Ming yue ji shi you (2017) Script

Back then Before the Japanese took South China Our team captain, Zeng Sheng He was in Dongguan He was sending guerrillas to Hong Kong

Their first mission was to rescue scholars and intellectuals who had fled occupied China Many were stranded in Hong Kong when it fell to Japan He co-ordinated their rescue

This is an emergency mission We've established two escape routes The intellectuals have been grouped by age And by their fitness and their recognizability

The eastern route runs from Ngau Chi Wan and Sai Kung Mires Bay, Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha to White Sand Bay The western route runs from Kowloon It goes along Castle Peak Road and Tsuen Wan through Tai Mo Shan and Yuen Long and along the Shenzhen River to Bao An For their safety...

Their transport...

Their food and lodging...

We all share responsibility

Who exactly are we rescuing?

Agents from Nanjing are bringing a list of names to Wong Kau-Tin, the godfather of Kowloon He will hand it over to the Japanese We plan to intercept that list Why would Nanjing do that?

They'll get benefits in return The bastards!

This mission will be dangerous And expensive Our orders from above are to make sure that the evacuees get two meals a day and a tael of oil Our own daily rations will be cut to 75 cents And half a tael of oil These days Hong Kong is full of bandits The overland route will cross their turf For example, the route goes through Tai Mo Shan which is controlled by Siu Tin-Loi and Big Eyeballs If we aren't careful someone might die Brother Tsang You control Meizhou We'll need you to exercise your influence now For sure

Respected gentlemen I am Blackie Lau Brother Tsang has asked you to meet us because we have a favor to ask of you Does Tsang's influence now cover our turf too?

He should respect the limits!

We know the rules But we need safe passage We just need to pass through your area Nothing else will change Safe passage?

We've never granted that, have we?


You don't trust Brother Tsang?

Who'll pay the protection money?

There's a war on, brother! We're poor too We do have men of our own, just a few

I can do him this favor I'll expect a return favor one day On behalf of Brother Tsang, I thank you


Mrs Shen!

Mrs Shen!

I'll do it, let me Thank you

What are these?

A kind of biscuit Have some water, Mr Shen Thank you

Let me Finding a room to rent is hard these days, Mrs Shen My uncle has just rented a room And gangsters are always asking for protection money!

He can hardly sleep, he's so scared We're like family!

I charge less rent than anyone around here I know, Mrs Fong, that's not why We're very comfortable here We really don't want to leave But

There's no food, no fuel, sometimes not even water Mr Shen is in poor health I can't manage on my own If we stay with our friends we can share the burden and help each other We won't need to bother you any more I won't hear of it!

Well We're family here Don't worry about next month's rent I won't charge interest if you pay it late The rent isn't the problem, Mrs Fong We really have to move

Please do reconsider Do reconsider You don't want the biscuits?

I'll put them away Do reconsider

Thank you

Nobody must know that we're leaving

My little bunny let's find you some grass

You go back to the wild, okay?

When your mother finds out you've let it go she'll be furious We're starving anyway, it makes no difference But rabbit stew is so delicious!

Lee Gam-Wing!

If we only had some butter I could make you some nice hors d'oeuvre Escargot bourguignonne And pan-fried At a time like this, you think about French cuisine?

It's spouting foam Let it go

Happy birthday

Make a wish Without a candle?

Needs must

Okay Thank you Cake...

Let's get married Have the ceremony, throw a small banquet Then, for as long as we live I'll cook for you every day

Why get married now?

I'm happy just to be alive

I have to go The school's closed My relatives have gone back to China Where are you going?

Lee Gam-Wing, what are you thinking?

You just proposed marriage and now you're leaving?

If you accept me we can have the ceremony first You can stay with your mother for now, or move to China with her, and I'll join you later What's the point of marrying if you're leaving?

Leave if you want, why worry about marriage?

I'm not worried maybe just impulsive

Then think before you speak!

(Japanese) The new year brings a new dawn Guided by His Highness the Emperor, in this auspicious year of 2602 our imperial army shakes the continent All the way to the south The parade is over General Nakamura Kotaro signals with his sword The 20,000 hand-picked men stationed in the capital led by the infantry march in time with the martial music On his steed Snow, His Highness sends them off with a solemn wave To die for the Emperor! No turning back!

