Mickey and the Bear (2019) Script

Hank, breakfast!


I'll get my shoes on.

He's getting hitched, man.

I swear to god, he's got a ring and everything.

I mean, fuck the colon cancer.

He's still built like a brick shit house.

And I said, "Billy, man, how long have you know this girl?"

And he goes, "Brother, two days, "and by god, that's all I needed."

You gotta be kidding me.

I ain't lyin', man, I swear to god.

You, um, you wearin' my clothes now?

Sorry. No, it's alright.

It looks good, guys, let's wrap this up now.

So, how much this time?

Don't worry about it.

Long as you're doin' the drivin'.

Until next time, Hank. I'll be waitin'.

Sheriff. Hank.

I quit. Did you?

Must be the slag pile then, huh?

You think you smell so fuckin' awesome?

♪ Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks ♪

♪ Difficult, icult, icult ♪ ♪ I write checks ♪

♪ Opening my books I've read, dreaming on the Cadillac ♪

♪ I wonder why you pushed me on the front ♪

♪ While you stayed on the back, they jump all around me ♪

♪ They're screaming when they're next to me ♪

♪ It's difficult, icult, icult, icult, icult ♪

♪ Sorry, I don't know what to say ♪

♪ I'm ruining everything you make ♪

♪ Maybe I don't feel comfortable ♪

♪ When all the lights are set on me ♪

♪ I tried, it's too hard, I just wanna leave and hide ♪

♪ That's why I'm difficult, icult, icult, icult, icult ♪

♪ Okay, I don't wanna set a trend ♪

♪ If my chorus are not catchy enough, don't listen to them ♪

♪ I just wanna be fine with no troubles on my mind ♪

♪ So I'm difficult, icult, icult, icult, icult ♪

♪ Bring the bass here, swallow and dry up the tears ♪

♪ Life is too good, I don't wanna live in fear ♪

♪ That's why I scream at the world ♪

♪ I'm not trying to be the best ♪

♪ So don't worry if I write rhymes, cause I write checks ♪ Alright, let me see.

Oh, that's an inbred rabbit, at best.

It's a freakin' three-point. Oh, yeah?

Is that even legal? Whatever.

My god.

Scare you?


Got you somethin'.


What is it?

It's from the heart, it's a surprise.

You're a fuckin' perv. What?


It's gonna look so good on you, wear it, tonight.

I'm going to class, okay?

Alright, let me get a kiss goodbye.

Ew, Aron!

It's real silk.


♪ How difficult, icult, icult, icult, icult ♪

♪ Okay, I don't wanna set a trend ♪

♪ If my chorus are not catchy enough, don't listen to them ♪

♪ I just wanna be fine with no troubles on my mind ♪

♪ So I'm difficult, icult, icult, icult, icult ♪

♪ Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks ♪

♪ Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks ♪

Think you can take it, brother?

You have no idea.

Hey, where's my...

Ah, fuck.

Fuckin' hate this game.

So don't play it.

Oh, where'd you get to be so fresh?

Where'd you think?

Hey, come here. Ow!

Dad, stop, my brain's in there.

Hey, here.

Burger a la Mickey.

Here, you can use the remote.

What are you doing?

I'll hold onto these considering you quit and all.

If you need cash, just ask.

That's all I got.

I'm just fuckin' with you.

You should've seen your face, it was priceless.

Can I get one of those? ID?

Happy birthday.

I know how to make you come, huh?


Stop. No.

Come on. No.

Show it to our kids.

What kids?

You know, my dad gave me a promotion yesterday.

You're thinking about your dad right now?

I'm thinking about us.

I'm big-league now, Mickey.

Five figures.

New engine for the whip.

I'll get a big ol' motorcycle.

And put you and the babies on it.

Take you for a ride.

Sound good?

Happy birthday, baby.


Alright, you gotta leave soon.

What if I went with you guys tonight?

Stop it, Aron.

You didn't.

All gone.

Grow the fuck up.

What're you doing, where are you going?

Oh, what, you think my dad's gonna come home and not notice that his fucking Oxy's missing?

He'll get more. Give me the bottle, Aron.

