Mil-jeong (2016) Script


a GRIMM PICTURES and WARNER BROS. KOREA production in association with HARBIN FILMS


Why do you hesitate, sir?

I know you received the letter.

You know how many swindlers in this city nail up a sign, SONG KANG-HO You know how many swindlers in this city nail up a sign, You know how many swindlers in this city nail up a sign, call themselves the "Resistance" and come begging for cash?

GONG YOO call themselves the "Resistance" and come begging for cash?

GONG YOO GONG YOO Why should I trust you?

Why should I trust you?

HAN JI-MIN How can you compare. Us to such thieves? HAN lii-MIN How can you compare us to such thieves?

Take this thing you wanted SHINGO TSURUMI UM TAE-GOO SHIN SUNG-ROK Take this thing you wanted SHINGO TSURUMI. UM TAE-GOO SHIN SUNG-ROK SHINGO TSURUMI UM TAE-GOO SHIN SUNG-ROK and support Korea's independence. and support Korea's independence.


It's a fake. Produced by KIM JEE-WOON CHO! JAE-WEON produced by KIM JEE-WOON CHOI JAE-WEON Is this some kind of prank? Produced by KIM JEE-WOON CHOI. JAE-WEON Is this some kind of prank?


This old man is going blind!

I was told this was a done deal, why drag your feet?

Developed & co-produced by LEE JIN-SOOK I was told this was a done deal, why drag your feet?

Co-produced by CHOI JEONG-HWA


Director of photography KIM JI-YONG lighting CHO KYU-YOUNG why did you arrive so early? Director of photography KIM JI-YONG lighting CHO KYU-YOUNG production design CHO HWA-SUNG martial arts director JUNG DOO-HONG JUNG YOON-HUN

Costume design CHO SANG-KYUNG make up & hair KIM SEQ-YOUNG

sfx make up GWAK TAE-YONG HWANG HYO-KYUN special effects YOON DAE-WON

editing YANG JIN-MO music MOWG

production sound KIM SHIN-YONG sound supervisor CHOI TAE-YOUNG

vfx supervisor SON SEUNG-HYUN digital intermediate PARK JIN-YOUNG

written by LEE Ill-MIN PARK JONG-DAE adapted by KIM JEE-WOON Listen up, Kim Jang-Ok!

You are completely surrounded, with no way to escape!

Throw down your weapon and come out!

Directed by KIM JEE-WOON How's it proceeding?

He's a fierce one.

Still holding out.

What did you expect? He's a core member of the Resistance.

I'll call on him to surrender once more.

Give me that.

Kim Jang-Ok!

Can you hear me?

It's Lee Jung-Chool!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

I'll go check the surroundings.

Don't make a move until I return.

Are you giving me orders?

Why think of them as my orders?

Chief Higashi ordered us to capture Kim alive.

Arrest him.

Let's get him!

ThiS Way!

Don't shoot!

I said don't shoot!

There he is!

Move back!

Move back!




Everyone move back!



Lee Jung-Chool...


It's me, Jung-Chool.

Let's talk it over.

I'll open the door, so don't shoot.

Our leaders betray the nation, and you betray your compatriots.

So are you living comfortably?

Dirty traitors.

You think we'll ever win back independence?

We are a sinking ship.


And rats are the first to flee a sinking ship.

Come out with me.

Then you can live.

Preserve your life at least.

People shouldn't live among rats.

Drop your gun!

Long live Korea.



KIM JANG-OK Deceased

Have a seat.

It's genuine.

They must've needed cash urgently.

We should've captured Kim alive!

This operation was a failure!

Was he your friend?

No, sir.

Well, that's okay.

Who can you call a friend in this age?

Whoever offers a hand first is a friend.

Our headquarters expects much of you!

This figure will lead you to the Resistance.

We're counting on you!

Let him go.


Where's Joo?

After losing Jang-Ok, they ended up only getting Joo.

But just a day after he was caught, Lee Jung-Chool released him.

Lee Jung-Chool?

The new Korean police captain.

He worked briefly with the Provisional Government in Shanghai.

Then he leaked intel to the Japanese police.

