Missing in Action (1984) Script

Move it! Move it!

Hang on, Junior! Take it easy! Come on! Come on!

Move it!

Come on! Come on!

Through here! Through here!

Gotta cross this! Let's go!

Let's go!

Keep it moving!

Move it!

Come on!

Come on, soldier!

Choppers! Quickly! Go!

Let's go!

Behind you!

Come on! Get in! Get in!

Let's go! Let's get outta here! Go, go, go!


Get in!

Over here!

Get up! Get up!

Let's go! Let's go! Get your ass up in the air!

Get out the way, damn it!

All right, we're ready! Let's go! Move it! Move it!

Come on! Keep going!

Move it!

Hurry up, godammit! Give me your hand!

Take off! Take off! Go! Go! Go!

Move it!


He won't try that shit again!

Griffin, get him out of here!


...American servicemen missing in action. Bill?

Thanks, Jane.

Preparations for a high-/eve/ meeting with the Vietnamese continue today as a senate delegation made ready to leave for Ho Chi Minh City.

The primary purpose of the talks is to determine whether or not American servicemen are still being held as prisoners of war in Vietnam.

In recent months, American veterans' organizations have increased demands for information regarding some 2,500 American servicemen who did not return home from the war in Vietnam.

The fate of these Missing In Action Americans still remains uncertain today.

Reported sightings of foreign prisoners being held in Vietnam have resulted in greater efforts to resolve the MIA issue once and for all.

Senator Maxwell Porter, head of the US delegation to Vietnam, expressed guarded optimism that talks would result in shedding some light on this unresolved issue.

But we're cautioned, however, that progress would probably be slow and painstaking.

You give off bad vibes, Shocker!

Spider-Man, we meet again! Sooner than I expected!

I love reunions!

Here's one, Iceman!

Looks like I'll have to settle with the wall-crawler before I do anything else!

And I know just how I'm going to do it!

Leaving? Was it something I said?

Puny insect! My vibro-shock power lets me vibrate out of any trap!

The next reunion will be your last!

Over there!

Listen to me!

One of you for one of mine!

Shocker returns with even more vibro-shock power!

Spider friends...

---Q0 for it!

Let's visit a maximum-security prison!

It's the Shocker! He's making a break!

Spider-Man put me in that hole and now I'm gonna get even!

As you may recall, he masterminded an escape of Americans from a Vietnamese prison camp and has maintained that the camp in which he was held was not the only one in Vietnam.

Though he has never been able to offer any proof of his allegations, Braddock has been one of the most outspoken proponents of the theory that American prisoners are still being held in Vietnam today.

Braddock has, however, refused all recent offers to speak to servicemen 's organizations on the subject of MIAs and has completely withdrawn from any public discussion of the MIA controversy.

The American delegation had hoped that Braddock's presence at the talks would increase their ability to negotiate.

This is Braddock.

I'll go.

The Vietnamese government will never buy it.

The people in these photos could be damn near anybody.

Including American MIAs.

Now, listen, even our own experts agree that that's only a 50-50 chance.

You can imagine what their people are gonna say.

We're gonna need something a hell of a lot stronger than that if we're gonna make an impression on 'em.

Isn't that why Colonel Braddock is along? As irrefutable evidence?

Some piece of irrefutable evidence.

Just look at the way the son of a bitch is dressed.

Who am I trying to impress, Senator?

Senator Porter, I am General Tran.

Welcome to the People's Republic of Vietnam.

It's a pleasure, General.

I'd like to introduce you to Ann Fitzgerald, State Department.

Miss Fitzgerald, welcome. Thank you.

Colonel James Braddock.

Ah, Colonel Braddock, I've heard much about you.

Welcome to the People's Republic of Vietnam.


Excuse me.

You're a goddamn embarrassment, Braddock.

That's why I'm here, Senator.

Something I've been wondering. What made you change your mind?

I mean, we must've asked you 20 times.

I've got my reasons.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

So nice to have you with us.

Senator Porter, we all know that Colonel Braddock was brought here only in an attempt to embarrass my government.

That's not true, General.

But I believe that once the real reason for his extended imprisonment is revealed, the world will take quite a different view of him.

Miss Fitzgerald.

Colonel Braddock...

General! Can we get through here?

Excuse me, General, sir...

These people were eyewitnesses to some of the war crimes committed by Colonel Braddock against the people of Vietnam.

Innocent women, children and old men were his victims.

