crowded, man.

AWAC's, ICE, DEA spies in the sky.

Do you have any counterintel you could contribute to the good and the welfare?


Check your e-mail.


It's José.

José, what is it? I don't like the Americans.

Why? Too good at what they do.


They are wrong.

Somehow, somehow they are wrong.

You ran them. Did you run them?

Yes. Do they check out?


We made their deal.

And Isabella disagrees with you.

Once I had a fortune.

It said, "Live now. Life is short. Time is luck."

You got assets somewhere?



Things go wrong.

The odds catch up.

Probability is like gravity.

You cannot negotiate with gravity.

One day...

One day you should just cash out, you know.

Just cash out and get out.

Yeah? Yeah. As far and as fast as you can.

Would you find me?

Yes, I would.

This is very Cuban. The protective male talking.

It's the talk of a man.

If he were your husband, he would never put you at risk.

And he would never put you within 1,000 miles of anything that could hurt you.

And where would you be?

A while longer still in this business, and then I'd find you.

Would you? Yes, ma'am.

If you couldn't, I would have left the only thing I know since I was 17.

But none of this will happen.

Because what do you see around?

Look around you.

It's controlled by Arcángel de Jesús Montoya.

Let me talk to Fujima.

Who's this? Ricardo.

Okay, go ahead.

Listen, I want you to issue an alert.

An informant has revealed that a freighter departed Barranquilla for South Florida with plans to transship contraband to go-fast boats in broad daylight one day next week off the coast of Miami.


For Customs, you say Monday.

For FBI operations in DC, you say Tuesday.

FBI Miami, you say Wednesday, DEA on Thursday, Coast Guard on Friday. And keep it classified, keep it discreet, keep it out of interagency communications.

Yero hit me back.

He says U.S. assets expects our transshipment load on Tuesday day.

Tuesday day only went out to FBI Operations planted in DC.

So what's up?

Anything could be in those crates out of Odessa.

This one has too many moving parts, too many unknowns.

It's your call.

Where you at?

The message from Yero locates the agency and the office where the leak is coming from. I call that progress.

So, let's take it to the limit one more time.


We got to go. Rápido.

Let's go. Let's go. Come on, let's go.

How we looking? I can take one more.

Good. Let's move!

That's it. Take off.

Let's hit it.

All right, Julio, break the lines and straighten the load.

Break the lines.

We'll rendezvous in about eight hours.

If there's any place where most people feel at home, it's right in their own backyard.

And that's why today, more than ever, homeowners are asking, "What can we do to make our backyard a paradise, "a vacation destination you can visit anytime, "without the hassle of air travel, or even starting the car?"

We'll answer these questions and much more.

Be loaded up in a minute.

Yeah? Want you to listen to this.

Who are you? Who is this?

Shut up and listen.

Developing news in weather today, there's new activity in the tropics.

We turn things over to meteorologist Ryan Phillips. What's developing?

Coincidentally, three years ago today, July 24th, that's when Hurricane Danny formed out across the Atlantic Basin.

And now we have our own tropical troubles as Hurricane Ernesto, a category...

Somebody's proving it's right now.


All right, Ryan. Thanks.

And we've got some good news about your electric bill.

Your rates will not be going up.

Say hello, honey.

Some nice friends you got.

Urban trailer trash with B.O. and a noisy fucking...


They know.

Pay attention.

I will now tell you when and how this load will get dropped.

This is happening our way.

You have 30 minutes from right now to enter Government Cut.

Head up the Miami River. You have 15 minutes to make it to the First Avenue bridge.

When you're there, I'll call you with the exact drop point.

You fuck up, we fuck her up.

It's me. We're on.

What's the deal?

For doing the deed, 30% off the load.



Zito, you copy?

Don't hear you. Go again.

Zito, do you copy?

Go to marine 78.

They took Trudy hostage.

What's the ask? What do they want?

They want us to drop the load their way.

They got eyes on us.

We're on a timetable. The next call that we get will be at the First Avenue bridge.

Where do we hook up?

Hook up at the Port bridge ahead of that.

Port bridge. I got it.

What did Trudy say?

Urban trailer park. Did you hear the roar?

Was it near the freeway? No, no, no. Airport.

Sonny, Rico, where is the drop site?

We'll know last minute. They got Trudy.

Maybe in a trailer park near an airport.

Look for antennas. These guys manage a lot of signal traffic.

They will not kill her until they've got the goods.

Once they've got the goods, she is dead.

When they see the boat, we slow this down. Buy some time.

Did they prove she's alive?

That's the first thing they put through.

Try Paradise Trailer Park near the airport.

Sonny, I got a possible. It has three HF antennas.

It's on the corner lot at the southeast end.

For you.


Where are you?


Yero's buyer jacked one of our people.

What the fuck's going on? What's he want?

To control the delivery.

It's Yero, not the buyer.

He wants to kill you.

I do not know what shit he's pulling, okay?

But whatever he tells you to do, do not do it.

So? It's José Yero. Be a hit and a rip.

Slow as we can go.

Two and a half minutes before we hit the drop site.

Copy that.

Hold it.


Sonny. Ricardo.


