Monamour (2006) Script

Kiss me Dario, please!

Kiss me on the neck.

Like you used to... just one kiss, but sensual, passionate.

August 26th.

I don't know why I'm writing this at one in the morning.

I only know that if I don't, I'll scream.

Dario is a wonderful husband and I love him, but since we've been married I can't reach orgasm with him.

Why? What's wrong?

It's only been six months since our wedding. and things seem to get more boring, flavourless and banal every day.

What happened to all the enthusiasm, surprise, fun. and craziness we had before?

If I catch you, you're dead!

I'll fix you, you naughty girl!

Oh yes...yes... Dario, lick me! My pussy's on fire.

The satyr's crossroads... the Apostles' road to Gomorrah... or the unhallowed alleyway to Sodom?

Oh no! Not this! Only when we're husband and wife.

Oh yes! Give it to me!

I've never come so much in my life!

They foisted it on me at the Literature Festival yesterday.

Why not take a look at it? You know I trust your judgement. Dario.

PS: You were sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake you up!

"I found myself pressed against him without realising it.

His mouth glued onto mine, his tongue scavenging greedily, pushing itself into my parched throat.

I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t break away.

I felt his muscles rippling against my breasts. I breathed in his smell.

The groans of the dancers filled my ears and someone whispered that I was a whore.

But it all seemed so insignificant to me.

The stranger’s hand under my skirt and on my ass was all that I cared about.

Those strong, blundering hands that pressed me to his stomach and compelled me to rub myself against his cock, which seemed ready to burst out of his trousers.

Those same hands that invaded my panties and grabbed my pussy.

His finger shot between my cunt lips like an arrow.

I was moist, open, yielding, he didn’t meet any resistance.

I can still feel it now, his clumsy finger on my pussy and the cold shiver that ran down my spine.

I undid his trousers and kicked off my shoes.

My breath was short and my pussy was wet.

I felt free to show my eagerness and my desire without shame."

Here it is.

The book made you nod off? I don't blame you for sleeping.

The Literature Festival is a total drag!

Why don't you visit Palazzo Te?

How dare you!

What are you doing? Leave me alone!

You like the frescoes, huh?

Do you see those two?

Kids? Look at the frescoes!

We’re here to study Giulio Romano, pay attention.

He is cute though!

Those lovely little tits!

That lovely little pussy!

Hurry up, we’re late!

What are you waiting for?

I've got to tell you something...

You’ve gone over the limit on my credit card?


Hello? Of course I'm not busy!

How can tell him?

Today I cheated on you, my love.

Darling, I’ve been unfaithful!

Dario...I’m an adulteress.

Well? You were saying?

I wanted to tell you...

Do we really have to go to this party?

It's the grand opening, do you want them to fire me?

There’ll be lots of guests, famous writers, you’ll have fun.

What a drag!

As you say in the North-East, "Business is business."

Come on, hurry up.

I was nearly raped today!

I said this lovely little pussy was speared like a bird on a skewer.

Did you hear, darling?

I said that I was raped!

I understood!

Nearly or actually?

You don’t believe me?

Of course I do, darling. Who by? That Moroccan waiter in the hotel?

No, by a stranger.

At Palazzo Te.

The fantasies of a neglected wife?

Look, I even enjoyed it!

Oh, really?

Seeing as you’re so outrageous, don’t wear any panties to the party.

You say it as if I wouldn’t be capable!

Come on, you’ll make me late!

Fuck off!

I'd like to place one lover in front of the other and say: is this the current trend?

The heart can no longer shoot its load.

The ass is a great leveller.

The pussy is the minds eye.

How vulgar!

Not at all! The signifier is the real signified!

Eroticism loses all cultural value that way, it becomes pornography.

Is it true, maestro, that pornography is to eroticism what the blow job is to fellatio?

Exactly, it’s just a matter of semantics and language.

Of tongues, if anything!

Does art become pornography or vice versa?

Sex is the only thing that keeps your publishing houses a float.

And the Bible, it’s always the number one seller.

Religion, sex, excess, a recipe for success! Cheers!

Stop it!

They can see us.

"Whores in Love". 200,000 copies in a month!

Who? Max Zanouk.

One of our most promising authors.

Ah, congratulations.

You expected to see me here...

Please, not here. You’ve got no panties on!

So what, it’s just to spite my husband.

Is that why you’re all wet too? Leave me alone.

It’s all the wine I’ve drunk.

