Millennium (1989) Script

TUA 35 heavy, descend to 3,000 feet.

Minneapolis center, this is Transuniversal 35 heavy descending to 3,000.

Roger, TUA 35 heavy.

TUA 35 heavy, could you give me your location?

Ron, where the hell are we?

25 miles due south on approach descending through 5,000 feet.

35, what's your current heading? What's his problem? we're currently heading...

TUA 35, turn to heading... [ Static ] say again, Minneapolis.

Jesus! Down! oh, my god. down! Go down!

[crash] my god! We hit them!

Minneapolis, this is TUA 35 declaring an emergency. we hit another aircraft. looked like a 10. three and four shutting down. we are going down. how much of the wing is gone?

Ron, see what's left. right.

Mr. Smith, I'm Kevin bryley from Minneapolis. and you're not doin' your job. shove these people in a room somewhere. make no statement till I get back. ashby, tell 'em what we need. right. Move it.

come on, people. Let's do it.

where'd the DC-10 go down? Ten miles south.

Jerry, Eli, go take a look. tom and I will put down here.

bill. bill. we were just going after the flight-data recorder. you want to do that next? sure. the DC-10 hit harder than this. what happened here? he managed to get it level. there's only three engines. he lost a lot of wing? we think so.

we've started on the site map. the cops have finally stopped moving things around. look, bill, uh... We're being very careful, but we don't think it's a structural failure. you have any numbers yet? yeah, right here. this one had 354 and 13 crew. the 10 had 265 and 11.


watch that wing section! you already have the cockpit voice recorder? yeah, but it's pretty battered. they're working on it now.

I want a dub made before you send it to Washington. it might not be too good. it's a silly rule. why should the boys in Washington hear it first?

I got to hear what they were up against after they hit the 10. they did their best. you one of Roger's team?

I'm Dr. Arnold Mayer.

I'm the investigator in charge, bill Smith.

I've read your crash reports. naturally, I've heard of you, doctor. what's your interest here? you want me to leave? no. It doesn't matter. all this just seems pretty far removed from your physics lab. maybe scientists should leave the lab more often. they might learn things.

Dr. Mayer! what's an ecology professor doing here? you know someone on the plane? not that I'm aware of. how did you hear about the crash? he's the last guy I'd expect to find here. he's been to several midwest crashes. that big one in '79 at O'Hare, he was all over it.

I wonder why.

I don't think it will win him another nobel prize.

over here! I got it!

there's a mob here from Boeing. the man from mcdonnell Douglas is on the way.

Wes lake from the FBI is here and the assistant d.A. From Ramsey county. the usual gang.

Mr. janz, I'm bill Smith with the NTSB.

I'm Raymond leacock. I represent Mr. Janz. is this a formal deposition? not yet.

I'm sitting in on this. bill, meet Ian carpenter. he's with the air traffic controllers organization.

Mr. Janz, I know this is hard for you.

I want to hear what you saw and what your actions were. we were handling 40 flights, three of us. plus the private planes. the screen was so crowded.

had a god damn headache.

I was tired.

35 was coming in from the east.

no, from the west. and 880 was coming in.

was that the 747, don?

I looked away for a moment... some other situation. and when I looked back... they'd changed places. oh...

I told 35 to turn. they were close, man.

and then the numbers switched...

and you couldn't tell them apart anymore.

somebody's got these guys working harder and faster than I've ever seen. that DC-10 was pretty public. it spread itself over a field not half a mile from the interstate. they don't want people gawking at their, uh... what did they call that crash in Florida? involuntary conversion. they sure are busting their asses on this one. they even got the ticket agents serving coffee.

Mr. Keane. where does this go? did I tell you you could touch that? just put that down! hey!

how about some coffee?

hey, wait!

she likes you. what did I do? could it be your breath?

I thought you always got that reaction. gentlemen, they're ready to play the cockpit tapes.

Minneapolis, we are currently heading...

TUA 35, turn to heading...

[static] say again, Minneapolis.

Jesus! Down! oh, my god. down! Go down!

