Monsters (2010) Script

We've located one male and one female. We're heading in.

- Move, move! Come on, it's not safe. Let's go. It's restricted area, sir. We're getting you out of here now.

That's my theme song.

Everybody needs a theme song. How far are we from base?

I don't know. We probably got another 20...

2-5, do you copy that?

Help me!

Somebody help? HELP!

Requesting permission to engage. Romeo, are you clear to take him down, over?

I need airstrike, I'm giving you the coordinates now!

Airstrike! Help!

It's gonna be much worse on collateral damage than if we get them with the airfire, over.

Airstrike cover! Somebody help?

- Copy. Are you clear to engage? Take him down.

- Let's do it. In three, two, one.

Excuse me?

You know where they took the injured? Do you speak english?

Do you english? Anybody? Yes, little english.

Where did they take the injured thousand? Where? The hospital?

Which hospital?

Wait here, OK? Five minutes.

So all the people from the hotel. They brought them in like last night? Or this morning?

Sam. Samantha Wynden?

She's down here?

Sam? Yeah?

My name's Andrew Kaulder. I work for your fathers publication.

They wanted me to come by here and make sure you are OK.

So... is that broken? No.

All right. So... you're OK?


OK. Good.

- What is this an ultimatum? Ultimatim? No, you're overreacting. Overreacting? I've been waiting three years for this.

Look Kaulder, this is the boss' daughter. I need you to get her out of there. What is the big deal? Just do this for me. This is my big chance. This is what we've been talking about. This is what I've been waiting for.

Look, just take her to the coast. You'll be back today. That is all I'm asking you to do.

- Pearce, the answer is no. No, no, you can't say no!

I'm fine, dad. It's not as bad as it looks.

- Well, on a TV it looks bad. Well then don't watch TV, dad. Customers travelling towards the infected zones are advised to check train destination... Is the train to the coast still running? Yes.

Two tickets. Two americans.

Well, I'm glad you're OK. But did you call John?


Sam, he's your fianceé. You can call him now.

- Dad, the train is here. I gotta go. You can't just call him now?

If I don't hang up right now, I'm not gonna make it back. Please. All right, Sam. Get off the phone. The train is leaving. Let's go.

- Dad, I gotta go. Sam, is that the guy?

- Dad, we have to go. Put him on. Come on, hang up the phone. We gotta go. He wants to talk to you.

I don't wanna talk to him. Here he is, Dad.

What are you doing? It's for you.

- Mr. Wynden. - Yes Good morning.

- What's your name? Andrew Kaulder.

- I'm a photographer. I work for your public...

Now Kaulder, listen to me, you do understand your responsibility here, don't you?

Yes, sir.

- That's my little girl you have there, you know? Yes, sir, I understand. She's in safe hands. You're gonna get her back home safe. Promise me!

Yes, sir!

We gotta go. Sir, we need to get on the train.

- The train's leaving. OK. Well look after her.

- OK. Thank you. Thank you. Geesh, come on.

You... photographing these things?

I've photographed quite a bit of them. Mostly carcasses.

I'm trying to get a shot that would make your dads frontpage.

That's better. So you came down here on work? Vacation?

Do you work? Do I look like I don't work? Or something?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Just due to this whole babysitting thing.

Sorry. It's OK.

It's OK. Glad I could help.

It's so hot in this thing.

He said there's a problem up ahead and if they could turn around and go back.

Should we stay on the train? No.

Kaulder, are you sure it's safe to get off here? Yeah, sure. We're miles from the zone.

It's really cold. All right, let's get off. Get off.

Are you sure about this? The train's gonna leave.

It doesn't matter. We need to keep going.

Kaulder, where are you going? There's nothing here.

Excuse me? Kaulder, just let me speak to her.

So, she said, where still over 100 km's from the coast.

And the tracks are damaged and we can't continue by train.

Can we not get to a bus or something?

No one here travels at night because of the creatures.

So, we will have to get a ride tomorrow.

She said, there, there's almost no traffic in here because the military are closing this whole coastline in two days.

So let me get this straight. If we don't make it over to the coast within the next 48 hours she's gonna be stuck here for the next six months?

The coffee has been stirred. You can't stir it anymore.

No, we're not married. No. I'm single. Single.

Single, yeah. Can you say single?

