Monster (2003) Script

I always wanted to be in the movies When I was little I thought for sure one day, I could be a big big star...

Or maybe just beautiful...

Beautiful and rich, like the women on TV Yeah, I had a lot of dreams And I guess you can call me a real romantic Because I truly believe that one day... they'll come true So I dream about it for hours As the years went by, I learnt to stop sharing this with people They said I was dreaming But back then, I believed it whole heartily So whenever I was down, I would just escape into my mind To my other live, where I was someone else It made me happy to think that all these people... just didn't know yet who I was gonna be But 1 day they'll all see I heard that Marilyn Monroe was discovered in a soda shop And I thought for sure, it could be like that So I started growing up real young...

And I always secretly looking for who is gonna discover me?

Was it this guy?

Or maybe this one?

You never knew But even if they couldn't take me all the way... like Marilyn They would somehow believe in me just enough They would see me for what I could be, and think I was beautiful

Like a diamond in the rough They'll take me away...

To my new life And my new world Where everything would be different

Yeah, I lived that way for long long time And my head dreaming like that It was nice

1 day it just stopped

By the time I met you all...

Shame... all I want is a beer

How are you doing? Great Anyone sitting here?


Madam our services are for patrons only

Give me a beer whatever cheapest

So what it is like, a gay place or what?

Yeah Hey, whatever, man

Can I buy you that drink?

I got my own money

I'll have a pitcher, whatever she's having

Look, I'm not gay alright?

Well, it makes sense So what are you doing here then?

My truck broke down, I'm a...

I got a pressure cleaning business What's pressure cleaning?

You know steam clean?

Upholstery, carpets, you know, shit like that So I'm just getting out of the rain My name is Selby

You owe me change!

Fuck! I'm out of here Oh, are you sure?

Get your fucking hands off me! you dumb dyke...

I'm not gonna fuck you for fucking beer ok Stop wasting your fucking time!

I wasn't trying to fuck you!

I just wanna talk to you I thought that if I bought you some beer maybe you'll talk to me I just trying to have one decent night out, you know..

Just talk to someone before I've to go back to my parents closet I'm sorry

You don't have to stay

So are you really a steam cleaner?

No, I'm not

No man, actually it's a real good job...

Pressure cleaning

You want some?

Oh come on don't let me down now You ready?

1... no, you don't get to do this Shit, I don't fucking trust you You ready?

1, 2, go!

You do suck You're just a sore winner Yeah, winner though, man Oh, man that's all my cast You spilled some good shit there I'm gonna lick it up like a dog We need 2 more What's that bullshit?

What time is it?

The bar is closed

Then why don't you take that stick out of your ass...

Now would be a good time, don't you think huh?

Now that the bar's closed

What you do for is that?

We had a good time though Yeah, I know, it was fun I'm sorry, I called you dumb dyke I don't care And thanks for the drinks No... No Problem.

So see you around ok Do you wanna stay with me?

I didn't mean... you know you don't have to do anything Shit I know

Fuck it Yeah? My truck's broken down Ok, car's over here, come here, this way

All I wanted was a beer But the day I met Selby I'd spent most of the afternoon sitting in the rain, about to kill myself So you can understand I was flexible, I mean everybody gotta have faith in something For me? For me all I had left was love And I was getting pretty sure that, I wasn't gonna love a man again So I was gonna do it And the only reason I did it was a five dollar bill I knew I probably given some asshole a blowjob for it So really tried to piss me off that if I killed myself without spending it Basically I sucked him off for free So I made a deal I said God, I gotta spend this 5 bucks But when it's gone so am I If you've got something for me in this life, you better bring it on And there she was

Just some friends my parents and I are staying with

You wanna take a shower or anything?

Goodnite Goodnite

I can't believe you are here

Me neither

Can I touch your face?



God Donna! Donna sorry, just a sec!

I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be ready for church

Hey, where's my shirt?

Look at this, it's 5 o'clock in the morning and she ain't dressed yet

I'm sorry about that No, it's alrite Hey thanks for letting me crash No, that was nice

So when are you leaving?