[crash] my god! We hit them! we hit them!

Minneapolis, this is TUA 35 declaring an emergency. we hit another aircraft. looked like a 10. three and four shutting down. we are going down. how much of the wing is gone?

Ron, see what's left. right. would you like some coffee, Mr. Smith? damn! I'm listening... is there anyplace to land?

can you rewind that a little?

still going down. is there anyplace to land? just look for a flat place... anything. they're all dead! what's he talking about? sit down, Ron! they're dead, all of them.

[muffled] They're burned up!

Jesus! We're going to hit!



was that Kennedy shouting? yeah. Rockwell couldn't understand him. run that last part through again.

I'll see if I can clean it up a bit for you.

just look for a flat place... anything. they're all dead! what's he talking about? Sit down, Ron! they're dead, all of them. they're burned up!

burned up? they were going to be. they might as well have been dead already. yeah, but it doesn't make sense. he'd make sense at a time like that? no, not like that. ok. How about the pilots? they're the first on the scene of the accident. how many crash tapes have you heard? god. Too many. how many times do you hear a man come apart like that? ok, but it's got to happen sometime. he goes back there, sees all those people who will die. it's too much for him. obviously, they hadn't burned up yet. what about if... Maybe there was a fire in the cabin. maybe they were burned up already. that won't work. the fuselage was unaffected by fire until after impact.

he just broke under the strain. get me a transcript of that tape.

Roger, set up a press conference for tonight. let's go see what the dead have to say about it. is this gym the biggest place they could find? bill, I've got something interesting for you. these are pretty good bodies here. next door, we got stuff from the DC-10, which is mostly pieces. next of kin will have to look at personal effects mostly. not many faces to show them. then the FBI takes over. we'll be lucky to tag 60% from fingerprints and dental charts. not enough hands, not enough heads. they died of trauma, dismemberment, burns, the usual. we got to get some trucks... they're on their way. we only got this place for two days. the trucks will be here.

I want you to see this. two kinds of watches... Mechanicals and digitals. these digitals didn't do so good. mostly, they're blank. heat wiped them out. but we did find this. yeah. So what? take a closer look.

it's going backwards.

this better not be a joke. it's not. somebody had a gag watch. well, we thought of that. look at this.

good evening. you all have copies of the prepared statement.

I'm William Smith, investigator in charge.

I'll try to answer your questions, but I warn you, we don't know much more than is in that statement. who wants to go first? can you confirm rumors of a computer error being the cause of this crash? that's being looked at. when can we talk to the controller? you'll have to ask the man's lawyer. you're on record as issuing a harsh indictment of the faa for failing to require anticollision devices on all commercial and private aircraft, even though they've been available for over a decade. would you care to comment?

Dr. Mayer, do you know what caused this crash? one of Newton's laws, the one about gravity. can I have an interview, doctor?

I have to ask questions of my own. would you care to reply to Mr. carpenter's charge? no reply at this time. Next question.

I'm Dr. Arnold Mayer, professor of physics at the university.

I remember you. thank you. my question has nothing to do with overloaded computers or negligent air traffic controllers. that should be refreshing.

I doubt it. what unusual facts have you developed so far in your investigation?

I'm not sure I know what you mean. were there any unexplained observations? is there any indication this crash was caused by something less obvious than a computer overload? none at all. Of course, every crash is unique. yet they share common factors. there are things you do and do not expect to find. is the cockpit voice recording unusual?

I can't comment on that. It's confidential. relevant portions will be released soon. you can listen for yourself. all right. But is there anything else odd? have you found any unusual item in the wreckage, any discrepancies in the time sequence of the crash?


I don't know what you're driving at.

I can't be more plain without sounding foolish.

I'm looking for the inexplicable.

I usually find it. somebody made a mistake, and a lot of people died. soon we'll be able to tell you what went wrong. there's no mystery about it. then I salute you.

I'll read your report with interest. all TUA personnel, please check with your supervisor for shift changes. is there anything else you need tonight?

