Mighty Joe Young (1998) Script

2 00:02:19,766 --> 00:02:21,893 Jill, what did I tell you?

But Joe started it. It's not good for them to interact with us.

Besides, that wasn't Joe, that was Marley.

No, it wasn't. It was Joe. Joe's just a baby, Jill.

He's too big to be Joe.

Check. Check the pictures.

Hey, I said into bed.

See? I am in bed.

Jill, what made you think... that that gorilla we saw today was Joe?

I was right, wasn't I? Yeah.

My notes say that Joe is only six months old.

Either I got confused or Joe is a very unusual gorilla.

I told you so. Yeah, you did.

And Mommy's gonna write in her journal... that my trusted colleague Dr Jill Young... showed me the error of my ways.

Now, go to sleep.

~ Imba wimbo wa upepo ~

~ Wakati unaji ~

~ Wa na ~

~ Imba wimbo wa upepo ~

~ Wakati unajiwa na ~

Excuse me, Doctor.

Night, Kweli. Good night, Jilly.

What is it, Kweli? You must come. Quickly.

Mommy, can I come?

Stay here, sweetheart.

I wanna go! No, no, no, no. You stay here, child.

Poachers. East of the Village.

N'Gai Zamu.

N'Gai Zamu. N'Gai Zamu.

They're at it again. N'Gai Zamu. Mystical monsters.

There is only one thing you should be afraid of on this mountain, and it's staring you right in the face.

Gorilla. Fresh.

We're close.

Gotta stop them. Everybody spread out.

Get the baby. Give me the bag.

Don't worry. We want you alive.


Garth! Kill him!


Give me that gun!



Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!

She's got to be here somewhere.

The woman's got that damn devil with her.

But I think you might have shot her.

These people want to live like heroes.

Let them die like heroes. Oh!

Oh! That little demon... took off my thumb and trigger finger.

Monstrule! Monstrule! What if you shot the woman?

We should help her. No! Let's get out of here.

Yeah. That looks bad. We better get back before you bleed to death.

I will kill this little monkey! I swear, I will kill him!

You won't play the violin again, that's for sure.

Shut up!



Mom, there were men and they- I know. I know.

Are you okay, Mommy?

Oh, look who's here. Hello, Joe.

He's scared. I know.

Poor baby. He lost his mommy tonight.

He needs someone to protect him. Will you do that for me?

Promise me you'll protect him.

I promise.


~ Wimbo wa upepo ~

~ Wakati unajiwa na ~

~ Imbo wimbo ~

~ Wa upepo ~

~ Wakati ndoto tamu ~

~ Una endelea ~

~ Milele ~

~ Imbo wimbo ~

~ Wa upepo ~

~ Wakati unajiwa na ~

~ Imba wimbo ~

~ Wa upepo ~

~ Wakati ndoto tamu ~

~ Lala ~

~ Mpaka usiku ~



~ Upepo wa usiku ~

Come on, Joe. Come on.

~ Wimbo wako na ~

You must be Pindi. The one and only, bro.


Six men, three cars. That's everything you asked for, Mr O'Hara.

All paid for in advance out of Pindi's own pocket.

These guys wouldn't be poachers.

I asked for experienced trackers.

These men are the best.

I assure you, the very best.

Let's get this show on the road.

Hey, you've got a nice piece here.

What are we hunting, elephants? We're not hunting anything.

A- ha! Tranquillizer darts.

I agree, much nicer to animals than bullets.

Your men know how to use these, right? Oh, sure, boss.

We only have professionals here.

So, you tell me. Where are we going today?



That's not such a good mountain, boss.

The men don't like it very much at all. You see there is... a legend they believe in, that a creature lives there. N'Gai Zamu.

Sacred guardian of Mount Pangani.

They say any man who enters his domain is never heard of again.

You know it.

How strange.

That's not by any chance what you're looking for, is it, boss?

Looking for a legend?

Why would I want to do that?

What are you listening to?


Hmm. I understand. Songs of the jungle.

I know a guy. He can get you a CD of jungle sounds cheap.

Even cheaper if you-

Come on. Come on, let's go.

See, boss, I told you these men were the best.


You're a beauty.

Okay. Set him free.

Why bring a cage if you're not keeping the animal?

'Cause I'm only taking this.

Yes. Yes, but...

I know a guy in Botswana.

He'd pay you 10,000 American dollars for that leopard.

Now, I'm willing to split with you 50-50.

Put him in the truck.

Put the cat down now!

You heard him! Put the cat down!

They never understand me.

Excuse me, but I think it's time to leave.

Don't move! I'm not moving, but my bowels are.

