Miss Hanoi (2018) Script


I'll be right back, okay ?

Your mom is angry ? I have no idea.

But it means a lot to her, and it's already started.

She has to start getting used to you being a cop.

She'll get used to it. Don't worry.

Oh my God !

You must press hard on that pussy. Otherwise it won't come out.

You bastard !

Police brutality !

Stop it ! Stop filming !

I told you to stop filming !

Please, let him go.

What ? He's not worth it, come on.

Stupid bastard !

Polansky won't last long out.

Enjoy it ! Thanks.


Guess who's new Miss...

...Northern Bohemia.

My sister.

I often wonder what my daughter Hien would be like now.

Maybe she would call me from her internship.

Or she would help me with today's celebration.

But something would never change. She would remain funny, kind, gifted, determined to help at any time.

When I decide something, I want her to be proud of me, just like I was of her.

In a few days we will officially open school that will bear her name.

I believe she would like it.

Great speech.

Let's drink ! Great to have you here.

Cheers !

That was such bullshit ! Show me your hand.

How were you these past four years ?


That's all ? What's bothering you ? That I didn't write ?

Why didn't you ?

But you know what ?

It doesn't matter anymore. I'll call you a taxi. Go to sleep.

Dong says hi.

Why didn't she come ?

She has a new job so she can't take a day off yet.

A good law firm, and she didn't even graduate yet.

The starting salary is forty thousand. For now.

I'm happy for her.

She was always clever.

She always had worse grades than you. And where is she now ?

Mom, don't start again...

Mr. Tran also said he can get you a better job.

But I want to stay with the police.

You don't have good position or money there.

Anything to please Doubrava. That's the most importat thing.

Do we always have to talk about money ?

You don't think about anything else.

Did you know that Linh is getting married ?

She's pregnant ?

No. They'll have big mortgage. They found a house outside Prague.

Such place won't wait for them.

What about you and Hai ?

Did he explain why he left without saying goodbye ?

I don't care about Hai.

It's good that he came back.

After all, they only have him now.

Poor family !

Don't worry. I'll just move you a bit.

Good ?

Good !

One more time.

Great !

Go to that wall now. We'll try there.

What is it ?

Come on. Breath !

Good ? Yeah, yeah ! I'm alright.

Go take a walk.

Captain Kriz, homicide. First lieutenant Doubrava.

What do we have here ? Polansky. Local criminal.

He was released from correctional facility a few days ago.

I see.

No bruises on the neck. Somebody hang him after he was dead.

Yes. Victim was hanged after death.

Broken forearm ?

Both of them. Both of them ?

Someone hit him with a blunt object to the head.

When he protected himself, he broke both his forearms.

Conclusion. Blunt object and wounds to the head equals death.

It looks like massive brain hemorrhage. More after an autopsy.

They took all his personal belongings.

Looks like robbery that they wanted to pass as suicide.

Does anyone write down these brilliant theories ?

It would be a pity for the world to miss them. Such bullshit !

You marked the perimeter nicely.

Now search it and don't bring me everything you find, please.

Don't bring me deer shit.

Gas station is nearby. There should be a camera, check it out.

Most importantly, who found the body ?

Is it normal to take pictures of naked girls near lake at dawn ?

That's when there's best light.

And inversion. Fog just above the ground.

Did you ever take photos ?

Couple of people suggested I should pursue a career as a model.

What about you ? Have you seen a car, person, something suspicious ?

No. Pabli drove me.

And I fell asleep. I see.

I'd like some tea.

Exellent idea. When you'll go make it I'd like one too.

I'll get you something.

You won't bring her anything. I need you. Come here.

Come here !

She's one of yours. Did you know her ?

Hien Tranova. Polansky killed her four years ago.

Someone waited for him to get out, killed him and hung him by her memorial place.

Maybe they wanted it to look that way.

Yeah. Did you know him ?

Everyone of us knew him. You know where he lived ?

By the train station.

Get someone and we'll go there.

So because he was a minor he was only in reformatory.

Yeah, he spent there about four years.

Did he kill your cousin for some reason or just for fun ?

Hien wasn't my cousin.

