Molly (2017) Script

Don't damage her.

The medicine will fix her and if she's... She's mine.

No, Dip, she's ours!

Come on.

Cut it!

It's you.

You're the girl.

The one from the stories.


Next time you take on the scavengers.

So, what's up with you two?

Well, uh, Sir...


We've come a long way.

How long?

Several days.

I mean in distance.



We've come a long way and we don't wanna bother you, but we've come to ask for medicine and maybe food.

You don't want to bother me and yet,

here we are.

Please Sir.

Clearly we can't always get what we want.

Please, Sir.

Please, yes. Please.

Please Sir, we have a daughter.


I don't want to disappoint you.

And, yet...

Look at this shit.

Wasting the drug on ordinary losers like these.

We're running low on supplicants for the pit.

We need to catch more in the wild.

Just the one?


Simon brought back just one.


I caught this one.

Simon isn't back yet.

Still not back?

After the fight, go after that weasel.

See what's taking so long.

Is he any good?


Feisty this one, eh?

Think he can take on The Truth?

I, uh...

Well, (Grumbles)

Let's find out, shan't we?

Never gonna pick you Osman.

They will.

I heard they spotted the girl out near the bunker, at the old place.

Would you shut up about her for once.

She doesn't exist.

Why, why don't...

I saw booty their face right off.

Ha, they're not gonna pick yours either.

Welcome friends, foes, and fiends of the Sunderland.

We are gathered here today to witness the union of two supplicants into holy tussle, which is to say they will rip each other's faces right off!

And, all in the name of entertainment.

And, entertainment is it's name oh!

Game-o, game-o, ah!

Game-o, game-o, game-o, game-o, game-o.

In the right ka...

In the right corner we have our new mens, the claws of the night, the jaws of death, the abominable creeper of the wasteland Roger!

But, in the left corner, the old favorite, the best of the best, the beast of the beast, my own personal supplicant, the unclean one himself, The Truth!

The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth The Truth, The Truth, The Truth.

Place your bets now.


Now, let them write poetry on these walls with their blood.

The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth...

I expected more.

The Truth, The Truth, The Truth, The Truth.

They didn't.

The Truth, The Truth, The Truth.

Tonight's winner and still king of the cage, The Truth!

And, to all supplicants out there I say this, the grim reaper has spoken and he speaks only The Truth.

Who dares to take on my old champion?

Who dares to take on The Truth itself?

Who would look like to see it destroy another hopeless?

Where'd you get this then?

I won it.

All of 'em?

All of 'em.

With what, what do you got in there, a tiger?

What's your name?


And, the supplicant?



Okay, we have a challenger.

The Truth will take on this man's own Bob, the supplicant.

It's time.

The God of Death has a gift voucher and he's about to cash it in.

We should do a supplicant where we tattoo muscles all over his body like he doesn't have any skin left.

That's great.

Or like snakeskin venom.


It seems we have a new champion.

Bob, that old bastard, has defeated the undefeated.

Bring that creep to me, don't let him leave.



No, don't.


Why are you so angry, huh?

I should eat you.

You're welcome.

Where is it?

Simon's dead.


Oh, he's shot.

That's important.

We're looking for someone with bullets.


A scavenger with a gun.

A scavenger with a gun.

You're no supplicant.


That's enough.

What do you want?

Mom and Dad will be back.

I kill you dead.

Just give me a needle and thread and I'll be gone.


Okay, but wipe your feet.

So, what's your name?


I'm Molly.

Where have your parents gone?

Get food.


How long have they been gone?

You better leave before they come back.

I know.

You got anything to eat?


All right.

It's been fun.



This place got everything.

Got a jacuzzi in the back?


You know what I miss most?


Just a glass of milk.


It's when you take an udder...

It's kind of like a cow's breast.

You know you shouldn't keep the flag out there like that.

Makes your hut easier to spot.


It's hot.

I'm careful.

Where are you from?

Far away.

Where you going to?

Further away.



Your mom and dad not come back?

No, no, they didn't.

Mine will.

I hope so.

What's this?


Here, keep it.

You could stay for now, but when they get home you go.


Have to go. Hide, hide now.

It's her.

It's a girl.

Get her!

We need to go.

Come on.

They'll be back.

They'll be back with more.

Come on!

We need to go now.


Come on.

Let go of me.

I wait for Mom and Dad.

Let him go.

I won fair and square. How much did we lose?

About 40 rounds and a couple of shotgun shells.

He was called Bob.