Don't run! Stay still.

Come on, he's gettin' away!

Come on, we're going after him! What do you mean, "we"?

There's no way my men will risk their lives with something like this.

I'll triple your pay.

Don't use the tranqs unless I give the signal!

Okay, when we catch up to him, I want you men to herd him towards me!

One second, one second.

Herd him towards us? Why?

I gotta be close to get a blood sample.

Real close.

No, no, don't shoot!



They'll live.

Bet you provide a great health plan.

Look at the way he moves.


Watch out!

You stupid fool!

Come on, we're gonna lose him! Come on, let's go!

What the hell is that guy trying to do?

Hey! Hey!

I can't see him. He's gone, long gone.

No, he's coming out on the other side of those trees. We gotta get in front of him.

There he is!

What's he-

Get down!

Did you see that? Did you see what he did?

Yes. Yes.

Picked up the chain. Did you see the intelligence?

Yes, I saw the intelligence.

He almost took my head off!

Hurry up, bro. Let's go. Get these men down the mountain and bandaged up.

You're not coming with us? Are you kidding?

Crazy American.


Joe! Joe!


Joe, stop!

Hey, can you get him to put me down?

Joe, drop him.

Where am I? The infirmary.

You've been unconscious for an entire night.

You're lucky to be alive.

I don't feel very lucky.

You crashed your vehicle. It's waiting for you outside.

You're an injury behind.

The kicker was getting dropped on my head by N'Gai Zamu.

Oh, you think that's funny?

You oughta try it. N'Gai Zamu is just a legend, my friend.

No, he's a giant gorilla with a mean backhand.

Wait. There was a woman. A woman?

Out in the jungle, a beautiful woman. She saved my life.

I think it would be wise for you to see a doctor in Kimanjay.

I took the liberty of calling one for you.

Don't need one. But he's expecting you.

If you can drive, I think it's best that you leave today.

Our visitor must be feeling better.

Should leave the infirmary by today.

Looks like he already has.

He's walking so soon? Joe should've dropped him harder.

He's not a poacher, Jill.

The man works for animal conservancy in California.

He can't be trusted. He's an outsider.

He said he was saved yesterday by- by a woman.

A beautiful woman.

And what did you tell him? What can I tell him, Jill?

The man knows what he saw. He's not a fool.

Hey, big guy.

How are ya? Hmm?

What were you doin', stompin' around and lookin' for trouble yesterday, huh?

You're not supposed to let people see you, remember?

Don't do that again, okay? Please.


You wanna play?

Okay. You ready?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!

Ready or not, here I come!


Where are you, big fella?

Coming to get you!

Oh, my!

I wonder where Joe can be.

Come out wherever you are.

I found you!

Yes, yes I did.

Yeah. Trying to hide from me.

You wanna come and find me? Okay.

Close your eyes.

Ready? Go!

Come on, Joe.

Nice monkey.


Joe, it's okay!

Joe, run! Get out of here!


Hide and seek's not really my game.

Anything broken?

No. No, I think I'm-

I think it's okay. Oh, good.

I think it's still working. Oh, great.

I can fix that for you. No, wait!

Hey, w-where are you going?

Wait, wait, wait a minute!

Hey, hold on a second. What's the problem?

You. You're the problem.

This is the second time I've saved you from being killed.

Next time I'm just gonna watch, you understand?

Okay, all right.

You saved me, and I'm grateful. Thank you, Miss Young.

I know who you are. You're Ruth Young's daughter.

Did she know about Joe? Did she have a theory on him?

How did you keep him a secret all these years?

By keeping people like you off this mountain.

People like me? I- I wanna help you.

You go back to where you came from and tell them what you saw, this place will be crawling with people.

That's gonna happen anyway.

Look, I'm not the only one who saw him.

An animal as rare as Joe means big money.

It's going to be tough trying to protect him here. Maybe impossible.

Here is where he lives.

He doesn't have a choice. That's not true.

The people I work for could take care of Joe. They have the facilities.

A cage? That's just what Joe needs.

No, no, not a cage, a preserve.

A place where he'll be free, free from poachers, land developers.

A place he'll be safe. But he won't be free.

How long do you think he can stay free here?

The next people who come are gonna be coming to hunt Joe down.

Quite an impressive facility you have here, Mr Strasser.

Thank you. Tell me, why is it... that you keep such a low profile about this wonderful place?

Our only interest is the well-being of our animals.

Well, I think I've come to the right place for Morris.

I'm sure you have.

He's grown out of his habitat, and- well, our zoo just doesn't have the budget to do anything about it.