"Give me the bottle, Aron!"

Give me the fuckin' bottle.

I'm sorry.

Is that Hank?

Oh, fuck.

Hi, Dad.

Mr. Peck. What's up, Aron?

We're almost done, Dad.

It's alright, take your time.

Hey, sweetheart, did you, um...


Have you seen what I did with the, uh...

Oh, uh...

Last night, you...

I'll get you a refill tomorrow.

Yeah, okay. See ya.

Bye, Aron!

What y'all dressed up for?


It's my birthday.


Had you goin' there, didn't I, huh?

Happy birthday!

Where are you takin' me?

He's like four teakettles in, okay, and he comes up with this idea, he's like, PVC pipe on the back, right?

So he shimmies up, and he's on the top of this--

Here's your ticket. No, no, no, I got it.

No need, no need.

Don't you wanna look at it first?

There you go, Christie, thank you.


Thanks for dinner, Dad.

So what're you gonna do now you're a full-blown adult?

I'll get a bunch of tattoos, get a husband, get fat.

Knock yourself out, baby.

Hey, you didn't say anything about my dress.

Do you like it?


Well, it's Mum's. Mm, yeah, look at that.

Look at that. Surprised it fit.

Yep, I'm not havin' this conversation.

What conversation? Reminiscin'.

I'm not reminiscing, I'm just talking.

Baby, please.

I think Aron wants to marry me.

He's talking about getting a house.

You want dessert? He got a promotion.

I really want dessert.

I should've asked for dessert before I got the check.

Would you miss me?


I don't care what you do, I mean, 'cause the truth is, one day you're gonna forget about me.


That's just the way it is.

So, more importantly, do you want cake or not?

You wouldn't miss me at all? Jesus Christ, baby.

I don't give a shit.

Pardon me, folks. Yeah?

This card declined. No.

No no no, that's impossible, you just wanna run that again?

I did, three times.

Look, Christie, I just deposited 275 on that today.

I'm sorry. 275.

Do you have another card? Look, okay, you see that?

Look, strip.

Super crinkled, you gotta straighten it out, and it should be fine.

I'm gonna give you guys a few minutes to figure this out.

275, hon.

Dad, I have my wallet--

Mickey, know when to shut the fuck up, okay?


When I say go, I want you to run, okay?




That was fuckin' awesome, baby!

Slow down!

The feds come after us, I'm givin' you up.

I'm givin' you up, baby.

Dad, Louie. What?


Whisky ditch.

♪ If loving you is a crime then give me time ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll always be guilty ♪

♪ Sometimes I feel like I'm on trial ♪

♪ For lovin' you too much, child ♪

♪ You're the judge and the jury of my peers ♪

♪ If it's time for me to talk, Lord, listen here ♪

♪ 'Cause if you don't want me ♪

♪ To steal your pretty little heart ♪

♪ Then lock me up and keep us both apart ♪

♪ And if I ever, they let me go ♪

♪ Have no fear ♪

♪ I will do the same thing over again ♪

♪ So if loving you is a crime then give me time ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll always be guilty ♪

♪ Lord have mercy ♪

♪ I stand before you ♪

♪ A condemned man ♪

♪ Because I had ♪

♪ A deliberate plan ♪

♪ To steal your heart ♪

♪ Oh, your love away ♪

♪ But I got caught ♪

♪ What can I say ♪

♪ I'm guilty ♪

♪ So guilty ♪

♪ Woo, Lord, guilty ♪

♪ But I know now ♪

♪ If they let me go ♪

♪ Have no fear ♪

♪ I will do the same thing over again ♪

Maybe I'm gonna cash out the house.

And then we'll take over the show.

'Cause Jerry's gonna die at some point and I'll just sell off the shares and we could, good people, but we'll get a, we'll get a ranch, up by Georgetown.

Then we'll take some vacations and we'll go to, um, Niagara Falls.

What do you say?

You wanna go to Niagara Falls?

This is, um...

This is yours.

Mickey, I'm so fuckin' proud of you.

You know I've been settin' aside those, uh, social security checks for Mom.