He tried to rape her but she fought so much that he finally beat her to death.

Looks like someone was here before us.

Have them send someone from forensics.

The murder of Polansky is somehow related to the murder of Tranova.

It's pronounced Chanova. What ?

It's pronounced Chanova.

Tranova is pronounced Chanova ? Oh my God.

You were present during the investigation ?

No. I have been here only a few months.

I enjoy when my back is covered by someone with freshly cooked up theory.

What's this ?

She had problems with her spine since childhood.

That's why she had to wear metal corset.

In puberty it got better and she applied for every beauty contest.

Because of that they mockingly called her Miss Hanoi.

Then she really became Miss North Bohemia and Polansky killed her a few hours later.

There was no sexual abuse. She was a virgin.

Polansky was her boyfriend ?

No. I'm sure he wasn't. Her parents were quite strict.

Just school, after school lessons.

Mine were also strict but I had girls since I was fourteen.

Your parents weren't Vietnamese.

We have to be the best. Always. At everything.

Polansky... disturbance of the peace at night, roberry, alcohol.

That boy did just about everything.

And double harassment. I have the rest over there.

Great !

Who did you get from our department ?

Captain Mazanek. Ondrej ?

You know him ? Of course.

You have a room booked.

Annie, show the captain where he's going to stay.

At least I'll have something to read at night. Show me the way.

Hi, mom. Hi.

How was your day ? Good.

Polansky defended himself before he died.

They found samples of foreign skin under his fingernails.

We wait for DNA results. Maybe we get lucky.

What about the other boy, Polansky's friend...

Horvath ?

He's missing. His mother haven't seen him for two days.

Annie, make us some coffee, please.

No milk or sugar, please.

Check out Horvath. He could lead us to something.

Does he have acquaintances, friends, relatives ?

Dig up something on him. Understood.

Do you know some...

Hoang Anh Doan ?

No. Why ?

According to phone records, Polansky called him several times.

He works at Sapa. What you're looking at ?

Put on civilian clothes. Let's go.

No. She'll stay here. I need her here.

She has no experience with investigation.

No. I can do it !

When you get me another live translator, keep her here on display for what I care. She's going with me.

We don't have to listen to this if you don't like it.

I'm not picky. What do you listen to ?

I don't know. Lana Del Rey or...

She's someone from where you come from ?

No. Everyone listens to her.

Everyone, huh ? Not me.

How well do you know this Tran guy ?

Everyone here knows Tran.

Originally he comes from the same village as my father.

Right ! And you say you are not all related.

In my opinion Tran had a pretty good reason to kill Polansky.

That's not his style. I see. And what is his style ?

I don't know but not to kill people.

We'll see.

All of this is it ?


Great !

Gates of hell...

Where should I go ?

You can turn right here. We turn around at the temple.

Where ? There is a Buddhist shrine.

Then left at the end. At the end of what ?

Day ? Or...

Why is it called Sapa anyway ?

It's the only part of Vietnam where there's snow.

Why your people called it that here ? Because it snows here too.

I get it.

Just like anthill.

Just great. Go on then.

Did you see him ?

Are they lying or what ? You are asking me ?

You all have the same gestures.

I don't even know where the sentence ends in your language.

Learn it then. Okay. What ?

You can start with: "sin chao". What does it mean ?

Something like a greeting.

Ciao is not enough ? Sin Chao is like Kung Pao.

You know what ? I think you'll do better without me, huh ?

Wait. Oh my God !

You have no sports.

No soccer or hockey.

What do you have that we don't ?

You have sea, right ? You have sea !

Yes. We do. It's yellow, for a change.

I see. Give me that picture, please.

I'd be less conspicuous if I was sitting here with Yeti.

I have no idea what you mean. I'm cool.

What noise did it make when it was still alive ? Bark or meow ?

Try it. Not a chance.

Stuff that smells like air from old tire cannot taste good.

How do you know if you haven't tried it ?

I haven't tried shit either.

There he is.

No. There he is.

And over there. And there he is too.

There he is too. He is everywhere.

I'm sorry, to me you really look all the same.

Fifty shades of yellow.