Tuesday But you know, I'm gonna be hanging out at the Moon Nite, around 5 About 2 blocks up Yeah yeah yeah Maybe I'll swing by Alrite

You have fun at church, alrite

Who was that person?

She's just a friend I made Honey, I think she was a straight person Did you check your stuff, because she might have stole something No... I checked it, she didn't take anything Listen, honey, you cannot bring people like that here, what if Charles had seen her?

I'm sorry A person like that... no Mdm We have no business with people like that

I'm just getting some stuff You'll give it to me when you get it

Want some sandwich?

Ham don't do it for me Thanks, man

I'll buy it if you want It's alrite You'll pay me when you get it How are you doing?

I'm good

I met a friend Really? good for you Hope it's not some asshole like the last guy... who Almost trampled you half to death No, she is... real nice, you know

Thanks, man

Hang on a sec

Hang the fuck on!

You look good Thanks

Man, you know what I'm going to give you the $5...

I got it. I got it

So you came Yeah I was around, you know, thought I'll swing by

So where's your friends?

Well, I... I'm not...

You're mean

Can I ask you a question?

Are you a prostitute?


I don't know People like pay to be with you, it's wild!

Men must just line up to be with a girl like you I guess, I don't know, not really, you know!

What do you do to them?

All kind of things, you know, whatever they want How do you know what they want?

Well they ain't shy to tell you Really?

Well shit, men are real easy to read anyway Well, how about that guy?

How about him?

Oh, he's gay No way Yeah, man, look at him, he tries too hard Oh man you see that little fucker over there?

Well he, he's straight up, S&M That's Trevor, That's the son of the people I'm staying with Shit I'm sorry I don't care about that I don't realise he was gonna be here

This girl in my church, she told everyone that I tried to kiss her So my parents basically disowned me And I decided to come down here and try to figure somethings out Then this happened before I could get a job

How long do you have to stay on?

Not too much longer But my dad had to pay my medical bills So I made a deal with him, that I would go back Which... you know... it... probably for the best... maybe it'll work Maybe he'll be able to save my soul and all that

Well I bet you twenty, I'll beat your ass in a race, rite now Oh no...

Oh yeah, me and you are gonna hit the floor rite now Serious I can't skate

You gotta help me I know, I've gotcha, come on

There you got it You better not let me break my other arm See you can do this Your're very good, man You think you can you do by yourself?

Ok There you go Feel the music

You having fun?

There you go turn, turn

Oh, man I love this song Oh I love it too

Just like that Oh I can't do that Yeah you can No, no, no,come on, come with me Trevor Who cares about him?

Come on are you ready?

So we don't hit anyone

Are you ok?

I can't, I can't do this here Maybe we can go somewhere

How about the yard over there?

I thought you didn't like gals

I don't like men anymore, really

I like you

Maybe... maybe we could go somewhere Where we can get a room or something Oh I don't have any money

I gotta go I'll see you tomorrow

Ok honey I talked to your father and guess what?

What? You got a job, little miss How about that? Really?

That's rite, working rite with your dad And some very handsome young gentlemen, I understand

Ok, if you need something you let me know, ok Thanks

Thanks for the ride, man Sure It's real hard to get help around here, you know I was getting lost there for a while...

So where are you headed?

Just where you can take me, I'm trying to get to a phone So my car broke down

See, these here are my kids They are cute They are down in Miami, I'm trying to get down to them But I'm kind of broke, rite now So just trying to make... some cash somehow, you know Maybe I can help you out

Yeah what you got?

I don't know, how about say 10 bucks?

I like to have $25 straight up If that do in the laundry shop...

Look, man, I'm not a fucking novice shampoo gal here, ok I'm the real deal, alrite, so let's see it Oh man, I'm talking about the cash, alrite Ok sorry

Hey lady love, need a ride?

What timeyou got?

Quater 6

hey man, don't go too far No, I just want a little privacy, you know, I don't wanna get busted Shit me either

What do you think, man?


So how about we make it quick I suck you 20 huh?

No, I wanna fuck Alrite man, 30, straight up

Hang on gal

Come on, man, shit, alrite Hang on, hang on, let me finish my drink

You want some more No Jesus, hookers nowadays huh

I love them and I hate them You know I love them and I hate them

Stud always is Understand

They're better than my fucking wife

I don't wanna hold you up!

