Mirageman (2007) Script

Family devastated during street assault Parents killed, younger son raped and oldest son brutally beaten by assaulters.

That's how I like it.

I need you to...


What happened, man?

Do you want me to leave?

No! You stay here and smoke the whole thing.

Where were you, dog?


What? Karate?

What good is that shit for you?

Do you want to win a championship?

Or you think that you're Van Damme?

I know what you want.

You want to be ready so when a client that knows kung fu comes Maco Gutierrez, our bodyguard, will show all of his skills.

No, dog, just show a "gun" and you will scare the shit out of them.

You just need to be a gorilla... that's all.

So... when you are at the gym, you look at the clock and if you have three flying-kicks left to do, you leave them for tomorrow and get your ass in here.

There is vomit all over the bathroom that needs to be cleaned.

Open it.

I doubt any changes will occur if it keeps going this way.

Your brother has been in his room for three years.

He does not come out.

The only people he lets in are Nurse Juanita, you and me.

I gave it a lot of thought, Maco.

I'm afraid the only alternative left is giving him that medication I told you about.

In tonight's police report, there is a new case of a missing girl.

There are now three missing children so far this month.

And the possibility of those cases being related to The Paedophilia Network has frightened their parents. Let's hear from the girl's father.

Well, it has been three days since we heard anything about her.

A neighbour saw her get into a car but nobody knows anything else.

She is my only daughter. If someone knows anything, please...

Along the same lines, an incident similar to a Hollywood movie: a brutal gun-robbery was hindered by a strange masked man.

One of the victims, our newscaster Carol Valdivieso, will talk about this story.

This is not an Iron Man.

He doesn't climb walls like a spider, he is not a millionaire that has a Bat mobile, nor can he fly.

He is a human being like you and me, a man with guts, willpower.

When he saw us in danger, he risked his own life to save us.

Yesterday at this very place, while having dinner with some friends, three men wearing masks brutally broke into the house, hitting and tying all of us up, with the intention of stealing valuable items.

But their attempt was thwarted when... he arrived as a shadow, as a silhouette.

He appeared and disappeared as a mirage.

With his own hands, he took down three guys whose gunfire was useless compared to his strength.

Once he was done with them, he left without a trace.

Hero, where are you?

How can I personally thank you?

People like you give hope to society, and it makes us proud to know that there is one man with real guts.

From the scene of the event, this is Carol V.


Maco, look!

It all happened yesterday.

He was watching the hallway TV from his bedroom.

When the news came out about the hero that saved the newscaster... he started screaming like crazy.

He then asked for a TV in his room.

We tried taking advantage of the opportunity to see if he would leave his room.

But it didn't work. We couldn't convince him to leave.

And then today he was like this.


NECESSARY ITEMS: mask, gloves, belt, flexible pants, light slippers.

Let her go!

He arrived as a shadow, as a silhouette.

He appeared and disappeared as a mirage.

NAMES: Silhouette-Man, Man-Silhouette The Shadow, Dr. Mirage, The Man Mirage

If you have any problem, I will solve it.



Who is this?

Someone who couldn't afford a real superhero outfit?

What are you, a fucked-up Spiderman wannabe?

Who is this freak? Come on, guys, let's get him.

Break his head! You are fucked!

I'm gonna break you in two!

It's okay, guys, I got him. This one is mine!

Come on! What the fuck, man? Hit him.

Hold on, I got it. What are you doing, man?

Come on!

Let me kick his ass! Hooo!

Cut his belly.

We'll see who's tougher. We will fight like men.

Get up, freak!

Excessive use of steroids? Protein overdose?

A masked man upheld justice again in the streets of Santiago, and apparently it is the same man that saved our newscaster Carol Valdivieso.

This morning, the ordinary superhero has done it again.

Based on witness accounts, this could be the same man that fought the three armed criminals a few days ago.

Let's review the images.

Witnesses say that the individual's height is more than 6'3", and he was wearing a ridiculous outfit that was somewhat feminine.

The vigilante took down four robbers at the same time without a problem.

We found this piece of paper at the scene with a message.

It says:

"If you have any problem, I will solve it.

So now you know, if you need a superhero at home, don't think twice and contact him:

This is all for now. For more on this story and other news, we'll go back to the studio.

From downtown Santiago, this is Carol V.

Mr. Justice, if you are going to continue on this task, you should at least wear an outfit that doesn't make criminals laugh.

Look, Maco.

He is real. I saw it on TV.

From Alfredo: "You are a clown!"

From Cardemil: "Let’s go for a drink."

From Pseudo Robin: "I want to be your sidekick."

Mr. Watchman, I am a loyal fan.

I am interested in helping you.

Accept me as your sidekick, like Robin to Batman.

From Flora: "I need help!"

Mr. Watchman, My 10-year-old son has been beat up by a gang of rappers.

Please stop this abuse. Come and give those gangsters a lesson.

Mrs. Flora, I'll be there tomorrow. At your service, MIRAGEMAN.