For that, he rose to become police captain.

He's rotten to the core.

He built good connections working as an interpreter, but that was all just to sell information.

He must've released Joo as bait.

Wait, have we been exposed?

No, we took the long route here.

No one followed us.

So what do we do about Joo?

If he won't confess after all our pressure, it's no use.

Just send him away. It's not worth the effort.

Let's do this.

You walked out of that hell unharmed?

I have no idea how it happened. They told me to go, so I went.

Lee Jung-Chool ordered you set free!

No, comrades!

Jang-Ok's actions were leaked from our side!

It's not me! It's really not me!

Selling your compatriot for a few coins, damn you!

Why do you only suspect me?

I don't know Lee Jung-Chool!

I don't even know who he is, really!

Only the three of us knew about the visit that night.

How did the police find out?

Speak before I count to three.

Or I'll shatter your skull.


Who ratted on us?

This isn't fair!

I risked my life taking a bomb to Central Police Station!

How can you suspect me?

Two! Th-This is insane!

Why Only me?

Can you all prove you aren't spies?




Don't you know why they let you go?

If you want to live, stay away from both us and them.

Leave Seoul now.


This is really hard for me.

With their sources of cash blocked, the Resistance have started selling precious objects.

Do you know who's behind it?

Yes, I do.

The son of a fake painter, an old classmate of Jo Hwe-Ryung.

His name's Kim Woo-Jin.

Runs a photography and antique shop with his brother.

People say they raise money and send it to Shanghai.

But why does the Resistance suddenly need so much money?

What are they planning?

Might be a false rumor...

but they're said to be buying explosives.

According to my source in Shanghai... they're trying to contact explosives experts from Hungary.

Any news for me?

Yes, I think I've uncovered the Resistance's plan to raise money.

It's led by core members Jo Hwe-Ryung and Kim Woo-Jin who recently arrived in Seoul.


Find out if there's anyone we can befriend.

Introduce them to wealthy patrons, or give them travel passes, since that's what they need the most.

Yes, sir!

From now on, you'll work with Hashimoto.

At your service.

I'll do my best.

The two of us? I-

There's nothing I won't do to assist Captain Lee.

I'm at your command.

Hashimoto is pursuing Jung Che-San, the leader of the Resistance.

Share your intel with him.

You two try to find some bait that can lure Che-San.

Your time has come to prove your true worth.

Captain Lee excels at this.

Hashimoto, learn from him.

Yes, sir!

Have you heard of Yeon Gye-Soon from China?

She's a member of the Resistance who acts as Che-San's secretary.

She recently arrived in Seoul, but unfortunately, no one knows her face.

If we catch her, we'll have Che-San by the neck.


Is everything ready?

Yes, you stay here. I can go myself.

You'll go alone?

Stay here this time.

Wait until I deliver it.

Things are too tense these clays.

It's dangerous.

Are you... worried about me?

Worried for you as a comrade.


Can you please take a photo of your comrade?

This is sudden.

You've never photographed me.

I'd like to keep it.

One, two...

How can I help you?

Mr. Kim Woo-Jin?

I'm Kim Woo-Jin.

I've come across a precious object, would you take a look at it?

Yes, come upstairs.

Do you know where it was made?

Is it genuine?

Let me take a look.

You must've gone to that cheapskate downtown.

What a fraud he is.

What do you mean?

I mean it's a fake.

Of course, only experts like me can tell the difference.


I got it from a trustworthy source.

Wait here a moment.

Which one is genuine?

They're exactly the same.

One is 200 years old, and the other one was made this spring.

I've a pottery factory in Shanghai that makes antiques out of cracked chamber pots.


That's fraud.

All originals have fakes.

It's all just to meet demand.

You must rake in cash. Raking's not enough. I sweep it in.

I'm envious.

What work do you do to envy a merchant like me?

Police Bureau Captain Lee Jung-Chool.

Forgive my rudeness! Let me formally introduce myself.

I'm Kim Woo-Jin.

I didn't know who you were.

Kim Woo-Jin Shanghai Pottery Factory But what could a police captain possibly envy?

But what could a police captain possibly envy?

