Miracle at St. Anna (2008) Script

I can't hear you.

It's them bells!

I've had them in my ears for ten hours.

Ding, dong, ding, dong.

Hey, sergeant. Where's Major Lance?

We moved the CP back to that stone building. The major's there.

Get him, the colonel's here.

Hold it!

Colonel! Am I glad to see you!

Those bodies... Get those bodies down!

What are you doing? Get 'em down! Of course. Yes, sir.

We've been under fire... I know you have, but I don't care!

Get 'em down! Down! Don't want those boys left up there.

We're gonna hold this town till the linkup does come, whenever it is.

Today, tomorrow, till hell freezes over.

For their sake, if for no other reason.

Private? Yes, sir.

It's a hell of a war. A privilege to serve with you.

Well, God willing, we'll do what we came here to do.

Ready, sir. Move out!

Pilgrim, we fought for this country, too.

Five postcard stamps, please.

Thank you. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much. Have a Merry Christmas.

Airmail to Kingston, Jamaica.

Stamps only?

Twenty-cent stamp, please.

Excuse me, sir? Twenty-cent stamp, please.

Rodolfo. You.

Hey, buddy. Um, press.


Are you Detective Ricci? That's my story.

I heard about you.

Yeah, well, you oughta change friends then.

I'm Tim Boyle. Daily News.

What happened? Read about it in the New York Post.

They left here two hours ago along with The Times, Newsday and every channel you can get on TV with a wire hanger. Ain't you ever heard of the early bird?

Christ. Go find a wailing wall.

I got lost. Comin' here?

Find another way for a dollar to change pockets.

It's my first day as a reporter. It's probably your last.

Welcome to New York. Be like Governor Rockefeller:

Come and go at the same time. Give me some angle.

All I can give you is an empty feeling, kid.

The perp's over at Bellevue, eighth floor peanut gallery.

The victim's deader than yesterday's beer.

Heard he wasn't special when he was breathing.

My next job's gonna be stuffin' ballot boxes on Staten Island.

Remind me to vote. I live there. Most cops do. Go home, kid.

Don't stop for bread. Come on.

Gotta be something I can work. Can I give you a tip on a hot horse?

I'll play Santa at the PA on Christmas Day. Or I'll...

I'll pay Hong Kong Sue over on Forty Deuce to blow your noodle like Satchmo.

How about I put a story in your hip pocket?

"Good Cop Helps Poor Kids."

Honest to Jesus, you get three months of Saturdays out of it. Come on.

I can't go back to scratching out obits.

See those guys? Don't turn around.

They're rolling up to Harlem to sniff around the perp's apartment.

Only case that dynamic duo has cracked has Schaefer written on the side, but maybe you'll see something. Don't quote those gumflappers.

You need a quote, you call me. OK.

Haggerty, Dillard! Yeah, what's up?

Take this guy uptown with you. Thank you. Thank you.

Come on. All right.

We'll start in the living room and work our way back.

Close the door behind you, kid.

This perp is very, very religious.

Nothing wrong with being in good standing with the Lord.

And a war hero, too. Look at this, a Purple Heart.

Hey, Keith, the Brown Bomber.

Muhammad Ali would've knocked him out. Way too fast for Joe Louis.

He can run, but he can't hide.

Hey, Dan, what the hell is this?

What you got there? I don't know. It's heavy.

Whatever this is, it ain't junior-grade. This thing looks expensive.

My wife claws around flea markets looking for this crap every weekend.

I'm telling you, this ain't normal.

This definitely ain't normal.

Back up, buddy. Sorry.

No problem.

Professor Brooks? Yes.

I get a lot of these things. Old rocks. Antique specials.

It seems like every schmuck in the world who finds a backyard arrowhead mistakes me for Iris.

Put it here.

From Greek mythology. She is the faithful voice of Zeus.

She flies from place to place and commands respect from mortals and from im...


Where the hell'd you get this? From a perp's apartment.

It's got this mark... Don't touch it.

This is over 450 years old.

It's the missing Primavera from the Santa Trinita.

Is that the Niña, the Pinta or the Santa Maria?

Oh, for God sakes, detective.

It's the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world.

It's in Florence, Italy.

Built by Ammanati.

This was one of four statues on it.

The Primavera, meaning "spring."

This head has been missing since the Nazis blew up the bridge in 1944.

My God! This is a gold mine!

A gold mine!


Merry Christmas. From Tim Boyle.

Oh, wise guy.

Mr. Hector Negron?

Darling, come back to bed.

Please. Enough.

I need a little break, OK, baby?

They say you haven't spoken or eaten in two days.

They'll try to force-feed you.

Make you rise, like Jesus.

Come on. I've hiked all over New York asking about you.

I talked to everybody. Cops, your sister.

Spoke to your cousin in San Juan. You're clean as a board of health.

You got no kids, no debts, no enemies.

Four years in the service. Purple Heart.

Twenty-five years of a great marriage, till your wife's heart gave out.

So why you stick a German Luger in a guy's chest three months short of your retirement? Five million dollars.

That's how much that head would draw on the black market.

What's it doin' buried there on the bottom of your closet?

You're looking at 25 to life, pal.

Unless you can afford a lawyer, you're gonna swallow happy pills in this nuthouse the rest of your life.

But my story could help you. And you need help, mac.

Enrico, what kind of art dealer specializes in Nazi art?

Because it's a lucrative business.

You Americans love work more than you love "love."

My love, are you ignoring me?

Pina, no. Don't come over here.

Enrico, you said you only needed ten minutes.

I gotta catch up. World might've ended, I wouldn't know

'cause we've been going at it two days. For crying out loud.

The world is still here.

You and I are still here.

Baby, not right now.

There you go. Excuse me.


Oh, God. Oh, that feels good.

You're killing me, baby.

Yes, I love you to death.


Hmm? What is it, Mr. Negron?

I... I know.

You know what?

I know who the sleeping man is!

You know what? I know who the sleeping man is.

Mama. I want mama.

Kill me now! Kill me now, I wanna go home to my mama!

I don't wanna be here. I wanna go home!

Kill me now! Kill me now!

Oh, Jesus, I want my mama! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!


Hector, shut him the fuck up. Yes, sir.

I don't wanna die! Shut the fuck up!

You wanna get us all killed? That's your mama right now.

This far enough? Keep movin'.

You doin' fine, big fella. Help me, Lord. Help me, Lord.

Help me, Lord, I'm prepared for Thee.

Get off of me, sniper bait! Bishop, Train, switch flanks.

Bishop, take outer. Train, take the inner.

What's that? Take inner flank.

What's that? Come on. Switch places, dummy.

Gimme some room.

Hey, Bishop. Why we got to cross this river?

They sellin' hoecakes and beer on the other side.

My good luck charm gives me strength. Piece of shit you found in the gutter in Florence?

Couldn't draw a bowl of turtle soup from Uncle Amos with that.

Worth more than a bowl of soup!



Hector, you speak Italian. Cut-off head worth somethin'?

Yo speaky Puerto Rican, man. Hey, muzzle that.

Keep moving.

Germany calling, Germany calling.

Guten morgen, 92nd Division.

Buffalo soldiers, welcome to the war.

We've been waiting for you.

Do you know our German Wehrmacht has been here digging bunkers for six months on the Gothic Line? Waiting.

Your white commanders won't tell you that, of course.

Why? Because they don't care if you die.

But the German people have nothing against the Negro.