Our indomitably loyal troops

The Imperial Army of Japan invites Mr Mao Dun, Mr Zou Taofen Mr Mei Lanfang Mr Situ Huimin and Mr Xia Yan to attend an important meeting at the Peninsula Hotel It's chaotic, everyone wants to leave And there's always someone trying to make money

If you run into gangsters they'll take your life and your money!

Traitors merely turn you in We can't run around looking for a way out

Find someone trustworthy to help Stay indoors, if there's any news my wife will let you know Try to stay inconspicuous Let's go separately, stick to the back-streets

Mr Shen Mr Shen is here!

Your books have arrived Thank you, Mr Tang

The escape plan is here

Write down the place where you're staying Be specific Take a seat

Don't go out tomorrow afternoon Someone will come to pick up you and your wife Zou Taofen will be with us too Yes I don't know the person picking us up!

Easy, there's a code Follow the code and there'll be no problem The code is

"Where's the man from Jiangxi?"

And the answer: "At my place"

Carry as little as you can It's far, and there'll be no porter

You can't go in those clothes Hey, you Swap your clothes with Mr Shen

Leave the hat too

"The wind which carried the rays of the setting sun has died down"

"It's as if it melted away"

"The gleaming crests of countless waves in the sea have flattened into a dull green mass"

"From far, comes the solemn sound of a bugle"

"Night's black curtain is falling, but glimmers of light remain"

"The wind which seemed to have whispered its last is suddenly back"

"Now it sounds like a muffled drum"

"Boom - lun - lun, boom - lun - lun"

"No, not merely the sound of the wind but thunder!"

"The wind carries the voice of thunder!"

"The sea roils, the waves surge high!"

"Crash! Crash!"

"Into the sea's dark night, a storm has burst"

You know it by heart!

I've loved your work since I was a student Now I introduce it to my students How old are they?

Primary four Do they understand it'?

Yes, they do

Mother says that you're leaving

I never dreamed we'd be under the same roof Is it inconvenient here? Or too expensive?

No nothing like that

Mrs Shen Mrs Fong Lan dear, bring Mrs Shen's flask to fill All right

Hello, Mrs Shen Hello, Miss Fong I'll bring some fresh water

Where have you been?

Picking up some things for the journey It's chaotic out there Go and fetch Zou he might not find this place

Who are you looking for?

Someone By the name of ...?


Mr Mao Dun (pen name)?

You are ...? Yes Ready to go?

Try not to bring too much It's a long way, you should travel light Take your time, I'll wait No rush

Mrs Shen Hello Someone I don't know is with your husband

Don't go in now, hide for a little while

We can go as soon as your wife gets back We can take more people, you know ls there anyone else nearby?

Let me think

Well Did Mr Tang mention to you Where's the man from Jiangxi?

Where's the man from Jiangxi?

Ah... the man from Jiangxi Who's that?

I remember you!

That day at...

Oh, I forget, don't you remember?

Leung Yau Cafe!

Leung Yau Cafe!

I remember now!

Remember? You ordered tea


Breathe, it's normal to feel dizzy

Where's the man from Jiangxi?

What ...?

Where's the man from Jiangxi?

At my place Good Okay Help me here

It's all right My landlady


Lend a hand

Lend a hand here

Lan dear!

Lan dear!

I'm just going to the shop with auntie!

Don't be long

What kept you?

I told them to hide and wait Mr Shen I can't go with you but you can't stay here Go to the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter at sunset I'll fetch my things No time for that How can we get there? We don't know the way

Landlady Take them to the typhoon shelter at sunset Someone will be waiting for them there Hurry!

There's no time now, hurry!

What time exactly?

7:00 pm

(Japanese) Hey, long time no see!

How ya doing?

You look well!

Forgotten your old buddy?

Look at me, all I have is this lousy little gun



Sorry I couldn't tell anyone that I'm leaving Hong Kong, so...

