Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (2015) Script

We are Monsters, we are proud We are Monsters, say it loud Don't stop rocking your right to fright We are Monster High We are Monsters, we are proud We are Monsters, say it loud We are Monster High We are Monsters, we are proud We are Monsters, say it loud We are Monster High

Love is like a storm tonight Love is like a storm tonight Tonight!

Love in the air, love in the clouds Love's like a flood and it's pouring down!

Love is like a storm tonight Tonight!

Thank you! I love you, Boo York! Goodbye!

If you don't live under a rock, you've heard of Thrillboard Magazine's "Musician of the Millennium."

Catty Noir is the queen of the love song!

The world's greatest star mysteriously dropped out of show business.

Why? Only Catty knows.

Well, I'm off to the rehearsal room.

Can't wait to hear your next song!

Good luck with the music writey stuff!

Bonjour Catty! How's it going?

Can't wait to hear you sing!

This is going to be smokin'!

Finally, I can write a song for me.

About something that really matters.

Something that I know. Something I have lived.

Genius at work.


A love song? A love song?

What do I know about love? I've never had that music in my heart.

I feel like a fake. I have to find my own voice! My own music!

Seems so close but yet so far

Reaching out towards the stars

Try and try but I can't catch hold There's a fire that burns inside me Everywhere that I seem to go I end up empty-handed Have you seen what I'm trying to find?

I've been looking far and wide High and low, low and high In the dark, can't find the light Maybe I've been looking in the wrong place the entire time Now I'm fine

'Cause I can find it deep inside Now I've seen what I've tried to find I've been looking far and wide High and low, low and high In the dark now I've found the light I guess I've been looking in the wrong place the entire time Realized that maybe I

Should search inside

After 1,300 years, it is time.

Nefera, my daughter, pack your bags. Summon your sister Cleo.

Cleo? But Daddy!

We travel to meet our dynastic destiny.

Boo York city!

Daddy's taking us to a very exclusive gala opening at the Museum of Unnatural History.

Uh, okay, cool?

It's the first public showing of the most important Egyptian artifact ever, the Comet Crystal.

Uhhh... Okay?

But you haven't heard the best part.

Deuce, you're coming with me!

Woah. For reals?


You are going to love it!

We get to go to this big, fancy gala at the museum.

Um, I don't really do "fancy."

We're going to one of the most fashionable cities in the world!

And I want my man-ster looking freaky fabulous.

And here, designer Boocci sunglasses.

All right!

And I got you this to wear to the gala!

All right...

You look so high class!

Here, I'll just hang onto this for you until the gala.

Dressing up, fancy galas, solid gold Egyptian beardy things...

I don't know anything about that rich people stuff.

I mean, your dad already doesn't think I'm good enough for you.

What if we get there and... And I embarrass you?

You? Embarrass me? Look at me.

We belong together. We're Cleo and Deuce.

And nothing changes that.


I would give up my right arm to go to Boo York!


You know, Frankie, my dad did say I could bring a friend or two.

Oh, I'm a friend or two!

Oh, Cleo, I have to go to Boo York.

The fashion scene there is to die for!

I hear that in Boo York, they play music on every street corner.

Boo York? Maybe that's where I'll find my music!

Okay! I have decided!

The ghoul going to Boo York is...

All of you!

Yeah! Boo York here we come!

Are you sure about this? Your dad only said a friend or two.

I've got to give the people what they want!

Cleo! Cleo!


They say whatever you're looking for, you can find it in Boo York city!

Let's go!

Big city, bright lights On our way to living the city life Looking good, see my face Oh, yeah, I'm ready, gonna rock this place Me and my ghouls gonna run this town We're gonna break the ground when we come around Me and my ghouls gonna hit the scene We're gonna make real life out of our dreams All right, all right, okay All right, okay, let's go I'm a city ghoul I'm a rock star I'm doing it my way Take a good look at me now, I'm a city ghoul City streets never sleep Let's hit the town every day of the week Call out my name, I'll be center stage We're on our way, come on don't be late because this is the life Sittin' pretty in the city Yeah, this is the life Sittin' pretty in the city like All right, all right, okay All right, okay, let's go!

I'm a city ghoul I'm a rock star I'm doing it my way Take a good look at me now, I'm a city ghoul

Boo York city, here I am!

Hi, I'm Draculaura!

Luna Mothews.

And these are my ghoul friends from Monster High.

