Monsters at Large (2018) Script

Go fish.

Really? I thought I had you.

Guys, thanks for inviting me out camping.

This has been great.

Yeah, just don't tell my parents we snuck out here.

I would totally get grounded.

You got it.

Any queens?

Nope! Go fish!

That was weird.

Just got quiet all of a sudden.

What was that?

I don't know. A bear maybe?

A bear? I haven't seen a bear before.

Let's go check it out.

Cool. Let's do this, bro!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. you said this wasn't a scary story.

Did I? This is a scary story?


I don't know, the dialogue seems pretty scary.

Pshh! Shall I continue?

"Let's do this, bro!"

Where was I?

Oh, yeah Donny had never seen a bear, so he asked Bobby to go see it with him.

Elizabeth did not think it was a good idea.

Donny Phillips, I do not think that is a good idea.

Donny Phillips? As in our science teacher, Mr. Donald Phillips?

Yeah, But he was way younger then.

Donny Phillips, I do not think that is a good idea.

All right, now, stop interrupting.

I want to finish this story. Where was I?

Donny said, "We'll be fine.

Ain't nothing out there that can scare us!"

Famous last words.

Do you see anything yet?

No, you? Nah.

Bobby? Donny?

I don't see your lights.

Where are you?

And that is the legend of Foggy River.

Lame. Whatever.

Did the monster get them?

What? No, they scared it away.

But Mr. Phillips swore it was real.

After a while, the other two said that it was fake.

So Mr. Phillips became a local joke.

That's why he became a science teacher.

So the monster wasn't real?

No. Well, I wouldn't say that.

I still believe he roams the woods.

Like the ones behind your house!

Great, now, he's gonna have nightmares forever.

What? You wanted me to tell the story, so I did.

You said it wasn't scary.

Come on, it wasn't that scary.

Everything okay in here?

Yes, Dad. We heard a scream.

Yeah, that was just me telling them the Legend of Foggy River.

Foggy River? Are you trying to scare my kids?

Not intentionally. I'm not scared.

I know you're not, my little man, but, I think maybe it's time for bed, so, come on.

Dylan should be going home.

Yes, ma'am.

See ya, buddy.

Goodnight, Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

Good night, Dylan. Good night Alex.

Good night, buddy.

What? What? What happened?

The monster's in my room.

What monster? The monster from Dylan's story.

You're seeing monsters again?

It was just a stupid story, it's not real.

Can I sleep with you tonight?

Fine. Just for tonight.

But... but don't keep me up, all right?

I promise. Good night.

Can I sleep with you?



Alex, what are you doing?

You're gonna be late for school.

Huh? What time is it?

It's 7:34.

Oh, no!

Based on the sound of the footsteps, I can only hypothesize that Mr. Parker has decided to grace us with his presence today.

Mr. Parker, so nice of you to join us.

Hey, Mr. Phillips. Good morning.

Look, I can explain, okay?

Shh, shh, shh! Shh!

Unless, your explanation includes a section in which I win an all-expense-paid getaway to Tahiti, I don't want to hear it.

But sir, I mean... Shh!

Does your explanation include me winning a vacation?

No, sir. Have a seat.

Yes, sir.

Oh, Mr. Parker.

While you're up and about, why don't you take these tests and pass them out to your classmates.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have until the bell rings.

You may begin... now.


Oh, um...

Hey, Ashley. Are you okay?

You look really tired.


Um, yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Did you study for this test?

Uhh, I tried.

I know what'll help.

Here, have some ice cream.

Okay, uh, where'd you get this from?

Mr. Phillips is serving it.

Who wants pistachio?


That's weird.

Can I ask you something? Yeah, sure.

Why haven't you ever asked me to hang out?



'Cause, I thought you wouldn't...

Say yes?

Maybe you should try.

All right.

Ashley, would you like to hang out...

More ice cream?

Uh... sure.

Ahhh. Time's up.

I said time's up.

Please bring your completed papers to the front.

Hey, hey, um, Ashley...

Hey, what's up?


Um, I was wondering...

Hang on.

Looks like someone just posted a picture of you sleeping.

What? Who?

Gordon Peters.

Gordon Peters. Cute pic, though.

Eight-one likes already.

You're trending.

Did you need something?

Me? No, no. Sorry, sorry.

Okay. I'll see you later.

Thank you.


Having a problem, Mr. Parker?

No, no.

Well, yes.

I seemed to have fallen asleep instead of taking my science test.

Yes, I know.

You do? Yes.

You seemed so peaceful.

I didn't want to bother a student that thought sleeping was more important than taking a big science test.

Is there any way I can make it up during my lunch?


I'll be here grading papers. Don't be late.

Thank you, Mr. Phillips. I'll see you at lunch.

Yes, I'm on the edge of my chair with anticipation.

And, Mr. Parker...

If you do really good on the test, maybe I'll give you some ice cream.

Did I talk in my sleep?

Oh, yeah.

All I have to do is just get through today without falling asleep.

What are you doing?

Dude, don't do that. I couldn't help it.

You were staring at Ashley so much, it was borderline creepy.

I wasn't staring at Ashley.

You were totally staring. It was embarrassing.

Hey, ladies.

I was just... zoning out.


Hey, I found some old movies I was gonna watch.

What're you doing later? Don't you have detention, again?

Yeah, so, we'll do it after.

We'll see. I'm kind of tired.