Not at all, if Mr Mao Dun has a problem, I must help

Thank you Goodbye, Mr Shen See you after the victory

Thank you

Hello, everyone Hello, everyone Mr Liang


Mr Xia Mr Cai Mrs Cai

Hello, Mr Liu

Now I remember we stayed in a hostel which was half-commandeered by the Japanese They were always running in and out, up and down They even barged in to watch us playing mahjong And asked if they'd startled us!

I heard they went for people in suits first so I put on Chinese clothes Then I realized they were nicer to people in suits But by then I'd pawned my suit!

And spent the money on rice!

Rice has become a luxury nowadays Of course

This looks all right

Not too bad I'll try it on

Mr Shen's friend came to pick him up He was sorry to leave in such a rush They didn't even say goodbye He paid a month's rent and stayed only five days We did well out of it!

Mrs Shen said she left some canned food and rice

We have meat today!

Of course I got some army money Pork costs more than gold these days!

Isn't Gam-Wing coming to eat with us?

No, he has work at the school He's busy?

The school is closed Let's wait for a while


Snatching girls again!


Dinner time!

Please eat!

Eat first then take a rest At dawn, we'll cross the harbor in small groups

When you disembark, head for Shanghai Street Follow the crowds who are returning to the mainland You'll see a man with an umbrella He'll show you the way

Mr Shen, you must be exhausted Mrs Shen This is Brother Tsang Hello, Brother Tsang Mr Shen, Mrs Shen You must all be tired Beyond this mountain is unoccupied territory Let's be on our way!


"We are snipers"

"One bullet for each enemy"

"We are invincible,"

"braving mountains and sea"

"The forest thickets bristle with the camps of our comrades"

"And the mountain peaks lined with our unbeatable forces"


Fong Lan?

Fong Lan taught me in primary school "Miss Fong"

Blackie Lau? Yes, I knew him He was very mischievous But very capable I first saw him in a cafe Didn't know who he was Back then, we were only told what we needed to know We just knew whose orders to follow Didn't know which ones were guerrilla fighters We didn't know

I almost forgot!

And it's really important!

You were supposed to remind me!

Wait We've gone too far Didn't I...

Didn't I say to remind me?

What's wrong with you?

Go fetch some water I'll wash my face

Man Dam, give me a hand What's that?

Push them back in!

What's this?

My relative died Let me see He died of cholera Unwrap it!

Brother, it's infectious I said unwrap it!

A spy!

Yeah, he almost got us Is Leung Fook all right?

He's fine We'd better get moving Wait Spies don't work alone

"Under the banner of the Empire, we advance!"


What's that?

What is it?

My father died

He's going home to be buried

Villagers must be buried in their own land

Please let us go!


Forward march!

Don't cry They've gone too far!

"Under the banner of the Empire, we advance!"

Tough luck!

First you die, then you get stabbed!

Don't blame me!

We'll see each other soon

Hurry up!

Let's go!

Hurry up!

"Forward march!"


Good morning!

Looks delicious!

Enjoy it!

No, thanks

"The Yangtze River flows ever east"

"Carrying on its restless waves the spirits of bygone heroes"

Who wrote that?

Su Dongpo Why was he called "Dongpo"?

The "Po" means land Maybe he grew vegetables As you do, colonel

Try some

"When did the moon grow bright?"

"I raise my cup to ask the azure sky"

And who wrote that?

That's also Su Dongpo But the original line is slightly different He uses the word "ji", not “he"

What's the difference between them?

The two words are spoken with different tones So they sound different to Chinese ears Classical Chinese poetry was meant to be sung You need the right tone to match the melody But the two words aren't quite interchangeable Sometimes you need to use "ji"

And sometimes you need to use "he"

Or you could use them both!

As in "Make merry while we can, for life is short"


As a Chinese teacher you must be proficient in classical poetry Now, use "ji" and "he" to make a poem I'll count up to 7 When time's up you know what will happen





"When did the moon grow bright?"

"Gleaming like a hook"

"Who are to rendezvous after twilight?"

"When did the moon grow bright?"

"Hanging above the darkness"

"How to relieve the sorrow of parting?"

"When did the moon grow bright?"

"Ascending the pavilion"

"When will the time of reunion come?"

Why don't you go and join Dad?

You'd like to go back?

No Neither would I Why'd I want to live with him and his first wife?