Come on man, let's see you

Oh man, take the pants off I thought you were in a rush Come on, the money is rite there

Hold on, hold on Suck me a little first, come on suck me No, man, it's not part of the fucking deal Oh come on, I'll give you 10 more dollars, come on

10 more fucking dollars you fucking bitch!

Hey are you alrite?

I knew that would get you!

Are you awake now?

Scream, let me fucking hear it! let me fucking hear it!

Come on, you gonna stay awake now?

Do you wanna die?

Do you wanna fucking die?

Come on here we go!

I wanna clean you up We got some fucking Dettol!

What the hell is happening here?

Sorry it was me I fell out of bed You didn't hear nothing?

No, it's me I fell out of bed

If that woman's in here, Selby, so help me god..

I had a talk with Trevor, and I really don't appreciate what he told me I don't think your father will either If she's in here, I want you to get her out rite now!

Or Charlie bound to blow her head off

What the hell are you doing here?

No man, I just wanted to see you

I got in a fight It must have been a really long fight I got a man really beaten me up, ok

It wasn't my fault

Are you ok?

But it's cool now It's cool I was thinking...

You know I want you to stay a little longer Cause I can't Why not?

Cause I told you I promised my dad Well, he's your dad rite, wouldn't he understand So I'm sure he can save your soul a week from now, rite?

See, I told you... no problem rite?

I was goona use it to take you out tonite, but...

That's enough to rent a hotel for whole week We can party, hang out, whatever you wanna do, you know

Maybe I can come back

No, you can't come back Cause I'll be gone

Listen to me, This is a once in a life time opportunity Give me a week, I'm gonna go later I'll buy you fucking ticket I'll take you there myself, just give me a week

You'll never meet someone like me again

Ok Alrite

Where did you get this car?

I just borrowed it

So what do we do now?


Cheers Cheers

It's getting late

Oh My God Selby! We thought you were dead Donna, I'm sorry, I just came and get some stuff No, honey, you are gonna talk to your father You stand rite here!

John, yes she's back She's here Ok, hang on, hang on Talk to your dad Hello?

I found a roomate and...

I can't dad I'm not even staying here anymore

I just came by to pick up some stuff, I'm not even staying at Donna's anymore

Ok.. ok.. I'm an adult now, I'm gonna stay...

And I gotta go What are you doing?

She's not even... gay She's just some old street hooker, she's just using you

I quit What?

What're your bags doing here?

I'm staying Holy shit girl, you just made my day How did you get them huh?

I took a cab But Leen, you can take care of me rite? cause...

I've spent all our money

It don't even matter What you said? You quit?

Hooking... I quit hooking Why?

Why? because it's shit, it's time man, I fucking hate it I thought you said it wasn't that bad Oh.. it is, you know, but, not always, it's not the point I got you now I got everything going for me So I'm gonna do a broil This time I'm doing it a broil How about that?

Fine, but what are you gonna do about work?

Exactly... I'll get a job Go clean... straighten up, you know, fuck it, man, I'll get a career House, car... you know, how about that What kind of job are you gonna get?

I've been thinking about that I was thinking maybe like a veterinarian, you know Cos I fucking love animals, you know Yeah...

But that's a doctor... you gotta get a degree for that No, I'm not, no Shit, I know, you know what I always wanted to be?


President of the US

I just haven't been feeling too good lately, you know

But I will though, man I'll be feeling great

It's fucking celebration time Oh yes this is... this is big I once heard this thing that always stuck with me I must've been around 13 years old Cause I remember I just put the baby up for adoption They call the assembly of my junior high Cause this guy who played drum for certain workmen...

Was coming to talk to us about success... and making your mark on the world I don't have any experience, per se...

I'm a real... I mean I'm a real hard worker I was real excited, cause he was the 1st real celebrity I've seen...

And this was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to learn...

How to follow in the footsteps of...

I don't even write it down, you know Just stay rite... just stay rite there And you should know that I've worked with people all my life So I'm real good with people and...