Mission 01 : Mirageman versus The Gang of Bilbao

What the...

That's Mirageman! He is here!

Hey guys! There's Mirageman!

Come down, asshole! You don't have enough balls?

Did you get the email that we sent you? That was all a lie.

We were checking to see if you had the balls to come here.

So you think you have balls? Here I have bigger balls.

Let's go, Cachorro!

Another one! Vagueta, come on!

Let's kill this son of a bitch!

Come on! Go around! Upstairs!

There he is! Okay, there he is. We have him!

Come on! Over there. Get him!


Does he think he is Robin Hood or what?

The people need to be rescued by the police, not by a superhero.

A guy like this isn't contributing to society in any way.

He shouldn't do it. That's what we have the justice system for.

He must be crazy for comics like Batman and Superman.

He'll end up on a reality show.

He is a clown. He is going to end up on a talk show.

It's me. It is my secret identity.

It's good that Mirageman is doing this.

He is crazy.

I can't believe someone like that is out on the streets.

He is free to do whatever he wants.

I want to send a message directly to Mirageman.

Mirageman, I am a loyal fan of yours... and I want to be your assistant, like your sidekick.

I know how to defend myself really well. I am a black belt.

Since you haven't responded to my email I decided to contact you on TV, because I wanted to offer you my two motorcycles that are ready to be used.

So that's it. Thank you.

From Craby: "Help me quit drinking."

From Pseudo Robin: "I'm designing my own suit."

From Carol Valdivieso: "Exclusive Interview."

Mirageman, Before saying anything, let me congratulate you.

I would like to invite you to an exclusive interview.

It will be very private, the camera crew, you and me.

Kisses, Carol V.

"TALKING IS BEAUTIFUL" With Carol Valdivieso Today's guest: MIRAGEMAN He doesn't throw spider webs.

He doesn't fly.

He doesn't have a cape.

He doesn't even have a Bat mobile.

He takes the bus.

Today's guest is the man of the moment.

Some people know him as Watchman, and he calls himself "Mirageman".

Good evening. Good evening.

Thank you for accepting this interview.

People want to know who is the man behind the mask?

What is your motivation?

I can't tell you my biggest motivation, but... since the day that I rescued you... and saw you on TV thanking me, I knew what my life's mission was.

You opened my eyes.

Do you feel that people take you seriously?

The truth is that I don't care about what people think.

The public and the media say you are a clown, that you are doing things that aren't important.

They say you are not helping stop crime in the city.

What does that do to you? Does that bother you?

Or don't you care?

CAROL VALDIVIESO: "Famous because of Mirageman"

"I don't want to be a sex symbol"

Channel 10 leads ratings due to Mirageman.

Carol Valdivieso has the salary of a Hollywood star.

Carol says: "I would do whatever it takes to get high ratings."

Juan Moli: "I work for police, I have information for you."

Mirageman, I have a mission you cannot refuse.

Investigations have confirmed that the children that have gone missing in the last two months are victims of the Paedophilia Network.

I know where the gang's leader hides and the place where they are probably hiding the little girl.

However the Investigative Department lacks sufficient proof to enter.

Mirageman, you are the only one able to stop this atrocious abuse.

I admire your initiative and everything you have done.

And I know you want to be an even bigger hero.

If you'd like more information, I will leave a folder in the alley behind the building.

The material will be in a garbage can in a blue bag.

You have 48 hours to retrieve it.

Good luck and congratulations. Juan Moli.

First floor

Armed guard Second floor

Armed guards

Little girl

Mission 28: Mirageman versus The Paedophilia Network

Get up, asshole.


Take this.

Take him to the river!

Disappear, Mirageman.




Two weeks have gone by already and Mirageman has not made any appearances.

We assume that the negativity towards him from the public and media regarding his mediocre performance finally made him give up his hero act...

What happened is very sad.

We saw great improvements with your brother.

One day he was about to leave his room.

The nurse went to get him.

But he had changed his mind.

When the superhero stopped appearing in the news, he got worse.

And that is how he is now.

He doesn't want to leave his room.

He doesn't let anyone in.

Don't touch me, you dirty faggot! You have no idea who I am.

Get out of my way and let me get back in there.


You do karate, pretty girl?

Hit me right now!

Let's fight.

Hit me right here.

Why do you stand like that, you faggot? Are you a ballet dancer?

Hit me, man! Hit me here!

What do they pay you for, pretty girl?

Come on, hit me!

You don't have enough money for the gym? Here is some money!

You need it for protein shakes so you can grow more muscle in your brain!

There is more money so you can hit me, you loser!

Are you getting pissed off?

Fuck you.

There's a new superhero causing news, not because of his actions so much as his fans.

I can't say my name, but people know me as Pseudo-Robin.

Because of Mirageman's absence, a citizen named Pseudo-Robin has decided to take his place.

This morning, this masked man was captured by a passerby's video camera.

When two criminals attempted to steal a car stereo, Pseudo-Robin was on the case.

