Miao Miao (2008) Script

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Yes, I'm in Taiwan already.


And grand ma? How is she?

Grand ma, I'νe landed.


What? Βreakfast is ready!

No time!

"Ci" poetry... was a rhymed poetic form.

These three poetic forms make a whole.

All three are essentiaI.

In classical Chinese poetry...

"shi" and "ci"... are both key literary forms.

Miss Shen!

I can oνerlook your tardiness... but your lack of concentration is unacceptable.

Why can't you sit still?

You think your seat's too small?

Go stand in the back.

The "ci" emerged in the Tang Dynasty... matured in the Fiνe Dynasties... and flourished in the Song Dynasty.

In the beginning...

Who's the new student in class?

If you got here on time, you'd know.

The teacher said she's an exchange student... here for one semester.

An exchange student?

We haνe those at our school?

Hey, here she comes.

Hey! New girl!

Hey! HeIlo! We're from the basketball team.

Don't ignore us!

Two notebooks. That's NT$1 0.

Thank you.

Why's she acting so shy?

She's Japanese.

Maybe her Chinese isn't too good.

You're confident your new cake is amazing, huh?

Come on, when did I eνer disappoint?


Amazing, huh?

Don't telI me it once looked nice.

Did you drop it or something?

If you really could bake it like this, that is amazing.

I've lost my appetite.

The stomach can't tell the difference.

At worst, we'll throw up.

Here we go. Taste test.

From this equation we can see that...

1 diνided by -A equals -2 divided by -1 .

Thus A equaIs -1 2.

Then we can see...

-1 diνided by 4 equals -2 divided by -B.

Thus B equaIs -8.


That ugly cake of yours still tasted good.

Of course!

Is there anything you think tastes bad?

Shouldn't we try again today?

Forget it. We don't haνe the ingredients.

Just buy them at the grocery.

Being punished today ruined my mood.

Next time.


Haνen't we met before?

Don't worry.

We're nice guys.

And good-looking too.

Sorry, you'νe got the wrong person.

A Japanese girl!

So cute!


Taipei's trains are not like Japan's.

It's νery easy to get lost.

Taipei is so confusing!

Newcomers like you... get lost all the time.


Let's be friends.


Come on... we'II protect you.

We'll walk you home!

It's dangerous here.

People often get m ugged here.

Hey, come back!

I'm sorry...

I dragged you onto the train.

You speak Chinese!

ActuaIIy, I was born in Taiwan.

But my famiIy moνed to Japan when I was little.

I'm Shen Ai-yuan.

You can call me Ai.

Hi. I'm Dai Si... Shih-miao.

Dai Si Shih-miao?

How about l call you Miao Miao for short?

So where are you going?

I'm looking for this store.

It's a cake shop...

Neνer heard of it.

It shouId be nearby.

Im possibIe. I know all the good cake shops.

I think I know where it is.

But your map is too confusing.

Here, let me draw you a better one.

So you like cakes, huh?

Do you bake?

A little.

There you go.

This is m uch easier to read.


We should com m ute to schooI together.

O K.

Wait! Wait!

Giνe me your phone.

My phone? Υes!

O K, now hurry before the doors cIose.

You're calling me?

I haνe your phone nu m ber.

See you tomorrow.

From the window of this room...

I see the periwinkles bIoom.

Dancing in the wind, this bouquet... does gracefully sway.

Excuse me, sir?


Are you on the platform?

Do you see a train approaching?

This is my train. H urry and get in!

So where did you go yesterday?

I found this C D shop.

Yeah? Was it any good?

It was O K.

They were playing this song... that my grand ma taught us when we were little.

I was going to ask the owner about it... but he looked like he was in a bad mood.

A bad mood?

I think something was bothering him.

That's easy.

I'm an expert at solνing other people's problems.

We'll go after schooI.

I guarantee I'ii find out about that song.


Yes, but you haνe to join our cooking club.

O K.

Miao Miao! Miao Miao!

I'm not used to this oνen... but that looks about right.

That smells amazing!

It tastes great!

This is the best bread l'νe ever tasted.

What if I neνer get it again? I'll die.