That's why he needs a new home.

That's the telephone for you, Mr Strasser. It's urgent.

Will you excuse me, Mr Anderson?

Sure. I'll be back.

Garth, see what the market is... for the organs of this lovely panda.

Ooh, big fella. We should get a lot. Strasser.

It's about time. Do you know how long I've been waiting?

What do you want, Pindi?

Not what I want, boss, what you want.

How about a giant gorilla?

Talk. As big as three men.

2,000 pounds at least. You've been drinking, haven't you?

I swear to God, boss.

I saw him with my own two eyes. He's- He's huge!

Don't waste my time, Pindi.

Hello? Boss? 2,000 pound gorilla.

He's crazy.

Stupid girl! What do you think you are doing?

Huh? I found this in the forest this morning.

Thought maybe you dropped it and might want it back!

Poaching's illegal. Get off this mountain.


Jill, I need to talk to you. Jill!

Murderer. Yeah.

Your mother slept in this bed. She worked at this desk.

She died in this jungle. Do you plan to do everything just like her?

My mother would have been proud of what I did today.

Proud? Of this foolishness out there?

Proud of you risking your life?

She risked hers. Why shouldn't I risk mine?

I'm just trying to keep a promise here. I promised to take care of Joe.

I will do everything it takes to stop those poachers.

You cannot stop them. Even she could not stop them.

The other gorillas, they have moved south to safer lands.

Joe stays behind. They won't accept him.

Joe needs me.

The danger here is building for both of you.

I feel it, and so do you.

I know what the American is offering, Jill.

Consider it. That's all I ask.

Leaving? Yeah, I'm heading up into the mountains.

See if I can throw some of those dirtbags off Joe's trail.

Think it will work?

Not for long. I'm just trying to buy you some time.

I suggest you get Joe as deep into the jungle as you can, as fast as you can.

Okay. Okay what?

Okay, we'll go with you.

We? Me and Joe.

We'll go with you to that place of yours in California.

You sure about this? No, I'm absolutely not sure about this.

But I'll do this on one condition. Name it.

I'm in charge of Joe. Done.

Done? Done.

Just like that? Just-

You're not very trusting, are you? No, I'm not.

It must be tough for you then, trying to measure me up.

Trying to decide if I'm full of it or- - Or just a fool.

I guess we'll just have to figure it out as we go along.

Look, what do you want me to say? You'll be in charge of Joe, okay?

Come on. We'll shake on it.

I don't shake.

That's not how we make pacts around here.

All right, how do you make pacts around here?

You have to endure a bite from a Makiki spider.

A what? You'll have a high fever, hallucinations.

You'll say things, lots of things. I'll hear what's in your heart.

Then, if your intentions prove true, then we have a pact.

A spider bite and hallucinations? That's right.

Then you'll trust me to take you and Joe to California with me?


Well? What do you say?

I say that's the biggest load of crap I ever heard in my whole life.

Maybe you're not a fool after all.

Get your things together fast.

We're gettin' outta here as soon as we can.

Makiki spider.

I don't know what else to do, Joe.

I just want you to be safe.

You think he's okay back there?

He's doing fine. Okay.

I'm sorry. I'm just a little tense.

You think he's okay back there?

I think he's okay back there. Good.

So, this is L.A., huh?

Everything looks the same. How do you know where you are? It's easy.

Ocean's that way, the mountains are that way, Mexico's that way, and Canada's that-a-way.

Don't worry about the rest. You'll never see it through the smog.

Maybe you better check and see if Joe's okay back there.

Mom! M-Mom!

Main gate to Dr Banks. They're pulling up now.

I copy that.

Okay, everybody, Elvis is in the building!

He's big! Did you see him?

The fun begins.

You hear that, Harry? They smell him.

Who, Gregg or the gorilla?

All right. I'm a little confused, O'Hara, because you phoned us to say you're bringing back a 2,000-pound wild animal-

Hello, Harry. Hiya, gorgeous. Welcome back, Gregg.

But security tells me you requested no fire hoses and no restraints of any kind.

Come on, let me introduce you. Well, how are we supposed to control this animal?

With a giant rolled-up newspaper? Hi. Jill Young, I'd like you... to meet Dr Harry Ruben, who runs the place.

Nice to meet you. And Dr Cecily Banks, who makes sure he doesn't screw it up. Nice to meet you both.

Hold on, big guy. I'm comin'.

I think he's ready to come out.

Harry, I think it's time you met Joe.

I know it looks small, but this is just the entrance.

He has the entire hill to roam. Okay.

Jack, Vern, are we gonna have to hose you guys down too?

