Mirrors 2 (2010) Script

It was my fault. l was the one driving when it happened.

After the accident, l started seeing things, things that Couldn't be real.

But I'm not Crazy.

l know.

Your father knows.

Anyone who knows you knows that.

Look, Max, I've seen you every day for the past two months.

Maybe you're starting to Let go of your misplaced guilt.

Maybe you're ready to stop blaming yourself for what happened.

But there's no one else to blame.

It's gotten to the point where I look in the mirror... and I'm not even sure what's real anymore.

Fancy mirror.





You're a lady-killer, schow. Lady-killer.

What's goin' on?

Hey! What-



Max. Who's this?

Are you still sleeping? What time is it?

[ Max ] Dad? ls that you? Of course it's me.

Yeah. ls everything all right?

Yeah. Did I wake you up? You don't sound good.

Thank you. No, I'm fine. I'm just getting some sleep.

Careful over there.

Just getting to the point where I can sleep through the night again.

Good, good. You gotta get your rest.

Κeller. Yeah?

Five minutes. Okay, that's great.


That is the Mayflower signature right there.

That glass has been through so much.

You can see the care that went into making it.

Even the base came from the original store. so that gives us the, uh- its spirit. l think it's perfect.

Look, Max, for the last two months the police have been all over us... looking for that missing girl.

Max, we may not be able to open on time.

Really? l didn't know that, Dad.

And then last week our night security guard goes crazy.

He cuts himself up bad and he quits.

Max, I've got weeks of work to do and two weeks out from opening.

The last thing I need to be doing is looking for a new night watchman.

I'm just not sure I'm ready yet, Dad, after all that's happened this year and-

Max. This is what you need.

And, honestly, right now l need you, Max. l know it'll help you take your mind off things.

Yeah. Look. l think it's gonna be good. All right, Dad. l'll do it.

Thanks for the opportunity.

No, no, no, thank you, Μax. l tell you what.

Why don't you come into work a little early and find me... so that we can say hello before you clock in. Okay?

Yeah. sure. l'll come find you. All right.

We'll see you in a little bit. Okay, Dad.

Bye. Bye-bye.


l got it.

Just trying to help.

Well, you know, that may or may not be the case, but you should put that on your punch list, then take care of that first thing tomorrow.

Would you do that?

Jenna, will you take Care of the accessories we have?

Yeah. All right. That'll be great.

Ladies and gentlemen, the thing I am most proud of in the entire store.

This is my son, Max. Hi.

How are ya, son? Good.

Yeah? Get some rest?

Yeah. Okay. l wanna introduce you to a few people.

This is Keller Landreaux. He's gonna be our store manager when we open in a few weeks.

Now, Keller told us that we could buy property down here in New Orleans... for a song and a dime.

That's exactly what we did. smart man.

Glad to meet you, Max.

My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

And this beautiful young lady we have right here, this is Jenna Mccarty.

Jenna is the head buyer for the store... and she has promised to bring us a little bit of that Fifth Avenue flair... to Bourbon street, yes? sure. Nice to meet you, Max. [ softly ] You too.

You know, Max, ladies love a man in uniform.

Yeah, Dad, I'm sure the polyester pants really help seal the deal.

And last but not least l'd like to introduce you to, uh, Ryan P-

What was your last name? Parker.

I'm just kidding you. Ryan Parker, our vice president in charge of operations.

Good to meet you, Max. Likewise.

Now, while you're out there on your rounds, you see something that doesn't look right, you got a problem with plumbing or electric, fire, you get a candy bar stuck in the vending machine, you call Ryan.

That's after you call me.

Hey, listen. I'm gonna let you go. l know you got a job to do.

And we need to continue on our rounds, okay? Okay.

Good luck out there.

Thanks, Dad. All right. shall we?

You all right? sorry. First night.

so, Max, you say you've been having those visions again?


Were you taking drugs or had you been drinking when you had this episode?

No. It was last night at my new job. l saw a woman in one of the mirrors at my work.

You saw a woman?

Yeah. she was looking back at me from the other side.

Her reflection looked like a corpse. she probably reminded you of Kayla in some way.

Your mind's way of processing the mental shock.

And the pills l prescribed?

Yeah, I took one.

That's all? Yeah.

Good. l wanted to take more, but I decided not to.

