Mission of Honor (2018) Script

Jan Zumbach...

-How many? -Two hundred plus sir and building.


Eight, the nearest "Bread of Dover". Nine Carriers and a Destroyer escort sir.

What's the weather in the channel?

The report says it clearing sir and clouds at 8,000 feet.

-Have you heard from Manston? -3 squadrons sir.

Well, get them up.

And 32nd at Biggin Hill.

And put 111th of Northhold in stand-bye.

Roger that!

2-4-9 and 603-Squadrons 1-0-Angels-2-0.

Acknowledge, quick!

Squadrons 6-0-0-2-3, Angels 1-8.

Not even the Luftwaffe would go up in this sludge.

B-Flight "Scramble!"

Just delivering this.

From the Squadron leader.

-It says "well done". -For what? For dying?

Not joining me?

Officers only.

-I thought nylons were forbidden? -They are...

...you are a "toy boy"...


Shit day all round.

Not going to see the month at this rate.

I hated it... placing Marcus on that board knowing...

Some of us won't come back.

-Say a little prayer? -Don't get too excited.

Worth picking nylons on the floor and that's about it.

We are not bombers, sir... We are fighter pilots.

In Poland we shot down many Germans.

These skills, our experiences your RAF need.

Having said that, uuh... Arbanovicz, there is the question of English.

The language...

Yes, I understand that most of you could barely speak a word.

You understand wrong sir, many...

Arbanivicz, I do admire your conviction, however the first Polish crews will be trained for bombers, dismiss...

They did rather better against the Luftwaffe than we give them credit for sir.

Considering the antique of their flight.

Well, that's the point...

...We have radar, a plotting systems, hughly sophisticated.

Can we risked it in the hands of a bunch of marauding bandits?

Stashed the Poles somewhere, they will do the least harm.

That's pretty much what we have been doing sir.

And Arbanovicz?

English is half decent. I like his spirit.

Send him to training.

Fit him into an under-manned fighter squadron, see how he gets along.

Yes, "Angels 1" at 1,800 meters...

1,000 Arbanovicz 18,000... ... and it is feet, not meters!

Bandits sighted in this area.

Keep an eye out boys!

-Bandits 1'o clock! -Bandits sighted!



In your dreams!

Drinks sir on you sir.

Had you a million pieces up there.

I know how huff you Yanks get when we don't let you win.

Canadians sir, just letting you know.

How was it?

Rear view is not great, tight squeeze in the cockpit, but the fuel injection means you can bank or turn her without a stutter.

I mean she's a hell of a fighter sir.

Though I reckon I can outfoxed a hurri any day.

-That's just as well. -Sir?

Your request for a transfer from testing to pilot has been accepted.

You have a zero 3, flying out of Northolt.

Fantastic! If you say so...

It's with a bunch of foreigners... Poles!

They offered themselves flying with whoever will have them.

You are looking forward to a fun time, my boy.

Congratulations in any case.

Sense of humor, sir.

You English, huh?

Joseph Frantisek, I have just resigned from the Czech Air Force.

They go to bombers.

Fuck the bombers. I am a fighter pilot!

In France I downed fifteen Me109's. Fifteen?

Fifteen, sure! I'm the best!

You're lucky to have me in your shitty squadron!

And also: "I understand Polish", so don't go calling me "an asshole" behind my back.

They're here sir.

What about ranks? Do we give the Polish one?

Let the air ministry decide. Least of our problems I would imagined.

God, they're a mess.

They have hauled their asses half-way across Europe, sir.

Even so...

...they coming nowhere near my planes looking like that.

I'll call my tailors, I'll fixed them up.

That will cost a fortune, sir.

I'll pay for it myself if I have to.

Right! You shower of Polish scum... Pay attention !!!

Go on... tell them.

Brave and handsome Polish pilots... ... welcome to the RAF.

For some reason the powers that be, have deem you fit the purpose.

Now it is my duty to teach you your asses from your elbows.

Things such as, there is a sergeant mess and there is an officer's mess.

And you must go to the right one, once we decides which of you don't deserve to be call officers that is.

-Is that it? -Poles is a very concise language.

Eyes front, you rabble!