That's why I'm warning you now, with all my heart and soul.

Save yourself, Negro brothers.

Why die for a nation that doesn't want you?

A nation that treats you like a slave.

Did I say slave?

Yes, I did.

Why don't they shut her up?

What is she saying?

Berlin can afford to pipe that garbage all the way here but can't give us potato soup.

Individual guns only, on my command.

We have enough ammo for an hour, maybe two.

Look around you.

Do you see any white soldiers in the river next to you?

Are they sending any white soldiers to die with you today?

Of course not! Steady, ya'll. Adolf Hitler.

Spreadin' that nonsense. Don't believe a word of that!

Lyin' bastard thinks we monkeys, apes, baboons, subhuman.

Show him who we are.

Think of your poor children, your families suffering at home.

The American white man is raping your wives and daughters.

Jody is busy right now in your bedroom, with your wife, your daughters, even your sons. And who will stop him if you die today?

Do you think the profitmongers in Washington, D.C. care about your children? They're not thinking of your children!

They're home right now.

Asleep, in a nice warm bed.

Think about the sacrifice you're making, just for the privilege of being second-class citizens back home.

Where can you vote?

Come to the winning side and, please, teach me those dances.

That Lindy Hop and the Black Bottom.

War is folly, boys.

Better to drop your guns, give up and dance!

Come out of that cold water, cats!

You got any more biscuits?


Or anything else? Not for you.

I'll give you money for a vitamin biscuit.

Go over and beg the Blacks.

What about you? You a replacement?

65th Army Corps.

I thought they were freezing their asses off in Russia.

So? You got any biscuits?


They must have given you something.

If I die, you can have all my rations, but for now, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I got a hole in my stomach.

Come on over. Feel the warmth of the German people.

I can't hear a thing over that damn whore's prattling.

We have hot food, fried chicken, greens, candied yams and even delicious biscuits straight from the oven, just like your mama cooks.

Hey, boys.

I have two big white biscuits right here for you.

Buffalo soldiers. Hey, cool cats.

Do I have something special for you.

And you can have all you want.

That goddamned bitch is gonna start a race riot.

Is that a white woman, officer? What's your name, soldier?

Lieutenant Birdsong, sir. Who is that?

You heard of Tokyo Rose, sir? Yeah.

This is the Kraut version. Axis Sally. She visits us from time to time.

Is she American? Don't know, sir.

Have you ever wondered how it felt to be free?

To be your own man? To stand tall?

Need a sniper to splat that nag's brains all over the Serchio.

I can't see a thing outta these. Roust me up a better set of cans.

Right now, and a drink of water, on the double.

Yes, sir.

Negative, Abel Six. Stay firm and await further commands. Over.

What's he gonna do, give her a smack on the lips?

He sets himself up a mile away with fire control, then complains he can't see.

Oughta be with his men like a real captain.

He ain't been here long enough to learn.

Yeah, and you won't be here long neither, listenin' to him.

Stupid white man.

Right now! Let's go, goddamn it.

New cans, fresh H20, sir.

Buffalo soldiers, take the first step, fellas.

We have warm fires. Pretty...

Hold that. Yes, sir.

Next time I want you to take the caps off.

Yes, sir.

German Frauleins like big strong bucks more than lollipops.

And we love lollipops.

She the one selling hoecakes and beer?

Your brain's had a rough shuffle.

For the last time, muzzle that shit!

Coming down!

Let's go! Suppressing fire!

Withdraw! Withdraw!

Withdraw! Withdraw!

Come on, Train! Come on, move! Go, go, go, go, go!



George Company. Request artillery to grids four, seven, nine and 1-6!

Send the mail! Where the hell are you?

We've crossed! You what?

We're with Uncle Jerry!

Put smoke, H.A. to grids four, seven, nine and 1-6!

It's impossible to be on the other side of that river.

Is that Huggs calling out a grid? Huggs! What is your position?

Sir! Huggs is down! Stamps here! Send the mail!

Send the mail now! Write this name down. Stamps.

Stamps. He's across?

He's lying.

Now, set fire to grids two-three, two-four and two-five.

That's Rudden, Fox Company. George Company? They've crossed?

I'm new to this outfit doesn't mean I gotta argue with goddamn second lieutenants acting like uppity Negroes. You follow me?

Do you follow me, soldier?

Yes, sir.

Smoke and fire to grids two-three, two-four, two-five.

Sir. Smoke and fire to grids two-three, two-four, two five. Over! Smoke and fire to grids two-three, two-four and two-five!

Adolf Hitler, this is for you.

What the hell!


Withdraw! Withdrawing!

Cease fire! Cease...

Adjust fire! Adjust fire!

I repeat, adjust fire!

Request artillery to grids four, seven, nine and 1-6! Send the mail!




Get off me!


Help! Help!

Cover me!

Come on. Come on.

OK. You and me gotta get to that tree. OK?

All right. Go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Get down, get down, get down!

Oh! Oh, Lord!

Oh, I'm coming up yonder! Meet me, Jesus!

Shut up. Oh, Bishop, they got you, too.

No. Listen! Is we dead, Bishop? We dead?

No, listen to me. You was dead. OK? But I brung ya back.

You ain't dyin' till I get my money. You owe me $1,400.

Look here. Go check out that haystack. That shit is moving.

What in the world?


Arturo, where are you?




Where did you find it?

Watch me throw it.

Arturo! Now, I am nine years old.

Move, sniper bait, go!

Okay, maybe I'm eight. I'm really only eight.

Good God!

A Chocolate Giant.

Help me.

I'll give you a banana, Chocolate Giant.

Sorry, boy. I done gived it every muscle I got.

Use your tail, Chocolate Giant.

Jesus is waitin' on you, child.

This world ain't worth a pinch of snuff nohow.

No, please don't leave.

Oh, my God, it hurts.

Come on. Come on.

Boy! Hey, boy! Hey!

Boy. You breathin'?

Giant, you don't taste like chocolate.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

You can't kill me.

I'm invisible!

Come on, boy. Come on.

Let's go.

Train! Train!

Oh, no.

Where's Train?

He ain't... He ain't make it.

That nigger's dumber than a dime. You sent him over the hill?

I ain't tell him to risk his life. It's nobody's fault.

That boy was born over the hill.

Follow me.

Special delivery for the Führer.

Holy Mother of God.



Train, you damn fool! I thought you was dead!

Told you he was going over the hill.

Oh, no. The fuck is he...

We wait here till dark, and then we cross back.


This shit is heavy as hell.


Where you going? Y'all go on back across that river.

The only person with any luck around here is him.

Plus, he owe me $1,400. That's the kind of money that can set me up for the rest of my life.

Even if the rest of my life is today.

To hell with this.

I'm up shit's creek.

Jesse Owens! Jack Johnson.

You go talk to your wife up there.

I never felt so lonesome in my whole life, Bishop.

I been dreaming a lot. Yeah.

Nigga, I ain't really interested in your dreams. I want my motherfucking money.

I got something's worth more than $1,400.

Better than black cat's bones. Make you invisible.

Gives the strength of five people!

I think your cheese done slid off your biscuit.

You never see me chalk the line for no white kid like you done.

You told me to! I didn't tell you to get us killed.

This uniform don't change nothing for us. This is a white man's war, Train.

Negroes ain't got nothing to do with this. This boy ain't got no life nohow.

Why he don't? Hmm?

A life of goodness is not what these white folk has chosen for they children.