Hey, how'd you do on that science test?

Oh, no, I gotta go!


Thank you.

Sorry, Mr. Phillips.

Sorry? Sorry about what?

Being late.

No, no, no. No need to apologize.

No need to apologize about being late, yet again.

No, no, no. Actually, you did me a big favor.

I did? Yes, you did.

In that you did not take the test, I don't have to grade it.

All I have to do is put a big, old, fat zero right on there because that's the amount of work you did on it, right?

But, Mr. Phillips...

Butts are for sitting.

Mr. Phillips, I'm begging you.

I would really like to take this test.

I know you would.

But unfortunately, now I have somewhere I have to be, and unlike you, I don't like to be late.

We'll talk about your grade later. Have a nice day.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Parker, Wherever you happen to be going, I'd hurry up, otherwise you will be late again.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.

Gordon Peters. That's me.

Did I just catch you running in the halls?

I wasn't running... Looked like running to me.

And there's a no running policy here at Murphy High.

But, I wasn't running.

Looks like I'm gonna have to give you a demerit slip.

You're kidding, right?

Do I look like a comedian?

No. Just like someone who likes to give me a hard time for no reason.

Are you talking back?

Disrespecting the head hall monitor.

Running in the halls. Late to class.

Looks like you're gonna have fun in detention.

What? Can you even do that?

Yup, I'm the head hall monitor. I can do anything I want.

Like posting pictures of me sleeping.

Maybe you shouldn't sleep in class.

Have fun, Speedy McSpeederson.



Aw, man.

Why am I not surprised?

Hello, Mr. Phillips.

Have a seat.

Oh. So you've come to keep me company?


What is she doing here? She's like the perfect student.

How could she get in trouble?

I don't know.

Hey, you!

Are you supposed to be in here?

Hey, bookworm.

Why do you have detention?

She's a quiet one, huh?

That is correct, Mr. Renner.

Perhaps you should follow her example.

Sorry, Mr. Phillips. Won't happen again.

Hello, Mr. Phillips.

Oh! Oh, thank goodness you're here, Gordon.

Thank goodness you're here. Uh, students, Gordon will be watching you for the rest of your detention period.

I have an appointment, which I must keep.

I'm sure you will show him the same respect you show me.

Of course we will, Mr. Phillips.

-Don't even think about trying anything.

What're you doing?

Trust me.

What are you doing?

Are you eating? Yeah. You want some?

Don't mind if I do.

Come on! What?

Watch this.

You Okay there?

Don't move. I'll be right back.

That was epic! What was that?

I gave him a bag of sugar-free Gummi Bears.


'Cause everybody loves Gummi Bears.

And because I read on the online reviews it causes crazy gas.

So, you're planning on being here tomorrow, too.

What're you in here for?

Gordon gave me detention.

What? Why?

'Cause, he doesn't like me.

He doesn't like anyone.

He also posted a picture of me sleeping in class today.

What are you doing sleeping in class?

Uh, my little brother kept me up all week.

Why? Because he thinks there's a monster in his room

'cause of your stupid story. That's awesome!

No, it's not awesome!

He thinks there's a monster running around the house.

Odds are he's just hearing the air conditioner going on.

Or a squeaky door.

Or a branch hitting the window, perhaps.

Who asked you?

No one, but it's all very logical.

Younger kids let their imagination run their thoughts instead of being rational, allowing them to believe that something quite normal is really a large beast with razor sharp teeth wanting to eat them.

I thought you said she was the quiet one.

Maybe if you showed him that his "monster" was just random noises in the wall, he wouldn't be scared anymore.

Doubt it.

Like you said, he's got quite an imagination.

Then use his imagination to show him that the monster isn't real.

Do you mean like pretend to be imaginary monster fighters to fight his monster?

Dude, that's the most amazing idea I've ever heard.

It is? Yeah, we put together a bunch of costumes and gadgets to make it look like we fight his monster, but really we're taking care of all the noisy stuff in his room so he'll never think that there's a monster again!

What do ya think?

Well, that sounds crazy enough to work.

What about you, uhhh...


Phoenix. That's right.

We're in classes together.

I know, I just forgot for a moment.

You cheat off my tests.

Well, I don't look at your name when I look at your paper.

I already know my name.

So, Phoenix, do you like my idea or not?

Actually, I think you guys are onto something.

Really? Of course we are.

Can I help? You? What can you do?

I can help you to scientifically decipher what the real cause of his delusions are.


And, I can build your gadgets.

You make gadgets? Yeah.

Like what? Like this.

What is that?

The thing that got me in here.

Technically, It's a battery source that I made for science class, but it acts more like a Taser.

And accidently Tased Mr. Beaumont.

No way! Uhhhh.

No, don't touch it! What does this do?

I told him.

Someone's coming. Help me get him up.

What's his problem?

Too many Gummi Bears?

What happened?

You touched my Taser when I told you not to.

So are we doing the thing?

Oh, uh, sure.


Now all we need are some cool costumes, fancy-looking equipment and a cat.

A cat? Yeah, after we "beat" the monster, we show your brother that we have him in a bag.

If we have cat in the bag, it'll be moving and stuff.

I'm not putting a cat in a bag.

Fine, then you think of a way to make it look like we've captured a monster.

I have an idea.

What d'ya think? It's cool.

We put in the bag, it moves around and then your brother thinks there's a monster in it.

This might be the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Why do you have it?