I know how to work the roledex So I listen real hard to any advice he had For sure he said something that stuck rite in my real mind It was all you need in life... is love And to believe in yourself then there's nothing you can't do

To make sure that i have all this straight Basically, you've no experience, no college degree...

No resume, no work history what-so-ever in fact And now you would like to be... a lawyer No, see... I'm sorry, but when I read the ad...

It said you were looking for a secretary Ok, well you need to learn how to type...

You'll need computer skills Most of our secretaries have college degree Infact most of them have specialised in law I don't mean to sound harsh, but frankly this is a little insulting

All that looks great, It must be wonderful, but...

Can I tell you something?

When the beach party is over, you don't get to say, you know what I think now I would like to have what everybody else has worked their entire life for...

It doesn't work that way Fuck you, man!

Yeah fuck you!

You don't fucking know me Ok, great, that's great, see?

Now I'm so sorry I didn't hire you before. Leslie could you please escort miss...

I don't even know her name, because of course she doesn't have a resume...

No need, you fucking asshole, you piece of shit What you think I'm fucking retard?

Take your fucking job and fucking shove it!

Fuck you Leslie!

All I need is love and to believe in yourself Nice idea, it doesn't exactly work out that way But I guess it was better to hear flat out lying then to know the truth at thirteen

Fuck this phoney shit, told him to fuck himself, kiss my fucking sweet ass Slamped me out of the fucking door, just like that, man What did he do?

Not a fucking thing Not one fucking thing Stupid mother fucker I've bet nobody fucking ever talked to him like that in his whole life Fucking office job, who the fuck wants a job like that You gotta fucking sitting in a little desk...

You got your little phone...

You got your piece of paper, your little pen...

You write shit down, bla bla bla Fucking a monkey can do that shit, man, fuck!

I thought you wanted a job like that You know what?

No. Toby, 2 more Honey, Al says I can't give you any tab Toby, how long have I been the customer here?

Would you cut me some fucking slack here?

Go get me 2 more Fucking lazy bastard, it's no big deal, man Al runs a tab all the time you know... he just probably doesn't know it Leen, what are you gonna do?

I got it on fucking control, man

I'm kind of starving here

There's no way, you could maybe ah...

I don't know, call your dad or...

Yeah I know I know, I'm just saying for you, you know?

Fuck it, man, I got shit line up, you know It's not a fucking big deal

Can I just give it to you straight The truth is, I'm... I'm a hooker I'm trying to clean my life up here, you know...

Go straight and questions and all, so...

If there's any link that you can help me with...

That's because I was... That's not even matter gonna matter Because the best you're gonna get is factory work Hey Todd, do we even have any factory work?


I'm sorry, I'm just trying to talk to you here...

You don't have any change, do you?

Madam, I'm afraid I've to ask you to come with me Why?

Well we've had some complains out here, so...

So what they complained about?

Cause I just got out, it's my day off A day off?

And what's a day off for a whore, you go to church or something?

Don't you remember me?

No I busted you not eight months ago for tricking up on 95

It seems to me you might owe me one Yeah, you sure went easy on me You almost broke my fucking jaw Please, you do time Climb over



Selby? Jeses Christ, what're you doing What the fuck are you doing?

Please drop the fucking blade I take you to a fucking doctor, ok Just stop it

What are you talking about?

You can stop Leen.

Stop what?

You can stop the game I'm out there trying my best, ok?

Why did you quit hooking?

Cause I needed to, alrite?

Because you thought I was stupid, enough to support you?

No, Selby That you wouldn't even have to fuck me to get it Because I'm so hard-up No! no! Selby, that's not the reason You said we were gonna party, party, party...

Well there hasn't been a fucking party!

Nothing! when I told you that I'm starving Cause you're using me No! I just...

Because I fucking killed someone, alrite?

My last john, alrite, I fucking killed my last john I was raped and beat to fuck and was gonna get killed But I won't... I didn't wanna lose you, you know...