I want the salvage team to work through the night. you got it. better keep crew at the hangar, too. all right. It's done. my secretary managed to get you a room at the marriott. tom, you're staying at the holiday inn. privilege of rank, I guess. they got a beauty pageant there tonight... miss I-94.

I hear the bar's pretty wild. well, I'm out of here. thanks, Roger. your people did a great job. our usual service. all right. Well, I'll see you tomorrow. yeah.

Los Angeles passenger Mr. George Kellerman, please pick up the white courtesy telephone.

Mr. George Kellerman to the white courtesy telephone.

I keep running into you. if you're not running away.

I had to get out of that hangar. thought I'd be sick. you get used to it after a while.

[clank] excuse me. well, we could be stuck here for hours. maybe we'd better get acquainted.

I'm Louise Baltimore, and you're bill Smith. how long is it since you slept? do I look that bad?

I didn't say bad. Just tired. it's got to be 30, 35 hours, but who needs sleep? maybe we could go have coff... dinner and a few drinks. That'd be nifty. am I moving too fast for you?

I can move fast, too. let's go. you should be careful, picking up strange women. you never know where it might lead.


taxi! we could take my car. what kind of car do you drive? what kind? that's mine.

you smoke too much.

I'll quit tomorrow. just like that, huh?

I've heard that story before. it took me over a year to quit. you don't believe me? this is my last cigarette.

was it that good? you were the best thing in a thousand years, bill.

I was, wasn't I?

I was stunned. why? it's been so long since I've...

enjoyed myself...

let alone been swept away.

do you believe in fate?

I will if you will.

I think it was fate that brought us together. you may be right.

I want to spend more time with you.

I'd like that. we'll have all day tomorrow. we'll have all tomorrow night, anyway.

this job is killing you, bill.

you need to take a rest.

take it with me.

the first rule is, never go to bed with anybody crazier than yourself.

I don't know if you're crazier, but you're in the top 10 on my weird list.

if you knew me better...

I'd be number one.


yes, I'd like to cancel the 6:30 wake-up. yes. damn it. They were supposed to call me. well, they can't start till you get there.

bill, you remember we were talking about fate? sure I remember. maybe that's why they didn't call you.

are you listening to me?

I don't get it. this job is wearing you down.

I know it is.

I can't just walk away from it, Louise. why not? the world won't come to an end if you just walk away.

I haven't had a vacation in six years.

I got one coming. in one week, I'll have this investigation started.

I can hand it over to someone else. then I'll take a long look at my life. maybe we can go away somewhere together.

anyway, we've got tonight.

I may not be here tonight.

we'll talk about it tonight.



as to systems surrounding engine number four, which was sheared off in the collision, let's consider the fuel feed first. you'll find that on page 19 of the computer print-out. everybody got that? you will see there was a momentary surge when fuel line number four was severed along with 25 feet of wing tip.

[telephone rings]


Julie, thanks for calling back. no, it has nothing to do with the investigation.

I can't understand it. she was wearing a t.U. Outfit. that's right, Baltimore, like the city. first name, Louise.

I guess I made a mistake, then. thanks, Julie. it looks like the captain had little control.

night, fellas. good night.

we're locking up, Mr. Smith. what's that? there's a guard on that door. knock when you want to go.

I'll do that. Good night.

hell of a mess, huh? one hell of a mess. good night.

it's Smith, isn't it?

I'm not sure. looks like the pictures I saw. is he dead? stunned. god damn it. Where's the stunner? there. he must have been fooling with it. is he out? he's probably seeing and hearing everything. if he is, it's too late. god, what else can go wrong? let's get the hell out.

Smith, you're going to be all right.

I can't tell you who I am, but you're endangering a project bigger than you can imagine. forget about this, or there will be a paradox. you... coventry, send the gate. my god, you think... we didn't make those planes crash.

I swear it.

stand by for time travelers arriving through gate. gantry b operators, prepare for arrival.

we have major problems. what happened? we got the stunner. imagine my relief.

Louise, I want an explanation. our master's voice.

there was a little problem. those words will be engraved in the annals of understatement. your mother was a cash register. and she turned a tidy profit, too.