Very good. so should we put the straitjacket on me now, or should we wait until my time's up?

I'm not worried about you, Max.

No? Not at all.

What you're telling me, it's a good thing.


These representations of Kayla, hallucinations or not, are a sign that you're starting to get your life back in order, that maybe you're starting to let go of your misplaced guilt about her death, that you're ready to stop blaming yourself for what happened.

What intrigues me... is that now that you've stopped wallowing in the drugs and the alcohol, now that you're sober, your mind is ready to begin processing the tragedy in earnest.

You wanna come see me again next week?

Get back to a regular appointment type thing? sure.

Hmm? Yeah. Mm-hmm. l'll run the numbers tomorrow.

Okay. And then I placed the orders for size 8 through 1 2.

No. Why?

No. Look. It's like I told you earlier. l don't wanna order any of the larger sizes.

But I don't- Why, Jenna?

Why? Because this Mayflower has to convey the message that it's a boutique.

And boutique implies skin and bones.

Yeah, I'm really sure. Right, right, right, right, right. Okay. so, if we do the research... and it shows that the demographic is full of heifers, then we'll order accordingly.

But listen to me- Until then, four is the new eight. Do you understand me?

Yeah, I got it. Thank you. Talk to you later.

Camera in the bathroom?

Henry, you dirty dog.

Hey. Hey.

Just want to check in on my new favorite employee.

I'm good. Just happy to be here, Mr. Landreaux.

Well, we're happy to have you, Max.

You know, your dad entrusted me with the opening of the new Mayflower as my top priority.

You seem committed, being here so late.

Yeah. Oh, I can't let anything interfere with our grand opening.

Yeah. I should- l should do my rounds.

Hey, Max, will you do me a favor?

Call me Keller. We're all family here at the Mayflower.


Jenna? What are you-



Mornin', rookie. so, how did that last night go?

Everything all right?

Dr. Beaumont's office. Hi, this is Max Matheson. l need to see Dr. Beaumont as soon as possible. Okay, let me see what I have.

How do you think this happened? l don't know.

Looks more like a- just a terrible accident, but maybe someone killed her.

Homicide by handmade guillotine?

That would impress even yours truly.

Yeah, me too, Pete.

Me too.

Dr. Beaumont? Yes?

Do you really believe all that, your explanation for what's happening to me?

Well, of course. There's really no other explanation.

And the fact that it's all related to the mirrors, that that's how I'm seeing these visions?


What's that?

It's a French term from Jacques Lacan's mirror stage of psychoanalytic theory.

The ego is a product of false reflections.

Méconnaissance, when the subject is alienated from his or her self. ln English?

Nobody sees anything in a mirror... that isn't simply a part of them, not even things they think they're seeing.

Every culture has its own particular myth set regarding mirrors. ln Korea, for example, it's believed that a person's soul can be trapped inside of a mirror... as it leaves the body.

You've heard the old adage, a cracked mirror brings seven years bad luck.

And even here in the south's recent past... it was not uncommon to cover all of the mirrors in a house... where the wake of a deceased person was being held.

There's even a clinical diagnosis... for an intense fear of mirrors called spectrophobia.

Lots of psychic baggage in them there mirrors, huh? so I guess I'm doing pretty well, then? ln light of all you've been through, combined with all the superstitions we hold regarding mirrors, l'd say you're doing pretty good indeed.

Hey. How are ya holdin' up?


Your father didn't tell you.

Tell me what?

Jenna Mccarty, the woman you met the other day? she died last night.

They found her in her apartment.

How did she die?

The police said she fell through glass.

It ripped her head off.

It was a horrible accident. such a tragedy.

Hey, are you all right?

Yeah. I'm... just surprised.

You sure?

Yeah. Yeah.

Will you call me if you need anything? Yeah.

Thanks. l still can't believe it.


Are you here? It's me.


Oh, God.

I'm really starting to lose it again.

"P." "P." Parker.





No! N-


Where's the number?

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Hi. You've reached Ryan's answering machine.

I'm unable to get up and get the phone right now, so leave me a message with your name and your phone number...

Come on, goddamn it. and I will get back to you shortly.

Take care.

No! No!

No! No!


You ever seen a 1 0-56 like that?

I'm not sure.

One thing I do know though.

This is the second death of an employee who worked at the Mayflower.

The third, if you count the girl who went missing two months ago.

