Monos (2019) Script




Goal! - Go, Wolf!


Let's go. One more before bed.



You see him?


The Messenger's here.


Harder soldiers!


Smurf, you finally grew up!


Show me your war face!

Wolf, I leave you alone and you get fat.

Come on, Monos!

Show me strength, show me energy...

Show me courage.

We work for the Organization.

The Organization is our family.

You're my children.

You're the Monos.

Keep it up!

Tiger jump!




Smurf, that rifle should be resting by your foot.

Wolf, that's no military stance.

You're the squad leader. What kind of example is that?


Pick up that shoulder strap, soldier.

I bring you greetings and supplies.

And also a new recruit.

Her name is Shakira.

Shakira is a milk cow.

She makes very tasty milk. With lots of vitamins.

But Shakira is not a gift.

She's a loan to the Organization. A contribution to our cause.

At the end of this mission, we will return her to her owner.

Looking as pretty as she does today.

If we don't, nobody will lend us anything.

Instead, they will betray us, and reveal our position.

Guarding Shakira is as important to the Organization... as the security of our prisoner of war.

Is that clear?

Is that clear?

Does anyone have anything to say?

Speak soldier.

Permission to milk Shakira, Sir.

Do you know what happens if a milk cow is not milked?

No, Sir. -She explodes!

You're now in charge of Shakira. Back in line.

Anybody else?

Speak soldier. - Wolf has something to say.

Back in line.

Speak up, squad leader.

Sir! Permission to be Lady's partner. - Back in line.

Is this true, soldier? You want to be Wolf's partner?

Yes, Sir.

I approve this partnership!

Stop being so difficult... - Here, let me do it.

Do you want me to braid your hair?

Braids? - Yes.

We're the only ones who know how to make them.

Because they're very special.

Here, look.

You want me to do them?

Wait, wait. Stay still.

Look, they're really pretty.

You tell me.

I know you're going to like them.

But don't touch.

Pretty, right?

Wolf, give her a cigarette.

How do you like your new shoes?

They're a little big, but okay.

Rambo, hand her the paper.

Take off the blanket and roll up her pants.

Smoking is bad for your health.

You should take advantage of your time here and quit.

Do you like my horse? - Yes.

Hold up the newspaper.

Now read it.

Fraud in Japan.

One hundred pregnant women...

Shut up back there!

Start over.

One hundred pregnant women... seek justice... for the sale of fake birth control pills.

Squad! Dismissed!

Escort Doctora to her room.

Take care of her.

Until next time, commandos.

Come here, Rambo!

Bigfoot, catch him!

Don't let him get away!

Hold him!

Hit him!



Three! Four!

My turn!

Five! six! -My turn!

Hit him!


You need to hit hard!

Seven! Eight!

Not on the head! - Nine! Ten!


Me, me, me!


Thirteen! Fourteen!

Go for it, Wolfie!

Come on! - Come on, Doctora!

Come on! If you don't, I will!

Come on, Doctora, get on with it. - Do it!


Don't think about it. Do it!

Hard! -Do it, Doctora!


Harder or I'll give it to Bigfoot.

Hard, it's gotta be hard!

I swear I'll give it to Bigfoot.

Go for it! Hard!


What say you?

You're turning old, cold and blue!

But there's no one alive, who is you-er than you!

You sleep happy with a gun...

And wake up with the sun!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

You're an old man now. - Happy birthday!

Happy 15th, Rambo! Give it up for the birthday boy!

Let's throw a party!

Try here.

That's it.

I can't do it.

What? - Nothing.

Then why are you laughing? -You kiss weird.

Weird? Weird how?

I don't know, it feels funny. It tickles.

You're making it up. - Why would I make that up?

To make me look like an ass. -Why don't you try with Rambo?

Rambo is like my brother. -No, what for?

Just to know.


You promise?

How was that? -Normal.

No, no, no. Come here.

What's so funny?

Are you happy now? - Yes.

Coming down!

Make way for Boom Boom and the trunk.

Anything else? - No, that's it.

Smurf, you're gonna lose another machete?

How's my nest? - It's looking really good.

All this work to build this thing just so Wolf and Lady can break it tonight.


You like it?

To Wolf and Lady!

To Wolf and Lady!

Here I go. Three, two...

Dog, hold her! Holy shit!

She's waking up.

Move over, I want to see. - Stop pushing.

She's upset because we didn't invite her to Wolf's party.


Oh, little Bigfoot.

Shut up, dumbass.

The party lives on, motherfuckers!

There we go! What a beauty!

My father used to say:

"Why are you such a whore?"

"You fucked the whole neighborhood!"

"Why are you such a whore?"

Shut up!


Calm down, Wolf!