Hey! Hey! How's it going?

Hello! Cleo de Nile. Charmed, I'm sure. 'Sup?

Nice to meet ya!

First time in Boo York?

I'll always be a Jersey ghoul at heart, but I'm a moth and the bright lights of Bloodway are my flame!

I've been working really hard, and one day, you'll see me up on that stage singing my heart out in the greatest city on Earth!

Toralei! What are doing in Boo York city?

What? Nefera invited me.

Admit it, sister. Having Toralei around always makes things more exciting.

So, yeah, I know I can make it here on Bloodway and I can sing rings around you, little moth girl.


No. Not so much.

See you in show business!

'Course you'll have to buy a ticket.

Good luck on Bloodway, Luna!

Thanks! But in theater we say, "Break a leg!"

Hey, look at that!

That was amazing! Voltageously electric!

Thanks! You ghouls from out of town?

Monster High, actually.

Welcome to Boo York. My name's Elle Eedee.

And I'm Cleo de Nile, of the de Niles.

Ah, then you must be here for that gala.

You bet.

I'm gonna DJ tomorrow night.

That comet must be super important.

I heard the Ptolemys are hosting that gala tomorrow night.

Oh, my Ra, I forgot!

Nefera and I are supposed to be at Ptolemy Tower this afternoon for a meet and greet with the Ptolemys.

We'll have to catch up with you ghouls later. Come on, Deuce.

Um, your dad will be there. Maybe I can just skip...


Comet shirts! Show 'em you saw the comet by wearing a T-shirt!

Woah-ho-ho! Boo York is so exciting!

There's so much to do and see!

It's overwhelming. It's giving me ideas!

Ideas? Ideas for what?

I haven't been able to write new songs.

I don't know what to write about. I just can't find my music.

If you can't find it in Boo York, it doesn't exist!

Perhaps you can end your frighter's block. You'll find your music!

A ghoul can dream.

Yo! Taxi dude! Need a ride!

Stop please! Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!

What does it take to get a taxi in this town?

Don't they know who I am?

I told the manager, "Listen, guy, I may be lactose intolerant, "but I know cheesy when I smell it." Right?


How'd you do that?

Go ahead. I'll get the next one.

Um, thank you!

Do you know how to get to Ptolemy Tower? We're in a hurry.

Sure. We'll take Howlston Street.

At this time of day? Eek! You're crazy. Scooch!

You're gonna take Spectral Park West to 14th then cut across and take Hexington Avenue.

You know a lot about Boo York.

Upper Beast Side, born and raised.

My family helped build this crazy maze of a city.

I'm Nefera.

The name's Mousecedes. Mousecedes King.

Having a friend so familiar with the city could prove useful.


Hi, Daddy!

Sorry we're late! Yo, Mr. D!

Late! We have a meeting with the Ptolemys, the most powerful family in Boo York, and you're late!

Argh! If you weren't my daughters, I'd place a curse on you!


Ramses de Nile...

Madame Ptolemy, please, forgive me.

My daughters are...


A pity you don't seem to have control over your children.

My Seth would never be tardy for an appointment.

Would you, Seth?

No, Mother.

Oh, boy.

A pleasure and honor to meet you, Seth Ptolemy.

The one they call "The Prince of Boo York."

Hello. Hey.

And you've brought a friend?

'Sup, Ms. Ptolemy?

Is that what the kids today are calling music?

Hmm. Dreadful. Ow!

Am I right, Seth?

Oh, terrible noise, Mother.

Unfortunately, I must make my next appointment, but I expect our families will become quite close at tomorrow night's gala.

Ramses. Until tomorrow night, the night of the comet.

Hello, Ghoulia! What is happening on computer?

Oh, so comet knocked out of orbit is now heading towards Earth.

Is that bad?

Blow up the whole world! But you can fix it, right?

You wanted to see me, Daddy?

Nefera, what do you know about the great comet that will arrive tomorrow night?

Do you understand its importance to our Egyptian scaritage?

Yeah. I understand it got me a free trip to Boo York.

Centuries ago, a small piece of that comet broke away and landed in the Sa-horror desert.

Our people found it. The Comet Crystal.

Any promise made in the presence of the crystal when the comet is above becomes a real and unbreakable truth.

Once made, it cannot be undone.

Yeah, yeah, no take-backsies.

After its power was discovered, it became customary for the most important royal betrothal ceremonies to be performed under the light of that comet.

