Mona Lisa (1986) Script

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Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Men have named you You're so Like the lady With the mystic smile Is it only 'cause You're lonely They have blamed you For that Mona Lisa strangeness In your smile Do you smile To tempt a lover Mona Lisa Or is this your way To hide a Broken heart Many dreams Have been brought To your doorstep They just lie there And they die there Are your warm Are you real Mona Lisa Or just a Cold and lonely Lovely work of art


Do you want Mum?


Yes, love?

Jeanie, get inside.

Just let me talk to her.

You can't do this to me. she's my daughter. Just a minute. she don't know you, George. And she don't wanna know you. I don't wanna fucking know you.

You can't do this to me. I only come to see her.

You can't do this to me!

I'm sorry, love. I'm sorry.

Get out.

You cow!

I only came to say hello.


Fuck off.


Fuck off!

You gonna clean all that up?

Come on, mate.

Oi, hey, hey, take it easy, boy, okay? Hey.

Just let him be, right? The man's upset. Okay?

That's the right word, George, eh? Upset.

so, where'd they all come from?

They live here. since when? since you went inside.


Did you get my last book?

Yeah, yeah. shouldn't have been the driver though.

Who should it have been then?

I could pin him in the first chapter.

Who should it have been then?

The Chinese fella who fed the goldfish.

You didn't write it, George.

No, no, I didn't, but if I had-


You kept it.

Aye, kept it for you.

You keep it tuned?

Why does she hate me, Thomas? she doesn't.

Yes, she does.

You can never tell with women, George. They're different.

They wear skirts and like to powder their noses, and when they go to heaven, they get wings.

Like angels?

Aye, like angels.

Yeah, but angels are men, Thomas.



No one told me that.

It's true. Angels are men.

You got a big white rabbit with long floppy ears?

No, but we have one with short ears.

What's his name?

His name is Arthur. He's over here.

Oh, right. He'll do, yeah.

What is this, George?

It's a rabbit.

You're not gonna start all that business again, are you?


Yeah, why not?

Look, George, you can't go in there.

Why not?

It's different.

What, Mortwell, is he different, too?

Very different.

Ah, we'll see.

Come on, George, you're not going in there.

I've done seven years for him, Thomas!

Listen, George, you don't know what they are up to now.

I don't give a fuck. Give us the rabbit.

No, listen, oi, what do you want it for?

I'm gonna give it to him.

Well, it's up to you.

We're closed.

Tell him, Terry.

Yeah, we're closed, sir.

Hiya, Terry.

He'll have a lettuce and I'll have a Bloody Mary.


That's right, and this is Arthur.

What you doing here?

Looking for Mortwell, Terry. Bit of work, you know.

What do you do now?

Whatever comes up.

Yeah, but this is a knocking shop.

Leave it out, George.

So, where is he?

Mortwell? He's not around.

Well, he must be somewhere.

Better ask Dudley, George.

Through there?

Expecting me?

Knew I was out?

I suspected it, George. so, where is he?

Where's who?


He's away, George. south of France.

He owes me, Dudley. He said he'd look after me.

He said a lot of things, George.

Next time you see him, give him that!

Oi, George, George. Come on.

Look, we need a driver.

I'm a driver.

Do you know what a bleeper is?

I can't understand it, how's that little thing it's supposed to go bleep wherever I am?

Well, it bounces off the Post Office tower, George.

Miracle of modern technology.

Yeah, but it hasn't got an aerial or nothing.

Ah, it doesn't need one. Look, I'll show you, right?

What's that? Is that going?

No, no, that's a tester to see it's making a noise.

Don't muck about with it, for Christ sake. You've been pulling that bleeding knob.

I bet you've buggered it.

What do you think?

What do you do, melt it down and eat it?

No, they're ornamental, George.

Ornamental spaghetti?

Aye. I reckon it'll go a bomb.

Where did you get it?

Contacts, George. Can't find plastic spaghetti just anywhere.

Nah. I don't suppose too many people make it, do they?

Aye. Well, the Japanese cornered the market.

You fancy a fiberglass fruit flan?

Or a polystyrene tutti-frutti?

Fancy a cup of tea?

What's it made of?


Paging Mr. Carrington.

Paging Mr. Carrington.

Where's the bar?

Take a seat, sir, and I'll take your order.

Paging Mr. Carrington.

Thank you, sir.

You doing business?

Darling, sorry I kept you.