Come on, get the sedatives ready. No, no, no.

We don't need any of that. Don't worry. We know what we're doing here.

Hey, whoa, hold on. Harry, we had an agreement.

The lady's in charge of Joe. How is she gonna handle-

Easy, tiger. Come on.

Calm down. Calm-

Okay, guys. I got it. All right.

You sure you got everything under control?


Come on.

You sure she knows what she's doing? She knows.

You want me to come in there and get you?

There you go.

Come on. Come look at your new home.

Come on. There you go.

Come on, Joe. Come on.

Come on.

Vern, what am I paying you for? Get some pictures.

All right. And get me in there, too. You know, for perspective.

Okay. It's okay, Joe.

Hey. Hey, Joe. Come on. Nothing happened.

You're not scared of those people are you?

I promise nothing will happen to you, okay?

Come on, Joe. Come on, Joe. Come on.

There you go. Yeah, you big guy.

Come on, Joe.

There you go. Come on, big guy.

Come on.

I think he's gonna be fine. I'm glad.

Let's move that platform out of there.

Oh, no, I'm going back in there with him. No, I'm sorry.

We can't allow that. We don't have insurance to cover anyone who's not an employee.

You're not serious.

But I'm supposed to be in charge of Joe. Yes, you are.

And I'm in charge of this facility.

Let's go! Take it up.

Okay, swing it up!

"And I'm in charge of this facility. "

I mean, who does he think he is?

I bet that man has never spent one night outside in his entire life.

Probably not. Well, here are your new, deluxe accommodations.

I should be out there with Joe, not here. Not in this- this cage.

Look, I know how you feel.

It's not exactly my idea of "home, sweet home" either, but at least you're close to Joe.

Where's Gregg?

Talk to you later. I don't know. He collected his paycheck.

He's probably in some jungle by now, looking for giant sheep.

Well, I think he should be here. This is his discovery.

Excuse me. Gregg's expertise is crashing Humvees.

It's not explaining primate behaviour to the chairman of the conservancy board.

You know what I think, Harry? I think you're jealous.

I'm crippled with envy, yes.

Just once I wanted to go into the field and find a new species.

You know, anything. A mollusc.

Here we go.

Harry. Dr Banks. Hi.

So, let's go see him.

See, the gorillas in the Pangani carry this recessive gene... that pops up every four or five generations with this rare form of gigantism.

And that's where the legend comes from.

But I knew it was more than a legend, so I followed my gut instinct.

I just had a hunch that this thing was true. Pretty damn sharp, Harry.

All right, here we are.

Pretty cool, huh? My, my, I should say so.

Where is he? Um-

Uh, Joe?

Come here, Joe!

Come here, boy.

Gorillas. There's never one around when you need 'em.

Even for the chairman of the board. Well, I came here to see him.

You know what, maybe- You know what, I'll feed him.

That'll get him to come out. Um, Harry-

Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Elliot, you stay here. I'm gonna go open the gate.

Silver, brown, blond, white. There are nine different colours to choose from.

Ron, you have to ask things like toxicity. This is safe?

This product has been tested for ten years.

It's not just a coloured spray, like some of you might be thinking.

It's just a plain, ordinary cosmetic.

And it just washes out in the evening.

I was coming to get you. What's that noise?

Security alarm in Joe's habitat. Come on.

Joe- Joe- What's happening?

He's going crazy. Open the gate!

Open it! Open it!

Hold it! Don't shoot! No!

Oh, God.

Harry, it's okay.

It doesn't feel okay. Listen to me.

Just jump out from behind the trees. No.

No, I'd rather not.

Just jump out and say, "You found me. "

Well, he knows he's found me! That's the problem!

Harry, do what she says.

You found me!

Oh, God. He's playing with him.

Harry, he's playing with you.

Hide-and-seek. What?

Shh. Watch.

Joe, where are you?

Where could Joe be?

Here he is! Feeding time over, Harry?

Very funny. Good thing Joe didn't want to play doctor.

Look at you, all happy.

Huh, Joe? That makes me so happy.

Harry. You know what? That never happened before.

It was weird, wasn't it? Put that girl in charge of the gorilla.

Elliot, she has no scientific training.

That ape is the best fund-raising tool this conservancy's ever had.

He's happy, I'm happy.

So, you really think that she's gonna be able to, you know-

Put her on the payroll, Harry. Okay.

Did you see that? Did you see that? I saw, I saw.

He was playing hide-and-seek with him! It's great.

You were right. He likes it here.

Oh, my God! On his second day he's playing!

He likes it here! Mm-mm-mm-mm.