All I could think about was that for the rest of your fucking life And you never know that I fucking meant to be there I didn't wanna die, thinking that maybe Maybe you could love me So I killed him I shot him, alrite... I fucking shot him

I'm sorry, I let you fucking down alrite Now, you know me Sel, now you fucking know me alrite

No, I don't wanna go Sure you do, sure you fucking do!

Leave me fun, leave me fucking fun!

I'm sorry

I know...

He would have killed killed you

I need to get this taken off and I'm gonna get a job

No, I understand that if you can't get a work I don't even mind

I wanted to go back before it was just... so shit scared of getting caught You know that was the only reason

I'm a hooker

You got a wet pussy?

Yes, sure You like to fuck?

Yup Jesus Christ, you'll think nobody ever talked dirty to you before

I just like to settle first, you know

Call me daddy, while I fuck you I try, what you like to fuck your kids?

What? I'm just kidding with you I'm just messing with you I'll call you daddy Daddy, see?

See, I'm calling you daddy I do it all the time

$20 huh?


Some good shit here!

Come on, you wanna suck it for me

Come on baby

Life is funny... it's hard But it's also strange, how things can be so different than you think I remember I was just a kid in before age club...

Set up this beautiful gigantic red and yellow ferris wheel. It lit up to nite sky They called it... the Monster

You want some money?

Oh my god, are you serious?

When I was a kid I thought tht was about the coolest thing I ever seen Then I couldn't wait to ride it Sure enough, when I finally got my chance I got so scared and nauseous...

I threw up all over myself before it even made 1 fulI turn I gonna go and wash up ok

Just hang on a sec, babe, I gotta wash up here, ok?

Ok Hey where did you get the car?

My friend, Thomas, saw me on my way home, he let us borrow it to move We're moving?

Yes, fuck this place, rite?

This no place for my girl Oh, man, a real place? an apartment?

Ya what you happy now? Yeah, I'm happy I know baby, I know We're good now, I told you And that's what I mean In my life, it has always been the harmless stuff that hurt the most When there're things so horribly, you can't even imagine it It's usually a lot easier than you think

You never really know, until you're the one standing there

No problem

How is your arm?

It looks weird

So ok?

Cos I knew I was coming home to you

I love you


This stuff is so good thanks for taking me here It's ok, it's ok you know It's pretty fine, but.. man, someday I'm gonna take you to some...

Real top places in the Keys, like some real classy joints Keys? Yeah I always wanna go to Keys I always wanna have a house on the beach, you know But I haven't even been to the beach since I've been here So gal I'll buy you a house on the beach, how about that?

Those places are like thousands of thousands of dollars So what? You think I can't get you a house on the beach?

What else you want?

You want a little purple porsh huh?

This is no-smoking area You have to put the cigarette out What are you doing, man? you gonna sing us a song or what?

Let me have that Get your fucking hand off her You piece of shit!

We're paying fucking customer here What? what you got?

You wanna bring it on?

You all better watch your fucking food...

Cos there was a fucking cockroach in mine, size like this This is not how you run a fucking establishment man

So what's your deal, man?

Where you like to fuck Like to fuck in the back?

So really like to get real rough?

Shit, I bet you get real rough back there huh?

Real nasty You like that huh?

Maybe you wanna slap me round a little bit huh?

Don't think I don't see it, man What, you can't speak? what the fuck?

What, you got a fucking problem?

Cat got your fucking tongue huh?

I don't like it rough I've never done this before, but I have...

Take your pants off

Thank you.

You are welcome

You wanna have a beer with me?

Don't you wanna come to bed?

In a minute

Wake up Wake up, I wanna go out

Hey, mind if I angle in on those nuts?

This guy is an asshole right...

Flick his chair over, flick his shit around all that jazz Fucking office job rite? fucking retard sitting on the phone...

And talking to people all day long, bla bla bla. Bullshit Sounds like you're at fun world

What's fun world?

Fun world in Orlando, this one over here said:

We all have to go on thursday night, then she starts some fight with a bunch of fucking red necks

Get the fuck in here!

Where the fuck were you?

I was out In that fucking car?

So? What are you doing?

I'm just cleaning this fucking pigstly we're leaving in that's all What the fuck were you doing?

I was out, we needed stuff We don't need this fucking shit, Selby Who the fuck told you to take that fucking car?

