Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985) Script

AC phase selector. AC.

Force trim.


Battery switch.


Fire detector light.


Caution warning lights.

Test and reset.

By the way, congratulations.

Have you thought of a name for your kid?

Well, we're still fighting.

I'm holding out for Joe DiMaggio Mazilli.

The greatest Yankee that ever lived!

Hydraulic control switch.




Heads up, guys. Here comes Colonel Braddock.

So, why would the colonel want to go to Cambodia?

Yeah, he could get hurt going across the fence.

He's leading a recon unit, checking enemy strength.


Clear left, sir.

Let her rip.

Main generator switch.


Turn switch. Fair.

700 RPMs.


Good morning, sir.

Good morning, Sergeant.

Sorry I'm late.

Would you like to take the controls, sir?

No, thanks, Captain. I'm just along for the ride.

What are the coordinates on LZ Sally?

Three-seven-four-zero- three-zero-one-niner.

We're right on top of them. Let's give them a holler.

Alligator four, this is Red Gap six.

Alligator four, we're taking fire from all quadrants.

Sir, they're in a fire fight down there.

Charlie's got them pinned down two miles south of the LZ.

How bad is it?

They're taking fire from all quadrants, sir.

Do you want to go in?

Hang on, guys. We're coming down to get you.

Get ready to move. Take it down, Captain.

Captain, let's move out now!

Keep your shirt on, son.

All right! Go!

Come on!

Come on, son. We got to get out of here.

Shit! Damn!

You OK?

I'm fine. Let's go to the chopper!

Come on!

Sir, they're getting a good bead on us!


Looks like some more party crashers, sir!

All right, come on! Get in there!

Come on. Get in there. Quick!


Let's get the hell out of here!

What the hell is that?

We're hit! We're going down!

I'm gonna try to make the lake.

Get ready to jump.


Jump, Lieutenant!

I said, jump, Lieutenant!

On the day America remembers its war dead... a special salute today to the war dead of Vietnam.

An American serviceman who died there took his place today... in a place of honor, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Almost 10 years after the last Americans left Saigon... the men who fought in Vietnam got their parade.

Muffled drums and dirges... a coffin and a flag wrapped in plastic... to protect it from the rain.

In the amphitheater of Arlington Cemetery... families of the men still missing from Vietnam... waited for the coffin and remembered.

They wonder if their sons are still alive... and why the world sits back... and allows the Vietnamese government... to flagrantly violate the Geneva Convention.

Rumors of physical and mental torture... have made the wait more agonizing.

The families were reassured by a deeply moved president.

We write no last chapters... we close no books... we put away no final memories.

An end to America's involvement in Vietnam... cannot come before we have achieved... the fullest possible accounting of those missing in action.

Colonel Yin... you may not give a damn about the Geneva Convention... but someday you're gonna be held accountable.

The Geneva Convention applies to prisoners of war.

You men are not prisoners of war.

You are common criminals.

I have repeatedly told you... that there is no escape from my camp... unless you consider death an escape.

You are surrounded by cliffs... mountains, jungles full of man traps... and a bridge that is impassable.

None of you have ever escaped, and none of you will.

The only way for you to leave my camp... is if Braddock confesses.

He defends the country that has forgotten you... an outlaw nation the rest of the world reviles!

They are killing your ambassadors of the evil... in every part of the world.

I have something for you.

Hey, it's a beaut.

It's a good two inches.

Angelo says thanks.

What he give you?

A B-52.

It's just a worm for his chicken.

You know, I got to learn to keep my mouth shut.

What do you do? You never shoot your mouth off.

I try to decide if what I'm going to say... is worth getting hit for.

Wish I could do that.


Hey, it's hot. I'm sweating.

Looks like the malaria again.


What the hell is Harry doing?

I'll bite his head off for a pack of cigarettes.

Colonel Braddock, I need to talk to you.


Look, I'm real sorry those two guys died... but we don't all have to.

Maybe I can get Yin not to ride you so hard.

You'd like that, wouldn't you, Braddock?

How about it, Sarge?

I mean, you know you could use some time off.

Begging the captain's pardon, sir... but kiss my black ass.