Look at me.

Good book says it, Proverbs 22:16.

"Raise up a child the way you want him to go, and he will not depart from it."

Now, he's trained to hate.

Shit, his life ain't worth a dollar of Chinese money.

Listen here, Bishop.

This boy ain't done nothing to you.


You didn't want him before, did you?

Where you goin', Sam Train? Hey, Stamps, we movin' or not?

We hold here till night. Me and Bishop'll take first watch.

Hector, you and Train take second. Give the boy whatever first aid you got.

What'd you get us into now, Diesel?

It's always something with you, big fella. Here, you gonna need these.

Come on, kid. Eat.


Come on.

He won't take the medicine.

Go on, give it here.

You want some chocolate, boy?

I wouldn't get attached. He'll be dead in a week.

I ain't never been this close to a white person before, Hec.

Never even touched one. Not even a dead one.

If this one dies, I'll give you a whistle as a consolation prize.

You really think he'll die? Why worry about it?

We could all be dead in an hour anyway.

Why you always kissing that thing, Hec?

Reminds me who my father is. I don't need help remembering my pa.

His name's Chester. Chester Train.

Let's give this kid some water.



Can I ask you something?

What you want, boy?

Can you tell me who I am?

Hector, you speak that Italian? What's he saying?

He said, "Who am I?" But who's he talking to?

Lord, I knew it!

I could see it in his face! Look at him, Hec.

Shh! Quiet down.

Good God!

He got the power! What power?

God knows it. In the olden days, everything could speak.

The trees, the birds.

If you could hear them things, then that mean you had it.

This boy's standing in the shadow of God, Hector.

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for standing on Your holy righteous word, Lord!

Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

As you were.

General Almond. Colonel.

I have a photo you should see, sir.

Forget that a minute. How bad are the numbers from yesterday?

Bad, sir. And Ike gets mad when he gives me waiters and shoeshine boys to fight the Krauts with.

Germans are dug in. And that gun at La Spezia's killing us.

Fifteen thousand colored soldiers. One in four is a casualty.

And all I'm hearing about is one goddamned gun?

We have guns, too, here. Look, see, colonel? I got one.

This colored division... This is an experiment, Jack.

An experiment. These are the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt's niggers. Not ours.

Sir, I respectfully disagree. That's why they sent you here, Jack.

To lead me into the New World.

A gift from the Brits. Taken at 11,000 feet. See?

That's a German buildup at Lama Di Sotto. Two or three regiments.

Surprise attack you worried about? I hope not.

I got corroboration from a partisan.

Anybody crush grapes with feet can't be trusted.

Get some Krauts to confirm.

Already working on it, sir. Captain Rudden!

Good evening, general. Come.

Germans may be planning counter- offensive down the Serchio Valley.

We need a POW to confirm. You running patrols there?

George Company has a squad sitting right in that area.

How? They pushed across the Serchio beyond Hill Maine at the weak point. I heard them call for artillery.

Might've broken Jerry's hold on the river. Captain Nokes didn't fire.

Why not? He couldn't see 'em, sir.

Didn't believe they crossed, they got hung up.

I had Fox Company positioned down the river from George Company.

Got pretty hot over there. Four of 'em right up a mountain.

Got weapons and a radio if they're alive.

Who are the four men? Shouldn't be hard to find out.

One of them's the biggest Negro you've ever seen in your life.


Very well then. Dismissed.

My God, I've had it.

Come on, it's enough.

Yeah, let's go.

I need something to eat.

The Germans are leaving!

Push it up or I'll kill it right now.

I'm pushing as hard as I can.

Pull, pull, pull.

My goodness I'm hungry.

Finally something to chew on, rather than the slime they feed us.

Goodbye meat. Now there'll be nothing left.

They won't get fat on it.

Let's hope they choke on it.

Shut up, the two of you!

Now, let's see if your husband will come back from Russia.

Mary, Joseph, Jesus, tell us if we'll see him or never see him again.

Is he still alive?

My eyes aren't what they used to be.

Come on!

So, so, so?

We can't even joke? Come on.

That thing is just a stupid kid's game.

You're the usual scoundrel!

Just because he carries the Fascist Party card, he thinks he can do what he wants.

Oh yes?

Then who was it who took butter from the Germans the other day?

The Pope?

Maybe, because it wasn't us.

And the light?

How did your electricity come back on?


Come with me.

Come with me.

How did the light come back on?

The truth will never come out of his mouth.

You would think that after all these years, you would treat your friends better.

What is wrong with you, Papa?

Would you tell me?

It's Natalina.

What did she do?

She put the evil eye on me, that Witch.

You still going on about the same story?

The Germans stole your rabbits, not her.

There's strange things going on.

My electricity returned... from God knows where after two and a half years.

I was going to ask you about that.

Now I'm lit up like a carnival... for every bandit and German to see.

It's Natalina's fault. She wants to see me dead and buried behind the Church.

What are you talking about?

She prays for you every day.

Know what I say?

You go back in there and apologize to your friends.

Tell everyone that Mussolini disgusts you, and that you are not a Fascist anymore.

Il Duce made us a world power again.

His only mistake was to get in bed with that imbecile Hitler.

Papa, II Duce betrayed Italy.

And now you'll see how this is going to end.

You are still so young, my child.

You don't know the ways of the world.

But you will learn.

And from whom?

From a Fascist like you?

You're just like your mother.

And she used to tell you that Blackshirts are only good for hiding dirt.

Okay, let's go.


It's your house.

Holy Mother of God.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

Hector, ask who's in charge. Tell them we're Americans.


Me, too. Half.


Me sister Ida, half.

We called her little Ida, because she was the baby.

Put us together, we make one American.

Okay, wait. Wait.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Thank you.

Who's in charge here?

Anybody here speak English?

Where are the Germans?

Everywhere. Boom, boom.

My name is Renata.

Where'd you learn English? I was nanny for a British family.

And a jolly good tuck-in-the-bed tinkerer you must be.

You can nanny me. Want a Camel? Cool it, Bishop.

I'm Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stamps. We got a boy that needs help.

A boy? He has a boy.

Oh, my God.

Is he alive? Put him here.

Slow. Slowly.

Where did you find him?

On the Mountain. Do you know him?

No, I don't know him.

But he can stay here until he gets better.

Tell them we're taking the boy to a hospital. They can come.

They need to evacuate. We'll escort them down the mountain.

We're going to a hospital. You can come with us.

The hospital around the corner?

The Germans are everywhere.

Torrite, Rontano, Mezzana.

All the way to Barga and down to the Serchio.

I don't know how you got past Vergemoli.

The only way to Pietrasanta... where the Americans might be... is over that way, over the Mountain of the Sleeping Man.

Says we're surrounded.

Doesn't know how we got past German lines, but the only way we might find some Americans is up there.

The Mountain of the Sleeping Man. Sleeping Man?

What is that? It's a legend.

A shepherd fell in love with a girl who would not love him back.

So he lays across the Mountain... to protect her from the wind and rain.

He still lies there today, to protect us all.

Legend has it that one day he will awaken.

A legend about a shepherd that fell in love...

Whatever she's saying, we gotta rest until sunup.

OK. Stay here? No, no.

Stay here. Si, si.

If they sing to the Krauts, we will pull a trigger on this and tell the hammer to hurry. Won't be nothing but powder and steel here.

We are not Germans. We are Italians.

Full blood. And what are we? Half blood?

