Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary (2016) Script

One of us will be Miss Saigon I spread the word, it's Miss Saigon Who's left in town? Who hasn't gone? Shut up and get your hot pants on Each day more Ls disappear Will we survive when no-one's here?

You girls must trust your Engineer Shit! OK, OK!

I have a little surprise for you. Come here. Hey!

I found this new girl from the country, untouched Get her ready I'd give that virgin act a rest You are my first American (GIRLS CHATTER INDISTINCTLY)

Maisie, alley, alley! Why does it take all day?

Get your asses on stage, I'm raising cash tonight One of us will be Miss Saigon They say Saigon has weeks I say it's time to pack Tonight I must be Miss Saigon Each night these little buns of theirs are worth less and less I need a visa fast and I'm not looking back Son of a bitch, they're here I can still engineer Monsieur Joey, please, come inside It's like the old days, my little gamines Oh, sure Just look who's in there A gang of Marines They're here?

We'll pick 'em clean That's what tonight's all about Bullshit!

One of these boys might be your ticket out Get out of that dress GIRL: Wow.

No, wait It's my new princess What?

Princess? Are you fucking kidding me?

A virgin will give them a treat (GIRLS SHOUT)

Shut up!

Lower your eyelids and play sweet (GIRLS COMPLAIN)

Men pay the moon to get fresh meat

- Fresh is only fresh once Maisie, alley, alley Line up and do your song Don't make the show too long Voile! On stage, all Welcome to Dreamland!



MARINES: The heat is on in Saigon The girls are ready to screw One of these slits here will be Miss Saigon And since we're stuck here in hell, what's a soldier to do?

The stink is making me choke! Turns out this war is a joke Turns out the joke is on you Hey, Monsieur Chris, Monsieur John, a gift You've come to win Miss Saigon You brought him I gotta get my friend laid as a last souvenir I love you, pal, but your bullshit I've had up to here The heat is on in Saigon But till they tell us we're gone, I'm gonna buy you a girl You can buy me a beer It's showtime!



From Haiphong to the Mekong Delta, may I present the most beautiful girls in Saigon!

Mimi See my bikini It's just the right size Yvette Don't you enjoy how it rides up my thighs?

Dominique Look from behind It'll knock out your eyes Yvonne I'll show you my special trophy of war Fifi For a Marine I'll show more MARINES: You won't get up off the floor The heat is on in Saigon Don't tell me I'm reassigned, all that chickenshit sucks Tonight I'm out of my mind, not to mention ten bucks You all know her as the sex toy from Hanoi.

Miss Gig Van Tran.

If I'm your pin-up, I'll melt all your brass Stuck on the wall with a pin in my ass If you get me, you will travel first class I'll show you, we'll make magic, Cherie You buy more tickets from me, the winner gets her for free The meat is cheap in Saigon I used to love getting stoned, waking up with some whore I don't know why I went dead, it's not fun any more How about something fresh from the country?

Legs unpasted, parts uncharted. Kim.

I'm 17 and I'm new here today The village I come from seems so far away All of these girls here know much more what to say But I know I'm so much more than you see A million dreams are in me Jesus, John, who is she?

MARINES: The Cong is tightening the noose Is it a week or a day or an hour we got?

Tonight could be our last shot, got to put it to use I've got a fever, babe, and you're gonna catch it I got an itch, and, baby, you'd better scratch it Mimi, Gig, Yvette or Yvonne Gonna buy me a beer! Here's to you, Miss Saigon Yvonne! Yvette!

Fifi! Mimi! Kim!

And Gig!

Attention, sail vouch plait.

By popular demand, Miss Gig Van Tran is tonight's Miss Saigon.

MARINES: The heat is on in Saigon How'd we get used to the smell?

So let's get wasted, get high and get laid Shoo-hew! A goodbye party in hell And now, who wins my little pussycat?

Number 66!

Who takes care of you, baby?

You do, but will you take me to America?

Come on. Not right now. Damn!

Hey! I'll make a good wife.

I said no! You prick!

Let me take care of this. This is bullshit!

(ALL YELL) Don't fuck with me.

It's OK. Gig, she likes it rough. Crazy, man.

Come on, drink some more. Play with the girls.

(ell SOBS)

They are not nice, they're mostly noise They swear like men, they screw like boys

I know there's nothing in their hearts But every time I take one in my arms It starts The movie in my mind The dream they leave behind A scene I can't erase And in a strong G s embrace Flee this life Flee this place

The movie plays and plays I'll find my true romance He takes me to a place Where I don't have to dance Our children laugh all day But all that I've been through Can't make my dream come true Dream The dream I long to find The movie in my mind

I will not cry, I will not think

I'll do my dance, I'll make them drink

When I make love, it won't be me And if they hurt me I'll just close my eyes and see They are not nice, they're mostly noise The movie in my mind They kill like men, they die like boys The dream that fills my head They give their cash, they keep their hearts A man who will not kill But every night again it starts He'll fight for me instead He'll keep the fear at bay So no one comes at night To blow the dream away Dream The dream I have to find The movie in my mind Hey, baby, come here. Hey!



And in a strong G's embrace Flee this life Flee this place A world that's far away Where life is not unkind

The movie in my mind

(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS AND CHEERS) alleluia, alley, get back to work. Now'.!

Come on, man. Hey, Monsieur John.

How would you like to get rich? Go home in style?

Yeah, OK, what's the pitch? Yeah.

A US visa to help me get out Lend me a bit of your embassy clout, you dig, baby?

There isn't a chance, pal, you're too well known Look, what I want is that girl in the dress You have a good eye, her name is Kim She's my new princess You give her a try My buddy, Chris, it's like something just snapped She's what he needs, she's got treasures untapped But I have to warn you, she don't come cheap I got that covered, my man.

It's got to be 20 for my princess 20 for this shit?

She's sort of a virgin... well, more or less You take it. For 20 more you get a room and key Don't fuck me, man!

For 50 bucks, she's got the whole night free MARINES: No one gives you a buzz like the Engineer does You may share if you like.