Or you could join my brother At least you wouldn't starve

Don't worry I'm growing yams and eggplants on the roof They'll keep us going for a while Here, have one more I don't want your father and his wife or their bastard scrounging on us!

What are you doing?

Just looking What is there to see?

What is there to see?

What is this in English?

What is this?

Whisky Whisky?

This is how you drink it, watch me!

Drink up!

You can't drink!

Her English is very good I learnt all my English from her Isn't her skin gorgeous?

Her long legs look great, whatever she wears She speaks English!

You speak English?

I studied in a missionary school We must speak English there The British enslaved you And we came to liberate you Liberate us with guns and roadblocks?


What about your family?

Are they in Hong Kong?

My father is the senior manager in a bank Her father stays under guard, he isn't allowed home Troops escort him to and from work every day It's horrible!

Hey, Stop playing that!

Play 'China Nights'

Courtesy of Colonel Matsuda of the Kempeitai we're here today to celebrate your success in combating the guerrillas We must intensify our efforts To serve the Imperial Army Colonel Matsuda commands us to eradicate the guerrillas completely The first step is to catch their leader Blackie Lau The Army says he's worth $5000 alive and $2500 dead

So we're here today first to celebrate our success And second, to make a vow to wipe out the East River Guerrillas!

Wipe out the East River Guerrillas!

Take Blackie Lau alive!

Take Blackie Lau alive!

Drink to that!

Captain Siu Isn't $5000 a bit too low as a bounty?

You think it's too low?

Show us the color of your money!

Who are you?

Who am I?

I forgot to tell you I should have introduced myself I'll tell you who I am I'm the one you're looking for!

Blackie Lau!

Right! It's me! Hand over the $5000!

Nobody moves!

If you move, you die!

Stay still!


A grenade!

Let's go!

We're booked Damn you!

Dud grenade!

This is the price you pay for treason!

The handbills!

Let's go

Who's there?

You have good ears You should be doing intelligence work Mr Shen (Mao Dun) says you like his books

You're not here to kill me, then?

This is for you I'm here to thank you Mr Shen is safe now That's wonderful!

Then we can expect to read new writing from him Luckily you're brave Not many girls are like you

Circumstances change people Nowadays nobody is what they were before

You know what I'm doing now?

I'd like to know what you did before That doesn't matter Under the Japanese, the barber loses his razor The cook drops his pan The schools are closed Could you go back to being a teacher?

How did you know I was a teacher?

We're creating an Urban Unit Specializing in undercover work against the Japanese Will you join us?

Undercover work is dangerous You might get caught, or even killed

You don't have to answer now Think it over

Oh, I forgot to ask D'you eat black-eyed peas?

Yes, I do Good! Those are black-eyed pea dumplings Made by the women in the village they're delicious

No, they're for you and your mother It's all right, we can share one We can share one Please...

Then I'll take one

Actually, I haven't had dinner yet

Tastes good, but a bit sticky You said you came to thank me I think you really came to recruit me with two dumplings No, one and a half!

Take it

"East River Brigade Manifesto"

Where are you off to?

I'm seeing a friend You have so many friends?

Who was that last night?

Don't get any ideas!

You remember your cousin is getting married today?

Can we go together when you get back?

I'm not sure I'll be back in time Your aunt has only one daughter We can't be late for her wedding We're family!

I know

You'll be going dressed like that?

It's the only colorful thing I have All right, then I'll dress up Yes, you do that I'll wait for you at 4 outside the Millennium!


What's this?

As you see

It could be a trap

On your way!

He's talking to you!


Ng's Chinese Medicine

Shanghai Street, please

Have some water Have you eaten?

I'm waiting for dinner Don't expect too much!

Just one small cake for each guest!

We're lucky to get cake at all!


Auntie... will you live with your daughter?

It doesn't matter, I can live anywhere I'm just happy that she's found a husband It's better to have a family in times like these

Where's your mother?

Mother I'm meeting her there, she'll make her own way She says I'm not dressed right for the occasion Do you have anything I can borrow?

Perfect fit!

In a qipao, your hair should be in a bun The phoenix-tail bun used to be obligatory!

It's lovely Isn't it nice?