We should take him... and put him to bed.

The boy stays here. He's sick.

Heil Hitler!

Catching up on your reading?

Yes, Colonel, I'm informing myself about the enemy.

The Partisans often take their names from banned poetry and literature.

This helps us identify them.

Who is the poet?

Giovanni Pascoli.

Do you think it's appropriate to waste your time reading poetry?

In the past nine months we've seen a sharp rise in Partisan activity.

What are you planning to do about it?

Colonel, we are down to shovels and mule shit.

My men are exhausted.

We need ammo and food.

Food? You want food?

You can suck icicles in Russia... like you did before your so-called neck wound brought you back here.

You think you're the first to command hungry troops?

I mean no disrespect, Colonel.

Good. Listen closely.

I have come too far to repeat myself.

First, there is a peasant, a terrorist.

Named The Great Butterfly. He's causing many problems.

He's hiding in these mountains. Find him.

When he is found, issue Directive Bandenbefehl... to him and his criminal friends.


Is there an echo out here?

General Kesselring's standing field order for the Italian Republic.

At a commander's sole discretion, for every one German soldier killed, we execute ten Italian civilians.

You should have been capable to execute that order at least once in nine months.

Colonel, with all due respect, if I execute this order... my men would kill innocent civilians.

It would be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Partisans are not civilians; they are terrorists.

They are not protected under the Geneva Convention.



Secondly, the surprise counterattack is still planned.

I will tighten supply lines with food and ammunition.

And three:

A delicate intelligence matter of the utmost priority.

We are missing a Corporal... from the 35th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 5th Company.

Name: Hans Brandt, gone AWOL three weeks ago.

We have some every day. What's so special about him?

You and I are not here... to question the Führer's orders.

You are to send out a search party.

Find him.

Don't let him escape.

And when you have him... get word to me immediately.

Let's go!

If I am no longer that lamp... which flickers in front of a sweet Maria.

What does that mean?

God help this poor bastard Brandt.

Whatever he's done, it's no worse than what anyone else has done in this war.

Mount a search party.

We have to find him first, hold him and give him a few days... before Pflueger pulls out his teeth, one by one.


I'll be relieved when this war is over.

I want to return to my family.

I've watched you grow up.

But you haven't become much.

And he can't do much.

You're laughing at me? Of course.

Where did you get that?

So many things you want to know.

Here. Take it and eat.

Give me some, too.

Are you afraid you're not going to get any?

Here. Grow.

Give me a chestnut, too.

My goodness, you stink like a sheep.

Hey, leave me alone.

Aren't you the dandy?

Ah, he's offended.

What the fuck are you doing, Peppi?

You have to be on the lookout.

If I had been a German, you would all be dead... 1, 2, 3.

I almost choked.

You wait here.

My friend.

The Americans are getting closer.

We have to warn them about the Germans' counterattack.

They know it already, for sure.

You? How are you?

Me? I'm okay.


I always have Marco's face in front of my eyes.

Don't worry about that.

My brother is dead. Nobody cares about him any more.

I care.

In your opinion... when we will be in front of God, if we ever get there, is he going to ask us for our political card?

Is he going to say, "Marco, no... Ludovico, no.

You're not allowed in because you're Fascists."

What's the difference between us and them in the eyes of God?

You're asking yourself too many questions.

If you think too much, it will drive you crazy.

And then who will kill the Germans?


Anyway, what's done is done.

George Company to 370, George Company to 3-7, over.

George Company to 370, over.

Someone tell that big beast to get out of my room.

Shh! The Boy has a fever.

He needs to eat and get some rest.

Try thinking of others every once in awhile.


The Chocolate Giant's Castle... if you could only see it.

It's enormous.

No, even bigger.

Of course I saw it.

It's all made of chocolate.

You break a piece off, and it grows back.

Yes, I did save a piece for you.

Good heavens.

Something's not right.

Someone put the evil eye on him.

Bewitched or not, he's got to go.

To where? With the Americans.

I think he brings good luck. The Boy stays.

This is my house.

I have a house too.


What do you think?

I say this Boy is talking to the Devil.

We need a Priest here.

He doesn't need a Priest. He needs a Doctor.

A Priest can take the Devil out of him.

Train, get up. We gotta book.

Excuse me.

Hey, boy. Hey.

Time for you to take your medicine again.

Here it comes. Ready?

There. Thank you.

Get you some of that soup, boy.


Yes. He would not eat before.

Here you go, boy.

It's all over your shirt.

Come on, boy. Let's go. My Chocolate Giant.

OK, sarge. We ready. Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on.

We? Boy, where the hell "we" goin'?

You wasn't chiseling him, we wouldn't be here.

You think Nokes is lookin' for us? What?

Hector been tryin' to fix that radio since we got here.



Hector. We gotta bail. Ask the old man if he'll show us another way outta here.

Maybe we can reach the 366. We can't get five feet outta here without being flavor of the week for the Guten Tags.

These people survived for years without mortars. Stay with the paisans.

You wanna stay here and play house, go ahead, but I'm bookin'.

Ask the old man if he'll show us another way outta these mountains.

Tell him we'll pay him. We got plenty of that funny money they use around here.

Can you show us a safe path?

There is no safe way.

Germans. Boom! Boom!

You know a way.

Franco was the mailman, ask him. I'm too old.

Me? I have to deliver the mail.

What mail, you old crazy fool?

Old crazy fool? You're the old crazy, like your mother and your father.

I know. You know?

I know a way. I take you.

What did you say?

What did my daughter say?

I have nothing to do with this.

Bishop. What you think?

Little Red Riding Hood lead us through the woods?

I don't know, sarge.

I mean, she fine. Man, she fine.

I hear that they got lady Mussolinis, too.

Could be a trap.


You the boss, staff sergeant.

No good. No. No good.

All of a sudden the old man speaks some English, huh?

Are you crazy in the head?

Keep out of this.

I forbid you to go.

I don't need your permission. Understand?

You're still my daughter.

Look, we'll find a way outta here. Let's go.

Bye-bye, Americani.

Renata. Come away.



Cigarette? Chocolate?

Hell, no!

Shove it up your ass.

Sergeant Stamps out there fussin' over what side to get back to.

It don't mean nothin', boy.

Me, I ain't got a side.

Arturo said that if you turn your head... it will be my birthday.

I'll get toys and lots of candy.

Now, please turn your head.

Please turn your head.

I can't understand your words, boy.

But I don't need to.

You see, everything you touch, you brings good to it. You do.

See this little thing here? It'll make you invisible.

Give you the strength of five people. You ain't got to own nothin'.

Ain't got to be a big somebody.

All you got to do is believe in it, boy.

Go on, boy. Go on.

Can you turn your head like this? See?

God made this thing here through man's hand.

But the Lord gived it shape and purpose.

And through this little thing here, God gives you somethin' else, boy.

You know what it is? I'ma tell ya, I'ma tell ya.

It's a secret.


Listen, Chocolate Giant.

You've got to do what I say.

Turn your head so it will be my birthday.

You want me to stay eight forever?

Turn your head.


Yes! I did it!

I'm nine years old!

Hey! Yes!

Nine years old!


Nine years old!

Boy, you got the spirit?

I did it! Nine years old!

You know up high, down low? Gimme five.

Gimme five. All right. All right.

Up high.

Up high, gimme five. OK.

Gimme five. Gimme five.

Up high. Down low.

Down low. Too slow.