What do you think this is, the honeymoon hotel?

Look, do you have business in this hotel or can I really help you?

Where's your car?

Over there.

Pretend you know me, would you?

I don't know you, do I?

Pretend you fucking well do.

Not the back, the front. so, where did they get you from?

Under a cabbage leaf.

I have to work these places. The bar boy turns a blind eye but the manager doesn't.

Are you gonna tell me where you wanna go?

The Lambert. sorry.

Didn't they tell you that? You're meant to be my date not my minicab driver.

What does your date do?

He looks after me, you dingbat. He's meant to want to see me.

And what if he don't?

He pretends.

How do you pretend?

Christ, who sent you?

Does it matter? You're the tom, darlin'.

Just shut up and drive, would you?

Oh, can I have a large Bloody Mary? I'm sitting here, all right?

Here, did you hear me?

Are you serving here or just wearing in a new pair of shoes?


Do you want a drink? They don't seem to serve you here.

I've done it wrong again, ain't I?

Okay, I got it wrong. That's all.

What did you expect? I'm not used to working in piss holes like this.

That was quick.

You were asleep.

Was I? How was he?

I beg your pardon?

How was the Arab?

None of your business.

Oh, all right. Where to?

Kings Cross.

You want a chocolate sandwich?

Bit down market, ain't it? shut up.

Drive on, please.

And now?

You leave me here.

Goodnight then.

You'll have to get yourself some clothes.

Why will I have to get meself some clothes?

If you're to drive me.

Here, use this.

I'm not having you paying me.

Why not?

You don't even like me.

I can claim it.


Is this real?

Aye, of course. A present for you.

Right. Is it good?

It's brilliant.


Aye. somebody's murdering opera singers, right?


And after every murder, they leave a Percheron.

What's a Percheron?

Kind of horse.

You mean like a white horse that pulls a milk cart?

Aye, that kind of thing.

Oh, right. And?

Well, then it gets complicated. Might just spoil it for you.



What do you think?


You don't like them?

Do you?

Well, I bought them, didn't I?

You bought them? All right.

Oh fuck, here, here's your change.

Not here, for Jesus sake.

You're as much cover as a pair of fishnet tights.

I may as well be wearing a sign around my neck.

Oh, all you're missing is the gold medallion.

Don't like them, either?

Fucking hate them.


See, I'm cheap. I can't help it. God made me that way.

Being cheap is one thing, looking cheap is another. That really takes talent. some woman are whores, some whores are black.

You take what you're given, don't ya?

I didn't ask to drive you around. I was given you, same as you was given me.

The only difference is, you complain and I don't!

Turn it off! You heard me, turn it off.

Look, you ask me to buy clothes, I buy 'em.

But you make remarks. Did anybody ever teach you manners?

Do you wanna work for me?


Get out. Get the fucking out, lady.

Now tell me I'm fired.

All right, you're fired.

Lovely. I'm fired and you're street walking.

Fuck off.

You swine.

Go screw yourself.


Piss off.

Look, come on.

Look, come on, you can't stand in the middle of the road.

You're gonna get run over.

Come on, please. Please, I'm sorry.

All right, I wasted your money. I look ridiculous. I'm sorry.

You don't look that bad.

Well, bad enough.

Get in the car, madame.

We're late.

All right, all right, I'm-I'm sorry.

We're gonna get run over here.

Where do you wanna go?

Up to Highgate.

Madam thought you might like some refreshment, sir.

Oh, thank you very much. Will she be long?

No more than usual, sir.

Oh, right, cheers.

See you next time.

Uh, who do I give this to?

To me.

Oh, thank you, thanks a lot. Ta ra. see ya.

He took his time.

What, did he fall asleep half way through?

Well, you never know with these darkies, do you?

I'm sorry. Well, I told you I was cheap, didn't I?


Much obliged. Where to now?

Kings Cross.

Back to the meat rack. Your wish is my command.

Jesus, they're so young.

Here, tell me something.


Do they ever want you back?


Your clients.


What, they-they fall-fall in love with you?

Well, do they? sometimes they fall for what they think I am.

What do they think you are?

What do you think? Black whore.

Did I say that?

What do you think then?

Well, you ain't no night nurse.

No, I ain't no night nurse.

Let's say you are a lady.

Thank you.

so, what about this job then?

Well, it's-it's just driving, you know.

Yeah? Driving who?

A tall thin black tart. I could write a book about it.

