Miss Bala (2019) Script

I'm thinking, with this, if we have burgundy lips, you know, hair pulled back tight...

Can I get the silver? Okay, okay. I got it.

You... Okay. All right.

Hey, Justin, sorry to bother you.

I was actually looking at some of Vivian's dresses, and I drew up some sketches I'd love for you to take a look at.

Please just stick to the chart.

Okay, but they're, like, cool ideas.

Just... I mean, I think.

Just hear me out. Honey, we're not paying you to think.

Hey, everyone, it's our pleasure to welcome Vivian Chan back to Fashion Week Los Angeles.


Keep it going.

Got it.

Makeup went well. It had...

You know, it had its moments.


You on your way?


And I stole two bags of makeup.

Yeah! You are winning this pageant.

Of course. 'Cause you're my secret weapon.

My Hollywood makeup artist.

Okay, I love you. I'm driving. Bye.

Welcome to Mexico.


Look at us.

I grew boobs way before you did.

Girl, I'm still trying to grow boobs.

That's true.

Hey, what time do we start that pageant thingy stuff tomorrow?

9:00 in the morning.

Then there's rehearsals for three days.

Then fit the dresses. Suzu!


I'm hungry.


There's my favourite little dude.

"Little"? You're huge. Yeah.

You finally came back to Tijuana.

Yeah, and I brought you something.

What is it?

Holy shit!

Potty mouth.

It's the one we saw in Hollywood!

I thought you forgot about it.

Come on. Well, you should practice your English with Gloria. Take advantage.

She should practice Spanish. Maybe she won't sound like a lame American.

He's right.

Guácala, sister. You smell like beer.

Okay, little brother. I made you papas con chorizo.

It's in the microwave.

Hello, good afternoon.

Sign here please.


No, I'm... I'm not registering.

I didn't think so.

What did you say?

I'm just saying to her... You cannot talk to my friend like that.

Okay, Suzu. Yeah, vámonos.

Good luck. Thank you.

You always get into fights.

If I win this thing... "When" you win this thing.

When I win this thing, it's gonna be really good for Chava and I.


Okay, so I went with a very natural eye and a dark lip.

Touching up.

Just a little different, but you're done.

Okay. I've got something for you.

Friendship bracelets.

Stop it.

Like when we were kids.

There you go.

Hey. I'm so happy that you're here.

You know, I didn't really think I was gonna be able to come back to Tijuana.

'Cause I always felt like such a stranger here.

But you always make me feel like I have family, so thank you.

Girl, you are my family.


Okay, we need to get going, 'cause we got people to impress.

Are you coming?

Really? Okay. Careful.

I know him...



Dude, tell me you saw him.



Shall we dance?

No. No.


So, who do we have to rub elbows with?

Let's get it moving.

Over there. That's him.

Okay, that's Chief Saucedo.

He supposedly finances the contest, and they say he sleeps with whoever wins the pageant.

And you're still trying to win this pageant?

Girl, it's just a rumour.

Ew. "Ew," you. Girl, let's go.

And who's this lovely girl?

This is my friend Gloria.

Chief Saucedo runs the state police.

That's just my hobby.

My real passion in life is beauty.

I... Will you just give me one minute?

I have to go to the bathroom.

Check the stalls.


Please. Please.

You can have everything.

Please. Please.

Take it all. You can have everything.

You're American?

Do you want to stay alive?


You never saw us.

Come on.

Saucedo is in the VIP section.

You got 10 seconds to get out of here.

Salte, gringa.

Hey. Suzu!



Suzu! Suzu!



Suzu, come on, please. Pick up.

...assassination attempt on Chief Saucedo...


Excuse... Excuse me, sir.

My friend is inside.

All right, you can't come in here. You can't come in here.

No, okay, okay, okay, okay. Go. Go.

This is Suzu. Leave your message.

Suzu, I'm at the diner across the street from the Millenium Club.

If you get this, please meet me here, okay?

Hospital Angeles Tijuana.

I'm trying to find a friend who was in the Millenium Club.

What's your friend's name?