You're gonna kill him!

No! Fucking stop!

Son of a bitch! You killed the cow!

It's all over now!

It is my responsibility!

The shovel.


Close it.

It's not Wolf's fault. Dog shot the cow.

But Wolf is our leader. He'll have to take the fall.

That soldier's getting court-martialed. -For sure.

Shut up. -Why? It's the truth.

He'll be executed. -Stop talking shit.

What shit, Rambo? I didn't make the rules.

If you don't like it, go cry with Wolf.

Enough. Everybody shut up.

What's wrong, Rambo? You gonna shut me up?

Can you believe this guy? - Rambo, no.


Go ahead!

No, no!

Let them kill each other. - Shut up!

Bigfoot, stop!

Show is over.


You're leaving?

You want some more, asshole?

Enough! That's enough! - Take it easy!

Rambo, leave him alone. - Let's go.

You think you're the boss now? - Let's go.

I'm not letting all that meat go to waste.

Bigfoot's right, we have to eat it.

Everybody has to help. Doctora too.

Meat, meat, meat! Is that all you can think about?

The cow is dead!

I won't let the meat rot.

One, two, three.

One, two... three!

Hold the cow.

Smurf, cut here.

Give me that knife.

What shovel? It's never gonna work with a shovel!

You guys open it up and I'll pull.

Guys, the heart.

Wolf killed himself.

Shakira's meat tastes better than her milk.

We need to get on the radio and report what happened.

And what are we going to say?

That Wolf killed the cow and then killed himself.

That's a lie!

Then what do you want to say?

That Dog killed the cow so he gets executed by a firing squad?

What good would that do?

We can't lie.

We'll all be court-martialed.

This doesn't have to leave this place.

I think it at least deserves a vote.

Who wants to kill Dog?

Dog killed the cow. I won't forget that.

She just needs a new partner.

Looks like that one needs a new partner too.

I'm stuffed. Take that to Doctora.


Get over here.

Messenger to Monos. Do you copy?

Messenger calling Monos.

Messenger to Monos. Do you copy?

Copy you on four.

Monos with news.

Go ahead. Report.


Report your news!

The squad leader flew into the night.

Go on!

How come?

Answer me!

The squad leader killed Shakira. Then he shot himself.

It was an accident. He was drunk.

We need a proof of life.

Our commander has contact with the family on an open line.

Swede, Smurf, go get Doctora.

Good job, Lady.

Did they ask you about the cow?


Did they ask about the cow?

Bury Wolf in an unmarked grave.

Divide his gear among the squad.

Lady's turn.

Now me.



Bigfoot, the high command has made you squad leader.

Boom Boom will be second-in-command.



Boom Boom.

Attention, there are reports of enemies in your area.

Our mobile unit 33 is heading your way to provide support.

Strength. Courage. Over and out.


Boom Boom.




Who wants the spoon?

You idiots are rolling around in Shakira's shit.

Look what she left us.


How do I get this off you?

We need to find us a bed. - What are you doing, Bigfoot?

What, motherfucker?


Can't you hear me?


Boom Boom!

Ambush! Ambush!

Help! Get the med kit!


Where are you?

Monos, the unit has been hit!

We have a code red. I repeat we have a code red!

The wounded are retreating to your bunker.

If they try to rescue you, I have to kill you. Those are my orders.

Move it!

It's your fault we're here.

It's your fault we're in this fucking place, freezing our asses off.

Have you ever killed anybody?

I can help you...

with... anything.

What do you want?

What do you want?

What do you want?

I want to dance on television.


We'll get out of here together.

Get up!

Sorry, Bigfoot.

Hey, Doctora.

We won last night.

We're leaving.

I have new coordinates.

Fucking cool, right?

Come on. Let me introduce you to some friends.

Mobile unit 33 of the rebel Organization.

All special forces and militia.

They're hardcore.

Come, Doctora. -Yes.

Hey, you guys fought hard yesterday.


Come on, Doctora.

Let's go, Doctora. Pack your things.

I'll be back in a minute.

We're leaving, Doctora.

They know where we are.

We march to new coordinates.

It's a long trip but we need to get Doctora out of here.

Rambo, you take point.

Dog and Boom Boom, rearguard.

Lady, you're with me.

Let's go.

I hope you like the heat, Doctora.



Doctora got away from me!

Monos to Messenger. Do you copy?

Change the frequency.

Monos to Messenger. Do you copy?

The sooner we report the escape...

Bigfoot, don't!


We need to report this to the Messenger.

No need to report to anyone.

We are our own Organization now.

Doctora belongs to us.


Don't come back without her.

There's no place for you here without her.


What about all of you?

Sweep the area.

Dog, you go west.