Louise... what happened? all gate operators, report to decontamination center on shutdown.

do you see that? do you see the red blob on the time line? that is 1989. that's where you just went, and there's the mess you left behind you. it's a god damn paradox. it's a potential paradox. you sent me to get the stunner we lost. Here. you didn't mention Smith was there. he'd found it and stunned himself. he wasn't out when we found him. He saw us. sir, I have a timequake approaching. paradox. Timequake approaching. force three.

a paradox, Louise. you've changed the past. you know we can't change the past. it catches up with us. We change. we haven't changed much. We're all still dying. this place still stinks. You are still ugly. one not much bigger than that could destroy us completely. you're supposed to scan the past. you should have known Smith was there. you're supposed to be ready for the unexpected. you're supposed to be the best. you and your people get the best food, the best quarters. do you realize what it costs to pamper you? he was there. did you want me to kill him? oh, you'd like that. killing him would create the worst paradox imaginable. his life affects thousands of lives in an endless chain. if you break it... you get 1,000 years of bad luck, and none of us is here anymore. all right.

let's go find out what happened. maybe we can still do something.

all I'm getting is temporal censorship. scan past it. what's temporal censorship mean? we can't see where we've been or where we're going. we can only go back to a specific moment once, and never to that same moment again. too bad. If we could... you'll get used to it after more missions. there he is, in the shadow. use rapid scan until he moves.


he knows my name. you probably dropped your calling card.


I didn't mention my name. neither did anyone else. how does he know my name? he's got the initiator.

had Smith met me before? how else would he know your name?

I've never been to that era. should I spell it out for you? give it a try. in Smith's time, he has met you before. in your time, you've met him only once, in the hangar, which means you will go back and meet him earlier.

I spoke to him, sherman. that was not a good idea.

I didn't like talking to him, sherman. you were not helping him. what's that supposed to mean? this seems to be my day for spelling out the obvious.

I suppose I should not complain. come on, you old fraud, prep me for the 1963 flight. the '63 mission will proceed to stage one. the '63 mission will proceed to stage one. you did not smoke enough, Louise. give it to me straight, doc. no new degeneration. the levels of complex hydrocarbons in your blood are depressed due to breathing the primordial atmosphere of the 20th century. they think their air's awful. they ain't seen nothin' yet. maybe I should replace those kidneys. maybe a little kick, get the old blood moving. speed kills, my dear.

uniforms and hair for look-alikes will proceed to stage two. uniforms and hair for look-alikes will proceed to stage two.

sometimes I think you want me to live forever. explain it to me. that's what you're built for. think I know what's happening in my head? hardly. all right. On a normal mission, when you are taking people who are about to die off doomed airplanes, you do not mind treating them roughly. All done. it's because I'm helping them. obviously without you, those people would be dead, so you can function without remorse. but with Smith, it was different.

I don't think I want to hear any more. how's the little featherhead today?

Louise loves you, Orville. She does.

Polly want a chemical-free sterilized cracker?

I should take you to 1963. you could fly.

would you like that? Huh? would you like that?

you left Smith helpless and confused, so there was pain in you. all right, I felt sorry for the bastard, but I'd have shot him if it would straighten things out. as coventry said, you did not have that choice. what choices do I have? you say I have to go back because he met me before. what if I don't go back? what happens to the universe? you must go back. where's my free will? did you lose it?

I will look around for it.

this is awful. you think that's bad? Take a look at this. we located the 1963 crash while you were away. it's likely you will go tomorrow. how are you on the idiom and history?

I know it. who was the U.S. president?