Suzu Ramos.

Let me check.

Nobody by that name has been admitted.


It's Gloria.

When are you guys coming back?

You know what, Suzu's phone died, so she just wanted me to call you and tell you that we're gonna be a little late, okay?

Tell her I'm taking the lunch money from her dresser.

I will.

Bye. Bye.

Excuse me.

I can't find my friend and I need your help, please.

You have to go to the station. Fill out a report.

Okay. I was at the Millenium Club last night, and I saw the men who did this, and I just... I really need your help.

Fine. Get in.

Thank you.

Go ahead, señorita.

Tell me everything that happened.

These guys came into the bathroom with guns.

One of them had the sides of his head shaved.

Another one had green eyes.

One second.

Twenty, I'm here with a forty-one. An American.

Says she saw the men at the Millenium.

Let me check with Number One.

Copy. Standing by.

When we get to the station, I want you to tell them everything you saw.

We are almost there.

I'm just going to pick up my lunch.

Prep the other truck.

How's it going, Doña Rosita?

Welcome to Casa Rosita.

He's inside.

My grandparents built this house back in the '40s.

That's my brother.

He wants to sell it, but I want to keep it for the family.

This is a mistake.

I only wanted to find my friend.

You tell me lies, I'm going to hurt you.


I'm not gonna lie.

You with the DEA?


You talk like a pocha.

What's your deal?

I grew up in the States.

I... I lived here for a few years.

My father is American, and he owned a factory, a maquiladora, here.

Where's the maquiladora?

It's gone.

And your father?

Gone, too.

Then why are you here?

I just came to visit my friend.

"Suzu. Suzu Ramos."

I'm gonna keep these for a while.


I can help you find your friend.

But you have to do something for me first.

You do that, and I'll help you find Suzu.

You mess around, and I'll kill you both.

Say "yes." Yes.

Okay, chula.

We're going to be real good friends, you and I.

You ever been to Bakersfield?



Bakersfield, California.


I'm from Bakersfield.

I'm American, like you.

Grew up in both places, like you.

The trucks are ready.

Leave that on and follow my instructions.

All right, stay with us, pochita.

Come on, keep up.

Run the light. What?

Come on, keep up! Keep up! Don't slow down.

All right, turn right on this corner.

Park the car real close to the curb.

Take your phone and meet us up the hill.


Good job, chula.

Nice driving back there.

Tucán. The remote.

Watch this, bitches.

Check this out, chula.


Don't be sad. Hey.

Those bitches had it coming.

Hey, hey, hey.

Seems like she doesn't like barbecue.

Let's get out of here.

What were you doing last night at the Millenium?

My friend, she wanted to get connected for the pageant.

The Miss Baja California pageant?


Who do we know at the pageant?

Okay. Figure it out.

Why are we here?

You said you wanted to be in the contest, so now you're in the contest.

I... That's... That's not what I want.

I want to find my friend Suzu. That's what I want.

We'll find your friend, chingada madre.

You can reach me with this.

Don't lose it.

Don't turn it off.

Take her to register, Pollo.

Let go of her arm.

Have fun.

Can I see your left profile, please?

Now the right?

Very good. Face forward.

Girls, let's welcome Gloria to the contest, please.

Have you seen my friend, Suzu?

No. I'm sorry.

Where's your restroom? It's down the hallway.


Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Can't I just have a second to go to the restroom in privacy, please?

Hey! Hey!


Are you okay? No.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Are you American? Please, I'm... I'm an American.

I've been abducted. They're chasing me.

What are you doing? What are you doing?

No, no, no, no! No!

Why am I in handcuffs?

Why am I here? Where am I? I'm an American citizen.

I've been abducted. Please.

How long you been working for La Estrella?

I don't know what that is. I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm looking for my friend Suzu.

She went missing at the Millenium Club.

My name is Gloria Fuentes. I'm an... I know who you are. I know who you are.

You're Gloria Fuentes, born in 1991.

You're a...

A makeup artist.

Are you Lino Esparza's girlfriend?

You're not listening to me.

I'm an American citizen. I know my rights!