Well, my dad makes all the props for the haunted houses around town.

You can check it out.

Whoa, that is so cool.


Your dad's awesome!

Yeah, he is pretty great.

What happened to you? Dylan!

Whoa, check this out.


What about this?

Ha-ha, very funny.

All right, let's stop messing around and help me look for stuff to makes us look like monster hunters.

We. Look. Awesome.

Yes, we do.

Guys, say hello to the Monster Busters.

The what? The Monster Busters.

Like Ghostbusters? Yeah.

Uh, I was thinking something more like "The Monsterminators."

The what?

The Monsterminators?

'Cause we're like monster exterminators.

I took the two and put them together.

Exterminator sounds a little violent.

Okay, um... I got it!

The Monster Squad.

That's already been taken. Are you sure?

Yeah, my dad owns it on Blu-ray.

He watches it all the time.

Well, I... I still vote on the Monster Squad anyway.

Who's with me?

The Monster Squad sounds like we're a squad of monsters.

We're not monsters.

How about the Creature Fighters?

Nah. Can we sidebar this discussion?

I can't be out too late and I have tons of homework.


Let's go fight some monsters.



What are you up to? You'll see.

You're making me nervous.


Gavin, you have visitors!

Oh, who's your new friend?

This is Phoenix. Hi, Phoenix. Cool name.

Nice to meet you.

Hello, Dylan. Hey, Mrs. Parker.

I'm liking this whole foam and duct tape look you've got going.

We heard you had a monster problem.

We... do?

Yes, we are here to bust Gavin's monster.

Oh, right.

Of course. Gavin's monster problem.

It's big, and scary and... monster-y.

I always see him there.

Closet monster, huh? I've dealt with their kind before.

You have? Of course.

Is there anywhere else in your room that he moves?

He goes over there, and there.

Okay, I think that's enough information.

Gavin, for your safety, we're gonna need you to wait outside until we finish this up.

We'll take it from here.

You sure? Yeah, we got it all under control.


Phoenix, whatcha got?

Air vent blowing on the curtains, I'll adjust the airflow.

I'll check the closet. Let's do this.

Squeaky hinges fixed. What else?

We see branch. He sees big, scary monster hand.

On it.

No more monster under the bed.

Anything else? I think that's it.

Well, that was easy. Let's go.

Wait... now it's time for the best part.

What do you mean?

Initiating monster fight.

Ahhh! There he is! Get him!

He's getting away!

Jump on his back!

Are they gonna be Okay?

I'm sure everything's gonna be fine.

Alex, is everything okay in there?

Yeah, Mom, we almost got him!

Here! Put him in the monster containment unit!

Get in there, monster!

Can't you be more believable?

I'm not an actor!

Watch the master.

Ahh! Ooh!

Phoenix! Grab the monster cannon!

Got it! Now say you don't have a clear shot.

What? Say you don't have a clear shot.

But I don't have a good shot!

Just shoot!

You did it! You saved my life!

It was nothing.

I got it, I got it. You're grateful.

We came, we saw, we kicked its monster butt.

Where's the monster?

It's locked in our special containment unit.

Now what do you do with him?

So what we do is... um...


We have a trans-dimensional portal.

We're gonna place him into a world with other monsters.

There he'll be happy and not feel the need to terrorize you anymore.

What she said. Yep.

You really got the monster?

We did.

Thank you, he was so scary.

I told you I'd always protect you, buddy.

Thanks, we really appreciate it, guys.

We should go, we have a monster to transport.

Uhh, sure.

Yeah, just take your phone. And be home by eight.

I will.

That... was awesome.

Yeah, it was.

I can't believe how well it worked.

And kudos to Phoenix's save. Trans-dimensional portal?

I figured that would be the best way to safely and humanely get rid of the monster.

There have been some theories on the subject that have really jumped the research ahead.

I got it, snorefest. Thank you.

Hey, sis. Whoa, you scared me.

What're you guys doing here being all creepy?

Just getting home. From what?

Fighting a monster. We're monster fighters.


Phoenix helped me with an idea to convince my brother that we fought and captured the imaginary monster he has in his room.

You, Li'l Miss Book Bug, dressed up in this crazy costume to pretend to catch monsters?


Finally shedding your nerd cocoon to become a butterfly.

Actually, the butterfly emerges from a chrysalis.


Anyway, I can't wait to tell Mom and Dad.

All right, Taylor, I'm heading out now.

Okay, text me this weekend.

Okay. Ashley?

Alex? What are you doing here?

What's with the outfits?

What outfits?

The outfits you all have on.

Oh, these outfits.

Yeah, we dressed up like this to help my brother with something.

It's no big deal.

We acted like monster fighters, so he could sleep better at night.

We had lights and special effects, sound effects, and this thing!

It was epic!

Like I said, it's no big deal.

I actually think that's really sweet that you'd do something like that for your brother.

Yeah? Yeah. Did it work?

Better than we thought it would.

You guys out to start marketing yourselves.

I mean, I'm sure a lot of kids have monsters in their rooms.

We should create our own business.

I have no idea how to do something like that.

I could help. I did this whole marketing thing for my babysitting business and it turned out pretty well.

Cool, what should we start first?

Leave it to me.

Say cheese!


Got it.

And what do you call yourselves?

Well, we haven't quite figured out our name yet.

How about... Monster Busters?

That's it! The Monster Busters.