The US attack across the border near the infected zone, as you well know, have started much earlier than last season. Taking many people by surprise. Sightings outside the usual migrations house have already increased. And although there's been several airstrikes already by the U. S. the new president especially says that he would not tolerate any activity near... the nearly build wall on the U. S. border. Which of course brings us all back to concern...

Put on the mask. I'm gonna take a picture. Put on the mask.

Like when the plane's come. Yes, yes.

You don't have to breathe hard.

Thank you.

She wants me to take this stuff. Well, then grab it. Let's go.

What is it? Food and water. Many thanks.

Thank you.

Let's go. Let's go, let's go.

So you're married? No, I'm engaged.

What's the difference?

Oh, that feels good!

Walking. Kaulder.

What is your name? René.

I like your hat.

So, what, like five more minutes? Yes?

You guys got any creatures around here?

Not even a little ones.

Where'd they attack before? Right over there.

Yeah, something like three years ago? Gonna be a new one too?

No. You were just a baby back then, weren't you? I'm gonna take your picture, yeah?

Doesn't that kinda bother you, that you need something bad to happen to profit from it?

You mean like a doctor?

You know what I mean. Yeah, I know what you mean. Come on.

Let me ask you something?

You know how much money your fathers company pays...

... for a picture of a child killed by a creature.


You know how much money I get paid for a picture of a happy child?


You know where that puts me?

Photographing tragedy.

I don't cause it.

I'm just documenting it. Everyone has to earn a living.

We were too late? No.

They're still letting boats through.

They're just patrolling because behind the fence is the infected zone.

Is there anymore ferry tickets today?

Ferry ticket? Back there.

It's closed. Yeah, it's closed now.

It's closed. Is there anymore? Sure? Are you sure?

English? We want ticket to, ferry ticket to America.

Let me check.

Not for today, for tomorrow. What time?

Seven o'clock in the morning. That's the last ferry.

How much? That would be 5,000 coronas.

5,000? Yeah, yeah. 5,000.

Yeah, it's the only way to go. $5,000 is a lot of money.

Yes I know, but it's the only possibility right now.

How do you not have tickets? There are people waiting in line.

Yeah, the people's just waiting to go through the land.

What do you mean by land?

These people are going through the infected zone as you can see there.

Infected zone is very risky. If you got the money you go by ferry.

Do you have the money? Do you take the risk?

No. She doesn't need to go through the zone. I wanna put her on the ferry. All right?

She's American. She has a passport. Yeah?

Oh, that makes a difference. That's me.

Look at that picture. It's pretty. Beautiful. Thanks.

2,000. No, it would be 5,000 But it's the only option you got.

Tomorrow at seven o'clock you take her, you go with them.

I'll give you $3,000. No. No way. It's 5,000.

That's 5,000.

But you are safe. All right.

Thank you. Don't you spend that all on one place.

I feel very happy about that.

What a joke. If he owns the hotels here too, we're fucked.

I could have a shower. A shower?

Yeah, well, I have to say, thanks to you I'm stuck by the zone tonight.

So, if I don't get any award winning photographs here, It's the only way to go. Are you kidding?

No. It's the safest way. Five shots of tequila.

I'll pay you two. No. The price is five.

OK three, that's my final offer.

Looks like they gave you the honeymoon suite. That mine is a shithole.


Mind if I grab a glass of water while my room's getting ready?

All around the Western perimeter and seem to be massing for an assault. In elleven different locations attack. Three of them as we speak... Ice cold water.

That is really cold.

I stink! I really need a bath. That's what I need.

Want me to scrub your back? Shut up.

... especially when the migration is driven by seasonal change. Scientist say that more than one hundred migrate at this time of year.

- What ever you call them, their population... Shall we go grab a cocktail?

It's gonna be dark, so we should... Yeah, we'll look.

It's fine. This town isn't gonna get hit for another two days.

No, but isn't that kinda like the weatherman who says it's not gonna rain, and then all of a sudden it rains? The Meteorologist?

This guy that lived next door to me when I was attempting to go to college.

A big "stoner."

His name was Joel. I was like "Joel, what are you doing?"

He said: "Well, I'm working to be Meteorologist."

"That's the only job that I can be wrong every day and not get fired."

Joel, he had wife.

You could just tell that she was gonna leave him.