I want to be taken to the US embassy!

Consulate already knows about you, Gloria.

My name is Brian Reich, and I'm an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Now, these are encrypted radio cell phones that only Esparza and his people use.

They can't be tracked.

So, you're telling me that he gave you one of these and he doesn't even know you?

Is this you?

I didn't know that there was a bomb in the car.

Did it make you feel important to be hanging out with Lino?

What? No. I get it.

You're a nobody from nowhere.

A broken home. No.

You have nothing.

Then along comes this slick guy.

He's, like, flashing money around, and he's giving you toys and nice dresses. No, please.

He's from Tijuana. You lived there... No.

He sounds like a fun time, right?

I didn't have anything to do with this. Please, you have to believe me.

Okay. Look. You have to believe me. Please.

Look, look, look, look.

The building that you blew up is a DEA safe house.

Okay, no. Look at 'em.

Look. Look, look. Look at these guys.

Now, three DEA agents... No.

...are dead because of you.

There they are. Look at 'em.

No. Look at 'em.

Those are my friends. Those are real Americans.

We have you on charges of terrorism, murder, arson.

You know how long you'll go away for?

Thirty, 40, 50 years, unless you help us.

This is a tracking chip, and it goes in the battery shelf, like this.

You try it.

Go ahead.

There you go.



You are taking this chip and putting it in Lino Esparza's cell phone.


No, please don't make me go back there. Please.

Look, Gloria, if what you say is true, and I hope it is, you're gonna have to prove it.

So, you're gonna take that chip and plant it on his phone however you can.

Now, if we don't hear from you, then I'll make sure Lino knows he has a DEA mole in his group.

And if somehow you manage to escape him, I'll feed you to the US prison system.

Gloria, here's your phone.

Make sure there's no chip in it when they gather for checkup, or else it'll be the last time we hear from you.

This is my phone number.

Memorise it.

They're gonna want to know where you've been this whole time, so just...

Just tell Lino that you got scared and ran away, okay?

Whenever you're ready, just turn it on, and then he'll find you, okay?

For a taxi.

Listen to me.

There is a war going on right now in Tijuana.

Whether or not you survive is entirely up to you.

You give us Lino's location, I will get you out of here safe.

What about my friend Suzu?

I'm the clearest path between you and your friend.

You ever want to see her again, you better do what you need to do.

Good luck.




Hey, Gloria.

Chava? You're home.

What's with your old-ass phone?

It doesn't even have games on it, dude.

Shh, give me the phone.

Give me the phone.


Don't ever turn off the phone again.

Gloria, what's happening?

Does your Tía Lupita still live downtown?

Where's Suzu, Gloria?

Where's my sister?

Suzu's gonna be fine.

You hear me? Everything's gonna be fine.

I just need you to go pack up a bag of clothes.

You know what, I'll go with you. Let's go do this. Come on.

I'm gonna call you a cab. Meet me downstairs.

Okay? Okay.

Why did you run away?

I was scared.

You better not be lying to me.

Is that your son?

No, it's my godson.

Please don't hurt him.

Please don't hurt him.


What an elegant kid.

Come here, come here.

Do you have a cell phone?


Okay, okay, okay.

Now, you go back to your room, okay?

It isn't my house.

Go to your bedroom. Wait for me over there.

Go to your room! Okay?

I've been running all day.

Take my boots off.


Please don't hurt the kid.

I'll do whatever you want.

Just please don't hurt him.

Well, there is something that I need you to do.

You do that for me, and I'll make sure the kid's safe.


We have a deal?


Now, take off your clothes.


Take your clothes off.

Go on.



I don't trust that woman.

They won't be looking for her, an American, a gringa.

You worry about the DEA, I'll worry about her.

Ruben's dead.

Take these pesos for the funeral.

Lay down.

Back in Bakersfield,

at Whitney High, I met a girl like you.


That was her name.


She was pretty.

Like you.

Never smiled.

Just like you.


Hey, you're gonna drive to San Diego.

To the address that I put on the GPS.

When you get to the border, you got to make sure that you look at the customs guys in the eyes.

