Mimic: Sentinel (2003) Script

[ Clicking, rustling, wings flapping ]

[ Camera shutter clicks, camera winds ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Clicking, rustling ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

[ Music swells ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

Marvin, you gotta come see this shit.

-Did you get my pictures? -Yeah. You gotta come outside.

Me and Des found something.

-What is it? -You'll see.

Mom's home. She won't want me to leave.

We can sneak past.

''Citizen's Arrest'' is on. You gotta.

What is it you want me to see?

l think we found a dead body.

[ Chuckles ]

Going out, mom. Back in a few.

Stay close.


Oh, shit, it's too dark to see now, but the body's down there. l don't see anything. lt's at the bottom.

You high, Rosy?

No. lt's been, like, two hours.


Do you think it's real?

When did you guys find it?

Find what?

The body in the sewer. l don't know. We were pretty messed up.

Get doubles of these. l want to send one to the cops. lf l'd known you were gonna get worked up, l wouldn't have shown you.

Did you finish my biology homework?

Look underneath.

What do you see?


He's new.


The dark guy with the trash bags?

He moved in last week above Birdman.

What are you looking at now?


Ma Bell.

Still yammering at the grandkids?

Looks it.

Did l tell you l met your veiled lady?

What's her name?

Carmen. She's a dentist's assistant.

ls she nice? ls she nice? Sure. l'll bring her around sometime.

You might like her.

You might even, l don't know, not die a virgin.


Unless you're allergic to that, too.

Shut up.

Well, don't be so hypersensitive.

Oh, that gets funnier each night.

Oh, my God.

World's Number-One Dad just lost his shit.

And look.

l found that downstairs. ls that Number-One Son?

Yeah, and...

And l took this two days ago.

You see the shadow? lt moved.

Oh, my God. That shadow moved?


Well, call the National Guard.

Call the Space Marines. Call the cops.

They love this great fake-detective routine.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

You're scaring yourself because you're bored. l'm only looking.

That picture is so blurry, it could be Bigfoot.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Camera shutter clicks, camera winds ]

[ Gasps ]

Hey, Rose.

Hey, Des.

Check this out.

Huh? You got any matches?

What's up?

[ Knock on door ]

-[ Door opens ] -Dinnertime!

[ Door closes ]

[ Camera shutter clicks, camera winds ] lf you can stand to be away from the window long enough to eat.

Hi, Ma.

[ Sighs ]

Oh, God.

What the neighbors must think.

[ Scoffs ]

Hey, why do you leave the lights on?

So they can see you?

Hey, Ma... l seen Rosy with this guy, and, um... and l think he's a drug dealer.

Rosy's a big girl.

Yeah, but don't you think lately she's been acting kinda off?

[ Sighs ]

You didn't like the lunch l made you.

l took the pills.

You can't live on pills alone.

Oh, baby. You're so fragile.

You can't afford to skip a meal.

Yeah, l wasn't hungry.

l don't want to be made to worry about you like this.

Well, l been thinking again about finding my own place.

You know that's not possible.

Dr. Carson seems to think it's a good idea.

He sees you once a month. He doesn't know how you are. l'm 2 4 years old, Ma. l'll take care of things.

Will you finish your dinner tonight? l can't stay here forever.

l love you.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Camera shutter clicks, camera winds ]



[ Laughs ]

Uh, Carmen, this is my brother.

Marvin obviously knows who you are.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, my God. You weren't kidding.

lt's kinda pervy.

You got a good eye. l got good subjects.

What he's got is a compulsion.

How long have you been doing this?

1 0 years, l guess.

Yeah, since he got sick. l was one of the last kids to get Stricklers'.

You were one of those roach kids?

Well, l prefer ''Bubble Boy.''

Oh. Right on.

What were they called?

-Judas Breed. -Right.

You ever see any of them? lt didn't work like that.

[ Laughs ] Sure he did. All the time.

Shut up, Rosy.