What's so exciting about living off a salary?

Still, a peddler like me can't compare.

By any chance... do you have connections with the Japanese police in Shanghai?

I could if I wanted to. I spent time in Shanghai.


Then could I ask you a favor?

I have products coming from Shanghai.

I'm just a merchant, not some Korean Resistance fundraiser, but misunderstandings block my shipments and cause embarrassment.

A small request like that...

If you buy me a drink?

Are you interested in business, Captain Lee?

Is it lucrative?

How about a serious talk about business over a drink?

Right now?

What do you say?

Let's go.

So you have quite a history.

Jang-Ok and I are from the same hometown, and he and you worked together in the Resistance, so you and I have a connection, as well!

After interpreting for the Resistance, how'd you end up with the Japanese police?

You never know where life leads you.

People are loyal to those who look after them.

My current chief showed a particular interest, so I ended up there.

It was good with Jang-Ok in Shanghai. I thought we had a lot in common.

I held Jang-Ok's toe in my hand.

"It's so light."

That's all I could think.

Hey, I knew it.


You're not a harsh person. I knew from the start.

If things had gone differently, you'd have been a poet!

Drink up.


I will.

I'll call you brother from now on.

If you like.

Whatever you want.

Thanks for the drinks.

Yes, yes.



Have a good night!


Good night, Brother!


Operator, this is Police Captain Lee Jung-Chool, get me my office.


Don't come to work tomorrow, go get the package in Sampantong.

It's important, so be careful with it.

Japanese police are closing in.

Lee Jung-Chool who worked with us in Shanghai approached me.

If our organization is exposed, we'll regroup in Shanghai.

Contents of Captain Lee's telephone call.

Sampantong, nine o'clock, Cacadew.

So if the Resistance comes into Seoul, we can expect them to move between these points.



Youngsaeng Photo Shop.

Kim Woo-Jin, you scoundrel. I knew it. He's their center.

These are the movements of the Resistance's rickshaw drivers.

What's important is that it matches Kim Jang-Ok's movements.

Why has this been opened?

Did you show it to anyone?


When I left the cafe, Captain Hashimoto was waiting.

He said we had to share intelligence...

Ready my car!

Yes, sir!

Go to the photo shop. Before Hashimoto swoops in.


Sacred Heart Nunnery.

Excuse me, cart driver!


There's a package inside, can you load it for me?

Yes. Thanks.

Is this the package?

The network is exposed. Beware of Hashimoto.

I said, "Capture him alive"!

Sister! The Japanese police are at the gate!

Hurry and open up!

Be careful.

Yes, sir!

You idiot, you couldn't catch even one of the girls at the nunnery?

I said, "Keep your movements secret"!

You call yourself a policeman of the Great Japanese Empire?

I'm sorry.

Who is this?

I-I am your I-informant.

Captain Hashimoto...

Chief Higashi is calling you.

Why don't you tell the whole town... you're an undercover policeman?

You useless fool...

Take it easy, will you?

I don't catch your meaning.

When you're with me, speak Korean.

I barely managed to approach them, so why did you run wild and scare them off?

Do we have to catch them in order?

If they're close, grab them before they run.

Shouldn't you rather try to find out how police intel was leaked?

You are...

challenging me, aren't you?

We received intel that Che-San entered Shanghai.

He's meeting with explosives experts there.

Yes, sir!

The Resistance is also streaming out of Seoul for Shanghai.

Antiques dealer Kim Woo-Jin vanished this morning-

That's because there was-

No need to explain.

Find him as soon as you can.

Use all your contacts in Shanghai.

If the Resistance is calling explosives experts to Shanghai, it means they'll target Japanese Headquarters.

Stop the explosives from entering Seoul.

No time to delay. Go to Shanghai at once!

I'll offer the biggest reward you've ever seen.

For us, everything is in Shanghai.


Yes, sir?

Stay here and report on all intel Hashimoto sends from Shanghai.

Report directly, not through Sa-Hee?

Anything to do with Che-San, report directly.

Yes, sir.


I'll go.

Are you well? I'm coming with an urgent matter to discuss.