Yeah, I know.

It ain't much, but it's somethin'.

Sometimes you just lose track of time.

You just lose track of time, honey.



You ain't really gonna leave me for that chickenshit Aron, are ya?

I'm not going anywhere.



Are you Vanessa?


Hank's my dad.

Are you head doctor?

Unfortunately, head psychiatrist.

That's all the same difference around here.

But you're not my dad's doctor?

No, I'm not, he just sees McGinly.


Well, I just need to get a prescription refilled for my dad.

The one for his leg, he ran out a few days early.

He ran out? Yeah.

You know, 'cause of the cold?

Usually this time of year, it gets worse than normal.

Did he bring this up to McGinly?

Yeah, but I mean, McGinly's all in one ear and out the other.

You know, I taught at UVM.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hm.

Have you decided where you're goin' yet?

Nowhere, just here.

Look, I could pay the difference, if you'd like.

Between now and his next dose, it's not a problem.

Where is your father now?

Home, probably.

Look, Mickey, I would love to help you if I could.

Well, why can't you? It's a federal offense.

I'm afraid you and your father are just gonna have to wait.

Be grateful there's only 30 days in April.

Did you know that some days I can't even get him to eat?

Did you know that?

You know what?

This was stupid.

You know, Mickey, if you ever need someone to talk to.

None of you even give a shit, you're all fuckin' robots.

Okay, that's enough. Let me ask you something.

What would you do if your boyfriend took all your dad's pills, huh?

You know Hank.

Do you think Hank off his Oxy is a pretty sight?

Oh, no.

No, you have no fucking idea.

Just make sure she's not your cousin this time.

I held her waist once, that's it.

One time, are you sure about that?

Just the waist now?

Are you sure?

Oh, why don't you check Los Angeles, Church?

Yo, Annacompton for life, son.

Born, bred and buried, you know it.

Alright, yo, what about you, Mickey?


Oh, I don't know, probably just the same as Aron.

Alright, now give us a little smile.

I need teeth.

I'm not sure what you're channeling here.

Okay, you don't smile, I don't get paid.


I'm gonna die a little bit halfway through.


As long as you make it about, I'll say halfway, then you're not gonna die.

Give me a sec.


Are you not staying?

Oh, I was just passing by on my way home.

I've never seen you pass by before.

Don't you live up Cable Road?

How come you know where I live?

Well, I'm actually a London spy.

I'm kinda like James Bond, you know?

Well, anyway, you gotta stay now, because the away side has more of a crowd than we do.

Well, my being here's not gonna help you win, so--

That's where you're wrong.

The Copperheads are only as good as their fans and that's kinda why we suck.

Let's hear it for your hometown Copperheads.

He's cute, huh? Who?

The new kid.

Hashtag, things I would do if I wasn't a Christian.

And engaged.


Fuck off.

Three months. Swear?

Swear, it's the size of a kumquat.

That's real fuckin' Christian of you.

On my mark!


I got a boyfriend, you know.

I know.

See you around.

Sorry I'm late, Don had me close up.






Dad, wake up.

You're okay, Dad?


You're okay, you're okay.

Oh, Dad.

Alright, throw up here.

Here you go.


Over the sink.

Hey, I got it, I got it.



♪ If loving you is a crime ♪

♪ Then give me time ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll always be guilty ♪

No, don't stop.

Keep goin'.

♪ Sometimes I feel like I'm on trial ♪

♪ For loving you too much, child ♪ I love you, V.

Several crews, including Hilight Fire, Bosmont Fire and the Galacar Sheriff's Office responded to the scene, they were able to get that fire under control in less than an hour, Assistant Fire Chief at Hilight...

I just wanted to thank all of you for coming.

My kids are my greatest achievement.

And we are so proud of...

Take care.

Hey, is there a bathroom?


Mickey, did you leave this in my office?


Huh, well, maybe you can tell me why there's a blank missing from my prescription pad.

Did Hank send you down here?


Okay? He doesn't know anything about this.


My next patient is not till two, and we're gonna go get lunch.

It's either that or I call the cops, it's your choice.