I must go

Just a moment Something's missing

Take this too Yes, the perfect match!

I'm off, see you at the Millennium

Thank you

You want herbs?

Yes, medicinal soup

It's all ready, the bed's installed and the hair's been combed The bridal gifts have been delivered Yes, yes, I'm coming now!

There you are!


Thank you Lan, your cousin's in there I'll go to find her

Why were you in such a rush to get married?

These days what else can you hope for?

Find a husband, reduce the hassles Who'd be hassling you?

I pre-empted them by marrying!

What are you waiting for?

We broke up You always were a tough one Even when you were little Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

At least you'd have a family of your own Just tell him to pick an auspicious date and have done with it I don't even know where he is This is driving me crazy!

The ceremony is about to begin and our chaperone's gone missing!

I told you I wanted one of my own You think I didn't try to hire one?

It's not easy to find a 'lucky woman' these days One with her entire family alive Sorry, it isn't easy managing two weddings at once At the tea-serving ceremony, remember to pour for your father's family first then your mother's Don't get it wrong! The age-cards the 3 letters and 6 rituals are all done Let's not bother with the sedan, the fire basin and the rice-throwing No! We must do the rice-throwing!

As you wish, but the other wedding did without it People are starving, and you feed chickens?

I'll be right back

You must throw rice for the golden rooster Otherwise the bride will get pushed around Don't worry, I'll throw the rice You know how?

No, I don't They say...

Throw some up to honor the celestial emperor And throw some down to honor the in-laws I think that's right All right, some up and some down I'll do it now Don't bother! Forget about it!

Why do you say that?

We're not cutting corners!

We've done the 3 letters and 6 rituals properly These are difficult times!

Do you know what I've been through?

Let's welcome the couple! May their house be filled with riches!

May you bring good fortune to your husband, master and family!

Please return all the tableware when you finish You think we're thieves?

Forgive me, madam, but times are hard This is all the tableware we have left If we lose any more, we'll have to close down

Waiter, please keep count!

They're fighting back!

Captain Kau, please turn out the light when you go Colonel Yamaguchi is very cost-conscious

Yamaguchi says there are guerrilla spies here You think he's right?

I don't know, there might be Are there or not?

In times like these, anything's possible

"Arrest list"

Who do you think is a spy?

How should I know?

You know me All I care about is food!

You're a cunning devil It could easily be you!

Right! It could!

Major Honjo... wants me to take rice to his girlfriend When I get back, I'll be all yours!

Get out of here!

See you

"Leave immediately"

Where were you last night?

You couldn't even kill a rabbit and now you want to kill Japanese?

I'm asking you!

What are you asking? Haven't you seen everything already?

If you're worried they'll bring trouble I'll leave them outside That hurt!

It'll hurt when the Japanese catch you!

I'm your mother, do I worry you'll get me into trouble?

Is that how you talk to me?

Killing Japanese is a job for men They're tough and strong, but what about you?

Weak and clumsy!

It's all right to die, but don't burden your friends


We're counting on them to bring us peace!

Don't do anything silly!


If anything happens to me I won't be a burden to them And don't be too sad Oh my!

How can you say that?

Spit and say it again! Go on!



All right, don't worry You want some congee?

No, I've been up all night

You need to keep up your energy Killing Japanese takes energy Have some congee No, I do prefer some sleep

"The Flame of Resistance"

Let's try the dress on!

Miss Cheung!


Thank you

Get ready!

Let's move!

They called me "Little Ben"

I was just a kid back then But already a member of the junior team I delivered messages It was a great honor

So you're leaving?

What about me?

I didn't say I wouldn't come back When will you come back?

When we win the war I won't last that long Fighting the Japanese...

What difference can you make?

Mother, if everyone thought that way there'd be no victory

All right!

When you come back victorious I'll be dead!

Ma! Why do you say such things?

Take care of yourself

Lan dear!

Lan dear!

Take this

It was probably in 1944 that I met Miss Fong again By then she was captain of the Urban Unit

Sister Fong!

Come inside! There are bandits around!

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

I was asking her Sister Fong, you know him?

He was a pupil in my class Cheng Ka-Ben!

Isn't that right?