You have their sworn statements in front of you.

What did he say?

He said he understands and it's OK.

Colonel Braddock... is it not true that during the war there was a price on your head of 5,000 American dollars?

It was more like $20,000.


Why don't you tell us why there was a price on my head?

For your war crimes, of course.

For killing assholes like you.


The atrocities, as documented in front of you, were the real reasons why Colonel Braddock was held here!

He was not a prisoner of war, but a common criminal!



I see you've come up in the world.

You got out of this country once, Colonel.

You might not be so lucky this time.

Tran is up in arms about your behavior this afternoon.

Porter called Washington trying to get you recalled.

And the President is outraged... publicly.

Ah, Miss Fitzgerald, you look lovely tonight.

Uh, Colonel Braddock, there is a question I've been wanting to ask you.

Is it true that you let ten of your men die in prison all because you alone refused to admit your war crimes?

You are the most undiplomatic man I have ever met.

I'm not running for office. Besides, you don't know anything about me.

Oh. Well, let's see.

James Thomas Braddock, 38 years old.

Colonel in the Army Special Forces. Retired.

Prisoner of war for eight months.

Missing in action for seven years, escaping last year.

And you are now in Saigon at the request of the President to see if there are any more Braddocks in Vietnam.

Like I said, you don't know anything about me.

How about a nightcap?

Yeah, sure. See you in a few minutes, huh?

The champagne's getting warm.

Oh, yeah.

Been quite a day.

Yeah. It should be quite a night, too.

Now, look, Braddock, just because...

Just what do you think you're doing? What does it look like?

Would you mind? I'm a little on the shy side.

I don't believe this.

Look, Braddock, I invited you up here for a nightcap, not...


What the hell is this?

I'm gonna take a look around Saigon. See how it's changed since the war.

We are not supposed to leave the hotel without an escort.

Jim, do you hear me?

I won't be gone long.

I'm supposed to be keeping you out of trouble.


Braddock, don't.

How are you gonna get out of here, anyway?



Keep your eyes shut...

...and listen very carefully.

The answer you give me...

...will decide whether you live or die.

And I'll know if you're lying

Now, where are the American MIAs?

I don't know.

Don't do it!

There is a camp.

Delta region. Where?

Dong Ha. Dong Ha.

Eight kilometers from the coast.

No, don't! Don't! Spare me!

I gave you the information. I gave it.

That's all I know. Don't...

If you move...

...I'll kill you.

I suppose he's been here with you all night?

That's right.

How very convenient.

Yes, isn't it?


You leave tomorrow...

...or you'll not leave at all.

I wish you didn't have to go.

Nothing I can do here.

Jim, why Bangkok?

I have to look up a friend.

An old army buddy.

Be careful.

Flight 320 from Ho Chi Minh City, arriving at Gate Six.

Flight 210 to Singapore now boarding at Gate Three.

Do you need a nice girl, sir? It's ten dollars.

It's awfully cheap.

Buy me a drink, handsome? Not tonight.

Do you speak English?

You bet.

I'm looking for a friend. Isn't everybody?

He must be a good friend.

His name's Tucker. Jack Tucker.

I think... maybe I have heard of him.

Where can I find him? What do you want him for?

Wrong answer.

He's probably at Madame Pearl's whorehouse down the road.


Come back soon.

Taxi! Taxi!

Patpong Road.

Sam Song Hotel.

J' She sits alone waiting for suggestions J' He's so nervous, avoiding all the questions J' His lips are dry...

Where's Madame Pearl? She's over there.

J' If you want my body and you think I'm sexy J' Come on, honey, let it show

I'm looking for Jack Tucker. Is he around?

He'll be here... in a moment.


How's it going, Tuck?


What the hell are you doing here? I wanna rent your boat.

Oh, shit. We'd better talk later.

It's important. How much?

Five grand.

Four grand! I didn't hear ya!


Did you say one thousand? No.

Yeah, a thousand bucks.

That's what I thought you said. Come on.

What the hell do you need my boat for, anyway?

We're going back to Nam to rescue some MIAs.

Oh, shit, Braddock. You're crazy.

You said "we." You said "we're going back."

You owe me, Tuck. I need your help.

Yeah, I owe you.

More than once.

All right, you bastard. I'll take you in.

But I'm not going ashore.



Getting in is no problem.

I've been smuggling cigarettes and booze for years.

My new Southern Belle's one of the fastest boats in the water around here.