Too many T's.

No, no. He comes out the nick and they owe him one.

And they give him a job, driving a tall thin black tart.

And she fucking hates him. Treats him like a doormat.

And he hates her?

Well, kind of.

You mean he likes her?

He don't even know her, does he? she's early.

You look better in the daytime.

Yeah, so do you. so, where do you wanna go?

Down here.

What, you wanna walk?

Yes, it's good for you.

Bit early though, in it?

I know, but the early bird catches the worm.

Clever little bastard.

I n here?


You got business here?

Yeah. Try these.

They're pure silk.

And these.

Do you like men's clothes? sometimes.

How about a thin stripe?

That's classy.


Here, look at that. Isn't it nice? Eh?

It's lovely.


What do you think?

What do you wanna wear men's clothes for?

I don't. It's for you.

For me?

Yeah, try it.

You can't dress me.

Yes, I can. Try it. Look, if you wanna work for me, you dress yourself.

I said no.

Take the fucking thing, will you? They're looking.

You serious?

Yes. Please.


I may as well then, mayn't I?

Yeah. You may as well.

What do you think?

It's lovely.

Yeah. It's lovely.

Thank you.

There was this frog and no one would ever kiss him.

Why not?

Well, he was a frog, weren't he. You know the story, don't ya?

Yeah. Turned into a prince.

Yeah. And then they got-

Twenty minutes.


A Bloody Mary is it, sir?

No, I'd like a pot of tea, please.

Earl Grey or Lapsang souchong?

No, tea.

Very good, sir.

Thank you.

Good evening, sir, may I see your invitation?

Denny. Denny. It's all right, Denny.

Jesus Christ, George.

What am I doing here, right?

I didn't say that.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry. It's bad to be sorry.

Hello, mate.

Raschid, this is, eh, George.

Of course. We have met.

How did you get on the other night? Was she good?

Come on, George.

I'm sorry, but I've been trying to contact ya.

Wasn't Dudley looking after ya?

Yeah, he is, but there's nothing like a personal touch. seven years.

This isn't the time. This is business, George.

But we've got a lot to talk about. so we have. I'll ring you.


I promise.

Did you get the rabbit?


What do you mean?

Well, I mean the, um, you know. All right?

What is wrong with you?

I don't know.

What's-what's wrong with me? Eh?

Ooh, come on, sweetheart.

You wanna try me?

Ooh, she's pretty!

stop here.

Here, mate, you as fast as your car?

Maybe it's for her, ey?

I've got a daughter that age. she's not out there.

Jesus, I hope not.

Go on, granddad, give it to me.

Here, shall we go? sh.

Do you want some?

I'm good. I do French, twosomes.

I'm very good.

Look, go home to your mum, will ya?

I know your type. You want it but you won't pay for it, will you?

I've seen you before. You're-

Go on, piss off.

Up yours.

Has he had you, Rosie? I'll fix the bastard.

If you don't want her, you fuck off, man, and you take your fucking motor with ya.

You! What you doing here?


If Anderson finds you, he'll cut your face off.

Drive, would you?

You nigger tart.

Stop it, George! Stop it. Go on fucking out of here! Leave him, George!

so, tell me, what was that all about?

Well, come on.

Not here. Come on inside.

Where did you learn to do that?

Picked it up along the way.

How do you know him?

Like you, along the way. I used to work that street.

Who's Anderson?



Anderson is a ponce, a pimp.

Your ponce?

An animal born in a butcher's shop.

But have you got a ponce now?

No. Got you.

Did he knock you about?

He used to adjust my face. Yes.

Why didn't you leave?

He told me he'd cut me up.

Then he told me I was wonderful.

What, all in the same breath?


That's what a ponce does.

He drives flash cars and lives in a room with a paraffin heater.

I had a friend then.

He ran the two of us. she was younger than me. Beautiful.

She had a habit, and that's why I stayed.

One day I couldn't take it any longer.

I met a man with a gold ring who took me to Brighton.

When I woke up, he was gone.

I didn't mind. Saw the sea outside.

Met another on the pier and that paid the hotel bill.

Stayed the whole summer.

Even managed to save.

I came back to London.

Met the man with the gold ring again.

Learned about the West End hotels then and a different world.

I took a taxi round that street looking for Cath, but she was gone.

If you last a year and a half on that street, you're lucky.

I was lucky. I got out.