You get that racist bull from the newspapers or you make it up as you go ?

I make it up entirely spontaneously.

There he is.

Stop ! Police !

You saw who dropped it. I didn't even touch it.

I don't care about that. What's your deal with Polansky ?

With who ?

The last couple of weeks he's been calling you regularly.

A lot of people call me. You're a badass !

I'm starting to get your people. Yeah, right.

The day before yesterday, Polansky beat himself up pretty badly.

He broke both his forearms.

He tied the rope around his neck and then he hung himself from a tree.

So I wonder if he didn't confess anything to you before.

I saw him like three times in my life.

Last week he called you six times.

Yeah. Yeah what ?

He called me. What did he want ?

Hai Tran's number. From Tran's family ?

Mr. Tran's son.

See ? You're smart. Now get lost. I'll keep this.

That went well, didn't it ? That's how the interrogation is done.

So let's go see the family. What is it ?

Nothing. Let's go.

Hi ! Where is Mr. Tran ?

Hello. Hello.

Excuse me. We have a celebration tonight.

What can I do for you ?

Captain Kriz. Criminal investigation.

How did you spend the night from Tuesday to Wednesday ?

We had a celebration at the Temple.

Why you ask me ?

Anh was there with us.

And after that ?

We stayed maybe until 10pm and then returned back to Prague.

Can anyone verify that ? Of course.

There was a chauffer.

And my wife. Duong.



Hi. Did your mom recieve the goods ?

Yes. Thank you for asking.

We have a celebration today. Will you stay ?

I'm sorry. I have to go back.

Speak Czech or interpret for me. That's why you're here !

Sit down. No. Thank you. I'll stand.

Where can we find your son Hai ?

Hai is back at the warehouse.

Great. Tell him to come here.

You are here about Polansky ?

Your people already told you, huh ? We watch the news.

Did you see Polansky after he was released ?

No. Last time was at the court hearing.

You could have hired someone to kill him.

I told you to speak Czech !

He just introduced you. Thank you.

What happened there ?

I had a bit much to drink. Anh saw it.

Right, Anh ?


And you injured both hands. That's quite a coincidence, isn't it ?

After the celebration, did you come back with your parents ?

No. I stayed in Varnsdorf with my grandmother.

Grandma can verify that ?

When I came back she was already asleep.

And I left early in the morning. I left her a note.

So you had time to kill Polansky.

He's dead ? Yes.

And you don't have convincing alibi.

I didn't kill him ! Really !

We won't talk anymore without a lawyer.

So suddenly ?

You have nothing to hide. Or do you ?

What is he barking about ? What did he say ?

That we should go.

But I'm not finished yet. I really think we should...

I really think that I'm not done !

He wanted to rape your sister and when he couldn't, he killed her.

I feel for you, believe me !

Please ! Let's go !

Let's go !

I lead the investigation !

I decide when the interrogation's over and when it's time to leave.

Don't be angry, but you were unnecessarily hard on them.

Bullshit !

They lost their daughter and you acted as as if they were murderers.

Maybe they are murderers.

Would you have done the same if they weren't Vietnamese ?

Of course ! If they were suspects.

What were you whispering about ?

Those were only courtesy phrases.

You were servile like a geisha.

I was just human but I guess that's something you don't understand.

I'm not with the police to suit somebody's soul.

I thought we had a common goal.

What do you have against me ? Nothing !

I have nothing against you anymore. You are done with the case.

What ?

You won't be fucking things up anymore !

He was like, I am here to investigate.

I lead the interogation. I say when it's over.

I'm really tired of him always telling me what to do.

Kriz is an egoist. Not a team player.

To work with someone like that is always a pain.

Want some vegetables ? No. Thank you.

Did you know Hien wrote me shortly before she died ?

Back then when I was still with Hai.

She wanted to tell me something but was too late.

Annie, let Hien rest in peace.

It's been a long time. Let it go.

Blanka is back.

Hi girls !

Hi !

Grandma taught me a new tongue twister.

Let's hear it.

How many cookies could a good cook cook If a good cook could cook cookies ?

A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.

That was beautiful.