He was on the phone to the CDC every week.

He thought he was Smokey the Bear of giant roaches.

[ Chuckles ] l was 8 years old.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, try 1 6.

His therapist said he felt bad

'cause they created the Judas for kids like him.

Kill the roaches that are making them sick.

You didn't tell me l was on here!

-Yeah, um... -[ Laughs ]

Did you want them back? l mean, do you want them?

No. l mean, why would l want pictures of myself?

Can l have this one, though?

Yeah, sure.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

-May l look? -Yeah, just a sec.

What do you see?

Des is dealing Ma Bell dope.

What's a ''Des''?

Desmond, her boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

You okay?

And Ma Bell.

She's always talking to her grandkids, so we call her that.

-Mrs. Leibowitz? -Uh-huh. You know her? l hear her at night. She's a phone-sex operator.

Are you okay?

Um... you smoke.

What? lt's an allergy thing. l put it out before l came inside.

He's hypersensitive.

Well, should l go? l mean, l'm sorry, you know?

-Sorry. lt's, uh... -l'm sorry.

-l didn't think. -lt's all right.

Yeah, take it easy.

l think she likes you.

[ Car alarm beeping ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Car alarm chirps ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Metal clatters ]

Ma Bell's running from something.

No kidding.

[ Clicking ]

Garbageman's down there.

Can you get me more film? l'm busy.

Aah !

Holy shit!


He's hurt. l think there's blood.

Where is he?

[ Squishing ]

-Where? -He's right there.


[ Shouting ]

Jesus, what happened? l don't know.

Well, what did you see?

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Thud, scraping ]



Mom !


We have to call the cops.

[ Knock on door ]

-Hi. -Detective Dumars.

Well, thanks for coming.

No problem.


[ Chuckles ]

Do l know you?

Do you want to come in?


[ Sighs ]

What seems to be the problem?

Well... my kids think they saw something.

-Somebody was hurt. -Killed.

[ Chuckles nervously ]

Oh, um, my son is a Stricklers' disease survivor.

He's environmentally hypersensitive.

Oh. Must be very hard on you.

Yeah, it happened over there, near the entrance of the alley.

His name's Desmond.


He was covered in blood, and then he disappeared.

He was hurt?


Was, uh... anybody else around?

He saw the Garbageman. l think l did.

Okay. Okay, l bite.

Who's the Garbageman?


You took these pictures?

-lt's his hobby. -Yeah. l'm not sure it's legal.

Oh... [ Chuckles ]

He's harmless.

This guy was at the scene when -- what's his name?

-Desmond. -When Desmond disappeared?

Yeah, and there was blood.

The rain washed it away.

Get any pictures of that?

No, l was out of film.

Yeah, well...

Gee, l wonder what Desmond does for a living.

[ Rosy mumbles ]


Well, l, um... might as well go have a chat with the Garbageman.

l don't see him.

[ Sighs ] The guy's harmless.

ROS Y: Well, who is he?

He didn't see anything happen.

-Did you get his name? -Never mind his name.

What about the garbage bags? Why does he come out at night?

Maybe he collects food for the shelters.

What do you mean, maybe? Did you talk to him?


Oh, l brought two glasses.

No, my shift ends in 20 minutes. ls there a Mr. Montrose l should be getting a statement from?

-Yeah. -No.

Cancer. l'm so sorry to hear that.

What about Desmond?

Your friend, right?

[ Sighs ] Listen, l don't know what to do, considering.

Considering what?

Marvin's past.

That's where we first met. The precinct. l took your statement the last time Marvin witnessed a crime.

Oh, right. l'm surprised you remembered.

That must be three years ago.

You didn't even talk --

Easy, Marvin.

Maybe you need to spend a little less time peeping.

Okay, look, we both saw Desmond get killed.

Rosy! Please.

No, no, no. She seems certain.

Are you?

And what about you? What did you see? lt looked like something happened. lt looked like something happened?