Johnson. no, wait, uh... he was assassinated by... vito corleone?


we've talked about quarks and antineutrinos, but what about people? it's quite a step from demonstrating that subatomic particles can travel backward through time to saying that people can. what would be the result of people traveling in time? for one thing, paradoxes become possible. say you build a time machine, go back, and murder your father when he was 10. that means you were never born. so how did you build a time machine? it's the possibility of paradoxes that make most people rule out time travel by human beings. still, why not? if you were careful, you could do it. you would not go back to kill Adolf Hitler, much as you might like to, because it would change history.

a time traveler would have to be careful, but he could do a surprising number of things.

he could observe, for one. he could find out who was on the grassy knoll that day in Dallas. he will know what we can only guess... that we are destroying our planet by complacency. he will have to live with our legacy of pollution and acid rain. our negligence today is producing a world in which our children's children will be barren and the human race heading towards extinction. he could also take things, providing they wouldn't be missed... water from the pacific ocean, stones from the Grand Canyon.

this may sound pointless, but sometimes very small differences can be crucial. the difference between a dead man and a man who's alive can be very small. what about a man who is about to die, a man no one will ever see alive again? stage three alert. all sections, go.

this is the hard part about looking for time travelers.

they don't want to be found. you must look for them in places where no one is, or where there are people no one will ever see alive again.

all personnel, stand by for departure.

go! go!

[bell rings]

ah. aah! gate attendants, pick up new arrival. pick up new arrival.

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. this is your captain speaking. we are cruising at an altitude of 31,000 feet at a ground speed of 460 miles per hour. if you look out the right side through the clouds, you can see the finger lakes. our expected time of arrival is on schedule at 4:30. so sit back and relax and enjoy the flight.

send the others. everything's nice and quiet. Keep it that way. gantry operators, prepare for arrival. extreme radiation danger. may I get you a pillow? sure.

prepare holding pens for arriving passengers.

I'm through up here. What's up? there's a guy acting funny. he's watching us too close.

get up! aah! oh, my god! take me to see the captain. sir, you can't shoot that. if you depressurize the cabin, you'll kill us all. nobody gets hurt if I see the captain.

[gunshot] aah!

you stinking son of a bitch.

get in there and cork the crew. keep the flight plan steady. riot squad, fast and dirty. this one's falling apart.

did... did that man shoot her? don't worry, honey. It'll be all right. when she fell...

I want you to sleep now.

attention. Attention. initiation phase has commenced. all recovery team personnel, stand by.

'63 flight in force field. holding. all systems to gate. ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats.

ladies and gentlemen, please move toward the rear exit door. please step onto the ramp. walk quickly to the bottom and follow instructions. let's get you out of here. that's the survivor. Help me with Susan. please step onto the ramp. walk quickly to the bottom and follow instructions. you will be taken to a safety area.

please step onto the ramp. walk quickly to the bottom and follow instructions. you will be taken to a safety area.

please step onto the ramp.

all substitute bodies will be placed strictly according to the passenger list. passengers now in transit. prepare to activate holding pen force fields.

now we know a hijacker caused this crash. we know there was a survivor. we know when it crashed. we just have to duplicate it.

I stopped it.

I stopped the bullet. you saved us all, kid.

hang in there. You'll be all right. he fired his gun in the cockpit. have djakarta attach a 5-k bomb to the windscreen. that should duplicate the effect.

I lost it. what, Susan? what did you lose? stun. stunner.

I lost the stunner.

look out.

stop it! Hold the gate! stop her!

Baltimore, get out of there! no time, Louise! No time!

Louise, there's a bomb!

one of my team was shot. in the confusion, a stunner was lost. it was too late to get it. preventing a paradox is more important than individual lives. blame is secondary at this point. the first stunner you lost in 1989 ended up in bill Smith's possession. he knows what it can do. then you went back to 1963 and lost another stunner. the computers estimate it wound up in Arnold Mayer's possession. if he learns what it does, he might learn how it works. the council has decided to risk another mission to 1989. you'll meet Smith the day before you saw him in the hangar. prevent him from going to that hangar the next night. since he knew your name when he saw you, he must have met you previously. therefore, you did go back. must go back.

I can't get away from you.

I would be a poor personal robot if you could.

I lost a good girl on that plane. what was the council's epitaph for her? preventing a paradox is more important than individual lives.

Susan knew that. She accepted it.

I just...