And its power would make the couple's promise permanent.

What does any of it have to do with me?

Do you see all of this?

The money? The power? This city?

It could be ours. It will be ours!

Once you are promised to Seth Ptolemy.

But Daddy! I don't wanna be with that Seth kid.

He's... He's weird!

Just think about all the power you will have if you go through with this ceremony.

Uh. I do like power.

What if there were another way?

Cleo, a real ghoul of the people.

She could be a great ruler with our guidance.

Name, in the lights Living royal, take a look at these beautiful diamonds And they're shining, and we're climbing to the top of this kingdom Nobody can stop us

If having everything that I want is wrong I don't wanna be right

Sitting high on my throne, in control This is some kind of life Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Take over the world You and I together Nobody can stop us Stop us, building our Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Empire, Empire Building us an empire Empire, Empire Building us an empire All I want is everything

'Cause we're kings and queens Why pretend to be anything less I'm a goddess Don't be modest When we run this kingdom it's gonna be monstrous

If having everything that I want is wrong I don't wanna be right

Sitting high on my throne, in control This is some kind of life Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Take over the world You and I together Nobody can stop us Stop us building our Empire! Empire!

Reign over everything Take over everything Empire!

Destiny awaits us!

But if Cleo doesn't cooperate?

You're right. I've just got to get Deuce out of the picture first.


Hey, Mousecedes! Oh, how are you? Uh-huh?

Good. Listen, um, I need someone with your class and connections to help me set up a brunch for tomorrow morning.

Oh, my ghoul, look at this view!

Nefera, thank you for putting this brunch together.

Yes, speaking of which, why did you put this brunch together?

I can't host a little pre-gala brunch for my sister and her friends?

Besides, Mousecedes did most of the planning.

Ah, here comes our guest of honor!

Ghouls, meet Seth Ptolemy.

But then, I don't have to tell you who the Prince of Boo York is.

Hello, ghouls.

Wait a minute. Nefera, where's Deuce?

He'll be here. I'm counting on it.

So. Do you like Spooksfear's Sonnets?


Is that some kind of Boo York band or something?

Oh, my, no. We Ptolemys don't care for wild modern music.

I mean poetry. I write poetry.


If music be the food of love, play on, I say. Play on. And again.

Hey-hey, everybod...


You're late! Uh...

And what are you wearing?

The invitation said "formal attire."

I thought it was a pool party?

Deuce, are you doing this on purpose?

Never mind, just come sit down.

I'm sorry, sir, but a suit jacket is required for all gentlemen to enter.

He doesn't have one.

This is the only loaner jacket we have.



Hello, everyone! Um... Don't we look nice this morning?

Oh no, my poetry!

Oh! Sorry, sorry!

Major brunch foul.

This is amazing!

And now for a Boo York specialty, scary cherries flambé!

Oh, no! The food! It's on fire! Deuce, quick, do something!



Oh, no.

Sorry, sorry!


Oh, no!

Deuce, the scary cherries are supposed to be on fire!

Nice one, Deuce.

I don't know why I keep doing that.

Going all crazy with a fire extinguisher?

This is a regular thing for you?

No, I... I mean, I don't know why I keep embarrassing Cleo.

Oh, well, let's face it.

Cleo is an Egyptian princess, and you're Deuce.

You come from two very different worlds.

Yeah, you're right.

Cleo's like, "Wow," and I'm like, "Dude."

Well, the way I see it, you could stay with Cleo for a little while longer, pretending to be good enough for my sister, or you could set her free.

Then she can move on with her life.

She deserves better.

If you love her, you'll leave her.

Comet path is unstable?

The comet will crash into Boo York city at midnight!

But that's where our friends are!

I say next we hit up the Monster of Liberty before the gala tonight.

Get your creeparoni pizza here!

I could definitely go for some Boo York-style pizza.

Oh, hey, ghouls! Luna!

Something about you looks different. No, don't tell me... Hair cut?

Yeah, I know I look silly.

But hey, technically I am now a working actor in Boo York city!

What is that you are doing?

You're hacking into satellite system to investigate? Very clever!

Losing signal. Searching again. Changing frequency.

Elle? Elle! Are you okay? What's happening?

What was that?

I'm not sure.

It was like a song in my head. It's still somewhere inside me.

Comet does not seem to slow down! Ghoulia, what else can we do?

According to this, the scary ferry to the Monster of Liberty should be just a little bit farther once we switch subways trains and...