It's... so simple.

Thanks. No problem. I'll see you later.

Bye. Bye.

What an awesome name, huh?

Monster Busters?

That's literally the first name I suggested.

Yeah, well... it didn't sound as good coming from you.

He's right. No one asked you.

Two to one?

It'd be better if we were unanimous.

Fine. Monster Busters it is.

But, I get to make the uniform. Deal.

All right, Monster Busters, hands in!

On three.

Monster Busters...

Why didn't you say anything?

I was waiting for the count. Yeah.

I bounced our hands three times.


That wasn't quite clear.

Okay. On bounce three.

Monster Busters!


Yeah, we can work on that later.

We'd better get home.

Guys, watch out for monsters!

Whoo... Yeah, yeah.

Unlike my brother, I know that monsters aren't real.

All right, see ya guys.

Bye. Bye.


I'm home.

Hey, buddy!

Hey, Dad.

Your mom just told me about this new club you're a part of.

That is so cool.

Thanks, but we're not really a club.

We're Monsters Busters.

Monster Busters? Yeah.

No... no other super-cool adjectives...

"Super Mega" Monster Busters?

Nope. Just Monster Busters.

Well, that's pretty catchy.

You know, I was once the leader of an elite monster fighting operation, back in my day.

Honey, quit making stuff up.

What? I was!

Your dad loves to tell these stories.

And she loves to hear them.

Oh, yes I just swoon over them.

It certainly didn't bother you when I asked you out.

I asked you out.

So, how's Gavin?

Oh, he's sleeping like a baby.


Yeah, what you guys did earlier was really sweet.

You should've seen how happy he was after you left.

It was nothing.

It wasn't nothing.

You know, Gavin really looks up to you.

Your mother's right. I'm really proud of you, son.


Good night.

Good night. Night.

Do you like it?

I love it. Thanks.

No problem.

I need a project for my marketing class.

I hope you don't mind.

Of course not.

But do you really think people will look at it?

It's already had, like, 141 views.

Oh, and I attached a link for the flyer for all the non-computer users.

Wow. You're good at this.

Just don't forget the small people when Monster Busters becomes a household name.

Of course. How could I ever forget you?

Well, I gotta go. Good night.

Good night.

Hey, you're still up.

Yeah. Who were you talking to?

It's just a girl from school.

What's her name?

Uhh, Ashley Snyder.

Really, Ashley Snyder? Not bad!

You know her? I work with her mom.


You mind putting in a good word for me?

Honey, if you just be yourself, I won't have to do anything.

Trust me.

Good night.

Good night, Mom.

Watch out, monsters, Here we come.

We did it.


Dude, we're famous. What?

We got a ton of requests on the site.

I'm heading over to Phoenix's now.

This weekend, we got some monster busting to do.

That page your girlfriend made is the bomb, yo.

She's not my girlfriend.

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.

Meet us in an hour.

All right, see ya.


You like? I like.

I spent all night making these.

These are awesome.

I made us these.

You like?

I love!

Oh, I almost forgot.

I have these.

Fireworks? Yeah.

For what?

In case we need them.

This is the piece de resistance.

It's called the Big Bertha. What's it do?

I don't know, but I can't wait to find out!

No. Come on!

We're not blowing up some kid's room with a rocket.

Fine. You're being such a killjoy.

Well, I don't even know what that is, so I'm not offended.

All right, let's suit up.

Minus the fireworks.


There's only one thing left to do.

Bust some monsters.

My monster has one eye and five arms.

All right. Thank you, we'll take it from here.


Sir, excuse us, but, we have a monster to handle.

All right.

And, uh...

Let's do this!

Dylan, you take sound.

Got it.

Phoenix, get to your position. Got it.

Monster portal, open.

Here we go.

Wow, look at those...

...five arms!

And terrible, scary eyes!

One eye.

Eye! Just stop talking.


Laser containment unit, activate.

Laser containment unit, initiated!

Phoenix, fire the Eye Buster.

Eye Buster, fired!

Pretend! Oops.

Wh.. What was that?

Uh, nothing!

Help me pick this up.

We're almost done!

That's it, I'm going in.

Good news. Your monster's been busted.


Thanks, Monster Busters!

Thanks, Daddy. Yeah, thanks guys.

I really appreciate it.

Oh, hey, let me get you a somethin'.

Uh, no, no, no, that's not necessary. Oh, no, no, no I insist.

Buy yourself some candy, or whatever you kids buy today.



Monster Busters.

For all your monster problems. Thank you.

I didn't know we had our own advertising team.

Wow, great job guys. Thanks.

We've been working all day. This is my friend, Sophie.

Hey, Sophie. Thanks for passing out flyers.

No problem. It's fun!

You know, since you guys have been helping us out so much, how about we make you guys... junior Monster Busters?




Just remember to honor that title, and make sure no monster goes un-busted.

We will!

And remember to always have each other's backs, no matter what.


Bye! Bye!

What's next? Next we have Brad Feren.

His monster's a squirrel monster?

A squirrel monster?

How could that be scary?

'Kay. What are we calling the gun?

How about... the Nut Buster.

Sounds good. All right. Let's do this.

Aren't you a little old to be having a monster?

No, it's a squirrel monster, it tries to get me all the time.

All right.

Are you sure it's not a garbage monster?

This place is a dump. Dylan!

Come on, let's check the air vents.