Are you 1 00% sure, Marvin?

You saw a murder?

l don't know.

[ Scoffs ]

lt doesn't sound like trouble to me, but... l can check in on you from time to time.

Could you do that...


Yeah. Sure. l can put some of my guys on patrol.

Keep an eye on the 'hood.

And... call me Gary.

[ lndistinct conversation, laughter in distance ]

DUMARS : No, no, no, it's not a problem.


No, are you kidding?

[ Laughs ]

-Oh, stop. -[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ]

Rosy, hey.

Hey, fink.

Hey, Carmen.


You okay? l saw you outside. l'm fine. ls this the thing about Rosy's dealer?

He's not my dealer.

Rosy was telling me about this garbage guy. l've seen him around.

What's he look like? His face? l don't know. lt's a face. l never really noticed.

Are those the cops Dumars put downstairs?

Yeah. ls he still on the couch with mom?


Are you okay?

[ Wheezes, clears throat ]

Oh, um... l haven't smoked in two days.

You're a good influence on me.

What the hell is he doing?



There's something glowing in his apartment.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]


Can l see?

[ Gasps ] You're wearing perfume.


Oh, God ! l didn't even think!

-lt's okay. -l'm so sorry.

He might be allergic to you.

-Shut up, Rosy. -Shut up, Rosy.

-l'm gonna go. -l'm coming.

-l'm sorry. -l'm sorry.

-[ Sighs ] -Okay, l'm sorry.

[ Knock on door ]

Come in.

[ Door opens, closes ]

-Hey. -Hey.

You're alone.

Yeah, Rosy's arguing with your mom and Dumars.

-Guess what. -What? l've given up everything.

No cigarettes. No perfume. l'm clean, harmless.

You could eat off me. [ Laughs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

God, what a corncob.

What's Dumars doing now?

Trying to pork mom, accusing me of being a junkie. l want to smash him.

How's Garbage?

He doesn't leave his apartment anymore.

Just watches.

Sounds familiar.

Des has been gone long enough to be a missing person.

CARMEN : Did you ask Officer Dumars?

[ Scoffs ] Whatever.

He's got other things on his mind.

Hey, can l look?


Are you okay?

Are you taking anything? l haven't had anything since Des has been gone. lt's part of the problem.

There's Mrs. Leibowitz.

Ma Bell?

Yeah, she's been down there for a while. l think she's looking for Desmond.

Like Rosy? Lost a fix.

Fuck off, Carmen. Or get on with fucking my brother so l can stop chaperoning you over here.


l'm sorry. lt's just... l don't know what we saw, but it looked bad.

And Garbageman... l gotta do something.

You know, my dad's the building manager.

Bad idea.

What idea? lt would be the easiest thing to get a key to Garbageman's apartment.

Terrible, terrible idea.

And Marvin could keep watch for us.

Here's my mobile number.

Haven't you guys seen this movie?

Fucking terrible idea.

What do you think?

The Pastures.


Adam Pasture.

The kid who disappeared last week.

His family would have reported him missing.

We could talk to them. See what they know.

And it might help get Dumars to take us serious-ly.

[ Dumars and Simone laughing, moaning in distance ]

DUMARS : Come on, it's not gonna hurt.

803. This should be the Pastures.

# Why must all the boys act so shy? #

# l have guessed the reason why #

# l may be as Brown as a berry #

# But that's only secondary #

# And you can't tell the difference after dark #

# Mmm, l may not be so appealing #

# But l've got that certain feeling #

# And you can't tell the difference after dark #

# They say that gentlemen prefer the blond hair #

# Ladies, tell me, am l out of style #

# Just because l'm slightly shady? #

# Wait until l've won you #

# And my love drops down upon you #

# You can't tell the difference after dark #

# Oh, go be yourself, now #

# Beat it on out there, boys #

[ Telephone rings ]

Yeah? lt's Carmen. There's no answer. l can't see through the curtains.