You've got it bad. What are you talking about?

You know what I'm talking about.

Usually you are out the door as soon as the animal's in his habitat.

You have a very active imagination.

I don't think so.

Oh, I think so. No, I don't think so.

I think Mister World Traveller has goo-goo eyes for the gorilla girl.

Just close your eyes, and then he's gonna do that.

And then you say, "You found me!" Come on.

Behind me is the habitat of what the experts are calling... one of the world's most important zoological finds of this century.

This is the home of what is believed to be the world's largest primate, a 2,000-pound gorilla named Joe.

Joe has been at the California Animal Conservancy for a little over a month now.

He was brought here from Africa by Dr Gregory O'Hara, who told me that because of Joe's remarkable size, My God, Pindi was right. he is a natural target for poachers.

Fortunately, the California Animal Conservancy programme... He's beautiful. is rescuing animals and bringing them here... so they can- The most beautiful animal I ever seen.

And the most valuable, that's for sure.

It can't escape because it's surrounded by a moat, and there are also electrical wires around the entire perimeter.

Isn't that the- Wait. Be quiet.

Joe was raised from infancy by Jill Young, the daughter of famed primatologist Ruth Young.

Their closeness stems from a tragic bond.

Both Joe and Jill's mothers were killed by poachers 12 years ago in the Pangani Forest.

Bloody hell, that's him! They both became orphans on the same night.

That's the little fella who bit your finger off!

I'm always amazed how,

if you wait long enough, the opportunity for justice finally comes.

Garth, book us two tickets to America.

We are going to pay a visit to this incredible animal.

I think I know how to convince his current owners to part with him.

Now, this fellow is one of only 300 wild yaks... remaining on the planet.

Now, you may ask: Why should we care if this subspecies of yak survives?

But if we don't protect- Excuse me.

Can we see Joe?

Yes, you can certainly all see Joe for the mere price of... a diamond circle benefactor ticket to tomorrow night's benefit.

But, you know, this is for a good cause.

It's for the preservation of an endangered species.

You remember, don't you?

This is what you call a good meal in a fine restaurant?


It's my favourite restaurant 'cause they let you take off your shoes.

My granddad used to bring me fishing down here when I was a kid.

Wow. The Pacific Ocean.

That's nice. Live music.

I hired him special.

Ten minutes ago. You wanna dance?

What? So, this is a date, or something?

Not that I'd know. I've never been on one before.

Yeah, well, I guess most guys are afraid of a girl's father.

I can just see a guy telling Joe he's gonna get you home by midnight.

Well, nobody's ever had to tell Joe what time they'll have me home by.

What's it like?


Yeah. This whole dating, dancing, love thing.

Well, it's... kind of like being bit by a Makiki spider.

And how's that?

You get kind of a fever. Fever?

Ah. And then?

And then you- you find yourself saying things.

Lots of things.

What kind of things?

Things like-

What is it?

I'm sorry. It's this thing.

We gotta go.

I don't understand this animal.

He's got everything he wants. Why can't he just relax? Harry, stop. Oh.

He's ripping out saplings, bam, bam, bam!

Taking out irrigation pipe. Really? Oh.

One big yank, here comes the flood.

What happened? What's wrong with him? We don't know. Jill, do you?

Is he okay?

Can you get in there and calm him down... Joe? before he relandscapes the habitat?

Joe, it's okay.

It's okay.

~ Imba wimbo ~

~ Wa upepo ~

~ Wakati ~

~ Unajiwa na ~

~ Imba wimbo ~

~ Wa upepo ~

~ Wakati ~

~ Ndoto tamu ~

~ Lala ~

~ Mpaka ~

~ Usiku ~

~ Uisheni ~

~ Upepo ~

~ Wa usiku ~

~ Wimbo ~

~ Wako na ~

~ Wimbo ~

~ Wangu ~

~ Unaendelea ~

~ Milele ~~

Impossible. Please.

I wouldn't be asking you to postpone the benefit... unless I thought there was something really wrong with Joe.

And I do.

From what I hear, you sang him to sleep last night like a baby.

What's really wrong about that?

Mr Baker, I swear to you, Joe is still not himself.

He's nervous and agitated, and he shouldn't be exposed to a crowd of strangers right now.

If you can just delay the party just a few more-

It's too late, Jill. No!

It's too soon. Miss Young, let me give you some advice:

Stop worrying about Joe, and start worrying about what you will wear to the party tonight.


Oh, I'm sorry. No, my fault.

Excuse me. Yes?

It's just-

What? You must be Jill Young.


And you look just like her.

Who? Your mother.

You knew my mother? Yes.