Careful. The only difference between a squirrel and a rat is a bushy tail and a better PR person.

It's not funny. It was, a little.

You should have seen yourself, you were so scared.

Whatever, you would've done the same thing.

Psh! I'm not scared of anything.

Get him off! Get him off!

It's gonna give me rabies!

Get him off! Get him off!

Guys, help! Come on, guys, help!

Help! Where is it? Where is it?

Where'd it go?

Okay. I think it's gone.

Nice work, you got rid of the big, bad squirrel.

Gordon Peters? You set this up?

Maybe. It wasn't very funny.

No. It was hilarious.

And you'll be able to see it online in three, two...

Oh, come on don't post that! Posted.

Too late.

Prepare to go viral, scaredy cats.

You guys are so childish.

What's the matter, you weren't scared?


Not when have this.

Record this.

What is that?

It's called the Nut Buster.

Anyone else?

I'm gonna get you guys!

-Prepare to go viral, scaredy cat!

That was amazing!

Has anyone told you you're amazing? Yes.

Thanks, Phee. No problem.

It's getting late. We better get home. School tomorrow.

That was awesome.

Let's not forget about how brave Dylan was with that squirrel.

"Ahh, get it off me!"

Did you have something to do with this?


Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

I mean, the whole thing was like...

Ashley, I need to speak with Mr. Parker for a moment.

Okay. See you later.


So, I... I see that you and some of your colleagues are making quite a name for yourself in the monster world?

It's not a big deal. It's actually quite fun for us.


It's fun for you scaring children?

Um... Well, no.

What I meant was we have fun helping them deal with their visions of monsters.

I mean, you of all people, should understand that.

Why should I, of all people, understand that?


Well... because...

Didn't... didn't you have monster problems growing up?

No. Absolutely not.

We Phillips were a family of scientists.

We know things like monsters don't exist.

How about your granddaughter, Sophie?

Sophie is my daughter. Daughter.

I don't need you filling her head with false imagery and ridiculous notions of monsters.

I'm sorry, I was just trying to help.

Yeah, well I pay a specialist a lot of money for that.

I don't really need your assistance.


Um... is there anything else you need, Mr. Phillips?

Oh, right. Yes. One more thing.

Mr. Parker, mid-terms are right around the corner.

As of right now, your grade is not satisfactory because of that little test you missed.

So I would urge you to focus more on your schoolwork and less on your extra curricular activities.

Yeah. Absolutely, that was my plan the whole time, Mr. Phillips.

Well, good. That's all, Mr. Parker.

Thank you, Mr. Phillips.


What's wrong, Sophie?

I heard a monster roar.

No, no, it's just thunder. Nothing to worry about.

I heard him.

I'm pretty sure that my house is monster-free.

What's wrong? Monster!

There's nothing there. I promise.

Uh... what happened to my sandwich?

The monster took it! He's gonna eat us!

Hang on. I know just what to do.

-Who is it? Is it another gig?

It's Ashley.

Well? Answer it, you bonehead.

Yeah. Right. I'll just answer it.

No big deal.

Hello? Hey, it's Alex.

Yeah, I know. I called you.

Right. What's up?

Listen, um...

The girl I'm babysitting is having some monster issues.

I was hoping that maybe you guys could come over and help out a little bit?

Yeah, we could totally do that.

Just text me the address and we'll be there in a few.

Okay, great. See you in a few.


Let's gear up. We got a monster to take care of.

Don't worry, the Monster Busters are on their way.

Where'd my sandwich go?

Ugh! What's that smell?

Did you fart? Ugh. It wasn't me.

What about you, Phee? No!

Well, something stinks.

I think it's that. Gross!

That must be one massive dog. Or maybe it's a monster turd.

A "monsturd." Get it?

Grow up. It is fascinating.

Phoenix, get away from the monsturd.

See? I coined a new phrase.

Hey, guys! This is... Sophie?


I can see you guys have already met.

Having a monster problem?

Yeah, the monster is in my house.

Where's your house?

That's your house?

You live next door to Mr. Phillips?

Yeah, I babysit Sophie all the time.

Phee and Dylan, why don't you go check it out.

I mean, Mr. Phillips is not a big fan of mine.

And I'll stay here and keep an eye on things.

Uh-huh. We know what you want to keep an eye on.

I don't know what you're talking about.

We're talking about you having some alone time with Ashley.

Just... just go check on the house for Sophie.


Weird. Mr. Phillips still has his Christmas lights up?


I can't see a thing.

Did you hear that?

Hear what?


No. Yes.

Come on, it's Sophie's house.

We can't get in trouble.

Besides, if someone's breaking into her house, we should catch it on camera.

Or call the police!

Psh! Come on.

So, I see the Monster Busting thing is working out pretty well.

Yeah, those flyers you gave us have really helped out.

And, I mean, the team is pretty...


Where are they?

I don't see them. Maybe they went around back?

I can't leave those guys alone for five minutes.

I guess I should go check on 'em.

Yeah, I probably need to check on Sophie.

Want some popcorn?

Sure. Okay.

What the heck is that?

Maybe they have a cat?

That is one scary cat.

You go take a look. No, you take a look!

Fine. On the count of three, we both look.

Ready? Ready.

One... two... three!

Dylan! Phoenix! Help!


Dylan? Phoenix? What... what are you guys doing?

What is going on here?

Hi, Mr. Phillips.

Oh, this isn't our yard?

