Mo jing (2014) Script

Bless us, Demon King of Hell!

Show us a passage out of harm's way, lend us your fearsome demeanour.

Should cops stray into our path, help us overcome them.

If we ever meet again, we will bow in reverence.

If one day we strike gold, we'll show our gratitude in abundance.

Every man has his own fear, and different ways of hiding it.

But fear will never go away.

It frightens me.

When fear manifests itself, it messes me up totally.

So I badly needed security.

This police uniform makes me feel safe.

Take cover!

Retrieve the money!

Go inside!


Holy shit, aren't these diamonds?

Hi, Pops.

Don't you have an exam tonight?

It's done.


What's up, POPS?

It's Hon.

Informant said he's on the 8th floor, arming himself.

I must nail this bastard!

I don't want more people killed.

We've checked, Pops.

There are eight exits.

Have you called Chief?

Yes, many times. But no response.

I really hate these bureaucrats, minding nothing but office politics.

I'm retiring next year, couldn't care less. Let's go.

Fai, Kwok, go round the back.


I'll bust the door myself.

I don't mind shouldering the blame.

"Cops are coming."

He's on the roof!

Block all exits!

Hang in there! Give us a hand.

Ease him onto the gurney.

Quick, get Dr. Chan!

What happened, sir?

Check BP and pulse, hook him up to a cardiac monitor!

Run an EKG!

The patient is O-Negative.

Our blood bank is low.

We need more within 3O minutes, or the patient will be in danger.

Nurse, I'm O-Negative.

I can help.

Good. Keep calling...

This way please, sir.

C'mon, help!

Hurry! Rush them inside...


Rush them inside...

Did you just admit an injured man?

Yes, luckily your colleague gave him blood, He is now stabilised.

Why is that lucky?

You gave him blood?

Yes, sir.

Do you know who he is?

No, sir.

He's an armed robber, a cop killer, Hon, the Demon King!

He just put two of my men in here.

You're a cop, damn you!

Of all people, you saved a bad guy!

Fate was to mete out justice tonight.

So why be a Good Samaritan?


Saving lives is human nature.

There's nothing wrong with it.

He's already dead!


How can it be?

He looks so much like him.

Are you doubting yourself?

Thank you, Mr. Wong.

Granny is almost out of medication.

By the way.

When I got here today, there was grease everywhere.

Those repo men must have spilt it.

They're despicable.

I've cleaned up already.

What if Granny slips and falls...

Thanks. You be careful, too.

If you see anyone suspicious, call the police.

The nurse said salted egg is off limit.

Not even a tiny bite?

I'd really love some.

Did you cook it for me or for yourself?

I want a tiny piece, too.

Alright, just a tiny piece.

Let's cut to the chase.

The day we robbed those jewellers, other than cash, were there also diamonds?


Why didn't they tell the cops about them?

Because they're stolen diamonds.

How much did you sell them for?

Seven million.

Holy cow! Seven big ones!

Did Hon let you sell them?

Yes, it was Hon.

That bastard screwed us royally.

We're supposed to get five million, and ended up with less than one!

There's a funeral tomorrow.

Dump his body in the coffin and burn it.

PC39266, Dave Wong, 35-year-old, a veteran of 17 years, served in 23 of Hong Kong's 42 precincts.

Now stationed at West Kowloon Emergency Room.

Sergeant, he's been there for 11 months.

Why was he overlooked for redeployment?

Madam, he is problematic.

What do you mean?

Every precinct that sent him away noted on his personnel files that he has personality issues.

But here it says he's good at his job.

Why cut him adrift on personality grounds?

He's stubborn about everything.

He gets along with no one.

Sergeant, don't jump to conclusion!

Morning, Madam, PC 39266 here.

Sit down.

Yes, Madam.

I am new to this precinct.

Yes, Madam.

You look fresh after your month off.

Madam, I'm fine.

I hope why I'm here is not because we were classmates.

No, just standard deployment.

Thank you, Madam.

You never show up at reunions.

Let's go sometime.

Madam, if there's nothing else, I'll go for briefing.


Stop it! Leave the patient alone!

Easy, we just need a quick chat.

Of my two men, one is dead, a second is in intensive care.