Not any more

Get out of those wet clothes But we have only women's clothes Shouldn't you ask me for the message first, Miss?

The message?


On the mountain, they need supplies, weapons and medicines Especially quinine Thousands of mosquitoes, many are down with fever And food they're running out of rice How can they fight on empty stomachs?

Hey, be careful with that!

I've never lost one!

I came forty miles down the mountain In one go I didn't stop

I almost forgot, should I stand night watch?

Get some sleep!

When I was coming down the mountain I passed a cemetery I sat down on a tombstone to rest All of a sudden a little guy dressed in black appeared When I got up, so did he When I left, so did he And when I sat down, so did he You know what that was?

The spirit of a wild mountain dog They eat the hearts of humans

Yeah, they claw them out of your body!

Blood everywhere!

Don't scare me

If I was the chief of the wild mountain dogs I would set them all loose to tear out the hearts and lungs of the Japanese And eat them all up!

Don't be afraid, it's the wind

I think of Miss Fong very often The big brothers and sisters looked after us well They cooked for us When our clothes got torn they mended them

I miss her so much

Excuse me

Lan dear?

Lan dear!

Ma You've lost weight You still know your way home?

Come home!

Come home!

Ma I have to go Go where?

To see a friend See a friend in this state?

You're exhausted Take some rest I'll go No, you can't You can't Mrs Wan has done it Song's wife has done it, but I can't?

Mrs Fong!

Ah, you're here Your daughter has sent some salted fish for you Thank you We can have it with congee Sit down Are you hungry?

Starving I'll bring you some congee Thank you

Take it slowly But I have to take things to Ng's Herbal Medicine shop And pick up something for Sister Fong too You don't need to rush Rest for a bit Or you might faint!

No need to rush!

I'll get you some sweet potato

Mrs Ng...

The medicine has arrived from the countryside, it's excellent Please bring it through to the back Would you mind closing the door?

Take a seat and I'll be with you

This is very important Be very careful I know

Take care You too

Where are you going?

To Ng's I've been there

Mrs Ng says this is very important Make sure you don't lose it Keep it well hidden

Shall I sew it in for you?

Yes please

I'd better go with you No, it's my job!

And Sister Fong doesn't know about it I've done it for her many times!

I'm an old hand!

Let me have it

At this pier, they check the boats, not the travelers Really? Yes


What are you doing?


It's just dried vegetables And what's this?

I don't know what it is, I can't read I'm just a villager I make a little money selling used clothes I don't know what those things are You old fool!

You don't know what this is?

The Japanese would kill you for carrying this!

Kill me?

You don't know any better, do you?

I can't read Making easy money, huh?

Don't make trouble! Get on board!

Thank you, sir!

I wish I could read

Thank you

Luckily he let us go I'm so scared!

(Hindi) Take out your money!

Where is your money?

Where's the money?

Hurry up!

Hand it over!


For two?

What's this? So little?

So little?

I have no money No money? Then get off the boat!

What is this?

No money? Lousy pauper!


These people hide money in their clothes Search her pockets Be careful Stand up! Stand up!

No money?

No money No money What's this?

What is that?

I found some paper!

Stay here, I'll tell the chief Okay!


Stand up!

Where is it?

Say you don't know me

Still not back?

No, she said she'd get back before dark

Come with me

Stay calm and listen Your mother was caught Together with a girl

Where are they?

They're being held at the Kempeitai They might be moved later The Kempeitai...

I'm in the Surveillance Unit, under Yamaguchi I saw what happened It's urgent... we must find a way to save her I'll think of something Can you get help?

You joined them?

You think I'd do that?

You wouldn't We must get your mother out quickly You know what the Kempeitai is like I'm afraid she won't last long in there I can't take the decision I'll get orders as soon as I can Listen...

Act quickly!

I have to get the last boat back Otherwise they'll suspect me

I'll wait to hear from you


Be careful!

Someone might be watching I won't give you a hug

You can't come with me

That's an order, I can't explain why But you have to go back

Captain, you grew up in a village too?


Haven't had pickles like these for ages Help yourself They're delicious You're not eating?

I'm full

Captain, I've darned it Thank you

Fung, come with me

Village chief

What happened?

