Monster Hunt 2 (2018) Script

After the Wuba monster is released by its human parent, Wuba and other monsters move to the jungle.

Together, they build a new Peace Village.

♪ Do not think much. Do not worry a lot. ♪

♪ Everything is great today, it's time to dance. ♪

♪ You are my friend. You are my family. ♪

♪ With this cheerful song, it's time to dance. ♪

♪ No matter where you come from, ♪

♪ You are welcome to share our happiness. ♪

♪ Dancing together! Shake your body! ♪

♪ Feel the sweetness of our joy. ♪

♪ Move your limbs. Then you will feel good. ♪

♪ Join us. Now it's time to dance. ♪

♪ Now it's time to dance. ♪

♪ No matter where you come from, ♪

♪ You are welcome to share our happiness. ♪

♪ Dancing together! Shake your body! ♪

♪ Feel the sweetness of our joy. ♪

♪ Here's how to dance. ♪ So good without human clothes.

Did you lose weight?

That was fun.

What is this? / Giant monsters!

Sent by the evil Monsters King!

Protect Wuba! Where is Wuba?

Save the Wuba!


There's one more.


I will protect you.

There are more.

Four winged monsters!

Honey, swing me up!

Do not think about it!

Xiao Wu.




I understand.

I will not get caught.

Watch out!

Down below!



Do not let it fly!

Hang on!

We can not take it anymore!


Our turn! - Come on!

Gao, did Wuba get away?

He escaped.

I hope he's okay.

The idiots can not even catch a small monster Barr, now I command my fascination with the creature.

You have to take him alive.

I want to see what the privilege of this little monster.

It may change the human world and the monster.

I'll finish this task, Your Honor.

I get the vision again.

My master is blind and mute, but he can hear.

He said he never felt this strange pulse.

It's like all the gynecological disorders of the world enter into one body.

Master wants to know when your menstrual periods will be.

Is it important? / You're a mother.

No need to be embarrassed.

He is his mother.

On the 15th of every month ...

... I eat vegetables.

Doctor, I'm really healthy. Let's go.

Wait a minute.

Ever since she gave birth, she suffered from depression and insomnia.

Can you fix it, Doc?

She said she never treated men for postpartum depression.

Just treat her like a woman.

The way I treat her.

When do you usually feel depressed?

When he thought of when he sent his son away.

The problem is in your mind.

Take this, and cook ....

... with 3 bowls of water ...

May I add the water?

Will make it easier to swallow it.

My lord said you must be delirious!

Master wants you to pour it after being boiled.

Then put the incense on it.

Your mind is sick. You have to pray on the sun for positive energy.


You think Wuba is growing up now?

Watch Out. /Almost.

Show me your true form, monster!

Where's the little monster?

I do not understand what you mean.

So stiff!

Catch him!

Are you okay? Please hold this.

Thank you for the help.

Are you hurt?

(Bureau of the Monster Hunter)

Are you from the Bureau of the Monster Hunter?

Are you also a hunter?

We are just a little hunter. I'm Tianyin Song.

This is my wife Xiaolan. And who are you?

Yun Qing, from the Bureau of the Monster Hunter.

Sorry, I have to go back.

Keep up the good work. Take care of yourself.

Do you know, Yun from the Monster Hunting Bureau.

Because your dad is a hunter of monsters--

Maybe we can find the direction of its existence there.

So we have to go. - Come on.

Do you think Wubatakut with lightning?

Wuba is trouble-maker I think lightning is afraid of Wuba.

When did you make this?

Not that I miss Wuba.

I just think that monsters and humans can not live side by side.

As I talked to this doll, it made me feel that Wub was around beside me.

I'm a level ten hunter! Give it up, monster!



That's a real monster!


Keep moving! Stop running.

City of Clean Water

Stop! Do not move!


Hurry up! Search!

Search everywhere!

Look under the cart!

Come on, quickly!

Up there! Look up!

Forget it.

Let's look elsewhere.

Come on!

Search on!

Where do you come from?

Looking for your parents?

Put your bets on!

Big! Big!

It's a miracle!

Win 15 times in a row. Really lucky.

Correct. / For someone who has never lost, it does not matter if you win once again.

Then let me make it meaningful.

One game.

Bets it all. Do you dare to play?

If you want to give up, you can take your money now.

I never missed the opportunity.

What else is someone as beautiful as you.

I think our game is over.

What is that?

Sorry. Madam, you know where is the bathroom?

It must be on the right.


Looks like we got a pair of con artists here.

I have to give you a lesson. - Do not accuse me.

The creature comes out of your side.

Looks like you're the one who cheats. I have to teach you a lesson.

Tu, you're a traitor.

I have to teach you a lesson.

She Tu?

Where is he?



Tu is there! Catch her!

BenBen! BenBen!

BenBen, why are you flying?