I am so sorry, Mr. Phillips.

He is normally a good boy.

We don't know what came over him.

I understand what came over them.

They're hooligans.

It's you I don't understand, Ashley.

I cannot believe you had a party at our house while we were gone.

I put my trust in you and you broke that trust.

Mr. Phillips, it wasn't a party.

Ashley had nothing to do with this.

We came over here to help Sophie.

There was a monster, Daddy.

I thought I told you to leave her alone.

Now, because of you, she believes there are monsters.

There are monsters!

Sophie, sweetie, I think it's time for you to go to bed.

Daddy'll be up and read you some stories.

She's telling you the truth, Mr. Phillips.

It's true. I... I don't know how, but it is.

I don't have time for this.

Tell him, Alex. Tell him what?

That a monster only you saw drug me around the house?

You don't believe us? What am I supposed to believe?

That a monster did all this? It's true!

Look, all I know is because of you two, Ashley's in trouble.

Because of us?

You guys have let this Monster Busting thing go to your head.

I should've never went along with this.

What're you saying?

I'm saying I'm done with the Monster Busters.

Come on, Alex.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You can expect a bill once I assess the damages.

Got it. And if I hear any of these kids doing this Monster Busting thing again, I may sue.

I bet you will.

I really don't like that guy.

Calm down. His behavior is understandable.

I still don't like him.

And now, I have to ground you.

I didn't do anything. It was those two.

Well, then maybe you should spend a little less time with them.

Not a problem.

So you're not a Monster Buster anymore?

Gavin, monsters don't exist.

They're just the overactive imaginations of kids that need to grow up.

Alex, you know not to talk to your brother like that!

What has gotten in to you?

They have.

And as for you two...

...I'm gonna call your parents.

What in the world?


Oh... Lord almighty!


Class, class, I'm sure many of you, like me, will be spending this weekend at the Foggy Creek Fair.

Before you do, study chapter 17.


Mr. Parker.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're gonna say and I'm really sorry.

But I have to go.

You dropped that the other night.

Guys, I told you, I don't want to do this anymore.

And when you tossed it on the ground and threw us under the bus we read you loud and clear.

Then why are you here? 'Cause we need your help.

Help with what? To catch this monster.

You've gotta be kidding me right now.

No. This is serious.

I haven't been able to sleep since that night. Me neither.

That's because you two are victims of overactive imaginations.

Maybe you should call the Monster Busters.

So you're saying you're not gonna help us?

I can't.

Come on, let's go.

I know that you think we're crazy.

But we know what we saw.

And we're your friends.

You're supposed to have our backs, remember?

Everything okay?


Still fighting with your friends?

They're not my friends.

Then how come you're still thinking about them?

How did you know that?

Call it a mother's intuition.

You know, why don't you take Gavin and go meet up with them?

Because they're delusional.

They think monsters are real.

That... that's crazy.

Do you remember, when you were little, you were convinced you had an imaginary friend named Billy?

You wouldn't go anywhere without him.

We used to hold the door for him, make him an imaginary plate of food.



And every time you broke something or made a mess, you would blame Billy.

I was a weird kid.

Yeah, but we went along with it.

Even though we knew he wasn't real.


'Cause, we loved you.

And we knew eventually you would grow out of it.

And, you know what?

We actually kind of missed watching you interact with him.

So, you're saying I should be glad my friends are out of their minds?

I'm saying they're your friends and you should stand by them no matter how quirky they are.

They'd do the same for you, wouldn't they?


You're right.

Then go, bust some monsters.

But please, this time stay out of Mr. Phillips's way.

I'll try.

Thanks, guys.

Hey, aren't you forgetting something?

Oh, yeah.

I love you guys.

Love you, too. Love you.

Wow, I didn't realize how much of the neighborhood you could see from up here.

I hate heights.

Why would you think I would like this?

I didn't. I just told you you would.


Here, take these and start looking for our monster.

Someone call for a Monster Buster?



I mean, what're you doing here, abandoner?

And anything you're about to say isn't gonna help.

Okay, I'm gonna try anyway.

Phoenix, I've thought about what you've said, and you're right.

We're friends and we're supposed to have each other's backs, no matter what.

Even though I may have my doubts about this monster, I should help you guys.

'Cause you're my friends. I'm sorry, I forgot about that.

I forgive you. I miss you so much!

Okay, okay, I'm here now.

Me, too.

Hey, Gavin. What's up, buddy?

I'm here to help. Oh. Cool.

But aren't you scared of monsters?

I'm a junior Monster Buster.

I can't be scared of monsters. So what's the plan?

I'm glad you asked. Based on our recent encounter, I thought it would be smart to up our tech to take care of a beast of his size.

Based on the pupils and sensitivity to light, I made us these.

Oh! Okay, okay!

Ultra LED lights.

They're super bright and use very little battery.

I got it. Please turn them off.


They attach to this body armor I made.


Next we have the Net Blaster.

It uses CO2 canisters to shoot a large net to capture anything.

Ooh, dibs!

You have to reload it after every shot.

So make each shot count.

One shot is all I need.

After that, we have the always reliable Nut Buster.

I vote you carry that one.

And finally, I made a souped-up version of my Taser.

Guaranteed to incapacitate whoever and whatever gets in its way.

Guess this one is for you.

Oh, and don't forget the old bag of fireworks.

And the Big Bertha!

Oh, I have another surprise.