Is it really that good?

Miao Miao...

God m ust haνe sent you here to saνe us.

O K?

CouId be better.

You're amazing!

Turn the pan Iike this.

I think I'm going to cry.

Girls, you finally made something resem biing a cake.

Of course we did.

We'νe got a cake master with us.

Yeah, a reaI Japanese Iron Chef.

Iron Chef! Iron Chef!

That's it. We're entering a baking com petition!

Ai... why do you like baking cakes so m uch?

Doesn't cake... just make life sweet?

Doesn't matter if it is sour, bitter, or sweet... just looking at it makes you happy.

But isn't that fake happiness?

Fake happiness is better than none at aII.

Who cares!

I just Iike baking cakes.

Didn't you say you had this C D?


Then teII me... where did your friend buy it?

This C D was neνer released for saIe.

TeII your friend to contact me himself.

The price doesn't matter... but don't bother trying to cheat me.

This doesn't look like a store.

Trust me, it is.

Yesterday, m usic was pIaying inside.

AIl done.

That shouId be tighter.

It is.

He does look moody.

Excuse me, sir.

How m uch is this C D?


How m uch is this C D?


Excuse me, can l Iisten to this C D?



Excuse me.

We're looking for a C D... but we don't know what it's called.

What should we do?

If you don't know what it's called... how can I heIp you?

Miao Miao, come here.

Sing it for him.

He's heard a lot of m usic... so he probabIy knows it.

Me? Sing?

Go ahead. Sing it for him.

From the window of this room...

I see the periwinkles bIoom.

This is it!

I'll buy it for my grand ma.

O K, let's go.

Thank you!

So is that guy your kind of dish?

My kind of dish?

Come on! Is he your type?

He m ust be, otherwise why'd you say goodbye?

Did I?

I just said "thank you".

I'll show you the best thing ever!

Two orders, PIease.

Thank you.

Hey Miao Miao, you haνe to try this.

Gross! I can't Iook!


It's just a chicken foot.

It's good for you. FuII of coIIagen.

PIease Ai, throw it away!

O K.

The chicken foot is gone.



Here's the chicken foot!

What are you so scared of?

I'm gonna get you!

Don't be scared. Chicken feet don't bite.

Come on, Miao Miao, try it!

You have to try new things.

But I can't Iook at it.

It's too gross.

How about this?

Don't Iook at it.

Just close your eyes... and I'II feed you.

O K?


You can no longer see the chicken foot.

You have aIready forgotten the chicken foot.

O K. Open your mouth.

When l count to three, start chewing.

One... two... three...

What do you think?

StiII scared?

I rarely see my dad.

UsuaIly no one's home when I get back.

It's aImost like liνing alone.

Come in.

What are you doing?

U h... Nothing.

ShouIdn't you be at work?

But it is your birthday.

Is this your friend?

Hi, Mr. Shen.

Hi there.

Haνe you had dinner?

We're full.

Do you stilI haνe room for cake?

Wow! What a beautifuI cake, Ai!

Come on.

Sit down.

These days people use nu m ber candles.

Nobody uses this kind anymore.

It doesn't matter.

Let's use them anyway.

I've heard that my mom is French.

But I'νe neνer met her.

I got along with my dad when I was little.

I know it wasn't easy being a singie dad.

But one day in the sixth grade...

I saw him with a woman in his bedroom.

I haνen't really sPoken to him since.

The Ionger we don't taIk... the Iess there is to say.

The most annoying thing is... eνery day he has breakfast waiting for me.

It doesn't matter if I get up early or iate.

I can't aνoid him.

I just tell myself... when I'm 20, l'll moνe out.

When we're 20... we can do whateνer we want, right?

This year abroad is your chance... to do things you can't do at home.

Things I can't do at home?


Like get a tattoo or a belly button ring.

Get a belly button ring. I've aIways wanted one.

Your boyfriend?




He gaνe me a bouquet of dandeIions!


He said eνery night he stays up thinking of me.

Wow! Really?

I've started wearing makeup... and I'νe just bought a new dress!

Tomoko, you're in Iove!


We're meeting again tomorrow.

Good night, Tomoko.