Officer. Yes, sir.

The witnesses. Where'd you put 'em?

Hey, Pic.

Check out the badge.

He's definitely a person of interest.


Yeah, hi, Dad.

What time is it? Uh, I don't know. It's- It's late.

What's going on, Max?

I'm just- I'm calling to let you know that I'm-

I'm gonna be quitting my job.

Are you all right?

No, not really. l can't keep working there.

It's- It's too much.

Too much?

Yeah. I think I'm seeing things again.

I'm really sorry. l don't care about the job. Just- l need to know that you're okay. Yeah.

I'm- I'm okay.

Okay, um- stop by tomorrow and drop off your l.D. badge and all that, you know.

Yeah, I will. Thank you for understanding, Dad.

Max, I'm your father, and I do support you.

You know that.

Yeah, I do.

Okay. Get some rest.


Hey! What's wrong with you?



Max, what are you doing here? l know what I need to do. l came by- Um, I changed my mind.

Good for you. l wanna stay at the Mayflower.

Come here.

Give me one.

Thank you.

It's gonna be okay.

Yeah, l- I know.

We don't know why things happen the way that they do, but they have a tendency to work themselves out.

Everything happens for a reason, Max.

Yeah. Right.

Are you hungry?

Want a slice?

I'm good.

Hey! Can you hold up a sec?

Just need a minute.

May I help you?

Detective Huston, Homicide.

Detective Piccirilli. What he said.


We just come by to ask you a few questions about some fellow employees at the Mayflower, see if you might know anything about 'em that might be of interest to us.

We went by your house.

You weren't there.

Okay. And?

And why don't you tell us.

Tell you what?

You heard about one Miss Jenna Mccarty, correct?

Yes. And you were also at the home...

of Mr. Ryan Parker earlier tonight, weren't you?

Yeah. But-

Then Certainly you must have gathered that he was dead, right?

Right. Brutally murdered, as a matter of fact.

Hence, homicide. Uh, plural, actually, Pic.

Homicides, with an "s."

You're right, man. There've been two homicides... involving employees of the Mayflower this week.

-And since you were at the scene of the crime tonight- -And in charge of security- it stands to reason that you might have an opinion or two about these matters.

What, am I a suspect?


Not yet. Not yet?

Not officially. What, not officially?

At this point, son, the only thing you're suspected of... is being a lousy security guard.

so, why were you out front of the deceased's home earlier tonight?

Kind of a creepy coincidence, don't you think?

No. l don't think it was a creepy coincidence.

Not at all.

And I might be a lousy security guard, but it seems to me that the two of you are... not too much better at, uh, the detective stuff. lf you'd have done your homework, you would've seen that...

Mr. Parker is the vice president of operations... here at this particular branch of the Mayflower Department store.

And per protocol, if anything goes wrong, it is my duty... to contact Mr. Parker immediately.

Why not just call him?

As soon as you stop badgering me and you get back to your work, you'll be happy to see that the phone records indicate that I did, in fact, try to call Mr. Parker.

Probably, I might add, during the time at which Mr. Parker was being, as you say, brutally murdered.

Might be kind of hard for me to have been the one killing him too. so you ran over to the deceased's home... to let him know you were having a problem with-

With the mirrors.

so unless there are any other questions, l'd really like to get back to my work.

No more questions. For now.

We just wanted to stop by. say hi.

And let you know that we got our eye out on you.

l feel so much safer knowing that.

Thank you very much, Detectives.

l don't understand.

Who are you?

What do you want?

she worked here.

Hello? Hi. ls this, uh, Elizabeth Reigns?

Hi. Elizabeth. Hi. I'm Max.

Hi. so, uh, you wanna talk about my sister?

You said you might have some information. Yeah.

l think maybe I've seen her recently.

What? W-Where?

Uh, at the Mayflower.

Where-Where at the Mayflower?

ln the mirrors.

What- ln the mirrors? What do you mean, in the mirrors?

Yeah, yeah, I know. l know this- it sounds crazy, but l- I see her reflection in the mirrors.

And l-l- Then I turn around and she's gone. she's not there anymore.

You know, l- I don't know who put you up to this.

My sister, my little sister Eleanor has been missing for almost two months now.

And you just turn this into some kind ofjoke.

No. Hey. No, it's not a joke.

Listen to me.