What's Garbageman doing?

Um... l can't tell. His apartment's dark.

Maybe he's gone. l don't know.

He's been hanging out in the dark lately.




He's in Birdman's apartment.

You sure?

He's just standing there.

Then he's not home.

[ Dial tone ]


[ Dumars moans in distance ]

[ Telephone rings ]


Marvin, we're inside.

Carmen, there's two of them.

God, it smells like shit in here.

Two of who?

-Two Garbagemen. -What?

Maybe neither of them are him. You need to get out of there.

Now, just a sec. Rosy found feathers.

They're gray, like pigeons or something. l don't think it's him.

Oh, l just figured out what was glowing. lt's his fridge. lt's padlocked.

Carmen, get Rosy. Get out of there.

She's trying to find a light switch.

Carmen, can you hear me?

Yes, dear, l can hear you. l know you think this is a bad idea, but...

-[ Rosy screams ] -Rosy, no!

Carmen, get out!

[ Dial tone ]



Mom !

[ Dumars and Simone moaning, grunting ]

Mom ! Rosy's in trouble!

SlMONE : 1 0 minutes!

Mom ! lt's serious!

[ Moaning, grunting stop ]

DUMARS : God damn it!

[ lndistinct shouting in distance ]

[ lndistinct arguing ]

DUMARS : You are way too old for this!

Just go over there!

SlMONE : l just don't understand.

Rosy was in Garbageman's apartment, and then he took her!

What do you mean?

Haven't we bugged this guy enough?

Rosy could be dead right now!

-l'm calling the cops. -l am the cops! l mean the real cops.

[ Knock on door ]


She says she lives here.

Yeah, we're her parents. l'd appreciate it if you kept an eye on her.

Are you okay?

What happened, exactly?

She was in my apartment. l don't think she stole anything.

What were you doing in there? Are you stealing? ls this about drugs?

-No. -This won't happen again.

You are not leaving till you are cleaned up.

Who do you think you are?

Oh, Rosy!

Now, you are grounded. Get in your room.

-Fuck off. -Get...

MARVlN : Rosy.

-l'm sorry. -l'll file a report if you want.

No. Thank you.

Thank you. We won't bother you again. l appreciate that.

-Good night. -Night.

[ Sighing ]

Why didn't he recognize you? l thought you had a talk with him.

Why do you insist on doing this to your mother?

You're too old to ground.

He couldn't go anywhere anyway.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Okay. l'll see you in a second.


How you doing?


Carmen's place is great.


You think you'll stay long? l don't know.

Do you think Dumars has any terminal diseases?

DUMARS : Yeah, okay, babe. l'll talk to you soon.

[ Chuckles ]


Talk to you soon. Bye.


You're in my room.

Well, that was your mom. She'll be home soon.

She's, uh...


-Leave it. -Sorry. l said, ''Leave it''!

So, Marvin...

l want us... l want us to be friends.

So what exactly is your beef? l just don't know what you're doing.

[ Scoffs ] Well...

[ Sighs ]

Well, your mom...

She's a special lady.

And she really digs me.

And l think that what we've got could really blossom. l don't want to know what you do with my mom, just so long as you never pretend to be my dad.

[ Chuckles ]

And stop pretending that you don't believe me and assigning these guys to the courtyard.


Who's the official-looking guy in the car?

Let me see.

And there's another one.

And another one.

Those aren't my guys. l might as well be a beat cop. l don't even have ''guys.''

l'm... l'm sorry. l was trying to impress your mom. l don't even have the authority to put men on patrol.

Well, then who are they?

Well... maybe l could find out.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Hey, you're home. What are you doing out here?

Oh, trying not to smoke.

Because of Marvin? That's so sweet.

Shit, it's Garbageman.

What the hell is this?

This was supposed to happen tomorrow. l'm out of time. lt's now or never. ls it stable? lf you keep it cold.

l don't like it.