I'm an old friend of your mother's.

I knew her when she was, uh, only a little older than you.

And you were just a tiny thing. Oh.

What an incredible woman she was. Yeah.

I'm sorry. I'm Andre Strasser.

I've come here to talk with your Mr Baker.

Actually, I'm here for Joe. Joe?

And, in a way, for your mother too.

I believe she would agree with me.

A magnificent wild animal like Joe needs more space, like the Raja Preserve I run in Botswana.

Raja Preserve?

It's 20,000 acres there... where the animals are free to run.

Here it's such a shame to see Joe living in a man-made habitat... and being used as an attraction to raise money.

But I upset you.

No. Please.

I only mean to offer an alternative.

Anyway, here is my card.

I'll be attending the event tonight.

Maybe we can talk more about this matter then.

I look forward to it.

Yeah. Bye.

Boy, I can't believe all the V.I.P.s here tonight.

Ooh, don't you clean up nice?

Cecily, you look ravishing. Thank you.

Harry, you got a little, um, cocktail sauce on your shirt there.

Oh, great. Now I look ridiculous.

No, you look fine. They look ridiculous.

Uh-huh. Yeah, well, she doesn't.

I picked out the dress. Aren't I smart?


Harry, you're dripping again.

Oh, look at me. I'm a mess here.

You know, I have to give a speech tonight.

You think anyone'll notice?



I feel so stupid in this dress.

You look anything but stupid.

Come on, let's get a drink.

She reminds me of somebody, but... I can't think who it is.

You, when we first met.

Why are they staring at me?

They're not staring at you, they're staring at, uh, that banana tower.

Very funny.

Come on.

It's nice to see you all. Good evening.

Quite a turnout. All the better.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you please take your seats?

Please. Can I have your attention, please?

Can I have your attention, please?

Take your seats. Ooh, I'm sorry. Oh.

Excuse me, sir, you, uh, dropped your, uh-

Key chain. Ah, of course.

Garth, you would lose your head if it wasn't screwed on.

Nice party, huh?

Just take your seats. Where do we think he's from?

I don't know. I'm Elliot Baker.

The world was once a garden teeming with life.

A wondrous place to contemplate creation in all its-

So, you haven't forgotten me? Can I have your attention?

As you can hear, the secret... announced itself loud and clear. Good.

Have you forgotten this?

How much do you think he's worth, couple of million?

After we sell him off, piece by piece, who knows how much we'll make?

Ah, that got you going.

Now be a good boy and frighten the ladies.

Can I have your attention? Our guest seems to be telling you... that I'm talking too long. Okay, let's go. We've done our job here.

I'd like to bring up to the podium the director of our conservancy-

Well, I suppose there's no need to add to that introduction.

Here's Dr Harry Ruben!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

In the time it took you to drive here tonight, three species have disappeared from the Earth.

Extinct. Never to be replaced.

We here at the conservancy say this is a tragedy-

Well, uh, obviously Joe agrees.

There's something wrong. But, um, tonight, instead of focusing on what we've lost, we'd like to introduce you to something that we've found.

Ladies and gentlemen, behind this curtain is the newest member... of the California Animal Conservancy.

We are very happy and proud to introduce to you, Mighty Joe-


It's okay.

Come on, Joe.

No! Joe!

My God, what's wrong with him?

He's out of control! I'm going for the tranq gun!

No, Gregg! I'll stop him!

Oh, my God!


Oh, God.

The gorilla literally crashed the party.

Officials here at the conservancy are saying... they don't know what caused the animal's rampage.

More than a dozen people were injured.

Eight of them remain hospitalized today.

In fact, three lawsuits have been filed so far, and word has it the city's attorney is calling for the animal to be put to sleep.

Standing with me is the conservancy board's chairman, Elliot Baker.

Exactly what is being done to assure the public that Joe won't attack again?

Joe has been transferred to a special steel-reinforced concrete bunker.

But what about when you let him out?

That won't be happening any time soon.

In fact, I want to make it clear that we will be doing... anything necessary to ensure the safety of the public.

With the number of lawsuits the conservancy is now facing, will you shut down the facility to the public?


I'm right here. Okay?

I knew there was something wrong with him.

What do you think happened out there?

Joe would have never hurt those people unprovoked.

Something must've got to him.


Could I, um, talk to you for a second?

Well, this wasn't in the brochure, was it?

I promised you wouldn't be put in a cage.

I'm sorry, Joe.

Then the city attorney talked to Baker.

I had nothing to do with this. With what?

Joe's gonna have to stay in here until they decide what they're gonna do with him.

In here? Yeah.