Come on girls. I made you a snack.

Come on, Annie. Yeah. I'm coming.

Annie, you didn't have to.

Blanka is putting Nela to bed. I wanted to help her.

You are the nicest from our Vietnamese kids.

Are you staying the night ? You are. I'll put sheets for you on the sofa.

No. Mom is waiting for me tonight.

Are things better between you two ?

She still hopes I will give up police work and finish law school.

When she realizes that you're happy she will calm down. Don't worry.

Yeah ?

I'd like to know when I'll be happy. You will be one day.

One day you'll be the first Vietnamese chief of police. I guarantee that.

Please ! Really !

Mrs. Chief.


Are you crazy ? How could you take that rude man to Tran's ?

And to interrogate them as if they were criminals ?

I did not bring him there. They sent me there from work !

You should have refused ! No one forced you to do it !

Mom, don't stick your nose in things you don't understand.

Where are you going ?

Did you check out the gas station ?

Hello. Camera is not working. It's fake.

Great. And Horvath ?

None of the relatives knows anything.

You are following me now ?

I don't see you for four years and now you're here everyday ?

That's a little weird, don't you think ?

Come with me.

Girls ! Look at me ! That's it ! Just like that !

Those are beautiful teeth.

I'll get you from this side now.

Eyes still on me.

Hold still ! Hold still !

Look at me ! That's it !

That's it ! Just like that !

Me ! Look at me ! Great ! That's it !

Hi. Hello.

Give me a minute, please. We take one last photo.

I have the first photo ready.

Here it is.

I preselected others. I'm sure you'll choose some.

Do you have more ?

What about you ? Want me to take some pictures ?

I think it would be good. You are photogenic.


Or we could take one together.


This one is perfect.

Perfect for what ?

School named after a martyr.

Absolutely the best advertising in the world, right ?

You don't have to be a cynic with me.

I'll be the business director here.

Handing out pamphlets and collecting tuition.

You don't have to do everything your daddy says.

Yeah, right.

Like I have a choice.

Here will be the staffroom.

And here will be...

Can you finally tell me what happened to your hand ?

I cut myself. And the other hand ?

I don't know. I fell.

Where did you go after the celebration ?

Your grandmother said you came back after 2 am.

You talked to her ? Yeah.

Did you kill Polansky ?

You should've said you wanted to question me.

Be honest with me ! Why should I ?

Next time get a warrant.

So this is how you want it ?

Okay. You will get it.

Don't bother. I'll find the door myself.


Look what a rare visit we have !

We came to visit your mother.

I wanted to personally assure her that I know business is not good now.

And I will wait with the rent.

Mr. Tran is very kind.

Frankly, I'm worried about things with Polansky's case.

Me too.

Strange facts are coming to surface.

What facts ?

Why do you ask ?

Maybe you have more information than I do.

Leave us.


The school will have her name.

She's a symbol. Do you know what it means ?

And you're spoiling her memory by digging around in the case.

I don't want to open old wounds anymore !

We just recovered from her death. Now you come and make trouble.

What's your deal ? You want to make a career ? Please that cop ?

That school is our chance to build something.

Otherwise Czechs will only see us as stallholders.

Your investigating Hien's death intervenes with opening the school.

What do you want from me ? Leave that case alone.

I can't do that.

You're stubborn like your dad.

If he had listened to the doctors he could still be here.

Leave my father alone !

If he didn't work so hard for you he could still be here.

We're leaving.

Why so quickly ? Come sit and have something to eat...

My name is Hien... I am a high school student.

I like to sing, read and dance.

Competing for Miss is a lot of stress and pressure.

How do you cope with these unpleasant elements ?

When it's too much I simply put it on paper.

I simply put it on paper.

Hi !

Here are the things you wanted.

It's all just silly stuff.

Thank you, grandma. Take care.

I was with him today.

At least for a while instead of swimming.

It is so exciting.

No one can see us or it will be over.

This is Vietnamese without diacritics.

It's like kids code. Parents wouldn't understand. I used to do it too.

May 22nd, 2014...

I have two or three months before I start showing.