How nice to see you again!

Staying for the whole festival? Yes, till Sunday.


And Dario? He’s here too.

And your husband?

Unfortunately Henry’s had to stay in Paris...

You know how it is... work, the publishing house.

I’m here with François, His secretary. Remember him? Of course.

He was at Torcello the day you got married.

But...did we interrupt something?

No, not at all. I’m on my way to the bathroom.

Will you come with me? I’d love to!

We’ve got so much to talk about.


When did you start going without? It’s not what you think.

Oh, no? No!

It’s Dario’s fault. You’re lucky you play those games!

I told you, it’s not like that.

In fact, things aren’t going too well between us.

You mean in bed? I can’t orgasm with him anymore.

But that’s normal, darling!

It happens to everyone sooner or later!

It happened to me too. And what did you do?

Why do you think I came to the festival with Francois?

He’s not just Henry’s secretary, he’s an incredible stud!

You feel guilty for cheating on your husband?

There’s guilt and guilt. I feel really good.

In fact, so good that things have even improved with Henry.

In what way? Every way. Even in bed.

Jealousy, my dear Martina, is the strongest aphrodisiac.

There’s nothing better than suspicion to rekindle your partner’s desire, believe me!

Find someone who’ll give you a good fucking.

You couldn’t give Dario a better present. that man you were with, for example.

But I only met him this evening, I don’t even know his name!

Sometimes you don’t need names or a long time.

You need something else that’s long...

But... to be unfaithful to Dario, screw with someone else...

I don’t know if I could. You could, darling.

You could. The notorious "quick one"!

You’ve just got to do it right.

Meaning? Get your priorities right.

What priorities? The legitimate ones.

I only let François use the rear entrance.

The front one is reserved for Henry.

You’re such a slut!

Congratulations, ma'am. The ass isn’t just for making poo-poo.

And as they say in my neck of the woods, it hasn’t got a meter!

These heels have ruined my feet!


What is it? Your panties?

I’m not wearing any. l can see, where are they?

I didn’t put any on. What do you mean?

You were the one who dared me to, remember?

There are dares and dares. What if someone had noticed?

What if I tell you they did?

What do you mean by that? Hands can wander during a dance.

You can feel everything through a silk dress!

That son of a bitch who danced with you!

You know him? I don’t mix with people like that!

Why get so hot under the collar then?

You can see in his face that he’s a whoremonger, a gigolo and a filthy pervert!

That must be why women find him attractive.

Don’t say you like him!

Well, I’m a woman too, aren’t I?

First of all, you’re my wife. You don’t say!

I’d forgotten.

Men like that are only interested in whores.

From the way he was squeezing me, I must be a whore too.

Anyway, what’s got into you this evening?

Nothing, I just wanted to tell you what happened. l saw you smile at him and l wanted to warn you.

You saw me smile? Well then, you didn’t see anything.

What else should I have seen?

He touched my ass, for example.

Aren’t you going too far? Me?

He went too far, he put his hand under my skirt.

He found out you had no panties? He touched my pussy.

What did you do? I let him stick two fingers in.

I’m sure you were all wet. Like Venice at high tide.

Did he get a hard on? And how!

Stiffer than yours! Did you fuck?

Take it easy, don’t you think that’s going too far?

Oh, Marta, you drive me crazy.

Wait, let’s do it here. Standing up? That’s for animals.

What’s wrong with that? The bed’s more comfortable.

Come on, I’m desperate.

Who is it?

A message, Mrs Bortoluzzi.

Just a moment!

Sorry, I don’t have any change. That’s all right, ma’am.

12 o'clock at ''The Pig's Boat'', PS: No panties, of course! Leon.

What a nerve! But...

Leon... nice name!

It’s eleven!

I'll be in the Foreign Literature Pavilion all day.

If you get bored, why not drop in? I love you, Dario.

PS: Wear some panties this time!

What should I do?

"The Pig’s Boat" or foreign literature?

Leon or Dario?

Panties or no panties?

It’s a drag having to choose!

Good morning!

Looking for someone?

Well... yes.

A French gentleman, Monsieur Leon.

He should have a booking. Of course, ma’am. This way.

A drink while you’re waiting? No, thanks.

As you wish.

Forget Puccini, Rossini and Bellini!

Verdi, only Verdi. Verdi forever!

But there’s no comparison with "The Barber..."!

I’ve changed my mind. A Martini.