I've nothing on you now, but I'm not giving up.

I'll nail you once you leave here.

Your men died because they're dumb.

The one who saved me is also a cop.

You can't do that! I'll file a complaint!

File it against me!

Senior Inspector C.F. Mok, West Kowloon RCU...


I don't care if he eats or shits.

Watch him round the clock.

Yes, Pops.

39266 Yes, sir

63244 Yes, sir.

You're on Beat #9.

Pay attention to a couple of things.

Residents around Wing Kwong Street have been complaining of vandalism, possibly related to those repo men.

Team Leader, have a word with the residents.

Ask if they'd seen anything suspicious.

There were also cases of suspected arson, one each at Wo Sin and Cheung Ming mansions, both involving abandoned units.

Hey, make it snappy.

Yes, sir. Right away...

Excuse me.

Move these cars now.

Give me a few minutes, sir.

I'll fix them in no time.

No, move them now!

Sure... No problem.

Wing, Sam, move the cars.

Thank you.

Go back to work.

He's back on the beat?

Play by the book now.


What do you want?

Have you noticed anything odd?

I saw nothing. I'm moving out soon.

What happened, granny?

Thugs splashed paint all over the place.

Did you see their faces?


I'll check the other units.

Meet me downstairs.

Tell me more.

It's just a courtyard. Forget it.

There's nothing in there.

C'mon! This place stinks!

Let's check it out.

Be my guest.

Get in here, Kwong! I found a dead body.

Have some coffee.


Doctor is making his rounds. Please wait outside.

What is going on?

Why lock the door?

What's going on in there?

Step aside. Move...

Hon! Open the door!

Open up...

Open the door, Hon!

What are you doing in there?

Hon! Open the door!

Open up!

What are you doing in there?

I have just heard...

What is it?

The man suspected to be the Demon King escaped from hospital last night.

Says who? Are you sure?

My pal works at RCU. It's 100% true.

To lose a prime suspect, just what are Serious Crime up to?

If he's desperate enough to escape, he must have a job to finish.

If he's desperate enough to escape, he must have a job to finish.

You're a cop, damn you!

Of all people, you saved a bad guy...

These are AA-grade Angora diamonds, all stolen goods.

Two bosses, six guards, two briefcases.

Value? Buyer?

2,000 pieces, two-carat each, worth 80 million.

I have a buyer at 30% discount.

That's the max.

Time, location and route?

This time, I want 400.

What an appetite!

No choice. I've to pay mortgages.

Neither you nor I can have enough.



Don't worry, Mr. Chan.

Everything is arranged.

Our job is to find peace for the deceased, and peace of mind for the living.

What's the deal?

2,000 two-carat diamonds.

Worth $80 million, 40% discount.

This time, I want three shares.

One-and-a-half for our go-between.

Same as before, I'll provide the guns.

How is this "same as before"?

He's right!

You want more, but what about us?

You provide guns, we risk our lives.

I don't think that's fair.

In this business, we all stake our lives.

When the Undertaker messed up, you kept his share.

I paid up all the same.

So what's unfair?

I act as your front, I take all the flak.

Cops are only after me, they're not looking for you.

Is that fair?

Quit, then.

You want us out just like that?

Yes, on my say-so!

Do you differ?

Emcee, we're only in for the money.

With harmony comes prosperity.

A raise is understandable, inflation and all...

As an old pro, you're used to this.

We're just part-timers.

We want to get out while we're ahead.

But last time we didn't make enough.

Everyone in Hong Kong now is desperate.

What's your problem?

You look like your days are numbered.

Together we can keep this going.

No one gets rich on robbery.

With seed money, we then use our brains.

I'm good with numbers.

Sure, three shares for you.

This is an emergency!

Attention all West Kowloon units!

The Taikoktsui armed robbers are intercepted at a police roadblock on an overpass.

All nearby units, proceed to crime scene!

There are many casualties.

What's your location, Car 2?

We're now approaching the overpass...

Six armed robbers wearing demon masks.

Proceed with extreme caution!

Get out!

Car 2 is now at the scene of the shootout.

Three suspects have just hijacked a taxi.

The license plate is...

Get in...


Look after the sergeant.