Leen what difference does it make?

The difference?

Because I'm fucking borrow a car from my friend...

That's my fucking business, ok, that's what?

I'm gonna go any place that I want to Ok? any time I want Not in my fucking friend's car, you are not!

Fine, fine, then I'll walk Ok, I don't wanna sit here alone all the time, I wanna go out I wanna meet people I wanna hang out with people without you fucking scaring them off

Where would you like to go?

I don't know...

Travel... see different places We could go to Fun World You wanna go to Fun World?

Not now No, now I gotta take the fucking car back And now we don't have any fucking money like usual, Selby So, you're leaving?

Hey Selby, check it out Hey, there're my friends Hey remember me?

I figure you guys would be here

I loved her...

But the thing no one ever realised about me...

Was believe that I could learn I could train myself into anything People always look down their noses at hookers Never give you a chance because they think you took the easy way out And no one could imagine the will power it took to what we do Walkin the streets, nite after nite Taking the hitch and still getting back up We wanna go again But I did, and they don't miss out Cause they've no idea what I can discipline myself to And I believe in something And I believed in her

I need to sit down Oh there she is Who is she?

I gotta talk to her Hey you wanna ride the Ferris Wheel?


We're gonna go sit down

Are you ok?

My brothers and sisters, screwed me royal After my daddy killed himself, we were out on the streets And the neighbors would let them stay over but only if I didn't tag along So I stayed clear But I knew they didn't have any money, you know I was having a hook anyway...

So I always made sure they had new cloths, cigarettes, and stuff like that But then there's 1 nite, we're at this party and this guy comes in and he's like...

She fucked so and so And they're are all embarrassed..

They were fucking standing in the corner, all...

So they... you know they threw me out of the snow Screaming out, I'm a whore, and they were so embarrassed...

And they hate me and all that And that was it I just took off never went back That's really sad Your own family doing that to you That's how people are, Selby Yeah... I know Fuck them, who need them?

Right Yeah, fuck them!

No, right, Selby, right!

Get out! get the fuck out!

You all ok?

I'm gonna call an ambulance That's ok We don't have any insurance We just rather... do it ourselves

You know, she's good You have yourselves a good day now, ok

Let's go, Selby, now! No! no! I wanna drive

He's fucking dead, let's go, now!

No! Selby!

Who killed that man?

What do you think?

Oh my god, they're coming for us What are you talking about?

You fucking killing people

Now listen to me, they are not coming

I never wanted you in this shit to begin with But I know what I am doing And you'll never gonna understand it, alrite?

You gotta trust me

They don't have 1 fucking thing They got nothing They are not even looking, man, this shit is long over already I didn't want wreck the fucking car in public but we did you know, we did So if they'll gonna call the cops, they would've done it by now!

How could you?

You knew

No... I knew about 1... 1 No, Selby... no Sel

Come in here

We're gonna have a drink, and we're gonna forget about all this alrite?

Cheers Leen, this isn't funny You don't know what's going on, Sel I do, so if you wanna keep your eyes shut to the whole world...

The least you can do is hear me out

It's not what you think it is, alrite I know what it is No, you don't know my life, Selby!

But I know yours

And I've done everything in the whole wide world Hoping that you'll never have to know So that you can go on thinking that people are good And kind and that it should make sense, you know?

Cause I love that about your, Sel But I can't No, I don't wanna hear that, Leen But you need to We can be as different as we wanna be, but you can't kill people

I'm good with the Lord I'm fine with him

And I know how you were raised alrite And I know how people fucking think out there and fuck it's gotta be that way They gonna tell you that 'thou shall not kill' and all that

But that's not the way the world works, Selby Cause I'm out there, every fucking day living it Who the fuck knows, what god knows?

People kill each other everyday And for what?

For politics, for religion, and they're heros...

No.. no... there are a lot of shit I can't do anymore But killing's not one of them And letting those fucking bastard going out there raping somebody else isn't either No, no, Leen there was 1 man They can't all has been bad You know me, you think I could do it otherwise?