The Japanese have caught my mother When?

This afternoon

Don't worry Village chief!

The Japanese are here!

They're about to enter the village!

Don't panic Clear all this away Stay calm and follow me

Take care!

Go that way Don't worry

Why aren't they here?

Who's there?



Don't move!

Your mother is in the Kempeitai?

For now, yes There's a shallow stream behind the building We have undercover agents in there They'll help us

Don't be afraid say you don't know me Remember

Who are you?

I'm just a villager I can't read I sell used clothes I saw this jacket and just put it on I thought it looked nice What was that paper?

I can't read I don't know what it was Can you read?

She doesn't know me, she just sat next to me!

Does it hurt, Mrs Fong?

I'll be fine

It hurts less than the first time I gave birth

If you manage to get out of here tell my daughter that I won't say a word I won't get anyone else into trouble Please don't say that

She must be in one of these rooms

The main entrance must be over there Then... we can set off a bomb there Then you can break in on this side

There are two dogs

We'll bribe the guy who feeds them You go in from here and get them out Go down the slope I'll cover you The road is just beyond the forest

It'll be alright Tomorrow they'll be crying

Let's go

You and the main team will carry out the rescue My armed team will provide the cover I'll stay with you No, you get the prisoners and I'll provide cover I want to stay with you Listen...

I don't want you to die rescuing your mother, understand?

Your assignment is to rescue them

You don't think it will work, do you?

We can't even break in

We have to give it a try

If anything goes wrong the Urban and Firearms Units

will be lost

My mother is selfish

She hates losing face

But she has a kind heart

Fong Lan Fong Lan

Back when I first joined the Urban Unit she slept badly for days

I should have comforted her

Perhaps I shouldn't have told her Then she wouldn't have to deliver messages

And she wouldn't have been caught

But it will be alright now

She won't have to worry about me

She won't have to live in fear

Let's go

What do you do for a living, Ben?

I drive a taxi You're still working?

Yes Impressive!

I have to eat!

Of all of you, Ben was the only member of the East River Brigade?

They say you're a great whistler

"The wind which carried the rays of the setting sun has died down"

"It's as if it melted away"

"The gleaming crests of countless waves in the sea have flattened into a dull green mass"

"From far, comes the solemn sound of a bugle"

"Night's black curtain is falling, but glimmers of light remain"

"The wind which seemed to have whispered its last is suddenly back"

"Now it sounds like a muffled drum"

"Boom - lun - lun, Boom - lun - lun"

"No, not merely the sound of the wind but..."

Mrs Fong She... insisted that she didn't know me So they let me go I'm so sorry It's good that you're safe

On your knees!

Take these!



I'm sorry It's my fault you were caught

What are you doing?

Your safe is open I was wondering if I should close it You were wondering if you should steal the map

This was made in our print room You seem to have a habit of stealing things Oh, that?

I took that for the toilet You Japanese have toilet paper, but we don't

Are you playing games with me?

You're going to die, and you play games?

Today... some of our secret depots were bombed today Your people did it?

So all you people are good for is poetry and stealing?

And your people?

All you're good for is killing and plundering?

I don't understand


I thought we knew each other well

There are many things here that you will never understand Anyway...

You won't last long here

This is not about Japan and China!

This is about me and you!

In other countries

there is coming-of-age ritual as well

My father made these six cuts

You're now a real man

You didn't kneel down after the two slashes So I'll let you go

You can leave now


You want one?

"When did the moon grow bright?"

"I raise my cup to ask the azure sky"

I came to say goodbye

The Japanese are nearly finished I'm being transferred to Huizhou to extend the North Canton front

Take care in Huizhou

"Don't let your boat topple in shallow water"

You don't think much of me!

I have great expectations of you You risk your life on every mission

I tell you...

Since the day I joined the guerrillas I've never expected to get out alive

In fact we're lucky to be able to say goodbye like this

You know how I said goodbye to my comrades?

He's gone!


Really Life has treated us well Stay alive

My original name was Hung Sau-Fong I will turn 27 towards the end of the year Remember my name and you'll be able to find me

I'll remember

See you after the victory

For sure


I'm in a hurry, can't give you a lift Bye...