Vermouth? White or red? Red.

Right away, ma’am.

Another one!

Red? White!

When did your Rossini ever write anything like...

Waiter, the bill!

Another one! Red.

Want me to eat alone? Bastard! You’re an hour late.

Blame it on...

Cowardly nitpickers with farting brains!

I'll only excuse you if you tell me something.

How did you know which hotel I’m staying at?

Managers always go to that one.

Where do horny, bad mannered Frenchmen go?

Between the legs of the managers wives.

Excuse me...

Stuffed pasta and roast duck for two.

And some vegetables?

Let’s go to the bathroom.

The toilet? Through there.

Excuse me! The Martini...

My report...

Where the fuck is it?

July 20th, we've been married four months. Something's changed.

Dario is less attentive towards me and he doesn't fuck me like he used to.

August 13th.

Dario doesn't know about this diary.

It's quite easy to write in it right under his nose.

Maybe it's just as easy to go to bed with other men.

August 26th.

I don't know why I'm writing this at one in the morning.

I only know that if I don't, I'll scream.

Dario is a wonderful husband and I love him.

But since we've been married, I can't reach orgasm with him.

Why? What's wrong?

It's only been six months since our weddings and things seem to get more boring, flavourless and banal every day.

What happened to all the enthusiasm, surprise, fun and craziness we had before?

August 27th.

Dario almost caught me masturbating.

I pretended to be asleep when I heard him come in.

He saw me naked and ready on the bed but he didn't even touch me. Has he gone off me?

No, I know that he loves me, but he doesn't screw me.

And when he does I'd prefer it if he didn't!

August 28th. I've got to get my head in order.

It must be those frescoes at Palazzo Te, Jupiter's hard cock.

Yes, cock. I said, cock!

It's wonderful to say it! Cock! Cock!

I want to shout it from the balcony. Cock!

It'd be funny if Dario knew what I wrote in here!

I almost allowed myself to be screwed by a stranger.

He slapped my ass while I was looking at Giulio Romano's frescoes.

If that group of students hadn't shown up, I'd have let that stranger fuck me.

As luck would have it, I saw him at the festival party.

He grabbed me by the arm and dragged off to dance.

He didn't care about dancing and neither did I!

He wanted to find a secluded corner where he could screw me without the others and my husband seeing.

What a turn on to do it with Dario nearby!

He didn't give me time to catch my breath.

He realised I had no panties on and slid a finger in my pussy.

I didn't resist when he pushed my head down onto his dick.

Rotten slut!

So she wasn’t just fantasising in the bathroom!

Dario had a hard on too when we got back to the hotel.

He was weird, agitated.

It was as if he'd seen something and wanted to know more.

I followed Silvia's advice: don't tell him everything, appear honest, but leave him in doubt.

August 30th.

I finally know his name.

By a quirk of fate, he's called Leon, like the man in the book that Dario gave me to read.

He shouldn't have given it to me.

If you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

Leon invited me to lunch at an eatery by the river.

No panties! I wouldn't have worn them anyway.

I feel shameless, with Leon I'm willing to do anything.

Above all, I don't feel guilty, Dario's not losing out.

With Leon it's like eating food I've never tasted before.

I've got to tell Silvia about it, I've arranged to go to Abano with her.

Careful, you’ll leave a mark!

What are you doing? Leaving a mark.

I want to go crazy up your ass!

Now relax.

We’ll be back later with some rocks for the "Stone Therapy".

Do you believe that therapy works? Like fuck!

I believe in cocks not rocks!

Imagine if there was someone here to get us nice and wet!

Cut it out, Silvia! You’ll make me crack my mask!

Half an hour of cunnilingus in the "poulet rôti"!

In the what? Poulet rôti!

My favourite position. Which one is it?

This one...

The roast chicken!

I get it! I don’t think you do!

You have to try it to know what I mean.

Maybe tonight, with Dario...

You said it! There’s nothing to try with him!

I was forgetting!

Well then, do it with your friend from the party.

His name’s Leon, isn’t it? How do you know?

You said it while the masseuse was rubbing you.

You were thinking about his hands, weren’t you?

Not just his hands!

So you’ve done it!

I followed your advice.

Well done, Martina!

How did it go? You were right.

I’d not had an orgasm like that for months!


Come on, I want all the details.

I did exactly as you said, I got my priorities right.


And did he appreciate it? Did he ever!

He was the one who wanted it! The greedy pig!