That's funny.

All you guys are big, brave soldiers... and you think I'm a coward.

No, you're not a coward. You're a traitor.

I'm not a traitor.

Look, our country has forgotten about us... and we have to do anything we can to survive.

Look, I'm not the bad guy here.

It's Braddock and his stupid pride.

When we first got here... there were five times as many of us... 33 Americans.

Now look at us.

I say that all Braddock has to do is confess... to some garbage war crime, and Yin will send us home.

Who's gonna care?

The war has been over for...

for God knows how long.

We don't know that for sure.

There is no war.

And nobody gives a damn about us.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I hear they're coming to get us.

And if I were you, I'd rather die here... than have to explain to my kid... that I was a gutless traitor.

At least I've seen my kid.

Let him go.

Back off, Nester.

Die if you want to, all of you.

Who tell you someone coming?

No one.

I made it up to piss him off.

Why'd those guys have to run?

God, I got to get some sleep!

But whenever I close my eyes, I see my wife Gina.

Yeah. My Diane's gonna be mad at me.

I wanted the four kids more than she did.

We made a deal.

She'd work, and I'd retire and bring them up.

I fooled the hell out of her.

I haven't even seen my kid!

I'm sorry.

I try to block it out, but I can't.

No one can.

You do. Nothing bothers you.

I'm just...

I'm just not tough like you.


Sergeant Lawrence Opelka... you have been tried and found guilty... of war crimes against the people of Vietnam... and have been sentenced to death.



What does he want from him?

Chou, get over here!

Chou! You scum!

Come down here, Chou!


Come here, Chou! You're nothing! Chou! Chou!

You lose.

You're scum, Chou!

Get down here and shut that door!


Get down here, Chou! I said, get down here!


It's not doing anyone any good. You know that.

What the hell is going on?

Why are they starting this torture crap again?

It's OK, kid. It's OK.

Here. Brought you some things.

Did you get the quinine?

No, I can't. Yin has it locked up.

But he told me to tell you that if Braddock confesses... he will give it to you.

Yin can't be trusted.

I've given him what he wanted, and he's treated me well enough.

He doesn't care about you.

It's Braddock's confession he's always wanted.

Over the years, it's driven him mad.

Then why not just give it to him?

If Yin ever breaks Braddock, we will all be killed.

Colonel Braddock, I have spoken to my superiors... and arranged for you to be released... if you will simply let us film your confession just once.

No public appearances, no questions.

We could do it right now.

You know I can't do that.

Some of my men feel I am being too lenient with you.

Colonel Braddock...

I didn't want to have to tell you this... but maybe you should know.

Your wife is planning to remarry.

She has you declared dead.

Your family needs you.

Sign this statement...

I will let you go home before the wedding.

Colonel Yin, if my wife is getting remarried...

I'm happy for her... because if she's gonna wait for me to sign this confession... she's gonna be waiting a long time.

Get him out of here.

Get down! Come on!

Hey! Come on!

That humper Lao is the biggest asshole this side of Nester.

Leave him alone, Lao. You hear me?!

Braddock, since you're in a fighting mood...

I'll give you one.

Nester, you will be Braddock's opponent... and you will win.

I can't do that, sir.

Colonel Yin, our deal was that I would never have to hurt... any of the other prisoners.


Don't fight.


I will put you back in the Americans' cell.

I'm not sure you would be as popular there as you once were.

Why don't you just take a few punches and go down, Colonel?

It’ll save us both a lot of pain.


Put your hands up, Braddock.

Colonel Yin is watching us.

Put your hands up.

Nester, he's using you.

Come on.

Come on, sir! Get up!

Protect yourself!

Damn you, Colonel. Fight me.

Come on, Colonel. Protect yourself.


Nester, Nester.

Get up, Colonel! Get up!

Come on.


You bastard, either stay down or fight!

Come on, Colonel! Hit him again! Yes!

He's gonna kill you, Nester.

I don't want to fight you, Nester.

You got no choice now, Colonel.

No more favors.

Now I'm gonna hurt you!

Come on, sir! Get up!

Come on! For all of us! Get him!

Come on, Colonel!