I'm not a bad person, I'm a real good person

So, don't feel bad, it's life, Sel People like me and you go down every fucking... day

It's almost over, look at this See this? it's everything Everything you ever wanted Just a little more, and a car we're out of here We have a shot, Sel We have a shot, at a real life, not this, a real one

You know what to do, rite?

See you later Ok

So everything is working out, and we are real happy But I just thought that you can tell my family

So you're choosing to go this way No, this isn't a choice I'm not choosing anything This is the way I am And I'm not gonna feel bad about it anymore You can tell him that too I know you think you're all romantic about that girl

What? I'm saying it's not their fault Blacks or whoever you wanna call them, Selby The point is, people make bad choices And they pay for it, you can see all these miserable straight people...

And we see you choosing, this life.. this gay life And even more than that, the easy life with this...

No.. she has had a real hard life Lots of people have bad lives, and they still choose to move towards the light...

Otherwise we all be hookers and druggies...

I don't wanna hear this This is not the point Don't fight the world, honey There's so much more than just love out there And someday all you gonna want is a roof over your head even if you do have to sleep with a man to get it And that's your choice Yeah, it is my choice Cos we're in love What? We you going on a hike?

Man, just get rite here The car was good Not when there's a fucking gun in it

So, lots of people have guns

Well you gonna undress or what?

No, you 1st

So... you married rite? you don't get that fucking shit Come out here with strange gals, do dirty things with them Why, man, so you can rape them?

No, Good lord Fucking man I fucking hate them Then why are you a hooker?

I'm not a hooker, see, I don't fuck, man Used to, mostly against my will though This old guy used to rape me when I was eight Real good friend of my dad's, you know So I go to my dad, tell him what's going on...

My dad don't fucking believe me, so...

His friend keeps raping me for years

And that's my dad... fucking beats me up for it

Where the fuck do you think you are going?

I'm not doing it, but I feel sorry for you If you want a ride you better come on I don't need a ride, man I don't need a ride

Cause I wanna take your car You fucking think I'm stupid enough...

To get back into your fucking car with you when there's a gun?


Victor Borne, that was his name My dad's friend... some friend

Years later I found out he died in a car accident

Its like God finally strike him down for all his evil No, you can't get away from your shit forever Sooner or later, it's gonna catch up with you Motherfucker!

Where's the car?

Got all fucked up!

Is that everything?

Got beer? fucking man, I think we should just go How?

Take the bus We have enough money, rite?

We do?

I don't know whatever, I'll fucking hook down there whatever

We can't take all our shit on the bus I can't get one rite now, ok, Sel What happened?

Fucking cop, the guy I wasn't even gonna do it...

Then he has a fucking gun in his car...

So I popped him sure enough he's a fucking cop I think he was retired or something but still, man...

I can't take the fucking car, it was a cop car It got some fucking tracking device in there Shit!

Fucker, tried to fucking trick me, while he's got a fucking gun in there Keep it down

Well you just have to go and get us another one

No... no... not changing your mind on me Please Leen... this isn't my plan this is your deal, ok Your plan, the house and the beach Self-employed, just like you said, your plan So you just have to go and get us another car...

We are leaving now Get up!

Alrite... you just give me a sec

I'm gonna try to get out of here before the end of the week That's good, I'm proud of you Yes, I just wanted to say good bye to you, Tom You've been real good to me

Are you alrite?

Yes, it's nothing

Sometime, I feel like everybody just think I'm just a fat shitty fucking person All I'm fucking trying to do is survive, you know I know Yeah I know exactly I know what you do for living But It doesn't bother me at all I know you didn't dial it up on a god dammed telephone That's where you lended, that's what you've had to do What you're feeling rite now, is just guilt Over something you've had absolutely no control over You know how many of us came back from the war?

And almost kill ourselves...

Because we felt exactly the samething you do rite now!

Yeah? Yeah And I never get it They don't get it now, they never get it then...

And they sure as hell wouldn't ever get fucking circumstances Fuck, man, circumstance that's exactly it, that's exactly it You know, it's like I feel like I never had a fucking choice You never did, but you got a live You got a live

We are not able to positively confirm a profile at this time...

However the evidence does suggest that...

