Monsoon Shootout (2013) Script

March 19, 2015

Place there! Come on!

A rupee, Mr. Ali? Dagar Bhai but you promised a million!

Monsoon Shootout

Here, your tea, mother.

You start a new life now. Take good care of yourself.

Do not worry, mom. Your father always said:

"There are three ways in life:

The wrong, the right one and the one in the middle. "

"And who finds his way he finds peace. "

Ganesha, he should protect you.

Can I go now?

This is Chief Commissioner Khan.

Adi Kosi, currently in the probationary period.

So? - One of them is already charged with six murders!

With Article 307, it will not matter he did not shoot.

We would have to connect them to prove Dagar Bhai.

Then Article 120b would apply, and they got life-long. Article 120b?

Fool ... I wanted to know what you say to the prospect!

The indictment! She flew away.

Did you say something, Patil?

No nothing.

Then they know nothing.

You can go. Go on, go!

Disappear already!


They can you do not let it run.

You can stop him.

I am innocent, dont kill me!

This kind of thing must not happen anymore! It will not.

Here, make sure that the jeep crashes. - You're welcome?

That's an order, go ahead! Otherwise you will land in the office.

You returned from England?

I would not have expected this.

So you did it.


Is what?


The tea here tastes awful.

I would have you the oxygen should turn off!

That would be deliberate killing, according to article 299, Penal Code.

And, doctor, will he do it?

I guess so. Here, the discharge papers.


What happened? She is an old friend.

I'm talking about the accident.

I can not remember. I tell you...

They had a weapon and wanted to flee.

My people wanted to stop them.

They opened the fire, I had to shoot. - They had to?

My men have strict instructions.

They shoot only in self-defense.

This is the fourth time this year.

But no policeman was shot.

Do you regret that?

Your quarrels do not bring us further.

I want you to find Dagar Bhai.

His cell phone is already localized.

As soon as we know the concrete ... concrete?

Are the dead contractors not concrete enough?

If there are more victims, becomes the opposition make me a rope out of it.

And I will end your career!

The driver could come with the guy do not identify the hood.

But he recognized the blind beggar.

I'm waiting! I'm coming.

My fish is very fresh.

What's new?

The guy with the hood is today Evening at the market of Bandra.

Here! Thank you.

Do you have plans for tonight? I meet a girlfriend.

Here! You will become probably need.

Take this! Do not think twice.

Can you hear me? Yes, Commissioner.

Seek the blind beggar.

He may meet with the guy with the hood.

Is that the hood type?

A betel leaf.

The motorcycle!

Can you see her?

Attention, the cops!

I'll do it! Take care of the other one!

Stop, police!

You had him. Why did not you shoot?

I was not sure...

If he had had a pistol, he would not have hesitated.

He is not registered.

There are only 70 criminals! Thats all we have.

And the files, which still have to be entered?

What did you say to the police? Stop, that hurts!

They all still have to be recorded.

That will take years!

Wait, Patil!

Probably someone has a deposit paid for him.

Where are the cases who are released on bail?

Khan has two done of my best men.

And he spares you? Are you maybe an informer?

Did you decide, Dagar? I'll be right, Minister!

If I had known that's in there, I would kill Khan.

You almost let one of you grab young policeman, and you want to kill Khan?

A pistol would not help you either.

A killer needs real eggs!

Come here!

Press in ambush, anyone can do that.

But a man to kill with this ax, it needs eggs like mine.

The "former prisoners" are up there.

He is sitting over there.

Hello, Mr. Tiwari. They ignore the calls from Dagar Bhai?

I'm not afraid. Not even Dagar Bhai.

And in front of me? Who are you?

Shiva. I do not know you.

Get out of here!

Listen up:

Tomorrow we want 100 million rupees.

Do not worry, Minister.

My best men Dagar are hot on their heels.

Good, Mr. Minister.

That's him ... that pig!

Bring him here!

We do everything to find him.

Then we bring him to the station. Adi!

I will call you immediately.

Tiwari finances the campaign of the minister.

If he is tonight ... We will find him.

I have my people.

I have what you wanted ... First the money!

Here, count it down. And do not cry out at Khan!

Shiva, help me!

Help me out of this!

Poor guy! I have ... you but you have to be careful.

The boy has as an informer worked for Khan.

The fisherman helped us, to create a phantom image.

It's Shiva again.

I'm sorry, I did not know ...

But I should have known.

Your weapon!

This job is not for you.

Look, so!

I'm sorry, my ears are too big. That does not matter.

Do you like him? That's the most important.

Here you are at last.