Listen to me. I'm serious. Don't touch me!

Just don't touch me. l know what I said, it sounds crazy.

It's the truth.

so this started happening the first night that you were working there?

How can that be? How-

How is it that out of everyone that works there, you're the only one that can see my sister?

A year ago I was driving with my fiancée.





Hey, uh, can you reach into the backpack, grab my phone for me?

Yeah. l need to call my dad.

Okay, hang on. Drive safe.

Okay, Max? Yeah. I got it.

Please. Thank you. l can see.


Come on, I'm a great driver. Yeah.


Where did you say it was?

It's, uh, in the front there. ln the front. Front.

Are you sure? Honey, it's right there.

Any luck?

Oh, my God.

Max Matheson, is this what I think it is?

Well, what do you think it is? l don't know.

A drunk driver, he hit you? l swerved to avoid him. l wrapped my Car around a telephone pole.

Technically, it was my fault.

And your fiancée, she- she died in the accident?

We both did.

start an l.V.

stay still, sir.

They brought you back.

Maybe I brought back something with me, some ability to see the other side or something.

Afterward, I just got pretty screwed up for a while- drugs, alcohol, whatever l could put into me.

Like I was trying to get closer to her or something.

Wasn't your fault. l was the one driving.

You were trying to swerve to get out of the way. You were trying to save her.

Yeah, but I couldn't.

l couldn't save her.

You wanted to see her again.

Yeah. More than you could ever know.

How long's your sister been missing?

About two months.

And you still think she's-


Of course, the cops say that young women up and leave all the time to start new lives.

But Eleanor and l, we weren't just sisters, we were best friends, we were soul mates.

And the night that she, uh, disappeared, l woke up from a deep sleep screaming for no reason.

My heart was beating so fast l thought it was gonna explode. l knew right then and there.

What was your sister doing the day she disappeared?

Working at the Mayflower.

There was some sort of party that night and she was- she'd just been hired on.

They were having a groundbreaking celebration.

l- I gotta get to work.

Yeah, I gotta get some sleep. l gotta work again tonight.

Call me if, uh, anything else comes up.


Thank you, Max.

l haven't done anything. Not yet, anyway.

But you're trying.

That's more than anyone else has been willing to do around here.


I'm trying my best. I'm trying my best. Really.

Please. stop doing this.

Wait. What are you doing?

Please, don't- don't do this.



Tell me what I need to do. Please, tell me. Just-

What is it? What?

Hello. Hey.

Hey. What night did she disappear?

It was a Wednesday night.

What was the specific date?

How come? Well, it's a long shot, but I just thought that maybe, if something happened to Eleanor while she was working here at the Mayflower, maybe the security cameras caught something.

Uh, it was, uh, Wednesday, september 22.

The 22nd.

It's not here.

What? It's- It's missing.

Missing? Yeah. somebody erased it.

Who? Well, give me a minute.

Yeah, last viewed september 24.

Two days after she disappeared.

Who was the last person to view those files?

Yeah, last viewed, Henry David schow.

Who's that? He's the security guard I replaced.

The guy cut himself up and then quit.

They say he's gone totally crazy.

All after my sister went missing.

Hey, can you pick me up?

Henry schow?

Henry, you in there?

Henry, is that you? Get away from me.

Hey, come on. Henry, open the door.

Henry. l said stay away.

Henry, we're not here to hurt you. We just wanna ask you a couple questions, that's all.

Don't shut- Henry! No!


Who are you?

I'm your replacement at the Mayflower. I'm the new night security guard.

You've seen her then? seen who?


Eleanor. What do you know about Eleanor?

Nothin'. l don't know nothin'.

Henry, you don't have to lie to us.

I'm not lyingi Yes, you are! What are you hiding, huh? she wants to kill me.

Why does my sister want to kill you?

Your- Your sister?

Henry. Henry.

Henry, did you kill my sister?

No. I don't know what happened to her.

But why do you think she wants to kill you? l don't know.

What about the files?

What files?

The digitized security camera files.

The one from the night she went missing.

The ones you erased, Henry.

l was just following orders!

Henry, what- Who told you to erase those files?

Mr. Landreaux, Keller Landreaux, asked me to get rid of 'em, said it was important.

Keller. That's- That's when your sister first showed up... that night.

That's when she started haunting all my mirrors.