You know that one? Gimme five.

Up high.

Down low.

Too slow.

Let's see if I got some chocolate here.

You like chocolate?


How'd I get up here?

The only place where the Germans would not be is through the mountain in Pietrasanta, Lucca.

It's here. See?

And that's where I think you gonna find your people.

Here you go, Hector. Thanks, Train.


How do you know?

Is that true?

Yeah, I know.

Who are you talking to?

To Arturo. Arturo?

Who's Arturo?

My friend.

And where is he?

Over there, do you see?

He's shy in front of other people.


Arturo, what do you think?

Shall we help him?

Three-seventy to Stamps.

We did it.

Three-seventy to Stamps.

Three-seventy to Stamps. Over.

Three-seventy, this is Negron, George Company, over.

Got him, sir. I got the lost squad.

Get up.

Stamps, you need to get in here! Hallelujah.

I think the kid fixed the radio, man.

Who am I speaking with? Staff Sergeant Stamps.

Staff Sergeant Stamps. Send position, over.

West of Borgo a Mozzano. We can see the Mountain of the Sleeping Man.

The Mount... The what? Where's that in relation to here?

West of the Serchio River someplace. Over.

Don't know how you got there, we gonna make the most of it.

Seen any German sons of bitches? Have I seen any Krauts?

No, motherfucker, just Cab Calloway and his orchestra.


Negative. But we think we're surrounded.

Good. We want you to capture a Nazi bastard. That's important.

We need to extract ASAP. Over.

Just get the Jerry and hold tight. That is a direct order from General Almond.

Hold tight with what? Over! I just gave you an order.

Now, you get that Jerry.

I will radio you tomorrow at 0400.

And don't get yourself shot up. Out.

Fine. Bishop, follow me.

Oh, man.

This is a joke.

First, your ace-boon-coon giant goes off the deep end, now this God-and-country redneck wants me to fetch a prisoner.

Something's cookin' around here. Thought you liked Nokes.

Who said I liked him? I seen you shinin' up to him.

I ain't runnin' around with sleeves cuffing poker cards don't mean I like Nokes. Besides, he ain't the worst.

The man left us high and dry at the Serchio.

Hear you tell it, you told the man three times to fire that 105, and he didn't. He ain't the first white man don't trust colored folks' word. The knife cuts both ways, Bishop.

Nokes reports to Driscoll. Driscoll's fair.

Shit, nigga, is you crazy? The only reason white folks is thinkin' now about bein' fair in this Army is Krauts is cuttin' their toenails too short and they runnin' outta whites to die.

Don't matter. They said we couldn't fight.

Had us float balloons, work as quartermasters, cook and clean.

The 92nd proved we can fight. This is our country, too.

We helped build it from the ground up. I'm here for my children and future grandchildren, Bishop! This is about progress!

Nigga, please. Prog...

You know what?

Staff Sergeant, you remember this progress?


Tellin' you. Lena Horne. And Satchel Paige?

Satchel Paige owe me $20.

You know 'em both? In and out.

We only got an hour before we gotta be back for maneuvers.

Colonel Driscoll coming to watch, too. Bishop, you hear me?

I ain't studyin' Driscoll.

Contest winner right there.

Afternoon, fellas. Howdy.

See we got some Krauts up in here.

Soon we'll be going back home.

Nobody believes that.

He just wants to visit his girlfriend.

Yep. What do you boys want?

No problem. We looking for some good old ice slops.

Go around back. I'll get you some.


They went 'round back, too?

Nigra, who I serve is my damn business.

Hitler's goose-steppers you feeding.

Want me to eat out a trough in the backyard like I'm some pig?

You want me to shoot you in the head?

Calm down!

Put the goddamn gun down, Herb!

We're all Americans here. Whose side you on? Theirs or ours?

Respect the uniform. I'll tell you what, all right?

I'll pay for the damn ice slops. Whose side are you on?

You want this whole shop off-limits? Wish you'd try.

We got the ice cream, guys.

Suggest you boys find your way back to base. You understand me?

Get these Jerrys out quick. Move, goddamn it, move!

Get on your goddamn feet! Schnell, goddamn it, schnell!

I don't have all goddamn day! I don't have time for this shit.

Goddamn it! Pick up your goddamn feet!

Didn't your Fuhrer teach you how to march, boys? Move it!

What y'all niggers waiting on? Y'all deaf nigras? Go on.

It's time for you to go. Wanna get strung up? Go on!

It's whites only in here. You tell your friends they're not welcome here.

You spread the news. You big baboon! Go on, git!


Stamps, what happened? Lucky this time.

Bishop? Where the ice slops?

There's a lesson for you, son. That's how you treat these animals.


Between the nigra in uniform and free yellow-bellied Japs running around, country's gone to hell in a handbasket.

Put 'em down. Oh, shit.

Good afternoon. Look, you cock-a-doodle-doo Bumfuck, Louisiana motherfucker, I want my five ice slops with a cherry on top.

Right there where you served them Jerrys at.

Sure. Wash your hands 'fore you serve since you was likely yanking those Krauts' cocks all morning.

Please, I got my wife and my son here. Please, just take it easy.

We'll do whatever you like.

It's OK. Stamps.

I changed my mind. Make it to go.

I wouldn't get caught dead eatin' in a shithole like this.

Vera? We got some paper cups for these gentlemen?

Come on, cracker. Just a second.

Hurry up. How many are ya?

Five. Five on the house.

Come on, boy, git!

Cherries as well? I said cherries!

Cherries it is. Hurry up.

Get the top off of that for me.

Now, come on, boy. As fast as I can here.

OK, boy. We got to figure out a way to talk.

I got a cousin back home, can't talk. So what he do is tap.

So what we'll do is tap. OK?

OK. Now, follow me.

One tap means "yes."

Two taps means "no."

Three taps means..."try."

Four taps means...

...you sleepy. Five taps means...

...you got to take your medicine.

Six tap, this one is real important, boy...

Boom! Boom!

It's danger. It's bad. It's trouble.

OK. One. Si.

Two tap? No.

Three tap?

I don't quite understand, boy, but I think you got it.

Four tap.

Ooh! Five tap.

OK, boy, it's only one more left. You ready?

Six tap.

Boom! Boom!

Good. Good.

You want to learn italiano? I'm trying.

Renata, are you married? Yes.

His name is Vittorio. Soldier like you.

You, Negroes, you're different from other Americans.

Ain't no difference in us, really.

No, we're just different where it counts. That's all.

What do you mean? Renata, baby, let me put it to you this way. If you ever, ever been colored on a Harlem Saturday night, girl, you wouldn't wanna be nothing else.

What does that mean?


You should let me show you. Why you spreading foolishness?

Where are you going? It smells in here.

You smoke, baby?

How about just one?

They're Camels.

Americano cigarettos.


Smooth taste.

Great value.

Go on, girl.

Should not smoke in church.


Hey, sarge.

Any word from the radio? Yep. Snafu.

"Situation normal, all fucked up."

Negroes like Bishop set the race back 400 years.

He'd stick his limp, light-skinned penis in a 88 if he could.

He calls me a handkerchief head. What?

An Uncle Tom. Hey, I don't...

I know. Puerto Ricans ain't got nothing to do with it.

No, sir. I mean, look, Bishop is Bishop.

For what it's worth, you're doing a hell of a job out here.

Something wrong here. Wrong with what?

Getting to love Italy. I ain't a nigger here.