Look! It's Pharaoh!

You are now rocking with the very best rapper from around the way I wanna say hello, hello Everybody calls me by my old name So lame you can just call me Pharaoh Ain't nobody stopping this Pharaoh's on top of this Too many things in a day to try to fit in All of you should stand up and dance, no sitting Straight up out the tomb Big dreams on my mind Gotta find my way in this Boo York way of life It's the place we all wanna go Be the star of the show When you're out in Boo York, Boo York It's Catty!

Okay, everyone, let's try to stay nice and orderly...

Hey, I'm Pharaoh.

Hi! I'm Catty Noir.

I know. We sounded pretty good together.

Come on!

Come on, let me show you my town.


You're crazy!

No, what's crazy is a famous pop star trying to walk down the street without getting recognized.

Come on! You can get to anywhere you want in the city from up here.


Come on, we have a whole city to explore!

Well then, we better get started!

Hey, wait up!

Oh, good, you're here!

Now, which do you like better?

Burnt sienna or terrifying haunted forest green?

They're both nice, I guess.

Well, that's not very helpful.

Well, what are you wearing to the gala tonight?


I'm not going.

Kind of hard for you to be my date if you're not at the gala...

Deuce, is this about what happened at brunch? Because...

It's not just about brunch! It's about everything!

Cleo, look at us. This was never going to last.

We're just too different.

What are you saying?

Look at you, look at me You deserve everything You're royalty I'm just an average guy, oh, yes, it's true I know just what to do when it comes down to me and you I'd hate to have this happen the way it has to happen What I thought was perfect matching was a perfect mismatch And I think I owe it to you To set you free

'Cause you'll be better, better off without me Don't back away from me This isn't like you What's gotten into you?

Tell me who said what to you to make you do this Think for a minute I don't care what others have to say about us and neither should you Sorry, it's over This can't be over Sorry, it's over This can't be over You and I, we're so wrong We're not perfect after all Everybody knows, everybody knows that this is the end

You and I were meant to be as one I'm really sorry, but we're done Sorry, it's over, sorry, it's over Sorry, it's over This can't be over This is the end

This is the end

Oh, don't cry, Deucey. You only did what you had to do. Disappear.

Catty says she and Pharaoh are okay.

She'll meet up with us at the comet gala tonight.

We should head back and start getting ready, too.

But what about the Monster of Liberty?

And the Hauntson River bridge?

Sorry, Draculaura, we can always come back for another visit.

It's not like Boo York is going anywhere.

Yes, move satellites closer to investigate comet.

Video games! No!

Quit hoggin', Ghoulia! My turn!

I got next. Okay, so what do you do?

Crash it into the comet? Cool!

Holy smokes!

Comets have defense systems?


How about Mummyford and Sons?

I've got every album.

Casta and the Spells?

They're my ring tone.

Where're we going?

It's a surprise. You're gonna love it though!

I can't remember the last time I got to hang out with a real music lover like you.

Your friends don't like music?

No, and my family can't stand it.

They only like the oldies, you know, from when like Tut was young.

Oh, my ghoul! Pharaoh, where are we?

Just close your eyes and listen.

All I hear is city noise.

Ah. But you're not really listening.

I hear music!

Pharaoh, I've found my music!

Cleo! What are you doing? Why aren't you dressed for the gala?

I'm too upset about Deuce.

Who cares about galas, I'm not going!

What? No, no, you have to! You have to be there to promise...

To promise, because you promised you would.


Everybody's expecting you be there.

Your family. Your friends. All the important Egyptians.

This is a very special night for us, Cleo. The night of the comet.

You don't want to let everybody down, do you?

I'm Cleo de Nile.

And I've got to give the people what they want.

So spaceship means somebody inside, right?

What is going on here?

Video games? On school grounds?

I love video games!


Space pilot in deep frozen sleep.

No big deal. In old country, we do this all the time.

So we wake the pilot, we save the world. But how we do that?

Thoughts, feelings...

What are you writing? A song?

I don't know... It's all just pouring out of me.

Pharaoh, I think I've found my music!

I haven't felt inspired to write like this in a long time...

So, where did you learn to rap like that?

Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm a mummy.


Seriously though, I don't know.

I've always been able to do it.

I think about how I feel and it just comes out of me.

Kind of like you and your writing just now.

Well, you're very good.

I'm glad you got to hear it.