One of those couples you look at that is just destined for failure.

On Monday we told you about the efforts to sure up secuirty at the nations ports. And government says great strikes have been made. But critic contend...

... that crossing in and out of the infected zone are potentially very poorish.

Hi, Mommy and Daddy aren't in so leave a message. Hey, buddy, it's me. I just wanted to call to wish you a happy birthday.

I'm not gonna be able to call you tomorrow, so, happy birthday bud.

And I promise, I'll call you in a couple of weeks when I land somewhere. OK?

Who was that? Reception. They just said my room is ready.

Oh, that's good.

That means you can get out now so I can put my dirty clothes back on.

I just gonna lay here for...

All right.

So meet outside in like, half an hour? Thanks.

You gotta do it right before you can do it.

Oh, my God. That's really great.

The vibe just changed.

Look at all these people.

How are you feeling? OK.

You wanna get out of here?

So what are you gonna do tomorrow? I wanna go home to my fianceé.

Get married, and live happily ever after.

You're gonna have a lot more fun tomorrow than I'm having.

When are you guys getting married?

I don't know. We haven't set a date.

We'll celebrate now. Cheers.

Stop the bombing!

Stop the bombing!

You know, dolphins can only hold their breath for like 12 minutes.

So the question is: When they sleep do they swim? Or do they just stake a put and float?

Have you ever? Did you know that? Did I know what?

That dolphins can only hold their breath for like 12 minutes.

No. They're mammals So I mean, they've bellybuttons?

They, they do have bellybuttons. You're a marine biologist, aren't you?

That's what you do. You look like a marine biologist.

Biologist. That's a weird word.

How's your hand? It's the same.

Sounds like they're having a party.

On top of that, my airconditioning is broken in my room. So you know... I don't know...

That's a king-size.

Gonna lie down in the bed? No? Well on that note.

You want a massage? No.

I'm just kidding. Just kidding. I don't know.

All right, so you don't wanna make out.

I had a really good time. Yeah, I did too.

I mean, hanging out on top of a 400 year old church is what...

... I do on the weekends all the time but it was different doing it with you.

I gotta go to bed. All right.

See you in the morning? Yeah, see you in the morning.

Sure you're OK in here?

Good night. Good night.

Is that a creature in there? Good night.

Who wants tequila, on me? Anybody?

No, that's, more for me. More for me.

Locating the male in the endless darkness can be the hardest of journey of all. Each year the female releases chemicals into the water, the male can sense from over a hundred miles away. Attracted by her bio neuroness in blood they pro cautiously mate, using their tentacles together in a vivid display of cobber. With her eggs now fertilized the female returns to the waters edge...

- Hi, this is John. Hello?

I'm not here right now but if you like to leave a message... and your number, i'll call you right back.

Passenger: Police indicate there will be restriction. The harbor will be closing in one hour.

Good morning. You look great.

Did you sleep good? Yeah. How about you? Good?

So, I was just wondering if you wanted to get a cup of coffee, before I left?

Yeah, sure I could use a cup of coffee.

Just let me, get my wallet and put some pants on.

I gotta clean up in here just affecting. If you can just give me a sec.

You know, it's OK. I'm gonna be late. No, hang on.

No, it's OK. Really.

It's all right, don't worry about it. Sam? Sam?

Come on. Are you kidding me?

Sam? Sam!



What are you doing?

Trying to get on the boat. No, I mean, what are you doing?

I'm going home.

All right so, so that's it? Yeah.

What are you waiting for? Get on the boat.

I can't. What do you mean you can't get on the boat?

You have my passport.

Excuse me?

That girl... No, you don't know?

I got robbed. So all I want is to get one ticket for her on the ferry back to America.

That's not my problem. I know it's not your problem.

I'm just asking you to help me out here.

As you can see, look, everything is closed.

The army's out there. The navy's out there.

Yesterday I paid you $5,000. That was yesterday.

Today not possible. What do you mean there's no possible.

You tell me there's no more ferries here?

OK, what about by land?

You wanna go to the infected zone? No. Yes.

No, no, no, no. Yes, I do.

I just wanna get home. If that's the only way I'll be happy to go.

It's going to be more expensive I need to hire some people.

Very difficult journey, very risky, very dangerous.

Come on, man.