Dave, wait for backup!


I owe you my life.

This time we've really hit a bonanza.

Rookie and Emcee, cover the flanks.

Emcee, keep your cool.

Remember, he has to pay for our last job too.

Stop the car.

What's up, boss?

Rookie, approach 'em.

Approach 'em?

It's dangerous.



The diamonds are still in the car.

Go take the wheel...

Broker, do we let them go?



Go that way. We'll take this route.

Well, Emcee?

Did you get him?

He fell down there.

I don't think he will survive.

Luckily, we have the diamonds.

Too bad we didn't get what he owed us.

Pops, PTU found 17 spent shells.

It looks like a civil war!

Shui Wing specialises in stolen jewellery.

Tell our informants to stay alert.

They may split the loot amongst buyers.

I'll check on potential buyers.

We may have something here.

Check all gas stations in a 10km radius.

Retrieve all recent sales data.

Got it, Pops!

Dave, you've been absent for two days.

Don't stress yourself out.

My sister is a psychiatrist.

I can get you an appointment.

I'm fine.

Granny has an accident.

Please hurry over.

How could you be so negligent?

I'm sorry, Mr. Wong.

I turned to pick something up from the floor when Granny slipped and fell.

You should have helped her inside first.

Granny wouldn't have been so badly hurt if they hadn't poured grease on the floor.

The doctor said no bone was broken.

PC39266, dispute mediation, 25 Hong Mei Street.

Be quiet, break it up...

Good, the police's here.

This is PC39266. It's a mass brawl...

Request backup!

Be quiet!

Stop pushing!

WhY did you push me?

Sir, I didn't push you.

They all witnessed it.

Police brutality!

Move back.

Calm down, explain yourself.

This is outrageous.

Be quiet, sir.

So who started a fight?

He did.

This cop beat him up.

I didn't touch him.

I was molested...

Shut up!

What? You didn't touch me?

He elbowed me to the floor...

Yeah, he hit him! I saw it!

They all witnessed it.

He wanted to draw his gun.

Watch what you're saying, sir.

I don't beat people up! I'm a policeman!

Kill them all!

I must kill them all!


PC63244, over.


Has gunshot been reported near Hong Mei Street?

Is anything happening nearby?

What is it, Dave?

I heard gunshots.

Three shots.

63244, negative.

Roger that!

Are you okay?

Stephanie said you never called.

Please let her help you.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

Your job put you under great pressure.

Do you talk to friends?

I prefer to be alone.

How do you relieve pressure?

I swim. I feel better in the water.

Liz told me about what you did for Hon.

Do you often think about it still?

I'm here to chat with you.

You must want to help yourself in order for hypnosis to work.

This hypnotic treatment will lessen effects of past incidents on you.

But during treatment, we may pry into your personal life.

This I want you to know.

If you carry on like this, you'll be forced to take leave.

This sound takes you to a quiet, cozy environment.

You now float upwards, very slowly.

This space belongs to you.

You continue to float, out to a distance, and into your past.

Whenever you feel anxious, you will stop.

Now what do you see?

I'm giving blood to Hon.

His stare frightens me.

You're frightened of a bad guy?

I didn't know he was a crook.

You must tell yourself, you were obliged to save him.

When you think about this again, you will be at peace.

I did that, but it's no use.

Smart Ass is torched... I'm upset.

Are you upset that you couldn't save him?

No, it's the fire.

I'm scared of it.

Is there a reason why?

It's ferocious...

Where's the blaze?

Go away! Leave me alone!

Dave, what is it?

Demon King, I'll kill you all!

I must kill you all!

You're a policeman, how could you?

Anyone who errs should be punished.

And if you err yourself?

I'd be really mad,

I'd punish myself.

Dad would punish me, too.

Did your father treat you well?

Have I not always taught you?

There's little between good and evil.

Penance reminds you never to err again.

You must have a clear conscience, and stick to the straight and narrow.

It matters not if we're poor.

We must be righteous.

When I gave blood to Hon, Dad approved.

Sis! His father is long dead!

Your father is no longer with you.

Dad wanted me to excel in everything.

I'm not allowed mistakes.

How do you excel?