Harry, look at him.

He's depressed. He won't eat.

If he stays in here, he'll die within days.

There is nothing we can do.

Either you tell them you're getting Joe out of here, or I will.

This is way beyond you and me.

Joe freaked out on some very influential people.

Now he's a public relations nightmare.

No zoo will take a 2,000-pound killer gorilla!

He's not a killer! Okay, okay.

But unless you can write a cheque for millions of dollars... and find him a big backyard somewhere, then Joe's got nowhere to go.

I'm sorry.


You're not gonna do anything?

I need your help.

Good evening. Good evening.

You can't go in there. It's okay. We're here to give Joe more sedatives.

Wha- I, uh-

Unless you want him to get frisky on your shift, I suggest you let us get on with our job so you can get on with yours.

Come on, Joe.

We're leaving.


Let's get you out of here.

What the hell are you doin'?

The gorilla needs medication, and I've gotta take him over to the clinic for that.

Who says? Doctor's orders, and I'm the doctor.

Yeah, well, uh, I take my orders from Mr Baker, so, uh, put him back in his cage now.

Easy, Joe, easy.

Officer, you don't want to point that thing at him, believe me.

He didn't believe you.

Okay, come on! Bring him out!

Come on, big guy. Come on.

Come on, Joe. Into the truck.

That's it.



I am gonna miss those big ol' brown eyes.

You be good, Joe.

Goodbye, Joe.

I was just starting to get the hang of hide-and-seek.

I, uh, I think you should be all right up here at the gate.

Someone, uh, just called the guard away. Urgent business.

You came through for us, Harry.

Thank you. Good luck.

You be sure to write us as soon as you get Joe settled, okay?

I promise.

Okay. You're all set.

So, you're gonna... come to the airport, or-

No, I'm gonna hang back and make sure nobody notices Joe's gone, give you guys a chance to make a run for it.


If you're ever in Botswana and feel like taking me out for a good meal at a fine restaurant-

That is, if you're not too afraid to let Joe know what time you'll be-

Jill, we should go now. The plane is waiting.

Come. Let's go.

Gotta go. Yeah.

Hello. Hi.

Don't worry, Jill.

Soon Joe will be back home again.

So, what do you think?

How many minutes before the whole world knows he's missing?

Five. Hmph.

How many minutes before we're both looking through the want ads? Six.

What are you guys doin' here?

What are you guys doin' here?

Baker wants us to clean up the tent A.S.A.P.

Yeah, you should see some of the stuff we found in the post-party melee.

We've got the fun job of figuring out who all this stuff belongs to.

Somebody's head is very cold right now.

Look at this. What is this thing?

Where did you find this?

By the habitat. We gotta find those two guys. What two guys?

What, that- that one guy, he was, what, Lithuanian.

Yeah, Russian. Eastern European.

Is everything okay? That thing's used by poachers!

Please, be careful.

Always worrying, huh?

Your mother was a worrier too.

Always worrying about the gorillas.

It made her a lot of enemies.

It led to tragedy.

My mother was brave.

So are you, my dear.

What? It's not pretty. I know.

I'm sorry.

How did it happen?

Well, you could say I had an encounter... with a monster.


"Monstrule. "

Oh! That little demon... took off my thumb and trigger finger!

Monstrule! Monstrule!

Come on, come on!

Murderer! Aaah!


Joe! Get out!

Keep driving!

Jill! Are you okay?

What did I do? Those are the guys who killed my mother.

We gotta go! Joe's in trouble!


Stop it!


Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Come on, let's go!

Come on, move it! Move it!

Ohh! Ohh!

Whoa! Look! Can you see it?

What? Come on. Nobody's seen an accident? What?

Oh, my God.


Come on. Come on!

Will you just go!

Come on. Wait.

The police will be here any second.

We have to get away from here.

Ape! Oh, my God!

Far out!

All right!

Turn it off!

Go, Lisa, go! Hurry!


Oh... my God.

Oh, my God. Shut up!

What are you laughing at? That was so cool!

Cool? He almost squashed us!

That was not funny at all!

Yeah! Go, Joe! Yeah!

All right! Go, Joe!

Oh, no.

He's not here.

Couldn't have gotten far. Come on, girls.

Come on. This way. Let's go.

Copy that. Our orders are shoot to kill. He's extremely dangerous.

Shoot to kill? He's not dangerous. You're dangerous!

It's okay, Officer. She didn't mean it.

I meant it! They're going to shoot him. Not if we find him first.

What's that?

That's it. We'll follow that helicopter.

What? Come on!

I'm already 20 minutes late. Who's gonna pay for this?