Boom Boom, follow him.

Swede, head east.


Lady, you stay here.

But bring me my vest.

You trashed the radio.

Messenger calling Monos.


You stole my machete!

Grab her, Boom Boom!

Hold her, Lady. Don't let go.

Hold her tight!

Here, Smurf.

Chain her.

Swede, hold her feet!

What the fuck, Smurf. - I can't!

Dog! Hold her!

Do I have to do everything?

Rambo, come here.

Smurf, let go.

Your turn.

Do it Rambo! Now!

Hold her, Swede. - Do it now!

Grab her hands! - Come on, Rambo!

You could've been eaten by a wild animal! Look at yourself.

Lock it!

Get on with it, Rambo!

It's for your own good.

Move away.

Doctora, why'd you have to run away?

We treated you well. We fed you, we showed you love. Didn't we?

You gave us no choice, Doctora.

You decided to run away.

Did you check that chain?

Stop crying.

You want to be chained too?


There's no crying here.

Tonight we celebrate!

He's so sentimental.

Go fuck yourself. - Good job, Rambo.

Good hunting, Monos.

You're not going to speak?

Doctora, I have something for you.

Say hello to the camera.

Bigfoot, what's going on?

She's not saying anything.

What's going on here?

I'm wasting my time.

Look at what you've done to her. You've lost control of this shit.

Was this job too big for you?

You can't handle being squad leader?

What a fucking disappointment.

Swede, why doesn't anyone answer the radio?

I don't know, Sir.

You never know anything!


Dog, why are you not wearing a shirt?

Are you a soldier or a bandit?

My shirt's in my tent, Sir.

What kind of answer is that?

Boom Boom, you were our great hope. Our best soldier.

What's going on with Bigfoot?

He's the best.

Why is he the best? Because he's turned this into a shitshow?

No, Sir.

Lady, who said you and Bigfoot could be partners?

He and I aren't partners.

Oh, really? Then why are you sleeping together?

What have you got to say, Boom Boom?

Nothing, Sir.


Go, go, go!


Knees high!

Faster, soldier.

Faster! Show me!

Faster! Harder!

Make me feel it.

Lady! Faster!

Eyes up! Hands chest-high!

Rambo! Make it harder!

Level 5!

Almost 300.




Hold it!

You little shits. Why did you let it fall?

Should we go again?

Anyone got anything to say?

Listen up, soldiers!

Anyone got anything to say?

Dog, stand up.

Lady falls asleep on guard duty, Sir.

Sit back down.

Lady, stand up.

Speak up!

Rambo is a crybaby.

Sit back down. Rambo!

Lady is a whore. She only cares about rank.

There are more serious things happening here.

Something much more serious.

Swede, what have you got to say?

Bigfoot won't let me be Boom Boom's partner.

Boom Boom, stand up.

You've forgotten our ideology?

Smurf lost his machete.

Tell me more. Speak up, soldier! Boom Boom!

He also let Doctora escape.

Sit back down, soldier.

This is goddamn rotten.


Stand up!


Speak up, loud and clear.

Dog killed the cow.

You know everything. Tell me more.

Continue, soldier!

Bigfoot said that we were our own Organization... and that Doctora belongs to us.

Sit back down, soldier.

Bigfoot, stand up.

I raised you.

I made you my son and squad leader.

You're coming with me to give a full report to the high command.

I will represent you.


Smurf, you're a rat!

Who's there?

Be quiet.

What are you doing? -Be quiet, we're getting out of here.

Where are we going? -Somewhere else.


Some place better. Keep quiet.

Bigfoot will kill me. -Quiet. Nobody's getting killed.

Bigfoot will kill us.

No, he won't, we're leaving. Pull your hand out.








Something moved over there.

Check it out!

Not so fast.

The German city of Bonn... is the birthplace of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

Son, move over so he can sit.

Nelson, come here.

It's also home to the even more popular Gummy Bear.

Invented in 1922, they now make enough Gummy Bears each year to circle the world four times.

Gummy Bears have to be hard enough to keep their shape... but soft enough to chew.

Detecting faulty Gummy Bears is the job of young men like this one.








Cut the toes off!

Take me with you.

Don't leave me.





Breaking news! The American Sara Watson... appears to have escaped from the Organization.

A few minutes ago, a source revealed that the kidnapped engineer... was seen alive in the northwest region.

This news has not been confirmed by the armed forces.

However, we have received reports that a major military operation is underway in the area.

Stay tuned. More news ahead.




This is Harpy 137. Initiating descent.

Base, the city is in sight.

We have news to report.

Unidentified person onboard. Repeat, unidentified person onboard.

Requesting instructions.

Base, what should we do with the unidentified person?