Please meet me at Shanghai Station. Regards, Lee Jung-Chool.

We're not even safe here now.

Why don't you wait things out in Manchuria?

Fighting an unknown enemy is no simple task.

I feel the same.

What's Lee Jung-Chool like?

Would he be a worthy friend?

He and I are just bait thrown by fishermen, so how could we become friends?

Our martyr Jang-Ok spoke of him.

Called him a close friend.

That's all in the past.

Right now, we lack both time and men.

Let's take the bait.

Turning a spy...

We make the enemy's spy into our own.

The most dangerous but rewarding act of intelligence... is to turn a spy.

I'm against it.

Aren't you their ultimate target?

Isn't it too dangerous?

If it's in a spy's character to switch sides... let's see who he stands with this time.

Even a turncoat has only one motherland.

Surely he feels some debt in his heart.

We must open that up.

There's nothing scarier than feeling a person's emotions.

He'll find it strange to see us together, so you get off first.

He's here. Smile.

Hey, don't overdo it.

Hey, long time no see!

You must be busy. Great to see you!

I looked into it as you requested.

There are Hungarian anarchists who know explosives and might help them.

Some of them support Korean independence.


Because even with no country, they're forming a government.

You should see the Resistance.

A beggar for a general, who goes around looking for money.

When can I meet your informant?

After the intel was leaked in Seoul, the Resistance members are nervous, so he's lying low.

Informants are supposed to lie low, and it's our job to find them.

The Resistance believes we have an informant among them.

You're still following Lee Jung-Chool's movements?

Shanghai has changed a lot, too.

I've been thinking.

How about I quit my job and do business here... What do you think?

Now you've come to your senses.

It's a splendid idea.

Betraying your country brings material comforts, but the rust in your heart is permanent.

You talk pretty, don't you?

Anyway, my only work here was with the Provisional Government, and I've lost contact with my old friends there.

So I don't know anyone influential besides the Japanese. So I'm looking for-

Allow me... to finish that sentence.

An influential Korean close to the Provisional Government?

How did you know before I even said it?

You're a psychic! Do I give away too much?

Business is half capital, half intuition, you know?

Very well. I don't know who you're seeking, but I'll find someone who can connect you.

Oh, you said you wished to see the pottery factory?

Let's go there now. It's close to your hotel.

Very good!


How can I help you?

Did a foreigner buy ingredients for explosives recently?

We don't deal in real explosives.

We know about your business!

I don't know, get out!

Wait, wait, wait! Get back here!

She said a Hungarian rebel visits often.

An explosives expert working in a pharmacy in the French Concession.

His wife is Asian.

Let's have French cuisine tomorrow.

How about a drink before bed?

Tonight, sleep off your journey. And don't forget my request.


Remember? Getting my antiques to Seoul...

Sure, sure!

Bye now! Good night!

Expensive tastes, that one...

Who's there?

What is this at the crack of dawn?

Let's have breakfast.

At this hour?

The early bird catches the worm.

The early bird is the first to get eaten.

Ah, bean curd stew!

Brother, you'll have to do me a big favor.

I told you I'd help.

I'm risking my own neck here.

Oh, I'm scared!

Yes, you should be. Your neck is at risk, too.

For the cost of this meal?

Is the food to your taste?

Good to meet you.

I'm Jung Che-San, the Resistance leader.

I heard about you from old Revolutionary Party comrades.

Many of them are still thankful for what you did, Captain Lee.

I really wanted to meet you.

So I asked for an introduction.

It's an honor.

The honor is mine.

If not for you, how could I ever share a meal with a Police Bureau captain?

So how could you trust a Police Bureau captain like me?

Why do you glare? I didn't say anything.

He heard of you during your time in Shanghai.

As compatriots sharing a meal far from home, do we need long introductions?

Come, let's eat.

Oh, my. No liquor for our guest?

Are you trying to make me rich?

Placing me nose-to-nose with the nation's most wanted man!

What kind of scheme is this?

Too young to fear anything, huh?

I let go of my fears and my life long ago.

Why, are you scared?

Didn't you contact me hoping for something like this? Now you can't handle it?