This is the RAF and that is strictly out of bound for the likes of you.

Johnny Kent, welcome to Northolt.

We are ready to go sir. Just get us up there and we will finish the job.

All in good time.

Angels... Altitude...

... Pancake... landing...

Next! The altitude regulator... correct!

Now the flap indicator.

No! That's the undercarriage indicator.

The flap indicator is here.

The fourth letter... bottom line.


That will be all. Captain Horobin will see you next.

This isn't France or Poland...

... and you may say you're an excellent flyer... but we'll take your word for that.

The facts is...

M-A-D-E -... I-N-E...

No! The last line is X-V-R-F.

Can you explain?


Is sergeant, again!?

The important thing, some of you have only flown fixed wheels.

But these, these goes up.

You just have to remember to bring it back down before you land.

Is there a problem?

Yes sir, you teach us MPH not KBH, gallons not liters, feet instead of meters.

But the one thing we all already know how to do is fly.

Horodovyszcz and many others they're already fighting.

-Why not us? -Cause they're already up to scratch.

You want to die in your first mission cause you can't read the fuel gauge?

Listen, our country is destroy. They kill our people and we're doing fucking nothing!

My wife, my little girls.

Flying combat many years. We killed Germans and we know how to fly those planes.

Yeah, but you lost! You lost.

Poland, France... you lost Vedomme!

You stay where you are, airman!

We speak English in the Royal Airforce.

Right, you can fly, I get that. But there are other attributes as important.

Like, unity... like discipline!

Every bullet fired out of this gun has to be considered, has to be the right choice.

Every maneuver up there has to be the best, the quickest!

That way we win, that way we survive gentlemen!


How is the other half? Settling in all right?

It is a long way from Winniepeg sir, that's for sure.


Sir... eh...

Sir, I've been thinking about putting in for a transfer.

-Why would you want to do that? -Why not sir?

The Poles hate me more than they hate the goddamn Germans.

Well, maybe not that much.

The fact is, we're due to start training fight as of tomorrow.

Sir, these men are irresponsible, arrogant and ill disciplined.

But you are their commanding officer.

If they are ill disciplined than I should be concerned about you rather than them.

Look Johnny, I know we both drawn the short straw here. But the shit hit the fan weeks ago, Spitfires and Hurricanes are getting destroyed as fast as new ones are being delivered.

-The level of casualties... you seen the figures? -Yeah.

They're the only the ones that prepared to be made public.

Certified daily losses...

... the past week alone.

So you see Johnny, I can't let you transfer anywhere till I have a fully operational squadron.

Which means I'm relying on you to knock the Poles into shape.

Sooner rather than later.

How was it?

Brilliant machine, better than anything I flown before.


Any problems?

Known issues, throttle working in reverse, inconstant speed propeller.

Fuck! The wheels are down.

Wheels down! Wheels down!

So, I fly, these fucking wheels... I forgot the fucking wheels!

I fly good!

Picked up by a seaplane and you just watched?

The same pilot could be back attacking us tomorrow.

You tell us: "don't kill pilots in a parachute," not sporting or shame.

But when they are rescued, we do kill them, yes?

The Germans have sea-rescue planes. We don't.

The marker dyed to help identify their pilots.

Even their life jackets go ppffff... ... inflate themselves.

All things we are looking into.

Look, I realize the uncertainty back home, it can't be easy.

Maybe you be better off elsewhere with your own kind.

There is a Polish squadron coming online soon.

The 303th out of Northolt.

Comprising your fellow countrymen, how does that appeal?

I am here to serve sir, wherever.

Sorry about that. Fine pilot but a bit of a loose cannon.

But air sea rescue is a disgrace.

At last one Me109 down. You need to find 15 men.

We taking naive young boys and sticking them in an aeroplanes.

We filling cockpits sir, that's all.

What if they are all as good as him? The Poles I mean, sir.

What if they are all as good as Arbanoviscz?

Okay listen up! Today is a training exercise. Protecting the Blenheim bombers.

Remember, we work as a team.

And above all, you obey my instructions. You got that?

Frantisek, what's the phrase?

Wheels up... wheels down. Good boy, and don't you forget it.