The murderers had their current stirring some face of the Central Act Perhaps that's the act prostitution?

Yeah, that's exactly right

Get the fuck out of here Get the fuck out of here!

These here my kids They are down in Miami...

So I'm just trying to make a couples of extra bucks, you know what i'm saying?

They ok?

They are fine I'm just trying to make some money Can you help me out?

Maybe I can help you out, you know?

If you need some help, I'll do what I can to get you back with your kids Maybe you need a room, shower, some warm clothes...

My son's room is empty if you want it And I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind a bit PulI the car over I'm sorry No, just pulI the car over The car's still rolling, you can't get out Stop... the car Listen, they can't barely see you out there

Are you in some kind of...

Just drive the car

Stop rite here Look there ain't othing that we can't fix

Get out of the car

The keys in the car, that's my wallet

Turn around No, madam... no You don't have to do this Get down You really don't

I can't You don't have to You just having a hard time No, I can't let you live

Oh God, my wife... my wife My daughter is having a baby Shut the fuck up!

Oh God I'm sorry

I got a car, Sel We gotta go, alrite, you gotta drive

It's out What, what's out?

Sketches of us

You're all set

So you'll gonna get in tomorrow alrite?

I always said I'll take you to the bus, I'll take it, you know Where I wanted to go

I know I did... I did the fuck up!

Maybe you can... help me?

I don't know... if I can forgive myself for...

You'll come back to me, You'll come back

I mean, you come back here and we go far far away


No Selby, you take that alrite You take it, and spend it, alrite

2 whiskeys 2 beers

2 whiskeys, 2 beers for the lady

Leen Tom Hey, this is my only friend, Tom

We've got a fire outside, the old conversation pit Oh come on

You run away fast What?

Yes you are, I wanna drive you out of here

I gotta stay here by the phone for my girl Cause I gotta call her Cause she left, Tom But she's gonna come back, ok You've got a fucking wife and you tell me to come with you...

What the fuck are you doing, man?

Not you, Tom, not fucking you, Tom Fuck, man!

You got some bucks to change?

You want change?

Yeah I gotta call my fucking gal Let's go, I got some change in my car So if you want, come with me

My car is over there Yes, rite over there, you see? the camero

Man, what the fuck are you doing?

Just want to fucking call my girl

Selby? Hi Oh man, it's good to hear your voice Yeah you too So, you back down here huh?

Yeah, I came down to see what was going on

Oh man, am I glad to hear that

Yeah? no, we all rite, because...

They caught in here with some old warrant or something, you know But, I'm...

Where are you now?

In a motel room I wished I was there with you rite now

But Leen... they went up to see my parents They were asking all kind of questions Yeah, you now well I rather not talk on the phone here, you know...

Because, because I don't know if they're, you know...

But... don't worry about that, Sel I mean that's just some mistaken identity or something, you know They've got nothing So just talk about us, you know?

I can't Leen, my picture's on the paper From when we crashed the car Selby... what are you talking about?

I'm talking about when we crashed the red car Why are you saying that?

Cause I'm freaking out... they know Leen They know, and they've come after me, and I know, I'm gonna go down No, Selby, I wouldn't do that, you know, I would never do that ok So... just chill out here, ok?

How am I supposed to do that?

You gonna let me go down for something you did Selby, I didn't do anything

Leen, you know what I'm talking about

What are you doing?

I'm not doing anything

Where's the money, Sel?

What money?

The money I gave you What are you talking about?

I don't know what are you talking about, Leen

Nothing, just some change Yeah, I got that

I just wanna leave, Leen I just want a normal happy life I don't know why you did this

Cause I love you

Cause I love you, and I never wanted to lose you that's all I love you with all my heart, my soul, my mind And I never let you down, alrite

Cause it was me It was only me And I'll tell them that, ok But it's over for me now I'm never gonna see you again

That people could forgive you for something like this, you know?

But they can't...

They can't end

Thank you Judge And may you rot in hell...

Sentence a raped women to death And you all, you are just bunch of scum, that's what you are

Faith can move mountains Love would always run away Everything happens for a reason For when there's life, there's hope


They've gotta tell you something