Your mom?

My grand ma.

You two seem close.

She caIls you just to chat?

My grand ma isn't well.


What's the matter with her?


She thinks she's seνenteen.

I don't remem ber when it started... but she began thinking I was her classmate.

She caIls me eνery day.


What does she taIk about?

She talks about her first loνe.

She thinks she's still dating him.

Today's the Iast day!

The finaI closing saIe!

I'm going to ThaiIand!

Today's the Iast day! Εverything's on sale!

Hey, what are you looking for?

Maybe I can heIP you out.

Do you haνe a C D... called "Get Together"?

It's sung by Bei-something, right?

You have it?

A few days ago, somebody called asking for it.

That m ust haνe been you.

You're in that band with Wu and those guys!

Long time no see! I'ts been over a year!

Hey, what IabeI reIeased that C D?

It wasn't released by a record label.

It's a demo we recorded ourseIνes.

You're Wu's friend.

How about a hug?


You're the Iast person I'll see before I leaνe.

You have "sunshine hands".

I read about it in a comic book."

"Sunshine" because your paIms are warm... which makes you good at kneading dough.

Naturally that makes for better bread.

Oh come on.

That's just a comic book.

It's true.

I don't know if my mom's hands were cold... but my dad's definitely are.

Eνery day he works with coid aquariu m water.

As a kid, I hated holding his hand.

So I'd go Iike this... and he would Iet go.

But your hands are different.

They're so warm.

Excuse me.

Is this your pen?

I found it on the floor.

Excuse me.

You should take off your headphones.

They'll ruin your ears.

They won't.


l just transferred the rent to your account.

Sorry about that.

Thank you.



His name is Chen Fei.

Chen Fei? "Fei" as in "to fly"?

Strange, that name's famiIiar.


We got his name!

ActuaIIy, I think your dad ioνes you a iot.

You're not a fish.

How do you know what a fish feels?

Are you saying you're a fish?

My dad saw this report... that said fish get dePressed... if you put them in square tanks.

So he moνed aII his fish into round bowls.

I'νe aIways wanted to bring my best friend here... to look at the night sky... and sIeeP together in the moonIight.

Let me borrow your sunshine hands.

Excuse me...

I'm Iooking for aII the C Ds by this singer.

Can you help me?


Are you closing?

But we need to find more m usic for schooi.

Can you stay open a Iittle Ionger?


How about this?

When you are done, helP me Iock uP.

Put the key in the potted plant by the door.

CouId you Ieaνe us your phone nu m ber?

That way we can contact you in an emergency.

What are you doing?

"On the Road" by Jack Kerouac...

"I was just somebody eIse, some stranger..."

"my whole Iife was a haunted Iife, the iife of a ghost."

"...at the diνiding Iine between the Εast of my youth..."

"and the West of my future..."

He just waIked me home... and heId the u m brella for me.

That's so romantic!

I wished we couId walk foreνer.

I hoPe I find a boyfriend Iike that.

You will, Masako, real soon.

Loνe m ust be wonderfuI.

Why isn't Miao Miao here today?

How should I know?

Maybe she's haνing her period.

Then we're in big trouble.

The TV crew is coming to do a test shoot.

Yeah, but not today.

What do you mean "not today"?

You told us it was!

HeIIo? Miao Miao.

Why did you skip class today?

Pick up the phone.

You have a wonderfuI com Plexion.

Thank you.

I bet you saνe on cosmetics Basic skincare's aII you need.

ReaIIy? Really!

But I'd like to know more.

Oh yeah? Well, come on oνer.

Turn it off. Quick!

Is it O K to smoke in here?

What do you think?

H urry up, put it in.

Is this it? Yes, yes.

I haνe to go to the bathroom.

Open it already.

Let's just Ieave that where it is.

Girls... you're rePresenting your school.

Try a Iittle harder.

I'll giνe you one more shot.

If next week is the same... we're going to haνe a small Problem.

Cheer up!

We'νe made fools of ourselves before.

But not as bad as this.

Next time Miao Miao'll be there. Don't worry.

Whateνer you say.

Ai, go buy some snacks. We'ii spiit up.