I solemnly swear to obey, uphold and maintain the laws of the Colony of Hong Kong, without fear or favour to any person to well and faithfully serve...

Were you happy to become a policeman?


So were Dad and Granny.

Do you get along well with Granny?

Burned to death...

Who died?

Smart Ass?


Then who?

Burned to death...

Speak out!

Dave, in order to ease your pain, you must open up your past.

Now, immerse yourself in water.

You will find comfort there.

There you will feel relaxed, gradually and slowly.

A lot has built up inside him.

The Hon incident is like a trigger.

It sets off part of his hidden past.

Listen to me, Dave.

I will continue to help, but you need to consult a specialist.

I'm fine.

I'm not mentally ill.

We're not sure yet.

Take Stephanie's advice, go for a check-up.

If I mess up, I deserve to be suspended.

But I'm not sick. I don't need a doctor.

I want to learn about his childhood before I can help him.

Check his records, see if he is prone to violence.

I doubt it. He seldom put a foot wrong.

Those tendencies can develop over time.

Okay, I'll try to find out.

How do you feel?

I see... I'm on my way!

What's wrong?

Granny is hospitalised.

I have to go see her.

Granny has a heart problem, only this time is much worse.

She is lucky to have Mr. Wong who takes care of her.


Do you know if they have other relatives?

That's why Granny is blessed.

They are not even related, but he still takes care of her.

It's rare these days, for young people to be this caring.

Has Granny spoken about their relationship?

She said when he was 9 or 10 he'd bring her cardboard to sell.

When he grew older, they sold cardboard together.

Once he started working, he took care of everything.

Does Granny know why he was so good to her?

Joked he must owe her from a previous life!

Does Granny have a family?

Not anymore.

She had a son, a policeman.

Died 20 years ago.

She keeps this photo in her wallet.

If not for me, Smart Ass would still live.

No one on that street would have died.

Dave, a true man must persist.

You've done well since you were a kid.

Dad, I've tried hard.

Want to give up?

You want to give up?

You must think twice, on how to do better.

"Demon King"

I have news from CIB.

15 people had bought gasoline.

Meet my boy.

Sheung Wan...

This is the guy!

When the gang first emerged, we checked many paper effigy shops about their demon masks.

He was one of them.

Inform the others.

Son, bless me so I can catch them.


YES, Pops?

We got some leads.

Remember Celestial Treasure's Chan Hoi-yan whom we interviewed six months ago?


He bought gasoline a day before the robbery.

I'm bringing him in for questioning.

This time we'll nail these scumbags.

Get over there now.



Do you stock these demon masks?

No one would sell these now.

Who would know how to paint one?

I'm not sure.


Do you sell this kind of mask?

Are you a cop?

You were here six months ago.

I'm from another team, still investigating...

The Demon King wanders among ghosts.

No one would make masks like these.

Those robbers are worse than demons.

Their masks are hand-drawn.

Know anyone who can draw these?

There's only one shop in Hong Kong that makes paper effigies like this.

It's Celestial Treasure.

Hurry up, you lazy bum!

Screw you! I'll buy you out soon!

I'll put out a contract on you, too.




Cops are homing in. Run!

How come?

Don't ask.

Does Chan Hoi-yan work here?

Effigy! Cops are looking for you!


Are you Chan Hoi-yan?

West Kowloon RCU requests your cooperation, please come with us...

We're attacked by a suspect on First Street!

Request backup!

You're way too sloppy.

Couldn't you have gone farther?

You're in deep shit!

Hole up for a few days, until the goods are out of Hong Kong.

Cops now know my face...

You'd better get lost once you are paid.

I'm sure you will spill if cops lay hands on you.

No, I won't.

You shouldn't have made us worried, because of your sloppiness.

You can live like a king anywhere.

We've been together for so long, We won't betray you like Hon did.

The soothsayer was right about my bad luck...

Be philosophical, Look to the future.

Just in case, keep your heads down, don't muck about,

especially you!

Yes, Broker.

Judy said she has some new chicks.

It's tempting...

But I don't want to get into trouble.

Let's go home.


Wait, I need to buy something.

We're there, Miss Lee.

What's up?

I'm onto something good!

Be good and I promise to be gentle.