Don't do anything stupid.

When you're on your way back, just call us.

We'll tell you where to meet.

You said you wouldn't hurt the kid.

So then, send him away.


This cab's gonna take you to Tía Lupita's, okay?

Stay with the kid.

Chava, look at me.

I'm gonna find Suzu.

Okay? I promise you.

Don't forget to put on your seat belt.

Listen up, gringa.

If, for any reason, whether it's an accident or intentional, you get caught running away with our stuff...

Or if you do anything stupid.

I'm gonna grab this knife, and I'm gonna gut that little kid like a chicken.

Got it?

Got it.

Drive safe.

The route guidance will start now.

What am I doing? What am I doing?

Buenos días, good morning. How we doing today?

I'm okay. I'm good. What's wrong?

You're better than okay. You woke up today.

You are blessed. Yeah. You're right.

You know, tomorrow's not promised to anyone.

Just waking up, it's a blessing within itself.

You are right. But look, ma'am.

I'm just here to cheer up your day.

These owls right here will look at you at night and watch you sleep.

I'm good, gracias. Okay.

Yeah, go on, bring 'em in.

Ma'am, I need you to step out of the car, please.

Turn around, ma'am. Manos atrás, please.



Welcome back. Thank you.

Continue straight ahead to destination.

Continue straight ahead to destination.

Turn it off.

Open it up.

Where's the rest? Under the car.

On the passenger side.

Come on in.

You take the van.

It's all there.

I need to get a message to Lino.

Are you listening?

I want you to tell him Jimmy said the DEA has a mole in his operation.

You got it?

I got it.

Get out of here.

Thank you.


Meet us at the bullring parking lot, right over the border, and take the Cantera Street exit.

Got it.

Great. Who do I call?

Yes. I've got something for you, but I want to know that you'll protect me.

I said I would.

What are you doing in San Diego?

They had me pick up weapons for them.

Where's the drop-off?

The bullring parking lot. In Tijuana?

Okay. We're heading to the bullring.

We want Esparza.

If he's there, send me a text message with the word "ox."

Do not send a message until you have visual confirmation.

How do I get out?

Get to the double yellow gates next to the ocean exit, and there will be a SWAT van on the other side to pull you out.

You got it?

Double yellow gates. Got it.

That's Pollo.

Keep your eyes on the perimeter.

Front SUV.

As soon as you see Lino, take the shot.

The girl could get hit in the crossfire.

I said take the shot.

Watch out, boss!


Move in! Move in!

Stay down! Move it!

No. No!


Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.


What? There's no one here to get me.

I don't see anyone. There's no SWAT van.

Sorry, Gloria. You're on your own.

No! No!

Cover me, Chivo!




Grenade launcher!

Ground Force Two, do not let them out!


Cut them off at the wall.


Pinche gringa.

How did the state police know we would be there?

Do you know?

How were they so ready?

They had a sniper.

You bitch!

Hey! Don't you call her a bitch.

Okay? She saved my life back there, man.

Because she had to.

Listen to me, Lino.

Someone is giving information to the DEA.

He's right, Lino. What?

Jimmy told me to tell you that the DEA has a mole.

A traitor in your... In your group.

This is your fault.


I told you to get Brian Reich. But I did kill Reich.

Told you to handle the DEA.

That was your job.

Our dead men are on you.

Their blood is on your hands.

You gonna cry?

We borrowed this place from some friends.

You look like shit.

Find some clothes.

They got some good stuff.

I got lucky.

Who was Brian Reich?

How do you know that name?

You said it earlier. I...

He's with the DEA.

That piece of shit.

Yeah, but that was the police shooting at us.

Reich or Saucedo's guys, it's the same thing.

They're all dirty, and they're coming after me.

See, I used to run Tijuana, the biggest border in the world.

Everything that came in and out came through us, Los Estrellas.

And now, Saucedo is trying to take it from me.

You thought I was a bad guy?

I'm just playing their game, chula.

So, then why would... That's enough with the questions.

Go help in the kitchen.


My name is Isabel.