Cathy, her name is Cathy. she's a Londoner. she has a tattoo on her hand, there.

I promised I would look after her.

Things can happen out there.

Out where?

On the streets, in the clubs.

I can't go down, but you could.

I'll pay you.


Any way I can.

I want to find her.

You know the way it is.


You're a good man, Mr. George.

How can you tell?

I can tell.

Will you think about it?

Yeah, I'll think about it.


I promise.

Goodnight, Mr. George.


Thanks for the drink.

Put the light out.

What do you reckon?

What happened to the spaghetti?

Went like hot cakes.

What are you gonna do with them?

I'm working on that.

You're mad.

D'you think so?

Of course.


What's happened to you, George?

I'm growing up, Thomas. Time to look like other people.

You'll never look like other people, George.

Fuck, is that true?

Well, she don't think so.

Aye, what she up to? she's not up to anything. she's a friend of mine. she's got to be up to something. What do you think this lot cost?

Well, she's a woman of substance. she's a lady.

I thought you said she was a tart. Tall thin black tart.

Well, maybe, but she's still a fucking lady.

sorry about the language.

Nice car.

Can I get in, then? Boy, they're jealous.

They friends of yours? sort of.

Come on, get in.

You made a right mess up that day, Dad.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. so you should be.

What d'you mum say? she don't talk about you.


Dad, why did you leave?

Didn't she tell you?


Well, I'm not gonna tell you, either.

Go on, please.

Oh. I was a bad lot. I'll tell you some day.

Are you still a bad lot?

It's not up to me to say, is it?

Take my arm.

Regular couple.

Yes, dear. sit down.

He's lonely.

Oh, hang on.

That's it. Got to look our best.

All that time I was searching With nowhere to run to It started me thinking Wondering what I Could make of my life And who'd be waiting Asking all Kinds of questions To myself But never Finding the answers Crying at the Top of my voice And no one listening All this time I still remember Everything you Said ah-ha There's so Much you promised How could I ever forget Listen you know I Love you but I just Can't take this You know I love you But I'm playing for keeps Although I need you I'm not gonna make this You know I want to But I'm in too deep Got your ticket?

Yeah, Yeah.


No, no thanks.

If you got a ticket, then you gotta have a drink.


Over here.

All right.

But I don't know why How much is that?

Five pound.

What, after the three pound I just paid to get in?

I don't make the rules.

Do you want someone to join you?

Have you got any blonds?

What do you think?

Very nice.

I almost believed you All this time I still remember Everything you said oh There's so much You promised Any chance of a cup of tea?

Piss off.

Listen you know I Love you but I just Can't take this You know I love you But I'm playing for keeps Although I need you I'm not gonna make this You know I want to But I'm in too deep So listen Listen to me I can feel your Eyes go through me Don't worry, it's disinfectant.

George. I didn't know you were a kinky.

I'm not.

What you doing here, then?

I'm looking for a girl. Not that kind of girl. she's a young girl called Cathy Young, eh?



Yeah, she's blond and she's got a little tattoo there.

Young blond Cathy.

Yeah, that's right.

Come back in a couple of hours, George.

What, here?

No, the Go-Go. see what I can do for you.

Oh, right.

Thanks, Terry. see you in a couple of hours.

Now I want To spend my life Just caring About somebody else Listen you know I Love you but I just Can't take this You know I love you But I'm playing for keeps show is going now.

I don't want a drink. I'm just coming to see a mate.

Terry, you know him? Oh, here he is.

Hello, George.

You had any luck?

Yeah, I found her for you.

Yeah, who Cathy?

Yeah, the blond.

What, her?

No, no, the young one. I'm a bit surprised though, George.

She's very young.

Here, look, do me a favor. Go away, will you? Leave me alone.

Well, you know the way it is.

Yeah, I know how it is, George.

Tim'll take you up there, all right? Tim!

Been busy?



Yeah, the Japanese.

Cathy. Twenty minutes.

Hello, my name's Cathy. What's yours?


Don't you want to come down and sit next to me, George?

Where are you from, love?

I'm from here.

No, listen. D- don't, don't, don't.

You've to tell me what you want.

Yeah, well, I wanna talk. sh. He's listening. He'll be angry if you don't come out happy.

Well, I am happy.

He thinks I'm no good but I am good, aren't I, George?

Yeah. Yeah, you're-yeah, you're very good, wonderful.

Doesn't mean you can't talk though, does it?