I couldn't leave her. it is not necessary to destroy your soul in this job, Louise, but a certain amount of violence will be done to it.

you made the wrong choice. it is easy for them to make cold choices, Louise. they are hardly human anymore.

am I so different? we're all dying. they're just a little further along. you are different. you have feelings.

they want me to go back.

you have to go back. he must be kept out of that hangar. this isn't a job for me, sherman. you want somebody's head bashed, I'm your girl. you will have to learn new methods. you can do it.

I know you can.

then let's go do it. standard metal fatigue. somebody's got these guys working harder and faster than I've ever seen. that DC-10 was pretty public. it spread itself over a field half a mile from the interstate. what did they call that crash in Florida? involuntary conversion. they made a profit on that when the insurance paid off. they're busting their asses on this. take this coffee over there. they even got the ticket agents serving coffee. put that down! did I tell you you could touch that? hey. how about some coffee? what a long night ahead of us. hey, wait a minute.

declaring an emergency! we hit another aircraft! looked like a 10. three and four shutting down. we are going down! Repeat! Going down! how much of the wing is gone?

Ron, see what's left! some coffee, Mr. Smith? damn it! I'm listening... still going down. is there anyplace to land?

[tape player is turned off]

sherman, he's seen me again.

I think he's interested. What next? ahem. what now, sherman? think of something. take him to dinner. someplace romantic. how do I do that? pick him up, my dear. how? drop your hankie. Wiggle your behind. you're the woman, Louise. you figure it out. just be subtle.

Louise is about as subtle as a lead pipe. thanks. it should be appropriate to the era as well as stimulating to the contemporary male. sorry about the high heels.

I keep running into you. if you're not running away.

I had to get out of that hangar.

I thought I'd be sick. you get used to it.

oh! excuse me.

well, we could be stuck here for hours. maybe we'd better get acquainted.



we could take my car. what kind of car do you drive? what kind? that's mine.

why don't you get in?

you got the keys? keys?

[car starts]

whoa! the tower clear you for that takeoff?

so, do you know Minneapolis? naw. I've only been here... watch it! a couple of times.

I know a good place. anyplace is fine. something wrong? just watch... Jesus!

[horn honking] you really drive this thing.

are we almost there? another two minutes at this velocity.

how long you had this car? oh, ah... Forever.

you must be the luckiest woman in the world.

[honk honk] hey! What are you doing?


you all right?

I feel like I should kiss the ground.

wow! can't get that anymore.

I'll have another one. forget the water. can't get it anymore? it's old, but it's not that old. oh, I mean, I can't usually afford... are you ready to order? bill, would you order for me?

I can never decide. ok. The sole and a tossed salad and Italian dressing.

that's the first time I've ordered for a girl since after the senior prom in high school. did I act improperly? no. no. It's just... Haven't you ever heard of women's lib? suffragette movement, 19th amendment, Rosie the riveter, bra burning, Gloria steinem, e.R.A., battle of the sexes. who won?

I think it's still being fought. we might call a truce for tonight.

I'd like that. who won? you have a strange sense of humor. sometimes it's like you grew up in a foreign country.

I did.

I grew up abroad, overseas. whereabouts?


I'm from France. My father was posted there. he was a warrior. soldier? that's right. A soldier. well, to France, then. excuse me. your table's ready for you now.

that's a real habit you got.

what habit is that?

I've never seen anyone eat and smoke at the same time.

where did it go? if you hear someone scream, that's probably where it is.

Louise, you got to quit. that tobacco's ruining your brain.

so you never remarried, and you don't have a girlfriend? isn't that a little unusual? is it?

I guess so.

I don't know. Sometimes I wish i...

what? done things differently, I guess. the job always came first.

I know what you mean. that's how I feel about my job. yours doesn't take you away in the middle of the night and keep you gone a couple of months. when I got back, my girl had usually gone. maybe you didn't find the right girl. maybe. tom says I'm burning out.

whatever, I just gave up looking. took a lot of cold showers.

you find it difficult to talk about yourself. that's all I've been doing.

well, you're right. I can't... open up emotionally? that's it.