Start chopping.

I need all your cell phones.

What are you doing here anyway?

Are you Lino's girl or something?

Has he had you yet?

Lino abducted me, and they're threatening to kill my friend's little brother.

That's why I'm here. Okay?

I didn't choose to be here, either.

They threatened my family.

They own me.

You cannot trust anything they say.

Your phone?

Here's my cell, asshole.

Forget your friend, Gloria.

No one's coming to save you.

Your phone.

We're doing some housecleaning.

Pollito here is the maid.

He's real good at cleaning, you know?

Smells good, baby.

Where's your phone?

Right here.


Keep chopping, Gloria.

Chop, chop.


Okay, okay, okay.



Please, please, please, please, please.



Where were you?

What were you doing?

I was just in the bathroom.

What happened?

You couldn't wait to get laid?

What are you doing? The pozole is ruined.

Find that mole.

Get up.

Get up.


Where are we going? We're almost there.


If you run into a thing like we ran into yesterday, you gotta learn how to defend yourself.

You gotta learn how to use one of these.

Here's an erre.

An AR-15 rifle.

Made in the USA.

Press on this button here.

It's a magazine.

La bala, the bullet.

La bala settles everything.

You pop it into the magazine right here.

Then you slide the magazine back in.

Then you pull the charging handle.

Here's your safety.

Thumb down, safety off.

Thumb up, safety on.

All right?

Now you try it.

Come on.

You're not gonna be as lucky as you were yesterday.

No, no, no, no, no.

Magazine first.

There you go.

You got to press it.

All right.

Against your shoulder.

No, no, no.

You got to keep both eyes open, okay?

You got to use your dominant eye.

'Cause if you don't... 'Cause if you close the wrong one, then you're not gonna be able to see your target.

There we go.

Keep both eyes open.


Try it again.

Empty it out.

What about Suzu?

My boy Wicho is on it.

He's my IT guy, and he's real good.

He's checked the hospitals and the morgues, and she's not there, so that means she's alive.

Listen, I told you I'd find her.

For now, I'd...

I'd like you to take a shower.

You like it?

Where are we going?



We just finished the barbecue.

Perfect, I'm hungry.

I have a table for you over here.

It's so great to see you.

You look really skinny. Why don't you eat?

You had barbacoa before?


Not like this one.

Come on.

Here. I'm not hungry.

You got to be hungry.


It's good.

Just "good"?

That's what I thought.

That's how you eat some barbacoa, güey.

That is what I am talking about.

Let's go.

I grew up around here, you know?

Till I was about six or seven.

I used to just dream about this place when I was back in the US.

I wanted to come back so bad.

You know, I just never felt like I belonged anywhere.

Then my moms and I got deported, and when I was back, I was too gringo to be Mexican, too Mexican to be gringo.

So, I had to be tough.

And I learned to get what was mine.

One day, I'm gonna buy all the land around here.

I could just build a big ranch.

Live off the land and shit.


We found the snitch.

Everybody's waiting.

Bitch had it in her battery.


Los Estrellas will not stand for cowardice or treason con cualquiera.

No, no.

No, no, no.


No, no, no, no, no.

Let me just talk to him. Lino, no!

You can't. No.

Please let me talk to him.

Please. Let me go back.

Let me go back, please.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Listen, chula.

Sometimes, you have to do terrible things to survive.

Tomorrow's gonna be better.

I promise.

Just get some sleep.

Feeling better?

You have a big day ahead of you.

Doña Rosita is here.


Mira, this.

This will fit you just right.

Try them on.

What? These are for you.

Okay? For today.

What do you want from me?

What do you want?

Calm down, chula. No, I'm not going to calm down.

All right? I want to know what this is all about!

I want to know! Tell me what's going on!

Hey, hey. You're gonna be my queen.

I'm gonna send you to the Miss Baja California pageant.

What? What?

No. No, I don't want to do this.

No. I don't... I want to go.

I want to leave right now.

Listen to me. No.

Listen to you? I can't.

I can't. I can't do this any more.