Stop drooling, white boy, you're losing your cool You like this jail bait? John, open your eyes This is the end of the line, this whole rotten scene She's good, man. What? Come on!

This little girl, we could be in the sack I know, man And I would take something I can't give back It's time to go home, it's time to get clean

(LAUGHS) No, no, no I'm starting to cry, you're so out of touch The trouble with you is you think too much Get the fuck off of me! A whore is better than an empty bed Man, you need some action to fill your head MARINES: Nothing gives you a hit like the Engineer's shit ENGINEER: That's right Let's get out of here. Let's go!

My little princess, I was right You are the first to score tonight You caught that sergeant by the nose You stay with him until he goes Call him Chris, he'll like that Please, don't You said you needed a job You said you'd turn a trick You better prove it, and quick

Monsieur Chris?

Don't worry, she's clean. I washed her myself. (LAUGHS)


Look at that. Music.


She's a very good girl. I'll give her to somebody else.

You fuck off. All right, baby.


ENGINEER: Monsieur John! Hit the high note!

My name is Kim I like you, Chris Don't talk like that. What did I say?

You shouldn't be here.

Just take this and get the hell out of here.

Goddamn it. Hey. What's going on?

You don't like her? Oh, yes, I do I like him too Take her away, come on, man Take me away Please, don't say a word, just come with me All right, it's time to pay up, you horny bastards.

Thank you, Monsieur Tony.

The sooner you pay, the sooner you come, and you want to come, right?

Is that mine? Thank you, Tex. Enjoy that one.

Hey, Detroit, you're forgetting something.

Wash your fingers.

Monsieur John, this one doesn't scratch. She bites. (LAUGHS)

Engineer? A touch of class, man.

I'll smoke this when I get to America. Whatever, man. Got me a lady.


Sweet dreams, my princess.


Why does Saigon never sleep at night?

Why does this girl smell of orange trees?

How can I feel good when nothing's right?

Why is she cool when there is no breeze?

Vietnam You don't give answers, do you, friend?

Just questions that don't ever end Why, God?

Why today?

I'm all through here On my Way There's nothing left here that I'll miss Why send me now a night like this?

Who is the girl in this rusty bed?

Why am I back in a filthy room?

Why is her voice ringing in my head?

Why am I high on her cheap perfume?

Vietnam Hey, look, I mean you no of fence But why does nothing here make sense?

Why, God?

Show your hand Why can't one guy understand?

I've been with girls who knew much more I've never felt confused before Why me?

What's your plan?

I can't help her No one can I want my memories as they were But now I'll leave remembering her



Get out of my...

Out Of my way!

When I went home before, no one talked of the war What they knew from TV didn't have a thing to do with me Get out of here!

I went back and re-upped, sure, Saigon is corrupt It felt better to be here driving for the embassy Cos here if you can pull a string A guy like me lives like a king Just as long as you don't believe anything


Hey, GI. Can you help me get out of here?

I can't help you. I've got money.

I don't need your money. I don't need your money.


Why, God?

Why this face?

Why such beauty in this place?

I want my memories as they were But now I'll leave remembering her Just her Fuck!


This money's yours Please, take it all Hey, you want more? No, no, I don't want anything What's wrong with you? I've not done this before That can't be true Why would I lie?

Look, all the girls lie, they just want to get out of here Maybe you're not like that, but I don't know who you are


Do you want one more tale of a Vietnam girl?

Want to know I was bound to a man I don't love?

I'm sorry.

Do you want to be told how my village was burned?

Want to hear how my family was blasted away?

How I ran from the rice fields and saw them in flames?

How my parents were bodies whose faces were gone?

I have had my fill of pain I will not look back again I would rather die!


Can I see you tonight?

Well, I'll be at the club

Selling beau coup amour No. No, you won't.

How would you like...?

How would I like...?

How would you like staying with me?

It feels right like this So that's how we should be So, would you like?

Yes, I would like OK, it's set, no more to say Screw the Engineer!

You're the one good thing that I've found out here

You are sunlight And I, moon Joined by the gods of fortune Midnight and high noon Sharing the sky One and the same You and I You are here Like a mystery I'm from a world That's so different from all that you are How in the light of one night Did we come so far?

Outside, day starts to dawn Your moon still floats on high The birds awake And the stars shine true My hands still shake I reach for you And we meet in the sky

You are sunlight And I, moon Joined here Brightening the sky With the flame

Of love We are sunlight Moonlight


(LAUGHS) Tomorrow night will be the full moon

I can bring friends to bless our love


With paper dragons and perfume If you want me to Dragons? Yes.


John, is that you, buddy? Listen to me Do I sound different? That's how it should be Last night, I spent a whole lifetime in paradise Tell the CO I'm taking all of my leave We're going to play house, John, it's like Christmas Eve We have sworn we won't see the sun for 48 hours JOHN: What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?

All leave is canceled, you could be left behind Saigon is falling apart and you'd better be here MAN: Please have your papers ready!

JOHN: Here is the news since you've been on the moon Cities in the boondocks are dropping like flies Wives and civilians will be shipping out soon Crowds around the embassy have tears in their eyes Thieu has resigned, the new regime may not hold People at the palace think we'll send the Marines We are sending nothing from what I've been told Buddy, are you there? Yes!

Do you know what that means? Sure, time to fall in love!

John, listen fast, you did not get this call You're the one who bought the girl for me, after all Once you are a friend, you're a friend through and through When you were in trouble, man, I covered for you Not this time, the town's too hot for one Kong whore OI' buddy, I will not get you killed She is no whore, all right? You saw her too She's really more like... the April moon April fucking moon? Both her parents died She was all alone, she was terrified Sweet as that and she's an orphan too How can a guy fight that?

You've got one day, not two, then be back

Monsieur Chris, you're late. Shit!

What, she kept you up all night?

We had a deal for Kim, but that's on ice I'm sorry, Sergeant, but I've changed the price What do you mean?