Where have you been all night? Why did not you call me?

Did it make you speechless?

Where is it?

You hide money? It's for the school.

Stupid cow!

Just go to your whore!

How much? - 10 rupees if you pay equal, otherwise 12.

Should I create an account for you?

A betel leaf. Pure, filled with tobacco or ...?

The same as Shiva.

Write it in his account. Which Shiva?

Which Shiva?

He was there yesterday.

You did not ask him as he would like.

He never pays.

Here he is.

Is that sharp?

Do not worry, I'm not doing anything to you.

I'm just handcuffing you and take you with me.

I'll take you to the station to my boss.

He does not have that much patience.

In the hospital you will be cared for healthy.

Imagine, I take you off, and everyone here sees it.

That would be embarrassing, right?

And? What and"?

Did you think about it? About us? Are you closing the chain?

Who is it from? Tea!

She is beautiful, right? warm tea!

Zip your lips!

Is she from Dagar?

Delicious tea! Piss off!

Hands up! Come on!

So, how much is it?

Write it down.

Here is a coming and going.

I never ask the men after her name. Not you either.

Leave it!

Criminal Investigation. No games!

What else happens?

Will you tie me up then?

I inquired.

Your father believes you deserve your money as a nurse.

What would he say if he knows the truth?

Let me know, when Shiva comes back.

Give me the bottle!

That's not a good idea.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

That does not matter. I could not come too.


Well then, bye.


You are constantly hurting you.

Just so I can see you.

You were there? Did the pastor say that?

You just betrayed yourself. forget not that I'm a cop.

The truth is always simple. What are you talking about?

You have not changed.

Yes, I was there like a stupid teenager.

I trusted you again.


Ready? No no!

Stand still! Police!

Take that.

Dont move!

You killed him. Why?

You pig! Very quiet!

It was self-defense. Your husband was a criminal.

In the service of Dagar Bhai. No!

He was a potter, not a criminal.

But. No, he was a potter!

Ask the neighbors!

It is enough! He was innocent!

How am I supposed to do it without him?

Well done. Congratulation!

You caught him. You have passed your probationary period.

I do not know if he was the right one.

Why else would he have been there? He knew the beggar.

He gave him a fire.

Maybe it was coincidence? He just wanted to be nice.

Why did he leave? Because he wanted to be nice?


He was unarmed.

You know who the weapon is heard in the photo.

Come in!

If we admit our mistake, are you going to jail The human rights activists we'll get ready.

No policeman will dare more, to use his weapon. That's a good thing.

We will be constantly must justify.

And the criminals will continue to unsettle the city.

They just threw that we will be replaced.

But... this becomes Shiva not alive again.

And Dagar just keeps going.

He will continue the entrepreneurs blackmail ... Do you want that?

Come, say hello.

Is somebody coming, to give him the last glory?

It's a police thing, do not go.

Leave my father alone!

Did not you hear?

What do you want here?

Do you want to free from your guilt?

I... Get lost!

I'm sorry about yesterday.

That does not matter. I could not come too.

Good. Well then, bye.


Now you are a hero. You always wanted that.

I am not a hero.

He was innocent.

The newspaper says, he was armed.

That can not be! You have to tell the truth.

That's not that easy. The truth is always easy.

You always say that.

You have changed, Adi.

This is Shiva's wife, boss. She needs an accommodation.

She can do one thing ...

Come here, I'll show you.

You have to hold her like this and aim well.

Then you pull off.

You have a fire, that turns me on!

Leave my mother alone!

There are only 70 criminals! Thats all we have.

He is not there

Do not touch my car! Get out!

Dagar Bhai sends greetings.

That's the villain. He is still a child.

A child? He had a gun.

Bring it to me!

We take care of this.

The fish is very fresh.

Here please!

Adi is my colleague. Hello.

This is for you.

"English in 30 days". What should I do with it?

You should read it, so you find a real job.

I like to work for you.

Reading is far too exhausting.

I have to arrest him.

I will find him for you.

That's just a goat. She does nothing to you.

Come over!

Hey, kid!

Come here!

Well done. You deserve a reward.

You want a bike.

Such a rascal!

Will you do that to me?

Wait here for us.

Where is Geeta?

Explain it to him!

Your tea!

Be quiet! Otherwise they will kill you.

Like you my dad?

I'm sorry. Do not you make the same mistake.

What is? Do you want to kill me?

Chhotu ...

If you kill someone with it, are you lost.

Nobody will help you.

Mummy! My child.

Run away! Fast!

I had no choice.

Do you think the purpose justifies the means? no.