I'm terrified of how many things I have to prepare but I won't give up.

I can't trust anyone. Only myself.

Everything turned against me.

I made up my mind. They won't get me to abort.

Yeah. But we know she was a virgin.

So either the Holy Spirit got into her or the doctor had closed both his eyes during the autopsy.

We can ask him.

Autopsy was performed by... Dr. Spirk.

Don't bother. Dr. Spirk died of a heart attack a year ago.

That's great ! Such a coincidence !

In any case, there is a third person.

Maybe a lover. Probably the child's father.

Maybe he felt 4 years in correctional were not enough for Polansky.

Hanging him over her memorial place would make sense.

Maybe Horvath was with Polansky and saw something.

Or maybe he's dead and we haven't found him yet.

Is someone writing down these brilliant ideas ?

It would be a shame the world missed them.


What do you think ?

It's not about what I think. It's about facts.

You make conclusions based on a scrap of paper, we don't even know it's authentic.

It is authentic !

The diary would be found long ago if somebody from police bothered to look through her things.

Don't talk to me like that, Anh.

I'm sorry. Captain Mazanek was in charge.

His orders were followed.

I don't want to take away your enthusiasm, but we never found anything that would suggest she had a boyfriend.

I can't even imagine something like that.

Tran had her on short leash.

Will we check it out ?

Lieutenant here is right to be careful.

We should investigate Polansky's murder not some long closed case.

If you want, in my office is a whole bunch of files about that girl's murder.

You have the rest. As I said...

Captain Mazanek investigated it.

No. Thank you. We will focus on Polansky. That's why I'm here.

We'll check out Polansky's relatives. Let's go.

You pulled some nasty stuff about Tran's girl.

However you moved up on my list. I know no one is paying you off.

I don't do it to move up on your list.

Correct. Small reward. Lesson number one.

I don't need any lesson from you either.

I don't care. You'll get it anyway.

You're too polite. Good cop follows his instincts and never gives up.

You have to remember one thing...

And what is that ?

When we want someone to fuck off we tell them to fuck off. Not sorry.

Can you talk slower ? I didn't have time to write it down.

Not necessary. Just remember it.

So we'll go to check out Polansky's relatives ?

No. Put on civilian clothes. We go to see Mazanek.

You just said we will focus on Polansky.

Lesson number two. Don't believe everything people say.

Mazanek ! Open up, you asshole ! I can see you !

Open up you bitch ! I can see you !

Come on. I have something for you.

Hi, asshole ! Hi.

What do you want ? Captain Mazanek.


Constable Nguyen.

Won't you let us in ?

Come in.

Do you remember Hien Tran's case ?

I mean Chan.

Who can remember. It was so long ago.

How many murders of Vietnamese girls did you investigate ?

So that's why they gave you this "yellow" partner.

It's called positive discrimination, right ?

Don't mind that and remember. Or what ?

Police fired me already anyway.

Come in !

What do you want ?

Nothing about the case seemed suspicious to you ?

Suspicious ?

It was the easiest case of my life.

Fingerprints everywhere. Evidence clear.

So I just signed it.

Did you at least read autopsy report ?

What for ?

I trust people.

Oh, okay then.

Since when do you work for Tran ?

For who ?

Signal Security. Tran's company, right ?

I don't know and I don't care.

Main thing is they pay good.

That's how you live now ?

If I knew I wouldn't bring it. Give it back !

I take it with me. Let go ! Let go !

Let go !

Quit while you still can.

Dick !

Would you believe he used to be a great cop ?


What are you doing here ? How did you get in ?

I came through the window. Are you totally insane ?

I'm sorry, Anh. I was acting like an idiot.

I see. That's it ?

I swear I didn't kill Polansky.

So start to be honest with me. What do you mean ?

Did you know Hien was pregnant ?

I didn't know.

I thought she had someone.

She behaved strangely and always had some comments.

Who did you think it was ? I don't know.

I really don't know.

I only took it as the first love.

Nothing serious.

Nothing serious ?

This is. I missed you !

I'll call you.

We identified the DNA under Polansky's fingernails.

It belongs to Hai Tran.