I need a visa from your embassy Hey? You give me that, you get the girl for free Look, cut the crap, this money's all I've got I don't give visas out, is this a deal or not?

You tell me Ah, shit OK, OK, the money, it will do Down Too bad, I had a Rolex watch for you, it's yours, take it.

I'll get my papers in another way.

I'll make a rich man of some attach, you asshole!

With little shits like him, you take the bucks and run He gave me six weeks' income, I'll be gone in one I'll castrate you next time I see you, you little fuck.


One of us girls is moving on One girl will get out of Saigon So look who's really Miss Saigon She'll leave this wasted life behind She'll live the movie in my mind MAN: They're here!

Shh! ALL: Surprise!

Look how he bought her a new dress You did a job on him, I guess He simply asked me, I said "yes"

GIRL: Yeah, right Come on, let's bless the new princess


CHRIS: Yeah, that's me. Get off.

Hey! Shoes off.

adjure vii cay jussive do may adjure vii cay Va nay ma)'

Will you who gave me life smile today?

Look with favoring eyes on this man Show your daughter's heart your forgiveness And send to us from your home above Your blessing on our love adjure vii cay adjure vii cay jussive do may jussive do may adjure vii cay adjure vii cay Va nay ma)'

adjure vii cay It's pretty, but what does it mean?

Jussive do may It's what all the girls sing at weddings What? They didn't know what else to sing Va nay ma)'

It's the prettiest thing that I have ever heard


Hey, girls!

To Miss Saigon. ALL: Miss Saigon!

You're here, at last I've come to take you home I hid all night, I tunneled through the line Kim, come with me, we'll flee this shameful place They're done, we'll win, you're safe and you are mine Hey! This girl is mine Yours?

Now who are you? KIM: Stop Who is this man, this American pig Who I now find with you in this place?

Why are you here with these flea-bitten whores?

Do you wear the same paint on your face?

Get out! You have no right to be here I'm not a prize you can claim We were promised at 13 The woman I've become is not the same Our fathers bound us together Why couldn't you wait?

You knew I'd come back to get you! It isn't too late My parents got themselves killed in the week you changed sides If there were promises, all of them died when they died Shaw's over, pal.


Kim, leave this man behind Stay here No! Go on And shoot!

I will not change my mind You are still mine Not anymore You're mine until we die Get off of her!

Saigon is doomed And so is your GI She'll leave with me You broke your father's word This is your curse

Get out!


CHRIS: What a party that was

You're going to leave me now Yes, I'm going to leave And take you out with me

In a place that won't let us feel In a life where nothing seems real I have found you I have found you

In a world that's moving too fast In a world where nothing can last I will hold you I will hold you Our lives will change when tomorrow comes Tonight our hearts drown the beating drums And we'll have music, all right Tearing the night Our song Played on a solo saxophone A crazy sound A lonely sound A cry that tells us love goes on and on Played on a solo saxophone It's telling me to hold you tight And dance like it's the last night of the world On the other side of the Earth There's a place your life will have worth I will take you I'll go with you You won't believe all the things you'll see I know cos you'll see them all with me If we're together, that's when we'll hear it again Our song Played on a solo saxophone A crazy sound A lonely sound A cry that tells us love goes on and on Played on a solo saxophone It's telling me to hold you tight And dance like it's the last night of the world Dreams were all I ever knew Dreams you won't need when I'm through Anywhere we may be I will sing with you Our song Where are you going?


Played on a solo saxophone So stay with me and hold me tight And dance like it's the last night Of the world




On silent feet it came Breathing a sheet of flame It came Closing in on its rightful prey Burning a hundred years away The morning of the dragon, truth lit up the street The tiger we were stalking walked on paper feet And in the clear white heat of dawn Was gone

With guns from every shore Victory The People's Army waged a war Victory Tunneling underneath the trees Victory Bringing the giant to its knees The morning of the dragon All the walls fell down Truth lit up the street Brother greeted brother The tiger we were stalking walked on paper feet And in the endless night And in the clear white heat of dawn Was gone On silent feet it came Victory Breathing a sheet of flame Victory Closing in on its rightful prey Victory Burning a hundred years away The morning of the dragon The morning of the dragon Brother greeted brother The tiger we were stalking walked on paper feet And in the endless night And in the clear white heat of dawn Was gone Three years of school was nice In rice fields, planting rice

(SHOUTS) You did good work, you see Re-educating me Who lives a lie must change or die

Three years, how quick they moved (SHOUTS)

Look how the world's improved (SHOUTS)

Saigon, that queen of sin Renamed for Ho Chi Ming SOLDIERS: Who lives a lie must change or die

But men will always be men They washed out my brain I'm still what I am Deep inside, I know what I know Wherever I go I speak Uncle Ho And think Uncle Sam (SOLDIER SHOUTS)

Your name is Tran Van Dinah? At your service You're called the Engineer Yes, sir The People's Commissar Am I free?

Has ordered you back here SOLDIERS: Who lives a lie must change or die We found the man that you wanted so bad And, Commissar, you were perfectly right He had been taken up north to a camp We brought him down under cover of night Once he had served the American clique Selling our sisters and daughters for gold Notice we caught him in less than a week BOTH: When we get orders, we do what we're told All right, all right, that's it, that's all You've done your job, that's it You go back, I'll take over now


You will find her for me Crawl from under your shell You know who her friends were Go! See what they can tell Sniff her out Or I swear You'll look forward to hell I never saw her again I am a different man I've been enlightened since then (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)

Yes But men must help other men And seeing it's you, I'll work to the bone I'll give you 48 hours If you want to stay free, don't come back here alone

SOLDIERS: On silent feet it came Victory Breathing a sheet of flame Victory Closing in on its rightful prey Victory Burning a hundred years away The morning of the dragon, truth lit up the street The tiger we were stalking walked on paper feet And in the clear white heat of dawn Was gone

ALL: Ha!