Get me one of Miao Miao's red bean buns.

You're a real comedian.

O K, O K.

I'll haνe a tuna sub. Hold the mayo.

I want smoked chicken on whole wheat.

No onions and no m ustard.

And get an iced coffee.

One's enough! We'll share!

AIright, already.



RealIy? Chen Fei was in Indigo?

Excuse me... do you haνe any m usic... related to the book "On the Road"?

I didn't think people stilI cared about that stuff.

In Japan, people still write about it.

You can still find hippies... in pIaces Iike India and ThaiIand.

The good oId days are Iong gone.

Now people can only collect rem nants of the past.

Maybe they're preparing for the future.

That way when they're old... they'lI haνe something beautitul to remem ber.

Hey, Miao Miao!

Moody Headphones has a secret!

CaII me now!

Oh forget it. I'll teII you now.

He and his friends formed a band called lndigo.

They won an Independent M usic Award.

He was Iead guitarist.

Your call...

Hey, you got any dance com pilations?

Something trippy.

Hey lady.

Are you the owner's wife?

Lady... are you selling?

SeIIing what?


How m uch do you charge?

Sir, I'm going to haνe to ask you to leave.

What? Can't I shop here?

You're kicking me out?

I'll sue you.

You were harassing this woman.

Do you want me to pull out the surveillance tapes?

Fine, tough guy.

But watch your back.

Thank you.

It was nothing.

Well, I guess I'll be going.


That guy... he's stiIl outside.

You've seen me before?

I... I've...

My friend Ai and I...

No, I mean this other girl and I... go to your shop all the time after school.

So that was you.

You still haνen't answered my question.

What question?

What's with the headphones?

What do you Iisten to?

I don't listen to anything.

I just don't want to hear any m usic.

So you run a C D shop... but you don't like m usic?

Can I have a listen?

There's a button in back to turn it on.

You're right. It is quieter.

That's amazing.

You can hear your own heartbeat.


It's all because you're giving me a lift.

It's not like this is the first time.

Do you know how to driνe?

H uh?

That's the clutch on the far left.

The one on the right is the gas pedal.

I'll go in the back and push.

When I say so, slowly release the clutch.

When l say gas, hit the gas.

Got it?

You sure you want me to driνe?

Would you rather get out and push?

Release the clutch.


Release the clutch.

O K, now step on the gas.

Quick, switch!

Switch seats!

What? Moνe over!

It's moνing.

O K, step on the gas or it will stall.

Step on it!

Come back!

Why didn't you answer my caIIs?

I forgot my ceIl phone at home.

Did you hear my messages?


"To know the fuII story, call me back".

So what's the emergency?

You have to beg.

I won't teII you unless you beg.

Come on, tell me. Please?

That'll teach you to answer my calls.

It was only a demo C D, neνer released.

It won't be easy to find.

No wonder he hates m usic.


I wonder what she was like?

You're a hard man to find.

I quit.

Why are you so dam n serious?

Giνe it to me. I'll drink it.

This is the demo for our second albu m.

Haνe a listen.

If you'νe come here to drink and talk... that's fine.

But if you want me to listen to your m usic... then you can leaνe now.

What's your problem?

You know how long we've looked for you?

Fei, he's drunk.

Don't mind him.

Sometimes it takes a drink to say the truth.

Fei, we're all sad about Bei.

But you haνe to get oνer it.

You can't just sit around moping.

You founded the band.

Now it's oνer 'cause you say so?

It's not right.

You can Ieaνe now.

Why don't you shut up?

You're screwing things up.

Why should I go anywhere?

You're not!

You haven't moνed on since the day Βei died.

Congratulations to Bei... lead singer of Indigo, and his producer Chen Fei.

Their single "Get Together" is the Song of the Week.

A toast to Bei.

Indigo's been waiting for a voice like yours.

For a long time!

What'd you do that for?

I'm haνing fun. Aren't you?

Fun my ass.

Group kiss!

"Get Together"...

It's sung by that singer, Bei-something?

You have it?

Some guy came looking for it earlier.

Did he look kind of moody?

That's right. That's the guy.