You don't want a good beating, do you?


Hon, you've killed him!

Show yourself!

You wanted to kill him, too.

If you can't bear to do it, allow me.

You'll be punished.

You've killed before.

You know it was wrong, too.

I'm not the only gang member.

To destroy them, play them off against each other.

Take a photo and send it to Wendy.

See if we have anything on this guy.

Take his fingerprints.

He's probably connected to the rape.

The blind girl said someone beat up the guy who raped her.

It sounded ferocious.

Later on, she heard someone shouted "Hon".

Was he one of yours?

Yes, what else did you find out?

Nothing yet. I'll keep you posted.

There's illegal parking at Maple Street.

Send someone to sort it out.

Move all illegally parked vehicles!

It's the police!

Sorry, give us a break...

Clear the cars out front.

I'll move them right away...

We're moving them now...


Sorry, sir...


What is it?

I think I've lost your car key...

You must be kidding! Idiot!

I'm so sorry...

Mr. Chan, your windscreen was smashed.

I thought you ought to know.

Shall I call the police? - Nope!

Emcee, we're in deep shit, really deep shit.

Where is Broker?

Are you blind? His car is over there.

The cop told me, the girl that Rookie raped heard someone shouted "Hon".

He must be alive, and back to screw us...



Yes, Broker?

You left with him that night.

The girl said two men raped her.

Did you?

I finished and left first.

You left him in the middle of nowhere?

You know Rookie, once was never enough.

I always stop after a nibble.

I didn't want to wait, so I left.

Are you ganging up on us with Hon?

You out of your mind?

We had fun, then someone had him killed.

You're so panicky, always blaming others.

Wasn't it a coincidence, my stuff vanished with Rookie's demise?

It was obviously an inside job.

Am I under suspicion?

Stop doubting each another.

What if it was really Hon...

Let's all watch our back.

Delivery takes place tomorrow.

We're taking a body to Dongguan for burial.

Hide the diamonds inside the coffin.

Effigy, you drive the hearse.


I'll ride with him.

Be my guest.


My tires are slashed.

Give me a lift.

You're signaling the wrong turn.

You look distracted.

I'm fine.

Just got the 'flu.

I'll do it.

No need.

It doesn't close properly?

Something's wrong with it.

I don't want to hold you up.

I'll fix it. You run along.

Sure, I'll go first.

Take your time.

How come you have my key?

So, you stole Effigy's diamonds.

If I tell you I found them in my car, you wouldn't believe me.

I don't know why I have your key either.

You brought a gun.

Want to shoot me?

If you found these diamonds by chance, let's split them.

If you decline, I'll take them all!

How long have we known each other?

I lost track. A dozen years?

We started out together, so it must be at least 20.

You've always been good with numbers.

As a broker, I had to learn accounting.

You refused to take lessons with me.

I hate accounting So you ended up being a Emcee, a good-for-nothing!

Broker, that's poor counting.

Never doubt my integrity.

Consider how you screwed Effigy, I take that as my bonus.

You asshole...

I dare you!

No one wins if you shoot!

Screw you!

Damn you!

Beat it...

Beat it...

You son-of-a-bitch...

Want to square... with me?

Settle with me?

Go to hell!

You snuffed out Emcee!

Effigy, I don't know why and how he dies here.

Someone is messing with us.

He must still be around.

Don't move!

Read this!

"Broker stole our diamonds.

I'm at the funeral parlour. Help!"

Told you there's a spook among us.

Let's smoke him out first!

We've no idea who he is.

I just want to have my share!

Bastard, you're on my side!

Ungrateful sod, I helped to pay off your debts.

When you lose your diamonds, I proposed to share you ours.

He was the one who said no.

Broker, my cover is blown.

Now some of us end up like this.

Give me your share first.

Okay, you bastard!

Since we no longer trust each other, take your share now.

Run as far as you can, I never want to see you again!


"Trade Hon for the diamonds. I'll contact you again."



Yes, what is it?

Look up a license plate for me.

It has to do with our deal, and it's urgent!

The license number is PL3533

After the school was closed, the Board asked me to stay on as caretaker.

And you still remember Dave Wong?

Can I forget him?

He was notorious, fighting all the time.