-This is "Red Leader" to eighth flight. -Flight leader for Angels 6-5.

We vector at 3-2-O.

We are protecting, got that? No heroic, is that understood?

Is that understood?

Yes! Yes sir!

Roger that. Hostiles gathering above Calais, 100 plus, Angels 1-5.

Victory-chief 3 point 4-5.

Keep an eye on the airspace.

-Bandits at 11 o'clock and about thousand feet above us. -Roger that.

English! English!

Rupert back in formation, now! Paskoviscz!

-Hurricane in trouble sir! -Paskoviscz!

Sorry, I can't hear you sir!

If anyone else break formation, I'll shoot him down myself!

What's that? Romeo 5-9?

That is a training flight escort, 303.

-The poles... -Got you.

Training? Get them out of there! And "NOW" !!!

I have got one!

Everyone's now calm down!

Over Red leader, over Red leader...

Large force of hostiles heading your way... ... just remain for home and "pancake".

... I repeat "Pancake".

Flight, back home, that's an order!

Can't go any further son.

I... I'm a Polish pilot... I want souvenir.

That plane... he shoot it down.

Please, for mess wall.

Go on then, be quick.


Training flights are just that. If you go around shooting up the enemy, you compromised the safety of the entire squadron and the Blenheimers.

From now on no more individual heroics!

You'll obverse strict procedure at all times.

One final thing...

I have a message here from Air Chief Marshal.

Congratulations to 303 Squadron on their first "kill".

Even if it was down to Paskoviscz having a faulty radio.

The 303th Polish squadron will be fully operational from 31st August... forthcoming.

That's tomorrow, gentlemen.

From tomorrow... we are operational!

GIEVES "clothing made-to-measure".

Chief... myself and all the men want to thank you, means a lot.

-Good work Kent. -Money well spent sir.

This guy in 260th he's asking me out and I really likes him.

-Then go! I want to, but then I think, what if he's killed?

You see, that's why I always say yes.

Because they will likely to die soon?

Because maybe we all are.

Every day more of them go up and fewer come back.

Be running out of pilots. Good ones anyway.

We need to make the most of this war ladies, seized the moment, we might never get another chance.

-Is Phillis getting hitch then? -Ah, possibly, -if she plays her cards right. -Oh yes.

What's my chances with Georgina, you reckon?

Jimmy... as ugly as a gibbon one,

-Bartender. -Sssh!

What's this? The bloody Proms?

A malts and a bitter please.

Now I play march from Polish army.

Except I don't know any.


We are off.

Keep a look-out, nothing out of hand.

An hour we will head back to base.

Sorry, they're taken.

The seats maybe, but not you girls.

-Do you like to dance? -I don't dance.

But I do.

-Mind if I butt in? -As a matter of fact, we do..

I wasn't asking you Phil.

I have said no!

Fine, you can bugger off.

-We are off now. -You showing yourself up acting like a prick.

Don't give me all the credit.

-Excuse me... -Ooh fuck, another one...

-I've told your friend Buggeropsky... -You can't treat women like this...shorty.

Stop it! What are you doing?

-Are you this man commanding officer? -I am and senior to you.

I want him on a charge... sir.

And if he has you on the same charge?

I saw everything from over there.

We need all men at our disposal. Don't you agree?

He's fucking animal.

In English.

I'm sorry.

Go on and shake hands, Ruben.

Do it!

What's the point, you were all pretty useless in Poland.

Three days was it you lasted?

Yes, not much better in France were you, you fucking losers.

You see at home, our people, tortured, executed.

Hanging from trees, from lamp post in street.

Be afraid!

You English need all the help you can get.

All in! Flush.

That roll in your eyes, this is rubbish. And you've got a flush.

Sorry ladies.

-Couldn't beat a full house there, does it? -Oh, you cow.

Personal-health medical want Dr.Balley at the 1400.

"Personal health" is that what the old pervert calls it?

Just be there Lambert.

Show him he should at least buy us dinner first before gawking at our fannies.

Can I come in?

-You know us, we never closed. -Speak for yourself.

We can't see them, you know.

They are beautiful!

Dare I say it cost a few bob.

Are those for me?

For all of you... from all of us.