Last night I dreamed you held me We slept here side by side You whispered softly to me I heard you speak my name I cried Though I know it's been so many years Through the silence of my secret tears You are here still I still I still believe You will return I know you will My heart forevermore holds still Yet still I still believe I know as long as I can keep believing I'll live I'll live Love cannot die You will return You will return And I alone know why

Last night I held you sleeping Again, the nightmare came I heard you cry out something A word that sounded like a name And it hurts me more than I can bear Knowing part of you, I'll never share Never know But still I still believe The time will come When nothing keeps us apart My heart forevermore holds still Kim! It's all over, I'm here There is nothing to fear Chris, what's haunting you?

Won't you let me inside? There is nothing to hide What's hurting you?

For still I will hold you all night I will make it all right I still believe You are safe with me As long And I wish you could share As I What you're hiding in there Can keep believing, I'll live What your hell must be I'll live, you will return You can sleep now You can cry now And I know why I'm your wife now for life I'm yours BOTH: Until we die


Kim? Have you seen this girl?

Hey, you


Coo-coo, princess, look who's here Your resurrected Engineer How did you find me?

Don't look surprised, I tracked you down I have the sharpest nose in town I'm here to throw a rope before you drown For men will always be men You change the regime, the lust doesn't stop You and I will team up again Together we'll reap the cream of the crop Engineer, I don't want you here I gave up that life, you must understand Just out there is a big shot who waits like a pup To come up and eat out of your hand, Kim The good times are back Don't go on, it's too late Not too late for my star Please let me hide in peace Better to screw the police Come in, Monsieur Commissar

Three years I've been away I kept faith we would meet See? I found her for you You, out in the street Out! Get out

I knew in time, fate would weave a design Tying your life and mine into one Each day I'd wait Like a soldier must wait Trusting victory to come with the sun After the fight in the still of the night I would picture my bride, bright as jade You'll be my wife, we will build a new life And fulfill the vow our fathers made My father's vow can't be honored this way And I pray in my heart he'll forgive What you want now are some words I can't say If I lied to you, how could I live?

Don't say any more, not a word You will change, you will learn Look at me Don't decide too soon

Somewhere deep in my soul Shines the smallest of lights

And no wind blows it out It burns steady and strong Through the darkest of nights

adjure vii cay

jussive do may

adjure vii cay

Va nay ma)'

I made a promise once with these words Which neither time nor distance can change He will come to me still You must be mad, your American Jack has gone for good And he'll never come back He ran away, Kim, he left you to rot No I'm sure by now he already forgot Kim, come on now, princess, get off of your cloud I'm sorry, sir, she was talking so loud The Commissar is a powerful man A girl with brains makes a life where she can Princess, remember your place Don't make people lose face

Why do you look away?

I can end all this shame All you need to say is "yes"


SOLDIERS: On silent feet we came You hear those soldiers outside?

SOLDIERS: Breathing a sheet of flame They'll do whatever I say SOLDIERS: Closing in on its rightful prey I cannot change what I feel Burning a hundred years away Soldiers, come!

I think you will change before my eyes

(KIM SCREAMS) This Me-My has just been found She hid the day we closed the bars Show them that we don't forget No one betrays us without scars You are a woman who lived without shame You're an infection left over from war You have dishonored the national name Re-education will cure the disease You must be shown what we do to a leech See how we teach an American's whore I have heard hundreds of speeches like these Take it from me, you don't want to hear more It's time to act, my friends It's time SOLDIERS: Her face betrays her crime She must pay And her partner too (KIM SCREAMS)



I said, get out!


Are you waiting for them to kill me?

Did you not get what he said?

There's a big screw loose inside you I will rip it out of your head There's a mad dog on a rampage Just appease him, everyone wins No I don't give a shit if you love him, say you do, and we leave with our skins I have a husband I love Real as the sun in the sky I cannot live with a lie You stupid...

Do you see now who has power?

Do you still think crazy things?

Chris will come to me like the phoenix And he'll take me off on his wings You're a traitor to your country If I am, then let it be ALL: I am talking of life or death now I am talking of staying free So there it is now, I'll be moving on If you don't need me, I'd rather be gone Two kids in love don't need strangers around You, just get out! Ho Chi Ming, I won't make a sound

And as for you Come with me No!

There is a secret

That you don't know There is a force here I never show You say it's treason To keep my vow Season after season I've survived somehow If you want the reason I will show you now Tam!

It's OK.

Look, Thu, this is my son

He is all that I have

Now you see why I must tell you "no"

No one must ever see this thing you're showing me Your bastard fouls our name My baby's not to blame for what I've done

You must decide upon which side you're really on You whores to have that kid No! That isn't what I did Don't touch my son

You must see how it is When you're my wife Keeping this child of his brands us for life No alternative, this child cannot live No!

You will not touch him Don't touch my boy Kim He's what I live for He's my only joy You will not touch him He is my enemy It's he who turns you from me Don't touch my boy Erase him from your life Even your memory He's what I live for He's one drop in a flood Left here to taint our blood He's my only joy Our marriage bond is sworn Forget that he was born Get back!

Of course you have a gun You will not touch my little boy And now you'll shoot your cousin And it's a US gun And do not test my will A gun that lost the war You're the corrupted one I'm warning you Go on and shoot, don't wait For him I'll kill To save your bastard son You must not hesitate The earth moves where I stand I feel the turning of a wheel Shoot I feel nothing in my hand Shoot Not even the chill of steel Shoot You will not take my child You don't know how to kill I have no other choice What I must do I will! No!

SOLDIERS: This is the hour This is our land We found the power In our brother's hand And from a storm No! Pierced with light Fierce and white the lightning came A brightening flame to end the night One man to heed us Each girl, each boy One voice to lead us In a song OTIOSE This is the hour This is our land




If you want to die in bed, follow my example


When you see a cloud ahead, it's time to show your class

Hit the door before they make a target of your ass

If you want to die in bed in times of revolution


When the flag they fly is red, let pride fill up your chest

Meanwhile pack a sack and take the first boat heading west


(WHISPERS) Where's it? Where's it? (GRUNTS)

It's still here!