Henry, there's something you're not telling us. l told you everything.

Henry, now, my sister went missing the next day.

And somebody asked you to erase those security files from the Cameras... and you didn't think that was a little bit suspicious? No.

No, I didn't. l didn't think that. l- l just didn't wanna know.

Henry, you need to tell us everything that happened that night. Everything.

l just want her to leave me alone. she's not gonna stop this until she gets what she wants.

Until she gets the truth, Henry! l don't know the truth.

K-Keller threatened my job, so I just- I went along with him.

We were in the basement.

He-He said we had to erase the file.

I'm sorry! The basement.

We have to go back to the Mayflower.

We have to Check the basement.

The basement.

I'm sorry!

What is it?

There's rust on the ground.

l think it came from that. It's been moved.

Give me a hand?

It's a crawl space.

You okay in there?

Max? Yeah, I'm okay.


Don't say a word or you're both dead.

I'm gonna be right back.

Max, we need to talk.

Just Come out. Max!

Max, he's got a gun! shit!


Really need to loosen that one up.

Look out, world. Jenna Mccarty's up to her old tricks.

Now, now. The only way to keep the new hires under your thumb... is to make sure you have dirt on them.

And nothing commands more respect than knowing that you... have made a Complete and total asshole of yourself in front of the higher-ups.

Oh, you're bad.

so where you from originally? so anyway-

Oh, there's the guy right there. Here you go, miss.

Thank you. You know that girl right there? she's in accounting?

Um, I've seen her before, but I haven't really met that many people yet, so-

And what about you?

I'm in operations, so pretty much, you know, day-to-day stuff.

Oh, okay.

Oh, I think she's got something for you. Hey.

Oh, thank you. You're welcome. You're drinking water?

Yes. I've been so thirsty. Yeah. Driving.


Help! He-

Look, I didn't wanna hurt your sister! l don't wanna hurt you!

Ow! Why are you making me do this?

Why won't you listen to me! Get off me!

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Honey, are you okay? l just- What happened?

Hi, guys. Hey, boss. she's, you know, been drinking.

Oh, no. Looks like somebody had a little too much to drink, huh?

Mm-hmm. This is, um-

Um- Wait, wait, wait.

Keller's gonna take you home, sweetie.

Yeah, that won't be a problem. Good.

Here, come here. Here.

Just get her- get her arm. Oh, there we go.

You'll be fine. There we go.

You'll be fine. You'll be fine. Just drink a lot of water.

Have fun.

Want a shot? Yes.

Two. Please.

l left my purse at work. Okay, we'll go back. No problem.

My keys.

Wait. Wait.

Where are we going? There you go.

I'm gonna get you home safe and sound. l have to go home?

And here we are. Let's get your keys and get you home. l just feel so-

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Get off me!

Ohh! Get off me! No!

Get off me! No! stop it!



We need to talk about this! Eleanor, we need to talk about this!

Eleanor! Where are you going? Come here! l just wanna talk to you!



Help! Max!


Don't move, bitch.

Why are you doing this? shut up! l can't let this happen.


l just wanna talk to you!


l swear to Christ, I'm not gonna hurt you!

l just wanna talk. l just think you're a little confused, that's all.


Get down there, Eleanor!

Eleanor? l just want to talk.

You're gonna ruin everything!

Get off of me!

This is your fault, Eleanor!

All you had to do was talk to me!


I'm so stupid!

I'm so stupid!

Help! Get off me!

[ Elizabeth ] Max! [ Max ] Elizabeth!

Oh! Get off me!

Get back, Elizabeth!

Drop it, Keller.


It's over, Keller.

Oh! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


It's over.

We did it, Max.

so let me get this straight. so even after you helped Keller Landreaux... cover up the crawl-space hole with a furnace... and erase all the digital files from the security cameras, you didn't think something was, l don't know, fishy?

No, sir, I didn't.

But you'd heard the girl went missing.

Yes, sir, I did.

And you're willing to sign a confession... admitting everything you've told us?

Yeah. Which you understand... will be admitting to your role in the conspiracy to cover up the murder of Eleanor Reigns.

What say we get this man a pen.

You took the words right out of my mouth, Pic.

Okay, what gives, Pete?

That was the easiest interrogation ever. l don't know, Pic. First time I ever played good cop/good cop, though.

Must be some catch.

Always a catch.