Where did you get these bruises, Cathy?

I told you, he gets angry.

Where are you from, love?

I'm from I reland.

Oh, shit.

No, no, no, no. No, look it's no good.

I'm looking for someone else.

Don't say that, George. Please, don't say that.

What do you-what do you mean? You mean he'll hit you again?

Look, he won't hit you again, Cathy.

Not if you are happy, he won't.

I told you I am happy.

Will you tell him that, George? Please, tell him that.

All right, I'll tell him.


I promise.




Yeah. she's a good girl, Cathy.

Yes, very good.

Come by anytime. she'll be here.

Yes, I will. I promise.

Just ask for me.

And you are?

Smith, Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith.

I went to those clubs like you said.


And, I met a girl, about 15 years of age, with bruises all over her face. said she wanted to make me happy.

What was her name?

Nah, she was the wrong girl.

Is that what you say? I'm gonna make you happy? sometimes.

Why am I doing this?

So, what happened to the dwarf after he ran of with the, uh-

The Percheron?

Yeah, yeah, sorry.

He goes back to the psychiatrist's office.

The horse does?

No, the dwarf. He's got another session, right? And just as he's leaving-

Another murder!

How did you know that?

I'm good at these things. Don't tell me it was the lawyer's wife.

No, no it was the horse.

The horse murdered the lawyer's wife?

Not the fucking lawyer's wife. The horse was the victim, right?

It was the horse that got murdered.

What, with an ice pick?

Yeah, that would be good. I like that. Anyway, listen.

What about this tall thin black story?

Ah. Well, we got it wrong. The fella did.

Actually, she's a nun in disguise.

What kind of nun?

A sister of Mercy. You know those that wear the big white bonnets.

Aye, with the big thingies on it. she doesn't wear this the whole time though!

Well, she can't, can she? she's on the game. It'd look a bit funny, wouldn't it?

And spoil the point of the exercise.

How? she wouldn't be in disguise then, would she?

Well, that's nuns for you.

Can you tell them George is here, please?

Hello. There's a mister George down here for Mr. Mortwell.

Yeah, that's okay, all right.

Hi, George.

Hello, Denny.

How's the missus?

Don't see her, Denny.

Ah, the kid then. she's fine, she's fine.

It's my birthday today. You know that? My fucking birthday.

Well, happy birthday.

Thank you very much, George, Through here.

I want to do it again. Come on, everybody. One.

Aren't you gonna ask me what age?

What age are you?

Fifty two, George. And you?

Well, it's not my birthday, is it?

No, it's not your birthday, is it?

You know what I think?

What do you think?

I think that you think that I left you in the shit.

Well, you did, didn't ya? Kind of.

Have a drink anyway, George. Life goes on happening.

We can't control it. We can only swim in it. so, what happens when you can't swim?

You get water on the brain, George.

But that can't be good, Denny.

And you know what happens then? You get confused, and always with the little things. You know the little things.

Do you or do you not get confused?

Yeah, I get confused.

You still get confused?

Yes, I get confused.

At least now you know. You do know it, don't you?

All right, now I know.

Well, that's something, because do you know what I'm good at, George?

I'm good at the little things, the little things that mean everything.

It seems that you forget, George.

I've got a family of me own now and it's all perfectly legal.

And it's all through the little things.

And you are part of that family, George.

One of my favorite parts.

I'm glad, Denny.

I'm happy that you are glad, George. Want another drink?

No. so, what's it all about? What am I doing here?

You're being happy. That's what it's all about.

You come out, I wasn't here.

Now I'm here. I want you to know that I know that.

I know.

That girl sees the Arab.

Every night.

You ask her what she does.

What d'you mean what she does?

I mean what she does? What he pays her for?

Why me?

Because you drive her, George. You should notice these things.

The little things. The business is different, but the rules are still the same.

I mean, I can't ask her that. she tells you, truthfully mind, that's important.

You tell me and I'll be happy, George.

You didn't like me, did you?

Don't, don't worry.

Everyone hates me once in a while.

But it's important to me, George, that you're happy.

Well, I'm happy.

Good, good.

You'd better go now.

You pick me up again?

Your mum wouldn't like it.

We can keep a secret then or something, all right?



Can you do tricks?

What kind of tricks?

I don't know, any sort of tricks. Dad's are meant to do tricks, aren't they?

How about that?

That's a good trick. see you later, Dad.