My precious souvenirs of all the golden years

Rolex watches in steel that look practically real I'll need a little stock to start me in Bangkok

If you want to die in bed, forgot about your karma

When your life hangs by a thread, don't cry about the fates Grab a stash of cash and buy a strip joint in the States


Let me stop for a bit, this was my greatest hit Miss Saigon in her crown, I made queen of the town

I got them paying more for just another whore

Here I come, USA Your next champ's on his way For men will always be men The rules are the same For kings or for clerks Give me francs or dollars or yen I'll set up a game I know how things work Why was I born of a race That thinks only of rice and hates entrepreneurs?

Me, I belong in a place where a man sets his price And you pay and he's yours I should be American Where every promise lands And every businessman knows where he stands First stop Bangkok, then I roam

'Cross that ocean white with foam To the place that's my heart's true home


(QUIETLY) America


If you want to die in bed en route to your Nirvana You grab your chance and plunge ahead And go where people win Heaven's there

But shit...

You need a visa to get in Ah!


Engineer, Thu is dead He was going to kill my baby and I shot You did what? Who is that?

You'll be followed, get him out of here, goodbye Fuck! We must leave, Tam and I We must set off for America tonight All right, just like that Tell me how and while you're at it, tell me why I hear the voice of my soldier Telling me to bring his son

You're telling me this half-breed brat is born the son of a Marine?

Let me see his Western nose This bastard is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen

A passport in my hand


My new life can begin Your brat's American So they must let us in In the playground of mankind

The movie in my mind

I'm your dear brother from now on And all our family is gone Boy, kiss your brand-new Uncle Tran


This kid is OK He is our entree To the USA

With these two little diamonds to bait my hooks I'll book us on a cruise: "Boat people deluxe"

Don't worry about sharks out in the Mekong Bay The pirates taking us are more scary any day You just stay here and hide, don't show your face outside Take care of our little dear, I will go engineer

If you want to die in bed Don't care too much for country

Hit the open sea instead And float there like a cork Yeah, why not?

Uncle Ho


I'll have to call you from New York New York New York


You who I cradled in my arms You asking as little as you can

Little snip of a little man I know I'd give my life for you

You didn't ask me to be born You Why should you learn of war or pain?

To make sure you're not hurt again I swear I'd give my life for you I've tasted love beyond all fear And you should know it's love that brought you here And in one perfect night When the stars burned like new I knew what I must do I'll give you a million things I'll never own I'll give you a world to conquer when you're grown

You will be who you want to be You can choose whatever heaven grants As long as you can have your chance I swear I'll give my life for you

Some nights I wake up reaching for him I feel his shadow brush my head But it's just moonlight on my bed Was he a ghost? Was he a lie?

That made my body laugh and cry Then by my side, the proof I see, his little one Gods of the sun Bring him to me You will be who you want to be You can choose whatever heaven grants As long as you can have your chance I swear I'd give my life for you

No one can stop what I must do I swear I'd give my life for you

ALL: No place, no home No life, no hope No chance, no change No regret, no return No place, no home No regret, no return No life, no hope No regret, no return No chance, no change One day, one night One day, one night One day, one night One day


ALL: They're called Bi Di The dust of life Conceived in hell and born in strife They are the living reminder Of all the good we failed to do We can't forget, must not forget, that they are all our children too

Like all survivors, I once thought when I'm home, I won't give a damn But now I know I'm caught I'll never leave Vietnam War isn't over when it ends Some pictures never leave your mind They are the faces of the children The ones we left behind They're called Bi Di The dust of life Conceived in hell and born in strife They are the living reminder Of all the good we failed to do We can't forget, must not forget, that they are all our children too

These kids hit walls on every side They don't belong in any place Their secret they can't hide It's printed on their face I never thought one day I'd plead for half-breeds from a land that's torn But then I saw a camp for children whose crime was being born They're called Bi Di The dust of life Conceived in hell and born in strife We owe them fathers and a family A loving home they never knew Because we know deep in our hearts That they are all our children too These are souls in need They need us to give Someone has to pay for their chance to live Help me try CHORUS: They're called Bi Di The dust of life Conceived in hell and born in strife They are the living reminder Of all the good we failed to do That's why we know That's why we know Deep in our hearts That deep down in our hearts That's why we know That they are all Our children too


John. Chris!


Look at you. John, you were great.

Can I see you alone?

I've got to know what you meant on the phone Hey, what is this news you received you could only tell me?

A lot of groups use my Bangkok staff to process problems on their behalf We got this in from the embassy It's not easy to tell you, it's best that you see Kim. It's about Kim, isn't it?

Only you know how hard I have tried to get word

Tell me first, nothing else, tell me did she survive?

You should read the report, Chris, but yes, she's alive You don't know, John, these nightmares The things that I've seen I-I've seen her face burned, seen her shot with my gun I've chased her through streets and heard nothing but screams What's wrong? Come on, there is still something more She has a child You have a son

You won't believe me, but I dreamed this, John He's in the nightmare when I see Saigon Jesus, John, I am married I know Is this story for real?

I'm only telling you what I received But our reports can usually be believed Kim's a bar girl in Bangkok Pal, I know how you feel It's too late! I have a whole new life I have a wife I love, she can't just disappear Listen, Chris, I know the shock you've had It isn't always bad, there are solutions here John, I never told her My wife, how can I tell her?

A child, what can I do?

Oh, Jesus, Kim What can I do?

I have learned the best thing for a couple to do How can I tell her?

You should both go to Bangkok I have to tell her I mean Ellen too Us both?

You both should go Hey, guys, come on But first... First Ellen has to know What?

Are you OK? No.

We need to talk. Sure.

Come on. Fuck.


Best girls in Bangkok Pussy galore!


Check it out! Hey, what are you doing there?

You're nothing but second-rate... I'll get back to work, boss.

Son of a bitch. Hey, you looking for a girl? What can I get you?

You want a big-breasted girl? Hey, you're back!

I told you that girl was clean.

What can I get you this time? A girl that looks like a boy?

A boy who looks like a girl? Or someone who looks like this?