Come on ! What you're looking at ? Let's go !

Of course !

Run away !

Stop !

Come on ! Go back ! Back !

Stop !

It wasn't me ! I swear !

Then don't run.

Shoot !

That's great...

So you let him escape.

No. I was too late.

The suspect is getting away in beige Porsche.

Scumbag !

Court order.

Here is a search warrant.

Your son has a permanent residence here. We have a warrant for his arrest.

So I advice you to tell me what you know.

I have nothing to tell you ! Why won't you cooperate ?

Someone killed your daughter. Maybe abused her.

That's not true. How come ?

She was pregnant.

You didn't know.

You don't care who did it to her ?

Maybe you already know. Was it Hai ? Or maybe it was you !

Enough !

Take what you need and get out.

I don't want to have anything to do with "your" people.

What did he say ?

I'm sorry. It's my job.

Did you have to humiliate him ?

Incest is statistically one of the most common causes of teenage pregnancy.

For Vietnamese there is nothing worse than losing face.

Really ? Worse than losing a daughter ?

What ?

You really think Tran did it ? His family is respected here.

Respected ? He is just a stallholder as any other.

Except he owns more than one and wears a suit.

Who knows what else he's in.

According to you all Vietnamese are just dealers, right ?

What about me ?

Girl from convenience store ? Please !

Did you find something ?

I see.

Didn't Mazanek say he doesn't know Tran ?

Mazanek open up !

Hurry up or I'll kick down the door ! I know you're there !

Son of a bitch !

Help me !

Come on !

Damn it !

Can I help somehow ?

Oh detective ! Born detective !

You found me !

You had to look for me. How did you find me ?

You sniffed me out or your instinct helped ?

Come on. I'll take you home. Let's be friends.

I know the woman supposed to ask but I'm drunk and screw it.

I'm Mai Anh.

Mai Anh ! I'm captain Kriz. Sit down !

Sit down !

Why did the bastard do it to me ?

I know why he did it.

Sorry. I'm drunk. Sorry.

Yeah. You look awful. You should go to sleep.

I look awful ?

I look... I look awful ?

See ? I look beautiful. I look amazing. Give her a drink too.

He was a great guy and a great cop.

His wife left him. Then his family.

So he start to drink. And because he did everything hard. He drink hard.

And now...

...swingy swing.

Do you have a family ? What ?

If you have a family ?

We're not gonna talk about me. Let's drink.

We have to give a report tomorrow.

We have to report tomorrow at the station to grandpa Doubrava...

He really raised you ? This person raised you ?

Yeah. Him and his wife Blanka.

I was six days of the week with them and one at home.

What about your parents ? What about them ?

They worked 14 hours a day. What were they supposed do ?

That's what almost all Vietnamese people do.

Grandpa Doubrava taught you how to be a cop and did he also taught you how to dance ?

Thank you.

Please, let's go !

I'm okay.

Oh yeah.

This is my room.

Annie, lovely. What are you doing ?

Come here. Stop it.

Come here !

Shit ! Come to bed.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

We already checked Hai's computer.

I managed to recover deleted files.

Great. Let's see it.

So you want it here ?

What did she say ?

That she'll give him what he wants.

That's enough !

I guess so.

Wait !

It wasn't Hai. It was his home's computer.

He would never do that. How can you be so sure ?

It's clear to me. Not to me.

You're not coming with me ?

We paid for foster parents so you wouldn't have to spend your childhood at the market.

Your father worked himself to death because of you.

And this is how you repay us ? You know how much we still owe them ?

The apartment is also theirs.

You think I'd have money for such a big apartment after your dad died ?

Tran can take it all and there'll be no shop or apartment.

So we get another one. We can do it, mom. Why are you so afraid ?

Why ?

Because I work hard all my life and for what ? Nothing.

If he'd want he could easily destroy us.

You cannot let yourself be pushed all your life, mom.

Tran is not God. Law applies to him just like anyone else.

Two packs of lights.

180 please. Thank you.



When I came from the store man in ski mask was here.

How do you know it was a man if he was wearing ski mask ?

Why do you care about shit like that ?

You should be looking for Milan instead !