Ta ra.


Do you wanna do it in the road or what?

You're out early.

I do the rush hour.

You. You told him, didn't you?

Told him what?

You know what. You told him I was no fucking good. That's what, bastard.

Oi. Oi, come here.

Fuck off, will you?

But I didn't tell him.

Why should I? Honestly.

I said fuck off.

Come here.

Listen, come here. Come here.

Get off me, will you? Get off me.

You'll get us both nicked. shut up. What did he do?

What do you think he fucking did? He-he beat me up and he, he took all my stuff.

You told him, didn't you? You fucking told him.

I told him I was happy. That's all, I promise you.

Look, come on, now.

I'll buy you a cup of tea, eh?

No, get me an ice cream.

Yeah, yeah, all right.

What do you want?

Uh, Knickerbocker glory.

And a tea.

I used to eat them all the time when I was first down here.

Thought I was pregnant.

Was ya?

You kidding.

How old are you? seventeen.

You're not, are ya?

Well, what am I then?

You're 15, ain't ya?

Okay, I'm 15.

Jesus Christ.

And a half.

Where did you get that?

From a man like you. so, what do you want then?

I just wanna talk.

You mean talk dirty?

No, I just wanna talk.

Well, how did you know where to find me?

I didn't know where to find you. I was looking for somebody else.

Well that's not very nice, is it? so, I wasn't any good the other night then?

You were wond- Ah, shit. Look, I'm looking for a young girl just like you who's called Cathy, just like you.

Yeah, but my name's May.

You told me your name was Cathy.

Yeah, well, I say whatever you want me to, don't I?

Look, stop doing that, will ya? What were you doing there?

What do you think I was doing? I'm a working woman, aren't I?

I can't live on fresh air.

You gonna pay me? shut up. I only wanna talk.

Yeah, well, it all adds up, doesn't it?

I mean, it's my valuable time you're taking up. It costs.

All right, all right, I'll pay ya.

You sure you didn't tell him?

Cross my heart.

I believe you. There's my ice cream.

It's one thirty-five, please.

Thank you very much, sir.


What you doing? Where you going? You haven't finished your ice cream.

Get out of that car, you silly cow. You wanna get yourself beaten up again?

What do you do with him?

With who?

Harry Ben Tabnab, your Arab, you know.

I drink tea.

No, don't laugh.

What is this, George?

I've been asked to find out.

Who asked you?

Your boss.

I don't have a boss.

Yes, you do. He's my boss, too. Mortwell.

Tell him I drink tea.

Master wished you to have them, sir.

For the man.

Yeah, take them through there. Out the back.

How many you got here? Any idea?

No, no, I've no idea.

What's that, you interested in that one?

How much?

Nah, take it. You're family, aren't ya?

Yeah. I suppose I am.

Can I get out this way?

Yeah, just round the back there.



What d'ya get?



Yeah, nothing.

What do you mean nothing?

I mean nothing, Denny. The opposite of something. They drink tea. she's lying.

Why would she lie?

I don't know. You find out.

How am I gonna find out?

Well, take a picture, climb a drainpipe, find out.

I've-I've got a picture.

You trying to be funny, George?

I told you, Denny, she drinks tea.

You are funny, Georgie. suppose I am, yeah.

Get something better.

How do you mean better?

I mean dirty, nasty, slimy, kinky.

I don't wanna know anything about tea.

All right then, George?

All right.

What does Mortwell want?

He wants to win friends and influence people.

How does he do that?

Through girls like me.

Can I come up? I've got something to show ya.


I'll show you upstairs, right?

I do deliveries when I'm not poncing for you.

You are not poncing for me.

Well, what is it then?

What kind of deliveries?

That kind.

Turn it off. Fuck you, you bastard.

Who is it?

What does it matter who it is? It's me and a piece of meat.

Just tell me his name.


That's Anderson?

Jesus, why am I doing this?

Because I asked you.

No, no, no.

Because you like me, you fancy me.

But having me is nothing, George. Any prick can have me. shut up.

I'm screwed by old men so fat I have to lift myself onto them.

Don't hit me, George. Nobody hits me. They can have me but they can't hit me.

That fucker did. Every day, every hour of every day.

Whenever they had a spare minute.

I'm sorry.

You don't understand, do you?

No, I don't understand.

What don't I understand?

There are people out there who like this kind of thing, and pay him to get it for them.

If he has Cathy, anyone can have her for what ever they want.