-[ Bottles clinking ] -Watch it! l'm very, very sorry. lt was a mistake.

-Oh. -A little mistake. l'm very sorry.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clicking ]

Excuse me, sir?


Just a moment.

[ Snarls, screeches ]

[ Roars ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Roars ]

[ Woman screams ]

[ Labored breathing ]

The phone.

Where's the fucking phone?

[ Telephone rings ]

-CARMEN : Marvin? -Where are you?

Following Garbageman. We need your eyes.

We need help.

[ Dial tone ]

[ Sniffing ]

[ Clicking, gurgling ]

Close it.


[ Ringing ]

OPERATOR: The customer you are trying to reach is out...

[ Clicking ]

[ Ringing ]

Oh, my God.

Well... fuck.

What's going on?

You're about to get what you paid for.


-[ Clicking ] -Fuck!

[ Roars ]

[ Pincers plunging ]

Aah !

[ Roaring, plunging stop ]

[ Wings flapping, Carmen sobbing ]

CARMEN : Oh, my God !

[ Wings flapping ]

-[ Dog barking in distance ] -No! No!

[ Labored breathing ]

Let me help.

She won't stop bleeding.


The blood draws them.

[ Ringing ]



[ Sobbing ] Oh, my God !


Let her out!

Hush. You're gonna help me.

-[ Ringing ] -Come on, come on.

Come on.

OPERATOR: 9 1 1 emergency.

The Judas breed. l've seen two of them.

Could you repeat that, sir?

Two people are dead. A cop is dead.

My sister's been... killed.

[ Wings flapping ]

-[ Metal clattering ] -[ Rosy screaming ]

Come on.


[ Clicking, screeching ]

[ Wings flapping ]

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Labored breathing ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Clattering ]

[ Rustling ]

GARBAGEMAN : Give me the goddamn phone.

-The Judas egg. -Smart boy.

That's a king egg. That's a fertile male.

Yeah. l have an emergency.

Forward this to the CDC, A.D. Kirschner. lmmediately.

Authorization 1 9 7 66 7.

We've got two specimens.

They're soldier caste. Probably more.

What's the matter? l'm allergic to roaches.


Then you'll be my coal miner's canary.

[ Grunts, gasps ]

Put that in the fridge.

Nobody does anything stupid, and nobody has to die early.

We have to destroy it.

Now, that qualifies as stupid.

A fertile male could establish a new colony.

A new outbreak.

Deck chairs on the ''Titanic.''

That egg is one of thousands.

They're hoarding them. Waiting.

We have to destroy it. We have to try to --

Hey, l will kill you. So help me God, l'll kill you.


That egg equals my getaway money.

As far from civilization as l can get.

We've already lost. lt's over.

-Empty that around the door. -lt's kerosene.

They don't like fire.

That doesn't make any sense. They don't have intelligence.

Strategize, reason.

They adapt. That's how we made them.

They don't have to be any bigger or stronger, so they got smarter.

This is not a city anymore. lt's a goddamn killing jar.

The door!

[ Lock rattling ]

-Mom. -Yeah?

Why aren't you in your room?

Run !

Close the goddamn door!

Oh, my God.

[ Gasping ]

[ Clicking ]

-[ Screeching ] -Aah !

[ Screeching ]

[ Carmen screaming ]

[ Rifle cocks ]

[ Screeches ]

[ Clicking ]

[ Screeches ]

MARVlN : Don't shoot. lt's us.


[ Metal clattering, rustling ]

[ Gas hissing, stove clicking ]

[ Screeches, roars ]

-[ Labored breathing ] -[ Clicking ]

-[ Shouting ] -[ Clattering ]

-[ Screaming ] -[ Screeching ]

[ Screeching ]

-[ Screaming ] -[ Screeching ]

[ Screaming ]

[ lndistinct talking on police radio ]

[ Bottles clinking ]

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Muffled ] ls Carmen alive?

He's trying to talk.

[ Monitor beeping ]