Because after tonight, I won't be rapping anymore.

What? What are you talking about? You can't quit!

Why not? You quit.

Yeah, but that's different.

I stopped singing because I wasn't being true to myself.

But you, you're singing from your heart. The way I always wanted to.

You've found your voice. Why would you give that up?

It's complicated.

They offered me fame, money.

I gave it all up to try and find what you have.

The comet gala! I totally forgot!

Think about what I said. Goodbye, Pharaoh.

I hope I get see you again.


Be true to myself.

I've waited for this moment forever!

Thank you, Mother.

Very good. That's the kind of music we want to hear this evening.

None of that other stuff.

Isn't that right, Seth?

Yes, Mother.

I presume there will be a promise ceremony later tonight with the Ptolemy boy?

Of course, Daddy. I've got Cleo exactly where I want her...

The great comet hurtling through space, brimming with magical energy.

And tonight, she visits us once more.

Our ancestors believed the great comet was a gift from the others above.

A mysterious race of beings who live beyond the stars.

Why did they send it?

A message? A peace offering? A warning?

But what we do know is that any promise made under the magic light of the comet cannot be broken.

And so we created the promise ceremony, where our royal children would commit to be together, forever joining their families to create powerful dynasties.

And when the ceremony is complete, the comet leaves.

But we have something to remind us that she'll be back again someday.

The Comet Crystal. A piece of the great comet itself.

And tonight, the Boo York Unnatural History Museum is pleased to unveil the Comet Crystal to you, the public elite, for the very first time.


The Comet Crystal!

On behalf of the Ptolemy family, allow me to welcome you to the night of the comet!

May I invite you to join me on the roof at midnight, to observe the great comet fly directly above!

And to what I assume will be a traditional betrothal between my son and your daughter, de Nile.

I certainly hope so.

I mean, absolutely, Madame... I... Your Ptolemy-ness. Ma'am.

You're saying Deuce just broke up with Cleo for no reason?

That doesn't make any sense!

Right? They were like Romeo and Ghouliet.

Something doesn't seem right...

Oh, my Ra, you must be sick and tired of hearing about Seth tonight.

Seth Ptolemy?

What about him?

Oh. You seriously haven't heard? Everybody's talking about it.

But if you haven't heard, I won't worry you about it.

What? What are you talking about?

Oh. It's nothing. Pretty silly actually.


Well, far be it for me to go fluttering around like a scarab spreading gossip, but everyone wants you and Seth to perform a promise ceremony under the comet tonight.

Woah, woah, woah.

Promise ceremony? Me and Seth?

They're all wrapped up in the idea of the de Niles and the Ptolemys joining their families and creating the most powerful super-dynasty, like, ever.

You've got to admit, that would be historic.

You'd be rich. You'd be powerful.

And it's what everybody wants.

Everybody wants me to do this?

I know, crazy, right? But it would never happen.

I mean, you've already got Deuce and...

Cleo, I'm sorry. I forgot.

Whatever, forget I said anything.

Can I interest you ladies in some gore d'oeuvres?


Hey, ghouls! I'm working the party!

I know, it's not "acting" acting, but hey, I get to wear a neat costume.

Don't worry, you're going find yourself on Bloodway in no time.

Aw. Thanks.

Ooh. Try the King Tutankrab-rolls.

They're to die for.

Okay, slay-dies and gentlemonsters, make sure those bandages are wrapped up good and tight because Elle Eedee is here to make you move!

The robot. It's literally the only dance I can do!

You're trying to wake up person in spaceship?

Oh no, it's happening again.


Nope, not seem to work.


What happened?

It's what everybody wants.

Cleo! Cleo! Cleo! Cleo! Cleo!

Cleo! Cleo! Cleo! Cleo! Cleo!

I am Cleo de Nile.

And I've got to give the people what they want.

Nefera, I'll do it.

I'll promise to join our families.

Well, that's the end of my shift.

Luna, you can't go. Stay a while!

Okay, but I'll have to change first.

Well, you better hurry. You don't want to miss...

Awww! Can you teach me how to do that?

Attention! Attention, please.

It is with great pleasure that I present the future of the Ptolemy- de Nile dynasty.

At midnight, under the light of the great comet, my son Seth, and Ramses de Nile's daughter, Cleo, will be joined for all eternity in Boo York city's very first comet ceremony!

Let me be the first to congratulate the happy couple.


I'm sorry.