I could kill Che-San right now.

Give it a try.

If I walk out of here now, you know what'll happen?

There'll be rumors that a police captain and Che-San drank all night and became friends.

Are you blackmailing me?

Don't you understand what situation you're in? Don't you?

Has Higashi contacted you once since arriving here?

Why didn't that Japanese cop tell you of his Shanghai informant?

He wants the reward for himself.

Playing both sides like you do always ends in ruin.

It's not as much as it looks.

Come, let's drink and talk of our hometowns.

Contrary to his appearance, my brother's a weak drinker.

Since when are we brothers?


Here. You, too. Yes, sir.

Let's all drink.

Here. Thank you.

Here, give me your cups.





That didn't last long.

Captain Lee...

Do you like night fishing?

Whenever I feel frustrated, I come out here for night fishing.

Surrounded by this cold darkness, I forget my fears.

You feel fear?

Of course.

I'm a soldier who lost his country.

Living the meandering life of a runaway, the one thing I've come to master... is an animalistic sense for people.

Who will come to my aid, who will protect my life...

I decide it all by my instinct.

I believed you'd help me.

I'm just a cop on a salary, going around chasing profit.

I could change my mind.

Captain Lee...

Throw me in the ocean right now.

If that's really what you want... then do it.

This opportunity won't come again.

How can you trust in yourself so strongly?

I don't trust men's words. I don't even trust my own.

I just trust in what I must do and what a person ought to do!

There comes a time for everyone to choose where to put their names.

To which history will you add your name, Comrade Lee?

From now on... my time is in your hands.

Help us. Can't you see we need it?

We're desperate.

You talk too damn much! What do you expect of me?

We need safe passage to Seoul. That's all.

But there are too many obstacles.

We'll handle what happens after. We won't cause you trouble.

It's your decision. I won't resent you.

Even if I die with no grave like Jang-Ok, my ghost will still be loyal.

The next time we meet, I can't predict what I might do.


It's all fake! Crazy fool tried to...

He set up a factory, and now he's come... now he's...

Hey, Hashimoto!

It's all fake. Crazy fool tried to rip me off.

He set up a factory, and now he's come over to my side.

Kim Woo-Jin is going to Tokyo.

He wants two travel passes. Who do you think will join him?

Che-San, of course.

Kim is his Number Two!

He'll come to the pier tomorrow, so make two travel passes!

Is this intel accurate?

Then I'll take the reward for myself.

If you don't believe me, go check.

Are you Kang Jong-Gi?

You see anyone else here?

Are you sure Che-San is here?

Our goal is to take the explosives safely to Seoul.

They're divided among you according to your disguises.

The most powerful ones are in that box.

Where'd he go?

Damn bastards.

Whatever happens along the way, the boxes must reach Seoul.

Better luck next time.

Let's call more men to the pier tomorrow.

Shall we go?

After safely disembarking in Seoul, we'll meet one last time at our designated rendezvous.

Hur and I will take the boxes to Antung Station by truck.

From there, Hwe-Ryung will place them in the freight car.

So travel safely, and let's meet in Antung.

What's this?

What happened here?

Where's Kim Woo-Jin?

We searched the pier, but he wasn't there.


We checked the pier, but he wasn't there.

How can you be so careless?

What did your informant say?

He doesn't know. Too low in rank, I guess.

So you've collected intel from a small fish all this time?

I have another higher up, but I didn't want to expose him.

Then you should have told me! We need to move strategically!

You think it's my decision?

I'm just following orders from above.

You were told to leave me out?

On Higashi's order?

Isn't it true there are problems with your intel?

Do I make up the intel?

If your intel is shit... change your informants.

Where do you spend your funds?


I found out their route. Not by ship, by train.


To where?

They'll go separately to Antung, then head for Seoul together.

What? Are you sure?

Che-San will risk his life to go to Seoul?

Are you sure of this?

I'm not sure if Che-San will join them.


He's the most important, but you don't know if he'll go or not?

According to my source, Kim, Yeon and the rest of them will split up, and then meet in Antung-

Get out of the car and report properly, you lout!


Who cares if the rest of them go to Seoul?