There she is.

What the hell is that?

Like my daddy always said, don't believe everything you see.

Discourages pirates.

I'll show you something back here.

They're Detroit diesels. Turbocharged, 650 horsepower.

We can hit 21 knots if we have to.

M-16s, grenades, C-4, LAW.

You're playing for keeps.

What the hell do you need an assault raft for?

The camp's in the delta. A raft is the easiest way in.

How come you never mention getting out?

If we can hit the camp without raising an alarm, we'll go back the way we came.

That's nice. And if not? We'll think of something.

Great. Look, you wanna do me a favor?

Next time I ask you something about the mission, you don't tell me nothing, OK? I'd rather not know.

There is something else. What?

We could use a long-range chopper as a backup.

Now how in hell are we supposed to manage that?

We'll think of something.

Gentlemen, I can help you with everything, even the M-16s, but not the raft.

Bullshit, Carlos. We both know you got one.

Got one? Sure, I got one. I got the only one in all Thailand.

But have you got the money? That's the question.

Let's see the sucker first, then we'll talk money.

There she is. Yang!

Quite a unique weapon, eh?

She can run 60 miles an hour, and, with her mufflers on, no one can hear you coming.

Yeah, too bad a single bullet'll put her out of commission.


It's Kevlar.

Very expensive.

Same material your bulletproof vests are made out of.

It will stop anything, short of a grenade.

How much?

Twenty thousand American dollars... for the raft.

The rifles and ammunition...

...I throw in, free.


Don't be ridiculous.

There is nothing like her in all of Southeast Asia.

Seven. Seventeen!

Fifteen. No less.



So, if I get this helicopter of yours, are you willing to pay?

I didn't figure it was free.

OK, then. What about the marking? US? It doesn't matter.

Just make sure I can count on the pilot.

Look around, my friend.

In this place, you can count on people doing anything for money.

Braddock! Hey, hop in!

Come on, we're leaving early.

Get dressed.

AW... Shit.

Mike, cast off!

You shouldn't have hurt those people in Bangkok.

Fortunes of war.


Fortunes of war.

Well, there she is... Vietnam.

Pearl of the Orient.

If I'm not back in 12 hours, get the hell outta here.

You're crazy, Braddock.


What happens if you have to fight and navigate at the same time?

I'll figure something out.

You already have. You son of a bitch!

Goddammit! You knew there was no way in hell I'd let you go in there alone once we got here, didn't you?

Let's get one thing straight!

I'm only here to operate the damn raft! That's it. Period!

I'm not getting outta the goddamn thing for any reason!

Give us 14 hours!

If I don't make it back, the Belle 's yours.

Come on, Tuck.

No. You promised me I wouldn't have to get off the raft.

What do we need that for, anyway? We're coming back on the raft.

If we're lucky. If not, I don't think our guys are gonna be in much condition to swim out to the boat.



Sorry. Won't happen again.

Do we run or fight? We don't have a choice now.

The camp is about one klick north of here.

I'll go the rest of the way on foot.

Thanks for coming this far.

Did I have a choice? Yeah, you did.

Watch your ass!

Sergeant Dinh, Black Panther Rangers.

You are after the Americans? Yeah. Where are they?

They moved less than three hours ago, somewhere further inland.

Do you know which road they took?

There is only one road that connects with Highway One.

It follows the river all the way.

You are going after them? Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you.


Tuck! Braddock?

Where's our people? They've been moved.

Shit! Let's go!

There it is!



Is it safe?

Holy Christ.

You guys are going home.

We're going home?

Damn right!

Give me your hand.

We're going home!

Come on!

Get to the Jeep!

Get in! Come on!

Get in!

OK, Braddock!

How far to the coast? About six klicks.

Pray the boat's still there.

Take 'em to the river! I'll catch up.

Out you 90-

Keep it goin'!

Keep it goin'!

Two klicks to the coast. Can you make it?

We'll make it.

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Move it!

Come on! The boat!

Keep moving there! Keep goin' now!

Keep moving! Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Patrol boat!

Get back! Go back to the shore!

I'll see you in hell!


Take it down!


Hurry up!

Where to? Saigon.

Oh, shit!

If I knew it would be like this, I wouldn't rent you the helicopter for a million bucks!

My government is extremely gratified to be able to put this issue to rest, once and for all.

In conclusion, then...

...we categorically deny...

...that there are any living MIAs in the People's Republic of Vietnam.