Thought that was the idea.

I mean anyone.

Any sadistic bastard who likes little girls, George.

My heart

And the moment I can feel that You feel that way too Is when I Fall in love With you

Channel Four, is it?

Couldn't finish the book and you're watching this crap.

You used to be my hero, George. What's happening?

Your hero?

Aye, well.

Can you get your hero a gun, Thomas?

What for?

Remember the horse that was murdered?


I did it, and the lawyer's wife was very upset.

You're not joking, are you?

When did I ever joke?

You used to tell that one about the randy gorilla.

Yeah, but no one ever laughed though, did they?

It's the way you tell them.

You a member?


Three twenty, please

Very good for stress, you know. Very relaxing.

So, this woman says to her husband, she says, I'm leaving you.

He says, oh please, darling, don't leave me, I'll buy you a mink coat.

She says, I don't want one. I'm leaving you.

He says, don't leave me, I'll buy you a diamond necklace. she says, I don't want one. He says, I'll buy you a villa in the south of France. she says, I don't want one. He says, well, what do you want? she says, I wanna divorce.

He says, I wasn't thinking of spending that kind of money.

He wants the blond kid. Can you get her again?

Take her to my place.


Number nine around 12:00.


Come on, come on!

Do you wanna put that cigarette out?


You're in a church.

You a priest?

What's your name?


Is that better?

What's your name, Father?


Father George.

Yes, who-who is this?

Simone? Jesus Christ?

You bloody fool you. Get out. shut up, you fucking pervert.

This is a private room.

What the bleedin' hell's going on here?

Get out, George. Get out. Give him his glasses.

You said you were respectable.

I am fucking respectable.

You bloody bitch you.

You watch your fucking language. stop it, George. George, George!

What the bleedin' hell is this? You do this all the time, do you?

What made you come here? Curiosity?

I've found her.


Put your clothes on. Make yourself respectable.

Where is she? she's with your mate.

Just a minute, just a minute, what the hell's going on here?

Don't keep touching me.

I just want to open this bag and see what you've got in there.

Get out of here!

Call the Police.

Get after that black-

Jesus, what was that?

Mace. Mace!

Christ, you don't need anybody, do ya?

I do, I need you. so, where is she? she's with your friend Anderson.

You've seen her?

In a church. What did he meet her in a Church for?

It's the one place no one ever goes. so, where do you wanna go?


It's all right. All right.

You rushing off?

Where am I gonna rush to?

Come on up then.

Haven't you someone to rush to?

You know I haven't.

Everyone should have.

But you haven't.

I'm different.

But how? How are you different?

I'm the girl they rush home from.


Simone, get back.

He cut my fucking arm off.

Push the button.

Are you all right?


Jesus, you know some nice people.

He knows where I live, George. He knows where I live. shut up. Calm down. Get your keys out.

Here, do us a favor. scratch my nose.

You good at this, too, eh?

Good at most things.

Do you think he'll be back?

I don't wanna think about it.

You'd better come and stay with me.

Where is this?

My friend Thomas's place. He likes detective stories.

Don't ya, Thomas, eh? Don't worry. The dwarf did it again.

What dwarf?

There's a dwarf whose been murdering opera singers. Why don't you tell her?

Aye, that's right. This dwarf's been bumping off-

Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced you. Thomas, this is Simone.

How do you do, Simone?

Pleased to meet you, Thomas.

Oh, excuse the hands, eh?

Sorry about the mess.

I've been moving around carburetors. Have a seat.

Didn't you like that?

No. You didn't, did you?

You're the priest.

That's right. Father George.

Well, you weren't meant to.

Where's your clothes?

Why are you here?

Simone sent me. Remember Simone?

Now, come on.

Come on me back.

What did you do to her, eh? What did you do to her?


Don't worry, sir. I'll take care of it for you.

Wind came out And blew him in again Poor old Michael Finnegan begin again There was an old man called Michael Finnegan he grew Do you know any other songs?

Was an old man called Michael Finnegan He grew whiskers On his chinnegan

Want a cup of tea?

Come on. Come on.

You like ice cream?

It's the only thing I can eat.

What d'you mean?

Well, you know.

No, I don't know.

Well, I can't take food anymore, real food.

Well, what can you take?

You don't know anything, do you?

Nah. No, I don't know anything.

I don't mean to be rude. I like you.

Oh, I'm glad.