How long have you guys--

We really have to talk about this?

Yeah, we do. This isn't your job.

It's my job to protect my patients.

Well, he's not your patient.

Alright, look.

I fucked up.


Nothing to do with Hank.

This is too much for a kid.

Yeah, well, he's my dad.


I agree with what you said the other day.

These days, doctors, they don't give a shit.

I'll talk to McGinly, your dad will be taken care of.

I don't need your help. It's done, Mickey.

I'll trade you.

The room reeks of rose.

Thank you.

My mom used to wear this smell.

Isn't it a little late for that?

Where you been?

Work. You got dinner?



You know I don't eat this shit.

The fuck, since when?

Are you wearin' perfume?

No. What's up, sexy?

Stop it. Huh?

Who're you tryin' to impress? I'm not.

Who're you tryin' to impress, I hope it's working.


Hey, come here, come here, come here.

Where you goin'?

I told you, I'm tired.

From what?

From what?

Why you tired? The fuck do you think?

It's really pretty, sweetheart.

I'm gonna go shower. Okay.

Just don't use up all the hot water.

You're givin' it some serious Robert Durst in this one.

Who's that?

Just a sweet old man who murdered his wife, his friend, his nextdoor neighbor.

Okay, I get it.

Actually, uh...

This one's not too bad.

Can I have this one?

Well, give me one of yours.

I'm afraid this kind of pageantry doesn't exist in the UK.

So why were you in line that day?


May I take a photo?

I guess. Yeah?

Thank you.

And I'll, uh, just, so we're quits, you know?

Now we're square.


What kinda music is that?

I can show you.

If you'd like.

This is really good.


Wait, this is you?

You seem surprised.

Yeah, well, are you fucking kidding me?

This is really good.

No, it's nothing, it's--

You could go to school for this.

I hope San Francisco Conservatory thinks so too.

No shit.

I find out next week.

Good luck.

Here you go.


Let's find a way for this not to be disastrous.

What the fuck? What's good?

Stop! Why are you ghosting me?

I was passing out. Are you serious?



Aron! No!

No, come here!


Give me five minutes. Five minutes for real?

Mm-hm. I'm counting, now.

Five minutes. One.

Okay. Two.


Goin' out?

Yeah, there's a party out by the lake.




Why do you smoke?

I hate it when you smoke.

Don't you wanna live?

No, Dad, I wanna die. Mm.

What're you doin'?

Why're you stayin' here, I thought you were goin' somewhere?


I thought you were goin' somewhere?



Love ya!

Did your mom fuckin' freak out?

I haven't told my mom yet. What?

I've not told anybody.

You're gonna get kicked out of church for sure.

Move out with me.

And do what, babysit your fucking kumquat?

Hey, it's a plum this week.

Boo! Fuck!

Yo, come on, I wanna show you something.

I'm not watching you piss. I wanna play a song for you.

Go listen to his song. Alright, I'll be right back.

Check this out.

♪ Put it to the test once you get it poppin' ♪

♪ Keep it from the rest once you get it poppin' ♪

♪ Best stick before you mess once you get it poppin' ♪

♪ Once we pop corks, there ain't no stoppin' ♪

♪ Put it to the test once you get it poppin' ♪ Shh. I didn't say anything.


Just a minute. Stop it.

One minute. No, no!

Fucking tease. Why?

'Cause I don't wanna suck your dick every second of my life?

You can't take one for the team?

Don't ever touch me like that again.

Mickey, yo, what are you doing?

♪ Put it to the test once you get it poppin' ♪ Mickey, wait up, yo!

Fuck you!

I'm sorry!


Do you think it's too much?

No, I think it's good.

This came for you.

Do it! Yeah?

Do it. Should I Vogue it?

Do it! Should I Vogue it?


You look like a mermaid.

So who else have you told?

You're the first.

Besides my mom.

Well, you're gonna go, aren't you?

I might. You might?

Yeah, I might, I might not.

Give me one reason you wouldn't go.

I might be shit, for one.

Well, you got in, so that takes care of that.

Yeah, well let me finish.