Girls Come to my bar.

I got girls You'll thank me later.

Gorgeous girls I'm glad my wife's not here with me Check this out. Look at this girl. The way she moves.

It's impossible. You...


What a waste To pay for my keep, I'm rounding up sheep To fleece here in Bangkok I'm disgraced (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)

I can't get ahead There's nothing as dead as peace here in Bangkok

Ten cents an hour, that's the most they pay

I'll have to swim to the USA Special offer on pussies, buy one, get one free If you're looking for fun, original sin If you want to put out, then you've gotta come in Girls Hey, boys Don't stand around like wimps I got girls Watch out, those guys, they're really pimps Pearls You want some thrills?

Come on and grab it Half the price Two girls, a gerbil and a rabbit Nasty stuff, you like that Hey, come to me Look what you'll see Ping pong, ha Hey, that's a joke Mine blows smoke for a small extra fee

Hey, Joe, try taking a little excursion You'll all feel good from a little perversion Oh, yeah? Massage requiring total immersion Oh, wow! Some strange positions They say are Persian Oh, no!

I am a Mormon! Drinks are on me Yeah, baby! Go! First girl is free Hey, what can I say? You get me for a small extra fee

It was only a joke.

You want a girl, sir? You'll like one of these You have a Kim here? Can I see her, please?

You pick 'em well.

Monsieur John. Is that you?

The Engineer? Jesus Christ, you're here too?

Oh, you Of all my friends, you're the one that I miss I'm looking for Kim I love you so You and your buddy Chris I'm here about him; Kim has a child Born in '75 I filled that out, and it's you who arrive You'll find the end of your quest here in our little dive Man, I'm impressed American clerks, a system that works There's really no other Listen, spare me the gas ls there really a child?

Oh, yes, we're blessed And Kim's on a trip for citizenship And I am her brother You're her brother, my ass Come on, take me inside

Look, Kim, who got our application I said I'd bring us all salvation Oh, my God, Monsieur John, yes, of course he sent you Not in here, is there someplace near we could talk?

Take your hands off, she's finished, go find someone else Come with me, there's a lot I've got to say first Chris is here, say he's here Oh, my God, it's all true I suggest whatever may be, you leave this to me Just play little mother What I need to find out Anything She can tell me alone


Can you take me to Chris? I can leave here right now We We've been here for so long I took this job to survive One month at sea I was sure we'd drown But I thought about Chris and we didn't go down I've done terrible things, but we're safe and you're here So perhaps all the gods have begun to forgive

Has the gentleman ordered champagne?

She was about to get it You'd better get back on the chain, or get out Monsieur John I am sick of that prick Quick, before he gets wise Look at this Let John look at our kid, see the lids of his eyes?

Come see, love Let John have his surprise Come see Chris Open a bottle!

Look, Uncle Sam, hey?

How nice I am I'm doing all this just for Tam An American boy

Look, John, this is his son


Give me five. Don't they have the same smile?

He's been waiting for his father for a long, long while

I'm not here as a friend I have a job to do It's strange to find my work should lead me here to you Chris knows all about you, I have shown him all this But I think that it's time you know all about Chris Yes, tell me everything, I beg you How I've longed for this to start All my prayers are finally answered This is too much for one heart Kim, he went crazy when he lost you Spoke to no one for a year Then he finally said, "I'm home now"

"My life has to go on here"

What are you talking about? Kim Let me finish talking, please That was three whole years ago Yes, yes, I know I know how pain can grow When the rock you hold on to is a love miles away Listen, please I already know the story Take us to the USA, John When we're finished here, you'll see him Chris arrived with me today Oh, Tam, he's here He's here, he's so near We might breathe the same air tonight Your father's here I dreamed so hard I can't tell her like this I kept my faith I should not be the one And now it's true Chris must first see his son Now I can see They don't say in the files We've been watched over There's a woman in love And our life's about to start Here What I see in her eyes Sun and moon Will be together Chris don't know nothing of BOTH: This is too much for one heart


There's only one thing I can do I must bring Chris here to see you Thank you. OK.

I thought I said no kids around So what's the brat doing here?

You better take care, I'm watching both of you You and your Engineer Sir, would you like a massage?

No, thanks, it's not my scene I can get boys from La Cage Whatever, man. Get out of my way. Watch out, sir! Sir!

Why is he leaving?

What is that look?

He was right on the hook Don't tell me he slipped free Engineer, Chris is here John is going to get him and bring him to me My heart's ready to burst I don't know what I'll tell him first That guy is no one to trust Or a soldier who just learned he fathered a son You got to get to Chris first I will find his address now before he can run Stupid You can trust what he'll do Don't you worry, I'll mention you You'll mention me?

Don't screw with me, little bitch, I don't want any hitch You just do as you're told You go to his hotel I'll be working as well Guarding our bag of gold Tell me where and I'll go He'll be longing for me, I know You have brought me through the lightning You have watched me from afar

You know all and you forgive me Loving parents that you are

Please Go on, talk to your ghosts May your daughter have your blessing Little girl, till you're blue On the life about to start You have one chance, just one We must journey to a new world He's here, talking to you This is too much for one heart I'll fix this Make yourself pretty.

(mo l-lows)

Did you think I'd gone away?

I am the man you killed that day Cold, with a bullet inside my chest My corpse may be sleeping But my soul won't rest I'm the crime that you hid You can try, but you'll never forget what you did You will never be free Not as long as there's me Did you think you would escape the judgment that was planned?

Did you think you would escape the truth's avenging hand?

Just because you have escaped the boundaries of your land?

I'm here (ECHOES)

I'm here, I'm never dead!

I'm here, I am the guilt inside your head You think your Marine's not like other men He betrayed you once And he will again Think about that night Where was he back then?

I'm getting you out! Let's go!