I'm just me. Yeah. Same here.

These Italians is catchin' holy hell, but ain't studying how to keep a Negro down.

I ain't never felt so free in my life. Makes me feel ashamed to feel more free in a foreign country than I do in my own.

All my tomorrows was based on America gettin' better. If it doesn't?

Just enjoy the night, my friend.

'Cause tomorrow may never come.

Hector. Come?


Thank you.

Wine? Certainly.


You have never seen a woman's breasts before?

Renata, you're beautiful.

Thank you.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who the fuck are you?


Who are you?


Come here! Come here!


Go! Go!

Fucking swine! Go!

It's him, isn't it? Yes!

I knew he'd come back.

Everything's okay.

Tell them to put down their arms.

What do they want? Food.

Americans? Yes.

You know these boys? Yes.

Here's some bread.

Thank you.




Hector, where is their papers?

Your documents.

Read this.

We got a wise guy.

And I was running, and I jumped...

Where were you, Train?

I took the boy out for some fresh air.

We got a situation here, soldier. Grab your rifle.

Train, get your rifle now. What you want, boy?

Private, get your rifle!

We need to skedaddle outta here. Hector, get on that radio.

Negative. We sit tight, wait for Nokes to radio again.

What is wrong with you? What he said to do.

No, he said get a Kraut prisoner. We motherfuckin' got one.

He's sitting here eating like a fucking butcher's dog.

We gotta wait. His orders. You know, Stamps, we can't sit with these wops till one of these signoras decides to give you some pussy. Now, you had your chance last night.

I got a mind to take this out and part your head with it.

Uh-uh. No.


What are they saying?

Those two have been fighting since they got here.

They want the German. We're holding the German, he's ours.

We'll interrogate him once we find someone who speaks German.

He's their prisoner. They're gonna interrogate, looking for somebody speaks German. We got plenty of people back at headquarters. Come. We'll get the job done.

At headquarters a lot of people speak German. Let's go.

First, we ask him questions.

Then we'll turn him over.

They want answers, and until they get 'em, he ain't going nowhere.

All right. I understand.

The hell with that!

Oh, shit!

Boy! Boy!

You're alive.

I told you to run and you made it.

Such a good Boy.

Such a good, clever Boy.

Just like my little brother, Ulrich.

You even have the same hair.

You have to listen little brother.

Listen closely.

You've got to run again.

Get away.

Talking too much. I told you we should have killed him.

Do you understand? Run.

Run again.

Run as fast as you can.

Shut up!

Get on the radio! We got a German prisoner!

Three seventy, this is George Company. We have a German.

I repeat, we have a German. Over.

George Company, stay put. We'll get back to you. Out.

Roger. Out.

So, how did you get lights?

I don't know.

It was a Miracle.

Do you know what the real Miracle is?

Is that you're still alive.

Train, Nokes is coming.

He's comin' himself.

Something goin' on, Hec. Something bad.

Nobody think the boy see nothin'.

But he sees it all.

I know, big guy.

That I know.

You think I gotta give him back when the captain comes?

I know how close you are to him, Train, but that's not my call.

I need to talk to him now.

Go on. Thank you.

So, how are you feeling?

Want a chocolate?

It's good.

I need your help.

Train? Hey, boy.

What's your name?

Angelo. Angelo Torancelli.

Me, I'm Hector.

Where are you from?

From St. Anna di Stazzema.

Angelo... that German... do you know him?

Yes. There were a lot of them.

What did he tell you just now?

He told me what he told me before.

He told me to run as fast as I can.


Before. At the fire. At the Church.

What fire?


Your father and your mother...

Where is your father and your mother?

Oh, Hec, leave him be. Train, please.

Just one more thing.

Why are you so afraid of him?

I'm not afraid of him.

He's my friend.

I'm afraid of the other one.

What other one?


Nazi! Dirty pig! Burn in hell!

Send that son of a whore out here!

Get back!

We'll rip his eyes out!


Who threw that?

Give him to us!

We want him now!

Go, go, go!

You have two days. No more. Tell them!

He says you have two days. No more.

He'll stay here.

He will leave his man.

Where's he goin'? I don't know.

I need another pair of eyes.

When is Nokes comin'? Soon. He's comin' himself.

It's time that we all go. Where?

Excuse me. Can we have a moment?

Train's kid. All right?

He's talkin' that he's seen a church, a fire, the Italian guy.

Which church, fire? Which Italian guy?

I don't know. He's seen something bad, he's definitely seen him.

I seen him, too. So what?

The kid hasn't talked in days.

All of a sudden he sees him and he's talkin'?

It ain't right. That's just skippy, but I ain't got time to talk to him right now.

You, come here.

Gather who will come, we'll take 'em down the mountain.

We do not come with you. Why not?

Nazis in all villages. Yeah. Boom, boom.

Sit tight and it'll be jingle bells real soon.

The U.S. Army's sittin' in front of you.

We need Army inside house now! Three years we've been waiting.

First the British, then the Americans. Italy is tired to wait.

Let's talk to your partisan.

Ask your friend to climb the ridge and tell us what he sees.

He wants you to go up the Mountain... and tell us what you see.

Come on.

I don't trust that guy. He's a good man.

He's a partisan. He's from this valley.

She grew up with him. Yeah. OK. Great.

I don't care if he's Frank Sinatra or Joltin' Joe DiMaggio himself.

Somethin' about his eyes I just don't trust.


G.I. G.I. G.I.

Hey! Alessio!

You ring that motherfuckin' bell you see Hitler!

I got more of this Hershey's for ya!

G.I. G.I. G.I.


Is it safe?

Yes, it's safe. Yes.


Is it good? It's safe.

Here, take your Kraut.

Come with me.


Hector, watch both of them. Gladly.

After you.

What's that?

I don't understand Spanish.

What is that?

A cigarette.

No, that's not a cigarette.

American cigarettes.


Very good.

What's your name?



Men, take a knee and bow.

God Almighty.

The tree of life blossoms beside the shore of still waters.

The face of Christ is shining, and it needs no candle, no light...

Nor Sun.

There is no suffering in your Kingdom.

And we ask for your forgiveness merciful Father... that we have not seen the light before this day.

For your light reigns forever.

It is a shining beacon that lights the path to your heavenly throne.

I may not be the man that you want me to be, O Lord.

I may not be the man that I should have been, O God.

But we are your people.

We ask you, Lord, to walk with us in our pain and our suffering.

...as a nation of your children who glorify your name... in victory.

Amen. Amen.



Easy, boy.

Ain't got to go jumpin' every hank and rustle come along.

Here. Go on.


Hey. You, uh...

You still tryin' to hump that piece of shit off on somebody?

You ought not use them type of bad words around the boy, Bishop.


He don't understand.

Go on inside, boy. Go on.

How about all that preachin' you do back home, Bishop?

Don't you believe in God?

Well, now, I believes in it at the time I'm preachin' it.

Then I don't believe in it no more.

Hell, now I just believe in the pictures of old white men on green paper.

Well, that ain't no way to live.

You know, God don't like ugly, Bishop.

He ain't too fond of pretty, either.

Train, why you think...

Why you think God allow all this killin' all over the world to happen?



See, that's why I don't believe in him.

Well, if you don't believe in him, Bishop Cummings, then...

...why you care about whether or not God the one allowin' all the killin'?


Man, you startin' to sound like my mama now.

Your mama alive, Bishop?