I made this. What is that?

It's a grappling hook.

It shoots zipline and a tether.

Do you really think we need one of those?

We absolutely do!

All right, so we have our tech to take down this monster.

What's the rest of your plan?

Well, we stand up here and watch until we find our monster.

That's it? That's it.

You didn't create some kind of monster tracking device thingy?

No, I was a bit busy working on everything else.

Just relax and keep an eye out.

This is taking forever. What time is it?

Don't you have your phone?

No, I lost it.

That's not good.

Yeah, I threw it at the monster and he ate it.

The monster ate your phone? Yup.

That's awesome!

It is? Yeah.

All we have to do is use Find My Phone to track his phone.

And if the monster ate it, it'll tell us exactly where it is.

You're a genius!

Phoenix, gimme your phone.

I love how I can invent all these gadgets and all Alex has to do is mention an app and he gets the title, "genius."

I got it!

According to this, he's only one mile away.

Let's go!


This is awesome! Whoo!

That was awesome!

I'm gonna send the tether back for you...

...guys. Don't bother.

How did you guys get down here so fast?

We used the ladder.

I bet that wasn't as cool as what I did.

I'll bet it wasn't.

All right, let's go.

Guys, wait up, I think I tweaked my ankle.

Shh! Can you please be quiet?

You're the one who stepped on something.

Oh, I know that. Just be quiet.

How close are we?

According to this, is should be right here.

I don't see anything.

Try calling his phone.

Good idea.

You're a genius.

It's coming from over there.

Guys. Let's shine our lights on three....

One... two...



On it!

Gavin, it's all you!

You did it, buddy!

I can't believe it. You were right.

You were right.

Uh, guys... A little help here?

Oh, right.

How did you even...? Whoa!

Everyone okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

Now all we have to do is figure out what we're gonna do with our monster.

What monster?

He's moving. And moving fast. Let's go.

He went to the amusement park?

Where'd he go?

It says he's around here somewhere.

Why would he come to a populated area?

How could he possibly hide here?

There he is!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, kids, the entrance is around front.

But, there's a monster in there.

Yeah, it's a haunted house. That's kind of the point.

You still gotta buy a ticket.

Come on.

Nice outfits.



We'll get the tickets.

What are you doing here?

You first.

Just hanging out with some friends. What about you?

Well, this is gonna sound crazy, but we're chasing a monster and it's in the haunted house.

Yeah, you're right. That does sound crazy.

Can you do me a favor and watch Gavin for a few minutes while we check this out?

I'm going with you. No, you aren't.

Look, buddy, I know you can handle this, but I need you to stay out here and keep watch.

Can you do that for me? Yeah.

Can you please watch him? Yeah, sure.

Got 'em.

Thanks. I'll be right back. Okay.

Yeah. Sorry.

Thanks for not hating me.

I could never hate you. You just owe me.


Not him!

Whoa, there, geeks.

Looks like you still think it's trick or treating time.

Just take our tickets, Gordon.

What if I don't want to? I could refuse service to anyone, you know.

Go ahead.

Tickets, please.

Thank you!

Monster one and two do you copy?

Monster one and two do you copy?

Yeah, I copy.

I got the Monster Squad headed your way.

Give them something a little... extra special.


Did your dad help make this?

No, this is an embarrassment to haunted houses.

Keep your eyes peeled. The monster could be anywhere.



We need to be more careful with things so we don't hurt anyone else.

Oh... Sorry about that.

Are you okay?

I-I'm... f-fine.

What are you guys supposed to be?

Monster Busters.

Okay, this place is so stupid.

See? It's not even that scary.

This is so lame.

Ooh, scary guy in a costume.

It's him! Get him!

Thank you.

I should be in there with them.


You cannot run off like that. I was worried sick.


You leave her alone!

This way!


He took them!

He's heading that way.

I bet he's heading to the old cave.

Then that's where we're heading.

What happened? Those Monster nerds attacked us.

You got beat by those geeks?

Well, there must have been, like, 20 of them.

No, there's, like, three of them.

I saw them. Which way did they go?

Out back towards the woods.

Let's go.

Doh! Oh, Mr. Phillips, I'm so sorry.

Gordon... Gordon.

Come on! Let's get those Monster Busters!

Nice balloon.

Daddy, they're gonna hurt the Monster Busters.

Monster Busters.

I'll get to the bottom of this.

All right, Monster Busters, this is it.

There's no turning back now. We have to stick together.

I got your back. Me, too.

Ready? Ready.

On three.

Monster Busters!

Let's do this.


Eww. What's that smell?

The monster must be stealing people's trash and bringing it here to eat.

Ugh. The smell is horrible.

We found the culprit.

See? Another monsturd.

I found my phone!

Oh, gross!


Remind me to never ask to use your phone. Eww.

Guys, guys, turn your lights off.

We don't want to give away our position.

Dude, he's taking their souls.

Not on my watch.

Hey, ugly! You wanna mess with someone?

Mess with us!


Oh, come on!

Hit him again!

I can't. It's charging.

It's charged.

Let her go!

Shoot him!

I don't have a clear shot.

Just shoot!

Hey, monster!

I'm about to rock your world!

I can't believe that worked.

Nice shootin', Tex.

Yeah, that was amazing.

Eh, that was nothin'.

What did you do to them, huh?

What did you do to my brother and girlfriend?




I thought the monster stole your souls.