Come on, Nester, don't be a fool, man!

Get up, Colonel. Come on, get up.

Finish him off.

Come on!

Come on.

One more. Come on, in on him!

Give him another one. Finish him off. Come on.

Yes! Come on, colonel!

Come on, Braddock.

Enough. Come on. Finish this off.

Give him one good shot.

Come on!

Finish him off, sir. Come on.

Be careful. Watch yourself.

Finish him off!

Come on. Get up!

Get up, Colonel.

Come on, Braddock.

Get up, Braddock.

Get up, Colonel. Get up.

One shot!

Come on, get up. Come on. Come on, Colonel, get up!

Now! You're beaten!

Come on, soldier, get up.

How's it feel, Nester?!

Keep on him! Get him, Colonel!


Sir, Colonel, you're killing him!

That's enough!

Lao, that's enough!


You see what happens... when one does not follow my direction immediately.

You lose.


What did Yin lay on you this time?

He said that my wife's getting remarried... and I've been declared dead.

He's bullshitting you. You know that, don't you?

Captain Ho.

Anything on the quinine?

I don't have malaria.


But I have some things for you.


Why don't you go give the guys a drink?


Have I got a surprise for you.

You see this baby, huh? Look at that.

Hey, Lieutenant, have a sip.

This is what you wanted.

Thanks, Captain.

Colonel Yin, I need to talk to you.

I'm the officer in charge.

If you have to punish somebody, then punish me.

Confess. Admit your mistake.


Very well.

Dou Chou.


You're right. You are responsible.

Come on, Franklin. Here. I'll help you.

Let me get that one. You get the small ones.

Fine. I ain't doing so hot anyway.

What's that?

It's a chopper...

A Huey.

It sounds American.

Stop him!

What the hell?

I hope I didn't scare you guys.

How do you like my new helicopter?

You are a day early.

I had to borrow it. The other was too small.

I've brought you an arsenal that will discourage anyone... from cutting into our opium business.

Now all that can harm us are your American friends.

Why are they still alive?

Francois, I have the situation under control.

Thanks for our treat.

You're a hot little devil.

You know, this time they're all virgins.

Come on, girls.

Colonel, I don't think there is a search team.

There's nothing we can do about it now.

At least we know what they're putting in that hut.

Those boxes?

They're full of weapons.

That's our way out.

When do you aim to kill the Americans?

In my own time.

You're risking our entire operation... a very profitable operation.

I'm thinking of getting a new watch.

Do you think you can purchase one of those digital models?

I told you to kill the Americans, goddamn it!

If the P.O.W. Search team hears about it, we're finished!

Don't let your stupid ego ruin everything!

Francois, will you come with me for a moment?

Look, I didn't want to...

You will never again speak to me like that in front of my men.

It sets a dangerous example.

Do you understand me?


Do you have any new information about the American search team?

No. It's still rumors... but there's been a guy hanging around asking questions.

I wonder if Opelka is dead.

No. If he were...

Colonel Yin would stick his body right in front of our faces.

So, my friend, could I convince you... to spend the night with us and the virgins?

Sorry. I better not.


I'm delivering the opium personally... but I will be back to pick up the girls.

Don't forget my watch.

Colonel Braddock, Francois brought me something today... that I'm sure is of great interest to you.

It seems your ex-wife has finally written you a letter.

Unfortunately, you must be punished... for the incident with your late friend... Opelka.

He's dead?


Playboy, you want to play?


I've been looking for you.

About time you showed up.

Your headquarters.

You take me to your headquarters.

Name's Emerson... Clyde Emerson.

No. You don't understand.

Now, what is needed here is a little courtesy and cooperation.

I'm the point man for a P.O.W. Search mission.

The I.F.H. Got word of this little operation some time ago.

I must say, we've had a devil of a time finding you.

Who is "we"?

Ah, yes. The International Freedom House.

I'm not just running around the jungle looking for publicity.

He lie.

It's not a lie.

I'm part of a major operation.

There are nine other scouts like me.

We each have five square miles to cover.

And all of us call in to Central Team regularly.

Now, if you think that's a lie, you are in a pack of trouble.