You're just gonna end up killing me like you killed that other woman, okay?

So, just kill me, then!

I want to go. Please! Listen to me.

No! Just let me go! Let me...

Get out of my way!

There's something you need to see.

Where did you get this?

You know who Rafael Saucedo is?

Where did you get this?

You know who Rafael Saucedo is?

Yeah, he's the chief of police.

He's also a corrupt piece of shit.

He has your friend. Yeah.

The police, they took her the night after the shootout.

They run girls, throw parties.

They always have.

Where did you get this from?


He posed as one of the johns, and they sent him that video.


They're offering her up for Saucedo's after-party.

They got her all booked up.

She's all busy.

All night.

Sorry you had to see this.

You can decide.

Saucedo is my enemy, as he is yours.

And your friend, she's gonna be there tonight.

Tonight's your chance to get her back.


Saucedo always invites the winner of the pageant to his party.

I need him alone in the bedroom.


No. You... You want me to...

I want you to do whatever it takes.

This is how you get your friend back.

Chivo will be with you the whole way.

Now, I need you to listen carefully, chula.

For this to work out, you need to believe that you belong up there.

You just have to look confident.

We bought the judges.

Everyone works for us now.

Play your part.

...Miss Baja California.

You can do this.

For your friend.

Our three finalists are Marilyn Martínez,

Gloria Fuentes,

Melina Doña.

And now presenting... the second runner up...

There are only two contestants left and only one can be Miss Baja California.

The first runner up...

When they call your name, act surprised.

The new Miss Baja California...

Gloria Fuentes!

Now, this is critical.

Once you've won, a man will come to you with a message from Saucedo, inviting you to his party.

Just smile and accept.

Okay, fotos, finalistas, por favor.


Can you hear me? Yes.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.

I will guide you through this device.

I can hear everything through it.

Just speak loud enough.

Once you get in that car, we won't be able to protect you.

We think the party's on one of the properties south of Rosarito.

Miss Baja California.


We have girls from all the top escort services.

Get Saucedo to invite you to his room.

Miss Baja California.

Please, call me Gloria.

What an honour to have you here.

You are too sweet, General.

I have a question.

How's your evening going?

Everything is good.

Miss, will you follow me?

Wait here. In a few minutes I'll take you next door.

Do you understand?

We need that location.

Villa 102. Got it.

Protect yourself.

Good luck, chula.

Oh, my God.

I found you. Oh, my God.

I finally found you.

Oh, my God, I thought you were dead.

Are you hurt?

Are you okay? What happened?

They... They... They took me after the shootout.

They led me into a car, and...

I just thought they were cops, you know?

They made me do things, chinita.

They told me they would hurt Chava.

They sold me into the system.

They gave me this.


Los Estrellas.

Lino did this.

What are you doing here?

I told you to wait over there.

Let's go next door.


What a beautiful girl.

This red dress turns me on.

Take off your dress.

I'll get you a drink.

I told you to take off your dress.

Don't you understand me?


Get in the bed.

Lino, Saucedo is here.

Huicho, grenade launcher.

Help me.





Come on.



Glo? Gloria.




Nice job, chula.

Piece of shit.

You got to finish the job.



I told you we'd find your friend.

Show him your hand.

You knew where she was all along.

I did what I had to do, chula.

We both did.

Both eyes open.

Let's go, Suzu.

Last night in a fierce gun battle, esteemed Chief Saucedo killed Lino Esparza, head of the criminal organization, Los Estrellas.

Saucedo died heroically, trying to free a group of female hostages.


I don't envy your position, Gloria.

I almost didn't recognise you without your tattoos and your knife.

You've changed a lot since I saw you in that warehouse in San Diego.

You're a survivor.

Walking out of a shootout like that.


Making it through any of the things you've been through in the past few days is...

What do you want?

I want some coffee.

You want some?

Looks like you had a busy night, Gloria.

You killed a cartel leader and Tijuana's chief of police.

With your guns.

Someone like you could be very useful to us.

I think I'm gonna need something from you first.

I want to be released immediately.

Cleared of all charges.

And one more thing.