I can't drive, you know, I can't drive and--

Well, you can peddle yourself on your bike.

Yeah, well that's a long peddle.

Well, you've got long legs.

I'm 5' 10" at best.

But yeah, I see the sentiment.

You're really doin' it, huh?

I wouldn't go that far.

Do you ever think about it?

Leaving Montana.

Are you thinking about it?

I might've gotten in someplace.


Where's that, then?

It's on the west coast, like San Diego.

San Diego.

Are you gonna go?

I don't know.

I got a scholarship, but I gotta figure out the rest of the tuition and shit like that.

And, um, you know, see how stuff with my dad pans out.

So, why there?

Well, I've never seen the ocean.

We'll both be out west.

I think maybe we should, uh, we should go together.



You can't just laugh.

We're gonna go to the west coast together?

Yeah. Yeah?

West side.

Yeah, okay.

Well, I could, I could bike you.

Yeah? Yeah!

Well, I'd put you on my handlebars, and we'd go straight, and maybe take a few lefts and rights, and sooner or later we'll get there.

Will we share a bunk bed? No, no no no.

There's a single bed, but you could sleep under the bed.

Would I get a pillow? You'd get a pillow.

And a duvet.

I'm no monster.


Ticket whenever you have a chance, Jackie.

Thank you.

If it isn't Doc Watkins.

Hey, Hank. Hey, have a drink with me.

Come on, one more.

Sure. That a girl!


How you been, Hank? Oh, I'm fan-fuckin'-tastic.

Door's always open. Mm, is it really?

I'm fine, thanks. Suit yourself.

You gonna march in the parade again this year?

I always do. Good.

You notice a lot of these guys just don't fit in the uniform anymore.

Yeah, they sure don't. You know?

It's funny, what the Marine Corps taught me is you wake up every morning and you make your bed every fuckin' day.

If the good lord turns over a card up there, then...

So be it, you know?

I wish I could've helped you, Hank.

Didn't ask for your help, Doc.

Hey, no.

Can I give you a ride home? Mm-mm.

Did you think I wouldn't find out that you talked to my daughter?

I mean, it's a small town.

She was having trouble with one of your prescriptions.

I helped her out, is that against the law?

I know you like to help people out, but let me give you some help. Okay.

Man to man. Yeah, nobody buys your sch--

Ah, you are the man in the relationship, right?

Not me, not your daughter, and not even you.

Do you have kids?

It's only a matter of time before she gets as sick of it as you are.

No more.

You gotta shut up about things you don't understand.


Stay the fuck away from my daughter.

You have a good night.

You feel like helping?

Not really.

What the fuck? What, what?

What'd I do? No, Dad, it's freezing!

Dad, stop!

What's wrong with you, it's fucking freezing!

Dad, stop.

Hey, guys, hello?

Everyone, settle down.

Alright, take out your copies of Night.

We're gonna be looking at the passage on page 106.

The exam next week is on silence versus speech.

Be sure to check your study guide.

♪ That drop gon' make the wave ♪

♪ Weaving through the weaves just to get to better pastures ♪

♪ Leaving memories that I have of course, laughin' ♪

♪ Splashin', dashin', drip, drippin' with a passion ♪

♪ Minor actions in a gentlemanly passion ♪

You okay to close up?

Yeah, I'm all good.

♪ My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty ♪

♪ How come I cannot see my future within your arms ♪

♪ Your love, it turns me down into the autumn ground ♪

♪ My conscience bleeding me I will not stand up ♪

♪ At the Salvation Army making us all stand in a line ♪

♪ While Mommy and Daddy make up ♪

♪ And try to make up their mind ♪

♪ I will shout at them when those histories mention my name ♪

♪ If only I could forget the memories locked there again ♪

♪ We got our own hell ♪

♪ And what am I supposed to say to those other guys ♪ Thank you. Hey.

Hey, Mickey.

How's it all goin'?

18 signatures, but it's early.

I could sign, if you want. Great.

Yeah? I'm Leslee, by the way.

Wyatt. Hey, nice to meet you.

Oh, I picked you these.

Where did you get huckleberries this time of year?