From the whole squadron, to say sorry for what happened in the pub.

Georgie, get a vase.

Are they really from all of you?

Thanks for the invite boys.

But we have to keep a lid on it. Anybody finds out, we'll be

-on a charge. -We hide you under the bed.

That would get us into even more troubles.

Hey get the girls some drink.

-What would you like? -What have you got?

Oh, I'll have a vodka.


Now listen, as of tomorrow...

When they send us up, we go so far as last resort mean.

Last resort? They tell me it was weeks ago.

It is quiet up there.

For now.

What is in Switzerland?

Doing some homework yourself?

A fiance?

A wife?

A mistress?

All three I'll bet.

None, not anymore.

Go to standby, 5 minutes!

Jesus Christ!

Sooner expect to get them sorted.

It was such fun. It was a great night, back in that dreary old pub.

How can you be so chirpy, all that vodka, so terrible.

You disappeared for ages, what were you up to?

Oooh no, not another one!?

You will lose it if you don't used it.

A moment sir, repeat please.

-Who do you think you are? -What's the problem?

This size and direction.... it's a feign.

They've tried it before. They're trying to disrupt us from the main force.

What main force?

Let's not bring your hang-over to work.

Get on with plotting the raid.

Squadron leader Rollings!

A moment or two with us will do no harm.

Filter rim reports of a large formation forming across the channel.

Estimated strength 100 plus.

The main force!

Turning right, turn towards Northolt.

Get 303th off, now!

Well done Lambert.

First combat flight lads, so these are on the house!

Miss Lambert!

Can I have a word?

Do you mind... I'm off shift, I need to lie down.

Good god, I heard you were easy.

Don't you ever humiliate me like that again, do you hear me?

Stick to what you do best, you wretched little whore.

And I thought you prefered little boys.

Well done for today, six kills and no losses, unheard of for a first mission.

It is good for the squadron.

But not for me...

... I screwed up.

Forget to throw safety switch.

And you will get chance to make up for it.

You girls sure know how to parties.

Excuse me?

Well, last night, it was wild.

-But I thought you and Rolo were you know.. -Together? Who says so?

He behaves like a jealous husband, all of a sudden we were a couple.

You know, if you already were, you are not anymore.

But I wasn't spying. I happened to be passing coming back with Gabriel...

Hey, it's none of my business.

No, it's fucking well isn't. I've enough of judging jury for one today, thank you.

I was on my own, test flight.

-Gun cameras? -Not fitted yet.

Well in that case, I can't allow it.

Not even as a "probable".

Why would I lie? You know I am the best.

Well in that case, you'll break your "duck" soon enough, legitimately.

"Duck"? What do you mean "duck"?

It is a cryptic term, it means "no score".

Still fucking useless then?

Who are you?

Arbanoviscz sir, reporting for duty.

All down Lambert?

Yes sir!

You're sure?

Everyone of them. Quite sure.

Those Poles will end up winning these bloody war if we are not careful.

-God, I underestimated them! -We all did.

This is moral boosting stuff sir.

That's why I suggest we send some press down to Northolt, newsreel and so on.

Raised public awareness.

-Propaganda! Hardly my area of expertise. -Nor mine.

But we've been in the doldrums for months. This is a story worth getting out there.

And it might encourage others to comes from god knows where and joined the fight.

Well, as long as it doesn't interefered operations.

Three gin tonics please.

-Beer. -All right.


But we are fine to avoid the bloody invasion.

-Well, they had a fair well week to be fair. -Beginner's luck, they're still fucking savages.

Here you go.

-Yes sir? -Three gin-tonics please.

Gin and tonics from the boys of 260th, in appreciation for your sterling work ladies.

Did we say we wanted company?

Come on Phil, I've been an ass, okay. Forgive me my mistake.


We're heading up to town, "The Ambassador," what do you say?

If it is "The Reagency", then maybe.

Wherever you like.

What about you Georgie?

Up to you.

Better not, I'll stay... thanks.

303th, "scramble"!

Push me again and I'll rip your balls off.

Assuming I can find them.

So they are all accounted for?

Yes, incredible.

-So what's next? -Refuelling and get back up.

-Well... now? -Yes now!