I'm approaching on a west parallel street.

It's clear. Sonny's in position on the east.

Four people. Two shooters.

Milano's Pizza.

You order pizza?


Hold it!

Hold it!

Drop the detonator!

Drop the detonator!

Leon, no.

Shoot me, she dies.

Shoot me. Go ahead.

Fuck it. We can all go.

That's cool. That's not what happens.

What will happen is...

What will happen is, I will put a round at 2,700 feet per second into the medulla at the base of your brain, and you will be dead from the neck down before your body knows it.

Your finger won't even twitch. Only you get dead.

So, tell me, sport, do you believe that?


Get down!

Be still. We got her.

Motherfucker! He's dead.

All right?


Those guys and your product are a no-show.

Stay here until we clear. Do you hear me?

Our QTH is C-33.

We are in the northeast corner of the trailer park.



Get out of the car. I already called the medic.

Get out!

Open the door.

Open the door.

Come on.

You know what gets me?

The prospect of her losing her life.

Of her losing her life over this bullshit line of work.

Is that what she thinks? No, it's what I think.

She'd tell me, "Rico, I ain't playing. This is real.

"Same as you. No less than you."



She's in recovery. She has burns to 15% of her body.

We're gonna keep her totally sedated with a complete muscle relaxant.

She's in a coma.

And her right lung is collapsed, burst spleen.

So what's her chances?

The brain swelling worries us the most.

You relieve the pressure? Not surgically. It's too diffuse.

And any complication, an infection, and she's...

She's in bad shape.

I will recover the load, but all I know is we don't have our load. The Americans have our load.

So I plead with you to look at this.

Go ahead.

Do you see this?

This is not casual.


You okay? I heard some bad shit happened with the crazy whites at a trailer park.

Cut the crap.

You got my product, man.

You got my money. That's right.

Here's the deal. We have a deal.

Here's a new deal, cash money.

Three a ki times 4,000 ki's is 12 mil.

And we ain't waiting for a back nine.

We had a different deal.

This is the only deal, or else I offload your shit to some other buyer.

Mail you a refund, maybe.

Okay, man. Let's do this.

And I want you there. None of your peckerwood proxies.

I'm out of town.

I'll wait. Why?

'Cause if you're there, guarantees it's for real.

Tomorrow night.

I be there. We call you with the place.

You got my number.

Yeah, well, follow up with the ME, identify off the DNA samples.

Yero's coming back to the U.S. to recover his product.

He's coming back himself.

How do we deal? How do we do a deal?

I mean, how's anybody gonna believe anybody after tonight?

Nobody does. He's compelled.

We got his 4,000 ki's, worth $60 million at wholesale.

That's right.

All right. Now, here's what's gonna happen.

They will change out the place at the last minute so we can't set up on them.

And it'll be an L-shaped ambush.

I run it.

I run it.

They won't initiate until they got eyes on the product.

And I won't let the product come in until we've got their shooters in our sights and you have cover. Okay.

I don't care how much we want this guy.

Clear? Yeah.

What shit have you pulled?

You know what Jesús will do, right? Yes, I do.

Do you wanna call him?

You're all mine now.

It's that time. Yeah.

Badges get flashed, guns come out.

Arrests get made.

That's what we do.


So, fabricated identity and what's really up collapses into one frame.

You ready for that on this one?

I absolutely am not.

So, where you at with that?

I'm with her 100%.

She could be a white collar money manager. She may even be true love.

But she's with them.

Like Trudy would say, I ain't playing.


Let's do this.


I'm on them. They're clean.

What's up?

The location got changed.

Bojean shipyard, 27th and the river.

I can't find the shooters.


Copy that.

Where's the product? Where's the money?

How do I know what you say is there, is there?

Here's how that works, somebody from my side lays eyes on the money.

Only then do we call in the dope.

Then somebody from your side can go look at the product.

The money's right here, so send somebody over.

Can't find the shooter.

Where's Yero?

Right here!

And I brought your friend. Oye, 'mano, she mine now.

Jesús gave her to me to ask questions and find out interesting things.

We a couple now.

After work, she and me go catch a movie and grab a bite.

When I get tired, I throw her away.

Her leg in one place, her head someplace else.

You guys ever see that?

Anyway, she here now to make sure everything go right.

Still no shooter.

My guy, show him the money.

I don't want him!


What difference does it make, Sonny? Listen to me, asshole, I do not want that motherfucker near me.

You wanna see your dope? You send Isabella.

Or it travels.

Stay here, bitch.

Let her go.

Check the dope, then come right back.

Got one.

On the container. Hold it.

I got number two.

Port side, third deck, middle of the superstructure.






Move it, man. Run, run, run!

Crockett. I'm on your right.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Get up.

Get up.

Get in. Get in!

Zito? Yeah, he's okay.

What is this? It's a house we use.

Gloria? Sonny. Is Frank around?

All right. Just get him to call me right back.

A man named Frank is going to come in a boat.

He will run you into Cayo Sotavento.

And from there, you can find your way to Havana.

And nobody will follow you.

Including me.

Remember, I said time is luck.


Luck ran out.

This was too good to last.