Find my child, damn it !

We're working on it. Calm down Mrs. Horvath.

Did he take something ?

I think he wanted to take Milan's laptop.

Can we see it ?

Stop recording !

Wait. Rewind it.

Let me see.

I think I know where it is.

Why ? What are you doing at Poland's borders ?

I'm following Mrs. Tran. I think she knows where Hai is.

Why didn't you call me ?

I had no time for that. How are things on your end ?

We might have Horvath's location. We are going to check it out.

Okay. Keep me posted. I have to go.

Yeah. When I'll know more I'll call. Bye.

You are friends now ?


Milan !

Wait. I want to help you. Leave me alone !

Wait !

Stop !

Let me go ! I didn't do anything !

Your mom is worried about you.

I will help you now, okay ?

I promise. Tell me what happened.

Can I then go home ? Yeah, sure but talk.

Me and Honza stole this. You mean Polansky ?

He said he has a buyer.

Who ?

I don't know.

Drop it ! I didn't do nothing.

I told you to drop it !

Are you okay ? Yeah.

What's on this ?

Yeah. That's it. Just like that.


I know who killed Polansky.

That's it ! Beautiful !

Yeah. Lift it.

Put it down. Come give me a reward.

So you were taking pictures of that model there to explain your scent traces.

And you almost succeeded.

I loved her.

Well, you got it to the finish line. You should be happy.

Call me if something comes up. People like you are always useful.

To clean offices and so on.

From you it sounds almost like a compliment.

Look, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

You be happy for whatever you can fuck up yourself.

And that was a lesson... That was the last lesson.

Hi. Hi.

Come with me.

Why are we here ?

How come your skin was under Polansky's fingernails ?

He wanted to sell me that video, bastard. We got into fight.

It happened here.

What happened here ?

Our parents will never let me live the way I want.


Everyone can go screw themselves. Even father.

So Polansky didn't kill her ?

She overdosed.

Why didn't you report it ?

I didn't know what to do. The drogs were mine and...

I called dad.

So your dad covered it all up to avoid shame ?

But somebody had to be first at the crime scene. Someone from...

Our unit. And the only one there was...

Dad put me on a plane. Nobody asked me anything.

I had to do it.

It was the best for the family.

And what do you want from me ? Blessing ?

I don't even know why you told me.

Arrest me. Or my father.

You fucked it all up. And now you want me to fix it ?

Be man for once !

Go to the police. Tell them what you told me.

Go confess. Or go back to daddy again.

No, Annie. Thank you. I can manage myself.

Thank you. Where is Blanka ?

Blanka ? She's on a trip with the kids.

What is it ? Why are you looking at me like that ?

Make it look like suicide... That was your idea, right ?

You locked up an innocent guy. Innocent ?

That guy would never get an honest job.

That guy didn't kill anyone. And it caused him his !

I didn't kill anyone either. You know what he was like ?

He just though about how, when, where to do harm. He was a scum.

You lied to me. You were bribed. Me ?

You. The one that fed me things about police honor.

Tran came to me as desperate father.

He had no idea what shit was Hien actually into.

He wanted it to go away. I felt sorry for him.

-So you didn't take anything from him ? Tran was always reasonable.

I wanted to help him. So you did take something.

World is not black and white. Who else should know it better than you ?

That guy was not worth it. Forget about it, Annie.

I can't do that. What are you going to do ?

You're going to turn me in ?

I will go to jail for helping a desperate father ?

That's how you see it ? And what do you expect ?

That we all pretend like nothing happened ?

Does captain Kriz know ?


That's good ! Annie ! We can work something out.

Okay ! So I'll go to jail ! Tran too but he won't like it.

He's not going to just take it !

You will loose everything. You and your mother.

Is that what you want ?


Let me welcome you at the grand opening of school dedicated to Hien Tran.

I ask Mr. Tran to say a few words now.


I welcome you here.

I would like to say a few words about my daughter.

Police. Get out of the way.

Internal Affairs. Are you lieutenant Doubrava ?


You are under arrest. What ?

You are Mr. Tran ? You are under arrest.

Let's go.