I'm no good at... expressing yourself?

I couldn't have said it better myself. what about you?

why aren't you married?

I can't have any children.

I'm sorry. but that's not the only reason to get married. would be for me.

I'd like to get out of here. where are you staying? I can drive you there. for a minute, I forgot.

I haven't even seen the room.

I was going to ask you if it's nice. you can come up and take a look.

it is nice.

at least they delivered my luggage.

"compliments of the management." that's real nice. that is nice.

would you like an apple?

what's so funny?

I don't know. you just seem to do everything a little different from everyone else. is that bad?

I don't think so.

let's find out.

this may not have been such a good idea. why not? you don't find me attractive? no. It's not that. It's just... wait. try it again. please.

I really want this to work.

I really need this to work.

let me get the light. the hell with the light.

there's a spare toothbrush in there, if that's what you're looking for.

I thought you were sleeping.

I think I was.

come here.

you smoke too much.

I'll quit tomorrow. just like that, huh?

I've heard that story before. took me over a year to quit. you don't believe me? this is my last cigarette.

damn it! They were supposed to call me. well, they can't start till you get there.

bill, you remember we were talking about fate? sure I remember. maybe that's why they didn't call you.

are you listening to me?

I don't get it. this job is wearing you down.

I know it is.

I can't just walk away from it, Louise. why not? the world's not going to come to an end if you just walk away.

I haven't had a vacation in six years.

I got one coming. in one week, I'll have this investigation started, and I can hand it over to someone else. then I'll take a long look at my life. maybe we can go away somewhere together. anyway, we got tonight.

I may not be here tonight.

stay with me.

I can't.

we'll talk about it tonight.

Sherman, send the gate.


gate operation terminated. all controls to zero.

hmm. he'll never miss it. what happened? did you stop him?

Sherman, get my uniform. paradox! Timequake approaching! force seven.

I have to talk to the council. there isn't much time! here's what happened after I left.

going over every single piece of wreckage in this hangar. identify it. Tag it. you don't know what something is, bring it to me. what are we looking for?

I'll know when I see it. we'll reassemble the 747 from the ground up. bill, are you sure? that's all. he's forgotten all about what really caused the crash. now he's looking for the stunner... and for me.

we're wasting time, bill. you can't learn anything from this. rebuild it... every inch of it, day and night.

I'll approve the overtime.

the boss is on the phone from Washington. tell him I'll call him back. he says get back there or you'll be fired. well, that sounds fairly urgent. want me to go with you? being around me might not be good for your career. he's doing his job badly now. it had to lead to conflict with his superiors. bill, I've always backed you because you were a good investigator.

I let you run with this even if I couldn't see the reason, but you've turned up nothing new. what do you expect to find? if I knew, I wouldn't have to look so hard.

this crash has been crazy from the start... like the watches that ran backwards. you said that wasn't important.

I didn't think so. Now I do. and the cockpit tape... the engineers screaming that they're all dead and burned. was it computer error or not?

yeah. soon as we get your report saying that, we can recommend getting new computers. that's a big appropriation, and congress is ready to spend the money.

something happened... In the hangar.

I found something.

I think it knocked me out.

they came and took it from me.

and now they're watching me.

I can feel it.

they can go anywhere... look anywhere.

there was this... Girl.

now he'll go see Dr. Mayer.

Dr. Mayer doesn't have the answers, but he has one of these. it's the stunner Susan lost in 1963.

Smith has the initiator. you put them together, and it spells paradox.

come in, Mr. Smith. been expecting you. that's it. it's all temporal censorship from there.

that means I will go back.

I can stop the paradox if I leave now. the watches, the cockpit voice recording... that could be important, but you say she didn't know you. she said I looked like my pictures. then she hadn't met you yet.

I told you, we spent the night together. it was unforgettable. you're missing the point. she finds you in the hangar on the night of the 5th. she returns to wherever she's from. then, for reasons of her own, she returns to the 4th and meets you for the first time from her point of view. she's traveling in time.

there has to be another answer. it's time I showed you something.