If memory serves correctly... he's an excellent guitar player.

O K then. Let's go.

You're going?

How about a hug?


Because I'm going away.

What's that got to do with us?

I'm retiring. I'm leaνing.

He doesn't haνe it. Let's go.

Kids, haνe a heart!

That guy's a perv.

Ai, wait up!

Black Sam urai?

The CD fell out.

All that's left is the case.

How about this?

I'll take a hundred off.

No? Well, forget it.

S mile!

Miao Miao, good night.

Today's cake is called "A Happy Romance"!

Don't pretend your life has any romance.

Let Miao Miao do it.

No, this time l'll be head chef.

Let's get started.

O K.


That looks great. Now that's more like it.

We'll notify you if you make it to the finals.

Let's shoot some close-ups.

I prepared these Iunchboxes for us.

This one's for you!

Thank you.


That's so cute!

Not bad, huh?

I'm going to be a master chef, too.

Aren't you hungry?

Can you help me ask him out on a date?

Ask who out on a date?

The moody shop owner.

What for?

l got two tickets to the Formoz Rock Festiνal.

Just two tickets?

They were hard to come by.

There were only two left.

H urry up, Ai! The train is leaνing!

What's the matter, Ai?

Is it because we ran too fast?

It's my time of the month.

My tu m my hurts.

What should we do?

We're almost there.

Just hold on for another sec, O K?

I just need something to warm it.

You can borrow my heat pads.


Do you want to go to the Formoz Rock Festiνal?


Do you want to go to the Formoz Rock Festiνal?

Miao Miao wants to take you... as thanks for giνing her a ride home.

TeIl her it's the thought that counts.

I don't need any special thanks.

Oh yeah?

Besides, I don't like crowds.


So you're not going?

He said no, didn't he?

What did he say?

He said he doesn't like crowds... so he doesn't want to go.


Don't worry.

He's probably just depressed.

Fear of crowds is a sure sign of depression.

We'll go together. He can join us another time.

So... he turned me down.

Hey Miao Miao, look.

It's going to explode!

So the Little Prince still loνes his rose?

H uh?

That book.

I bought it.

You should haνe toId me.

I could haνe lent it to you.

So does the pilot still loνe the Little Prince?

That's a different kind of loνe.

Is it?

But I onIy understand one kind of loνe.

Are you in Iove?

Yes, I'm in loνe with someone.

A guy.

I don't want to know.

I loνe you.

That's enough.

Can you accept my loνe?


No, as in "not now"? Or as in "neνer"?

I don't know.

Giνe me some time to think. O K?

O K.

Can I kiss you?


Then how about you kiss me?



I'll wait for you.


Yuck, that's bitter.

He looks so sad.

What did you say?

Is it because he can't forget his girlfriend?

Miao Miao, I don't understand Japanese.

I was wrong.

I thought he liked me.

Your hands are feνerish.

Are you hot?


Can you turn up the air conditioning?

I was the only one... who felt our hearts touch.

What's wrong with your heart?

You want me to check your heartbeat?

Miao Miao, what's the matter with you?

You barely know him.

Why do you like him so m uch?

Let me lean on your shoulder for a minute.

From the window of this room...

I see the periwinkles bIoom Dancing in the wind, this bouquet... does gracefully sway.

With graceful splendor... the periwinkIes bloom so tender.


You've been drinking.

The song I was singing... will su m mon the legendary Momotaro... who will exorcise the eνil spirits inside you.

Exorcise all of them!

Why are you tidying up?

Spring cleaning?

Closing shop.

Why so suddenly?

Can't do it anymore.

I'm going to close down.

I need to think about my next step

On my way here...

I saw the stars are all out tonight.

Come on! Let's haνe a look.


Aren't they beautitul?

Stars only twinkle... when seen from earth.

Why is that?

Without the wind moνing high aboνe... the stars would be just boring points of light.

So... they are more beautiful... if you see them from afar.

So the Little Prince left never to return?

But he left a special gift for the pilot.

It was his voice.

From that day on... the pilot would only have to look up at the sky... and he would hear the Little Prince's Iaugh.

That way he would never be lonely again.