Why don't you cooperate... and save yourself a lot of needless bloodshed?

What the hell is going on?

Damned if I know.

Do you really expect me to believe you... and turn over my whole camp?

Well, under the circumstances, yes.

I believe that's the only thing that you can do.

I hid a homing device out there in the jungle.

My team knows exactly where I am.

Now, they'll be waiting for my signal.

Now, if I give it, they'll come in slowly.

If I don't, they'll come in fast, and you'll all be dead.

What signal?

Stop playing the fool.

The way I figure it... these are your choices... you can either cut and run... or you can wait until my team comes in... and then you can try to run... or you can cooperate right now... and save everyone a whole lot of trouble.

I believe you left out some of my options.

One, I could kill you and the prisoners.

Yes. Missed that one.

And two... I can simply lock you up... and wait until you're ready to give the signal.

Yes, you could lock me up... but I'll never give you the signal.

I don't care if you kill me.

Now, look, I'm tired of hanging around under this sun... playing footsie with a half-pint would-be dictator.

Give him anything he wants.

I can't believe it!

We're going home!

OK. I want to know who won the World Series last year.

I don't know anything about any bloody World Series, mate.

I'm Australian.

Forget it. I love you anyway.

Yin won't give up this easy.

How large is your rescue team?

Large enough to kick Yin's ass, huh?

I'm alone.


Nobody knows I'm here, mate.

Man, there's nobody gonna come and get me.

But the International Freedom House...

The Central Team, The homing device?

It's just a bluff, isn't it? I had to tell him something.

I've heard rumors about this place.

I followed Francois in.

I'm just a lousy photographer, mate.

I needed pictures for proof.


One thing for sure, he's got guts.

Yeah. Nobody ever broke into a prison camp.

All right, then, let's get out. We'll head for the cliffs.

Anything happens to me...

I stashed some ropes under a big rock.

You can't miss it. Head for the Thai border...

100 miles due west. Come on, let's go.

Wait. Yin may let you go... but he certainly won't let us all go.

What's that?

It's Francois coming to pick up his whores.

Shit. He knows I'm alone.

Well, move it!

I'm just going to give the signal, mate.

Mr. Emerson.

I'm just gonna give my signal.



I hope everyone's told you how well they have been treated.

Well, they don't love you, but all in all... they look pretty good. I'll be right back.

One more moment, please.

I would like you to meet a friend of mine.

I'll meet him later. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I wouldn't want the Central Team to get impatient, you know.


What's the matter, my friend? You look a little nervous.

He is the goddamn guy who's been asking questions about us.

He claims he's the point man for a major rescue operation.

He's lying. He's alone.

I've still got the homing device out in the jungle.

I am weary of playing footsie with you.

Take him to the tree.


For the crimes against the people of Vietnam...

I sentence you to death.

Don't worry! It's not real!

He's just trying to scare you!

They've got a lousy sense of humor.

Get up. Get up.

Shut up, you asshole.


We'll get him up.


I'm OK.

Captain Ho?

He's dying.


No, don't do it.

He has to.

What the hell's the difference?

Our struggle was a long one.

As I predicted, you lost.

I'm glad you finally understand the extent of your guilt.

You do, don't you?

He don't understand shit!

Yes, Colonel Yin...

I understand.

Let's get him up.

Colonel Braddock.

I believe you have forgotten something.

Now, my American P.O. W...

I will live up to my promise and will let you go free.

Tomorrow, Francois will be here and will fly you to Thailand... and deliver you to your embassy.

You see, Colonel? I told you.

I will try to make your last day here... as comfortable as possible.

Here. Come into the next room. You'll stay there tonight.

I can't believe it.

It's over. We're going home.

I'm going to see my kid!

Something's wrong.

Nothing's wrong.

You've just been here too long.

You're in shock.

I am feeling better.

Yeah, you're feeling better.

Nothing works this fast.

Oh, God! Get him up, Mazilli!

He's been poisoned!

Come on, Franklin!

Come on, on both legs.


Come on. Walk, Franklin.

Come on, walk it. Walk, Franklin!

Is this an American funeral rite?