And that's not cheap of course. That's fine. How much?

Oh, that'll be about $10.000.

We got robbed, OK? We don't have any money.

No, no, no, listen.

That's fine.

Show me, you can afford that.

I want cash now.

Come on, man. I'll give you my watch. I'll give you this. I'll pay you double.

I will pay you double. I will give this and I pay you double.

Both there don't make enough money to pay the tickets.

I'll pay you when we get back to America.

When you get back to America? Come on! How can I assure that?

I don't know you. This is no worth.

I know it's no good. OK, but what would you do?

No options, no possibility. No option?!

If you were in my situation what would you do?

Get the money and pay. Fucking work with me here, man.

No. It's not good enough. So you got nothing for me?

It's not good enough.

It's diamonds. Diamonds?

For that... two tickets.

Two people. Me and her. I go with her.



No passport, I'm sorry. Aid workers.

They can't... there's nothing... nobody can't stop us. You sure?

What's going on? I don't know. I can't hear him.

Where are the other people?

You're not coming? No, no, no.

Kaulder, wake up.

We're here?

What did he say? Gas.

I have to go to the bathroom. It's been hours.

Go behind that white building.

What is that?

Come on. Let's get back on the boat.

Come on, Sam.

What's your sons name? Tommy. Turn six years old tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Wow.

What happened with you and the mother? Katie?


I met her about six years ago. We had a great two months together.

Had a blast. Two years later I got a phone call, she said: "you got a kid."

I said: "When can I see him?" She goes, you can see him...

... but you're not his father.

Well, on a lighter note. Do you have any pets?

No. No, I don't. You've no pets?

My fiancé is allergic. Oh, man, that sucks!

Kaulder, come on. You can stop taking pictures.

What do you want me to do? Are you looking at... ?

Yeah, I'm looking at it.

What is that? What is it?

What is this?

Hurry! Go, go!

Why are we stopping?

Amigos, those guys have guns.

Those are your friends?

He said it were safe. Why do they have guns?

He said that we have to hurry because the daylight's gone.

He's just told us to hurry...

What did he say? He said it was just the cows.

It's the cows. Of course.

How far is the wall from here? Like driving, hour and a half.

Right on the other side of that wall is America? Yes.

So we're very close? Very close.

We go, like what, early morning? No, we're waiting for another family.

Another family? Then we'll go to the wall together.

I think, American government are spending a lot of money.

But you can't fight nature. No, exactly.

Yeah, it's like we're imprisoning ourselves.

Have you guys seen one of the creatures?

Have you ever seen it like with your own eyes? The creature, a live one.

Near here.

Shut up!

How big is it?

A hundred? More than a hundred meters?

Do you feel safe staying here?

Yes, in the high grounds. The rivers you are not safe.

If you don't bother them they don't bother you.

When the american planes come the creatures, very mad. You know?

They very very dangerous. Do the planes, do they come around here?

This smell chemical poison.

Well, you can smell it? Smell it.

What do they... drop chemical weapons? Yes.

Why do they bomb here? The chemicals?

Because the are many extra-terrestrial in the trees.

What do you mean there's extra-terrestrials in the trees?

The trees are infected. What do you mean, the trees are infected?

You wanna see it?


What is that?

What is that? Look, it echoes back!

That is wild.

It's OK.

I don't think we should be touching it.

So, this is the infection? Why in the trees?

They grow up and go to the river until the ocean.

And then what?

They are reproducing and they come back.

So they lay their eggs in the trees where they grow and then they return to the rivers?

Exactly, yes.

I guess that's what they mean by infected zone.

Let's go back.

How's your hand?

Let's take off the bandage.

Let it breathe a little bit.

It's a lot better now without all that weight.

What do you mean? The ring.

Does it hurt? Yeah, I wouldn't push it too far.

Thanks. Hey, no problem.

You need to move it around. No, I mean, thanks.

Yeah. You're welcome.

I'm sorry about the other night.

It's OK. I was drunk.

I'm sorry.

I just don't want you to think of me like that when you think of me.

It's OK.

It's OK. You don't have to do it perfect.

Well, we'll be home in the morning. It's gonna feel nice.

It's too tight.

It's still too tight.

We should probably get some sleep. Yeah. Yeah.

They are in trouble! Where is my camera?