Where did it happen?

What’s his dick like? Why all these questions?

Aren’t you showing a bit too much interest in him?

Why not? After all...

I wouldn’t mind a little threesome.

You, him... and me...

I’m very talented, you know.

Even better than your masseuse.

I don’t doubt it, but...

I’ll bring François along if you want.

He’s great with his tongue.

What are you doing?

Taking your masks off by yourselves?

Lie down!

Well, Silvia's mask had definitely been stripped off!

But talking to her hadn't done much good.

All she thinks about is sex. She's worse than me.

Me, her and Leon... like hell!

What if he prefers her over me?

What's happening, am I jealous? Am I falling in love?

Isn't he just supposed to be a stud to service me?

Oh dear, I've got myself into a real mess!

Hi darling, how come you’re back so soon?

Who are you writing to? No one.

I’m making out a list of things to do.

Like? Just silly things.

Visiting Virgil’s mausoleum, going to the Nuvolari museum, seeing Mantegna's frescoes.

So you’re not thinking of coming to the festival?

You know it bores me!

What did you do today? I was out and about.


I went to Abano.

What for? Why do you ask?

I asked you a question, answer me, bitch!

A mud-bath treatment... Who with?


Be careful of her! Who else went with you?

No one, it was just us two.

We had lunch in Montagnana and then we went to Abano.


What was the restaurant called?

Or was it an eatery? Was the food good?

I can’t remember, we just had a quick snack!

And before?

Before what? Before, this morning.

What did you do before meeting Silvia?


I slept, took a shower.

The usual lies!

Why do you say that? Because I know you.

Don’t you believe me? No.

I came back here for my report and you were out. l must have been in the shower. Like fuck you were!

It was a joke. It wasn’t funny!

That wasn’t what I intended. It wasn’t?

What was your intention? To get fucked, perhaps?

Are you mad? How can you say that?

This festival’s gone to your head, what the hell do you want?

To know who screwed you today!

The way you screw I should have got someone else!




Slut... she’s a slut!

Filthy slut!

Dirty whore! You’re just a slut! Get out of the car!

What did I do? Get out of my sight, you bitch!

No, Dario, please.

That’s were you belong, you cow! Whoring around in the road!

What are you doing?

There's a party to close the festival tonight.

I'd like you to be there. I'm sorry about yesterday.

And if I've been neglecting you, it won't happen again.

Did he read it?

It’s Marta, I’ve got to see you.

Why didn't you call me before?

- I couldn't. I need to talk to you. Talk.

Not like this, face to face. Where are you?

In the hotel.

Pretend I'm there with you. Are you dressed?

- I’m in my negligee, why? And underneath?

I’m naked.

Touch yourself. Squeeze your tits, imagine my hands on your body.

Leon, please!

Remember how my cock tastes? Imagine it in your throat.

Imagining is not enough, I want you in the flesh.

Like in the toilet? Like in the toilet.

Are you there? I’ve got to see you, it’s serious.

I’m here.

Not before two though. That’s fine, where?

"Pension Rigoletto", 308, Via delle Bollette.

Okay, see you later.

Well, I won’t need them.

Forget that little joint! Get the big one out!

I was so eager to see Leon that I left the hotel early.

I was like a cat in heat that wanted to rub against something.

I put on a sexy, provocative dress.

I felt strong, decisive, sure of myself and mistress of my destiny.

My senses were heightened.

Maybe they thought I was a drug addict.

They weren't far off the mark.

But my addiction is to sex.

My drug is called Leon.

Is there anyone here?

Ignore her, she’s part of the furniture.



She’s out of it. Can I help you?

I have an appointment with Mr Leon. Leon who?

A Frenchman.

Yes, the one who draws naked women.

Yes, he’s in his room. Number nine, on the second floor.

That way.


Who’s the model?


Did you do it?

And the man?

Does it turn you on?

Everything about you does.

We can’t keep on like this.

I’ve got a husband.

Is that why you’re not wearing any panties?

Screw me, please...

My "mona'' feels like it’s burning.

My "mona". Venetian dialect.

And this is the "oseo".

You’ve no intention of behaving like a good wife.

You want to get fucked all day long.

You want a stallion with a permanent hard-on.

Like you.

You open your legs as soon as you smell a hard cock...

Come inside me!

You say yes to whoever touches your ass!


I’m a slut.

My throat’s dry.

I’ll get you something to drink.


Oh, Leon, thanks!