That's not a supplicant name.

That's a name for an uncle who doesn't even give you a fiver on your birthday.

Remember when we had birthdays?

I'm sorry.

Damn straight you're sorry.

Ugh, you could've picked any loser from that crowd.

We have more.

We can beat Bob.

We'll have an all out fight, cage match, sudden death, five in the ring.

That's weak.

We cannot just kill the guy.

We can lock him away but we have to beat him one on one.

Otherwise you'll seem weak.

Speaking of weak.

Speak up, where's Simon?




Yep, more good news!

By a scavenger.

A scavenger.

And the others?

I was the only one who got away.

But, what, you ran into a big herd of werewolves out there?

Oh, no, no, no.

I ran into the girl.

You actually saw her?


She's real.

All the stories are real.

You're shitting out of your face.

No he's not.

I've seen her.



Couple of years ago in a gentler world, around the time all of this shit happened.

Tell me about her.

She, she can do that thing people tell us about.

And, oh, she can fight.

Oh, she can fight.

Oh, like really.

And, she's hurt.

In her side.

It's like an old wound but it's very nasty.

And, there's a girl, another girl.

Yeah, a, a kid and she's very, hmm, protective of her.

Of the kid?

Yeah, of the kid, in a dinosaur outfit.

Or a T-Rex, a raptor, and...

No wings so it's a dinosaur, Man.

And, she's eight, five, 12.

We need that girl.

The dinosaur?


The other one.


If I could have a super-powered supplicant I can have a Bob for breakfast every single day.

But, she killed five men.


Who knows what else she's capable of.

I'll go.

No, no, no, no, no.

I found her.

I'll lead the hunt.


You can't take her out, any how.

Where's she gonna run.

No, you won't, but I will.

We can bring her here, get her in the pit, get the upper hand.

We'll use her wound or something, that's her weak spot?

No, I'll separate her from the child.

And lure her back here with a little of piece of dragon bait.

Uh huh, that is the way.

Ah, ah.

Supplicate this one.

No, no.

Yeah, yeah, yes.

We need to give Bob some competition.

No, no, no I found her.

No, you can't no!

Please no, don't.


No, no, you can't, you can't do that!

You can do this to me, Man.

Well, you're alive for now.

We don't want to seem weak, do we?

Lock him up.

Let wheel fight Bob tonight.

That will give 'em something to talk about.

The hunt is on.

They're gone.

Burn it.

That way.


Go and get my glasses, now!




Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly!





She's not all right.

Be quiet.

Everything's ready?

Yes, we seen her arrive in Simon's boat.

We expect her to find the door anytime.

We're under attack.

She's breaking through.

No, no, no, no!

You shit piles!

She will come and she will kill you dead.

Oh, can somebody shut her up, please?

We have not been able to do that so far.

She will.

I hate kids.

You hate everybody.

No, just kids and you.

Oh, shut up!

You, go, go get her.

Do something, idiots.

Stop being such kids.

She's over there.

I hear she can enter your mind and control your thoughts.

If you really believe that then I bet only anyone can control your thoughts.

I'm serious, Man.

I was just there.

All she does is punch people.

Oh, get it off her!

Oh my God.

She's real.

She's coming.

Get out now!

Did you hear that?

They brought the girl here.

It's only a matter of time before this place falls.

You'll be a nobody again.


No hall monitor duty.

No fancy coat.

You've nothing to gain from this.

I have a better offer.

You've got nothing.

Do with him what you will.

He's gonna supplicate the girl.

Now, even Brother Bob won't do shit against superpowers in the pit.

Kill her for me and you all will be rewarded.

Bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet.

Let's tear this place down.

What the fuck was that?

That's was close.

Augre take 'em up.

That was right down the hall.

Ate me up, Patho.

Cut it out, cut it out!

Cut it out, cut it out!


What did she do then?


Shoot him!

Shoot him!

You thankless son of a bitch.

Ah, ah!

Stand up.

Don't kill me.

Where is she?

Up a level.

Please don't hurt me.

I didn't do anything.

Then how do you know where she is?


She is here.

The girl who has the gift everybody heard of.

And, in the right corner, the reigning champion.

The master of the supplicants, me.

Well, she's not worth it.

She was supposed to be our main attraction, Kim.

Why are you killing her?

You are going to make me very, very rich.


Oh, if only the audience could see.

If only they could place their bets and collect their winnings.

This must be the fight of the century.

The greatest battle since the world fell over.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold.

She was here.