You are transferred to the office. Give me your weapon.

I killed an innocent.

Khan has covered me.

I will be in front of Police chief testify.

Do not be stupid! I have a conscience.

I have done my duty, Now you have to decide.


Give me that.

Gun down! Wait, I'm talking to him.

Gun down, or I'll shoot! Let's talk!

Very quiet! You ruined everything.

What's happening?

My mother is dead. For the last time!

Now listen...

Come down! I did not do anything.

Why are you fleeing then?

Everywhere was shot, I got panic.

Come down, I will not hurt you.

Do you know that? I gave him a fire.

He said "thank you" and me "please".

Do you know the?


Slow, boss, not too violent.

He must be safe tomorrow be presented to the judge.


Release him, please!

He just has to tell us where Dagar is.

He will tell you ... Come on, tell it!

And what are you doing, if he does not talk?

Do you want to go home?

Let go! - How could she? return home?

Let her go! Please help me!


She has a fire!

Come here, be very calm!

You can not allow that. I have no choice.

We will have fun.

That's enough, Patil!

You do not want to? Leave me!

Oh, stop it! Patil!

What's up with that?

Say what you know then you can go.

If I come to court alive, I say everything.

Where is Dagar?

If I tell you that, They're killing me.

You have to talk!

Otherwise, I let them continue. Wait, he will talk.

Dagar has ordered to kill Ali.

I did it.

Good work!

For a moment I doubted you.

But you made it.

The probationary period is over! warmly Welcome to the criminal police!

And do not take everything so much to heart.


Leave the woman and the child bring home.

And you bring Shiva.

Demonstration tomorrow at 9 o'clock. In which Judge we have to be careful.

I have to go.

Hurry up!

Tea and samosas? Yes gladly.

Three tea, three samosas.

Adi, is Shiva okay? Yes.

Then come and help me. I'm coming.

Damn it!

You fooled me! No, you come to the judge!

Can you start that? Clear.

No stupidities!

Mr. Khan!

Look at the floor and shut up.

I have to go.

That he should have inflicted on himself?

Arrest refused. He is released on bail.

Do you understand now, why my method is better?

I'm not kidding.

The law is a whore.

It can be bought by anyone. Is that clear?

The law can not help it.

The whore is the, who does not know how to use it.

I did what I could.

You are your supervisor So fell in the back?

What do you think? That the purpose justifies the means?

Sometimes yes, Mr. Police Chief.

Commissioner Khan agrees.

Good, drop your gun. They come in the office.

A Khan is enough for me.

Here you go.

Same for me.

Do not take it that hard. I also sorted files.

At least you have computers today.

Yes, my "fish seller". Where?

I'm coming.

What is? Do you have plans already? No, Commissioner.

Wait here.

If I do not in five minutes back, you bring reinforcement.

Don't you trust me anymore?

Come on, Shiva, come!

I still have something to do.

Now we are quiet.

I let the pig go.

You acted right. It's my fault he's dead.

Give me another chance.

I will follow the orders.

As I said, our votes are not for sale.

That's a down payment.

We have enough money. A call is enough for us at a contractor.

If one of your men has one Killing policemen is bad.

Nobody can help you then. But me.

Good, you get our votes.

You have violated our golden rule.

Never shoot a policeman!

My golden rule is:

Never shoot at Shiva. OK then!

You deserve a reward. What do you want?

I just want your trust.

Take care of him.

We know where he is!

She is new to our team. The chief inspector sent her.

Police woman Jemina Joseph.

Who are you talking about?

Where do you want to go? To Shiva.

I do not know.

Your taxi with the number MH01-G2 was seen...

If you need something, choose the Nine.

Bring me a candle and matches.

So you do not get a scar.

Did you kill someone?

Where is Geeta? Who is this?

Explain it to him.

I have tea for you. Get lost!

Delicious, warm tea. Get out!

Hands up!

I told you: no stupidities!

Hello. We got him.

Congratulations, good job.

And now listen carefully. I hear.

Release him. You're welcome?

Release him, otherwise your career is over.

Roger that.

I do not need that.

But I want to before the pension Become police chief.

We can not do it let run! - command from above.

Now we are really quit.

I will not hesitate next time.

Shiva, is that you?

He told me...

Adi, the apartment is not too big for us two?

For us two, yes.

Anu ...

What would you say , if I asked you ...

If I had a small chance, if I asked you ...


Have you really been promoted?


Anu, I do not know much from love.

But I know, what I feel for you.

Anu ... do you want...


That's just a power failure. I'm cold.


Anu ...

Translation and subtitles: Jagy