What do you mean "no," boy?

I'm not gonna do it. I'm not just gonna let you take my music away.

And I'm not gonna wear this anymore!


Look, Mom. You want to make me king of the world.

But I'm giving it all up.

I'm not just going to let you take my music away!

And you are not going to take it from me!

I don't want to be Seth Ptolemy.

I'm Pharaoh!

You are now rocking with the very best rapper from around the way I wanna say hello, hello Everybody calls me by my old name So lame you can just call me Pharaoh Ain't nobody stopping This Pharaoh's on top of this Coming back to life straight out of the sarcophagus I'm rapping these lyrics and this corner's my scene Boo York is my town and I'm living my dream So, can I get a boo yea?

Boo yeah!

Can I get a scare yeah?

Scare yeah!

You see the bright frights on this big city?

Things flying by in a Boo York minute, yeah Too many things in a day to try and fit in All of you should stand up and dance no sitting Straight up out the tomb big dreams on my mind Gotta find my way in this Boo York way of life It's the place we all wanna go Be the star of the show When you're out in Boo York, Boo York Do the things that we love the most Be the star of the show Our story's told in Boo York Boo York, Boo York Other towns are terrific But let's be specific Boo York is the best Just read the hieroglyphics I wanna test my limits I gotta find a new way Gotta new name now let's hear all the ghouls say Go Pharaoh, go Pharaoh, go!

For every time that they told us no Can't tell me no, I'm lettin' 'em go No more stitches Met a fly young ghoul And I'm ready to roll Please tell 'em who you are I'm Catty the star on a Boo York journey and we wanna go far Feel the music all around me Even in my heart and I like your style And you're the cat's meow! You're the coolest ghoul around And your sound makes me wanna unearth myself, come from the underground And the time is right now!

Or it's gonna be never Found each other in the Boo Now let's do it together now. Yeah!

It's the place we all wanna go Be the star of the show When you're out in Boo York, Boo York Do the things that we love the most Be the star of the show Our story's told in Boo York, Boo York

I don't understand!

What does he have with Catty what's-her-face that he doesn't have with Cleo?

Duh, their music! But you gotta...

It's disgusting! Ugh!

It was all going so well.

I never dreamt that the poet would be a problem!

But now, he has to go and ruin my dynasty over some kind of sick musical crush on a pop singer!

"Finding my music"? Ugh!

More like losing my lunch.

If it's music that brought those two together, then somebody needs to take it away from them.

Whatever is spoken in the presence of the comet will be for all time.

I feel so free.

You gave me the confidence to take off my mask in front of everyone.

Thank you, Catty.

No, thank you.

You showed me your city, your music, and helped me find mine.

No more stitches I'm letting them go Met a fly young ghoul And I'm ready to roll Please tell them who you are I'm Catty the star...

Comet Crystal, fragment from above, hear my declaration and make it true.

The musical voices of Catty and Seth will forever belong to you.

Take away their music and, with it, their affection for each other.

The time is right now Or it's gonna be never Found each other in the...

What... What was that?

Don't know.

I can't sing.

Me neither.

I have no music in my heart.

Seth, come here immediately.

Yes, Mother!

I gotta go.

So let me see if I've got this right.

First, Deuce breaks up with Cleo.

Then Cleo decides to do that comet ceremony thing with Seth Ptolemy.

But Seth is all like, "Nope, never mind.

"And by the way, I'm that rapper Pharaoh, "and I wanna fang out with Catty Noir."

And now you're saying that this party is completely out of King Tutankrab-rolls?

All of these things are true.

Catty! Catty, over here!

Oh, hey, ghouls.

We had no idea you and Seth...

Pharaoh, had feelings for each other.

I guess we did.

Did? What do you mean?

Your attention! Your attention, please.

Thank you. I have just been assured that tonight's unfortunate outburst by my son was merely an ill-conceived attempt at... humor.

The promise ceremony will proceed as scheduled.

Isn't that right, Seth?

Yes, Mother.

What happened when you and Pharaoh left the party?

Get rid of this!

It's a deal.

It's a deal?

You try everything! What happens if you cannot reach pilot?

All right! Triple satellite score!

Can't stop this!


Uh! A signal!

What could it mean?

Toralei Gonna throw the crystal in the river Gonna get a lot of money from Nefera Shut up! I'm good!

Wait a second.

If this thing can take someone's musical voice, who's to say it can't give it to someone else?