Could I try one? Oh, please.

Yeah, yeah.



Six. Six, of course.

Five and one.

So you just take it like this.

You're supposed to spit it out?






We have a winner!


Hey, Mick!

Hey, did you see that?

I crushed that kid into the damn dirt, huh?

You lookin' at?

Dad, this is Wyatt. Hey, where's Aron?

Wyatt, this is my dad.

Nice to meet you. Whoa.

What is that accent, man, where you from?

No, hold on, don't fuckin' tell me, hold on a second.

Let me guess it, uh...

Oh, fuck, just tell me, man.

The UK. UK?

What're you doin' in our neck of the woods?

Well, my mom's from Bute.

I feel so cultural right now.

Wyatt, that's what you said your name is?

Wyatt. Wyatt.

Listen, we saw you crush it over there.

I mean, you put up a hell of a fight.


Yeah, you thought that was good, you should've seen me in the second Battle of Felucia.

Alright, we're gonna--

So what, um, you guys know each from school?

Yeah, we're in the same English class.

Oh, no kidding, you're study partners, huh?

Yeah, well my daughter, you know, she's a smart cookie.

You know, but you already knew that, right, Wyatt?

She puts us all to shame. Yeah, I'll bet.

So where are you guys headed, to the library?

We was actually gonna go to my auntie.

She's making us some chicken dinner.

I mean, you're more than welcome to come.


Yeah, that's really nice of you, Wyatt.

I mean, we had plans?

Yeah, Mick?

Yeah, uh...

Actually, I'm just gonna go with him.

I'll see you at the house.

Okay, yeah, no no, that's, you guys have a good time, alright?

It's okay, it's alright.


Rosemary's good for memory.

Always cook with lots of herbs, right, Hal?

He's having a day.

What war?


Marines, my dad was in the Air Force.

Big military family.

You didn't tell me that.

Yeah, my dad was a marine in Iraq.

Auntie, stop staring. Oh, I'm sorry.

It's just that you are the spitting image of Vanessa.

She and I taught together at Dwyer before it was shut down.

Everybody in Anaconda gets cancer, but at her age, she didn't deserve that.

So do you play for people? No, not really.

You don't drink, do you?

How comes you didn't say anything?

It just makes people uncomfortable.

That you don't drink?


Why I don't.

You see this hand?

I used to be able to play over an octave.


I'm sorry.

All I'm saying is I have a dad, too.


Where's all her stuff?

I need more space.

Fuck you care?

Well, you could've told me.

I called you.


Hey, hey, hey.


Bear huntin'.

You, me and your British friend.

He sounded real excited on the phone.

How'd you get his number?

Well, he must've just scribbled it down somewhere.

Yeah, well it's not happening.


It's happening.

Get the rifles out of the shed.

Musician, huh? Yeah.

Good luck.

People actually go to school for it.

Yeah, you know there's no money in music, right?

Oh, I'm not in it for the money.


Young man.

Wife, kids, car.

Shit, man, even soup cans add up.

Well, I probably won't get married.

What, why? Don't see the point.

Whoa, the point is, you gotta have someone to clean up your shit when it starts lookin' like sewage later in life.

And if that fails, you got kids.

Okay, buddy.



He'll take care of it.

Won't you, Wyatt?

Give me that.

Let's go, gonna get a bear, gonna get a bear.

Take him home, make him my pet, you know?

Hey, watch it. What do you mean?



Come on, pussies!

Hey, Dad, just get down from there!

Oh, no, it's a great vantage point from here!

You can see everything from down here, too.

Ah, don't be such a bitch, Michaela.


You'll come up, won't ya?

Come on, be a man!

Learn to fly, baby!

Should we go up there?


No, he's just fucking around.


You alright?

You okay?

I didn't fuckin' ask for help, did I?

Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm alright, I'm fine.

Can we give you a ride home? No, I'm gonna walk.

You can't walk from here.

I'll be fine.

He's not always like this. Alright.

What? Just get in the car.

No, say it!

I've lived through this, alright?

You've lived through what? My parents were like this.