I'm afraid I gave poor Franklin such an overdose of opium... that he could walk from here to Los Angeles... and would not do him any good.

Throw him in the hole.

You son of a bitch.


Yin, wait!


He's not dead!

God, no!

Oh, God!

Son of a bitch.

Mazilli, I thought you should know... that you're completely alone.

Your brave colonel has abandoned you to die here.

Braddock got away?

He'll die tomorrow.

So will you.

In the meantime...

if you're lonely...

play with your friend.

More wine, Colonel?


Braddock gone!

Why keep him alive?

Now, you know, I might be wrong... but I don't think it's a very good idea to kill me.

Why not?

I could always get someone to pour my wine.

It's because I'm the only one left... who really knows how Colonel Braddock thinks.

See, he hasn't gone yet.

Is that so?

Yes. He has stayed to try and take revenge on you.

I will use Francois' helicopter.

We will capture him tomorrow.

We should have killed that guy a long time ago.

We'd better get back.

You'll never find this guy alive.

Just keep searching.

Braddock come back, blow bridge down.

Lock up all the prisoners and Nester!

You, to the bridge!

In there.

I'll bury him with this.

My God! It's a bomb!

Get out!

Damn American!

Open it.


What the hell?


Let's go!


Come on! Come on!

Damn! We got to find that rope.

They're getting too close. Let's get out of here.

It's got to be here.

Emerson said they were under a big rock.

There must be 60 big rocks.

Here it is!


Good luck, kid.

Aren't you coming? I'm going after Ho.

If you're staying to fight, there's no way I'm leaving you.

Here they come! Get your ass down the cliff!

You idiot!

Come in.

So, Yin, we're all loaded up.

I'll see you in about a week.

Francois, I will need your helicopter... to look for the Americans.

I believe they've gone down the river.

I am sorry. I can't help you.

You will not go.

I am going.

Come on, let's go.

Get your hands off... What the hell are you doing?

They are following my order.

They needed a new leader after they heard that you had died.




I'm glad you made it, kid.

Thanks, Colonel. Yin must have given up on me.

He thought you were dead.

How come you hung around?

I don't know.

I guess it was just some kind of instinct.

I want you to guard the base.

If I'm not back in 24 hours... go down the river and try to find Mazilli.

Colonel, I know you don't need me to guard the base.

I want to help you get those bastards.

Colonel Braddock!

Yin's our enemy, too.

I'll kill him!

The fighting's over! We all go home!

Colonel Braddock!

Dou Chou.

He's listening. He knows we're here.

Yin dead. Believe now.

See, Colonel Braddock?

Come look for yourself. Yin dead!

Sir, the boots. That's not Yin.

I'm going after Ho.

He's in one of those two shacks down there.

If there's any fireworks, here, throw these grenades.

Sir, what about Nester?

He can take care of himself.

He always has.

He won't show.

He'll come.

Good. They got Mazilli.

Let's go.

Colonel Braddock!

I'll give you 30 seconds to decide... whether you want Mazilli to live or die.

Your 30 seconds is up!

You have just murdered your last man.

Psst. Mazilli... anything you want me to tell your kid?

Hold it!

Mazilli is mine.

Why don't we just tell the kid that Daddy... was a very brave soldier right up till the very end?


Move it, Mazilli!

Nester... he came back to us.

Yeah, I know.

I'm going after Ho.

Cover us, Ho. We're going in.

Colonel, they're all in Yin's house.



Opelka, left flank.

Mazilli, around back.


Ready? Go!


Nobody could have lived through this.


Remember how to fly this thing?

You better believe it.

You really didn't think I'd leave... without knowing for sure you were dead?

You'll not just kill me.

You want to know who the better man is.

That is why you stayed behind.

I also want to know.

That is why I kept you alive all these years.

Now it is the time...

You and I, one-on-one.

No politics... no weapons.

Just a little game to find out who is the better man.

I knew you could not resist my challenge.

Colonel Yin, for the atrocities inflicted... on the Vietnamese and American prisoners of this camp...

I sentence you to death.

This is for Nester.

Not yet.

The game's over.

And this is for Franklin.

You lose.

This is for me.