Yeah, are you okay? Yeah, yeah.

It was strange.

I remember twisting my ankle, and I hit my head.

Then I was floating.

And he put his hand over my wounds.

He made the hurt go away.

Come again? Yeah. He healed us.


It was so cool!

I got to see inside his brain.

Come again?

Yeah, it was like when he was healing us, we were... connected.

That's weird. Even for me.

I saw his home, and how he's trapped in our world.

All he wants to do is go home.

I call shenanigans.

All he's been wanting to do is jack us up.

No, it makes sense.

He never actually harmed us.

All he was trying to do was protect himself.

From our attacks.

Oh come on, he tried to eat us.

His teeth were this close to my face.

Now, isn't that right?


Next time can someone please have eyes on him?

He's gonna try to sneak up on us.

Well, well, well If it isn't our little friends, the Monster Busters.

Oh, look, they dropped their toy.

My friends don't really appreciate what you did to them back there.

No, we really didn't.

Look, I'm really sorry. It was an honest mistake.

Oh, you're gonna be sorry.

No, I think I'll take the first shot.

And, since I won't hit a girl, who will take her place?

I will!

No. I will. I said I will.

No, I will!

Enough! This one's got your name written all over it, Parker.

What's your problem with me, huh?

You've always just been a jerk to me.

I just don't like losers. And you... are a loser.

I'm not a loser. I'm a Monster Buster.

Lights out, Monster Buster.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's going on here?

Mr. Phillips, what're you doing here?

I warned all of you, that if you kept up with this Monster Busting thing, there would be consequences.

But you don't understand.

There really are monsters.

I've heard enough. Yeah. Me, too.

You're all acting like children!

Look at you!

In your ridiculous costumes!

Playing in a cave!

That's what's wrong with kids these days.

Huh? You just let your imagination run wild without any basis in scientific fact.

When I was a kid, we didn't do these crazy things.

We had video games!

Now, I want all of you out of here right now.

But, what about the monster?

Are you not listening to me?

I told you.

There is no such thing as monsters, and that's final!

Uh... Mr. Phillips?


We... we tried to tell you.

Tell me what?

Oh, you mean the...

Sorry, Mr. Phillips!

It's okay. They won't hurt you anymore.

No, he's right.

We don't want to fight anymore, do we?

No. No.

Easy, buddy.

Oh, I love Twinkies.

Ugh. Still love 'em?

Eat it. I am not gonna eat that.

You have to now! You eat it.

He's offering it to you!

Take one for the team.




Can we please leave before he makes me eat something else?

Good idea. We'd better be getting home anyway.

Wait. We have to help him.

Yeah. He needs to be in his home.

Away from all of this.


His home is down there.

Is... is that your home?

You know, home?

I don't believe his mouth has the capability to make the same noises we do.

Well, obviously.

That's so sad.

See? We have to help him.

Well, how are we gonna move several tons of rock?

I have just the thing.

You guys ready?

You might want to plug your ears.

Where's the kaboom?

There's supposed to be an earth-shattering ka...


It's beautiful.

See how the algae creates a glow?

This must be why his eyes are so sensitive.

I could spend days here looking at all the flora.

Sounds super exciting.

Well, Mr. Monster, it looks like our work here is done.

Sorry for the whole misunderstanding thing.

I guess we shouldn't assume all monsters are bad.

I don't know where we could have gotten that idea from.

Uh... What?

How was I Supposed to know?

Do you forgive us?

Ohhh, I think that's a yes.

If you don't mind, I'm not gonna hug you, so how 'bout fist bump?

Hey, don't leave me hangin'.

That was the worst pain ever.

Hey, monster.

The next time you have to visit the surface...'ll always be part of the Monster Busters.

Hey... Yeah?

Did you call me your girlfriend earlier?

What...? I don't know.

Maybe. That's what I thought.

-Well, I was caught up in the moment.

Besides, the monster's not gonna understand platonic friend that is a girl.

You're ridiculous.

Hey, um, would you like to hang out with me, sometime?

I thought you'd never ask.

I am not kissing you, so don't even think about it.

But, I... I wasn't...

Yes, you were. I saw it in your pathetic little face.


What are we gonna do with Mr. Phillips?

Help me carry him home, I guess.

All right. It's time to go face Mr. Phillips.

I told you, you shouldn't have left him in his front lawn!

Hey, the man was getting heavy.

Besides, after the hit he took, I bet he doesn't remember a thing.

Let's hope so.

If he gives you any hassle, just give him a bag of sugar-free Gummi Bears.

Sounds good.

Good luck.

Thanks, guys.

Hey. You'll be fine.

Turn this is in by the end of class.

The science test?

But I thought you hated me.

Hate is such a strong word, Mr. Parker.

I feel that perhaps I've been a bit too hard on you.

And for that, I am truly sorry.

Why the sudden change?

Well, I woke up in my yard, after a very odd dream of you kids in a cave in Tahiti.

And I went inside and I decided to look at the security camera footage from the other night.

You saw?

I saw.

It was nice to know that, one, I wasn't so crazy all those years ago.

And two, that there are kids like you out there who can protect us.

Go Monster Busters.

Hey, kid. You running In the halls?

No. No, I think you were.

And Murphy High doesn't like runners.

So, I'm gonna have to write you up.

It's the monster!

Have a good day, kid. Thanks.

You guys ready for this?

You know it.

Hands in.