Don't be like that.

Why are you crying?

Will you keep my demo as my gift to you?

In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"...

Liu Bei fled south.

There he was am bushed by Tsao Tsao.

He abandoned his family and fled.

Chang Fei and twenty men kept Τsao Tsao at bay.

What's the matter, coz?

I'm in a bad mood.

Eνeryone has a bad mood now and then.

Do you want to talk about it? Is it your dad?

I want a drink.

Same as last time. An adult drink.

Kids shouldn't drink. No way.

I'll tell you a secret... but you can't tell anyone.

My little cousin's all grown up!

Excuse me.

I bought "You Don't U nderstand".

Why was "I Want Us to be Together" inside?

Sorry about that.

What's wrong with "I Want Us to be Together"?

You don't understand.

See what a fuss you're making?

I just want the C D I paid for.

He should be better organized.

I'm sorry. l can't find your C D.

O K if I refund your money?


Sorry again.

D O YO U S EE...




We held hands.


When are you coming home?


So we all agree...

"Get Together" is the name for the song?

Do you haνe any other suggestions?

I think it's great.

It's straight to the point.

Hey, what's this?

Oh that.

Bei says he can't stand peas.

Are peas really that disgusting?

I think they are.


They call kids like you finicky.

And you're not? You're so grown up.

You eat anything and do anything.

Fei... Bei...

You guys sound like you're... haνing a loνers' spat.


Fei, why don't you try feeding him?

So it's you.

I haνen't seen you in a few days.

Thought I'd pay you a visit.

I'd like to stay here a few more days... unless you guys object, of course.

Why would we object?

Stay as long as you want.

We're friends.

This is for you.

What is it?

Take it. A souνenir.

A souνenir of what?

What happened between us... shouldn't be mentioned again.

Saνe us some em barrassment.

Whose em barrassment?

Yours or mine?

That's not what I meant.

Then what'd you mean?


Chen Fei...

Do you loνe me? Just answer me!

I don't want a fucking souνenir!

Say it if you haνe the baIIs!

Why m ust you ask?

Why do you push me like this?

Chen Fei, you haνe no balls.

Bei! You have no balls.

I'm with you eνery day. Isn't that enough?

You haven't been in school for two days.

And you onIy come see me today?

Because I was making this.

And I bought you this.

You saw Moody Headphones again?

Miao Miao, wear this when you chop... or else the onions wilI make you cry.

Don't onions affect you?


It is making you cry.

H urry up and put them on.

What's the matter?

Miao Miao?

He broke my heart.


Fei is leaνing.

Hey you! Where are you moνing to?

You can't just pick up and leaνe.

Stop behaνing like a little old man.

You're barely a few years older than us.

Stop hiding away in your hippie books.

This is the twenty-first century, O K?

I'm tired of the shop.

Why can't I shut it down?

It's because of Miao Miao, isn't it?

That's where Bei was hit.

The im pact was so intense...

that the concrete shattered.

It's my fault he died.


A few years ago, my band lndigo won an award.

It was like winning the lottery.

Suddenly, we were famous.

Eνery day felt like a dream.

Open your eyes, and it's a dream.

CIose your eyes, and it's still a dream.

Our Iyrics... were written by Bei.

Your lead singer?

I helped him record a few songs.

I wanted to present them to record labels.

But he wouldn't let me.

So we made some demos.

We left them in pubs.

People could take them for free.

I was his boyfriend... and his producer.

But I don't eνen haνe a single copy of that C D.

I don't haνe any photos of him.

I don't haνe any recordings of his voice.

It's been six months.

I haνen't eνen dreamed of him.

I wish I forgot... the happiness you brought... but I can't let go of what I'νe got.

That dream you adored.

ELETE FILE "G ET TO G ETH E R D E M O"? That dream you adored.


ELETE FILE "G ET TO G ETH E R D E M O"? Τhat favorite song of yours.

Those memories I cannot ignore.

What are you doing?

I asked what are you doing?

Now we don't hear his νoice anymore.

What the helI!

It's beautiful.

Yuck. It's sour and bitter.

Ai, this cake m ust be called "Sad Βroken Ηeart".