I'm not goin' through this shit again, I'm just not.

I'm sorry.

Just get in the car.

Hey, baby, when's dinner ready?

Make your own fuckin' dinner.

The account ending in 6462?

That's my checking, this is my savings account.


Oh, here it is.

It looks like this account is actually under the name Henry Peck, your father?


Now that you are 18, you have joint ownership over the account.

Would you like to print a statement?

Yeah, can I get a statement?

And I would like to withdraw some money as well.


Here you go. Thanks.

That's not right, um, I'm sorry.

There should be a lot more money in the account than this.

Would you still like to make a withdrawal?


He just wants to talk.

I'll be right back.

Yo, Mickey.


Can I just talk to you for one second?



I'm really sorry, Mickey.

Like, I was acting dumb, and um, I'm sorry.

I still think about you all the time.

I'm sorry to call you right now.

Can I see you?

He took the money?


Yeah, there's nothin' left.

Tell me what happened.

I got some scholarship and I thought that the social security from my mom would cover the rest.


He took all of it.

I even bought the fuckin' plane ticket.

Go anyway.

Sometimes putting the cart before the horse is a good thing.

Yeah, I'm not goin' out there with nothin'.

You call me if you change your mind.

Can I ask you somethin'? Mm-hm.

Is he ever gonna get better?


He's not.

This is it.

This better not be it for you.

You get poisoned or somethin'?

You look thin, what's goin' on?

Mickey. What?


You forget how to talk? No.

I asked you a question. Nothing's goin' on.

You aren't eating. So?

You look thin. You notice how I look now?

What the fuck is the matter with you?

I'm not hungry.

I don't care what you are, sweetheart.

Eat your beefaroni.

I went to the bank today. I told you to eat.

I was gonna take out some money to pay for my cap and gown.

I'm graduating in two weeks.

Not that you're keeping track.

You're listening to me anymore.

Maybe I could use some of the cash from the bank account that you set up for me?

You know, the one with the checks for Mom in it.

Sounds like a plan, sweetheart, better eat your dinner.

It's all horse shit, you made it all up.

You got somethin' to say, come out and say it.


Where's my money? You want your cap and gown?

Where is my money, Hank? Eat your dinner.

Or what?

You want your cap and gown?

There's your cap and gown.

It doesn't matter if you graduate anyway, though, does it?

What're you ever gonna do with your life?

More than you. I put a roof over your head.

And I'll be out of here as soon as I fucking can.

Put clothes on your back. And you'll be stuck here.

Eat your fuck--

What're you gonna do about it, Hank?

Are you gonna sell the house, move to Niagara Falls, get a ranch?

You can't even pay for your own fuckin' beer.

You think I'm a loser? No, Dad.

I think you're a fuckin' liar and I think you're a phony.

You think that you put this fuckin' roof over my head.

Where's my money? Where's my fuckin' life?

A ranch in Georgetown.

Ranch in Georgetown and horses.


Hey, Sheriff, can I talk to you a second?

Give me a minute.

Where is he?

If you need anything, just pull your caller.

Hi, Dad.

Hi, sweetheart.

What happened?

Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'll get you some water.

Hey, Mickey.

Don't leave.

I got no one else.

Don't leave me.

Of course I'm never gonna leave.

When I found out I was gonna be a father, I had all these ideas of where it was gonna go.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, darlin'.

I wasn't supposed to be like this.


This isn't so bad.

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♪ If loving you is a crime then give me time ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll always be guilty ♪

♪ Sometimes I feel that I'm on trial ♪

♪ For loving you too much, child ♪

♪ You're the judge and the jury of my peers ♪

♪ If it's time for me to talk, Lord, listen here ♪

♪ If you don't want me ♪ Look at you.

Man, you look...



I'm going to bed. No, come here, come here.

Sit down, sit down.

Don't go.

What are you doing?

We're havin' a party tonight, baby.


Dad, you're scaring me. Vanessa, shh.

Dad, I'm not Mom.

Stop it!

Get off!

I love you, baby.

And you love me, right?

♪ So if loving you is a crime then give me time ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll always be guilty ♪