But he turned into a good student?

Yes, it was weird.

Overnight he just became a new person.

Do you know what triggered it?

May be his father's death.

Did he immediately reform after his father's death?

He was just different, became an introvert, and even helped me with the cleaning.

Is he in trouble?

No, we're his colleagues, just want to know more about him.

So he became a cop?

His father would be pleased about that.

Thank goodness he turns out normal, with a father like that.

What do you mean by that?

His father had a fiery temper, resorted to violence when he blew his top.

Once he almost beat up the principal, and he talked to himself often.

So what happened after his father died?

He may be suffering from schizophrenia already.

If his father really was schizophrenic, it's possible that Dave also has it.

This illness is to some degree heritable.

You must convince him to be examined.

His body was found near the car wreckage.

The coroner thinks he died that night.

Fate has been kind to you, Hon.

It wouldn't let me finish you off.

Now you must give me blessing to bust the rest of your gang as a gesture of gratitude.

Have you found it?


I'll text you his address.

He is one of our own, an officer at the precinct.

Thank you.

I'll send you his address in a beat.

He's the guy who saved Hon.

We've also found Hon's body.


Near where you ambushed him.

You'd better speed up the delivery.

Don't want our buyer to get cold feet.

I'm more anxious than you.

I'm calling from On Ming Hospital.

Granny has deteriorated. You'd better come.

Nurse, where's my Granny?

Mr. Wong, Granny had a heart attack, passed away a few minutes ago.

As she was dying, she mumbled

"Why have they not found the murderer?

"It makes me sad."

Soon after that, she was gone.

Sir, please calm down.

Mr. Wong, calm down.

Calm down, sir.

We have some paperwork to do.

Why haven't they found the murderer?

It makes me sad, son.


It's not over yet!

Dave, 20 years have passed.

You can't always keep her here as a redemption.

I caused them harm.

I have not redeemed enough...

Why did it have to be you?

Why did you?




What's the matter?

Sis, I'm at Dave's place.

He's in very bad shape. What to do?

Is he doing anything dangerous?


But he was very emotional, only stopped when I shouted his name.

He's standing in front of me now.

Keep talking casually to him, don't let him think too much, getting himself more confused.

I'm on my way.


Dave, you must be exhausted.

Why don't you take a rest?



RCU just called.

Forensics have found PC Wong's fingerprints on the weapon used in the stone hut murder.

A warrant has been issued.

Inspector Mok is on his way.

Okay, got it.

Damned cop! Give me the diamonds!

Hand them over!

Hand them over now, damn you!

You brought Hon. Where is he?

Where is he?

Hon, I've got what you wanted.

Come out and get it. C'mon...

No, Dave! You're a policeman!

Yes, I am a policeman.

I must apprehend Hon.

You're a murderer, not a policeman.

The policeman was my son.

I know I was wrong!

You're so error prone!

Learn to be righteous.

Then you'll win respect.

I didn't do it, it was Hon!

Dave, you are a good cop.

You've already got them.

Don't you want me kill him for you?

Police! Drop you gun!

Don't shoot!

He's mentally unstable.

Dave Wong, you're wanted for questioning in connection with a murder.

Put down your gun!

Dave, put down your gun!

We'll go after Hon together.

We'll get him for sure.

Wai, find out when backup will arrive.

I thought you were busy at home.

I took care of it.

How did you know we are here?

Foxy told me.

Are they on their way?

Search every nook and cranny.

Pick up the diamonds.

If you can't bear to do it, allow me.

It wasn't me...

Don't you want me kill him for you?

I am not you...

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

We vow to protect our homes!

Eviction is unjust!

We rather die than give in!

At 2:30am, a car caused an explosion when it crashed into a gas station, resulting in two deaths and five injured.

Both fatalities are serving policemen.

One of the dead policemen was involved in a shootout earlier which killed three policemen and one suspect.

This same policeman was also allegedly a prime suspect in the stone hut murder case.

A police spokesman said this is an isolated incident.

It doesn't affect police morale...

I, Dave Wong, in this year 1996, solemnly swear to obey, uphold and maintain the laws, without fear or favour to any person, to well and faithfully serve the Royal Hong Kong Police Force.