I've been working on a puzzle for 25 years. you may be the missing piece. that's it! Where'd you get it? what is it? it's some kind of weapon. all systems green. quadrants interlock. all systems go. two minutes. Baltimore, solo, 1989. two minutes. all I want to do is find her.

I don't care about anything else. bill, I think you'll see her again. how do you know so much about her? because of this object. it's very important.

I've run tests over the years.

I still don't know what it's made of. we can't make one in the 20th century. where'd you get it? in the wreckage of a 707 that crashed in upstate New York in 1963.

I was on that plane. that can't be. the only survivor was a boy named...

William Collins. my mother remarried, and I took the name.

this is incredible.

then you must... what do you remember?

I don't think about it much. you must remember something.

I don't remember the crash at all. before that... people were shouting. somebody got shot. they found a gun with one shot fired. it was a mental patient, a hijacker. there was this lady.

it was her.

I remember it now. she told me everything would be all right. she knew you'd survive. why didn't she die in the crash? she got off, but left this. she'll want it back. after 25 years? Our time. in her time, she just lost it yesterday. this shouldn't be here. we're living in her past. if she changes her past, creates a paradox, then her world is destroyed. we'll see more of Louise Baltimore. laser beams, prepare for countdown. time tones intimate at 6 seconds.

5, 4...

I may not make it back. you will be back. all systems green.

30 seconds.

Baltimore, solo, 1989.

30 seconds. this came off mine.

you know too much.

I don't have much time, but I'll answer questions. doctor, I'll have to take that. you take people off planes just before they crash. we replace what we take with dead bodies.

I'm glad you came back.

but the relatives identify them. they identify the wrong people. we duplicate them... fingerprints, dental records. we're very good at what we do. then you are from the future. about 1,000 years.

it must be incredible. it must be horrible. it's awful. we're all dying. we can make the bodies, but not the souls. we can't have children anymore. we steal people from the past to send them somewhere else to start over... to give them a second chance.

I have to take that stunner back with me, Dr. Mayer. it could cause a paradox.

I'm going with you. you can't, bill. Haven't you heard anything I've said? you said you were dying. So am I. the whole race is dying, all of humanity. we're all going to die. what matters is now... this moment.

I can't take anything with me that'll be missed. no one's going to miss me.

the stunner, Dr. Mayer. that's what I came for.

I knew I was right.


he's dead.

the paradox has happened.

I got to get out of here.

take me with you.

Sherman, send the gate.

watch that first step. It's a killer.

oh ho! Owww! timequake. force infinity. paradox. timequake. Force infinity.

Mr. Smith, I presume.

come on.

Mayer's work would have changed history. he wasn't supposed to die for six years.

I tried to stop him. it's all over. the paradox is here. if you had left things alone, this wouldn't have happened.

I did what I had to do. our world is at an end. all evidence of our existence will be washed away. we must attempt to send those we have saved into a distant future beyond the gate.

coventry... reverse the gate.

get out! get out! Everybody get out! go, Louise.

get him out of here.

open the holding pens! release everyone and send them to the gate. you will awake now.

remain calm. Remain calm. all right! Come on! Let's go!

proceed to the gate as quickly as possible. proceed in single file to the main terminal. remain calm. do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. no harm will come to you. follow directions.

walk toward the light and step into the light.

move along. move along! everything's all right. please remain calm.

single file. Walk into the light.

you'll be all right. Keep moving. single file. Walk into the light. walk toward the light and step into the light. aah!

our work is done.

I move we adjourn. seconded.

just keep moving. walk through the light. walk into the light.

time to go, bill.

the gate will be destroyed in two minutes. what happens when the gate's gone? like a nuclear bomb.

step through, bill.


none of us can go. only you. then I'm not going either.

take a chance, Louise. go with him. you are going to have his child.

the gate will be destroyed in one minute.

Sherman, come with us. there is no place for me where you are going.

go! now!

this is not the end.

this is not the beginning of the end.

it is the end of the beginning.