Train, mind your own goddamn business, boy. You hear me?

Yeah, I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't, uh...

I didn't mean nothin' by it, Bishop.

Is your God gonna get us back home? In one piece?

Is he?

If the Lord is willin' and the creek don't rise.

Hey, Renata.

Where you headed? Your boss wants you.

Nah. Nah, no boss, OK?

Girl, let me trim your garden.

What do you mean?

Signora, shakin' hands with you is like touchin' a flamethrower.

You fine as wine and as silk as milk.

You like dancin'? You like jazz?

You ever heard of Count Basie? Count of Basie?

Where is this?


Want a Camel cigarette?

Come in.

You didn't know that the Germans raised the price on your head.

From 50,000 lire to 100,000 lire... and a bag of salt.

Not bad!

But you saw, no one from the village turned you in.

Not even the Fascist Ludovico... who's so stingy he keeps his money in his underpants.

Not even Ludovico?

Not even Ludovico.

If they only knew who I am, what I've done,

they'd pull my heart out of my chest.


What's tormenting you so much?

We surprised a German Patrol...

My little son Robert loves the rain.

My little Anna hates it.

Shut up you two!

Yes, Sir.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

I'll slaughter you.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me? I'll slaughter you.

How many times do you want to kill him?

He's already dead.

Look what I found.


I'll keep this for my family.

My daughter is hungry.

At least I can give her food.

Take this.

This money is stained with blood.

We're suppose to catch the thieves... not become them.

Let's not start a war between ourselves.

What's that got to do with it?

I gave you three years of blood.

To Italy and to him.

Three years of blood.

You're a Fascist and you'll always be one, like Marco.


Take your money and go home.

I will take it home.

I will take it.

Go, go, go.


It's finished here.

You'll pay for this.

The Germans were blinded by rage.

We had been attacking them for months. They were furious.

They combed the mountains looking for us.

We had to hide.

We could have starved to death.

Nobody there.

A fellow Partisan saved us.

Paselli was her name.

She was the one who told me what happened at St. Anna di Stazzema.

Eat. Thank you.

I had sent the others to Serravezza.

I had to meet one of our men who had gone to look for supplies.

But then, because of the storm, I had to stay in the mountains.

They marched into St. Anna.

They gathered hundreds of people, women, children, children and old people.

There were also refugees.

They grouped them in the Square.

In front of the Church.

One of you... knows... where he is.

One of you... has seen... him.

So... speak.

Everyone's quiet.

They don't know anything.

They're innocent.

They don't know anything.

I gave you fifteen minutes...

They're innocent. to find someone who would tell us...

They don't know. where is the hideout of the Butterfly?

They don't know. And his Bandits.

Take only my life.

I beg you.

You still have one minute.


In the name of the Father...

And the Son... and the Holy Ghost.

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, On Earth... as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us for our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation.

But deliver us from Evil.

Amen. Amen.

I understand.

Is there something? Yes, Sir...

There are orders from headquarters.


It will be done.


Forgive them... for they know not what they do.

They... killed so many, that they ran out of ammunition.

They burnt so many... they ran out of fuel.

What has happened here...

everything that's happened... is your fault.

You promised to bring The Butterfly.

He told me he would be here. No. No. I don't care!

I know these people. You will pay for this!

They have nothing to do with it.

Rodolfo, we had a deal.

No, I kept my deal.

I brought him here.

But you promised me, my dear Rodolfo.

You Italians don't know how to keep a deal.

I betrayed my people. I'll burn in Hell because of you.

You worthless Italians.

You will pay for this!

All of you Italians will pay for this!




Arturo! Arturo!


No! Stop! Stop!

Run! Run!



Child murderer!

Bloody traitor!

Come on!


Move! Move! Move!

Bring him back!


Finish him!

Kill him!

Move, move. We can't go back without him.

Where's that swine?

Over there.

Even if I live a hundred years...

I've been dead from that day on.


You need a lot more courage to live than to die.

But listen to me.

You have to accept the truth.

Someone betrayed you.

And you have to find the traitor.

Only thing I know...

The Germans were wrong to provoke The Sleeping Man.

Because, you'll see...

In the end, he'll protect us.

He'll protect his land.

I'm done.

I shit on Hitler's mother.

If I were in San Juan, I'd eat a good plate of rice and beans.

And a sweetie pie for dessert.

Who is he?

I'll meet that swine... in Hell.

I don't understand.

No, no, no. Come on.

Where's the German?

The Americans took him and they kicked me out. I told you so.

We have to get out of here right away.

It's full of Germans making their way down The Sleeping Man.

The Germans have lost, everyone knows.

What are you talking about? He who made the mistake must pay.


Ludovico's not the traitor anyway.

We'll find him. Trust me.

Do you remember the time... when Marco spent the week staring at the Mountain... convinced that The Sleeping Man would awaken?

And how my mother yelled at him!

Of course I remember.

Sleep. Sleep.

Marco's dead.

I killed him.

In a firefight with his Fascist comrades.

He would've done the same to me!

Because we're Partisans.

There's nothing left to see here.


Listen, if someone commits a sin... a big sin...

and then he repents... and confesses. do you think he'll go to Hell?

I don't know. I'm not a Priest.

What have you become?

I don't recognize you anymore.

You are here rationalizing.

Always talking about my dead brother. What do you want from me?

Do you want to know who betrayed you at St. Anna?

We should have kept the German instead of giving him to the Americans.

Maybe we'd have discovered that he can speak Italian.

Maybe he would have spoke of you.

We've known each other a lifetime, and you think it was me?

This is war, Peppi.

And in war people suffer; people die!

So, do you think the people at St. Anna had to die because this is war?

I didn't say that!

I trusted you.

It was you that I had to meet to get supplies.

It was you who suggested St. Anna was a safe place.

What did you want to do?

Did you want revenge because I killed your brother?

For the last time...

You should've told me, then I would have let them only kill me.

Stop talking about my dead brother.

You killed him!

Hundreds of innocent people.

You sent me to Hell...





We got problems. Where you been?

Where's the Jerry?

That son of a bitch Rodolfo slit his throat.

Then he killed Peppi.

What happened to your neck? He tried to kill me.

He was no good. Roll before the heavy mail comes.

Go get a bandage. Go get your radio.

Bishop! Where's your weapon?

I'm here.

Where's Siegfried? The Italian killed him.

No shit?

Nokes still comin', ain't he?

Get your gear, get to Old Man Loody's house on the double.

Hadn't sent that doofus over, we wouldn't be here.

I ain't send that dense nigga no place. Bullshit.

What you done is worse. Beat the man out of the 1,400 chips.

That tight pussy was on its own so long it needed to be adopted.


I'll kill you!

I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll make you swallow that gold tooth!

Hey! Get off him! What?

I said get off! Nokes is here!

Nokes is here! Get off me!

Kill yourselves on your own time.

Hey, boys. Which one of you's Stamps?

Sir. Did ya get that goddamn Kraut fucker?

Captain... I don't wanna hear shit other than how the fuck you ended up miles on the wrong side of this goddamn valley.

Kraut's around the corner there.

Birdsong, find out what his problem is while I go get the goose-stepper.

Stamps, you got two minutes to get your balls out of a sling.

Get rid of that kid. I've been trying to, sir.

But I guess he don't wanna let me go. He's a nice little fella.

Ain't he cute? I said get rid of him.

I don't know what to do with him, sir. I ain't gonna leave him.