What are you doing? We can't go after the gorilla now.

We need a car.

What is your supervisor's name?

Would you please step out of the vehicle. What's the problem?

Fifth time this year. Hey. Hey!

Hey, I'm goin'! I'm goin'!

You don't have to be so pushy about it!

Hello? County Animal Control?

You're not gonna believe this. Honey, look at the birdbath.

Yes! Yes, it was a gorilla, a big one!

Did you guys see it?

Andy, come on, sweetheart. No, no. It's a gorilla, honey.

SWAT One, SWAT One, this is Police 2-4. We've found him.

Yeah, Police 2-4, SWAT One's on the scene.

He's goin' in the brush. Don't lose him.

We've got him now.

Look out! Electrical wires!

Pull up! Pull up!

Where'd he go?

He must have gone under that overpass. Well, cut him off.

Bring 'er down.

Must've gone up that access ramp.

Let's go find 'im. Let's go.

Where's he headed?

Look. He thinks it's my flashlight.

He's going towards the light. He thinks I'm calling him. That's it!

Daddy! Hi, Mommy!

Mom, I don't think you should go on this ride. Why?

Because you threw up last time. What if I promise to throw up over the side?

I should go on this by myself.

Okay. I'll get us some cotton candy.

Okay. And no rocking, Jason!

Okay. Have a good time.

All you gotta do is hit the pig on the bottom!

That's all you gotta do!

Oh, my- Honey, come on. Come on with Mommy. Give Mommy a break.

No, Mommy, let's stay! No, honey!


Come on, let's stop it!

Come on, kids, outta there. There's a wild animal loose.

Find your parents. Go! Go! Whoa!

See that thing?



Come on.

There she is.

Just what exactly are you aiming at?

No! You can't do that.

If that girl starts telling people who we really are, our whole cover operation will be blown.

She's not an animal.

She's a human being. Joe!

Let's go this way.

That was very stupid, Garth.

What was that? I don't know. Come on.



Go on! Find Joe! Joe!

You're not a hunter, you're a murderer, and I don't want any part of this.

Anything else on your mind?

The fire's spreading fast. Keep this wheel moving. We'll get 'em out on the run.

Come on, you guys. All right. That's it.

Okay, come on.

Oh, my God.

Keep running! Hurry!

Move it!


Okay, we got everybody off! Thanks!


Go, go, go! Help!

It's an ape!




Goodbye, Jill.

Meet your mother... in hell.


Bring the marksmen up here now!

We need paramedics. Over.


Strasser was here. Joe just killed him. We gotta get out of here now.

It's too late.

No. We gotta stop 'em. Come on!

Mom! Mom!

Evacuate the area! Get out of the way! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

He's not dangerous! Get out of here!


Mommy, help me.


Joe! Fire upon my command!


Officer, I can't find my son, and I never saw him get off the Ferris wheel.


Oh, my God!

Jason! Mommy.


He's gonna try and save him. Don't shoot!

Hold your fire!

Come on, Joe.

Get the trucks in place.

Help, please!

He's gonna be okay.

Mom. Hang on.

He's got him.

Oh, no! Jason!

Come on, Joe.

Oh, my God, it's gonna tip! It's gonna tilt!

Everybody get back! Run! Joe!

No! No! Joe!

Get out of the way! Run!

Come on! Come on!




Oh, please! Oh, baby!

Joe! Easy does it.

Open your eyes. Come on, big guy.

Come on. Oh, yeah, honey. Mommy!

Ohh. I'm here. Come on, big guy.

Open your eyes. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Come on, Joe!

Joe? No. No. No.

Mommy, is he gonna be okay? I don't know, honey.

No. No!


Keep these people back!

Back it up!



Don't leave me, big guy.



He's alive! He's alive?

Joe! He's alive!

Joe. He's alive!

You big palooka. That's no way to ride a Ferris wheel.

Joe! Big guy, you scared me.

We gotta get him outta here, get him somewhere safe.

Somewhere safe?

Somewhere safe means a new home for Joe.

Where are we gonna get that kind of money?

I've got some money for Joe.

Here. For Joe.

Folks, let's help him out. Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Dear Cecily, I promised to write you when Joe was settled, and now I finally can.

With all the contributions people sent in for Joe, we were able to buy a beautiful land preserve that's even big enough for him.

Tome fahura!

We dedicated the Joe Young Wildlife Park today, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

At last...

I have kept my promise to my mother.

The people here are saying N'Gai Zamu the sacred guardian... has returned to protect the mountains.

Other people still say N'Gai Zamu is just a legend.

I say legends live forever.