Congratulations, girls.

I hear you made it to the finaIs.

What's the matter?

Why'd you stay home today?

Here comes the Chinese Chicken Claw of Death!

Look at my Chinese Chicken Claw of Death!

I don't feel like eating right now, Ai.

Chicken feet don't scare you.

Miao Miao, you'νe changed.

Come on, eat one.

It's guaranteed to cure your heartache.

It's not so sim ple.

Try it!

Don't you want to do things you can't do at Αihome?

This is one of them.

You can no longer see his face.

You've aIready forgotten his face.

O K.

Now open your mouth... and when l count to three, start chewing.

One, two, three...

After you eat this... you will be happy. Very happy.

Are you BIack Sam urai?

Why are you so obsessed with this C D?

Miao Miao, hurry up!

Now for our next presentation... a woman's three sexiest moνes!

Put your hands together please!

First, show a little shoulder.

Second, show your back.

And third, show a little leg.

No problem!

H ush, now giνe up the mike!

I haνe something to say.

Congratulations to our cake... that won a big fat nothing!

This is Hsiao Ming High School's creation.

Fire and Ice Mountain.

Fire! Fire!

But you couldn't say why you loved me so.

You couldn't say which smile made me glow.

You couIdn't say when I made your heart sway.

You couldn't say why you went away.

I'd like to ceIebrate a month of all-nighters!

And the reIease... of the final Harry Potter book!

Me too, me too!

I want to celebrate that I turned 1 8 this year!

You carefully selected souνenirs.

You collected scenery there and here... from far and near.

You em braced the warmth of the tropics νery tight.

You memorized all of Turkey's sights.

You wandered through fantastic scenes... you saw on moνie screens.

But you couldn't say why you loved me so.

You couldn't say which smile made me glow.

You couldn't say why I filled your heart with glee.

You couldn't say the meaning of the journey.

I pushed you to say why you loved me so.

But you neνer said which smile made me glow.

You couldn't say why I made your heart sway.

You couldn't say why you went away.

So it's agreed.

Bei, starting today... you are Indigo's new lead singer!

Wow. Thank you!

What do you say, guys?

All right!

But he's new to Taipei.

Where's he going to stay?

Well, we're all brothers here.

Bei, if you don't mind... there's room in the studio.

You can sleep here for now.

Thanks, guys.

Then that's that.

Bei, haνe we met before?

You looked famiIiar from the moment you walked in.

We haνe met before.

Really? Where?

In our dreams.

That warmth in the heart repeats forever and ever.

I just want to say... let's get together.

Bei, don't you like "Get Together"?

I would, I really would like to.

Don't worry about your wedding dress.

I'll help you choose one when I return.

We'll make you... the most beautiful bride in all of Japan.

Who's that at the door?

Don't hang up yet.

I haνe something to say.

Let me tell you a secret.

I know what it's Iike to faII in loνe.

I found where you met your first loνe, Grand ma.

That cake shop... is now a second-hand C D store.

There I reaIized... why there are some things you will never forget.

Those tastes and sounds... words and scenery... are now aII in the past.

All that's left... are the memories.

Eνen if one day...

I were to lose eνerything...

I know I would stilI remem ber... that year in Taipei.

For the first time, someone Ioνed me.

And for the first time, someone refused me.

I know you're going home... but why'd you cut your hair so short?

Does it look bad?

Of course not.

It Iooks great!

No matter how you cut it, I'll still like it.

Ai... you know your dad... realIy wants to talk to you.

What are you getting at?

Eνery morning... he has breakfast waiting for you... just because he wants to see you.

Eνen if you don't say a word... he stilI wants to see you.

I guess you know best.

It's time. We'd better go.

Time flies.

No crying, O K?

Who's crying?

Whoeνer cries first is a crybaby.

Wait, let me off.

Miao Miao!

I'll miss your homemade bread... and your warm hands.

Miao Miao!

I like you so m uch!

I really Iike you.

But you don't eνen know.

Do you want some cake?


O K.

Then come oνer here.

What happened to your cake?

Look, do you want some or not?

Yes, I do.

Gross. Wash your hands first.