Why? Because.

What do you want to do?

Arch your back.

I’d like to photograph you while you’re fucking.

Who’s that? He’s brought something to drink.

Who is it? Don’t worry.

Trust me.

I needed that.

Who the fuck is it?

Is he photogenic? Yes, my dear.

You’ll love it, you’ll see.

I’m sore all over.

It'll wear off soon.

Aren’t you jealous? Who of? The porter?

He was just a "vibrator", a sex aid for our passion.

The festival ends tonight.

My husband wants me to go to the party with him.

But... I don’t know... it won’t be easy to go back to Milan, back to everyday life.

This will help you, mon amour.

It’s beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You’ll spend tonight with me.

We’ll discuss it in Milan.

Remember, Christmas isn’t far off!

Where’s Marta? You should know!

You’re asking me? I thought she was with you.

Her cell phone’s off.

Maybe she didn’t want to talk to you.

What about your husband? What about him?

He’s in Paris, of course.

I don’t understand what’s happened to her.

Women, my dear Dario, want men to take them, not understand them!

Seen her? She’s got a fantastic ass.

How about a little bet?

Show her what you’re made of!

What an asshole!

Everyone’s looking. Who gives a damn?

Leave everything and come with me. Without taking anything?

You can shop in Paris.

At least let me get some panties from the hotel. lf you go up to your husband, you won’t come back.

I’ll come...

You just see if I don’t.

No, I don't regret anything.

''Rub your fingers on his stick to make it nice and thick'', I'd sing that rhyme with glee spying on boys as they took a pee.

So many cocks...

A old man dragging his balls followed me all the way home.

''Is your little pussy furry?'' he asked, his speech all slurry.

I shook with fear and dread... but I stroked my pussy when I went to bed.

You're not the first one who's stuck it up my ass.

Be gentle, I said, it hurts.

It's the safest place to come, he said, pushing it all the way in.

He pulled it out covered in shit.

Deflowered in the ass before the pussy.

What a slut...

We're all like that.

We've all got our values.

A matter of time, place and size.

With a doctor one Sunday morning when the clinic was closed.

He wanted me to put it in my mouth.

It was so big I didn't think I'd be able to.

With a photographer in his booth at the beach, with the excuse of looking at photos.

He was married, but very talented with his finger.

With a schoolmate in the upper-tier-box at a concert.

A bit clumsy, but good with his tongue.

Not just in my mouth, but on my neck, on my tits, between my ass cheeks and in my pussy.

Married six months and I'm taking it up the ass from a stranger.

What would they say if I don't go back to Milan?

If I run off to Paris with a man who draws nude women?

You know that four-eyed slut who works as his secretary.

''Remember the appointment with so and so, sir.''

Whores who want to be published, eager to suck him off under the desk, like these women here who pretend to be shocked but who would all like to be in my place.

Dario would treat me like an accessory.

If he could see me now, maybe he'd change his mind.

He'd get a hard-on knowing I have a cock in my pussy and a hand on my ass.

Silvia's right, jealousy is an aphrodisiac.

Leon must be as intelligent as he is hung,

but how long could our relationship last?

Ten centilitres, the average amount a cock can spurt on you.

That's all that's left of love.

The festival has ended, the party's over too.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I asked you a question, answer me!

I was looking for my nightgown. Liar, you know it’s here.

Oh, of course it is. Know what time it is?

No. Around two?

It’s five in the morning. Where the fuck where you?

Where was I? Out dancing with Silvia.

Silvia was at the party, why do you keep on lying?

If you read it, you know why!

Sure, I read it.

It’s a real masterpiece!

It should be published and launched at the next festival.

You don’t leave anything out.

Behind that fake veneer of modesty you’re the biggest whore of all!

Let me fuck you, bitch. Is this what you want?

Oh, yes! I’ll give you the "Monamour"!

Do you like it, slut? Tell me you’re my filthy whore!

Yes, Dario, I’m your slut! I’m your filthy whore!

Say you’d like someone in your mouth while I come up your ass!

Fuck, yes!

Scream, Monamour!

It’s the wedding present you promised me!

Silvia was right, thanks to Leon I found Dario again.

After reading my diary he even behaved like him.

Did jealousy really rekindle his passion?

Always having that little suspicion, that's what turns him on.

Before he fell asleep, worn out and satisfied, he put his hand on my ass and whispered knowingly:

''When are you going dancing with Silvia again?''