Out of ammo Blue leader, time for tea. I think that...

Time to leave gentlemen! Chop... chop.

Well then lads? Spilled them...

Stop! stop stop stop stop stop stop stop....


I thought you might want to see sir.

I'm assuming a successful mission given the reactions we had.

There was an incident I gather.

One of the journalists got himself left behind, Daily Mail.

Obviously considered grief and loss a tastier option than promoting the squadron.

And one of the airmen took exception I'm afraid.

Oh, good... as long as it hurt.

We had numerous offers of support, people wanting to donate money, they love our Poles.

Even an event in honors is being mooted.

At the "Dorchester".

At six o'clock and three o'clock.

With me Frantisek!

You got him, you got him Gabriel!


Where is he? Can you see him?

Going down... going down.

Frantisek, take him!


-It is one of ours. -I'll get the knife.

Our grandson, Burt. He's a stoker.

You can't say that, killer talk costs lives.

He is on their side.

No, the walls have ears.

The only thing these walls got is damp.

What then, we rent the house.

Thank you.

Me 109 and a Henkel, over Dover.

Dover? You weren't vector there.


You know by now, no witnesses, no "kill".

There is no witnesses because you fuck off and leave me on my own again.

Hey, you two!

Knock it off!

Go smarten yourself up. Been invited to a party in your honor. The "Dorchester" of all places.


New word Ass holes!

Seems to wire from news grandstand, Brands unit.

Krol's stable, but it's too early to asses the damage long term.

Right then... let's go party.

Good luck with your driving test.

-Don't have one, they're suspended for the war. -Thank goodness.

-Lucky for you. -Cheeky bugger.

Are you coming in with us.

It's your night, wouldn't want to get pressed the glory boys.

I'll be in the pub around the corner, "The Crown".


This is like Warsaw, not so long time ago.

You will be back there soon enough.

Back to what?

The Germans, the Russians gorged themselves, they leaves us to savored our carcasse.

Thank you.

Vintage... Dartignard... Graynard probably.

Absolutely right sir.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I would like to introduce our hostess for this evening, Mrs Smith-Beam.

Air Chief Marshall, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. And especially the Polish pilots.

As you know, this evening is all about showing our appreciation to these brave men.

Who have left their faraway land to come and fight for us in the skies over England.

And it falls upon me, to present 303th squadron with a new mascot.

His name is Cooper. And I trust he will be as loyal to you as you were being to us.

Great party, gentlemen.

Three weeks ago we were all madman.

And now... champagne, fine food and beautiful women.

We have a dog...

When we're dead, what happens to the dog? You eat it?

This event was concieved with the best intentions.

-These people wanted to show their gratitude. -And the men do appreciate, I'm sorry sir.

-I apologized. The men are dead on their feet. -No need, I understand.

Good luck, gentlemen, enjoy the rest of your night.

Ludwig, Zieg, Antoni, you won't see them drinking your champagne in all of this.

While your own cities being bombed. your people out on the street...

They're butchering us.


...all over Poland.

People we love.

Sorry, you're too late, we have already eaten.

I need you to take me somewhere.

My driving is not so bad then.

I'm too drunk to notice.

Watch out tonights you two, for Jerry bombs forecast.

You know what they say about imminent danger.

The most powerful aphrodisiac.

I was...

...judging you the other day.

I took things for granted, it was wrong.

Forget it, I over-reacted.

You know... before all this... madness.

They would have called me a tart.

Now there's a war on, I'm just a good sport.

And when this is all over, who's going to know about my summer of love?

Or about my bloody husband, wherever he might be.

I don't supposed you have girls like me in Poland.


I doubt there is anyone quite like you anywhere.

Secured. Stop the infection, you see.

Uh, I'm here...

Look at me, I look like a Rembrand, or more like a Picasso.

Trust me, you will always be a Picasso.

Huh, don't make me laugh.

They will have me go out soon I hope.

I have to go back up there.

How are my boys? They're still going good?

They are remarkable men Krol. You should be proud of them.

I know I am.

I am! It is an honor and a privilege to fly with them.

Got to get moving, the doctor does his round.

You are one of us now.

I'll take her again back up, get her ready.