Sorry, Sergeant, as things degenerate All I'm giving her are her emigration papers Without the wait Sign here Bullshit SOLDIER: This'll get her on board the carrier You're declaring that you will marry her When you get back to the States Sign here, come on MARINES: By order of the old man The embassy will close according to plan I'll stretch a couple of rules to issue her pass Thank you That's it, you're ready Nice ass, you're next MARINES: By order of the old man We're processing the gooks as fast as we can I mean Vietnamese, hey, don't get me wrong Can't save these looks for the Cong, right? Get in there Christ, I'm due at the embassy, no time to lose I don't want you to leave me today Well, at least Uncle Sam bought our honeymoon cruise If you're going, I don't want to stay Look, I'm leaving my gun We've got time, stay and pack I will do whatever you say I'll get plenty of word when the CC attack I want you in that bed waiting when I get back Sorry, Sergeant, we must accelerate, State Department says we evacuate The word is, we must be out by dawn Sorry, Sergeant, it's straight from Washington No one leaves the grounds now, not anyone As fast as we load the planes, we're gone, go!

OK, keep quiet, don't shout The ambassador won't leave till everyone's out The choppers are on their way have room for you all They're climbing over the wall Get back, get back, I tell you, don't shout The ambassador won't leave till everyone's out The ambassador just sent an order to freeze That's it, no more Vietnamese, get in Lock the gates I'm the wife of a soldier, please let me through Wait, help me, who must I pay? Tell me what I must do Chris! Let me out No! I've got to get back for my bride No, listen, someone, my husband is waiting inside Please, Kim, hear the phone I can't get there Please be home Please, Chris No one sees I am lost here Find me, please BOTH: Please get me through, I don't care how Don't take my love away, not now Oh, Chris, I can't get free Please get free Still I'm with you CHRIS: I am with you BOTH: Wait for me Sorry, Sergeant, inside the embassy We are pulling out now and there will be no more reprieves I've got till the old man leaves Chris, don't be an ass! The ambassador is leaving now Take me with you Take my children I have a letter here I helped the CIA CHORUS: They'll kill who they find here Don't leave us behind here I've a wife who left already I have an aunt in New York I have gold, I can pay CHORUS: There is no one to find here They have left us behind here I must get in there, listen, anyone Please tell my husband, look, I have his gun Out of my way if that's all that you've got If I am here when they come, I'll be shot


Let me go, John, I can't leave her Why in the world should I be saved instead of her?

CHORUS: They'll kill who they find here Don't leave us behind here Get off! It's not you, it's war that's cruel And if some dreams get smashed, perhaps it's best they were CHORUS: There is no one to find here They have left us behind here Wake up, my friend, your mercy trip has failed There's nothing you can do, that ship has sailed She's not the only one we'll have betrayed CHORUS: Get to the roof or else we are betrayed KIM: Oh, Chris I still believe The heart of you is here with me My heart against all odds holds still








You are sunlight And I, moon Joined by the gods of fortune Midnight and high noon That's what we are How in one night Have we come so far?

Outside, day starts to dawn One long nighttime has gone I feel you near I reach your place I know you're here I touch your face And our love is reborn


Brightening the sky With the flame

Of love Made of Sunlight Moonlight



I've found Chris. He's at this hotel.

Go! I'll take care of Tam. Don't screw this up.




I'm sorry. Don't turn the bed yet, thank you.

I'm not the maid. Oh. Well, how can I help you?

317? Yes.

Christopher Scott's room?

Oh, God, I see. I know who you are.

You must be Kim Chris went to find you (LAUGHS)

Please come inside No one will hurt you I'm Chris's wife My name is Ellen.

In a way, I'm glad I'm meeting you first Understand, you were only a name till tonight I don't know how I'd feel if our roles were reversed

Tell me you are lying ELLEN: We've been married two years, I'm sorry, it's true He said he'd come to get me He said he tried to reach you But what could he do? Please tell me you're not married You don't know, you can't know what I've done to be here You don't know how he needed a new start I feel walls in my heart closing in I can't breathe, I can't win

And your child, you say it's Chris's Oh, yes, madame, my son is Chris's I had a dream for my son to belong Not live his life in the street like a rat We aren't rich, but we'll give what we can Chris and I are totally together on that Then you must take Tam with you Take a child from his mother? Impossible, Kim You must take Tam with you Then he'll get what I wanted for him But, Kim, your child needs you Chris is married to me, we want kids of our own Tam's chance lies with you now, not with me Please No, it won't work He's your child, he's not mine If you're saying that because you made him change his mind Chris must go away and leave me and his son behind If you're saying that because my husband has another wife My child has no future like the dust of life Chris must come tonight to my place, tell me so to my face Kim! Kim!

Chris Why aren't you here now?

I don't understand, I really need you here Please Please, help me

Am I fooling myself If I've already lost you?

Nothing's changed, you're still mine We can try to ignore this But if she has come back in your life Well, then maybe you were never mine And yet my heart cries maybe It's a trick, it's a lie She's just trying to use you But I looked in her eyes It could kill her to lose you And maybe Just maybe you need her, too Back when we met you were broken and wild And I held you at night and I ached when you cried But despite what we lacked we tried staying on track No regret Yet maybe It was fate that suddenly brought her back to you And your love was true love before I even knew you If the life of your dreams is the life she is giving Should I be the one to stop your dream from living?

If you're hers, then be hers and forget about me now I've been blind for so long But perhaps I can see now And maybe Just maybe I'll find the strength I need to set you free now I'll be strong, I'll stand firm So my tears won't betray me But my heart might just break If what may be May be


We couldn't find her anywhere Honey, what's wrong?

Kim was here; the one who had to tell her was me Oh, my God, I knew we were gone too long No, I think it's exactly what I had to see You said you slept with her, that's all you were Only one thing you left out is that you loved her, God Yes, we were in love, but it was years ago We were torn apart Don't explain, there's nothing you can say It's like she's gone insane, she tried to give away her own child Ellen You weren't here I saw the look in her eyes, don't you see?

She thinks she is married to you What? You must tell her she's not She must hear it from you! Course, it only depends if it's true Hey, don't you doubt me, Ellen You're my wife Lots of guys came back and had no life I had you Hey.