Where is the land?

Back off!

Catch him!

Come forward!


Where is he going?

What is this thing?

In my old days, I was with ten people at once.

People call me Killer.

I adore many people, not because of my remarkable skill, but because of my integrity.

We've agreed 5 rounds, you play 10 rounds You blame me now?

10 tael for overtime.10 tael for my nausea.

You betray me there, so 10 tael for mental suffering.

I worked overtime and spent a date with my girl, 2 theater tickets wasted--

So it's a total of 10 taels.

You mess up the game and now you're asking for money?

I look down on people and greedy monsters.

Let me tell you, whenever I meet the greedy, I will not forgive.

BenBen! Machete!

What is wrong with you?

Who wants to use this size to kill such a small creature?

Give small ones.

You said you would not give a fucking gay passion.

You can use this to kill yourself.

At least pay my wages.

If not, I'll have my boyfriend eat you alive.

My girlfriend is a great girl.

Are you trying to scare me?

How big is he? Is it as big as my head?

Nice. You want to be a shameless person?

Remember that I have no fear.

Calm down.

I am a man of dignity with a reputation that must be taken care of.

I'll pay you.

So stiff!

You can pay for this.

And you also have to pay your share.

Go to hell!

Are you happy as rude as this?

You're happy to see me die.


Where did you get this corn?

At the stall Mama Zhang, on the other side of the shop know in the market.

As you pass by tomorrow, bring more.

You still owe me 30 Mama Zhang's money.

He said if you do not pay him, you must marry his third daughter.

Cui you mean?

His body is twice the size of your body.

Forget it.

Tell Mama Zhang, I better pay the debt only.

Who are you?

Are you a secret child?

We just met.

Stop babbling!

You eat my corn and you behave to me?

Goodbye, little boy!

Bureau of the Monster Hunter



The monster is still a child.



Next, Hunter Zhang.

The rich Monster Hunter Bureau. thanks.

Actually, now I should be a 3rd rank hunter.

The salary would be pretty good.

I also should be upgraded.


You should have your baby.

Weapon Workshop

Purchases on the left, fixes on the right.

Do not ask questions.

I am busy.

Excuse me. /A woman?

We're just looking around.



Workshop owner?

How do you know?

You fix the weapon?

Your weapons need to be fixed?

How do you know?

Is it broken when hunting monsters?

How do you know?

Guess how I can tell?


I do not think you need to know.

Should I talk to the others, or can you fix it?

This damaged whip is a proof of ignorance and superficiality.

Why can not you take care of him?

It really can not be fixed.

Never mind him.

I think you're special.


You look like you're not in the heat in two months.

It shows you do not care about small business.

You only care about big business.

Give it to me!

I am the one who has ruined his whip.

This is mine.

Madam, I feel we understand each other.

Since it's yours, it inspires me. I suddenly thought of fixing it.

I know you can do it.

I feel that the connection is shared.


The warriors want a new weapon as well.

Whatever the lady wants, will be fulfilled.

After all, the family spirit is hard to come by. thanks.

Your place is full of valuable goods.

Take whatever you want.

See you later.

Please fix my whips soon.

Hey, you're not happy just now?

How do you know?

Because we share the connection.

Why do not you connect with him?

You are jealous.

Zhu Gold Bank

Bos Zhu.

How are you?

When you owe me money, you call me Zhu Boss.

When you want to borrow money, you call me Little Zhu.

Which one is in your heart?

I have another question, and you should answer honestly.

When will I pay it, right?


When are we getting married?

If the debt is not paid within 3 months, Little Tutu will marry his beloved Little One.

You signed this marriage agreement, and you even put your lips.

You made me drunk and forced me to sign it.

I think it's a Debt Agreement.

I do not care about the money.

I checked my calendar ...

... and today is the perfect day for marriage.

Not today.

We must do this with our parents and matchmakers This is not true.

You just do not marry me, do you?

You're a real jerk.

Choose your favorite girl.

I can choose whoever I like?

You can choose me too (Marry me).

Hairdresser Please comb my hair slowly. No need to be too beautiful.

Talk! When will you pay your debt?

I really want to pay for it. but I do not have the money.

Why do not you pick another girl.

Tooth extraction Spanking Massage What if ... him.

Stop the massage!

3 days.

I will pay off in 3 days.

If you can not pay yet, I'll let you ...

... cut up my body and paraded me into the street.

Boss. Those who say find a small monster have arrived.

Bos Zhu.

(A great gift for anyone who finds this monster)



Go away!

Boss. Tu can die for too much laughter.

Stop it!

If he died, who would marry me?

Who will marry me?

This is what I want.

Not this.

You also looking for that little friend?

That's what babbling, "wuba wuba"?

You know where that is?

We are close friends. We often play together.

Bring me.

Then we can re-negotiate our agreement.