Hey, what is that?

"Man's Dream", you should try. They gave it to us instead of sleep.

I have asked them to get you some leave, but...

There is a war on, I know.

Anyway... what would we do leave. Two weeks now.

Well, we sorted that.

Squadron leader Kurt has decided to pay all your wages himself for the time being.

Have you see Krol?

-Yeah, I did. -Who else?

But he won't be back with us anytime soon.

Should have leave us all.

Listen, There is something I got to show you, it's important.

Emptying guns into nothing and flying home.

-Who? -Gabriel Horoditscz.

He is a danger to himself and the whole squadron.

Hello handsome.

You're confusing me with the man I used to be.

-I do realize we've been on for 26... -32 hours... sir.

The thing is it's working.

The four bases depleted.

And if we sustained this level, they won't be able to rebuild.

Get them down to a rate of 2 to 1 for our losses.

Last push gentlemen.

Win this and I'll tuck you into bed myself.


A word!

Good hit Jan, good hit.

-Thank you Kent. -That's "Red Leader" to you.

Gabriel! You shouldn't be here.

What is Gabriel doing here?

You defend Tolo! I'll follow after you!

Hey! Keep it up.

Maybe someday you're going to be as good as me.

Left hood. We have him "Red Leader".

Watch your fuel boys, I'll see you when you get back there.

How's your fuel?

All good. All good!

Frantscz, we shouldn't be here.

Neither should the fucking Germans.

-You hit him! -I'll finish him off.

Home time, Tchechian boy.


All clear sir.

All clear.

Exceptional work from 303th and all your support staffs.

You should all be very proud of the work you have done and continue to do.

Now as far as we can tell, northern France has been neutralized.

And it is the spearhead of this squadron, to whom the people of Great Britain owed a great debt of gratitude.

126 "kills" in six weeks gentlemen.

The 303th squadron is now officially the highest scoring squadron of 11th group.

That means in the entire RAF.

Gentlemen, your contribution has been nothing short of miraculous.

After six years of war in the streets, million gather to salute the allied forces.

Comrades from the battle front, wounded from every theatre of war.

Representatives of millions who fought and work for their final victory.

A 2 miles long procession made up of units from every corner of the globe, of every color, race and creed.

And now the fly pass from our remarkable men of the Royal Air Force, headed out by 3 Hurricanes of the 263th squadron, heroes to a man.

Fucking heroes.

There is jubilation in the streets. As the men with the costume...

This is my family.

You see? Czech.

Once we made Vodka, now the Soviets take control, we have nothing.

At the same time, from various assembly points, an allies marching column start through the streets.

Over 21,000 fighting men and women of the allied forces.

All our gallant allies, Indians, Australians and Canadians.

-Commonwealth... -Meanwhile a separate mechanize column moves..

-... London boroug... -Not all of them.

Wouldn't want to offend fucking Stalin.

Thought you weren't allow to march in the victory parade.

I'm meeting the others.

And "Kent" ovsky.

He wouldn't march without us.


Ready for more to see?

I have three days to leave the country.

W... what do you mean?

They're kicking me out.

After... After everything?

They can't do that.

If you don't enrolled on their resettlement scheme, you've outstayed your welcome, it seems.

The English want us repatriated.

But back to what?

Some service in salty mine?

Many men are dying there.

Then they did here.

Poland may have won the war, but we lost peace.

I will never forget you, Jan Zumbach.

It's been precious.

Every minute.

Three years...

I knew this couldn't last forever but today, of all days, we supposed to be celebrating.

I once said I doubt there is anyone quite like you anywhere.

I was right.

Will you go? What would you do?


...in the U.S...

... Africa maybe.

I'll find something.

-And I would ask to come with me but... -I would say yes...

... You wouldn't say "yes".

Even if you wanted to.

I've known from the start, you'll never leave home.

303 were the highest scoring fighter squadron of the Battle of Britain. The 145 Polish pilots who served in the Battle of Britain, shot down over 203 aircraft and constituted 20% of the RAF strength.

After the war, an opinion poll showed that 56% of the British public thought the Poles should be repatriated.

Many of those who did return were persecuted, imprisoned, or sentenced to death.