I'm asking where Che-San is going!

We're not sure yet.

Who's giving you this crappy intel?

It's... a member of the team traveling to Seoul.

Wouldn't a team member know if Che-San's going?

No one in the Resistance knows Che-San's route in advance.

His course is only told just before he departs.

So who the hell is giving you that intel?

That's enough. We can't tell you now.

Okay, look into the leader's route. We must hurry.

What if the intel is wrong?

If so, we'll lose all of them and return with nothing!

No. This time it's certain.

This source is completely reliable.

We promised him a big reward. It's the person who got us Jang-Ok.

And thanks to that source, we're right on Che-San's heels.

Come, we'd better hurry.

ANTUNG STATION ANTUNG STATION The train departing for Seoul will leave at 10 pm.

The train departing for Seoul will leave at 10 pm.

The train departing for Seoul will leave in 30 minutes.


The train departing for Seoul will leave in five minutes.

The train departing for Seoul will leave shortly.

Please board the train promptly.

Let's split up. Who'll go where?

Yeon and the foreigner will be in first or second class. So I'll take her.

So you'll arrest Yeon and reap the glory yourself?


Then you go that way, I'll head to the back.

But are they really here?

What are you doing here?

You've been exposed.

Where's Yeon?

Is she with the foreigner?

Yes, with Ludvik in first class.

Hashimoto went that way.

But only our members know about this train.

One of your people on this train is a rat.

The same one who sold Jang-Ok.

I'm in danger now, too, because of you.

No time to talk, I need to find Hashimoto and impede him somehow.

In the meantime, think of a plan.

One of your people on this train is a rat.

Hold my bag for a second.

No one in the back?

No, I don't think so.

All right.


Just a minute.

Sit down here.

If we stomp around like this, they'll see us and change plans.

And we have to keep them subdued until Seoul.

If we don't get them all, the others might attack.

So if you see Kim Woo-Jin or another suspect, just keep an eye on them, then grab them at the station.

Well, you've got a point.

Then let's do this.

We won't be too obvious. We'll search while moving around like passengers.

So you mean, you'll still search the passengers?

Yes, of course.

What I meant is- But we'll do it quietly.

If we don't round them up at once, there could be trouble.

Anyway, I'll look around. You guys follow one car behind me.

Sorry, I was just passing by.

Y-You changed my baby's diaper?

The smell is quite something. Bye, then.

Just pretend you don't know me.

The dining car, in 15 minutes.


We need to change our rendezvous in Seoul.

I think the location's been leaked.

Really? Where, then?

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion, four o'clock.

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion, four o'clock.

I'll meet everyone one by one, so don't talk needlessly.

We need to change our rendezvous point.

The new place is Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion.

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion.

Six o'clock.

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion.

Six o'clock.

The location has changed.

Taehwa-banjeom, four o'clock.

Taehwa-banjeom, four o'clock.

Park Young-Mews store, five o' dock.

Don't tell anyone about this.

All right.

Hey! It's dangerous to keep meeting like this!

Listen closely.

I told each of my members a different rendezvous in Seoul.

I gave them each a different location and time.

One of them will inform Hashimoto before we arrive.

That's the rat. The one who betrayed Jang-Ok.

But we can't keep meeting!

Just tell me which time and place they say.

Why do I have to help you?

Because if our plan is exposed, you're in danger, too!

In the end, you're the one who lied to them!

That's how we boarded this train!

My job is to pretend to be on your side!

I'm the spy! Higashi approved it!

But then you did something huge without Higashi's knowledge.

Every time I run into you, you blackmail me.

This situation leaves me no choice! What should I do?

Should I set off the bombs and kill everyone?

Brother... help us arrive safely, okay?

I'll wait in the dining car. Now move!

What an asshole!

How did it go?

He must be disguised, I can't find him.

I guess I'll keep looking.

How about you? Did you find your informant?

Not yet. I met the informant.

There's a new order.

For now, this is our plan.

Our informant will point out Kim Woo-Jin, Yeon and the others.

We'll arrive at the station without alerting them to our presence.

Then our policemen will seal off the station and arrest them all.