I was on my way home and ran into two men breaking into someone's car... trying to steal the car stereo. This one.

I didn't win the fight, but I was able to recover the stereo.

As you can see, I am all dirty, have bruises on my arm... but I feel pretty good.

I always wanted to be a superhero, since I was a little boy.

Now I was motivated after seeing Mirageman.

We need Mirageman. I want to say that I do what I can to help the people, but I can't do it alone.

I want to remind him:

I have two motorcycles... so he should get motivated and call me. We'll go on new adventures together.

When we told him that his performance, as well as that of Mirageman, doesn't contribute anything, he replied:

What do you mean by that?

Didn't you see me working to save that person's stereo?

How can you talk like that about people that are trying to help?

Excuse me....

Give me that microphone!

I want to send a message to all the gangsters, all the muggers that are around.

I want you to know that if Mirageman is not here, then I am here, so be careful!

The kidnapping of our reporter Carol Valdivieso has shaken our TV station.

In the next video, Mirageman is being challenged to rescue her.

Mirageman, this message is for you.

We have someone of interest to you in our captivity.

You have 10 hours to rescue her.

Read your email.

You have until tomorrow night to come get her.

If you don't show up, she dies.

If I see a single cop, she dies.

I won't be a coward waiting for you with guns.

I will treat you like you deserve, so you will grieve over the defeat.

Mission 29: MIRAGEMAN and PSEUDO-ROBIN to the rescue of Carol Valdivieso

Mirageman, I have something to confess.

I am not a black belt... but I can do this.

Let me have them.



Do you want to come in?

Come in. Come in, please.

Sorry about the mess, but... it has been a difficult day.

Come in, please. There is nobody else here.

Come in.

Do you want anything?

Sit down, please.

I am going to find alcohol and cotton.

Make yourself at home.

Let me see you, just me.

The camera can't see you. Let me see you.

And tomorrow, everyone will get what they were waiting for:

Mirageman has returned and was captured by our channel cameras.

Don't miss tomorrow, the television phenomenon of the year.

Mirageman captured by the cameras of Channel 10, the most amazing reality show ever made.

We hired the best fighters money could buy, and you will see them confronting Mirageman in real fights.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, real fights!

And also an exclusive:

Carol Valdivieso and Mirageman's romance and betrayal.

If you want to know who Mirageman is, tomorrow, 10:00 pm, on channel 10.

...and younger brother raped...

This would be the second time I saved your life, Maco Gutierrez, or do you prefer I call you Mirageman?

Calm down, man. I am here to help you.

My name is Moli, Juan Moli.

And don't worry, nobody knows about you.

I took charge of manipulating information so you are not uncovered.

I want you to know something, man: I believe in you.

I believe in what you do.

If you accept working with me, I will make sure that your identity is never revealed.

I will give you access to key information.

I will be your... your guardian angel.

I know how you feel, Maco, with the media mocking you... but that's always a possibility, isn't it?

Or did you think that television was going to take you seriously?

Maco, you are the bravest man I have met.

I admire you and believe that you should not give up.

For the first time, I saw people overcome fear and have hope.

Don't abandon them!

Don't let fear take over their lives again!

Prove to everyone that you are real.

I made a lot of progress on the Paedophilia Case.

I think we have the opportunity to destroy them right now.

Mirageman... we can save a child.

Don't give up the fight.

Don't give it up.

MISSION 30: Mirageman versus The Paedophilia Network Attempt #2


Good evening.

We open our news broadcast today with emotional news.

Mirageman, our national hero, gave his life while rescuing a six-year-old girl.

Carol Valdivieso, who followed him from the very beginning, will tell us the story.

Today, early in the morning at this very place, Mirageman, after destroying the Paedophilia Network gang, was assassinated.

However, his body has not yet been found, and could be at the bottom of this pond.

He never asked for anyone's recognition, always giving help without getting anything in exchange.

He even gave his life to carry out justice.

This man went from being the national joke to vindicating himself by carrying out the most heroic act of the last decade in our nation.

In the interview I asked him why he decided to be a superhero.

He told me that I opened his eyes.

I want to take this moment to ask for forgiveness publicly for getting involved in that show.

I did it because it was part of my job... and because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Maybe it is too late now.

I tried...

I tried to find you, Mirageman. And wherever you are... perhaps you didn't get to read the email I sent you where I asked for forgiveness for dishonouring your image, and where I thanked you for allowing me to be the only witness of your eyes.

I swear to keep the secret.

And believe me, you were very noble... in your fight... for justice.

Carol V. fired from Channel 10 Mirageman dead or alive?

Mirageman was real.

Carol Valdivieso persecuted by Mirageman fans.

Mirageman dead after the most heroic act of the century Fans walk for Mirageman and they don't believe he is dead.

Mirageman, dude...

I want to ask for the motorcycle back.

Some people are asking me to give it back.

You know what happened is now in the past, so...

I need it, man, I have to give it back.

That's it. Call me, dude.