C'mon, rock. Give me Catty voice.

Toralei wants to sing!

Love is like a storm Tonight

So, it's like I'm stuck between a rock and a...

Another rock. Uh-huh.

I either, A, break up with my ghoulfriend, and she gets all the rich stuff she deserves...

...or two, stay together and wreck her whole life!

But I love this ghoul, and she loves me.


I always say, "You're in Boo York, you just go for it."

Relish it.

You're right! Dude, thanks for the talk.

You've really given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

Uh-huh. Hey, kid, you gonna pay for that haunt dog or what?

I've got to talk to Cleo.

Catty, you just sang your heart out with that boy and all of a sudden, it's over?

You must feel awful.

I don't feel anything.

What this ghoul needs is a healthy dose of vitamin music.

And go!

My name's Catty Noir And singing makes me feel better She can't sing. It's like part of her is missing.

Her voice! Her musical voice, anyway.

I saw Nefera give something to Toralei.

I bet she has the Comet Crystal!

Their voices must be somehow trapped inside.

She could be anywhere in Boo York!

No, she has the singing voices of two of the most talented singers ever!

And I know where she is.

The bright lights of Bloodway.

This is it! This is what drew me to Boo York!

Come on, ghouls!

Clear the way, center stage, hit the spotlight Looking bold, sounding fierce this is my night Wow, she's pretty good.

She's pretty cheating.

The comet ceremony starts in less than an hour!

Then we have to act fast.

Stand up, scream my name beg for an encore It's my first verse, versus everyone I think I know how to get the crystal back.

Get ready for a standing ovation Buy a ticket and off we go I'm the next big stage sensation Listen up

'Cause I came to steal the show Watch me steal the show

Scat, cat Get offstage, hit the bricks, this is not right You stole that voice and I'm here to pick a cat fight Let it go, don't you know on stage you're a fright Stage fright They call you Toralei, it should be Tora-liar The audience should run like you're yelling, "Fire!"

Your real voice is a caterwaul No curtain call Get ready for a singing violation Get a ticket and off you go I'm the next big stage sensation Listen up

'Cause I came to save the show Watch me save the show For a ghoul with stolen pipes you talk a big game You may fool some folks but it's pretty lame Let it go, don't you know the stage is not your right See the light Nobody loves the bright lights more than me The spotlight is a prize You gotta be ready You're a phony You're no Catty Take a catwalk Nice try kitty cat, with the voice-jack I've got friends looking out They've got my back Now you know, stealing the show is a crime Unless you do it right All right You can try and imitate me, copycat But my voice is made of more than that You can't bite my style Let's face it You're just catnip Get ready for a standing ovation Buy a ticket and off we go I'm the original stage sensation Listen up

'Cause I came to steal the show Watch me steal the show

Oh, yeah? Well...

You're a Catty-weirdy Boo!

That was clawesome! You sang beautiful!

You got it!

You're gonna be the next big star on Bloodway for sure!

You bet she is.

In my next big show, Jersey Ghouls.

Not if she's starring in my next Bloodway hit, The Book of Gorgon.

Luna Mothews. You're gonna need an agent.

Back off! She's my new client!

Over here! Can I get your autograph?

It looks like Luna finally found what she was looking for.

And we found Catty's voice.

And Pharaoh's voice, too.

Then we have to get back to the museum before he and Cleo finish that promise ceremony.

I'm on it.

Pick a cab, any cab.

Wait! Deuce!

I'm coming with you.

Because I may not be a fancy rich Prince of Boo York, but I know in my heart that Cleo and I belong together.

And I'm totally lost.

And I could use a ride.

It won't be long now before the full power of the great comet's light will be upon us.

What do you want? I'm busy.

Okay, don't get mad.

It's really not that big of a deal, but...

They what?

Excuse me.

All I wanted was a little help manipulating my sister into marrying a prince to make me fabulously wealthy and powerful.

Is that too much to ask?

Now, which one of you magical, ancient amulets can slow those ghouls down?


I'm gonna need something bigger.


The lights! They're going away.

No way!

Is everybody okay?

What's going on?

Well, come on. Why's everyone just standing around?

Let's get back to the promising, chop-chop.

She's right. The only light we need is the magical brightness of the great comet.

Let us resume.

It's no use.

At this rate, we're never going to make it to the museum in time.

But we have to try.

I know how we can get across town.

We have to travel like mummies.