Do you like me?

I don't know you, do I? she likes me.

she really likes me.

I'll, uh, I'll wait out here, all right?

Thanks, George.

You like her, don't you?


Do you?

I don't know her, do I?

Let's face it. You're not a very good bet though, are ya, George?


So, what was the story then?


More complicated than the story about the horse?

Much more.

I'd better be getting back then. What d'ya think?

Yeah, yeah.

You gonna be all right then, eh?

Yeah, yeah.

Where is she?


Who's he then?

He's a friend of mine.

He's the ice cream man, Mr. Whippy. Left your van outside, have you?

What's the matter with her?

Do me a favor, would you? Get this from the chemist.

Oh. Uh, listen, you'd better have this.

Here. You never know, do you?


Brought the ice cream?

What time is it?

Ten minutes to twelve.

Hello, hello.

Do you do the marry?

That's my business. she asleep?


Like babes in the wood.

I like the seaside.

I've always liked the seaside.

Do you like the seaside?

Come for a walk on the pier.

Did you use to do this walk?

Every day.

With your gentlemen? sometimes.

Come on then, show me the sights, eh?

Did you dance with them, eh? Did you waltz? Did you tango?

I'll buy you a present, eh?

Let's have a party, shall we?

Here you are, mate.

Come here. Come here.

What d'ya think, eh?


Beautiful. Cover those fucking eyes, eh?

Told you I was cheap, didn't I? seven years away I could do with a tan. Come here.

Leave me.

You've got a tan. Where did you get your tan? Can't I have a tan?

What's wrong with me?

What's the matter? Am I too old for you? Am I too cheap? Eh?

You know, come on, just show me the sights.

You know, give me some Brighton rock.

That's all I want. We're on holiday, aren't we?

We're meant to have fun, like men and women do. They have fun.

They walk arm in arm, you know.

Because they love each other and they get married. so they can love each other more and have a little baby, only a little one.

Then have fights with the fucking mother-in-law.

You know the way it is, between men and fucking women, eh?

Come on, say something, anything, say it.

I'm sorry, I can't.

You're worried?

Yes. so, are you gonna tell me?

Tell you what?

As my friend Thomas would say, the whole story.

You like her, don't ya?

Of course I like her.

Yeah, but you like her in a special way.

I n the songs.

What songs?

Well, I've sold myself for a couple of dykes. she needs me, George.

And you needed me to get her.

Didn't you ever need someone?

All the time.

George! George!

Get up. You're on your feet.

You bloody fool, George.

You bloody fool.

Can't you leave it, Denny?

No, George, I can't leave it at all.

Can I, lovey?

Look at this tart.

What you do it for, George?

I mean, look at her. It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you.

Your pimp will do that for me.

See? I'm giving them both back to you.

The two of them.

Ah, don't touch me! she's got a gun, George. she's blown my fucking toes off, George.

It hurts, doesn't it?


It really fucking hurts.



Come on. Come on.

I would hurt you, too.

Fucking cow. You fucking cow.

You would have done it, wouldn't ya?

You would have done it!

I'm just another fucking punter to you.

You fucking cow.

You fucking-

She was trapped.

From the first time he met her, she was trapped.

Like a bird in a cage.

But he couldn't see it. Well, he liked her too much.

No, he was the sort who couldn't see in front of his face.

And there she was, in pain.

Ah, well, when you're soppy about someone, well, you can't see things like that, can ya?

And there he was, soppy sod.

Oh, she had faith in him, she believed in him.

And he had a lot of hope for her.

No. And there was love.

Yeah. Yeah, she was in love, all right?

Uh-huh. she really was.

But not with him.

And that's the story.

And that's the whole story?

Well, almost.

Hello, Dad.

Coming. Hello.

How are ya?

You're looking well.

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Men have named you You're so Like the lady with The mystic smile Is it only 'Cause you're lonely They have blamed you For that Mona Lisa Strangeness in your smile Do you smile To tempt a lover Mona Lisa Or is this your way To hide a Broken heart Many dreams Have been brought To your doorstep They just lie there And they die there Are you warm Are you real Mona Lisa Or just a Cold and lonely Lovely work of art

Do you smile To tempt a lover Mona Lisa Or is this your way To hide a Broken heart Many dreams Have been brought To your doorstep They just lie there And they die there Are you warm Are you real Mona Lisa Or just a Cold and lonely Lovely work of art Mona Lisa