So we won't touch them before Seoul?

That's right.

As you said, they outnumber us, so it's risky to confront them.

I think we can ride quietly all the way to Seoul.

Now we can sweep up the Resistance!

And get Che-San soon, too! This is exciting!

I think I need a cold beer.

Oh, will you come, too?

No, I don't drink. You go ahead.

We've been running around all day. Take a rest, I'll be back soon.

What would you like?

A beer. Yes, sir.

I'll bring a napkin.


I'm sorry.


What's with you?

Don't worry about it.


It's okay. Don't worry. Let's sit.

Are you sure?


I thought something happened to you.

I went out for some air.

Did you hear?


Where and what time?

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion.

Mokin Inn at Golden Pavilion.

Four o'clock.

Four o'clock.

Don't be reckless. Make trouble, and we all die!

You work things out yourselves. Don't ever contact me-

Hey, Woo-Jin...

I think we've reached the end.

Didn't you say you'd stay?

Well, after thinking it over,

I thought I'd share a beer with you after all.

One beer.

Yes, sir.

That tea smells nice.

Have you got anything to say to me?

He looks awfully similar to the guy we're looking for, right?

What are you talking about?

I'll take command now. Think straight!

I will command and you will follow.

Police. Show me identification.

Wait, don't move!


My ID is in the bag, take it if you wish.

Both of you listen. One slip and we all die.

That depends on who subdues the other first. Think it over.

Kim Woo-Jin.


You damned traitor!

Out of the way!

Move! Out of the way!

Damn fool had a death wish.

Step aside, it's dangerous!

I'm a Captain of the Japanese Police Bureau.

I'm performing my duties, so return to your places quietly.

Yes, sir!

A change of heart?

More like a hardened heart.

I lost my faith in this a while back.

My heart's no longer in it.

You talk like we're a store going bankrupt.

If we had just one success, I wouldn't be this way.

Getting country hicks to throw bombs for independence...

I can't play dumb anymore.

No use in going to Seoul.

It's hopeless. Even if I do you this favor.

Favor? Who? To whom? You to me? To us?

If not for me... you'd all have been exposed.

But you're my friend.

You're all like family!

Shouldn't you be grateful?

This is vengeance for Jang-Ok.

You're not really going to let this foreigner kill me, are you?

In the name of the Resistance, you are executed for spying.


See you in hell.

Once we arrive, I don't know you.

Take this with you.

If we meet again, one of us dies.

Or both of us.




Show me the pass.




The pass.


Everyone come!


Yeon Gye-Soon!




Calm down!

Calm down, calm down!

Let go!

Captain Kim Woo-Jin!

MY apologies.

How do you feel?

I'll recover quickly.

After being shot and falling off a train, your condition is... a relief.

The loss of Hashimoto is lamentable...

but you deserve much credit.

We recovered prime bait for catching the big fish.

Can you guess who?

You're multilingual, but surely most comfortable in Korean.

Now we have someone to ask you in Korean.

Ask Kim Woo-Jin's whereabouts.

Where is Kim Woo-Jin?


That won't do.

Kim Woo-Jin...

Just tell us where he is.

I don't know.

I don't know anything.

Captain Lee!


Do it.

Do it!

You just need to tell us!

Come on and tell us!

I don't know!

Tell us! I don't!

Tell us! I really don't know! No!

I said tell us! Don't do it!

Please tell us! Please!


You look upset.

No, sir.

I heard you two were close in Shanghai.

Do you suspect me?

Other people suspected you from the start, but not me.

And due to the nature of your work, during an operation...

I don't ask too many questions.

Governor-General Terauchi said at his inauguration, "Koreans can choose to obey Japanese rule, or die."

It's your lot in life to be born Korean.

So whatever you may have done,

I'll forget everything.

Just bring me Kim Woo-Jin.

Let's just go.

Seo Jin-Dol!

Seo Jin-Dol!

Oh, my, when will this weather let up?

Drag him in.

You're deported!

It's the police! Run, quick!

Mother, I need to go far away. You must live!

Mother, you must live!

Let go!


Aren't you going home?