You can say what you want but she's borne you a son Ellen In your nightmares, the name that you shouted was hers I know You've been married two years But not shared things you've done I'm sorry Don't Don't, don't hold back Let me see Is it her now or me?


Let me tell you the way it was Back when I was a different man Back when I didn't have a clue what was right

They drafted me and shipped me out To wind up in that senseless fight There, in the shambles of a war I found what I was looking for Saigon was crazed, but she was real And for one moment I could feel I saw a world I never knew And through her eyes, I suffered too God, in spite of all the things that were I started to believe in her So I wanted to save her, protect her Christ, I'm an American How could I fail to do good?

All I made was a mess, just like everyone else In a place full of mystery that I never once understood I wanted back a world I knew The story of my life began again with you It's all right now That's all through No, Ellen, I should have told you We'll get past this, start anew Will you ever trust me again?

All I want in my life now All I have in my life now BOTH: ls you Hey- YOU guys OK?

Kim was here.

My God, alone?

Yeah, while we were out looking for her.

You need some time? No, we're OK now.

Have you discussed Tam?


I run a camp that is filled with Bi Di Looking for the fathers that they may never find I don't know what I'd do if Tam were my boy Do you want to take him out or leave him behind?

He's my son, I won't abandon him Except that, Jesus Christ, John, there is also Kim What of her?

If it were only Tam we'd take him now He's Chris's son, we'd make it work somehow But, John, she still loves him How can we have her there?

There's no choice, I think the answer's clear They'll have to stay in Bangkok, we'll support them here I think this is the answer You didn't see what's in that girl's head For now, this is the answer I hope you're both proud Of what you've just said Is it done? It's done BOTH: It's planned Kim is smart, she'll understand You must take Tam with you In Bangkok, he will go to American schools I won't break my promise to my son He will start a new life You will take Tam with you JOHN: It's not right We'll provide for their needs You're both talking like fools You won't forget Tam is a part of you We will do what is right Right for Tam Right for us And for Kim I still taste your kisses

Your voice sings in my ear You can betray what we were yesterday But you'll come back tonight for him


Hey, Kim

Come on, come on, your recitation Describe your reconciliation I hope, before his stimulation He bought our little group vacation In all his dreams he saw our baby And he's teaching him to fly Paper dragons in the sky Yes, papers, what's the situation?

We'll need our cards for immigration No tricks, I've got my reputation Don't want no phony complication No, no He's coming to us tonight Pack your things, get yourself arranged While I change for my last performance Oh, I'll pack.

Me, Chris and you? Yeah? What a menage!

Bangkok can screw bonbon voyage!

I'm going to America!

I'm gonna smoke you soon.

My father was a tattoo artist in Haiphong But his designs on Mother didn't last too long My mother sold her body, high on betel nuts Oh...!

My job was bringing red-faced messieurs to our huts Selling your mom is a wrench Perfume can cover a stench That's what I learned from the French

Then it all changed with Diem Ben Pu (SCOFFS)

The Frogs went home; who came? (AMERICAN ACCENT) Guess who Are you surprised we went insane

With dollars pouring down like rain?

Businessmen never rob banks I can sell shit and get thanks Now, that's what I learned from the Yanks I'm fed up with small-time hustles I'm too good to waste my talent for greed

I need room to flex my muscles In an ocean where the big sharks feed Make me Yankee They're my family We're selling dreams people need

(SNIFFS) on What's that I smell in the air?

The American dream


Sweet as a new millionaire The American dream

Pro-packed and ready to wear My American dream

Fat like a chocolate eclair As I... (SLURPS) suck out the cream Au reservoir, Miss Saigon

I'm moving on Grab what you can till it's gone The American dream Greasy Chinks make life so sleazy In the States, I'll have a club that's four-starred Men like me there have things easy I'll have a lawyer and a bodyguard To the johns there, I'll sell blondes there That they can charge on a card Th k-ts k!

Oh, what's that I smell in the air?

The American dream

Sweet as a suite in Be Air The American dream

Girls can buy tits by the pair The American dream


Bald people think they'll grow hair The American dream Asses that stick out to there The American dream

You can take more if you dare The American dream

Banks print money from air The American dream


Cocaine, shotgun and prayer The American dream Hallelujah Schlitz down the drain

Pop the champagne It's time we all entertain my American dream I want my girls Don't you just love the feathers?

Blow your big daddy a kiss!

Oh, come on down.

I want to see my queen of the town.

Come on, baby. Rise and shine.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

She's alive! She's alive!

Look at her. Isn't she beautiful?

She's a big girl. She needs big boys.

Hello, boys! Yeah! Yeah!

You guys are big. American big.

Think you can handle her?

I love you, lady, I love you.

You make me moist.

We're just sexy bitches, aren't we? GIRLS: Oh

Winner, winner!

Oh: yeah!

Live like you haven't a care The American dream Take even more than is fair The American dream Is this too much? I can never tell. (LAUGHS)

Call girls are lining Times Square The American dream You think I know different?

Bums there have money to spare The American dream Spend when the cupboard is bare The American dream Just sell your soul and you gain the American dream Say, can you see?

Land of the free Sure can Soon you will buy it from me The American...

Dream! Dream! Dream! Dream!


Where's my money going?

Where are you guys going? Come back!

It was just getting good.

Wasn't that fabulous?


That's what I smell in the air (INHALES DEEPLY)

My American dream Oh!


Now, Tam, my brave boy Our long wait has ended Smile, Tam, for you have a father at last He has come to take you home All I dreamed for you he'll do You're still mine But I can't go along Don't be sad; though I'm far away, I'll be watching you This is the hour I swore I'd see I alone can tell now What the end must be They think they'll decide your life No, it will be me

Look at me one more time

Don't forget what you see One more kiss

And then say goodbye




Kim! Oh, my God!

What have you done, Kim?


The gods have guided you to your son Oh, Jesus!

Please, don't die Hold me

One last time

I've got you.

How in one night

Have we come so far?


Kim. (CRIES)


No! Kim!





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