So I figure to take him along.

He don't talk much, but he do tap. See here? Watch this here.

I do this, and then... What the fuck is wrong with you?

Spent two days risking our asses gettin' here for you.

It's good men, white men in this man's army holding back that attack, and you gonna talk to me about some damn dago wop kid?

I feel sorry for him, sir. You feel sorry for him?


OK, button up, get in the Jeep, and let's get the fuck out of here.

Ain't no cause for that kind of talk in front of no child, sir.

You ain't got to make him cry now, sir.

No. Cool it, Diesel.

Nobody gonna talk to my boy like that.

Cussin' and thumpin' and yellin' and carryin' on. Spittin'.

Easy, big fella. He's a child, sir.

Sir. Sir. Train got a mind of his own.

It was my idea to bring the kid. We got him down at the Serchio River.

The fact is the kid won't leave us. I told Train to take him.


You handle your men.


Captain Nokes got a filthy mouth. Come here.

Renata. Come here! Train.

Give the kid to Loosey-Goosey. She'll do a fine job.

She ain't his mama. I know, but you gotta give him up.

She don't know him good as I do. I got a granny back home who'll raise him right.

Train, give him to me. Please. Sarge.

Come here. Come to me.

He don't wanna go. Come to me, please.

This some kind of fuckin' minstrel show?

Move! Get out of my goddamn way!

Get out of my goddamn way! Move!

This Kraut fucker's dead! From the crew cut down.

How did he get that way?

I guess somebody killed him, sir.

I can see that, Staff Sergeant Stamps. But how did he get killed?

Didn't you put a man on him? I did.

The Partisan killed him. Dropped the ball!

You dropped the fuckin' ball! You fucked up big time.

Now, all four of you gonna be court-martialed.

One, two, three and four.

Sir, we gotta pull out now.

Now, you load up, soldier.

About this child? If I could just get a word with you about...

For the last time, soldier. I told you to get in that goddamn Jeep.

Ain't no need to shoot the man over no child.

We can take him to headquarters. We got room.

Yeah. Ain't no trouble. We can take the kid.

Lieutenant Birdsong, you take that goddamn kid.

Huh? You heard me.

Don't make it tough on me, big fella.

You better not come no closer.

Wouldn't do that, sir.

Choke him, Train! Train, for God's sake!

Choke that tar. Put him down.

Soldier, put him down!

He's had enough. Put him down.

Choke the shit out of that fucker!

Put him down right this second!

Chocolate Giant!

The Sleeping Man.

Diesel, you're killing 'im. Put him down!

Leave him be, Stamps.

That's right, big fella.

Birdsong! Son, you OK? Crazy black bastard!

Come here. Help me get him.

Get back. Get back.

Let me take him.

I'll see you again, Stamps. I hope so.

Come on! Let's move out! Let's go!

Come on. Let's move out.

It's the Germans!


Go! Go! Go!


Come away. Come with me.

Hector! Go get Ludovico! Go!


Bishop! Cover me!

Go, go, go!



Papa! Papa!

Bishop! Bishop!


Bishop! Bishop!


Forward! Forward!

Spread out!

Move! Spread out!

Forward. Be alert.

Jesus Lord, Bishop, I can't move my head.

Is my boy livin'? Yeah.

Is he livin'?

He just got a little scratch, but he gonna be OK.

That's good. That's good.

Tell Hector to put that little old cross on him.

Let him know who his daddy is. OK.

Here. Take this.

Uh-huh. You seen it the whole time, didn't you, Bishop?

I knew it. I knew it...

Train, I'm gonna take this kid, and I'm gonna come back for you.

I'm gonna come right back for you.

All right. I'll be right here.


I'm gonna come right back for you.





Bishop! Bishop!

Move, move, move.

Lock down the village. Move!

Clear the buildings!

Come on, kill the Blacks!

Those pigs. This way.

Over there.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Move. Move.

Go! Go! Go! Run! Run!




Get down!

We are Fascists!





You're not dead anymore.

Open your eyes.


Arturo, where am I?

It's not important.

We have to go.

Am I going to Heaven?

No, you're going home.

Where's my home?

Angelo, I'll show you.

Who's there?

Your Papa. Remember him?

What about my friend... the Chocolate Giant?

You have to remember him, me, all of this.

This was our time to be children.

Come here.

Prepare to die.

This is over.

Gather the wounded... and bury our dead.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Defend yourself.

Medic! We need you right now! Right here.

Guys, we need a hand.

Stand by. Lift!

Easy, y'all. Real easy.

It's gonna be OK, Hector. You're going back home to New York, man.

Reconnaissance photos were accurate.

General Almond wouldn't listen. Go get those dog tags.

Yes, sir.

I need a full report, on the double.

"Stamps, Aubrey." Got it.

"Cummings, Bishop." Check.

"Train, Samuel." Got it.

Well done, corporal. You earned yourself a Purple Heart.

Get this man to the aid station. Yes, sir!


Come on, Mr. Negron. You're clean as a board of health.

You got no kids, no debts. No enemies. Four years in the service. Purple Heart.

Why stick a German Luger in a guy's chest three months short of retirement?

You're looking at 25 to life, pal.

State v. Hector Negron.

Case 14, dockets 79A and 34B.

Judge Trinkoff presiding. All rise.

Peter Hammond, District Attorney, representing People, State of New York.

Michael Decker, legal aid for defense.

It's Zana Wilder.

Michael, let me handle this.

Legal aid will be withdrawing. Miss Wilder will be counsel for defense.

Say nothing, do nothing.

Your Honor, we ask that bail be set at two million.

Defendant murdered a man in cold blood.

Also, he was in possession of a famous missing artifact stolen from Italy.

The old stolen statue head case. Whatever happened with that?

The victim is dead, Your Honor.

Rudolph Tringali, from St. Anna di... something or other, in Italy.

Immigrant textile worker, lived in the Bronx.

Not him. The statue head.

Oh, that was returned to Florence, Italy, Your Honor.

Proposed bail at two million. Defense?

Defendant will post cash bail.

Miss Wilder, approach the bench. Yes, Your Honor.

What are you doing here? Exxon buying the U.S. Postal Service?

It's a Christmas pro bono case. Picked it out of a hat.

My ass. I smell a rat.

If you expect to get appointed to the appellate court next year, I suggest you cover your nose.

Bail set at two million. Next case.

Can I ask you a question, miss? Anything you wish, Mr. Negron.

Who are you? A friend of a friend.

Jennifer, let's go. Right behind you.

Thank you.

Mr. Negron. Mr. Negron, who's the Sleeping Man?

Who is he? Mr. Negron?

Who's the Sleeping Man?

Where are we? Rose Island, Nassau, Bahamas.

You have a friend who wants to meet. No.

All my true friends are dead. Not this one.

Your friend has learned there is no control in life.

Wherever you go, wherever you hide, there's risk.

Your friend understood, turned knowledge into invention:

Seat belts, safety devices and so forth. And your friend made a fortune.

People pay for control, even if they have none.

Safety is the greatest risk of all, 'cause safety leaves no room for miracles.

And miracles are the only sure thing in life.

Mister, you talk crazy. Now, I don't want a miracle.

I just wanna join my wife, Lourdes, in the glory of heaven.

Is that too much to ask for?

I was the only one left.

I'm the only one left who knows.

I'm the last. You're not the last.

There was a little boy.

It is I. Angelo?