Yo, whatever it takes!

I'm a mummy.

We are movin'!

We'll be back to that museum in no time!

Yeah, nothing can stop us now!

Losing signal.

No, no, lost.

We have to do something!

How? We don't know anything about robots.

We know someone that does.

Ghoulia. We're in trouble.

All the lights in Boo York have gone out, and we have to save Cleo!

And now our robot friend Elle is fritzing out!

Is there anything you can do to help us?

Music notes.


Thanks for helping.

Ghoulia will fix everything. World not be destroyed.

This time. Bye now!

Did she just say...

Let's move!

There is music coming from the comet?

Dear guests, with the comet above us, let's start the promise ceremony that we've been waiting for, for centuries.

Now, under the comet, we will finally witness the forever-binding promise.

Seth, do you promise to be forever bonded to Cleo de Nile?


And, Cleo, do you promise to be forever bonded to Seth Ptolemy?

Ye... Cleo!


What is the meaning of this?

Cleo! Don't do it!



Comet Crystal, return Seth his voice now!

Too many things in a day to try and fit in All of you should stand up and dance No sittin'


Straight up out of the tomb Big dreams on my mind Gotta find my way In this Boo York way of life Yeah! That's how you do it!



You could have had everything.

You could have created a dynasty.

And this is what you want to do with your voice instead?

It's what makes me happy, Mother.

This is who I am.

You came back!

I didn't wanna lose you. I'm sorry about what I said before.

Cleo, I just want the best for you.

And I was afraid I would...

I've got the best.

Sorry about the golden beard thingy. I didn't mean...

Forget about it.

I like you better this way.

Huh. Sorry.

No, no, no!

Stop it! Stop all this right now!

This is not how tonight was supposed to go!

This was my night!

What about my power? What about my dynasty?

This is literally the worst thing that could ever happen to me!

I can't watch.

The comet!

It's... It's coming right for us!

Okay, maybe that is the worst thing that could happen to me.

Ghoulia! You won!

High score!

Ghoulia beat the game!

I hear something coming from inside.

It's true! The comet, it comes from the beings above.

I believe this belongs to you.

Thank you. My name is Astranova.

That song you heard was a distress signal.

You all saved me.

It's funny but, in a way, you were the one that saved us, Astranova.

We were all searching for something this weekend.

And if your comet hadn't brought us here, or given us your song, we wouldn't have found what we were looking for.

I found the voice that was hidden deep inside!

I found my voice singing loud on a Bloodway stage.

I found some amazing new ghoul friends.

And we found what we've always known.

That we are Cleo and Deuce.

And nothing changes that.

Thank you, Astranova, for helping everybody find their music.

I know I found mine.

Hello! Welcome, Astranova! Nice to meet you, Astranova!

Your voice is so beautiful. I like your sphere ship thing.

Are you having a party?

Well, it's midnight.

I'm in Boo York with my Deuce and my ghoul friends in the middle of Times Scare!

You'd better believe we're having a party!

I love parties.

Because we all We all are shooting stars

I am the light in the dark

For every one of you there is a song From outer space above to your hearts

When you hold your head up high And look up into the night I'm falling out of the sky Falling out of the sky I'm falling out of the sky

'Cause we are shooting stars Light it up Be who you are

'Cause we are shooting stars Light it up Be who you are, who you are Burn in the sky with love Light the dark from above Hear the sound of our voices Make the world recognize us It's time that we rise up Yeah, it's time that we get down Burst in flames, don't it look cool as we head towards the ground Hear the sound of the whole crowd Make the declaration out loud It's a celebration of who we are Not ashamed to show all our flaws Not ashamed of not being perfect But we are more than worth it We gonna have the time of our life dancing under the moonlit night When you hold your head up high And look up into the night We're falling out of the sky We're here to light up the night

We're shooting stars Be who you are

We're shooting stars Be who you are You are a star We're shooting stars Be who you are, who you are

Go, Operetta!

Go, ghouls!

Way to go, Astranova!

Astranova rocks!


Astranova, Operetta, while I admire your appreciation for the musical arts, I am trying to teach a lesson here!


Oh, hi.

Sorry I didn't return your call. Traveling.

But you'll never believe where I am.

Yeah? Tell us.

Monster High! It's real!

Oh. Fablelous.

Yeah, and it gets better.

All the lands, all the high schools that we thought were just stories?

They're real!

So it is true!