Hey, Joo!

Woo-Jin visited Jeongneung House.

He said to ask you to make him an ID.

He said you'd help him.

Kim Woo-Jin!

What happened to everyone?

It'll be hard for Yeon to hold out.

It serves you right.

For being so cocky.

You must leave.

A coal ship for Japan... If you leave now, you can catch it.

How is my brother?

I haven't seen him.

Then why are you here?

Because of Joo.


You told him to find me for an ID.

That way! Hurry! Hurry!

Take him alive!

Shoot his leg!

Kim Woo-Jin!

Lee Jung-Chool got away.


Kim Woo-Jin...

Surely you didn't trust Lee Jung-Chool.

He's the one who turned you in.

Where are the explosives?

Right under your nose.

I guess we've been too gentle.

You still have some spirit.

However long it takes, you'll tell us eventually.

That's not going to happen.


Was Yeon your lover?

Want to hear a funny story?

You all think you were caught because of your rat?

We didn't know Yeon's face, but we caught her because of her photograph.

The one you took at your studio.

Let's see how much you can take.

You dreadful man.


He bit his tongue!

You still haven't found the explosives?

Chief! We caught Lee Jung-Chool.

All rise!

Please be seated.

The court is now in session.

We will hear the defendant's statement.

Lee Jung-Chool.

Lee Jung-Chool!

Come forward.

Please begin.

I planned to accept the explosives from Kim Woo-Jin and confiscate them, so I didn't report in advance.

I waited for the remaining Resistance members and intended to arrest them all at once.

As a police official, I tried to fulfill my mission.

And believing that success could get me a promotion,

I infiltrated the enemy.


As a Japanese policeman...

I merely tried my best.

I'm not a member of the Resistance.

I only intended to use Kim Woo-Jin.

I'm not his comrade nor his friend!

This is so unfair!

The dog of Japan is here!

I'll be watching you!

Because of you, I'm here forever!

Filthy traitor!

I'm going to beat you to a pulp!

Hey, Lee Jung-Chool!


Hey, silent guy...

Yeon died this morning.

Why is it so small?

She starved herself to death.

She came from China, and had no friends or relatives.

No good place to bury her, but I can't throw her away.

I'm in a hurry. Please step aside.

Step aside.

You haven't eaten a bite. No appetite?

Are you going somewhere?

Chief Higashi?

He has a banquet to attend.

A charity event at the Police Bureau Club.

Who will come to the event?

High-ranking police bureaucrats, Imperial Parliament members and supporters of the regime.



You take the explosives.

While I go out and distract them, you hide them.

You're crazy to the end.

And promise one more thing.

Even if you're caught, hold out to the end. Say you're not part of us.

Because one of us has to live.

So the operation will succeed. So our lives won't be wasted!

Thanks for everything.

I never could've made it without you.


Ladies and gentlemen, Bureau Chief Higashi!



Let's go.


Officer! Officer! Are the rumors true?

Quiet, you!


Hey, silent guy!

Did you hear?

An explosion at the Police Bureau Club killed and injured many people.

It's chaos.

They've never seen such a hell.

But they still haven't found half of the Resistance's explosives.

That's even scarier.

Well, it's better than letting the Japanese grab it.

But promise. If people know my money is going to the fighters, it's a problem.

Keep it a secret until independence.

You think independence will come, sir?

With guys like you, I'm sure it will.

Sir... and how much for this?

There are more Government Medals in this city than scoundrels.

How much do I owe you?

The amount you received for betraying Kim Jang-Ok.

Who said that?

Jo Hwe-Ryung? Joo?

Take this, too.

I'll succeed for sure.

Is Che-San well?

Yes, he's fine.

He cried bitterly during the hearing about your operation.

Then he said this...

"Even when we fail, we move forward.

The failures accrue, and we tread on them to advance to higher ground."

Do you have any message to pass on to him?

"See you again."

"Even when we fail, we move forward."

The failures accrue, and we tread on them to advance to higher ground."

JAPANESE HEADQUARTERS IN KOREA The failures accrue, and we tread on them to advance to higher ground. "

Resistance fighters pass through here.