Where's my camera?

OK, what are we doing? What's going on, why'd we stop.

What's going on? Be quiet, be quiet.

What is that?

Why are you putting the gasmask? Why are you putting on the gasmask?

Can we have a gasmask? Can we have one gasmask?

Where are you going? Where are you going!

Sit down, Sam.

Sam, Sam, stay down.

Kaulder? Hang on!

That's not good.




Sam, it's gotta get dark soon. We gotta keep going.


Well, I have to pee.

Do you mind?

Look at this!

What'd you find, "Cortes"?

Oh, my God.

That's the biggest man-made structure I'v ever seen.

It's like the seventh wonder.

God, it's huge!

I thought it'd be a lot happier to see it.

Like I feel I could cry, but...

... I dunno if it would be a happy cry or sad cry.

And it's different looking at America from the outside.

You know, just sitting right outside and looking in.

And when you get home it's so easy to forget all this.

I mean, tomorrow we'll be back to our seperate lives.

In our like perfect suburban homes.

You know, everything that we've been through it won't matter anymore.

How old do you think that girl was?

Four... five years old?

Let's talk about something else.

Something funny.

You know, people laugh different depending on who they're around.

Or, like when you're little you practice laughing. You know?

And you pretend... You practiced laughing?

You never did that? Practiced laughing?

We got a long walk ahead of us in the morning. You should probably get some sleep.

I'm gonna stay awake and keep a look out.

And this will probably be the most amazing place you've ever slept.

There's not a light for miles. I just hope the clouds break.

I'm sure sometime. I don't really see him that often.

How come? He lives with his mother and she's married now.

But you're still his father. Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

Doesn't that bother you? It's just easier that way.

I don't wanna confuse him.



What happened here? I don't know.

If you ask me this looks like an airstrike.

All these peoples homes. But where are the people?

Do you think anybody's under here?

I feel like, if there was anybody here, we'd smell them.

Let's just keep going. There's gotta be somebody somewhere.

- Are you sure it's dead? Yeah. Stay there.

Don't come in here, Sam.

- What are you doing? I'm just taking a picture.

Do you hear that?

Excuse me?

Excuse me.

Have you seen anybody else?

I've got another thing to do.

Another thing you gotta do. Got cheese in the back of my truck.

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.

You see that light? Yeah.

- Hello, 911, what is your emergency? We're somewhere in the evacuation zone. I'm not sure where. Somewhere off of Farm Road 2777 and Highway 73.

- Is anyone hurt? No, no ones hurt. We're both a little dehydrated.

- But we're fine. Boy, you're lucky to be alive.

- Thank you. OK, what are your names?

One male, Andrew Kaulder. Female, Sam Wynden.

- Can you describe what you're wearing? Does it matter?

We're the only two people here. We haven't seen anyone in the last 48 hours from the Southern tip of the border. OK, don't move from that location. We have an army patrol in the area, we're sending over right now. They should be with you very soon. Just stay where you are, OK?

I always wanted to work behind a register.

Really? Yeah.

I thought it would be cool to work behind a register.

I used to have a register. I don't doubt that.

I had real money in it. I don't doubt that either.

It was just one dollar bills though.

Isn't that funny how you immitate you know, what's your parents do.

Always see your dad counted money so you'd sit there and count your money.

My kiddo immitate me.

You should give him a camera.

You look good behind a register.

So what are you gonna do tomorrow?

I don't know.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

OK. I'll make a phone call.

I'll give you some privacy to make your own.

Is Tommy awake? Yeah, will you... you put him on?

Hey buddy! Happy birthday.


Yeah, it's me.

With big wheels? Yeah, what color was it?

Yeah. I miss you too.

Trust me, it's fine.

I know.

You did?


I'm sorry, I'm really tired.

OK, I... no I'll see you then. No, I'll see you then.

No, you don't need to come down here. It's...

No, because that would be pointless. 'Cause they're gonna be here soon, so...

Yeah, I know, I'll be home in two days.

Yeah. No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you guys were OK.

Listen, don't worry. I'm gonna see you it's fine. We'll have plenty of time to talk.

That's good. That's really good.

I miss you too.

I love you too.

This is it.

I don't wanna go home.

We've located one male and female. We're heading in. You're on the restricted area, sir. We're getting you out of here now.